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Slaughter opened to great fireworks and fanfare, as Chris Finn and a tearful James Armstrong opened the show. It was reported out of the gate that Scott Slugger had suffered a franctured ankle as a result of the accident that occured during his match with the Frenchie. It was also announced that Joy had broken his leg and four ribs following his fall from the rafters. It was announced once again that Scotty Cool would be facing Darkness with the fWo World Title on the line at PAIN I this Friday. Finally, it was announced that Austin Davis was returning to active competition at once, and would face newly formed Dark Riders team CHAOS at PAIN I. It was also announced that later in the evening the full tournament brackets would be released for the newly created fWo International Title.

Stevie Roberts vs. Joy

Having heard the announcement that Joy was in the hospital suffering from multiple injuries and had in fact been returned to the States, Stevie Roberts came to the ring with the rest of Doomsday, singing "I'll shag you, you shag me". Roberts then asked for Joy to come to the ring, and began "working out" in anticipation for his match, knowing full well that Joy was not in the arena. Roberts looked disapointed and dismayed when Joy did not come out, and faked unhappiness when announced the winner by No Contest. Roberts then grabbed a microphone and told the crowd that they could all "shag it" and that he had a busy work week ahead of him. First off, he had to dodge his unwanted "pop" Scotty Cool who thinks he can run his life by telling him what to do. Then Roberts announced that he was going to demolish Cairn, and then take out Crucifix on Friday. At the mention of the name, the lights fell and a spotlight was shone into the rafters where Crucifix stood, looking down ominously at Roberts. Doomsday, concerned with this, quickly fled the area.

Result: Stevie Roberts by No Contest

Austin Davis Interview

Austin Davis came to the ring and carried with him a large bag. Inside the ring Davis informed the crowd that since the fWo commissioner had his panties in a bunch about Davis winning the Battle Royal, and had stuck him with a handicap match. He then called War a "big dumb bastard" and told Plague that this Friday he really would give him something to scream about. With that, Plague and War appeared on the Slaughter Screen as Plague laughed uncontrollably. War pointed at Davis and told him that he would be lucky if he made it to this Friday. Behind Chaos, a large shadowy figure looked on...

Shocker vs. Surgeon

The Shocker came to the ring with the Lone Gunmen, but just like in previous matches they at once spread out through the crowd to distribute campaign buttons. This did not last long, as police quickly aprehended Rudo, Machina, Sid, and Billy for illegal campaigning in a foreign country. The Shocker awaited the Surgeon, who arrived with the rest of Doomsday... but without Stevie Richards for no apparent reason. The match started out normally enough, with both men trading hard blows inside the ring. The Shocker was knocked from the ring however, and the rest of Doomsday at once fell upon the Lone Gunmen and began attacking viciously. The ref called for the DQ as the Surgeon reached into his medical bag and pulled from it a small pair of scissors. The Surgeon clipped a tiny piece of the Shocker's hair as the rest of Doomsday held him down, the Surgeon claiming that he would "clone the Shocker". The Shocker looked on enraged, and shouted obscenities at the Doomsday members.

Result: Shocker by DQ

Briana vs. Fyre

Fyre came to the ring with the rest of the bWo, and looked angry and anxious. Briana came to the ring with a slight limp, still feeling the effects of the match with VL at Invasion. Briana climbed into the ring and attempted to take Fyre down to the mat in order to compensate for her injury. This plan of attack worked for some time, but Fyre eventually took the match to the top rope, and while the ref was checking to make sure Fathom and Wynd were staying away from the ring, Stone choked Briana from the ring arpon. This allowed Fyre to make the clean 450 splash, and pin Briana. The bWo members then held Briana down while Stone shouted at her.

Result: Fyre by Pinfall

International Title Tournament Announced

International Title Tournament Announced

The participants for the first fWo International Title Tournament were announced by the Commissioner, and they were: Cactus Jon, the Flying Frenchie, Mitch Wilson, Apocolyptica, Briana, Machina, Fallen, Plague, Ultra Violet, Ice, Chris Universal, Matthew Zhuk, Oracle, Stevie Roberts, Black Panther and Darkness. Full tournament brackets were announced to be avaiable in this month's fWo magazine.

Flying Frenchie vs. New Ninja

Flying Frenchie

The Ninja came to the ring limping and carrying with him the Hardcore title. The Flying Frenchie followed behind, also holding his right arm and feeling the effects of his ill-fated match with Scott Slugger on Friday. The two locked up as the French Foundation came to ringside to watch the back of their fellow French Foundation member. As the match progressed, the Dreamers appeared on the Slaughter Screen and taunted the French Foundation, who ran backstage to confront them. As the four men brawled, Ice crept to ringside and delivered a quick DDT on the arena floor when the Frenchie had been kicked out. The Ninja was unaware of these events and rolled the Frenchie back in the ring for the quick pinfall. Seeing the replay on the Slaughter Screen, the Ninja confronted Ice with his involvement. Ice turned and walked away from the Ninja, who promptly picked up a chair and decked Ice for interfering in his match.

Result: New Ninja by Pinfall

Scotty Cool (c) vs. Stone


Before the match, Darkness came to the announcing table to watch the events unfold. Scotty Cool came to the ring and eyed Darkness closely, and the two traded curt words about their match at PAIN I. Stone came to the ring without the bWo, and refused to fight Scotty until she got a kick kiss on the hand. Scotty obliged, and the two began wrestling in a friendly manner, with both wrestlers waiting for the other to get to their feet before resuming the attack. Growing disgusted by this display, Darkness entered the ring and chokeslammed Stone, which enraged Scotty Cool. Cool attempted the Scotty Dropper, but Darkness struck back with a set of brass knuckles. Scotty reeled back, and the rest of the bWo hit the ring. With Scotty Cool, Stone, and the rest of the bWo standing by, Darkness simply stood on the entrance ramp and pointed to the fWo World Title...

Result: No Contest