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Slaughter closes on a filled arena. Fans slowly spill out of the stadium, still excited about what they had just seen. The arena was stuffed, with every seat sold. The real story is not in the arena however, but behind it. Out back an fWo truck carefully loads footage from the night into special crates to ship to the local broadcasting station. From there the footage will be sent via satelite to the fWo corporate towers back in Redmond, Washington. As the footage is loaded into the truck, Ultra Violet exits, seemingly annoyed and with a red paint streak on his forehead. Ultra Violet bumps into the cameraman, who drops the film cannisters onto a large pile of old and not used film cannisters. Scratching his head and wondering what he will do next, the cameraman jumps and spills his now cold coffee as an explosion sounds from lot 4. Frightened, the cameraman grabs the first film cannisters he finds. He is unsure if he has grabbed the correct film, and knows that if it is the wrong film Sunday Slaughter will be late in broadcasting by perhaps days. A wolf howls and the Speed Demon wanders by, headed for a Beef Bowl stand.

Cactus Jon vs. Oracle

Cactus Jon

Earlier in the evening the International Title tournament had been held. The first match had come and gone, and the Black Panther was still angry over the eary results. It had been a rough match, and Prophet had been banned from ringside. Cactus Jon had landed a double arm DDT and gotten the pinfall, but before that point Orcale worked on the leg of Jon, badly injuring him. From the rafters the wolves that had been howling much of the night picked up volume and a young, feral man watched the two enter with interest.

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall

Stump (w/ Black Quicksilver) vs. Shane Austin

Shane Austin

The crowd was only somewhat surprised with the Stump took the victory just before the final match of the evening was to take place. The Black Quicksilver had left ringside to weild the stump and use it to knock Austin off his feet. Stump pinned Austin with the Black Quicksilver's help after a short back and forth between the two. During this the camera shook as the cameraman finally got the cup of coffee he had been asking for. Backstage Ultra Violet was recovering from his earlier attack, and the crowd loudly cheered for Stump as he came out. Few cheered for Shane.

Result: Stump by Pinfall

Ultra Violet Attacked

Ultra Violet Attacked

As Ultra Violet lay with the red paint dripping off his head as Doomsday wandered off. Doomsday had surprised Ultra Violet backstage who had gone to Scotty Cool's dressing room to wish him well. Doomsday beat down and sprayed Ultra Violet, after they pushed an angry Black Quicksilver aside. Doomsday was looking for Cool, and was told he was in his dressing room. Ultra Violet was there instead, and he would regret picking that moment to wish his friend a safe trip.

Black Panther vs. Ice

Black PantherIce

The Black Panther was angry and the security guards held him back. It was for good reason, and they arrived to save him from a brutal attack from Ice who was smacking him with a steel chair. The Black Quicksilver had quickly rolled up Ice after Ice thought the match was won, since just before he had landed a hard piledriver. Ice dominated the Panther, who was much smaller than Ice in size and strength. Before the match Ice had taunted Scott Slugger, who Ice knew must be watching on... from somewhere...

Result: Black Panther by Pinfall

Matthew Zhuk vs. Brawler

Zhuk hadn't broken a sweat. Zhuk put the Brawler away with a superkick and a pin, but before that had little trouble running circles around the slower but more powerful Brawler. The Brawler entered the arena looking tired and worn, still obviously disturbed from his ejection from the Dark Riders. Zhuk held the title up high for the crowd, but looked serious knowing that Kidman was waiting just around the corner. Just off camera the angry voice of the cameraman asked where his coffee had gotten to, and seemed disgusted when the excuse of the Speed Demon was brought up. He again commented on the wolf howls that were getting on mic.

Result: Mathew Zhuk by Pinfall

Chaos vs. Ground Zero

It was in fact a pier-six brawl with all five teams going at it inside the ring. The French Foundation arrived last, and began punching D-Day (Judge Steel and Famine) and the Dreamers. The Dreamers ran to the ring, shoving aside the Speed Demon as they went, which sent him falling into the stage assistant who spilled the coffee he was carrying. Before that point both teams began battering each other with steel chairs, earning the no-contest result. Wolf Fang had Plauge in the Wolf Bite, but the Dark Rider was not giving up, but instead just laughing and punching his own head. Jackhammer and War squared off first, after both teams stared each other down outside and then inside the ring.

Result: No Contest

Show Opening

Show Opening

Ultra Violet headed off to Scotty Cool's locker room after being informed that he had no match this evening. The fireworks loudly sounded, and the cameras moved into place. Before the show went on the air, Buck G. the cameraman director sent his stage hand for a cup of coffee. He told the assistant that he needed his coffee, or things were liable to get all mixed up tonight, to the point where he wouldn't be sure if he was coming or going.