IML 2: BREAK POINT - 03/26/2000

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Main Event
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lance McNally -c- vs. Dark Wolf

Atlantic Title Match
Mystic Tragedy -c- vs. LiGiL

Tag Team Championship Match
Crucifix Match
The Devastators vs. Hardcore Harry and a Tag Team Partner

Hardcore Title Match
Cleveland Pawn Shop Fight
Match starts out in the parking lot outside the arena, as the match can go anywhere possible. First person to find a pawn shop and buy a speciallized IML2 gold medallion wins.
Hardcore Harry -c- vs. The Green Jackal

Platinum:Enfirno vs. Big Van
Guff Daddy/God

Dream Tag Team Partners Match
For those unfamilar with a Dream Partners tag match, the partcipants pick their 'Dream' tag team partners and fight in a normal tag team matchup.
Gangsta vs. J.J. Nuclear

Ghetto Fabulous vs. Vergo & Arctic Freeze
The Jersey Bros. vs. The Shadow & Ringo Roberts

Brawl For All
Kurt Zoom vs. George Williams.
(The IML2 logo fades into the screen as "T.N.T." by Ac/Dc is played softly in the background and slowly works it way to a climax. Scene from the past weeks play by, as then it breaks into the Gund arena in Cleveland Ohio. The fans are going crazy, as it's deafening.)



DJ:*Eating Nachos*MPFDHSMPF




TB: Well, we're ready to start BreakPoint with the first of many Platinum Title Tourney Match. This one will be between J.J. Nuclear and Damage! We are doing this so wrestlers get ample time to rest. We will have the four first round matches in a row, and then a few of the undercard, then the semi finals. More title matches, as then we finally have the Platinum tournament match, followed up by the main event! Chris Astro is ready, so let's let him go!

("Time Bomb" by Godsmack blares over the PA system. J.J. Nuclear appears at
the entranceway. He appears very confident.)

Astro: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Platinum Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match. Coming to the ring first - He stands six feet tall and weighs in at two hundred and sixty pounds - "The Time Bomb" J.J. Nuclear!

(J.J. Nuclear climbs into the ring. He runs into the ropes a few times to get warmed up.)

TB: J.J. Nuclear almost had a chance to be Number One contender to the World Title..

(Scene fades to clips of the second Battle Royal at WNF. The caption "WNF - 1 week ago" is at the bottom. J.J. Nuclear pushes Kurt Zoom and Enfirno over the top rope. Enfirno hangs on to the apron.)

TB: Nuclear thought he had it won right there, but Enfirno got back up and hit an Inverted Tornado DDT. Nuclear was thrown over the top rope. If you ask me, I think Nuclear might have a little ego.

DJ: Yeah, that's what I think.

("No Shelter" by Rage Against the Machine begins, as Damage walks out. He has a focused look on his face.)

Astro: His opponent - From London, England. He stands six feet two inches tall, and weighs two hundred and forty-five pounds.. Damage!

TB: Even if you hate this guy, you have to respect his abilities. After all, his debut event was at the last PPV, Vengeful Encounters, where he won the 9-man Hardcore Rumble. He lost to Hardcore Harry on Melee, but rebounded to beat Guff Daddy on Frostbite two weeks ago. He had a strong showing this past Wednesday, but finished fourth in one of the Battle Royals.

DJ: I hate him.. and I don't respect his abilities!

TB: Uh.. he's coming over here.


TB: Gotcha.

Lorin: You are so vulnerable, Duce.

DJ: Shut up.

TB: Well, I think these two guys are just about ready to start off.


DJ: Nuclear wants to have a little test of strength. Damage puts his hand up - Kick to the gut by Nuclear!

TB: J.J. just hammering down on his opponent here. Damage rises to his feet.. and he's taken down by a clothesline!

Lorin: Damage should probably get up soon, or he's going to get hit some more.

DJ: You think?

TB: Nuclear picks Damage up.. whips him into the rope... Damage ducks a clothesline, ducks another one and turns around.. DDT by Damage!

DJ: Ouch.

TB: Damage runs into the ropes.. and hits a flying elbow drop! Damage climbs up top.. and hits a top-rope elbow drop! He goes for the cover -


DJ: And Nuclear kicks out before the ref can even administer a two-count!

TB: Damage picks up Nuclear.. and hits a suplex. Picks him up again.. another suplex! He's going for a third.. Nuclear reverses it into a suplex of his own! Now J.J. has the advantage...

DJ: Nuclear picks Damage up.. Small Package by Damage!


TB: Nuclear kicks out with ease. Way too early.

DJ: Both competitors get up.. Damage rearing back for a right hand.. Nuclear blocks it. Right hand by Nuclear. Now a kick to the gut.. Piledriver! Damage is down! Nuclear with the cover..



Lorin: Damage kicks out at two. He's looking a little hurt.

TB: He should be. That piledriver came out of nowhere.

DJ: Nuclear picks up his opponent.. whips him into the ropes.. Powerslam! The cover..



TB: And Damage kicks out. Still too early.

DJ: Damage gets up.. Nuclear runs at him.. Back Body Drop! Nuclear is on the outside! Damage climbs to the top.. and jumps off! Body press, and Nuclear is down! Damage picks him up.. DDT on the outside! Picks him back up.. Piledriver on the outside! Damage has control here!

TB: Damage sets him up for another piledriver.. No! Nuclear reverses! Back body drop! OH MY GOD! THE BACK OF DAMAGE'S HEAD LANDED RIGHT ON THE STEEL STEPS!

Lorin: That wasn't supposed to happen... was it?

DJ: Well, it knocked him out..

TB: Hey! Quiet! I think Damage is out for good.. Nuclear picks him up and throws him back into the ring... Damage's head is bleeding badly. Nuclear runs into the ropes and hits a legdrop. Now, the cover to end it.



TB: NO! Damage kicked out somehow! Nuclear is mad.. he runs into the ropes for another legdrop.. Damage moves! Damage gets up, as does Nuclear.. Right hand by Damage! Another! One more, and Nuclear goes down!

DJ: Now Damage might be coming back... whips Nuclear into the ropes.. Big Powerslam! The cover-



TB: No, Nuclear gets out at 2. Damage picks him up, and turns him around. He locks on a full nelson and.. slams him down, face-first! Damage trying to win it...



DJ: And Nuclear kicks out.

Lorin: Damage might be trying to end this soon... He should, or he'll faint from loss of blood.

DJ: Damage throws Nuclear out of the ring.. what is he doing? He just ripped a piece of his shirt off!

TB: Oh, I see... he's tying it around his head, to stop the flow of blood.

DJ: Nuclear stands up on the outside.. Damage into the ropes.. runs towards the other side.. jumps on the third rope - and flips onto Nuclear! Both men are down!

TB: That was just uncalled for.. Damage has already lost a lot of blood.. the last thing he should want to do is open up another gash somewhere else on his body.

DJ: Damage slowly getting up... picks up Nuclear.. STANDING FRANKENSTEINER! Now Nuclear is bleeding from the forehead!

TB: These guys are definitely looking to inflict some pain on each other.

DJ: Damage rolls his opponent back into the ring... goes for the cover...



TB: And Nuclear lifts a shoulder!

Lorin: Don't count either one of these men out. It'll take a lot to put one of these men down.

TB: Damage rolls out of the ring.. is he getting a chair?

DJ: I don't think so...

Lorin: Yeah, he is getting a chair! He folded it up and tossed it in the ring.. now he's reaching underneath the ring.. a table! He puts that in as well.. reaches under again.. pulls out another table!

DJ: What the hell is Damage thinking?

TB: I'm not sure.. Damage gets into the ring and sets a table up in the center of the ring.. he then sets another table on top of the first! What kind of pain does Damage have in mind?

DJ: I don't know.. Nuclear gets up and grabs the chair while Damage works on the tables.. AND CRACKS THE CHAIR OVER DAMAGE'S HEAD FROM BEHIND! RIGHT ON THAT OPEN WOUND!

TB: Nuclear comes from behind and rolls him up...



DJ: NO! Damage kicks out! The crowd seems really happy because of this..

Lorin: They probably just want to see what Damage has in mind with those tables.

TB: Nuclear picks Damage up and reverse russian legsweeps him down to the ground. Nuclear unfolds the chair.. and puts it on top of the tables? What?

DJ: Well, if you slammed someone on that chair.. the tables would both break.. and the impact would make the person hit the chair again, even harder!

TB: We'll have to see.. Damage gets up.. looks a little wobbly..

DJ: Nuclear goes for a huge clothesline.. Damage ducks, and throws Nuclear to the outside! Damage into the ropes.. Nuclear stands up - SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES! Nuclear is down! Damage reaches under the ring..

TB, DJ, Lorin: A LADDER?

DJ: Why the he-?

TB: I don't know, guys.. this can't be good. Damage brings the ladder into the ring..he stands it up near the turnbuckle. He climbs up a few rungs.. and LEAPS OFF! SPLASH ON NUCLEAR ON THE OUTSIDE! MY GOD!

Lorin: Nuclear is dead!

DJ: Damage picks Nuclear up slowly.. and rolls him into the ring.. goes for the cover.





DJ: Geez.. if I were Nuclear, I would have just laid down and ended the match.

TB: Well, both of these men want the Platinum Title.. the winner of this match will reach the semifinals.

Lorin: Guys, there's a match going on..

TB: Sorry, Lorin. Damage has picked up Nuclear.. putting him up on the top turnbuckle.. NO! Nuclear punches Damage! Nuclear brings Damage up there with him.. Nuclear stands up.. positions him..

DJ: ..for a Top rope POWERBOMB! THERE IT IS!

TB: Oh man.. I think that killed Damage!

Lorin: Geez... that looks like that's the end..

TB: Damage was about five inches away from crashing through those tables!

DJ: Nuclear with a cover.. doesn't hook the leg!




DJ: Nuclear didn't hook the leg.. and it got him right there!

TB: Nuclear picks up Damage.. and lifts him high above his head.. drops him on his stomach and face! Goes for the cover.. Hooks the leg!




TB: NO! Almost three!

DJ: That was a little close.

TB: Nuclear picks up Damage.. front face lock, drapes the arm.. BRAINBUSTER! The cover!




TB: NO! Damage kicked out again!

DJ: Damage does not want to be pinned!

TB: Nuclear seems frustrated.. lifts Damage to his feet. Sitdown Powerbomb!






DJ: Nuclear is pissed! Lifts Damage.. Damage with a low blow! Anything to give him a chance to catch his breath! Damage grabs Nuclear.. hits a suplex! Picks him back up.. piledriver! Picks him up one more time... powerbomb!



TB: Nuclear kicks out!

DJ: Neither of these men want to lose!

Lorin: What's more amazing is that these men have managed to fight for five to ten minutes without someone going into one of these tables or the ladder.

DJ: They're basically fighting in about thirty percent of the ring.






DJ: What a match!

TB: This is going to go on until one man is broken in half!

Lorin: I don't know how the winner of this match will be able to go on in the tournament! Damage's head looks to have stopped bleeding.. that's good.

TB: I think he's lost quite a bit of blood.. but it doesn't seem to be affecting him too much.

DJ: Damage lifts Nuclear to his feet, throws him into the ropes and connects with a hiptoss!

TB: Damage looks at the ladder.. looks at the two tables on top of one another with the unfolded chair sitting on top.. I think he has an idea..

DJ: I don't know what he's going for...

TB: Damage goes over to the corner with the ladder.. climbs to the top rope.. and moves onto the ladder! Nuclear gets up.. AND PUSHES THE LADDER DOWN! DAMAGE AND THE LADDER BOTH FLY TO THE OUTSIDE! DAMAGE LANDS FIRST, AND THE LADDER CRASHES DOWN ON TOP OF HIM! OH MY GOD!

DJ: That was wrong!

Lorin: Oh my.. Damage is seriously hurt..

TB: Nuclear brings Damage into the ring. The match is all but done..






TB: Oh man... what a match.

DJ: Yeah.

Lorin: I agree.

DJ: Nuclear lifts Damage to his feet.. moves him near the corner where the ladder used to be!

TB: But Damage comes alive! He climbs the ropes.. Tornado DDT! Nuclear is down!

DJ: Damage hops out of the ring.. and brings the ladder back in! He sets it up in the corner..

TB: Nuclear is getting up.. slowly..

DJ: Damage climbs to the top turnbuckle.. moves to the ladder..

TB: Nuclear is up now.. and climbs up the other side of the ladder.

DJ: Nuclear wants to catch up, and maybe hit a superplex onto the tables and chair.. I don't have a clue what Damage could have in mind..

Lorin: Well, they're both near the top now.

TB: They sure are.. and they begin to exchange punches!

DJ: Nuclear getting an advantage now... I think he wants to go for a huge superplex!

TB: That's what it looks like.

DJ: Nuclear getting ready.. NO! Damage comes alive! He's hammering away at the head and face of J.J. Nuclear!

TB: Damage goes up to the highest rung on the ladder - the center rung! He puts Nuclear's head between his legs!

DJ: He's going to try to powerbomb Nuclear onto the chair and tables!

Lorin: (turns head) I can't watch!

TB: Picks him up..

(Mixture of a huge crash and sickening thud.)


DJ: Oh shit! Nuclear's back and head hit the chair first. Then, the tables broke! Nuclear's back and head hit the chair again as everything hit the surface of the ring at once!


DJ: He's moving! Despite hurting himself in the process, Nuclear is moving!






DJ: What a match!

Lorin: One of the best in a while!

TB: NUCLEAR will go to the semifinals of the Platinum Title Tournament! I don't know if he'll even be able to compete again tonight!

DJ: I bet he'll sure as hell try..

TB: Fans, I don't believe it, but the action can only heat up! Up next match is a deciding factor for who will go on into the semi-finals for the IML2 Platinum Championship.

JD- Tonight's opponents start off now as Guff Daddy shall battle God for a chance to be IML2 Platinum Champion.

