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WARPED83 "Live From Death's Door: NEVER OVER"


It's been a roller coaster of emotion in the fed lately. Many wondered whether or not WARPED would be around through the end of 2013, due to the AbominationZ stable's overtaking of the company, or even after that, President Joey Matthew's sudden decision to call it quits, but now it appears that we're going to keep on swimming and make it to our 4th Anniversary coming in just a few months. We would like to thank you for your continued support, and we ask that you spread the word to your friends that WARPED is NOT closed! Let's consider that a 3-4 week vacation or a 'hiccup'.

And then, big things happened. WARPED talent Hugo Strange, Seth Moore, and Mr. Rottentreats (along with Adam Stryker later in the evening) invaded High Octane Wrestling's recently PPV event, "Rumble at the Rock", but they were not alone. Talent from SHOOT Project, PWX, and New Edge Wrestling also were a part of the mayhem. HOW's President, Lee Best, mentioned that these are the newest members to the High Octane Television family. After nearly four years of touring in smaller venues, distributing DVDs, online streaming and iPPV content, WARPED will finally be on a worldwide television platform.

Next up, it was announced that WARPED83 would be Live From Death's Door in NYC, as WARPED is "NEVER OVER" - our soft launch return featuring all championships on the line. Grudges will be settled at this annual event when Tag Champs collide, talent make an evolution in their careers, and AbominationZ face WARPED.

Due to our brief hiccup, this show is not on iPPV as originally planned for the original airing in October, but instead, it will be released as a DVD(as always) but with an added bonus of every person in attendance getting a flashdrive of the show they just watched LIVE! They will be able to take the show home with them as WARPED continues to innovate and offer new and exciting features.

WARPED was on the ropes in October. Many thought the company was closed for good, for real this time. But no. "Never Over" is a great way to name this iPPV Event of Live From Death's Door as WARPED will continue to move forward and onto bigger things. Not only is WARPED still open, but a recent contract has been signed with High Octane Television, a new network coming soon, that will feature WARPED as well as a select few other companies. After nearly 4 long years of DVD distribution, online streaming, and an iPPV every now and then, WARPED will finally be seen on worldwide television. But first- some loose ends must be tied up.

The Tag Team division in WARPED seems to be dwindling. Even the champions aren't seeing eye to eye anymore! Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol will face off and the winner will get to keep BOTH Tag Team Titles, something unprecidented here in WARPED, and they will get to choose a new partner. There's more trouble in other divisions. With Mr. Rottentreats having suffered an injury in Puerto Rico in early November, he will be out of action 4-12 weeks. That leaves a vacant Evolution Title. At WARPED83, we begin to find a new champion as four great wrestlers do battle in two singles matches. Speaking of Treats and the unknown, what's going on with his cohorts in Abominationz? Is the stable still intact? Rumors are that William Wallace has been very unreachable in the last few weeks, and that Crowbar & his longtime friend and partner Alexander StarrZoe may also not be seeing eye to eye. With Starr and his bodyguard Rampage going head to head with the former UK Dragons inside a steel cage, and Wallace getting his rematch for the World Title, tensions will be high on this night.


Let's get this going.



WARPED83 "Live From Death's Door: NEVER OVER" - 11/22/13 - New York City, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom


Fade in.

The red WARPED logo appears on the screen and fades out as we're shown a live, rowdy crowd in the Hammerstein Ballroom! In the ring is the WARPED Ring Announcer, Randy Long!

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are LIIIIIIIIIIVE in New York Cityyyyyyyy!"

The crowd pops!

Randy Long: "Welcome to Live From Death's Door: NEVER OVER! WARPED 83 begins now!"



Grudge Match for Posession of Both Tag Team Titles & Choice to Pick a New Partner: Anton Chase(c) vs. Cameron MacNichol(c)

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for posession of BOTH WARPED Tag Team Championships! Introducing first.. from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is one half of the Tag Team Champions, "The Future" Antonnnnnn Chaaaaaaase!"

The crowd boos as Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Tony D: "Fans, welcome to WARPED83! Whether you're watching at home on DVD or checking out the immediate stream from the flashdrive you got tonight, thank you very much for your continued support! We're live in New York City and look who I've got next to me yet again.."

Kris Red: "Hello everyone, yes tis I Kris Red. Look, shit happens."

Tony D: "Let's put it all behind us, Kris,and move on to commentate tonight's great night of wrestling that is ahead of us."

Kris Red: "Thank you Tony D. Tonight we're going to show the world that WARPED Wrestling was NEVER OVER for sure!"

Anton holds his Tag Team Title firmly against his shoulder as he awaits his opponent.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds, he is also one half of the Tag Team Champions - "The Dirty Mac" Cameronnnnnn MaaaaaaaaacNichollllllllll!"

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Kris Red: "Cameron is clearly the fan favorite of this team, and his sister isn't bad to look at either. This show is kicking off nicely!"

Tony D: "And it all kicks off with something I've never witnessed, two Tag Title holders battling in a singles match for sole posession of the gold. Cameron MacNichol and Anton Chase have been partners since earlier this year, put together and forced to team, and they went on to win Tag gold, but it was never a cohesive unit."

Kris Red: "Last we saw them, Anton actually cost Cameron to lose a match so, yeah these guys are going to settle the score, break up the team, and one man is going to have to pick a new partner cause he's going to have two Tag straps!"

As Cameron hands off his Tag Title, the bell sounds, and Anton Chase attacks Cameron MacNichol from behind and beats him down in the corner.

Tony D: "Oh come on, at least let him be facing you when you go after him, Anton!"

Kris Red: "I don't blame him honestly, get this thing going!"

The referee gets between the two and tells Chase to give Cameron a chance here! Chase goes back at MacNichol who pops up with a knife edge chop to the chest of Chase but Chase battles back with one of his own and a boot to the gut. Chase with an irish whip.. Cameron comes back and Chase hits an arm drag. Both men get to their feet and MacNichol with an arm drag this time. Both get up and Chase chops him across the chest once, twice, and a third time, backing him into the turnbuckle. Chase climbs to the second buckle and begins punching MacNichol as the fans boo. Chase flips off the fans and continues the beating on the forehead of his former Tag Team Championship partner.

Tony D: "Anton Chase has said in a recent promo that he feels rejuvenated since WARPED has taken its break and he's back to singles wrestling. That makes one wonder how he'll fair if he wins the Tag Titles tonight and has to team with someone."

Kris Red:" Sometimes people don't think about what they're saying until later, Tony D. Meanwhile you have Cameron who is focused on winning AND continuing the reign as Tag Champ based on what I saw from his promo. "

Tony D: "These are definitely two men who have gone in very different directions."

Anton Chase drops off the buckles and runs to the opposite end of the ring before charging back, but MacNichol gets a back elbow up and nails "The Future" in the jaw. MacNichol with a go-behind, reverse waistlock style, but Chase elbows out of it. Chase leaps onto the third turnbuckle, but MacNichol splits his legs out from him and he gets crotched on the top!

MacNichol climbs up and sets him up for a belly to back suplex from the top rope as Chase tries to fight out with right hands. MacNichol then headbutts Chase to daze him and chops him in the back! MacNichol then hits the top rope belly to back suplex and both men crash in the ring!

Cameron makes a cover..



Kick out!

Cameron brings Anton to his feet and goes for an irish whip but Anton puts on the breaks and pokes Cameron in the eyes. Anton Chase delivers some punches to the head and sends MacNichol into the ropes, then delivers a a big dropkick, and he follows that up with a headlock while Cam is on the mat.

The fans chant "Mac-Ni-chol" to rile up the fan favorite in this former team. MacNichol starts to power out. He fights out, and both men hit the ropes and end up hitting a clothesline and they both go down!

The referee begins a 10 count for these men to get to their feet.






MacNichol starts to stir...


Chase starts to stir..

MacNichol is up first and delivers a kick to the chest of Chase while he's on the mat! He brings Anton Chase to his feet and hits a shoulder breaker. He covers..



Kick out.

Tony D: "MacNichol with the near fall."

MacNichol brings Chase to his feet. Irish whip into the corner, followed by a running clothesline. He lifts Chase up top and climbs up, setting up for a superplex. Chase elbows Mac in the side of the head and then hits a swinging neckbreaker from the top rope!

Tony D: "Chase escaped the top rope assault this time and in a big way with a swinging neckbreaker!"

Chase goes for the cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: "But only a two count for Anton Chase! There's still fight left in Cameron MacNichol."

"Mac-Ni-chol" chants the fans as Anton Chase looks to be getting frustrated. He tells them to shut the hell up! He gets to the corner and looks to be setting up for a superkick as Cameron MacNichol slowly starts to rise to his feet. Cameron gets up and... Chase hits the Superkick! MacNichol drops to the mat and Anton looks out at the crowd and points back to the fallen Dirty Mac and laughs at them as they boo back at him!

Anton looks at the hard-camera and says 'that's it!' as he grabs the head of MacNichol and brings him up between his legs, setting up for the Chaos Theory(Styles Clash).

Chase lifts MaCNichol up but MacNichol goes completely over and into a sunset flip counter as he's got Anton's shoulders to the mat!



Kick out!

MacNichol now hits the ropes and Chase gets up and MacNichol hits a big Clothesline from Hell and it turns Chase inside out! MacNichol then rushes to the top rope as he climbs on the third turnbuckle. He leaps off and hits a diving headbutt and it connects! He covers Chase..



Kick out!!

Cameron now brings Chase up and looks to lock in the Cobra Clutch, but Chase flips him over onto the mat and escapes. Chase lifts MacNichol up onto his shoulders for an F-5 but MacNichol slips out and looks to lock on the Cobra Clutch again.. but Chase grabs onto the ropes! The referee forces Cameron to let him go and Cameron reluctantly does but makes sure to follow the referee's rules as to not get disqualified. Anton takes this open opportunity to then go for the Superkick a second time but Cameron had his eyes on him and dodges the boot, then locks in the Cobra clutch!!

Tony D: "The Stranglehold is locked in!"

Anton flails around trying to escape, but Cameron keeps the hold locked on. Anton drops to a knee and gets back up, trying to fight out, but Cameron keeps the hold locked on. Anton drops to one knee, followed by the next, and tries to fight out. Cameron shouts TAAAAAAAAP and Anton reaches out for the ropes but he is in the middle of the ring and he has no other choice but to tap out as he continuously slaps the arm of Cameron and this one is over!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the sole owner of the Tag Team Championships - Cameron MacNichol!"

Cameron releases Anton as he rolls out of the ring and Dyan joins Cameron in the ring and hugs her brother! The referee hands both titles to Cameron and he holds both high in the air as the ref holds his arm in victory.

Tony D: "Congrats to Cameron MacNichol but now comes the hard part of finding the right tag team partner to carry that gold with him."

Kris Red: "It was a great match to kick off tonight's show but something tells me Anton does not agree."

The camera shows Anton Chase pouting at ringside as he looks on at his ex-partner celebrating his victory. Anton heads up the aisle as the camera focuses now on Cameron's celebration in the ring.


"Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System as President Joey Matthew and PKA come out of the curtain and stops in front of the WARPEDVision screen. The fans applaud as Prez Joey and PKA head down the aisle. Joey's in his blue jeans, white shirt and black leather jacket, while PKA is in full business attire with black slacks, a black vest, and a blue dress shirt underneath. Both men have a red solo cup in their hands. They smile at Anton Chase as they pass by him and Anton scowls. Joey heads up the steps and goes through the ropes. He extends his hand and Cameron and him shake. PKA slips in under the bottom rope and shakes Cam's hand as well. Joey holds Cameron's arm up and the fans cheer. Cameron nods and exits the ring with Dyan as Joey grabs a microphone and his music dies down.

Joey Matthew: "Ladies and gentlemen, once more give it up for the new Tag Champ, Cameron MacNichol! THE DIRTY MAC!"

The fans cheer for him and he poses on the aisle and waves to the fans.

Joey Matthew: "Damn, the last time WARPED was here, cops and security and total mayhem occurred.. thanks to those AbominationZ fellas. Well, we might be past that now. Hell, I was put in a coma thanks to all of that nonsense too. Oh, how far we've come."

"Welcome back! Welcome back!" chants from the crowd. Joey smiles.

Joey Matthew: "Thank you. Same to you. First of all let me tell you that I have absolutely no clue what I'm going to say. I'm shooting straight from the hip tonight and off the cuff. And as you can probably tell, I've got a little liquid courage too. First off, me and PKA want to thank you all for your continued support. It looked like things weren't going to continue. Hell, I all but made it official to the public that WARPED was done with. The boys in the back were told it was likely over, but the public wasn't. I just couldn't pull that trigger, and I'm glad I didn't. WARPED lives on. WARPED was never over. And tonight, we cheers to all of you, and a long future ahead for this company!"

Joey and PKA raise their cups in the air as the fans applaud. Both men take a quick drink of their beverages as the fans start a "Never over!" clap, clap, clapclapclap* series. PKA nods in approval and takes a big gulp of his drink. "

Joey Matthew: "And oh what a great future we have. I'm pleased to announce that WARPED will be joining the new HOTV in association with High Octane Wrestling and Lee Best. If some of you missed our appearance on their recent pay per view, in which many other feds and their wrestlers also took part in crashing the party to announce this joint effort, let me direct you to the WARPEDVision."

Joey points to the giant screen on the stage, WARPEDVision, as it plays back what happened at High Octane Wrestling's recent PPV event, "Rumble at the Rock".

The camera, now shaking more than ever before, turns back towards the action and we can hear the cameraman audibly sigh as he prepares to film the match.

Suddenly one door pops open and after a few moments we see who was in the cell.

The World Champion…Professor Keller.

He slowly exits the cell and with only the light from the camera we see that he is wearing the World Title around his waist.

The sound of the wing door opening up is heard and the cameraman turns to see all the guards Lee was referring to earlier enter the fray.

One of them walks up to Keller and rips the World Title off of him and quickly exits the wing and shuts the door behind him…leaving only Keller, the cameraman, and all the guards behind him.

The sound of the door being locked is heard and the focus returns to Keller as we see him trying to get his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

Suddenly the cameraman is pushed to the side and the guards rush towards Keller.

The wing is lit up as a stream of fire hits Keller in the face and the World Champion falls to the ground screaming in pain. The guards form a circle around Keller as three of the guards take off their hats and “guard” jackets.

We cannot make out who these three guards are but the one who just spit the fireball at Keller is on all fours…trying to look at the damage he caused as Keller rolls around in pain.

Suddenly one of the three guards grabs Keller and locks in a chickenwing, holding the World Champion in place as the third and final guard not in the circle comes into focus.

He has a belt of his own…and he is taking it off.

He gets in the face of Keller and smiles back at the camera revealing who he and the other two are and for the first time tonight we hear the voice of Joe Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: What?? That’s Hugo Strange..the WARPED CHAMPION??!!!

The cameraman is grabbed and we see Mr. Rottentreats smile into the camera…obviously revealing himself to be the one that spit the fireball.

Mr. Rottentreats forces the cameraman to zoom in on the face of Keller and we finally see who the third man is….Seth Moore.

Joe Hoffman: All three of these men are from WARPED Wrestling…what the hell is going on here?

The cameraman is pushed back and as he regains his balance we watch as the three Warped wrestlers all get to their feet and begin to pummel the High Octane Wrestling World Champion.

Joe Hoffman: This is crazy…..WARPED is beating up our World Champion before the rest of the competitors are even released!

Benny Newell: I think the correct phrase is softening him up. Remember what Lee said…everything is happening for a reason you idiot.

The WARPED wrestlers continue to pummel Keller and their beating appears to mercifully end as Rottentreats and Moore are seen holding Keller up just so Strange can deliver a sickening shot to the head with the WARPED Championship.

Keller is out cold on the concrete as the WARPED guys pat each other on the back and head towards the exit.

The fans cheer as we come back live.

Joey Matthew: "Following our involvement, talent from SHOOT Project, PWX, and New Edge Wrestling also were a part of the mayhem. We're proud to announce that WARPED will be hitting primetime television with HOTv in January 2014 as this little indy company that could chugs along and embarks on our first ever television adventure!

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" chants break out. Joey smirks. PKA takes another swig of his drink.

Joey Matthew: "That's right, and it wouldn't be possible without all of you supporting us all of these years and of course Lee Best for believing in WARPED and giving us this great opportunity to be a part of his new network with other great companies!"

The crowd continues to cheer and applaud to show their respect.

Joey Matthew: "Now, let me get out of the ring, stop flapping my gums, and get back to the action. Due to an injury suffered in Puerto Rico on our Evolution Champion, Mr. Rottentreats, he's unfortunately unable to compete here tonight. We've decided to start a tournament to crown a new Evolution Champion. Now I know there are tweets going around and people are talking about Treats refusing to return the title, but we'll work all of that out I'm sure! Let's find out who will begin to evolve. Thank you, and enjoy the show!"

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits and Joey and PKA both exit the ring. They slap hands with fans as they head up the aisle. Suddenly "OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM, EY-I,EY,I, OHHH" hits the PA System. Joey and PKA stop in their tracks as a giant SHEEP SHEEP comes out and lets out a giant BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH throughout the PA System.

Kris Red: "Dear god, it's SHEEP SHEEP!!!"

Tony D: "He must be pre-mic'd too."

The giant costume sheep walks on his hind legs toward Joey and PKA.


He pounds his chest as Joey and PKA look confused at him. SHEEP SHEEP then grabs PKA's cup and then grabs Joey's drink.


He then hurls the liquid at his costume head as if he were drinking the beverages and then turns his back and heads to the curtain. PKA and Joey look dumbfounded as the crowd laughs. "He stole my drink!!!" shouts PKA as he stomps to the back. Joey sighs and follows as we fade to ringside.

Tony D: "Well, it's been a while since we saw SHEEP SHEEP. I guess he was thirsty."

Kris Red: "Poor PKA lost his rum and coke. I'm sure he'll find more. He always finds his booze. Speaking of SHEEP SHEEP, though, there's a poll up on asking "Who Do You Hate More?" featuring folks like Wallace, Crowbar, Anton Chase, Starr, and Mr. Rottentreats. Well SHEEP SHEEP is on there as well and got 24% of the votes, tying with Starr! Mr. Rottentreats came in at number 1 with 48%. I guess people really hate him, but never thought people would hate SHEEP SHEEP."

Tony D: "Perhaps they hate his tweets."

Kris Red: "Probably. Ya can't understand a damn thing he types."

Tony D: "Well fans, Joey alluded to it, and it's coming up next. Two Round 1 Matches in a tournament for the vacant Evolution Championship. Mr. Rottentreats was attacked by an unknown person in his tour of Puerto Rico and is unable to compete, so due to contractual obligations with defending the title, the Prez has stripped Treats of his gold. Tonight, we see former Evolution Champion Leon Stone step in the ring with Jason Richards, and Seth Moore step in the ring with the newest signee to WARPED - Adam Stryker."

Kris Red: "We've all seen Stryker here before as a Guest Star but he made it official and joined us full time. I guess when ya hear that the company has signed a TV deal, it's smart business to join in on the fun!"

Fade to the entrance.


Round 1 Tournament for the Vacant Evolution Title
Adam Stryker vs. Seth Moore

Randy Long: "The following contest is a first round match in the tournament for the Evolution Championship. Introducing first!"

As "Danger on the Track" hits the speakers Seth Moore slaps his way through the curtain and out towards ringside. He verbally jousts with fans as he makes his way down the aisle before pausing on the ringsteps with a cocky smirk on his face.

Randy Long: "From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighting in at 218 pounds... SEEEEEETH ... MOOOOOORRRRREEEEEE!

Tony D: "This young wrestler has his eyes set on the Evolution Championship for some time, but Rottentreats was able to get away with the gold. Now, he has nowhere to get and Moore smells a chance."

Kris Red:: "But the man he has to defeat is a big challenge too!"

He proceeds into the ring where he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stands looking out over the crowd.

"And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

Opening riff of "United Divided" follows Samuel L. Jackson's interpretation of the Bible quote made famous by Pulp Fiction. Just as the drums join in with the guitar, Adam Stryker storms to the stage, immediately turning his back to the ring and spreading hands. He enjoys the mixed reactions as he turns around and points at the ring. He slowly approaches the ring and slaps hands with few lucky fans.

Randy Long: "From Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 220 pounds... "The SoCal Switchblade" ADAAAAAM STRYYYKEEEEEER!"

Tony D: "And here he is, the PWX Hybrid Champion Adam Stryker. He already won one Evolution Championship, that was in PWX earlier this--"

Kris Red:: "That doesn't matter now, does it? The title was retired. WARPED is, once again, the only promotion with an Evolution Championship. Finally some order."

Adam hands his leather jacket to a ring crew member and slides under the bottom rope. He throws his signature "Angry Go Crazy" t-shirt to the crowd before posing on one of the buckles. His music dies out just as he hops off the turnbuckle.

The bell rings and Stryker approaches Seth, proposing a handshake. Seth just slaps it and the match is on as both competitors start to circle the ring. They lock up shortly after and the slightly larger Adam Stryker gains advantage. Moore finds himself in a Side Headlock and pushes Adam to the ropes, but the PWX Hybrid Champion comes back with a shoulder block, sending Moore down. As he tries to get up on his feet, Adam rocks him with an angry soccer-like kick straight to the gut.

Tony D: "Looks like eventhough Stryker is turning a new leaf in his career, his aggressive offensive style stays the same."

Kris Red:: "Effective, yet uncreative. 6/10."

Stryker pulls Moore up and delivers several stiff headbutts. Seth falls to one knee and Adam takes few steps back, then rushes at Moore and hits a Knee Trembler. Cover follows.