Lorin- And here comes God down to the ring, followed by his lackey Jesus.

TB- Apparently even God desires attention as he yells into the crowd that he rules the world.

JD- And of course there is Jesus trying to do the same thing but gets slapped over the head by God.

Lorin- God always wants the spotlight.

TB- That is indeed as he steps into the ring and shows off to the crowd.

JD- Guff Daddy's music now hits the speakers.

(15 seconds later)

Lorin- Where is Guff?

TB- Not sure. His music is on but no one is coming out.

JD- There he is! Coming out from under the ring!

Lorin- Your right, and he has a wrench!

TB- Oh boy.

JD- And meanwhile God and Jesus, as well as the referee, are staring up at the entrance expecting Guff to come out.

Lorin- Guff slides in and holds up the wrench!! Uh oh!

TB- OUCH!! Guff just hit Jesus with the wrench to the back and through him to the floor.

JD- God and the ref didn't even notice that.

Lorin- And OWW!!! God just got hit on the back too with the wrench and the ref didn't see that.

TB- Guff then tosses the wrench out of the ring and covers God.

JD- Now the ref sees Guff and here comes the count.

Lorin- 1........2.......3.

TB- Guff wins, Guff wins.

JD- *muffles* By a wrench.

Lorin- True but according to the ref Guff advances in the tournament.

Round One Match of Platinum Tournament
Enfirno vs.Big Van

Baines:We are now set to go with one of our first round match-ups in the Platinum Title Tournament. These two men were priviliged enough to be chosen as contenders in this tourney.

DJ:So were six other men.

Baines:Whatever. Ok, prediction time. Lorin, who do you think is set to win this match here tonight?

Lorin:I'll have to go with Big Van. He's so atletic and strong. I think he's a man's man in wrestling.

Baines:Get a life. DJ, your pick?

DJ:I have to go with Enfirno. This man is the lighter one of the two, so in the long run, the advantage goes to him. The bigger man in Big Van will get tired easier than Enfirno, but believe me, this will be a good match no matter what.

Baines:I'll have to agree with you there. Let's go down to the ring and see this match take place.

Ring Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is a first round match-up in the Platinum Title Tournament! It is set for one fall, coming to the ring first.....accompanied to the ring by Bingo and Bruno. A representative of Da Pack. Weighing in at 239 lbs. and standing 6'4" tall. He is, Big....VAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

("Natural Born Killaz" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube blares over the loudspeaker as Big Van walks out followed by Bingo and Bruno. He gets in the ring and taunts to the crowd.)

Ring Announcer:And his opponent......from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He stands 6'1" and weighs 235 lbs. He is, ENFIIIIIIRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

("Witching Hour" by Myzery plays over the PA as Enfirno walks out. He wastes no time and runs towards the ring. He dives in and starts to pound on Big Van.)

Baines:Oh damn! Enfirno is wasting no time here. Enfirno is giving Big Van right and left combinations. Enfirno into the ropes and comes back with a diving shoulderblock! Now Enfirmo picks up Big Van and gets him in a side headlock. He is grinding on Big Van's head, and now several punches by Enfirno.

DJ:But now, Big Van backs up to the ropes and throws Enfirno in. Big Van waits and BIG BACK BODY DROP!! Big Van now takes Enfirno and throws him into the turnbuckle. Big Van runs and gets a POWER CLOTHESLINE! Now Big Van takes Enfirno and presses him abover his head. He walks around the ring and yells at the crowd and drops Enfirno!

Lorin:Now Big Van is on the second turnbuckle. What's he gonna do? OH! Forearm smash from the second turnbuckle. Now Big Van picks up Enfirno, low blow! Enfirno is back up and he sends Big Van into the ropes. Big Van comes back and he gets Big Van with a spinning head scissors!

Baines:Now Enfirno puts on a reverse armbar on Big Van. Van is screaming in pain. The ref is asking Big Van if he wants to give up. Big Van is shaking his head no. Big Van is reaching for the ropes and he grabs them. Now Enfirno hops on the top turnbuckle and springs back with a FLYING CROSS BODY BLOCK! Oooo...that had to hurt. Enfirno pins him!




Lorin:Close one there. Now Enfirno picks up Big Van and sends him into the ropes. Enfirno goes for a clothesline but Big Van ducks, and he comes back with his own clothesline! Now Big Van grabs Enfirno and picks him up and holds him up in the air for a vetical suplex. He is suspending him for a few seconds and he...drops him with a vertical suplex!

DJ:Now Big Van climbs the ropes and lines himself up. He jumps and...BIG FROG SPLASH! He covers Enfirno!




DJ:He kicked out right at the last second! Man that was close. Now Big Van takes Enfirno and tosses him over the top and sends him to the outside.

Baines:Oh, this match is about to go hardcore right here. Big Van reaches under the ring for anything he can find. He pulls out a chair, a table, a ladder, a fire extinguisher, a baseball bat, and a garbage can.

Lorin:What's a grabage can doing under the ring?

Baines:Guess it goes to show you that anything is possible in the IML2. Now Big Van grabs the fire extinguisher and drives it down on the skull of Enfirno. Big Van grabs the chair and waits for Enfirno to get up. He's taunting Enfirno to stand. Enfirno is up, Big Van swings and Enfirno ducks! Enfirno kicks Big Van in the mid-section, takes the chair, and nails him over the head!

Lorin:Now Enfirno takes Big Van's head and puts in between the folding part of the chair. He climbs all the way up to the top turnbuckle. He jumps back to the outside and nails, and ARABIAN FACEBUSTER! Oh my God! That had to of seriously injure Big Van.

DJ:Enfirno picks Big Van up and Big Van's face is cut. He is bleeding from the mouth and I wouldn't be surpirsed if a couple teeth were knocked out in the process. Enfirno tosses Big Van into the ring and tosses the ladder, the table, and the chair in behind him. Enfirno grabs the baseball bat and goes inside the

Baines:He goes over to Big Van and nails him with the baseball bat! Now he sets up Big Van in the corner and Enfirno grabs the chair and goes into the other corner. He runs and jumps and STINGER SPLASH WITH THE CHAIR IN THE MIDDLE!!! Man, Big Van is getting a hell of a beating here.

Lorin:Now Enfirno sets up the table in the middle of the ring. He sets up the ladder as well. Enfirno grabs Big Van and carries him up to the top of the ladder. He gets set up. What's hwe gonna do?

DJ:I'll tell you what he's gonna do he's gonna nail......CANDLE-WAX FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S IT. BIG VAN IS OUT! THE REF MAKES THE COUNT!!





DJ:I have no idea, but he must have a lot of heart and the true will to win if he could do that. Enfirno is in shock, he cannot believe Big Van kicked out. He now picks up Big Van, but Big Van is starting to get several punches to the midsection. He kicks him in the midsection and...Evenflow DDT!

Baines:Now Big Van grabs the chair and slams it across the back of Enfirno. Now Big Van takes Enfirno and tosses him into the ropes and catches him with a big powerslam! Now Big Van takes Enfirno and tosses him out of the ring. Big Van runs to the ropes and comes back and....FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE ON TOP OF ENFIRNO!!

Lorin:Big Van has an excellent advantage now. He reaches back into the ring and
pulls the ladder out. Now Big Van picks up Enfirno over his head and drops him
where his throat goes over the guardrail! Now Big Van sets up the ladder and
climbs to the top. He's gettin ready to dive off, but wait! Enfirno knocks over
the ladder and Big Van goes into the audience! Enfirno jumps on top of the
guardrail and srpingboards off of it with a dropkick!

DJ:They are now brawling through the audience. They are up on the first set of
stairs battling! Now Enfirno is setting him up for the Candlestick on the
stairs. He backs up and executes the kick, but Big Van ducks and nails Enfirno right
below the belt! Now Big Van takes Enfirno and gives him a gutwrench suplex on
the stairs!

Baines:Now Big Van takes Enfirno and tosses him as far as he can! ENFIRMO GOES
FLYING TO THE FLOOR! Now Big Van hops on top of a fan's seat and dives off
landing on Enfirno! Now Big Van takes Enfirno back to the guardrail and tosses him
over. Big Van hops over the guardrail. He picks up Enfirno and slams him on the
steps! Now Big Van backs up and runs towards Enfirmo. He goes for a tackle, but
Enfirmo moves and he runs right into the ring steps!

Lorin:Now Enfirno takes Big Van and tosses him back into the ring. He climbs in
a picks up Big Van. Enfirno climbs to the top rope and dives off and gets a
sunset flip!




DJ:Enfirno is becoming very aggravated. He just can't pin the man. Enfirno is
now waiting for Big Van to get up. He is ready to execute the Candlestick. Big
Van is up, Enfirno goes for the kick, but Big Van ducks and comes back with a

Baines:Now Big Van goes to the outside and gets a table. He throws it inside
the ring. Big Van is back in, and he tosses Enfirno into the turnbuckle. Now he
sets up the table, and now Big Van puts Enfirno on the top turnbuckle and Van
climbs. H epoints to the crowd and......VANSTAMPANATOR THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Big
Van makes the cover!!!




*ding ding ding*

DJ:Big Van has advanced to the second round of the tournament! He has done it!

Baines:What a match that was!

Ring Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, going on to the second round
of the Platinum Tournament, Big Van!!!!!!!!!!

Lorin:Enfirno had it most of the match, but Big Van came back and won the whole
thing, and that's all that matters.

*Platinum Tourney Match-First Round*
Fury vs. ThirdIBlind

TB-Welcome Everybody to the first round of the platinum title tournament,
what will this division be like?

Lorin-Well Look at some of the competitors in this division, and tell me what
it will be like?

DJ-Well lets get things kicked off in this tournament here comes fury!

*Low, Down, Dirty by eminem begins to play as the fans rise to there feet and
begin to cheer. Skies rockwell comes out first as the fans get louder and

Announcer-Introducing first, Standing at 6'2'', and weighing in at 275 pounds

*The fans get even louder as he steps out with a serious look on his face and
walks slowly to the ring. He rolls in the ring and to his corner and does a
taunt to the crowd as they cheer along with him.*

DJ-Hmmm who are your picks?

Lorin-I dont have one.

TB-I don't know i think i'll go with thirdblind.

DJ-Ummm...okay then.

*The lights go out right away as we hear a chair shot and the fans grow even

DJ-What the hell was that?!

*The lights stay off as we hear a couple more chair shots. They stay off for
about 1 more minute then they come on. The has weapons and is surrounded by
hell in a cell!!!!!!!!!!!*

DJ-Holy shit! Hell in a cell weapons match! Fury is down and Thirdblind has
a chair in his hand! He goes to the ropes and raises his hands as the fans
give approval! This guy blind sited fury and put him in a familiar
environment im not sure Thirdblind made a nice move by doing this!

TB-Thats right Fury has a tough child hood and just look where he came from!
He's sick! He's damn scary too! OOOO and Thirdblind with another chair
shot! Fury appears out cold! Thirdblind goes and grabs a hockey stick and
walks back over to fury. He picks Fury up, he just nailed him with that
hockey stick! Fury is busted wide open from the get go!

Lorin-Thirdblind is liking it too!

DJ-And thats what makes IML2 so good and sadistic too! Just look at
thirdlblind! Fury is back in the corner as thirdblinds is working him over
with strong left and rights! Thirdblind leaves fury as he goes to the
outside. He goes under the ring and gets a table out, two tables!

Lorin-Hmmm i wonder what he is going to do with those?

TB-It's not good right now I can tell you that!

DJ-Look at Fury he is going to the top rope!

TB-He is going to fly like the 57th! And there he goes! He just landed on
thirdblind and fell to the cage. He hit hard both me are down! Fury is
getting up again! He is throwing those tables into the ring!

Lorin-He is also throwing Thirdblind into the ring too! He sets up the
tables and sets one in the corner. He sets the other up right in front of
it, but it isnt in the corner. Fury puts Thirdblind between his legs and
piledrives him. Fury picks thirdblind up and takes him to the table in the
corner. He lays him on it and goes to the ropes!

DJ-What is he doing?

TB-Why dont you go up there and find out?

DJ-I dont think so!

TB-Thought so!

DJ-Fury runs jumps off of the table and hits an avalanche splash through
thirdblind breaking that table! Thirdblind just got broken in half! Fury
isnt even done yet either! He puts thirdblind on the other table! Fury goes
to the top, but thirdblind gets up and hits Fury who falls on his
ahem...inner area.

TB-Thirdblind goes to the top rope and picks up Fury and hits a falling
Norhtern lights suplex through the table! Both men are down and out!
Thirdblind slowly reaches his feet and picks fury up and hits a manhattan
drop. He is keeping him up! He whips fury to the ropes and hits an overhead
belly belly suplex! DAMN!

Lorin-Thirdblind stays down then gets up! He stomps away at fury and goes to
the sleeper hold. This is a great match right from the get go guys!

DJ-Yes it is this pay per view is shaping up! Thirdblind has Fury down and
the ref checks his hand
thr no! He got the arm up as he shakes and gets the fans into it even more!
He works his way up as the fans are going crazy elbows to the stomach! He
whips Thirdblind into the ropes and hits a back body drop over the topes and
he hits the cage going over! Fury falls to the ground.

TB-Fury slowly gets to his fet and goes to the top rope and jumps off to the
outside hitting a guillitine leg drop to the back of Thirdblinds head! Fury
picks thirdblind up and rolls him into the ring. He gets some more tables
from below and some other weapons!

Lorin-Fury rolls into the ring and picks up a chair as thirblind gets up and
is nailed with the chair! Fury is working on thidblind and doing a good job
keeping him down. Thirdblind is busted open and Fury is too! Fury picks up
thirdblind and gives him a suplex, and he keeps him up! Another! Another!
he finally stops!