Quick kickout by Seth Moore. Stryker quickly grabs a hold of his arm and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Seth reaches out to the ropes and grabs them in the end, forcing Stryker to break the hold. He uses the ropes to get up on his feet, then counters Adam's Lariat attempt with a Back Body Drop over the ropes. Stryker manages to grabs the ropes and land relatively safely on the apron, but Seth sends him down to ringside with a Roundhouse Kick. He then runs off the opposite ropes and wipes Stryker off with a Suicide Dive.

Tony D: "Tope Suicida by Seth Moore! This young talent is trying to show Stryker that he's just as good as the two time PWX Hybrid Champion."

Seth rests his opponent on the apron and sends several stiff kicks towards his chest. Stryker then catches the leg of Seth and kicks it, then grabs Moore by the head and rolls him in the ring. Stryker climbs the turnbuckle and measures Seth. He goes for a diving move, but Moore catches him with a mid-air Dropkick! He dives right into a pin attempt.



Adam kicks out.

Tony D: "You have to admit that was an impressive counter!"

Kris Red:: "Still not enough, he needs to stay on him."

Moore waits for him to get up, then locks him in a Half Nelson, going for the signature Suplex. Stryker turns it into a Half Nelson of his own, but Moore gets out of the Suplex attempt as well and shoots a Clothesline towards Adam. The SoCal Switchblade is quick to his feet, but is taken down with another Clothesline. Once again he gets up quickly and once again Seth shoots for a Clothesline, but Stryker ducks and dodges the Lariat and gets behind Seth. He gets him in the Electric Chair position and drops him with a nice Electric Chair Driver, followed right off with a pin attempt.



Th-- Kickout!

Kris Red:: "Some resiliency shown by Moore!"

Stryker attempts to lock in a Heel Hook, but Seth uses the free leg to frantically kick him away. He rushes at Stryker, but the Californian rocks him with a knee in the stomach and Irish Whips him to the corner. Adam charges at him, but Seth counters perfectly with a Sideslam Backbreaker. He follows it up with a Reverse STO and goes for the pin.



Th-- Kickout by Stryker!

Seth picks Stryker up for Stalling Brainbuster, but Adam knees him on his way up, breaking the hold and landing safely on his feet. Seth stumbles, then runs at Stryker, but the Hybrid Champion counters with a beautiful Pop-Up Ace Crusher. Moore finds himself on his knees, leaning forward a bit, and Stryker stomps on the back of his head, then hits a knockout Rolling Elbow.

Tony D: "Clouds Over California! This can be it!"

Stryker covers.



Thr-- Kickout!

"HO-LY-SHIT!" goes the crowd.

Tony D: "This match is for a chance to be Evolution Champion! They're only one win removed from a title match! Seth wants it! Adam wants it!"

Stryker kneels down in the corner, eyeing Moore, waiting for him to rise. Moore gets up, grabbing at his head, and Stryker charges and hits him with a big GORE!

Tony D: "The Stryke!"

Stryker then grabs the leg of Moore and pulls him away from the ropes and locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab and then applies an Armlock as well!

Tony D: "The Switchblade Special is locked in!!"

Kris Red: "That hold looks painful as hell!!"

Moore reaches out with his free arm to try to get to the ropes but he can't reach!! He tries to fight through as the fans chant "TAP! TAP! TAP!" and Stryker keeps the hold locked in tightly. Finally Moore taps out!

Kris Red: "Its ova!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Adam Stryyyyyyykerrrr!"

"United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson plays as the referee then holds Stryker's arm high in the air.

Tony D: "Could we be looking at the next Evolution Champion"

Kris Red: "It's a possibility! What a match!"

Stryker celebrates his win as the fans cheer him on and the scene fades out.


Backstage, Laurel Anne Hardy is pacing back and forth while Evangelista sits on an upturned crate, staring at her wrist tape. Laurel, being Laurel, is dancing to herself and singing a little.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Oh man. I've got chills."

Evangelista looks up, Laurel stops pacing, and the two women lock eyes. They stare at each other for a goodly while, then Evangelista asks, slowly and seriously:

Evangelista: "Are they multiplying?"

Hardy's face breaks into a broad grin.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Aaaah! See! You can't be feelin' that screwy if you're crackin' jokes."

Semi under her breath, Evangelista mumbles:

Evangelista: "Ohhhh yes I can."

Laurel Anne Hardy: "What d'you say?"

But Evangelista doesn't repeat what she said, and they stare at each other a while longer.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Are you ready for this?"

It takes a moment for Evangelista to reply. She sighs.

Evangelista: "I ain't gonna get any readier. I... is it weird that after you and me... you know, in Liverpool... I don't feel so bothered about the thought of, like... blood, weapons an' stuff. Not like I used to."

Laurel turns and sits down next to Leanne, putting an arm around her shoulders.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "It's not weird at all. If you channel some of that match here tonight I won't judge you."

Evangelista nods.

Evangelista: "Will you be?"

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Listen, if there's one thing I can do in wrestling, I know my way around a deathmatch, alright? Don't worry about me. I just... I know this isn't your forte."

Evangelista smiles.

Evangelista: "I think I'll be alright."

Laurel Anne Hardy: "And you and me? How do you feel about us?"

Evangelista: "Honestly? Uncertain... full of butterflies... but like we're worth giving this the best shot we can give it."

Laurel's face breaks into a broad grin as she returns the smile.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "That's all we can do."

She stands again.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Well - that, and royally fuck up the day of the guys who put your sister through that ordeal."

She offers a hand to Evangelista. Slowly, Evangelista takes it, stands, and takes her fellow Dragon's side. Hardy slips an arm around her shoulders.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "This is the kinda match where, when you're old an' retired, you're gonna look back on it and think... did I really do things like that!?"

Evangelista: "Yeah?"

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Mmmmmmmhm."

Evangelista: "Why does it not surprise me that when I have a match like that, you're involved?"

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Because I make life interesting, obviously."

She takes Evangelista's arm. They exchange a glance - one woman excited, the other apprehensive - and walk off out of frame together.

Round 1 Tournament for the Vacant Evolution Title
Jason Richards vs. Leon Stone

Randy Long: "The following is the second Round 1 match in the tournament to crown a new Evolution Champion. Introducing first, from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 230 pounds - Leon Stooooooone!"

Dream on by Aerosmith plays on the speakers Leon Stone walks to the ring dressed in knee length, loose wrestling trunks. They are burnt orange with black seams that say Warped Warrior on the back. Damien Baine is dressed in jeans and a Flux in Motion T-shirt that also say Warped Warrior on the back, as they pass the fans they shake hands and give high fives, When some people boo Leon smiles at them and nods. When they get to the ring, Leon stand in the center, looks at one of the Warped's many W logos that surround the arena, and he nods, he walks to each corner of the ring and raises his fist, he yells at the crowd to get pumped, and finally walking to the center of the ring he grabs two purple velvet sack from his pockets and unties the golden string. He spreads his arms out palms up and waits merely a second before his palms turn and he pours the sand from the sacks, some floats away in the air, most falls onto the mat. He quietly and calmly walks to his corner.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 195 pounds - "The Lone Wolf" Jason Richarrrrrrrrrds!"

The lights go out as a loud howl is let out through the entire venue the music begins to play through the sound system of the venue. He appears slowly stepping through the curtain looking out of the crowd. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as he holds out his hand as the people slap it. He walks over grabbing a chair standing on it putting on foot on the guard rail making a slashing motion across is throat. He jumps down and then jumps on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over stepping up to the second rope he let's out a howl jumping down he begins stretching in the corner.

Tony D: "Whoever wins this match will find themselves in a match with Adam Stryker at our next show for the Evolution Championship."

Kris Red: "Both of these men are hungry for gold. The Lone Wolf has yet to achieve championship gold in WARPED, while Leon has won the Evolution Title, and lost it by the way, a record three times."

The bell rings and they both immediately meet in the center of the ring for a lockup. They jockey for position for a while, pushing one another around the ring, up until the ref has to break the hold when Jason is pushed to the ropes. Leon provides a clean break it seems, but then he kicks Jason in the gut to gain advantage and locks him in a standing Cravate. Richards fights off with several elbows to the side, making Leon break the hold, but as he goes for a short Clothesline, Stone dodges and gets right into a perfect position for a Backdrop Suplex which he performs right off.

Kris Red: "Just like the last time they faced, Jason Richards is going down quickly."

Tony D: "Last time he lost because of that sick bump he took. Now he can come back. Don't underestimate him, this guy has some great moves in his arsenal."

Leon lifts Richards up and rocks him with a European Uppercut before Dropkicking him to the corner. He charges at Jason and hits another European Uppercut, then hops on the second rope and hits a nice Diving Bulldog. He goes for the cover.



Jason kicks out. Stone lifts him up on his shoulders already, going for Shifting Sands early, but Richards' rapid fire elbows to the temple get the Strong Style Wolf out of the hold.

Tony D: "As I said, not gonna be as easy as the last time!"

Leon is rocked and walks right into a Cutter! Richards lifts him up a little, into a kneeling position, and starts shooting stiff kicks to the chest of Leon Stone to big cheers from the crowd. Leon dodges one of the kicks and goes for a Schoolboy, but Jason rolls through and hits a Low Superkick. He adds more with a beautiful Standing Somersault Legdrop and goes for the pin.



Th-- Kickout!

Tony D: "That was pretty impressive."

Kris Red: "Still did not get the job done."

Richards Irish Whips Leon to the corner. Several chops light up the chest of the three time champ before the man who no longer cares is snapmared from the corner, right into a seated position. Jason hops on the second rope and comes at Leon with a Dropkick right to the back of his head. He goes for another pin.



Leon kicks out! Richards raises him up on his feet again and goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Stone dodges. Jason turns 180 degrees thanks to the momentum of the missed kick and Leon takes advantage of that. He locks his opponent in the Inverted Facelock, first drops his back over his knee and then delivers an Inverted DDT. Leon then raises him up for The Milestone (Crucifix Powerbomb).

Kris Red: "Jason Richards in trouble!"

Tony D: "But wait, he slips away from the hold! And now.. Stepping Stone by Leon!"

Richards eats the Muay Thai kick and Leon falls into the cover.



Th-- Kickout by Richards!

Kris Red: "I thought that knocked him out!"

Tony D: "Think again!"

Leon Irish Whips Richards to the corner. He goes for the Corner Spear he calls Throwing Stones... but Jason gets out of the way and Stone hits the post with his shoulder! He stumbles back and Richards catches him into the Side Headlock and delivers a painful Headlock Driver.

Tony D: "JR Driver II! Richards hooks the leg, one, two, thr-- no! Stone kicks out again!"

The Wolf measures his opponent. Once Stone stands up, Richards runs at him with the Roaring Elbow, but Leon dodges. Jason bounces off the ropes and Leon cuts him in half with a Spear. He goes for the cover.