DJ-Damn! Thirdblind is staying down as Fury stomps away on him and goes to
the ropes and hits a running leg drop. He runs back to the ropes and hits a
knee drop to the back of thirdblinds head! Fury walks over to the chair and
entagles it then flattens it out with thidblinds head. Fury runs to the
ropes and jumps up to the top and does a guillitine leg drop to the chair!
Thirdblind is shaking and Fury is grabbing his leg in pain!

TB-Damn fury is laying it all on the line to try and win this tournament let
alone risk it all and win this tournament! Fury gets up with a limp and
picks up the knocked out thirdblind and whips him to the ropes he picks him
up and gives him a guillitine on the ropes! Fury picks up thirdblind and
gorrilla press him to the middle of the ring.

Lorin-Thirdblind grabs his back in agony! Fury picks him up and whips him to
the ropes. He runs at him and drop kicks him out of the ropes! Fury will do
anything to win this tournament as it appears!

DJ-No doubt about that at all! Fury wants this platinum gold and he wants it
now! He is sacraficing somethings wrestlers wont even do! But, thats the
business! Thirdblind comes out off of the ropes as he gives him a
powerslam!!!!! Fury picks up thirdblind and gives him another gorrilla press

TB-Fury picks up Thirdblind and gives him a sidewalk slam hard to the ground!
It's obvious fury is getting veru tired right now and is resting on the
ropes. Thirdblind begins to move as Fury charges Thirdblind falls and jumps
up and picks up Fury and hits a manhattan drop! WOW!

Lorin-These too are doing it all right now!

DJ-Yeah, but they are tiring out all too quickly in the first round!

TB-Yes they are, but this is the IML2!

DJ-Yeah we need good action!

Lorin-Thirdblind is on the ground and so is fury as thirdblind is slowly
getting up. Listen to the fans chanting thirblinds name! He is up and so
his fury, Fury runs at thirblind and takes a swing at him Thirdblind ducks,
and puts him up in an atomic drop position!

TB-He isnt dropping him either! Thirdblind wont do anything as fury is
looking for a place to land! Thirdblind looks around for what to do and then
throws fury up in the air and spinds around and puts his arm on fury's
stomach hitting an air sambo suplex! What a manuever!

Lorin-I'd say that was a very nice mixture of two moves!

DJ-Thirdblind goes outside to the ring and under it. He is throwing small
objects in the ring and cant make out the black thing. WHat? He just into the ring? What th...who the hell did that? Look at the
look on thirdblinds face! Ha ha ha ha looks like he is going to shit his
pants! He doesnt know what to do!

Lorin-Wait wait wait hold up! The lights are out and a pipe organ is
playing! Listen to the fans here! Tng up, the nozel for the volts going into
it! He is going to try and kill thirdblind! Fury looks around as he laughs
devilishly and two men in cloaks come down to the ring!

Lorin-This isnt good! They are coming back down, but how many are there?
Just four? They all appear to be the same height. Fury doesnt even realize
it. The men in the cloaks go to different sides as they get to fury they
bang his head into the cage! Damn! Stop it! They are going to throw him
back in to the wolves! Thirdblind gets up and realizes what is happening!
Fury is back in the ring and got a bolt shoved up his ass!

DJ-Ha ha ha ha cocksuckers! Thirdblind see's fury and picks him up and does
a suplex to him! Thirdblind picks up fury by ther trunks and spins him
around and throws him into the cage electricuting him! Damn this is a lethal
match! Fury has to be dead! Thirdblind looks to the outside as Fury barely
gets up and lanches him self over the top rope hitting fury! They both hit
the cage! They are lit up like it's the fourth of july! Thirdblind you suck!

Lorin-Ha ha ha what a dick head stupid ass!

TB-Jesus! WHat the hell these two men are better then shake and bake they
are like burnt turkey and you all you say is, ha ha? Your sick very sick!

Lorin and DJ-Oh we try!

TB-Fuck! These men are giving it there all AND YOU GUYS ARE TRYING TO BE
SICK? What the hell is wrong with the world?

Lorin- Nothing oh god damn nothing!

DJ-Lorin where have you been all my life?

Lorin-Away from you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha!


TB-Well anyways losers. Fury is just getting up and picking up thirdblind.
He kicks him and does a falling painbomb through the cage! Fury rolls
through the cage along with Thirdblind they are out of the cage and the ref
just got fried! Referee Master Bates got fried! He's a McDonals happy meal
gon bad! Hm what a jackass!

DJ-Wow your a sick fuck! Fury appears to be laying on thirdblind, but the
ref is gone! Here comes a ref!
The match is over! Fury is advancing to the next round!

Lorin-What a match!

**The pause for a second as Low down and dirty by eminem plays.**

Announcer-Winner and advancing to the next round! Fury!

**The fans go wild as the cage begins a funny cackling noise and explodes
everywhere and piece go flying as Fury slowly walks off behind the dressing
room wall.**

Tag-Team Match-Up
The Jersey Bros. Vs Shadow and Ringo Roberts

TB: This next match-up should be very entertaining, with some of IML2's
more recent acquisitions on show

DJ: It's The Jersey Bros, who recently had tag-team title shots against
Shadow and Ringo Roberts who we don't know all that much about

Lorin: I know about Ringo and Shadow!

TB: That's right, very little is known amongst us about these two

Lorin: But I know about Ringo and Shadow!

DJ: I guess we'll get an insight into them tonight


DJ and TB: OWW!

Lorin: Ringo grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. His father was a businessman
and his mother was a showgirl.

DJ: How did you know that?

Lorin: 'Cos I read the friggin' notes they gave us, that's how!

TB: Well we've been bickering here at ringside and meanwhile Shadow has
entered the ring!

{"Dive" by Nirvana hits the speakers and Ringo Roberts makes his

Astro: Already in the ring is Shadow. Making his way to the ring now,
his tag-team partner, standing at 6'3" and weighing in at 245lb. From
Las Vegas, Nevada…RINGO ROBERTS!!!

Lorin: He kinda looks like Ken Shamrock. I hear he's pretty good

Astro: And their opponents, with a combined weight of 494lb…THE JERSEY

{"Supernova goes Pop" by Powerman 5000 hits the speakers and The Jersey
Bros. Make their entrance}
TB: So here are the more established of the two teams, former tag-team
titles #1 contenders The Jersey Bros.

DJ: This is going to be easy for The Jersey Bros - as easy as Lorin



Lorin: Looks like Mike North and Ringo Roberts will start this one off!


TB: North and Roberts tie up, Roberts immediately whips North into the

Lorin: Back elbow by Roberts sends Mike North crashing to the mat!

DJ: Roberts quickly to the ropes, goes for a leg drop…OH!

TB: Mike North rolled out of the way. North waits for Roberts to get to
his feet…and drop kicks the Las Vegas son of a showgirl! Mike North now
has the chance for some offense. North whips Roberts to the ropes and
hits a hell of a clothesline!

DJ: North throws Roberts headfirst into the corner where Jason Blunt has
his boot out! North tags in Blunt, and Blunt hits Ringo Roberts with a
few right hands and goes to the ropes…

Lorin: But Ringo ducked that clothesline, and nails Jason Blunt with a
side slam!

TB: And now Ringo has tagged in Shadow, to give him his first action of
the night

DJ: I'm gonna get my action in Lorin's bed!



TB: Shadow slams Jason Blunt's head into the turnbuckle, then nails him
with a sweet Russian Leg Sweep

DJ: Forget the Russian and the Sweep, Lorin has got some sweet legs!


TB: Shadow sets up Blunt…CATAPULT!

Lorin: Right in the corner! Blunt's face just went smack into the

DJ: But as Shadow shows off…Blunt is right back up!

TB: Turn Round!

All 3: OH!!!

TB: Devastating drop kick to the back of Shadow by Jason Blunt, Blunt
now hits Shadow with a mighty knee drop!

DJ: Blunt tags in North, who climbs to the top turnbuckle

TB: Blunt holds Shadow, Mike North goes for a missile drop kick…

Lorin: But Shadow moved!

DJ: Blunt catches North!



Lorin: Foot on the ropes!

TB: Shadow escapes, but that was good work by The Jersey Bros.

DJ: North whips Shadow to the ropes, a blind tag is made! North hasn't
seen it!

Lorin: And Shadow ducks the clothesline attempt from North!

TB: Shadow and Ringo Roberts catch Mike North with a
Spinebuster/Neckbreaker combo!

DJ: Shadow covers!

Lorin: That idiot! He's not the legal man!

TB: Now Ringo covers


Lorin: And Mike North kicks out

DJ: That would have been 3 if Ringo had covered straight away

TB: Ringo rolls Mike North out of the ring, taking this one outside! He
slams North's head into the crowd barrier and grabs a chair!

DJ: He holds the chair up…

Lorin: But the ref grabs it!

TB: Ringo gets in the face of the referee, but Mike North has that chair

DJ: He hits Shadow!

Lorin: Now Jason Blunt has the referee distracted!

TB: Chair shot to the head of Ringo by Mike North! North rolls both his
opponents into the middle of the ring, and The Jersey Bros are going up

Lorin: Jersey Drop Time!!!


TB: And Mike North covers Ringo…


Lorin: Jersey Bros win!

TB: There it is, The Jersey Bros - Mike North and Jason Blunt - have won
this match!

Dream Tag Team Partner matchup
J.J. Nuclear vs. Gangsta

TB:Welcome everyone once again to Break Point! We are here, and now, we are coming up to a matchup between J.J. Nuclear and Gangsta! This match was signed on the special wednesday Night Frostbite when Nuclear attacked Gangsta on his way to the battle royal.

DJ:There were numerous jumpings on that show between the two, and eventually it boiled down to a request for a dream tag team partner matchup!

Lorin:The rules are simple. Nuclear picks his dream tag team partner, as Gangsta does the same. Then this is just like a normal tag team matchup!

TB:I wonder who they are going to pick! We all know Nuclear doesn't have many friends around here, and neither does Gangsta. It will definitly be intresting.

Lorin:With that said, I say we go to the ring!

Chris Astro:This next matchup is the Dream Tag Team Partner matchup! This match is scheduled for one fall, and is under tag team rules. Introducing first, the Time Bomb J.J. Nuclear!

("Time Bomb" by Godsmack plays over the pa system as out from the back walks J.J. Nuclear. Nuclear gets into the ring and grabs the microphone.)

Nuclear:Now, I know many people have been going on and on, Nuclear, who's your partner, Nuclear, what are you going to do sunday. Well, you want to know who my partner is?!?

("Witching Hour" by Myzery plays as out from the back walks Enfirno! The fans immediatly pop as Enfirno gets into the ring.)

Chris Astro:J.J. Nuclear's dream tag team partner... ENFIRNO!(Pause) And their opponent, introducing first, from the streets, GANGSTA!

("Holla Holla" by Ja Rule plays up over the pa system as Gangsta walks out from the back. He doesn't climb into the ring though, as he awaits on the steel steps.)

Gangsta:Now listen here! I don't need catchy lines to make my Dream Partner stand out, because we've got something you DON'T HAVE! EXPERIENCE!

("Holla Holla" starts up again as T.Q. Smooth walks out from the back!)

Lorin:It's former IML3 wrestlers T.Q. SMOOTH! T.Q. Smooth and Gangsta are a regular tag team! This isn't good for Enfirno and Nuclear!

DJ:Of course not! A regular tag team, and then you have two people who have never taged before, that makes things very intresting.

*Ding, ding, ding*

TB:Gangsta and Smooth slide in as they met Enfirno and Nuclear with rights and lefts. Gangsta and Smooth back Enfirno and Nuclear to the ropes. Off they go, back off, Gangsta and Smooth nail Enfirno and Nuclear with two back body drops at the same time!

DJ:Almost instantaniously!

Lorin:Gangsta and Smooth grab Enfirno and Nuclear again, and whip them off again, but it's reversed. Double reversal that is. Gangsta and Smooth come back off and duck under the clothesline, Gangsta with an inverted vertical suplex and T.Q. Smooth nails Enfirno with a huge inverted DDT!

DJ:Nuclear and Enfirno slide out of the ring, as they should. They both are in pain.

TB:It's been all Smooth and Gangsta right about now! Smooth comes off the ropes, Gangsta ducks his head, Smooth back off, and Gangsta just back body dropped T.Q. Smooth up and over the top rope and down onto J.J. Nuclear and Enfirno!

Lorin:It's total chaos!

DJ:Damn straight! How it should be!

TB:Enfirno and Nuclear haven't even been able to work as a team yet!

DJ:Enfirno and Nuclear are finally getting to their feet...


TB:Gangsta and Smooth are in the ring just awaiting Enfirno and Nuclera to finally get some teamwork. It's been all Smooth and Gangsta so far.

DJ:Well, what do you expect Baines! They are the team! They have an advantage! They shouldn't have that advantage!

Lorin:Aw, is Duce just a little flustered?


Lorin:It's a word!


Lorin:IT IS!

DJ:I know it is, but I like getting you annoyed...


TB:Enfirno and Nuclear are out on the outside, and they are trying to decide what's going to happen know. Enfirno and Nuclear are shouting, and Nuclear just shoved Enfirno! Enfirno shoves Nuclear!

Lorin:This does not bold well!

DJ:GANGSTA AND SMOOTH! DOUBLE PISCADA! And those aren't huge high flyers! They just trust each other enough to just throw their bodies around like that!

TB:And Enfirno and Nuclear are down on the outside! Gangsta grabs Enfirno and throws him into the ring. Gangsta slides back in as Smooth goes to his apron. I guess we are finally going to have some order around here!

Lorin:Nuclear is still down on the outside though!

DJ:It's two on one! It's a handicap match!

TB:I guess it is! Gangsta is working over Enfirno in the corner, and now puts Enfirno in an arm ringer. Quick tag by Gangsta puts Smooth into the ring. Smooth delivers a hard kick to the exposed mid-section of Enfirno.

Lorin:Smooth now locks Enfirno in an arm ringer, and then goes the opposite way. Right hands by Smooth and one last one while letting go of the arm bar sends the wobbling Enfirno down to the mat.

TB:Smooth drops a quick elbow to Enfirno and goes for a cover, 1-2-NO! Enfirno gets a foot on the bottom rope.

DJ:You have to remember that both Enfirno and Nuclear fought earlier in the platinum tournament.

Lorin:And they won! They are both in the semi-finals!

DJ:If I was either of them, I would take the lost and rest up for the platinum tournament! I mean, that involves gold! This involves nothing!

TB:It involves pride Duce.

DJ:Pride, what does that get you in life? NOTHING BUT HEARTACHES!

Lorin:Smooth has Enfirno and throws him off the ropes, blind tag by Nuclear, Enfirno ducks a clothesline, and Smooth nails him with a back body drop.

DJ:But Enfirno slide down the back of Smooth! Smooth is fighting to stay up.

TB:Gangsta is trying to tell T.Q. Smooth that there was a blind tag! Gangsta doesn't hear him due to this huge crowd here, as Nuclear grabs Smooth from behind in a inverted side headlock. Enfirno rolls out of the sunset flip, as Nuclear drops Smooth with a diving reverse ddt.

Lorin:Enfirno rolls out of the ring, cover, 1-2-NO! Smooth barely gets a shoulder up!

DJ:Enfirno and Nuclear are finally getting some offense.

TB:Nuclear grabs Smooth and throws him off the ropes. Smooth comes back and ducks a clothesline. Back off the ropes, Nuclear ducks a clothesline as Smooth stops in his tracks. Nuclear grabs Smooth from behind and lays him out with a HUGE german suplex!

Lorin:If Nuclear had that power and didn't release the suplex, it would be over, but Nuclear rolls over, and covers Smooth... 1-2-NO! Gangsta just put T.Q. Smooth's foot on the bottom rope! Nuclear is mad!

DJ:Of course he is! He had the match won!

TB:Nuclear grabs Smooth and throws him to the corner. Nuclear with a tag to Enfirno, as he comes in. Enfirno and Nuclear whip Smooth off the ropes, blind tag by Gangsta, and Smooth goes down hard with a double clothesline from Enfirno and Nuclear!

Lorin:But Gangsta off the top rope with a spring board double clothesline of his own to Enfirno and Nuclear! Both men go down hard!

DJ:Gangsta goes right to Enfirno and goes on top of him, right hands by Gangsta.

TB:Nuclear gets up, and on his way out just throws Gangsta off of Enfirno!

DJ:Nuclear is getting annoyed with Gangsta and Smooth! Most definitly!

Lorin:Enfirno is back up, as is Gangsta, as they immediatly tie up. Enfirno grabs Gangsta in a side headlock, as Gangsta whips him off the ropes. Enfirno ducks a clothesline, Gangsta puts his head down.

DJ:Enfirno nails Gangsta with a huge swinging neckbreaker! Gangsta hit the mat hard!

TB:1-2-NO! Gangsta with a kick out! Huge kickout!

DJ:Any kickout is huge! Anything to prolong a match is huge!

TB:Enfirno grabs the recoving Gangsta by the stomach, and picks him up on his side, and drops him with a back breaker.

Lorin:But Enfirno holds on! Another back breaker! And one last more turned into a sidewalk slam!

DJ:I've never seen that done before!

TB:Cover by Enfirno, 1-2-NO! T.Q. Smooth with a boot to the head of Enfirno.

Lorin:Enfirno gets up and charges Smooth, and knocks Smooth off the apron!

TB:But this allows Gangsta to roll up Enfirno from behind... 1-2-NO! Nuclear makes the save, but rolls Enfirno on top of Gangsta!

Lorin:1-2-NO! Gangsta kicks out! T.Q. Smooth grabs Nuclear and pulls him outside of the ring.

TB:Smooth and Nuclear are exchanging right hands on the outside, as Enfirno and Gangsta are exchanging in the ring!

DJ:The action has just broken down!

TB:Gangsta has Enfirno and whips him off the ropes, no, reversal, Gangsta comes back off and they both hammer each other with a double clothesline!

DJ:This is nuts! Nuclear eats the steel on the outside! T.Q. Smooth slides into the ring, but the referee is forcing him to the apron! Smooth isn't listening!

Lorin:Look! Nuclear is up top, Gangsta is up, and he's setting up Enfirno... TIME BOMB! NUCLEAR BOMB! WHATEVER IT IS!

DJ:That was a moonsault into an inverted ddt...


TB:WHat, what!

DJ:Tom! Look at Gangsta! Look at his neck!


DJ:Just because Gangsta has a swollen eye is NO reason to stare at him!

TB:No! That neck! When Nuclear hit the Time E CLASS! Something these ruffnecks don't have!

(George Williams charges the ring and slides in, only to be met by with G.I. Bro's imfamous Army Bar. George Williams immediatly taps out, and slides out of the ring.)

Ford:Nice try Williams, but you aren't getting rid of any of us like that. You, YOUR SCRUB ASS THINKS YOU ALONE COULD DETHRONE ME! I'm on top of the world! I run this promotion, I run this arena, and I RUN YOUR LIFE, and there isn't a damn thing you, YOU(Points to the fans) or ANYONE out there can do about it!

("Push It" by Static-X starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks PRESIDENT SEAN! He has a microphone.)

President Sean:What is this Ford. You believe you can just come out here and interupt an IML2 pay per view! What is this! You say that one man can not end your reign, well, in reality, I CAN DO JUST THAT! You have turned into a power hungry, screw job son of a bitch!

Ford:What did you just call me Sean!

President Sean:I called you a bitch! Not just any bitch, but MY BITCH!

(Ford looks pissed in the ring as Bro and Johnson try to calm him down.)

President Sean:You see, I could just kick you out of office right now(Cheers), but no, you see, that's too easy. Ratings have been soaring, and the IML2 has been doing better and better week after week, that is, except when YOUR on television! You've been doing all the right moves, except putting YOURSELF on television! What happened to the old Ford! The one that wanted to provide these fans with the best damn wrestling the IML2 has ever seen!(Cheers) So you better straighten up Ford, and fly right, or else you WILL join Keegan Jones!(Cheers)

Ford:You can't do that!

Sean:I just did!

("Push It" plays as Sean leaves. Ford leaves in a temper tantrum and rips up a "Welcome back Sean" sign.)


TB:I can't believe this! Ok, next we have a tag team match.

JD- Just another match to fill in the empty space on the pay per view.

TB- Shhhhhh. Don't let anyone hear that.

JD- Ok.

Lorin- And here comes Ghetto Fabulous down to the ring. They both seem well
considering their last match against the Jersey Boyz which sent them to the

JD- I remember that. One of them went off the top rope and hit the guard rail
that one time.

TB- Yes but they seem well as they head down to the ring and....... what the?

Lorin- Arctic Freeze and Vergo just backhanded Ghetto Fabulous on their way
to the ring. Vergo has Marcus up and Arctic has the Sam Horrey as they send
both members into the ring and the bell sounds.

JD- Marcus and Vergo start out first as Sam and Arctic take their corners.

TB- Vergo has the upper hand as he takes Marcus to the corner and starts
hammering away at his skull.

Lorin- Ghetto Fabulous haven't had much of a career lately but I have to
admit they have taken a lot in their IML2 matches.

TB- I second that.

JD- Marcus now manages to burst out of no where a few quick steady punches as
Vergo hits the mat.

Lorin- Marcus hits the ropes and wow!

TB- Nice leg drop.

Lorin- He really got some elevation with that.

JD- There's a tag to Sam Horrey and a tag to Artic Freeze.

TB- Arctic ducks the clothesline. Sam ducks the spinning heel kick but Arctic
connects with a sweep and hits a corkscrew leg drop on Sam Horrey.

JD- What elevation on that leg drop.

Lorin- Sam Horrey is then taken to the outside and Arctic follows.

JD- Marcus and Vergo are now in the ring going at it.

Lorin- Sam Horrey is now trying to gain his stance and oh no.

TB- Arctic grabs the chair from the timekeeper and is heading for Sam.

Lorin- Oh boy. Oh boy. And...the referee grabs the chair.
TB- Arctic is now screaming at the referee.

JD- And here comes Sam Horrey setting him up and.....there's a swinging neck
breaker onto the ground floor!!

TB- Ouch, that had to hurt.

Lorin- Meanwhile Marcus and Vergo and neck and neck as they connect to each
other with punches and corner moves.

TB- Marcus sets up Vergo for a tornado ddt.

JD- Marcus tries to pull off the move but is held off my Vergo.

TB- There goes Marcus with!

JD- That was an interesting counter.

TB- Marcus was attempting the tornado ddt but Vergo countered and Samoan
dropped him to the mat.

Lorin- That was a very creative counter by Vergo.

JD- Meanwhile Sam has been able to gain his stance from the aftershock of
that swing neck breaker and sends Arctic back into the ring.

TB- Vergo then rushes over to Sam as he enters the ring and starts kicking

Lorin- Now Arctic is up and is heading over towards Marcus.

JD- Now Arctic Freeze and Vergo have Ghetto Fabulous up.

TB- Vergo yells something over to Arctic Freeze and both men take their
opponents into the turn buckle.

Lorin- Arctic and Vergo now go up to the second rope and start the ten punch
on Ghetto Fabulous.

TB- The crowd chants along to the punches.

Crowd- 1.....2.....3......4.......5........6.......7.........8.........9......

JD- What the?!!

TB- Ghetto Fabulous each grab Arctic Freeze's and Vergo's legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorin- Ghetto Fabulous just hit Arctic Freeze and Vergo with a powerbomb from
top rope!

JD- A Japanese Powerbomb cause they are holding them down with every boost of
energy they have for the count.

TB- The ref hits the ring.

Lorin- 1......2........3. Ghetto Fabulous beat Arctic Freeze and Vergo in
this tag match on Break Point.

JD- An excellent win for Ghetto Fabulous as they leave the ring.

TB- Arctic Freeze and Vergo are now recovering from those powerbombs as they
roll out to the ring.

Lorin- An excellent win for Ghetto Fabulous indeed.
DJ: Here comes one of the less interesting matches of the night, Kurt Zoom v George Williams in a brawl for all match

TB: Please, this match will be good!

DJ: The only good thing about this match is that it'll be over in a few minutes!

Astro: The following match-up is a BRAWL FOR ALL match-up. In the corner
to my right, GEORGE WILLIAMS!! In the corner to my left...KURT ZOOM!

**Ding Ding Ding**

Lorin: The first round is underway

TB: Both men circle eachother in the ring, tentative to hit out...

DJ: Williams with a right hook, block by Zoom and we have 2 and a half
minutes more of this?

TB: Left jab by Zoom, right from Williams, and a few punches to the gut
from Zoom!


TB: Left from Zoom, Williams blocks. Right from Zoom, Williams

**Ding Ding Ding**

DJ: This is sooo boring!

TB: Our unofficial scoring has Williams narrowly in the lead after that takedown!

**Ding Ding Ding**

Lorin: Look at Kurt Zoom! He looks angry! He explodes out of the corner!



TB: KNOCKOUT!! George Williams has been knocked out and Kurt Zoom has won this brawl for all match!

DJ: Boy am I glad that's over, can we go to a break so the people at home can make themselves a cup of coffee to wake up from that 75 seconds boredom?

TB- The next match is a semi-final match for the IML2 Platinum Championship.
Tonight Fury does battle with Enfirno and the winner will move on to the
finals for the Championship.

JD- Witching Hour by Myzery hits the amps and out steps Enfirno looking good
considering his match from earlier against Big Van.

Lorin- You know I have noticed something. Big Van all the last month has been
going on on how stupid Enfirno is when every time they do battle, Enfirno
walks out the winner.

TB- What are you saying?

Lorin- Big Van to me is nothing but a wannabe and Enfirno I can tell is a
somebody. I see a bright future for him in the IML2.

JD- We shall see.

TB- Fury is now making his way to the ring and slides on in. I expect to see
a good match from these two.

JD- They are very talented athletes in the IML2 and they are very technical
and very agile. They seem to work well as loners.

TB- The bell sounds and now the match is underway.

Lorin- Enfirno locks up with Fury. Head lock by Enfirno on Fury. Fury knocks
Enfirno to the ropes and Enfirno ducks the clothesline.

JD- Fury now goes off the ropes and ducks Enfirno's clothesline.

TB- Both men bouncing around the ring and Fury and Enfirno connect with a
double clothesline sending them both to the mat.

Lorin- That was interesting.

JD- Very.

TB- Fury is up first and picks up Enfirno and theres an Irish Whip to the
turn buckle by Fury and Fury runs up on Enfirno and there is a monkey flip on

Lorin- But, Enfirno is back up in seconds and manages to catch a punch to
Fury's stomach.

JD- Enfirno now runs into the ropes and there is an axe kick on Fury by
Enfirno sending Fury to the ground on his stomach.

TB- Enfirno now runs into the turn buckle leaping to the second rope and
theres a 180 spinning leg drop on Fury.

Lorin- Creative move there. Enfirno does have that quick ability.

JD- You keep on and on about how good Enfirno is are you in love or something.

(Lorin blushes)

TB- We can talk about this later. For now Enfirno picks up Fury and sends him
to the outside.

JD- Enfirno follows along and picks up Fury.

TB- But Fury connects to Enfirno's stomach and smashes his head into the
guard rail.

Lorin- Ouch!! Enfirno is now lying on the ground out cold.

JD- Do you need a handkerchief?

Lorin- Shut up. I am just worried about this young star's career.

JD- You don't want to cry on pay per view you know.

Lorin- Say one more thing and I'll slap the taste out of your mouth.

TB- Quiet you two. Pay attention to the match.

JD- Ok, ok. Enfirno is back up but is being worked on with some hard chops by
Fury who sends Enfirno back into the ring.

Lorin- Fury is now stomping away on Enfirno.

TB- Fury picks up Enfirno and sends him again into the turn buckle.

JD- Fury now heads outside and grabs a chair.