Thr-- Kickout!

Kris Red: "That was three! That was--"

Tony D: "No, that was a clear kickout by Jason Richards. Last second, but clear."

Stone now calls for Richards to come into position for his finishing move, and Richards stumbles back and Stone brings him on his shoulders in a fireman carry. Richards slips out and rolls Stone up..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Whoa close call!"

Richards then leaps onto the middle rope and springs back with a cross body but Stone catches him, puts him up on his shoulders and brings him up and over with a knee to the face!

Tony D: "Shifting Sands!"

Stone puts Richards to sleep and covers him..




The ref calls for the bell!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Leon Stooooooone!"

"Dream On" hits the PA System as Stone gets to his feet, smirk on his face. The ref raises his arm in victory.

Tony D: "Well we now know that Leon Stone and Adam Styker will face off and one of them will be the new Evolution Champion!"


The music suddenly cuts. WARPEDVision now lights up and the fans and Leon looks over. Mr. Rottentreats stands in front of a group of manikins that look like the tournament participants. Over one shoulder is the WARPED Evolution Championship. His other shoulder is in a sling.

Mr. Rottentreats: "That is cute, Joseph. But it seems to me, that you've forgotten about our little arrangement. I scratched your back, but mine, it's still itching like the crab infested nether region of Jessica Harmony."


The scene cuts and nobody is sure what that was all about.

Tony D: "I wonder what arrangement Mr. Rottentreats was talking about. And was that live or on tape? He was referring to Joey Matthew, calling him 'Joseph' in that bit there. Can we get some more information on that? Anyone in production know? Kris?"

Kris Red: "Look, I've not spoken with him in over a month. I've got no idea what AbominationZ have going on or even him alone. I'm as confused as you, but I believe he's a little pissed about this Evolution Title tournament."

Fade out.



Backstage the World Champion, Hugo Strange, can be seen sitting in a chair. The world title laying across his lap he has ear buds in. Missy Von Eerie walks in looks at Hugo smiles and pulls one of his ear buds.

Missy You think you are so smart.

Missy slides and straddles Hugo and she gives him a little kiss.

Hugo: Did you talk to him what did he say? Is going to be here?

Missy: He said he won't be here tonight.

Hugo sits and Missy stands up.

Hugo: It doesn't matter I don't need him to beat Wallace, but I need to go talk to some to make sure everything is ok.

Hugo walks out of the locker room with a smile on his face.


Tony D: All right, folks, we've just about got this cage set up here...

Kris Red: Yeah, apparently there's going to be a short delay.

A handful of fans are booing, but most are respectfully dull with their roaring. The reason for the pause in the action is the crew of workers gathered at ringside, some holding tools and all working furiously at repairing two sections of cage hanging loosely.

Kris Red: I guess one of the clamps holding the cage together broke at the ringpost, and they gotta get some way of reattach it...

Tony D: What's going on over there?

Kris Red: Where?

Tony D: Look! Up there!

The crowd begins to liven up, much of it popping all at once when a man wearing a loose buttoned-up shirt (featuring an S on one side and K on the other) and a black lucha mask with teal trim. Beside him is a man with a similar styled T-shirt, and a baseball cap over his bearded face. A small group of two women and one man are standing behind them.

Kris Red: Hey, I know that guy!

The masked man begins booing out loud, with a camera crew running up to him from the floor and stopping below him, looking up at the rowd goes wild along with him.

Tony D: What's he saying? This guy is going nuts!

Kris Red: Mad, you meant. He's gone mad! That's Madman Szalinski, Tony!

Tony D: Who's that with him?

Kris Red: That's Graham Clauson...that's the Shoot Kings!

Szalinski throws two drinks down into the ring, the crowd cheering at him. Clauson chimes in with a bucket of popcorn, which lands somewhere in the crowd.

Tony D: HEY! Someone got a free snack!

Kris Red: What's the Shoot Kings doing in WARPED territory?

A handful of security guards have made it onto the balcony near Szalinski, who has now gotten his hands on a large branch of cotton candy typically carried by vendors.

Tony D: No...

Kris Red: OVER HERE!

Szalinski yells out some unintelligible curses and chucks the cotton candy tree into the crowd. The work on the cage is now complete, but the crowd is totally focused on Szalinski, booing heavily as security aproaches him. A hard camera also catches a lot of the action as well, but finally the camera crew previously beneath the commotion has made its way upstairs and towards the balcony.

Security #1: Come on, you need to go...


Security #2: COME ON, SIR.

Graham: Just let us talk to Alexander StarrZoe. It'll only be a few minutes...


When security grabs at Szalinski, Madman shoves them away. He then turns to the taller, red-haired female accompanying him, kissing her on the cheek.

Madman: Love you baby.

The masked man then turns back to the balcony, and leaps off quickly before the security staff can grab him.


The crowd goes berzerk at this point, many unable to see little more than a man leaping off the balcony into the crowd. Szalinski is able to somehow get back to his feet promptly, thanking the fans who helped to catch him and sprinting through the closest exit, the camera above catching his descent and landing. When it turns back up, the rest of the Shoot Kings have already began to leave the arena themselves, and as security follows the crowd is in a small state of shock.

Kris Red: That was weird..

Tony D: No doubt about that. Did he say he was looking for Starr, though? I wonder what that's all about.

Kris Red: Well, he's out of here for now. But Starr.. well he's coming right up!


Steel Cage Tag Team Match: Dragons Unleashed vs. Alexander StarrZoe & Rampage

Tony D: "Tonight has been an incredible night for WARPED. A return fit for the most dominant and successful independent promotion in all of professional wrestling!"

Kris Red: "Uh... not if the AbominationZ aren't still in control it's not!"

Tony D: "Kris, I think it's safe to say that the fate of the AbominationZ is still in question. No one is sure where William Wallace and Crowbar stand and Alexander StarrZoë has seemingly gone off his on his own. Speculation is running rampant if the group is still on the same page anymore. If the Dragons have anything to say about it, tonight will be Starr's last night in professional wrestling!"

Kris Red: "With or without Starr or the approval of Joey Matthews, the AZ can still run WARPED!"

Tony D: "We shall see about that. Speaking of Starr and the Dragons, we're just about set for the long awaited meeting between the two camps! Tonight, they will do battle in a steel cage to settle their differences!"

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Steel Cage Tag Team grudge match! First, making their way to the ring, hailing from Philadelphia, PA... Alexander StarrZoë and Rampage!"

"Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to play over the public announce system and the lights in the building dim. The top of the entrance ramp fills with smoke and the fans begin to boo the arrival of the former World Champion and his bodyguard. The curtain is pulled back and Starr steps out onto the stage, followed by Sean "Rampage" Divine. The two men quickly make their way down the ramp, blowing off the fans at ringside. Rampage rolls under the bottom rope while Starr climbs the top turnbuckle and jumps into the ring. Rampage quietly sinks back into a turnbuckle, watching as Starr climbs the turnbuckle opposite him and stares off in the crowd, a look of contemplation on his face. He hops off the turnbuckle and stares up at the rafters, where the steel cage looms above him. "The Most Entertaining Man in Professional Wrestling" nods to himself, sealing his fate as he prepares for what is sure to be a war between the ropes. Alex motions for the microphone from Randy Long and points for him to exit the ring. StarrZoë remains quiet for a moment, taking in the reaction of the crowd.

Starr: "Welcome... welcome... welcome back? I don't know what to say; shit, the last time I was here in New York City, the NYPD was blowing holes through AbominationZ members. From what I remember, when I was in the Hammerstein last, I was in the act of tearing the place down. That's all in the past though I'd imagine, right now, I've got much bigger, much more important things to be focused on. Alexander StarrZoë and Rampage take on Dragons Unleashed, Frontier's most successful tag team. In just a few moments, The Dragons are going to make their way down to this ring and everything up until this moment, the frustration, the anger, the back and forth, the name calling, it's all going to embody itself in the form of a hellacious war in the steel cage that hangs above us. After tonight, none of us will ever be the same. Every fan of WARPED and professional wrestling is going to look at us in a different light in this match is all said and done. I promise that. The last thing I hope the world sees of all of this is the four... well three; I think Rampage is already pretty clear on where he stands, shaking hands and moving forward for the sake of our sanity, careers, and mutual respect. Dragons... let's go."

Tony D: "A different side of Starr than we usually see. He seems all business here, he seems much more focused on making it out of this match and making an impact in the cage."

Kris Red: "He seems like he's gone pussy if you ask me. I guess Crowbar was the backbone of the AbominationZ... ."

Tony D: "After the recent events in Frontier - the Dragons in their hardcore match, Leanne attacking her own partner - how are the Dragons going to get along in this match? Are they on the same page tonight?"

Randy Long: "And their opponents, at a combined weight of 280lbs, Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista... DRAAAGOOONNS UNLEEEEAAASHED!"

The fans fall quiet for a moment. How in tune are the Dragons after their recent troubles - after their recent match in which they almost tried to kill each other? The tension in the air is unbearable.

The intro of Cibo Matto's "Spoon" skips onto the PA, and Laurel Anne Hardy walks out with a strange look on her face - one that suggests she's about to walk through the gates of Hell, and that's exactly where she likes to be. Evangelista takes her side after a moment, anxiety casting shadows over her usually stoic demeanour. The Dragons exchange a couple of quiet words and survey the inside of the Hammerstein. They take in the fans, the ring, the suspended cage... and the two men with whom they've had so much enmity for so long.

As the vocal refrain "We belong as / two, two together / we belong as / two, two together" kicks in, the pair begin their a walk to the ring, absently tagging some outstretched hands on the way. They pause at ringside and a fan reaches over the railings and hugs Hardy, and she uncharacteristically ignores him. After a moment they slide in. Laurel stares up at the cage and smiles to herself while Leanne glances over to the men who kidnapped her sister, and exhales deeply. Starr offers Leanne the mic with a curious look on his face, but she shakes her head and backs into her corner. He shrugs and proffers it to Laurel instead, who slowly - clearly not trusting Alex - takes it from him.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Last time we were here in the Hammerstein..."

The fans pop for the mention of the legendary venue.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Last time we were here, we were back in the women's changing room with Serena Raine, and oh my god, the commotion we heard. Destruction, and then... running. Screaming. So we did what any self-respecting people would do: we snuck back into the auditorium to see what the fuck was going on. Right about there."

She points to a section on the balcony.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Where we saw the fuzz slot bullets into The CarnEvil Connection. That moment... that was galvanising. That eradicated any doubt from my mind what we were doing what we had to do. Two people died that night because of the stupid power struggles and need for domination that infuses wrestling like a tumour. We had to do what we had to do to keep it from happening again. And now it comes to this like we all knew it would. This match has run far beyond simple hate. None of the four of us are ever gonna be the same again... this isn't just some pissy wrestling feud over a title or bragging rights or bullshit like that."