Lorin- Fury takes the chair into the ring and is setting in up in an angle to
the turn buckle.

TB- Fury is now getting a running start. Fury runs and leaps off the chair
but Enfirno drops out of the way and Fury's leg hits the turn buckle.

JD- Ouch. Fury took some pain there.

Lorin- Enfirno thought quickly there.

TB- I agree with you Lorin. An excellent duck on Enfirno's part.

JD- Enfirno is now getting up and takes Fury into his arms.

TB- Enfirno takes Fury into the turn buckle and lifts him to the 3rd rope.

Lorin- Enfirno climbs up, holding his fist in the air, and connects with a

JD- Enfirno is back up and sends Fury yet again to the turn buckle.

TB- Enfirno hooks up with Fury and sends him across the ring. Enfirno leaps
to the turn buckle across from Fury as he stumbles back from that shot from
the turn buckle to his chest.

Lorin- Enfirno is waiting and hooks up Fury from the back and there is the
Candle Wax!!

TB- Enfirno takes the cover.

JD- 1......2........3!
Lorin- Enfirno moves on!! Enfirno moves on!! Enfirno moves on!!

JD- Calm down missy.

Lorin- Shut up.

TB- Enfirno does move on and now will fight in the finals tonight on Break

DJ:We're ready for Nuclear vs. Guff Daddy....

(The camera cuts to the back where Guff Daddy has been laid out cold. There's some blood coming from his head.)

TB:What is this! Guff Daddy can't wrestle tonight!

DJ:I think that's what Nuclear was going for! I guess it'll be J.J. Nuclear going against Enfirno in the finals of the platinum tournament!

Cleveland Pawn Shop Match
Hardcore Harry -c- vs. The Green Jackal
TB:Fans, we are ready here to play the pre-recorded matchup between Hardcore Harry and the Green Jackal for the IML2 Hardcore Championship! This was recorded earlier in the night on the streets of Cleveland, mainly due to the fact that Hardcore Harry has the tag team title matchup later here tonight!

DJ:That's right! This is going to be great! These two men are just going to be fighting each other around the streets of cleveland looking for a stupid IML2 Medallion in a pawn shop!

Lorin:Whoever grabs that medallion grabs the hardcore title as well! Double the gold for the winner!

TB:We might as well get to the ring for this hellacious match! I heard Harry hasn't been able to move since this took place! Let's get to the footage!

(The scene fades from the arena as some footage of the discovery channel shows two lions in heat. "Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang plays as you can hear the announcer's in the background.)


(All of a sudden the camera cuts back to the arena as Tom Baines is shown leaving his seat.)

DJ:Cool, he's gone! All you have to do is show him sex and Baines leaves!


DJ:HEY! WHAT THE HELL DID I SAY ABOUT YOU! I DIDN'T say anything about you, me, and whip cream!

*Smack* *Smack*

DJ:That's it! I'm leaving too!

(Duce Johnson gets up from his announce position and leaves as well.)

Lorin:WHAT IS THIS! I'm all by myself?

(Lorin looks around as she is weirded out. She throws her headset down as she leaves as well. A promo for next month's ppv is shown on the screen. It shows a bunch of wrestlers floating around the screen and bombs and stuff going off... No Man's Land is shown over the screen as the camera fades back into the arena. TB, DJ, and Lorin are back.)

TB:From what I am hearing from the truck, they just lost the hardcore title matchup!


Lorin:So, that means no Hardcore Harry in action tonight?

TB:Yes, no Hardcore Harry against Green Jackal, but he'll be in that tag team title matchup later tonight!

DJ:So, who's Hardcore Champ!

TB:Wait! Let's not get to the next match! The producers just found it!

DJ:They found the tape!

Lorin:Well, PLAY IT! We're live you know! We don't have time for these things!

TB:You heard the lady, play it!

(It fades out of the arena as footage from Spring break is shown. DO NOT ASK ME!)


DJ:Jeez! Calm down Baines! It's not the end of the world.

TB:This is just completly and utterly annoying! Just play the damn right tape!

DJ:I think you guys better play it before Tom Baines begins his suicidal tendancies.

Lorin:Isn't that a wrestler in IML3?

DJ:I don't know, maybe...

(The scene fades out as you can now see Hardcore Harry and the Green Jackal a full screen apart inside a shopping complex here in Cleveland Ohio.)

TB:FINALLY! Fans! From what I heard of this tape! This is pure GOLD!

DJ:Well, let's get to it!

Lorin:We're late as it... let's fast forward the introductions.

(The tape is shown fast forwarding as you can hear a subliminal message telling you to worship Tom Ford.)

DJ:I hear some background noise. It's telling me to Courtship Ham Cord?

TB:Okay, you go do that...

Lorin:And here we are, the bell has been rung!

*Ding, ding, ding*

DJ:OH! WRONG AGAIN! It just did ring right now!


DJ:Damn, why do I sit next to you anyway?

Lorin:Cuz you have the hots for me.

TB:ENOUGH! Harry and Jackal lock up in this shopping plex, just exchanging rights and lefts. Jackal goes for a wild right, Harry ducks, and grabs him from behind, belly to back suplex down onto the concrete!

Lorin:OW! Those mall shopping floors hurt!

DJ:What, are you saying you've gone DOWN on those mall shopping floors...


DJ:Why do I do this to myself... oh yeah, it's funny.

TB:Why are Harry and The Jackal inside this shopping complex! There are no pawn shops in shopping malls!

DJ:That's true, because where would such fine stores such as Radio Shack go?

Lorin:Harry has Jackal, and there are people in this mall just watching Harry and Jackal battle each other with rights and lefts! The Green Jackal low blows Harry!



TB:HARRY IS DEAD! Now all Jackal has to do is find the gold medallion in a pawn shop in cleveland Ohio! That is going to be the toughest task in this matchup!

Lorin:Look! It's a bunch of cops!


Cop #1:What the hell are you two doing!

TGJ:What are you talking about!

Cop #2:You two are fighting in the middle of a mall! A MALL!

TGJ:Are you three on dope or something! It's called a PERMIT!

you for a change!


Lorin:There! You're even!




Lorin:Wait... look! Harry, and The Green Jackal are no longer in the squad car! Neither is the cameraman! They've made their way out of the car, and now Harry and Jackal are battling each other at the local library! Right across the street from the police station!

TB:Jackal has Harry, and they are going into the library! Those automatic doors are opening....

TGJ:This is taking too long... maybe if I...(Throws Harry into the door causing it to open just a little faster) Yup, it worked!

Lorin:What are these people going to say about this!

DJ:Who Cares! This is quality entertainment!

TB:TGJ has Harry, and throws him up onto the return desk!

TGJ:I'd like to return this... so called BOOK! It's defective! Every time I try to open him up it punches me in the face!

Library people:SHHHHHHHHHHH!


TB:Harry now delivers a shot to TGJ's gut, and throws TGJ up and over the return counter! Harry climbs up it, and dives off onto TGJ with an elbow!

Lorin:Harry didn't take kindly to that comment!

DJ:It was funny thought!

TB:Harry is in firm control now, as he has TGJ up, and is just repeatedly ramming him into the wall, head first! Harry throws TGJ up and over the counter once more, and follows him over.

Lorin:Harry grabs TGJ, and throws him into the kids section!

DJ:What, is he going to read him a Goosbumps book!

TB:Harry throws TGJ right into that "State of the art computer."

DJ:HAHAHAHA! Look! It's like, huge! And it looks like it's been on the losing end of a fight!

Lorin:Just like Jackal right now! Harry has Jackal in the kid section, and just threw him into the books. Harry grabs one of them?

Hardcore Harry:Here's a book you should have read, Teaching Boys about Sex... no... (Harry throws the book down and grabs another one) Teaching Girls about sex!

Library Kids:SHHHHHHH!

TB:Harry just cold clocks TGJ in the head with that book! TGJ goes down hard.

Lorin:Something DJ just can't become...


DJ:Uh-oh... I shouldn't have done that, should I have?

Lorin:No, you shouldn't...


TB:Harry has exited the library. He is looking around for a pawn shop, and he sees one! It's right next to the police station!

Lorin:Harry jogs over to it, and gets in. He goes to the pawn shop owner.

Hardcore Harry:Uh, excuse me sir, you wouldn't happen to have a gold medallion here, would you?

Pawn Shop Owner(PSO):Why yes I do! It came in just this morning!

Hardcore Harry:REALLY! Let me see! Let me see!

(The pawn shop owner goes to the back and then comes back out. He has a gold medallion, but it isn't the IML2 specialized Medallion.)

Hardcore Harry:Awh, sorry man, that isn't the one I'm looking for.

PSO:You're Hardcore Harry, right!

Hardcore Harry:That's my name.

PSO:Oh, you're looking for that gold medallion... the IML2 one.

Hardcore Harry:You wouldn't know where to find it, would you?

PSO:Actually I do!

Hardcore Harry:REALLY! WHERE!

PSO:It's a pawn shop right next to the Dawg Pound stadium.

DJ:It's the Green Jackal! He heard what the pawn shop owner said, and he's sprinting towards the stadium!

TB:Harry heres the door chimes, and sees Jackal!

Harry:Gotta jet! Thanks!

Lorin:Hardcore Harry has to hussle it there if he wants to get to that medallion! The Green Jackal definitly has the advantage!

TB:Our cameraman is with Hardcore Harry, and wait, Harry is talking to the fans!

DJ:Not smart of Harry!

Hardcore Harry:Excuse me, sir, are you a fan of the IML2?

Man:Why yes I am.

Hardcore Harry:You wouldn't be able to help good old Hardcore Harry out, would you?

Man:What do you need Harry? You're my kid's favorite.

Hardcore Harry:I need your car. I can't explain why.

DJ:Harry is gonna use that car to catch up to Jackal!


Man:Well, I guess so, as long as we tickets to the next televised show.

Hardcore Harry:Done! Keys!

(The man hands him the keys)

TB:Wait! Hardcore can't get tickets for anyone! He doesn't have that power!

DJ:Nuts to that guy!

Lorin:Harry and the cameraman are speeding down the street in that 1998 HOnda Civic.

DJ:Hahaha! It's a honda.

TB:Hey! It gets the job done! Harry doesn't care right about now!

Lorin:And Harry gets to the stadium, as Jackal is going for the pawn shop! It's not that far from where they were!

TB:But Harry cuts him off with the car. Jackal has no clue what's going on!

DJ:He does now! Hardcore Harry just leaped out of the car and starts hammering the Green Jackal with rights and lefts! Harry slams Jackal into the stadium doors, and they are going inside the Dawg Pound!

TB:Home of the Cleveland Browns...

DJ:They aren't winning for a while.

Lorin:Hardcore Harry and The Green Jackal are battling right where the ticket admission is! Rights and lefts as Hardcore Harry whips the Green Jackal into the fence!

TB:Harry picks up a ticket booth, and just charges at Jackal!

DJ:Jackal moves, and Harry hits the fence, forcing the podium into Harry's head!

Lorin:Jackal grabs Harry and bulldogs him onto the podium!

TB:The Jackal is now in control! Jackal has Harry down, jumping right hand to the temple of Harry! Jackal goes for a pin, but he then smacks himself on the head. There is no referee! Harry have the Jackal and just throws him off! Jackal backs off, not ready for it, and goes back outside the stadium!

DJ:Harry has a ladder! He gets out of the stadium, and smacks it onto the face of the Green Jackal!

Lorin:The Jackal is out cold! From all the punishment! Harry sets the Green Jackal on top of that car! What's going on here!

DJ:Who knows! Harry's leaving though! And he's NOT going into that pawnshop! He just ducked behind an alley!

TB:I have no clue where Harry just went! Why would he leave the Green Jackal lying on a car right next to where the medallion is!

Lorin:Don't ask me! WAIT!




Lorin:They're dead! They're dead!

TB:Wait! Harry is getting up. He slides off of the broken car, and he unlocks the trunk? What is he doing! Wait! He grabs the Jackal from the roof, and he just threw the Jackal into the trunk!


Lorin:He closes the trunk! Harry has the Green Jackal locked in the trunk of that wreck that used to be a honda!

DJ:Honda's have always been wrecks!

TB:But wait! TGJ can't get out, and Harry just have to go into the pawn shop! He has this match won!

Lorin:And that's where he is going! Right into that pawn shop!

Hardcore Harry:Hmmph... Do you... hmph have a gold.... hmph... IML2 medallion?

PSO #2:Why yes! Here it is!

(Harry grabs it out of his hands, but the bell isn't rung.)

Hardcore Harry:This isn't the IML2 medallion! It's the INL2 medallion!

PSO #2:Well, I got a huge box full of medallions here...

Hardcore Harry:GIVE IT TO ME!

TB:Harry has that huge box, and he's just searching for the IML2 medallion in there!

DJ:Why'd he just stop?

Lorin:WAIT! There it is on a lamp! In the corner! Harry sees it and grabs the medallion! He falls over in the process, as the bell is rung in the arena! Hardcore Harry is still the IML2 Hardcore Champion! Dear god this is DANGEROUS!

DJ:I wouldn't be Hardcore Champion for all the money in the world!

Baines:Well, we are going to move on... and here we go folks. It's time for our Atlantic Title matchup. LiGiL has been through hell and back to get here, but he's here nevertheless.

DJ:Yea, but he still has to go through Mystic Tragedy to get that Atlantic
Title and believe me, that will be no easy task.

Lorin:I can't wait to see it. I think LiGiL will win it.

DJ:I'm sure you would. You just need to understand that Mystic Tragedy is one
tough son of a b*tch and I think he could get the job done.

Baines:Well, before we go to the ring, let's go back to last Wednesday on
Frostbite when Mystic Tragedy attacked LiGiL.

(The scene fades over to the clip where Mystic Tragedy is attack LiGiL but
McNally comes back with the Atlantic Title and knocks out Mystic Tragedy and hands
LiGiL the championship.)

Baines:But a few days after that, LiGiL came here to the Gund Arena and placed
the Atlantic Title in Mystic Tragedy's locker room. He said he refuses to take
the championship like that. Well with that, let's go down to the ring and the
Atlantic Title match up.

Chris Astro(RA):Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is for the IML2 Atlantic

(Fans cheer.)

Chris Astro:And it is set for one fall. And by special request of both
combatants, this match is a special no DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match! Coming to the
ring first......Weighing in at 254 lbs. and standing 6'4". He is the
self-proclaimed IML2's Claim to Fame! He

("No Leaf Clover" by Metallica starts up as LiGiL walks out onto the
entranceway. He looks around and gives a few high fives on the way to the ring.)

Chris Astro:And his opponent.....accompanied to the ring by Her. Weighing in
at 350lbs. and standing 7 feet even. He is the reigning IML2 Atlantic Champ, he

("Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot plays as the pyro for Mystic Tragedy starts, but
no one comes to the entranceway. After a few minutes, LiGiL grabs a mic and
begins to speak.)

LiGiL:Tragedy! I've waited and I've waited for my shot at the Atlantic Title!
And you're not about to chicken out. You were man enough to show up on Frostbite
and attack me so you sure as hell better be man enough to come out here and
fight me one on one!

(About that time, Mystic Tragedy comes from the crowd and nails LiGiL with the
belt in the back of the head.)

Baines:There's Tragedy from behind! He just nailed LiGiL in the back of the
head with that belt. And there's the bell!

*ding ding ding*

DJ:Tragedy makes a quick cover!




Lorin:Can't get rid of LiGiL that easily.

DJ:Suck up.


DJ:Ow! Quick smacking me!

Baines:You two be quiet and let's focus on the match at hand. Tragedy picks up
LiGiL and sends him into the ropes. Back body drop by Tragedy! Now Tragedy runs
into the ropes and comes back with a BIG SPLASH!! He makes the cover.




DJ:Can't get rid of LiGiL that easily.

Lorin:I already said that!

DJ:Yea, but no one cared when you said it.

Baines:Will the two of you quit bickering? I don't want to have to excuse you
and send you to your rooms. We're trying to call an Atlantic Title match. Now,
Tragedy is picking up LiGiL, but LiGiL sweeps Tragedy's legs out from under him.
LiGiL goes over to Tragedy and starts to pound on his head!

DJ:Now LiGiL picks him up and....big scoop slam! LiGiL is getting some
advantage here. Now LiGiL climbs the turnbuckle and flies off...BIG KNEEDROP FROM THE
TOP!!! Now LiGiL sends Tragedy into the ropes and, knee to the mdisection. LiGiL
runs to the ropes and comes back with a jumping takedown with his leg(Booker T

(Crowd is starting to boo.)

Baines:What are these fans getting so upset about?


Lorin:These fans don't like the way this match is going. LiGiL is walking
around the ring taunting the crowd. He picks up Mystic Tragedy and sends him over
the top rope. LiGiL runs into the other ropes and DIVES OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO

(Crowd cheers.)

Baines:That got the crowd going. Now LiGiL grabs a simple chair and waits for
Tragedy to stand. Tragedy is up, LiGiL runs with the chair, and nails Tragedy
over the head!

DJ:What a nasty sound that was! LiGiL is waiting for Mystic Tragedy to get up
once again. Tragedy is staggering but he is up. LiGiL swings, but Tragedy
ducks! He nails a clothesline on LiGiL! Tragedy's got the chair and he nails LiGiL
across the strong of the back!

Lorin:Wait, Mystic Tragedy tells Her something, and now Her is going to the
back. What is she up to? Anyway, Tragedy reaches under the ring and pulls out a
2x4. LiGiL stands and Tragedy jabs him in the stomach and across the back as
LiGiL is back down.

DJ:Now Mystic Tragedy peels back the foam mats from the floor to expose the
hard concrete. He sets LiGiL up for a piledriver, but LiGiL reverses with a back
drop! Now LiGiL is stomping on Tragedy! He's not giving the man a chance to
fight back.

Baines:And that's what you've got to do in this sport. Take the advantage when
you got it. Now LiGiL jumps up on the apron and comes back with a big
moonsault! And he rolls Tragedy up!!




Lorin:He kicked out at the last minute there! Look at the entranceway! It's
Her, and she has a dumpster that's full of weapons. That must be what Tragedy sent
Her back their for.

DJ:Nuh uh! Ya think?


DJ:Ow! Quit smacking me. I'm gonna have a red mark there!


Baines:Anyway....LiGiL runs over to Her ands moves her out of the way. He
reaches in a pulls out a fire extinguisher and a stop sign! He goes over to Tragedy
and sprays him in the face with the fire extinguisher!

DJ:*Cough Cough Cough* Man, I can smell that stuff over here. Wait look, LiGiL
grabs the stop sign and nails Mystic Tragedy with it! He covers Tragedy.




Lorin:Now LiGiL picks up and sends Tragedy towards the pole. Oh! Reversal by
Trageyd and LiGiL goes head first into the steel pole! Tragedy goes over and
grabs the ring steps. He hops up on the apron and throws the ring steps off and on
top of LiGiL! And he follows through with a splash!

Baines:Now Tragedy picks up LiGiL and slams his head into the guardrail and
gets a quick DDT! Tragedy is getting real cocky now. Look at him all flashy in
front of the fans. Tragedy reaches under the ring and pulls out a table. He
reaches under again and pulls out a ladder.

DJ:But look behind Tragedy! LiGiL is up and ready to do some @$$-kickin!
Tragedy turns around and LiGiL with a kick to the midsection! He then gets a snap
suplex! LiGiL reaches under the ring and pulls out even yet two more tables!

Baines:But Tragedy comes from behind and rolls him up! The ref makes the count!




Lorin:Tragedy almost had LiGiL there. LiGiL rolls over and starts to pound on
Tragedy. Now LiGiL goes back over to the dumpster and grabs some more weapons
out of it. He's got a golf club, a pizza pan, a toliet seat, a broken TV, a
couple of tools, and a wooden club. All sorts of little goodies for LiGiL to use.
LiGiL grabs the wooden club and a wrench. He goes over to Tragedy and nails him
in the small of the back with the wooden club!

DJ:Now LiGiL takes that huge wrench, rares back, and nails Tragedy with it!
Tragedy is wrenching in pun intended...ha ha ha ha.

Lorin:Very funny(sarcastically.).

DJ:(Under his breath.)B*tch.



Lorin:That should teach ya.

DJ:Um...:LiGiL now takes Tragedy and throws him back into the ring. He also
throws in the ladder and two tables. LiGiL jumps back into the ring, but look!
Tragedy just pulled something out of his tights. He's got some brass knuckles! He




Baines:Tragedy now grabs a chair and sets it up. He picks up LiGiL and kicks
him in the stomach and he goes for the Tragedy DDT!!!!! But LiGiL blocks and
Tragedy falls back on the chair!! Now LiGiL sets up the first table. Now he's
setting up the other table on top of it. What the hell is he doing? LiGiL takes the
ladder and sets it up on top of the two tables!

DJ:LiGiL grabs Trageyd and he climbs the two tables with him. Now he is
starting to ascend the ladder. He is going all the way up!!

Lorin:Oh my God!

Baines:They've got to be 30 feet high! LiGiL sets up Tragedy on his shoulders,
and he's gonna go for it! HE JUMPS ALL THE WAY OFF AND.....PALINDROME FROM THE

DJ:BOTH MEN ARE OUT!!!! They are in the dumpster knocked out cold! Now it's all
a matter of who has the energy to continue and make the cover!

Lorin:LiGiL is starting to mover and he stands up. He's really groggy but he
climbs out of the dumpster. He reeaches back in and pulls Mystic Tragedy out of
the dumpster. He rolls Tragedy back into the ring and crawls back in behind him.
He covers Mystic Tragedy and the ref goes down and makes the count.




DJ:There is still some fight left in Tragedy!

Lorin:How did he kick out of that?

Baines:I have no idea, but LiGiL is very pissed about it. You know he can taste
that Atlantic Title, and he so close to it, but he can't quite reach it!

DJ:LiGiL is stomping around the ring very pissed, but now he runs back over to
Tragedy is starts to absolutely wailing on him! He picks Tragedy up and sends
him with an irish whip into the corner. He follows in and hops on the second
turnbuckle and starts to punch him.

Crowd:1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Baines:LiGiL now goes to the outside and grabs the other table and slides it
back inside the ring. He jumps inside the ring and sets table so it is square
with the turnbukle. He grabs Tragedy and takes him up top! He sets him back on his
shoulders again and he leaps off.....PALINDROME THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!! LIGIL




*Ding Ding Ding*


Ring Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner.....and NEW IML2 ATLANTIC

("No Leaf Clover" by Metallica starts up as the ref goes over and grabs the
Atlantic Championship. He hands it to a tired LiGiL and pats him on the back and
raises his hand. LiGiL stands and looks at the belt in awe. Unable to believe he
has just become a new champion. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises the
Atlantic Title high above his head.)

Baines:There he is folks...your new Atlantic Champ. He went through hell and
back to win it, but he did it and he can rightfully now be called....champion.

(LiGiL jumps out of the ring ans starts to walk towards the back. He gets at
the beginning of the entranceway and tunrs around. He raies the belt high above
his head as the pyro goes off all around him. The fans are cheering as loud as
they can. LiGiL lowers the belts, raises his fist to the crowd and goes back to
the back of the arena.)

DJ:I'll tell you what, that was one hell of a match, with one hell of an
outcome. I have to congratulate LiGiL on his win, but the road ahead of him is going
to be the hardest ever because now he's got to defend that belt against
challenger after challenger that wants a shot.

Baines:Well...let's get ready for our next match.
Tag-Team Titles Match
Crucifix Match
Hardcore Harry v The Devastators

TB: This match has been very eagerly anticipated among everyone
associated with IML2! Let's take a look at the history between these

{Flashback of Devastators/Harry feud. It shows The Devastators putting
out an open challenge, then Harry and Dred Lox accepting. It shows the
tag-team title match between the two teams, where Harry pinned Devon
Dice at the same time Dustin Dachey pinned Dred Lox. Then President Tom
Ford is shown announcing that Dustin and Harry are tag-team champions,
and that the true champions will be decided at BreakPoint. Then Harry is
shown saying he won't need a tag-team partner after the departure of
Dred, and that he would go it alone in a handicap match. Then FNF is
shown, with Dustin stealing the pin after Harry fought the whole match
against The Jersey Bros. Clips of Harry demolishing the Devastators are
shown. Then we go to WNF where Harry made the challenge for a crucifix
match and The Devastators accept, then lay a beating on Harry to pay him
back for FNF. A few sound bites of the three wrestlers are played,
before the screen fades back to show the commentators}

DJ: Man, what a feud! Hardcore Harry and The Devastators are definitely
not going into this big fight without motive…they truly hate each other!

TB: That's right, this is going to be one hell of a match

Lorin: It's possibly one of the most innovative matches seen in IML2, a
Crucifix Match. To win, all you have to do is tie your opponent to one
of those 20 feet crucifixes. Or in Harry's case, he has to tie both The
Devastators up

DJ: Harry has the obvious disadvantage in this one, surely even though
he is the hardcore champion, one half of the tag-team champs and #1
contender for the world title…there can't be any way he can overcome
such a great team like The Devastators all on his own

TB: But Harry is one crazy bastard and he will do anything it takes to
beat The Devastators. He could probably care less about the tag-team
titles - he wants to destroy The Devastators

Lorin: Well it looks like those crosses are set up and Chris Astro is in
the ring waiting

Astro: The following match-up is a Crucifix Match and is for the IML2
tag-team championships! (huge pop)

{"Total Devastation" by SlipKnot hits the speakers and the fans start to
boo. The Devastators, Dustin Dachey and Devon Dice, walk out and the
boos erupt}

Astro: Making their way to the ring from Trenton, NJ with a combined
weight of 614lb…THE DEVASTATORS!!!

{The Devastators walk to the ring and start to warm up}

TB: Former Tag-Team Champions The Devastators, pumped up for this one

DJ: They won't be former champs after tonight!

Astro: And their opponent, standing at 6'4" and weighing in at 280lb. He
is The Hardcore Champion and one half of the tag-team champions…HARDCORE

{"Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana blares out over the PA system and out
steps Harry to a huge ovation. He is wearing his black sweats along with
a grey sweatshirt. On the front of the sweatshirt is a cartoon picture
of a muscular man holding up 3 belts with "Hardcore Harry" written
underneath. On the back is a cartoon picture of two bleeding skinny
little people hanging off crosses with "Devastators" written underneath}

Lorin: Hardcore Harry really knows how to work a crowd, these guys are
going crazy!

TB: But straight away Harry is double-teamed by The Devastators before
he even gets in the ring!


DJ: What did I tell ya? Harry's doomed

TB: The Devastators with a double Irish whip into those steel steps and
it does seem that Harry has it all to do, but by God I think he's gonna
do it

Lorin: Ooh! The Devastators just hit Harry with a double Russian leg
sweep! Devon Dice gets in the ring and waits for Dustin Dachey

DJ: But Dachey doesn't want to take him in there, he's dragging him up
the ramp and he's pointing to those crucifixes!

TB: My God, surely this match couldn't be over as quickly as that could
it? Dachey has Harry at the top of the ramp, he grabs a length of
rope…but Harry with a punch to the gut! Harry is fighting back!

Lorin: Kick to the stomach and he throws Dachey out into the crowd!

DJ: The fans are throwing food at him!

TB: Harry runs down the ramp, Dice runs up the ramp…The Hardest of The
Hardcores nails The Destroyer with a big head butt!

Lorin: Harry slams Dice's head into that crowd barrier, and grabs a

TB: This is looking bad for The Devastators…but Harry, look out behind

DJ: SMASH! Dustin Dachey just nailed Harry from behind with that
baseball bat! The Devastators with a huge double vertical suplex on

TB: Harry looks like he is finding it hard to deal with two men at once.
The Devastators whip him to the ropes…DOUBLE FLAPJACK!