She pauses, worry seeping into her face for the first time, for just a flashing moment.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "This match we're about to have... the things we're about to do to each other, the scars inside and out we'll be carrying for the rest of our lives... all this is destiny."

She tosses the mic, and claps Evangelista on the shoulder.

Tony D: "These four competitors are heated tonight. They look ready to kill or be killed, and as Hardy suggested, it's progressed beyond the normal rage or hatred we see in a wrestling ring. I dunno about you, Kris, but to me that cage suspended above the ring is symbolic of the very real, very dark sense of fatalism hanging over the heads of these four human beings, who are about to destroy each other because... well quite simply, they have to. There's no other way out of this war that's consumed them."

Kris Red: "I just know that if this is how Starr is going to act from now on, for all of our sakes, I'm starting to hope he's one of the one's getting killed... "

Rampage and Starr form a sort of huddle in the corner, discussing strategy, while the Dragons just stare up at the cage as it makes its descent down onto the ring. Alex notices the women's gaze and meets it, staring up at the steel prison as it slowly falls to the Earth. While a tic of sadomasochistic excitement twists one corner of Laurel's mouth, Leanne looks down and across the ring at StarrZoë, who locks eyes with the former WARPED Tag Team Champion and they both solemnly nod, aware of what lies ahead of them. Once the cage rests in place, the two referees at ringside check the stability of the structure before pulling shut both doors and padlocking them tightly. The cheering in the building reaches fever pitch, and the bell rings.

Alex and Leanne lockup first, fighting back and forth for control, struggling to gain the upper hand before the stronger and more experienced StarrZoë pushes the woman back and delivers a kick to the gut, dropping her on her head with a follow-up DDT. At the same time, Rampage and Laurel Anne Hardy are vying for dominance as the 145-pounder struggles to attempt a takedown of some sort against the much taller bodyguard. Rampage laughs and pushes Laurel backwards, flipping her in mid-air with a stunning clothesline. Rampage picks up the mixed-decent Briton and whips her against the ropes, ducking his head down, only for Hardy to follow through with a Sunset Flip, using Rampage's own momentum to slam him to the mat. Starr and Evangelista are now in the heat of battle, exchanging lefts and rights, following each punch with another, before Leanne takes advantage of a stunned Starr and delivers a combination of spinning punches and kicks, knocking the former champion on his ass with a Spinning Back Palm slap.

Tony D: "I don't think anyone will be surprised how intense this match is starting out! They're all just throwing themselves at each other, right from the bell!"

Rampage notices his downed partner and quickly intervenes, grabbing Evangelista from behind and lifting her off her feet before slamming her stomach first to the mat. With Evangelista temporarily laid out, unmoving on the mat, attempting to regain the air in her lungs that Rampage had knocked out, Alex makes his way to his feet and the tag team turn their attention to Laurel, who is all too well aware of the situation as she slowly backs into the corner and puts her dukes up. Rampage grabs the woman by her long hair and pulls her out of the corner and into the center of the ring. With an opponent on either side of her and unsure of where the attack is coming from first, Laurel's only option is to duck as a spinning kick from Starr just glides over her head. Rampage sees the misaimed kick in his peripheral and ducks it himself, timing his attack perfectly, pushes Hardy into Starr's rebounding kick, now coming backwards, connecting with her temple! The fans boo this turn of events and their disapproval grows louder as the two men take advantage of the one-on-two situation. Rampage pulls Laurel up and locks her in a Full Nelson, giving Alex ample opportunity to deliver a combination of kicks to the mid-section and stomach of the Gypsy from North Wales followed by Rampage hauling her high into the air and slamming her to the mat with a Full Nelson Slam!

Tony D: "It looks like Rampage and Starr are using the fact that Laurel has no partner right now to their advantage... "

Kris Red: "Whether or not Starr has gone soft on us, doesn't change the fact that he's a wily veteran."

Sean "Rampage" Divine grabs Laurel up by her hair and spins her around, facing Alex, who unfortunately made the mistake of not looking behind him and only gets out the words "Oh fuck!" before realizing that the more technically sound of the Dragons, Evangelista, has her arms wrapped around his waist. She flips him backwards with a German Suplex, his head bouncing off the cage wall. The fans collectively gasp watching StarrZoë's neck snap against the steel. Rampage, took shocked to respond, catches a right hook across the jaw from a still dazed Laurel, who collapses quickly after. Leanne makes her way to her feet and pulls up her partner and points toward Rampage, both girls nodding. Laurel and Leanne grab an arm and haul up the bigger opponent, whipping him high, landing him against the cage wall. The women repeat the move three more times as the fans count along; "2... 3... 4... " Laurel pulls her partner closer and points toward Rampage and then at the top of the cage as a look of horror and shock dawns on Leanne's face who shakes her head no. Laurel nods and points again and again at the top of the cage and then back at Rampage. Evangelista finally gives into whatever her tag team partner's demands are and grabs a hold of Rampage in a modified Camel Clutch. Laurel breathes deeply and begins her accent of the cage, while the fans cheer her on.

Tony D: "I don't know what Laurel is doing here, both women have to exit the cage if they want to win this match... remember, in their last cage match here in wARPED, Hardy managed to escape the cage while Evangelista did not, leaving her at the mercy of The CarnEVil Connection, who took full advantage of that situation.

Laurel Anne Hardy reaches the top of the cage, straddling it and looking down at the depths to which she could fall. Shaking the thought from her mind, she slowly stands, perching herself on the cage, and turns TOWARD the ring.

Tony D: "There's no way she's going to... OH MY GOD SHE WOULDN'T!!"

The fans begin to get an understanding of what she's going to do and begin to chant; "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" Hardy closes her eyes, spreads her arms messianically, and LEAPS OFF THE CAGE feet out in front of her, soaring back into the ring and, feet first, makes contact with Rampage just as Evangelista lets go and steps as far back as possible. The impact knocks out both Laurel and Rampage, who both lie, unmoving in the ring. The fans cheers grow louder as they chant; "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" Leanne rushes to her partner's side, making sure she's still alert and aware and quickly pulls her to her feet, pushing her into a corner so that Laurel can collect herself. Evangelista turns her attention back to Rampage who is still seeing stars. Pulling Sean into a sitting position, Leanne runs against the ropes and knocks him back down with a Running Shoot Kick!

Tony D: "Stevie G Kick! That damn near took Rampage's head off!"

Kris: "As if that missile dropkick from the top didn't! God damn, bitch is cray!"

Laurel has recovered after her daring move and looks to capitalize on the fallen Rampage, but quickly meets face to face with Alexander StarrZoë who has recovered in the confusion and spins Laurel around by her hair, dropping her face first into the cage wall with a Drop Toe Hold! Leanne is too focused on Starr to realize the damage her partner just took or the fact that directly behind her as she delivers a series of blows to Rampage's head is the former World Champion Starr. Alex lifts Leanne off his partner and drops her to the mat. Alexander grabs up Rampage and shakes the cobwebs out of him, shaking his head as he notices the blood gushing from Rampage's forehead. Alexander looks for a measure of revenge as he picks up Laurel first and whips her into the cage. As she bounces off, he catches her from behind and drives her face into the mat with a Bulldog. StarrZoë grabs her up again, this time pulling her along by the head, reaching the cage wall. Starr grates the woman's face against the steel cage, drawing blood as the fans boo. Divine is on his feet now and angry at being taken out, intervenes in StarrZoë's attempts to remove skin from Laurel's face. He screams curses as he pulls Hardy across the run, resting her semi-unconscious body against the ropes. He locates the downed body of Leanne and pulls her up, resting her leaning against Laurel. Rampage runs against the opposite ropes, rushing full speed toward the prone Dragons Unleashed as Starr looks on confused.

Tony D: "What does Rampage have planned here... HOLY... "


The fans gasp, ooh, and ah as Rampage picks up momentum charging toward the girls and lowers his shoulder, spearing both women with such force that the cage wall gives way! The three competitors fly to the outside, all now bleeding and not moving as the cage wall rests atop the third rope, angled into the ring.

Starr stares at the carnage, then gestures to the groggy Rampage to move aside. His bodyguard does so, leaving the Dragons splayed on top of each other on the fallen cage wall. Alex runs the ropes, vaults over the top rope on the broken side - twisting body press! He crushes Hardy and Evangelista against the unforgiving steel mesh, then rolls down to the ground, clutching his midriff.

Kris Red: "Starr and Rampage are on the mats! They win! They win!"

Tony D: "I'm not sure... the bell hasn't rung, and the referees are conferring..."

After a moment the refs cross over to discuss things with Randy Long and the timekeeper. Rampage takes the opportunity to lay another boot into Hardy while he recovers from his insane spear, clutching his ribs. Randy takes the mic.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, due to the nature of Rampage and the Dragons' exit from the cage, the referees have decided that THIS MATCH WILL CONTINUE, as a one-fall no disqualification, no countout match! This match will be decided by pinfall or submission!"

A massive cheer goes up, and Rampage instantly sets on the bloody Dragons with huge closed fists. Starr mutters something to him, and drags their opponents off the cage wall. Rampage backs away and bends down, and - with a scream of effort roaring out of his grimacing face - levers the cage wall up off the ground!

Kris Red: "Holy shit!"

Tony D: "what a show of strength!"

While the stunned fans gasp at the bodyguard's unbelievable feat, his client and friend rolls the Dragons under the wall. He backs away, and Rampage slams the wall down on top of them! Starr climbs onto a ringside guardrail, and leaps off in a double foot stomp onto the cage right where it rests on Laurel and Leanne's broken bodies. Following this, Rampage drags Leanne out from under the steel and lifts her up before planting her in a spinebuster, right onto the wall where Hardy lies trapped beneath it.

Tony D: "What a vicious and creative way to hurt both Dragons at once!"

Sean then drags Laurel out and goes for the same thing, looking to drive her into the mesh, but she tornadoes around him and hauls him down into a cradle DDT! The already bleeding gash on Rampage's head tears open further, and after Laurel stumbles to her feet, she makes it even worse with a nasty kerb stomp. She sinks to one knee, losing a ton of blood herself, the crimson mask dripping from her nose and chin. But she doesn't get a chance to rest as Alexander charges up the cage wall, slams into her, and drives her through the ropes into the ring. He throws her into one of the still-standing walls of the cage, and as she stumbles back, snaps off a release German suplex which throws her clean across the ring, a trail of blood flying through the air after her.

Tony D: "Three of the people in this match have taken unbelievable punishment from that steel mesh... Alexander StarrZoë, battered as he is, is still in the best shape right now by some margin."

As if to emphasise Tony D's words, we get a close-up shot of Rampage lying face down on the fallen wall, the blood from his wounds dripping off the chain links of the cage. Meanwhile in the ring Starr continues brutalising Laurel, ensuring she keeps meeting either the cage or the canvas in a variety of nasty ways. Finally, he mounts the second rope, lifts her in a full nelson, then flips all the way down to the mat in a jumping powerdriver!