Lorin: That was DEVASTATING

DJ: Totally. And now Devon Dice has a table! He sets it up in the middle
of the ring, whips Harry to the ropes…

TB: OH! A double Drop Toe-Hold sends Harry's face crashing through that
table! Good God, what the hell else is he going to go through tonight!?

Lorin: This match has only just started, but Devastators look like
they're taking control

DJ: And for the second time tonight, Harry is being dragged towards
those crucifixes

TB: The Devastators could be looking to finish this one off!

Lorin: Dachey has some rope

DJ: Harry is wriggling around too much though!

TB: Looks like Devon Dice is going to take care of that…he's going for a
powerbomb! He lifts Harry up…

All 3: WOAH!!

TB: I don't believe it! Harry just reversed that powerbomb, driving
Dice's face right into the steel ramp!

DJ: But here comes Dachey…


Lorin: Harry is fighting back again!

DJ: He grabs the huge Devon Dice and drags him down the ramp

TB: Harry is looking under the ring…I wonder what he'll pull out now!


DJ: This could really be Devastating

TB: He places Devon Dice in the middle of that ladder!

DJ: But here comes Dustin Dachey!

TB: Harry ducks the clothesline, hooks Dachey…DDT!!!

DJ: That was right on top of that ladder!

TB: That's right, and Devon Dice was caught right in the middle of it!

Lorin: Look at all that blood!

DJ: Harry is dragging the limp carcass of Devon Dice up the ramp, and
looks like he's going to tie him up! The fans are loving this!

TB: He ties one of Devon's arms to the crucifix! He's almost done it!

DJ: But Dustin Dachey is back up!

Lorin: If Harry can get Devon tied up, he's doubled his chances of

DJ: But he can't, because here comes Dustin Dachey…who charges Harry
through the curtain and backstage!

TB: Harry and Dustin are in the waiting area! Dustin throws Harry into
that TV screen!

DJ: Hey Harry! Smile, you're in the TV!

TB: Dustin takes a wire and chokes Harry. Harry is trying to shake
Dustin off but just can't!

DJ: If Harry passes out, this one is over!

Lorin: Oh man, he's fading pretty fast! The dream of having the tag
titles to himself might soon be over

DJ: He's never going to shake him off!

TB: NEVER SAY NEVER!! HARRY has turned the tables and is choking Dustin
with the wire. And now Harry is swinging Dustin around and around with
the wire! He lets go and Dustin goes flying through that door!

DJ: That door had Lorin's name on!

TB: That's right, Hardcore Harry and Dustin Dachey are now fighting in
our co-commentator's dressing room! Harry whips Dustin into that clothes
rack! He goes to slam Dachey's head into the dressing table…The
Demortiliser blocks and throws Harry into that mirror!

DJ: Seven years bad luck for Harry, starting in this match!

Lorin: I hope they get out of there as quickly as possible

DJ: HEY LOOK! Panties! Lorin's panties!

Lorin: DJ, shut the hell up

DJ: They're pink! Of course, I've seen them before


TB: Like Lorin wanted, the two wrestlers have left her dressing room.
Dachey drags Harry out back into the waiting area and throws him head
first into a pile of metal poles!

Lorin: That had to hurt

DJ: Not really, it was a pretty soft one


Lorin: That'll teach him

TB: Now Dachey is dragging Harry out towards the parking lot! Dachey
throws Harry on the bonnet of that car! Dustin climbs up on top of a
Dumpster and flies off with an elbow that hits Harry right on the

DJ: Dustin grabs Harry by the hair and smashes him into the wall!
Belly-to-back suplex from The Demotiliser! And there he goes with
another one!

TB: Dustin Dachey really taking it to Hardcore Harry now. Dachey whips
Harry into the side of that car then catches him with an inverted DDT!

DJ: Hardcore Harry is bleeding like crazy! Dustin now drags Harry out of
the arena! Dachey throws Harry right into that tree, then DDTs him on
the grass!

Lorin: Dustin Dachey slams Harry's head into that fencing! He scrapes
Harry's face along the fence!

TB: Harry has to get himself back into this one! They're out in the
streets of Cleveland and he is getting his a-s-s kicked all over the

DJ: For once I have to agree with you. Dustin slams Harry face first
into the concrete, and Harry's face has gone completely red with blood

TB: Dustin powerbombs Harry on to the concrete! And slams his head on to
that manhole cover! Dachey drags Hardcore Harry back towards the
building, towards the main entrance

Lorin: OOH! He just threw Harry through those glass double doors!

TB: Broken Glass is all over the place, the fans are loving it but I
doubt Harry is!

DJ: Dustin whips Harry into that refreshments stand

Lorin: But a reversal from Harry!

TB: HARRY IS FIGHTING BACK!!! I cannot believe this! Harry with a
spine-buster on to that refreshments stand!

DJ: That thing just got shattered! AGH! Harry just smashed a bottle of
soda over Dustin Dachey's head! Harry rolls Dachey on to that
merchandise table, and he's climbing up that ladder!

Lorin: Isn't it funny how there always seems to be a ladder everywhere
in the building?

TB: HARRY WITH A FLYING ELBOW! The table snaps in half, and I wouldn't
be surprised if Dustin Dachey did as well! Harry slowly gets to his feet
and grabs Dustin Dachey by the hair…he throws him into that milkshake

DJ: He's placed Dachey's head underneath the tap and is pouring banana
milkshake into his mouth! He's filling up like a water bomb!

Lorin: That milkshake is going everywhere!

TB: As Dustin stumbles around to catch his breath, Harry is filling his
own mouth up! OH! He spits it all out in Dustin Dachey's eyes!!

DJ: This is getting messy!

TB: Harry grabs a fire extinguisher and hits Dachey over the head! Harry
grabs The Devastators member by the hair and drags him by the hair out
here to join us again!

DJ: Now what is he doing!? He just rolled Dachey on to that table and is
climbing up to the higher tier of seating!

TB: But look out from behind! It's Devon Dice!! Devon Dice has freed
himself! And he's hitting away on Harry who's teetering on the edge of a
15-foot drop! Dice grabs Harry…oh no


Lorin: A 15-foot high powerbomb from Devon Dice on Hardcore Harry!

TB: Harry had this one under control when he isolated Dustin Dachey, but
I guess he forgot to watch out for Devon Dice and now The Devastators
have this one under control

DJ: They're kicking Harry along the floor, and through the crowd.

TB: They look like they could be taking this one back to the ring

Lorin: But they could also be looking to tie Harry to the crucifix!

TB: Double Irish Whip by The Devastators…


TB: Harry just went crashing THROUGH the crowd barrier! The barrier has
been broken!

DJ: It looks like they're bringing Harry over here to our desk!

TB: Dustin Dachey is up on the top turnbuckle, and Devon Dice is lifting
up for a powerbomb but he holds him up…

DJ: Dustin Dachey lands with a huge leg drop on Harry that absolutely
shattered our desk in front of us!

TB: I don't think Hardcore Harry can move! The Devastators are still not
convinced though, and they're throwing him into the ring along with some
steel chairs and a ladder!

DJ: This looks very bad for Hardcore Harry

TB: Devon Dice places Harry on two unfolded chairs, and is setting up
that ladder! Dustin Dachey is now climbing the ladder and Lord this
looks bad for Hardcore Harry. He could die right here

DJ: Devon throws Dustin a chair and Dustin dives off!

Lorin: Ouch! He just slammed that chair down hard on Harry and those two
chairs beneath him have been badly dented!

TB: Dustin holds Harry, Devon grabs a chair…right in the gut of Harry.
Devon swings with the chair and connects with the side of Harry's head!

DJ: Harry's blood is pouring all over the canvas! Devon swings again!

TB: BUT HARRY MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!!! Hardcore Harry never, EVER gives
up and he just proved that right there! Devon hit Dustin and Harry DDTs
Devon Dice right on to that chair! Harry hits a knee drop on Devon Dice!

DJ: Dustin Dachey is back up…

Lorin: BUT NOT FOR LONG! Hardcore Harry just floored him with that
chair! Harry slides out of the ring and is searching underneath! I
wonder what the hell this psycho is going to pull out next!

DJ: It's barbed wire! Any hardcore wrestler's favourite toy!

TB: What the hell is he doing? He's wrapping it round his knuckles! He's
wrapping it round his knees and he's wrapping it round that chair! And
he has even more of it coiled up in one big mass of lethal fencing

DJ: He lays Dustin in the middle of the ring and places that chair on
top of his face!

Lorin: He lays Devon on top of him! He gives them both a few punches
before climbing up to the top of that ladder!


Lorin: The ring has literally turned red with blood!

DJ: Harry is definitely doing the business! He suplexes Dustin on to
that clump of barbed wire! Harry takes a table from under the ring! He
leans Dustin Dachey against the table and wraps him in barbed wire!
Harry grabs Devon Dice and Catapults him into the corner!

TB: Right into the barbed wire, right into Dustin…RIGHT THROUGH THE

DJ: Hardcore Harry tries to drag both Devastators up the ramp but he
just doesn't have the strength. Instead, he's got Devon Dice by the
hair. They're at the top of the ramp, Harry still has loads of barbed

TB: He's using it to tie Devon to the cross! One arm is tied! Two arms
are tied! All Harry has to do is raise the cross and Devon Dice is
eliminated! BUT OH! Dustin Dachey hits Harry from behind with a chair!
Dustin repeatedly smashes away at Harry and unties Dice!

DJ: Dustin goes back to the ring, and has three tables!


DJ: That's just in one arm! He's got another three in the otherd Devon get
themselves together and lift up the crucifix!

DJ: But Harry fell off!


DJ: But he's mighty close! The Devastators run at him with a double
clothesline…but Harry ducks and nails them with a double DDT on to that
barbed wire!!!

TB: Listen to the crowd, they are wild for Hardcore Harry!!

Lorin: Harry takes Devon Dice and piledrives him on to the barbed wire!

TB: He grabs Dustin Dachey and suplexes him through that last stack of
tables!!! I think Hardcore Harry could win this one!!

Lorin: He drags Devon Dice to one of those crucifixes and ties him up
with the rope!! Devon is tied up!

DJ: Now Harry drags Dustin to the other crucifix! He wraps some barbed
wire round Dustin and the crucifix - securing him to it!

TB: Harry just has to lift up the crucifixes but he's collapsed!
Hardcore Harry has just crumbled down to the steel ramp! He can't go on!

DJ: But the fans are cheering like they've never cheered before! They're
clapping their hands in unison and stomping the floor! They're blowing
the roof off this joint

TB: And just as the stretchers are brought in, Hardcore Harry is slowly
getting to his feet! He lifts up one crucifix…DEVON DICE IS OUT!!!

Lorin: He just has to get rid of Dustin Dachey!

TB: And he's doing that! Hardcore Harry lifts up the second crucifix!
Hardcore Harry wins the tag-team titles!!

DJ: This is one of the bravest performances ever! IML2 will never see
another match like this one!

TB: The fans are going wild, but Harry can't celebrate…he has just
collapsed as his music plays

DJ: The stretchers are out here for all three men!

TB: Hardcore Harry, Devon Dice and Dustin Dachey have all been
stretchered out of the arena!

Lorin: I don't think I've ever seen someone put in the effort that
Hardcore Harry has! This was a handicap, hardcore rules match against
two men who are much bigger than he in terms of both height was and
weight but he still managed to scrape out a victory!

TB: Hardcore Harry has both Tag-team championship belts, and he deserves

{"Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana hits the speakers and the fans erupt into
cheers and applause. Hardcore Harry stumbles out from behind the curtain
with both tag-team belts before collapsing again and being escorted out
of the arena by EMTs}

TB: Hardcore Harry is definitely the hardest of the hardcores and it
must be illegal for any man to say otherwise!!

Platinum Title Tournament Final
Enfirno v J.J. Nuclear

TB: This next match is going to be a good one! All night long, a
tournament has been going on for the new Platinum belt. 8 men have been
wittled down to 2, and those two are about to get in this ring and fight
for that belt!

Astro: The following match-up is for the IML2 Platinum Championship
Belt! (huge pop) Introducing First! From Parts Unknown, standing at 6'0"
and weighing in at 260lb...J.J.NUCLEAR!!!

{"Time Bomb" by Godsmack hits the speakers and J.J. Nuclear walks out to
the ring to a mixed reaction. Once in the ring he warms up}

Astro: And his opponent...from Pittsburgh Pensylvania, standing at 6'1"
and weighing in at 235lb...ENFIRRRNO!!!

{"The Witching Hour" by Myzery hits the speakers and Enfirno walks out
to the ring as the fans go wild. He gets in the ring and stares across
at JJ Nuclear}

DJ: This match is set to be one of the best seen in IML2...Enfirno and
JJ Nuclear are both excellent competitors

**Ding Ding Ding**

TB: Both men go to tie up, but Nuclear with a kick to the stomach of
Enfirno! Irish whip to the corner, followed up with a knee to the gut!
Nuclear gets up on the second turnbuckle, looking for a bulldog...

DJ: But Enfirno drops JJ on his ass! Enfirno quickly hops up to the top
turnbuckle, JJ slowly rises to his feet...missile drop-kick from
Enfirno! He covers!


TB: Kickout just before 2, Enfirno pulls JJ Nuclear by the hair to his
feet then slams his head into the turnbuckle.

Lorin: Enfirno locks JJ Nuclear up, looking for a suplex...but JJ won't

TB: Not surprising considering he has a 25lb weight advantage on
Enfirno...Enfirno tries again but JJ knees him downstairs! Nuclear with
a facebuster

DJ: Enfirno is stumbling around the ring...and Nuclear hits him with a
big belly-to-back slam! JJ Nuclear covers, hooking the leg


Lorin: Kickout from Enfirno!

TB: That was quite close...this match could have been over in a matter
of minutes. Nuclear off the ropes...leg drop!