Kris Red: "Jumping G-8, second rope! THIS IS IT!"

He rolls her over and covers.




NO! Hardy shoots a shoulder! Alex can't believe it, and neither can anyone else. The fans roar.

Tony D: "Hardy by name, Hardy by nature! That's one of Starr's most dangerous weapons and Hardy kicked out!"

Alex shakes his head and drags her over to the corner, and shoves her onto the top turnbuckle. He climbs up after her and lifts her up onto his shoulders.

Tony D: "Smoker's Special! He's going for a top rope Smoker's Special, and there's no way anyone could kick out from that, even if they HADN'T lost as much blood as Hardy has!"

Laurel grabs the sides of the cage, hanging on for dear life. Alex struggles, trying to yank her loose, and she catches him with a knee to the head. She reaches down and grabs him by the hair, and slams his head into the cage once, twice, thrice, forcing him to break his grip. A red rosette blossoms on his forehead, marking the point at which all four competitors in this match are now busted open. Laurel kicks him again, and he topples to ringside. He's back on his feet quickly, but she leaps from her position clinging to the cage wall in a diving moonsault clothesline which sends them both sprawling.

Again, they're both up quickly. Alex goes for a roundhouse, which she ducks. They turn back to each other and she catches him with a toe kick to the gut, doubling him over. Working fast, she traps his arms in a crossarm double chickenwing behind his back, and snaps him off his feet with a piledriver!

Tony D: "Flower Plower Mk.II! Hardy with the piledriver!"

Kris Red: "And that fresh cut on his head just exploded with blood as his head hit the mat!"

She pushes him onto his back and hooks a leg in deep.



ThreeNO! KICKOUT! A look of shock shines through the blood covering Hardy's face.

Tony D: "None of these guys have any quit in them at all!"

Kris Red: "Man, Laurel and Starr are both psychotic! What's it gonna take to put one of them down for good!?"

Tony D: "For the last six months, these two have been engaged in arms race of barbarism. Each refusing to allow the other the last word, and they've done some truly sickening things to each other, both in and out of the ring. And both of their previous matches have ended without a winner being declared. But here, tonight, one of them finally needs to find something to keep the other down for three seconds!"

Kris Red: "Don't forget though, Tony D, they ain't the only people in this match..."

Indeed not, as evidenced by Leanne Evangelista stepping back through the ropes to a huge cheer. As Alex sits up, she knocks him straight back down with a shining wizard. Rampage meanwhile is crawling back up the fallen wall. He reaches the ropes and starts to climb through... right as the Dragons launch Starr in his direction! The AbominationZ members' heads collide through the ropes with an awful crunch, and Alex is left hung over the middle rope lifelessly while his bodyguard rolls back down the mesh wall. Laurel runs the opposite ropes and dives towards Starr, catching him in the back of the head with a dropkick as she slides straight through to ringside and, as soon as she lands, springs forward to launch herself at Rampage. Evangelista meanwhile bounces off the ropes in a triangle and connects a double stomp to the back of Starr's neck. Then she too goes to help Laurel with Rampage. Divine is just starting to take back control against Hardy as Evangelista arrives on the scene, and the two Dragons manage to overpower the big man just in time.

Tony D: "How quickly the tables can turn in a match like this. One big counter, and you can buy the time to retake the lead."

Laurel and Leanne get ready to double suplex Rampage right into the railings, spine-first. But as they lift him up, Starr runs against the ropes and vaults right off the cage wall, flying into both his enemies and his ally with a crossbody! All four spill across the ringside area. As the hellacious toll of the match catches up with them, they all just lie there in pools of blood, sucking in desperate breaths. A "THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!" chant fills the arena.

Tony D: "This is the kind of match where you talk about careers getting shortened, and it's not just hype. You can see the damage these four people have done to each other and to themselves tonight, and it's still not over. They have to push through the agony, push through the fatigue, and will themselves to keep going for as long as it takes for one of them to finally find that move that breaks through someone else's defences."

Slowly... painfully slowly... Alexander StarrZoë gets to his knees. Evangelista is in reaching distance and he clubs her in the back of the head with a forearm shot before standing up. He starts trying to rouse Rampage, who slowly comes around. While Sean is getting his shit together, Alex grabs Laurel by the hair and swings her spine-first into the side of the fallen cage. She crumples in a heap. Rampage meanwhile reaches over the guardrail and "persuades" a fan to hand over their chair. With a look of cold rage in his eyes, piercing through the bloody mask of his face, Rampage starts bouncing the chair on the floor. But suddenly Starr pulls the chair from his friend's hands! Rampage looks at him questioningly, and Starr shakes his head. He tosses the chair over his shoulder and picks up Evangelista, and carries her back to the ring.

Kris Red: "I knew it. He's gone soft in the head! I guess that's why there's been tension between him and Crowbar; Starr's turned pussy!"

But the way Alex throws Leanne into the ring isn't remotely delicate, and neither is the vaulting body press onto her battered frame with which he himself re-enters. He then goes out to collect Laurel. Rampage follows, picking up the chair, but as he catches the look in Starr's eyes he drops it on the apron. After a moment's conference they each grab a Dragon and whip them into opposite corners, then come in with big stinger splashes before whipping them back into the centre of the ring, where the two young Britons collide with a sickeningly wet thud, scarlet droplets sparkling in the air for a moment. While Rampage stomps Leanne, Starr drops an elbow on Laurel and covers.



Kickout. she jumps to her feet defiantly, but Starr immediately hauls her up in a fireman's carry and plants her with a TKO, leaving a crimson faceprint on the canvas. Meanwhile Rampage is punishing "The Prodigal Daughter" in a corner. Starr barely even notices as drags Hardy into position for The Rising Starr and mounts another corner. It's slow going due to his wounds, and he pauses at the top. Then... he looks up.

He looks back at Hardy.

He looks up again.

And, inevitably, he begins to climb.

Kris Red: "Starr reminding the world why he's Tattooed Insanity!"

Tony D: "Hardy and StarrZoë both live to steal the show and to create spectacles. After Hardy's missile dropkick from the top earlier, maybe Starr feels like he has to outdo her?"

Alex reaches the top of the cage and turns around. He poses for a moment, then leaps off in his patented 450 splash, The Rising Starr!

Kris Red: "This is it!"

He sails down... AND EATS A SUPERKICK FROM LAUREL! She drops to her knees and then to her back while Starr rolls into a lifeless heap. But when she realises that Rampage is choking her tag team partner over the top rope she kips up. The leg she snapped into Starr's jaw almost gives way, but she fights through it and leaps at Starr, landing on his back in a dragon sleeper. He shakes her off and pops an elbow back, but she ducks that and gets under him, and flips him right over the ropes! He lands face up on the broken cage wall, and Laurel immediately follows him with a tope con hilo senton.

The two begin brawling, trading punches, knees, elbows, headbutts and anything else they can throw in. They fall off the wall to ringside where they keep rolling over and over, around the ringside area. The much stronger Rampage gains control, and he stands up with Hardy in his hands. He throws her into a guardrail and she crumples painfully, He charges in looking for a spear - but she finds a drop toehold, sending him face-first into the barrier!

Kris Red: "Ouch! That'll loosen up some teeth!"

Rampage turns and grabs Hardy, and throws her at the cage. But she clings to the side! Rampage's shock lasts only a moment, but it's enough for her to phoenix out and dive down at him... SHE SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE GUARDRAILS! Fans scatter as the two wrestlers crash through their chairs, and from elsewhere in the room, another "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chant breaks out.

Kris Red: "Laurel Anne Hardy is officially insane!"

Tony D: "She took Rampage out, but may have taken herself out too!"

In the ring, Starr slowly comes round as Evangelista slumps in a corner gagging and rubbing her throat. Alex stretches out and grabs the steel chair Rampage tried to bring in earlier. He pushes against it, steadying himself as he gets upright, then turns to look at Leanne. She spots him and forces herself to stand, using the ropes for support. They both look at the chair in his hand. Starr closes his eyes for a moment, then tosses it aside. They watch it land, then turn their gazes back to each other as they stand across the ring from one another.

Starr: "Let's finish this."

Evangelista just nods, and they run at each other. Despite how bruised and bloody they both are, they fight like dynamos, trading punches, kicks, grabs, counters and reversals with lightning speed.

Tony D: "That sense of fatalism I was talking about? This is it. You can just feel it in the air... the next couple of minutes are everything the last six months were a build to, even a prelude you might say."

Kris Red: "Tony D, just shut up and watch the action."

Evangelista slides behind Starr and goes for Headbreaker, but he reverses it and spins round into a full nelson, perhaps looking for the G-8. Leanne slips down out of his grip and catches him with a mule kick, then turns round and finds a European uppercut, pushing his head down with her other hand. She goes for a front chancery but he drops her into a wheelbarrow. He launches her into the corner. She grabs the cage wall and leaps back out, but he scouts it and catches her, pulling her smoothly into an electric chair! But before he can hit the Smoker's Special, she drops down and whips him into a sunset flip powerbomb. She stays in place for the cover.



He powers out. They backroll away from each other then charge in, both going for strikes, both dodging. They hit the opposite ropes and come back. Double shoulder block! It takes more out of Evangelista. As she stumbles to her knees, Starr locks in an inverted facelock - inverted DDT! He floats over, grapevining one leg with his own.



She shoots an arm up. He lifts her back up and she catches him with a snap DDT! Once she's upright again, she quickly bounces off the ropes and comes in looking for the Stevie G, but he sees it coming and rolls her into a schoolboy pin.



She rolls him over, and they struggle with their limbs for a moment... from somewhere, she finds the double grapevine! She starts bending him back, scrabbling to lock in the dragon sleeper.

Tony D: "Evangelista going for the Lime Street Loop!"

Starr fights it, wrenching himself from her grasp. He springs up and turns while she's trying to stand, and catches her with a boot. He hauls her up belly to belly style, looking for the Cheap Pop Flop, but she answers with a hard headbutt then drops down and catches him with a sitout jawbreaker! He lands on his back, and Evangelista crawls to the corner and starts climbing. She readies herself for a diving moonsault... but Starr is up after her! He slams her head into the cage and starts wrapping her up for something avalanchey, but she responds his slamming his head into the metal too. They begin trading these, over and over, the fans letting out a storm of noise with every impact.

Evangelista changes tack and smacks him with a fist to the head, leaving him swaying precariously. But he regains his balance and returns the punch, similarly staggering her. Again, they start trading blow for blow, both unsteady and in imminent danger of falling at any time.

Leanne, looking for leverage, starts climbing the cage a little. Alex, unwilling to give up that advantage, takes a step up too. Evangelista responds by climbing higher still, and of course Starr does likewise. After a couple more goes around, they're both clinging on halfway up the cage. With his free hand Alex grabs the back of Evangelista's head and slams her face-first into the mesh, and she sways around precariously as fresh blood washes down her face.

Tony D: "This is not good for anyone..."