Lorin: JJ Nuclear is going up top!

DJ: What's he going to do here?

TB: He goes for a flying elbow! BUT Enfirno rolls out of the way!

DJ: Nuclear lands down hard on his ass for the second time! OH! Make
that third with an atomic drop from Enfirno!

TB: Enfirno whips Nuclear to the ropes and bends down...Nuclear drops to
his knees and punches him in the face! Nuclear to the ropes, looking to
clothesline Enfirno over the top...but Enfirno with a back body drop!

Lorin: JJ Nuclear is thrown outside to the mat! Enfirno climbs out and
slams JJ's head into the international commentary desk! Kick to the gut
by Enfirno...DDT!! Right on to the mat!

DJ: Enfirno looks to whip Nuclear into the steel steps...but JJ
reverses! Enfirno goes crashing into those steel steps! JJ with a few
punches on Enfirno and pulls him to his feet

table is shattered, and so is Enfirno! Nuclear grabs Enfirno and smashes
his head against the ringpost before rolling him back in the ring

Lorin: JJ Nuclear is reaching under the ring...he pulls out a table!

DJ: This definately looks bad for Enfirno. The match could be over right

TB: Nuclear sets up the table in the ring, and stomps on Enfirno a
couple of times before taking him up top! He's setting up for a
powerbomb! He's going to powerbomb Enfirno through the table from the
top rope!

DJ: But Enfirno counters!! Back body drop and JJ Nuclear goes crashing
through the table! Enfirno dives off with a Kamikaze headbutt! He


All 3: OHH!

TB: A kickout - that was mightily close to 3!

Lorin: Enfirno whips Nuclear to the ropes...flying cross body block into
a pin!

DJ: But Nuclear rolls Enfirno over! He's using the ropes as leverage but
the ref doesn't notic!


TB: Enfirno nearly got screwed out of the Platinum title there! Both men
to their feet, circling eachother in the ring...Enfirno goes for a
clothesline but gets caught with a drop toe-hold on to the remains of
the table!

Lorin: JJ Nuclear could be getting some good offense going now, he slams
Enfirno's head into the turnbuckle before hitting him with a Russian Leg
Sweep! JJ Nuclear sets Enfirno up...POWERBOMB!

DJ: Look at the strength from JJ Nuclear, he lifts Enfirno by the feet
and hits another powerbomb!!

TB: Nuclear with the cover!


TB: Kickout just before 3! Nuclear pulls Enfirno to his feet and
clotheslines him to the ouside! Baseball slide by Nuclear, side-step
from Enfirno...they're going toe-to-toe on the outside! Rights and lefts
from both men...Nuclear throws Enfirno head-first into the crowd
barricade! Followed up by a few kicks to the ribs!

Lorin: Nuclear takes Enfirno and hits a T-bone suplex on the ramp!

DJ: Nuclear covers!


TB: Enfirno gets his shoulders up...but I didn't know this was falls
count anywhere!

DJ: It always is in IML2!

Lorin: Enfirno lies on the ramp, Nuclear flips off the crowd

DJ: BUT ENFIRNO MOVES AND Nuclear hits the steel face-first!

TB: Enfirno can take advantage now! He slams Nuclear's head into the
steel ramp, then whips him towards the ring apron! Enfirno rolls Nuclear
into the ring and goes up top!

DJ: He's just waiting there, like a cat ready to pounce on it's Nuclear slowly gets to his feet...

Lorin: FLYING HURRICANRANA into a pin!


TB: Reversal by Nuclear!


DJ: Reversal by Enfirno!


Lorin: JJ Nuclear's foot is on the ropes! 3 near falls there!

TB: Enfirno grabs JJ Nuclear, and puts him in position for a piledriver!
But Nuclear reverses with a back body drop! Now Nuclear hits Enfirno
with a German suplex!

DJ: And another!

Lorin: And another! Into the pin!


TB: Kickout! The ref's hand must have been millimetres from touching the

Lorin: Nuclear can't believe it! He thought that would finish it! He
slides out of the ring and grabs a ladder from underneath the ring! He
takes a chair too!

DJ: He sets up the ladder and takes the chair with him! JJ Nuclear is
standing 10 feet in the air holding a chair high above his head!

TB: Enfirno to his feet, JJ ready to pounce...

Lorin: But Enfirno pushes the ladder!


All 3: AGH!!!

TB: JJ Nuclear just came crashing down through our desk! Enfirno runs
towards the rops...flips off...450 SPLASH!!!

DJ: Enfirno covers!


Lorin: Somehow, JJ Nuclear kicked out before the 3-count!

TB: Enfirno is amazed at that one, he throws Nuclear back in the ring
and has a rummage beneath a ring!

DJ: What's he gonna pull out?

Lorin: It's a 2x4! He gets in the ring and swings!

TB: Nuclear ducks, grabs the 2x4 and swings it!

DJ: But Enfirno grabs the other end! They both try to pull the piece of
wood off eachother! They're in a tug of war with a 2x4! Kick to the
stomach from Enfirno...Followed by a roundhouse kick! JJ Nuclear is
still on his feet but not for long!

TB: Enfirno floors him with the 2x4! Enfirno with a lateral press!


DJ: Nuclear kicks out!

Lorin: Enfirno climbs to the top rope with the 2x4 as JJ Nuclear lies
motionless on the mat! Enfirno dives off!

DJ: But Nuclear sticks his foot up - driving the 2x4 into Enfirno's
face! Both men are laid out on the floor unable to move! Enfirno is
stirring, but Nuclear is on his feet! He has the 2x4, ready to strike
Enfirno when he gets to his feet!

TB: Enfirno is up! Nuclear charges at him with the 2x4! ENFIRNO DUCKS!
Nuclear to the ropes...CANDLE STICK BY ENFIRNO!! The Super kick drives
the 2x4 into Nuclear's face!

Lorin: A cover from Enfirno!


TB: NO!! JJ Nuclear kicked out right at the last split-second! Enfirno
rolls out of the ring and takes a table from outside into the ring! He
sets up the table, with his back to Nuclear...

Lorin: JJ Nuclear is up! Enfirno turns round...NUCLEAR HITS ENFIRNO WITH

DJ: He covers!



DJ: WAIT!!! The bell hasn't sounded!!! Enfirno must have kicked out as
the ref's hand was just a hair's breadth from the mat! JJ hasn't won!!!
The match goes on!

Lorin: JJ Nuclear is furious! He gets to the top rope and waits for
Enfirno to get to his feet!

falls down, the turnbuckle getting planted between his legs!

DJ: Enfirno takes a few steps back...he runs up...CANDLE WAX!!!!!
Enfirno nails JJ Nuclear with The Candle Wax, he covers!!!!!!!!!


Lorin: Enfirno has won! And this one is for real!!!! Enfirno really is
the new IML2 Platinum Champion!

TB: This has been a hell of a match! The fans are going crazy for
Enfirno! He wins this one after both men put on a great show for us!!

DJ: Enfirno is the first IML2 Platinum Champion...his name is in the
record books! We're gonna go to a commercial break!

Winner by pinfall after The Candle Wax: ENFIRNO!

*Main Event*
IML2 World Title Match
Dark Wolf vs.Lance McNally

Baines:Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for the Main Event. It's been a long
PPV, I will admit that, but wasn't it all worth it? That's what I thought.

DJ:The Platinum Tourney was great, and I was thoroughly impressed by the
Atlantic Title match between LiGiL and Mystic Tragedy, but now, all those are laid to
rest by this match here tonight. Dark Wolf challenging the World Champ, Lance
McNally. I'll tell you what, I'm ready for this one.

Lorin:I can't wait for this match, it's going to be great! Lance's sexy self is
going to cause some pain to Dark Wolf.

Baines:Well, let's wait no longer. Down to the ring we go for the IML2 World
Heavyweight Title match.

Ring Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Main Event tonight here at

(Fans Cheer.)

Ring Announcer:It is for the IML2 World Heavyweight Championship! Coming to the
ring first......he is a newcomer to the IML2 but a legend to the sport of
wrestling. He is....Dark Wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

("Of Wolf and Man" starts up as Dark Wolf walks out. He looks around with a
determine look in his eyes. A huge shot of pyro goes off behind him as he walks
towards the ring.)

Ring:And his opponent, he is a former IML2 Atlantic Champ and the reigning two
time..IML2 World Heavyweight Champion........he is Lance McNally!!!!!!!

("Take on Me" by Reel Big Fish starts up as Lance McNally walks out. He has the
World Title around his waist and he walks to the ring giving high fives to the
fans. He jumps into the ring and takes off the World Title. He kisses the belt
and hands it to the ref.)

DJ:He may just very well kissing that belt good-bye.

Baines:That he may. There's the bell!

*Ding Ding Ding*

Baines:And here we go! Wolf and Lance lock up. There are stuggling with each
other but Wolf just pushes McNally back to the corner. They circle each other
some more and lock up once again. This time McNally gets the advantage and pushes
Wolf to the corner.

DJ:Wolf runs for McNally but McNally catches Dark Wolf with and arm drag and
holds him with a twisting arm lock. Dar Wolf squiting a little bit, but Wolf gets
up and punches Lance McNally. And he punches McNally again, and now Wolf runs
into the ropes and comes back with a shoulder block. He then gets on the back of
McNally and gets a camel clutch.

Lorin:The ref goes over and asks McNally if he wants to quit, but I don't think
McNally wants to quit this early. McNally is shaking his head "No" and the ref
comtinues on. Wolf lets the hold go and stomps on McNally.

Baines:Now Dark Wolf starts to pick up McNally, but McNally gets a roll up!




Baines:Close one. But now McNally gets a headlock on Dark Wolf and he grinds on
Wolf's head. Wolf backs up to the ropes and sends McNally in and he waits for
Lance. Dark Wolf leapfrogs over McNally, but Lance hits the other ropes and
comes back with a clothesline! Dark Wolf is face down. McNally goes over and gets a
reverse armbar. He is tugging on that arm. Dark Wolf scrambles though and he
reaches the ropes.

DJ:Wolf is now up and very pissed at McNally. Dark Wolf runs at Lance, but he
sidesteps and Wolf heads face first into the turnbuckle! He is flat out on his
back! McNally climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps off and nails a kneedrop on Dark
Wolf! Lance now picks up Wolf and lifts him high above his head. He holds him
there and falls back and gets a BIG VERTICAL SUPLEX!!!!

Lorin:Now McNally goes over to Dark Wolf and gets a sleeper hold. He is
applying much pressure to Dark Wolf. Wolf is trying to fight it, but he can't overcome
it. He's beginning to pass out. The ref asks Dark Wolf if he wants to give up.
Dark Wolf says "No". Wait! Dark Wolf is out! The ref lifts Wolf's hand. It


Baines:He lifts it again. It drops.


Baines:He lifts Wolfs arm one last time, but it stays up! Dark Wolf is fighting
the sleeper! He's on his feet! He elbows McNally,!...twice! He runs
into the ropes and comes back with a bulldog! Wolf is back in control of this
match. Dark Wolf goes over to the turnbuckle and he starts to untie the turnbuckle
pad. He is about halfway done.

DJ:But McNally is still alive. He crawls over to Dark Wolf and rolls him up
from behind!




DJ:Wolf gets up and stomps on McNally several times. Dark Wolf goes back over
to the turnbuckle and finishes takr across his head! Wolf is down again. McNally
grabs the ring steps and throws them on top of Dark Wolf! McNally picks up Dark
Wolf and lifts him up high and drops his neck on the guardrail. McNally is
picking up Dark Wolf, but Wolf gets a low blow on McNally! Now Wolf gets a quick
DDT on the outside! Wolf reaches under the ring and grabs a table and sets it up
on the outside. He takes McNally and pulls him up onto the apron. He puts
McNally's head in between his legs and he's signaling to the crowd! Oh!!!!!!
Powerbomb of the apron through the table!!!!!!! Wolf throws McNally back inside the
ring and follows him in. He covers Lance, this should be it!




Lorin:Kickout by McNally! I can't believe it! But that goes to show you how
much of a man he is.

DJ:*cough*slut, whore*cough*


DJ:Ow damnit! That hurt!

Lorin:Serves ya right.

Baines:Let's just focus on the match, we're on the verge of a new champ here.
Wolf sets McNally up on the top turnbuckle. He climbs the ropes and lifts
McNally up and...BRAINBUSTER OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! Another pin by Wolf!




DJ:Wolf is now very frustrated by McNally still being able to kickout. I think
he's ready to go for the Wolf Bite any time now. Dark Wolf takes McNally and
double underhooks McNally's arms, but McNally reverses with a back drop! Wolf is
back up and McNally gets a big scoop slam! Wolf is back up again and McNally
with one more scoop slam! McNally picks up Wolf and sends him into the ropes.
Wolf comes back and McNally gets him with a frankensteiner! McNally is calling for
his finisher, Just Rocked!!!

Baines:He picks up Dark Wolf and goes for the powerbomb, but Wolf counters with
a frankensteiner of his own! He holds McNally's legs to pin him. The ref




Baines:Now Wolf gets McNally in a piledriver!!! He goes up top! There it is,
Wolf Bite on McNally!!!!! He covers and the ref counts!!!




Baines:He's done it! He's done it! Dark Wolf is the new IML2 World Champ! What
an upset!!

Ring Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner.....and NEW!!!!...IML2 World
Heavyweight Champion...Dark...WOOOLLLFFF!!!!!!

(Dark Wolf grabs the belt and puts it around his waist as the pyro goes off
around him.)

Baines:I can't believe it. Tonight, we have seen three new champions crowned.
With the new Platinum Champ, the new Atlantic Champ, and now the new World
Champ. That means it's a whole new run in IML2 starting now. New champs, new
contenders, new VP. From all of us here at Breakpoint, we'll see you on Frostbite!
Good Night Everybody!!!

(Show fades off as Wolf is shown with the title inside the ring.)