Kris Red: "Are you kidding? It's fucking awesome!"

Getting her bearings back, Evangelista smacks Starr in the jaw and bashes his head against the cage. He too dangles scarily, but manages to save himself. He smacks her head into the mesh again and one of her feet slips, eliciting a "Woooah!" from the fans. She scrabbles to regain her balance. Once she's got it, she slams Starr into the steel again.

Tony D: "This is nerve wracking... it's only a matter of time before someone falls."

Starr grabs the back of Evangelista's head and starts looking for purchase, obviously intent on switching the game up. Evangelista does likewise. They slowly turn, jostling for control. And then they obviously have the same idea, because as one... they both leap from the cage wall, each trying to drive the other face-first into the bloody canvas!


They both slam into the mat like sacks of potatoes, and fly onto their backs.


The fans break out that "HOLY SHIT!" chant again.

For the longest time, neither StarrZoë nor Evangelista moves a muscle. We get a shot of ringside too, where Hardy and Rampage are still lying somewhere in the middle of a twisted heap of metal.

And then, agonisingly slowly, Starr rolls onto his front, inches across the canvas, and with the absolute last of his energy, flops an arm over Evangelista's chest. The count is started...









The bell rings, and the fans shout at the top of their voices, clamouring in their approval for the war they just witnessed.

Randy Long: "Here are your winners... Rampage and Alexander StarrrrrrrrrrrZooooooooe!"

Still, nobody moves. All four competitors just remain lying where they are, slick with blood, covered in bruises and cuts and welts. Medics hit the scene, and start checking on the wrestlers. Calls for stretchers are sent out.

Tony D: "You talk about intense battles... I don't think we've ever witnessed anything like that."

Kris Red: "You can say that again."

Tony D: "Starr and Rampage get the W in their column, but I don't think anyone truly won tonight. And this match was never really about the win or the loss to either of these teams. As Hardy said way back at the start... it was simply about the fact it had to happen. The teams felt like they had no choice but to demolish each other, and... job done. Job definitely done."

Kris Red: "Yeah, something tells me none of these guys are gonna make an afterparty tonight."

As Sean "Rampage" Divine and Laurel Anne Hardy, Leanne Evangelista and Alexander StarrZoë are loaded onto stretchers, ring crew start removing the broken cage wall and the rest of the enclosure is winched back up into the rafters.

Tony D: "Something tells me, Kris, that none of them are ever going to be the same again..."



We fade to the gorilla position where we see PKA take off his headset, jaw dropped. He turns to the person next to him.

PKA: "Holy shit. How are they going to top that?"

PKA takes a drink from his red cup and leans back in his seat. Fade.



We cut backstage to Kelly Calloway in a corridor backstage.

Calloway: I am backstage here at Live from Deaths door, I am going to try and get a word with the challenger for the World Championship, William Wallace.

Kelly turns and knocks on the door behind her. Wallace opens the door and peeks his head round.

Wallace: Oh Kelly, it’s yirsel

Wallace opens the door and is standing wearing only a towel, he takes a step forward and stands next to Kelly with his arm round her.

Wallace: What can a do you for doll.

Kelly looks a little scared but continues to ask the question.

Calloway: Just looking for an interview for your upcoming match Mr. Wallace.

Wallace turns and looks at her giving her a big smile through his newly re-grown beard.

Wallace: Call me Willie. Now you have one question, one question only…GO!

Wallace looks back to the camera and Kelly looks really confused as Wallace is acting very strange

Calloway: Well…Mr. Wallace…Willie…You have a massive match tonight, do you have any final words for Hugo Strange?

Wallace stands up straight and clears his throat before proclaiming passionately

Wallace: "Lay the proud usurpers low!
Tyrants fall in every foe!
Liberty's in every blow!—

Wallace again turns to Kelly removing his arm from around her and shakes her hand. He shoots her another smile before heading back into his locker room and closing the door. Kelly looks bemused as we fade back to the ring.

World Championship Match: Hugo Strange(c) vs. William Wallace

The arena blacks out as Crank by Psyko Dalek begins to play. After about 40 seconds of the song the crowd erupt with boos as William Wallace appears through the curtain wearing his beat up old Kilt. His hair is long and his beard is back.

Tony D: Kris...I think we have the old William Wallace back.

Kris Red: The sheep shagging, crazy bastard. I think your right Tony D.

Wallace is lit up by one single spot light as he walks to the ring. He approaches the foot of the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, keeping on rolling until he reaches the other side where he sits on the mat against the turnbuckles. His eyes are opened wide and he is pulling at his hair as he awaits Hugo Strange.

Tony D: I don't know what Wallace has been up to the last two months, but he looks like a completely different man.

Kris Red: William Wallace will always be the same man, but the crazier he gets, the more dangerous he gets.

The arena goes dark as the opening rifts to Red Fangs “Prehistoric Dog” starts to blast out of the PA system. Hugo steps out on to the ramp with Missy Von Eerie and throws both hands up in the air the crowd pops and Hugo and Missy starts marching to the ring pointing and talking shit to whoever is in the ring. As Hugo gets to the ring he throws the world title up into the ring and then rolls in under the bottom rope. Once in the ring Hugo hops to his feet and grabs the world title and stands in the center of the ring pointing and jawing with his opponent.

Ring announcer Randy Long is in the ring ready to announce this upcoming main event.

Randy Long: "Liiiiiiiive from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, WARPED83: Live From Death's Door proudly presents our main event of the evening! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Championshiiiiiiiip!"

The fans pop!

Randy Long: "First, the challenger - from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds, he is Willllllllliam.. Waaaaaaaaaalllllllllaaaaace!"

Wallace fluffs his beard as the fans boo him!

Randy Long: "And his opponent. Now weighing in at 255 pounds. He hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is the reigning and defending WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - "The Canadian Mad Man" Hugooooooooooo Strrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaange!"

Strange holds his arms high in the air and the fans cheer!

Tony D: "We're definitely in Strange Country tonight! These fans are all about Hugo."

The referee holds the World Title high in the air as the fans applaud with respect.

Tony D: "And here we are...the main event for our comeback show after what Prez Joey Matthew called a 'hiccup'. The last time these two met, Hugo won the World Title from Wallace, becoming the first Grand Slam Winner in WARPED and in his rookie year at that! It was also that night that WARPED seem to be over for good thanks to Abominationz, but no sir. We're back and ready to kick ass."

Kris Red: "Yeah and so are these two men. This is sure to be a great match."

As the bell sounds each man starts to circle the ring, keeping an eye on each other. They edge closer to the center of the ring and tie up! Both men jockey for position and control but neither man will budge so they push off. Wallace brushes the hair out of his face and then takes a sharp left turn and ties up with the referee! The referee then shoves Wallace away and Wallace takes a bump that has him baffled. The referee stands over Wallace and points his finger in his face telling him to keep his hands off of him as he is the referee! The crowd pops and Hugo looks on from the corner scratching his head.

Tony D: "I'm not quite sure what has gotten into William Wallace. He's been a bit ..out of it.. as of late from footage we've seen."

Kris Red: "Perhaps he had a few drinks with SHEEP SHEEP before the match!"

Wallace gets up, pleading and apologizing to the referee, as Hugo Strange comes up from behind and spins him around with a series of right hands that continue to take Wallace down after each blow. Wallace keeps popping back up for more. Strange hits a series of forearms, backing Wallace into the corner, but Wallace comes back with a kick to the gut. Wallace delivers a club to the back and a knee to the gut as he puts him up against the ropes.

Kris Red: "Wallace with a stiff knee to the back."

Tony D: "Wallace knows what he's doing. Soften up that back for the Freedom Drop powerbomb later."

Irish whip by Wallace, sending Strange into the ropes and Wallace ducks down for a backdrop attempt.. Strange sidesteps and kicks him in the gut. Wallace pops up, clutching his midsection, as Hugo hits the ropes and returns with a big knee to the lower back, sending Wallace through the ropes and down to ringside.

Kris Red: "And out of the ring he goes!"

Wallace heads around the ring as Strange follows him out. When Strange finally catches up to Wallace, Wallace rakes the eyes of Strange and delivers a club to the back. Strange fights back with a right hand, but Wallace rakes his eyes again.

Kris Red: "Rake to the eyes! Vintage heel ish right there."

Irish whip by Wallace, reversed by Strange, who sends Wallace back first into the barricade. Strange then repeatedly drives the back of Wallace's head into the barricade as the fans cheer him on.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange is being quite aggressive on the outside with Wallace! He's got to keep in mind that this isn't a no DQ match!"

Kris Red: "Hell I doubt he cares. If he loses via DQ then he keeps the strap!"

Strange then goes to the aisle way, gets a head of steam and tackles Wallace into the barricade, causing the steel fencing to be pushed back five or six feet, well into the first row of fans. Strange slaps the hands of fans as they cheer him on and reach out to show their support. The fans then watch as Wallace gets scooped up off of the floor by Strange and led toward the aisle way. Strange sets Wallace up between his legs for a piledriver or powerbomb type move, but Wallace crawls out from under him. Strange turns around and Wallace rakes the eyes AGAIN! Wallace then goes for a suplex on the concrete, but Strange breaks free. The Champ now with a series of right hands, but Wallace comes back with a back elbow. Wallace then breaks apart one of the barricades and goes to throw it down on Strange, but the referee gets in his path and tells him to put that down or risk getting disqualified!

Tony D: "The war between AbominationZ and WARPED is in full effect right now but moreso this is about the prestigious WARPED World Championship and these men are pulling out the stops!"

Kris Red: "And the barricades!"

Wallace drops the barricade and his opponent comes at him with a right hand, then sets up for "The Moose Bomb" Full Nelson Slam on the barricade, but Wallace counters and hits a Scottish(German) Suplex onto the barricade!!

Tony D: "OOH! The back of Hugo's head crashed into that steeeeeeel barricade! That's not a soft landing by any means."

Kris Red: "You speak the obvious Tony D and what's even more obvious is that this match is completely out of control but I applaud the referee for not throwing it out due to the excessive breakage of the rules!"

Tony D: "It is, after all, our main event of WARPED Wrestling's return show!"

Kris Red: "Ya don't say Tony ! YA DON'T SAY!"

Strange is down and hurt on the outside while William Wallace plays to the crowd. "Go fuck yourself" , "You suck!" , "eat shit" and more phrases are screamed at Wallace as he boasts to the unappreciative fans. The referee tells Wallace he's GOT to bring this back into the ring and that he doesn't want to count him out or disqualify him but he will! Hugo Strange starts to crawl back to ringside. Wallace watches him slowly crawling. Wallace drops to a knee and taunts Hugo, putting his fists to his eyes and pretends to wipe the tears from his eyes. "Aw, ya got a li'tle boo boo?" taunts Wallace. He smirks and brings Strange up and rolls him into the ring. Wallace confidently walks up the steps and onto the apron, taking his time to enter the ring.

Strange grabs the back of his head as he gets up to his knees and Wallace drives a boot into the back of Strange's head, dropping him to the mat. Wallace then gets on top of Strange, mounting his upper back, and beginning to toyingly slap the back of his head. Strange is trapped and can't escape. Wallace then drives his right knee into the lower back of Strange and grinds it in, causing Strange to scream out in pain. Wallace stands up and pulls Strange up to all fours and then kicks him in the gut, dropping him to the mat again.

Tony D: "William Wallace has Hugo Strange right where he wants him. He's just playing with him at this point."

Kris Red: "Hugo hasn't been the same since that German Suplex into the barricade, man. And now that Hugo is lighter, hell, imagine how much easier and faster it was for Wallace to throw him into that."

The crowd tries to will Strange back into this match as they cheer "Hugo Strange!" repeatedly. Strange crawls toward the ropes and Wallace lets him reach them before draping his throat over the bottom rope and choking him in the ropes. The referee starts a five count to get this hold broken and Wallace releases at four and a half.

Tony D: "Wallace held that on til the last possible second."

Wallace watches as Strange reaches up at the middle and then top rope, pulling himself up. Wallace mocks him, pretending to be hurting much like his opponent. Strange turns and fights back with a right hand, but Wallace comes back with a boot to the gut and Strange drops to a knee. He won't stay down though as he gets up and swings, hitting Wallace with a right hand, but Strange drops to a knee again.

Tony D: "Strange is not going down without a fight!"

Wallace balls up his fist and falls to the mat, driving his fist into the skull of Strange. He rolls him over and covers..



Kick out!

Wallace stands up and tells Strange to bring it! Slowly, Strange pushes himself up. Strange continues to try and fight back, but he is hurting, and Wallace spins him around and drops him with a 1/2 nelson suplex! Wallace sits up and wipes his hands as if to say 'that's that' and he covers Strange.



Kick out!

Wallace looks down at Strange and shakes his head. He heads over to the referee and tells him he can have his shot. Wallace leans up against the corner and tells the ref to have at it.

Tony D: "What is Wallace up to now?"

Wallace motions for the referee to come over to him. He then lifts the referee up and places him on the apron and slaps his hand. Wallace gets out on the apron as the referee enters the ring and tells Wallace to keep his hands off him!

Kris Red: "I think Wallace has lost his mind and just tagged in the referee."

The referee then slaps Wallace on the shoulder and tells him to get in!

Tony D: "And I think the ref just tagged Wallace "

Kris Red: "Plenty of firsts tonight."

Wallace sighs and gets in the ring, telling the ref "It's okay, I got this mate" as he then gets rolled up in a school boy by Strange!!!




Tony D: "Whoa, close call!"

Wallace gets up, dazed and confused, as Strange gets to his feet and unloads with repeated right hands, sending the challenger into the corner. Strange nails another big right hand followed by a kick to the gut that drops Wallace to the mat in the corner. Strange then slaps his leg as the fans know what's coming. He hits the opposing ropes and returns with a running foot wash!!

Tony D: "He nearly took Wallace's head off with that foot wash!"

Wallace then escapes through the ropes and drops onto the floor, clutching his head.

Kris Red: "I'm not sure if Wallace intentionally left the ring or if it was the momentum from Strange that caused it, but smart move."

Tony D: "A meaner, leaner Strange had a little more speed on that foot wash than he has in the past."

The fans are pumped and cheering on Strange as he heads to the ringside area. He brings Wallace to his feet and slams his head off of the steel steps! The fans chant "This is awesome!" as Strange rolls Wallace into the ring and he himself rolls back in. Wallace gets to his feet as Strange is right behind him. Wallace turns around and Strange hits a spinning double hammer fist!

Tony D: "Vortex Hammer!"

The momentum spins Wallace around and and Strange then hits a Full Nelson Slam!

Tony D: "The Moose Bomb!"

Kris Red: "Two moves that set up one or another finisher of Strange's!"

Strange drops to a knee and clutches at his back following the previous move and the crowd continues to cheer him on!

Tony D: "Looks like Strange may be feeling the effects of that steel barricade earlier on."

Strange pulls himself up with the ropes as a dazed Wallace gets to his feet. Strange lifts him up onto his shoulders in a reverse fireman carry. Strange's face shows the pain his back must be in now. Wallace stops the move from continuing with a couple elbow shots to the face, and Wallace drops to his feet... Strange grabs at his back but fires back with right hands on Wallace, and Wallace fires back with some rights of his own. Strange boots Wallace in the gut and calls for the STD, but Wallace lifts Strange up Alabamaslam style but places him on the apron. Strange goes for a right hand but Wallace blocks and then Strange swings with the other arm and Wallace blocks, now having posession of both arms and Strange is trapped! Wallace, instead of going for his patented Trapped Headbutts, plants a giant kiss on the lips of Hugo Strange!

Tony D: "What the!?"

Kris Red: "Tony D! That was closer to a french kiss than a Glasgow kiss!"

Wallace now runs to the opposite ropes, bounces back and charges in for a SPEAR on Strange to take him off the apron, but Strange sidesteps and as Wallace goes between the ropes, Strange KICKS him in the faaaaaaaace! He then pulls him out on the apron and puts him between his legs and looks down at the floor! The referee tells him not to but the fans chant "YES! YES! YES!" and Hugo then pulls Wallace up and down to the floor with the Leaping Package Piledriver onto the ringside floor!!

Tony D: "Oh my god! Somebody tweet the po po!!"

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chants the fans as both men are laid out at ringside. Missy Von Eerie comes over to check on her client and the referee comes to ringside to check on both combatants.

Kris Red: "Those ringside mats aren't THAT thick! That had to hurt a lot and not just to Wallace but to Strange too. He landed on his spin with that move and that'll add to the pain he's already feeling in his back. And Wallace.. he's looney enough tonight.. imagine what getting dropped on his skull will do!"

Another "This is AWESOME" chant fills the Hammerstein Ballroom. Both men have yet to move. The referee slides into the ring and has no other choice but to begin to count them out.



Tony D: "These men haven't moved in a solid minute and the referee has to make a decision what he's going to do."


Kris Red: "Well it appears he's giving them the longest 10-count ever to recover."


Tony D: "Nobody wants to see this match end in a count out, but if these men can't continue, what else can we do?"


Kris Red: "Quite honestly it would be a major bummer if it ended that way but you've also got to think about the condition of these guys, especially with the warfare we saw with the cage match earlier."



Kris Red:" They will kill each other! That's what the title and the war means to them!"


Tony D: "The referee is slowing his count as he approaches 10. If neither man can answer the count of ten, then the match is ruled a double countout."


Kris Red: "You can tell the referee is hesitating and taking as long as he can with this count.."

Hugo Strange starts to stir at ringside as Missy Von Eerie cheers him on to hurry and get up!!


Tony D: "If Hugo can get in the ring before the ref hits 10, he's the winner!"

Hugo grabs the apron and starts to pull himself up. The referee goes to put him his hands again for the final count.. Just then, none other than PKA runs down the aisle and slides into the ring.

Tony D: "PKA is in the ring now and talking to the referee, but why?"

Kris Red: "He's drunk! What's he doing here?"

Tony D: "Well that's alleged."

Kris Red: "No, I saw his tweets. He was asking for someone to bring him a rum n coke to the gorilla position."

The referee then heads to the ropes and leans through, talking to the ring announcer. PKA slips out of the ring and heads up the aisle.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, I've just been informed by the referee via ruling from PKA that this match is now to be contested under FnX Rules! No disqualification, no count outs, falls count anywhere!"

The fans pop!

Tony D: "FnX!"

Kris Red: "Great! Now we WILL have a winner! Good call, Peeks."

Strange smiles. He grabs at his lower back as he gets on all fours and spots Wallace completely laid out. Missy Von Eerie cheers her client on as he grabs the ring apron and pulls himself up. Missy shouts at Hugo to cover him!!! Hugo then has a realization that he can do that and he covers Wallace as the referee races out of the ring...




Tony D: "Kick ouuuuuuut!"

Strange pulls the ring curtain up and looks under the ring. He pulls out a table and the fans cheer! Strange sets the table up at ringside and Wallace is getting to his feet. Strange boots him in the gut and rolls him into the ring, and he follows in. Wallace starts fighting his way up, clutching his head, as Strange pulls him to the corner. strange gets on the second buckle and pulls Wallace up with him. Strange grabs at his back as he hoists Wallace up on his shoulders in an inverted firemans carry.

Tony D: "He's got him set up for the Moose Killer from the middle rope!"

Strange's back gives out, though, and Wallace escapes, with both men on the turnbuckles. Wallace hoists Strange up onto the top turnbuckle, and places him between his legs, pointing down at the table!

Kris Red: "Oh no this isn't good!"

Tony D: "Wallace is looking for a SUPER Freedom Drop !"

Wallace tries to lift Strange but he's got ahold of the ropes. Wallace clubs Strange in the lower back repeatedly, causing the champ to lose his grip. Wallace then lifts Strange up in the air and STRANGE COUNTERS WITH A HURRICANRANA! Wallace is sent through the table!!!



The fans are going balistic!! Missy Von Eerie jumps up and down with excitement! Hugo Strange, from the apron, realizes what he just did. He spots Wallace on the floor now with shards of table under him and he leaps down and into the cover..




A very large, 7 foot tall, bald man pulls Hugo Strange off of William Wallace and the fans erupt in boos!

Tony D: "WHO and WHAT is that?!"

The man HURLS Hugo Strange into the steel steps, and they disconnect upon impact. The giant man picks the steel steps up as Hugo Strange slowly gets to his feet, and the man charges and drives the steps into the skull of Strange, dropping him to the floor! He then grabs William Wallace, hoists the dead weight of his body onto his shoulders, and carries him to Strange's body and lays him on top. He shouts something inaudible to the ref and points to Wallace and Strange, and the referee (scared for his life) drops down and counts..




The ref calls for the bell as the fans erupt in jeers.

Randy Long: "The winner of this match and the newwwwwwww WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - Williammmmmmmmm Walllllllllaaaaaaaaace!"

Crank by Psyko Dalek plays as the giant, bald 7 footer retrieves the World Championship from the ref's hands, yanking it away in fact. He leans down and picks up what seems to be an unconscious Wallace and lifts him up fireman carry style on his shoulders. He carries him up the aisle with one arm holding the title and the other holding the new champion in place.

Tony D: "I can't believe what we just witnessed. William Wallace is once again the WARPED World Champion after a very hard fought battle and thanks all to that giant of a man."

Kris Red: "There is no doubt in my mind that Hugo would have retained had this man not entered into the mix. This is a catastrophe, a sham."

Missy Von Eerie is kneeling next to her client as officials and medics check on Hugo Strange at ringside. The camera catches the giant man carrying Wallace through the ropes and zooms in on the WARPED logo over the giant WARPEDVision screen as Live From Death's Door comes to an end.