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March 6th
Live from the Gund Arena in Cleveland Ohio
Main Event
Atlantic Title Matchup
Lance McNally -c- vs. Mystic Tragedy
We figured that Mystic Tragedy deserves a rematch for his belt, considering he wasn't out for a ten count, just unable to get up. This match will definitly be a show stopper.

Hardcore Title Match
Stairway to Hell Match
Barbed wire and a Singapore cane hang from the ceiling as ladders must be used to recover the items. You have to grab both weapons before the match can have a decision, and then it is under last man standing rules.
Damage vs. Hardcore Harry -c-
Damage won this shot at Vengeful Encounters, as he will get his chance to dethrone the Hardcore King of the IML2, Hardcore Harry. What could Harry have up his sleeves for this stairway to hell matchup made famous by ECW. Only Time will tell.

Dentist Match
Match takes place in a dentist. First person to tie their opponent onto a dentist chair and give them a short clean up wins.
LiGiL vs. Guff Daddy
Pretty simple matchup. These two put up one of a showing at VE, and we decided that they deserve a shot at title. Of course, only one of them is going to get it, because the winner recieves his atlantic championship shot. Just go get em!

LumberJack Match
Various IML2 wrestlers surrond the ring to make sure the action stays inside the ring.
Enfirno vs. the Green Jackal
Special request from Enfirno. He wants to prove he's a very technical wrestler, and therefore wants to ensure a clean match by throwing 20 so IML2 wrestlers around the outside such as security. Not too bright for his objectives, but it makes for a damn good match!

Dark Wolf vs. The Doomsday Warriors
Dark Wolf showed his timing when he attacked Lance McNally from behind with a chair at VE. Now, he's going one on two against tag team sensations the Doomsday Warriors. I don't think even a former IWO superstar could take this type of matchup.

Tag Team Title Matchup
The Love Triangle vs. The Devastators -c- vs. Dred Lox and Hardcore Harry
Yes, Hardcore Harry will fight twice. He wanted a tag title shot, he got it, but he has to fight twice. In this matchup, the first team to gain a pinfall win the belts, and therefore, the Devastators don't even have to be pinned to lose their precious brand new IML2 tag team championships. Love Triangle must be heated from their loss due to the turncoats of the Devastators at the PPV, and when the Devastators gave out an open challenge, Harry and Lox jumped on it quickly. This match will be chaos.

Fury vs. Vergo vs. Arctic Freeze
A good old Three Way Dance. Fury wants to show that he's a can of unreleashed Fury, and wants a good showing. Vergo and Arctic Freeze lost at the PPV, and they are trying to rebound.

Newcomers Debut
George Williams vs. Xavier the Great vs. ThirdIBlind
Ghetto Fabulous vs. the Jersey Bros.
What's there to say? These guys are new to the IML2, so we might as well put them together for a good old fight! The triple threat match is a double elimination matchup for those of you who wish to know.

Announcement on the PPV BreakPoint from Tom Ford
What else could happen? Tune in to find out!
(The camera opens up to highlights of Vengeful Encounters being shown to "Sugar" by System of A Down plays softly in the background. Once the highlight reel for that ends, it shows Lance McNally and Mystic Tragedy face to face in the ring right before their match at VE, previewing the main event tonight. The camera fades into the announcers booth area where Tom Baines, Duce Johnson, as well as VP Keegan sit. The fans are going crazy as fireworks go off. Such signs such as "You don't mess with Goverment Issue and get away with it!", "Hardcore Harry=Hardcore King," and "I paid for this" are seen throughout the crowd.)

Tom Baines:We are here tonight for a great Monday Night Meltdown. Approximatly two weeks due to schedule conflicts and personel problems, the IML2 returns to television this week as we will show these fans one HELL of a show!

Duce Johnson:That's right Baines! It's time for that day when the pay per views being their huge hype, as we might as well start it off now!

(All of a sudden, "Hail to the Chief" starts up over the pa system as the fans turn to the entrance way. Out from the back walks Tom Ford, wearing a nice white suit with a briefcase. He is accomapanied to the ring by a couple lawyers and... is that a bodyguard? It's the Snakehips Army! G.I. Bro and Junior Johnson! He gets into the ring as the music is cut.)

Tom Ford:I know you all hate to see me out here, but it's a must. Tonight, is a sad night for the second internet minor league. We have been infested with the scum of the earth! We've seen people walk in and walk within the past few weeks, and you fans probably don't even know who's new and who's old. And that's all about to change RIGHT NOW! First of all... VP Keegan, you traitor! You were trying to bring the IML2 down by laundering money to the mafia! I don't appreciate our budget being brought down, and you deprived the fans of what many people love to see, blood, guts, and glory!

VP Keegan:Whatever.

Ford:So Vice President Keegan Jones... YOU ARE FIRED! YOU HEAR ME PACK YOUR BAGS, GO IN THE BACK, get your god damn pink slip, and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SITE!

VP Keegan:WHAT! You can't do that!

Ford:Oh, what, you don't feel I have the POWER you say? Well Keegan...

VP Keegan:At least give me a chance to defend myself!

Ford:Fine, you want a shot to defend yourself? How about we take that hell in a cell that is up at the top of this arena.(The camera shows a hell in a cell hanging from the ceiling), and we'll lower it down to the ring. And then YOU shall get your chance to keep your job, IF you defeat... THE SNAKEHIPS ARMY! G.I. BRO AND JUNIOR SNAKEHIPS JOHNSON!(Huge pop) And you know what, how about I just become the special guest referee! How the hell would you like that you piece of shit!

VP Keegan:WHAT! That's just illegal!

Ford:Well, how about I sweeten the pot. If you should defeat EITHER man of the Snakehips Army, YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE IML2! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!


Ford:Oh, yeah, there we go once again with the cursing. The maturity leval AND the ratings just went down about five points. Hell, I love these people that think that cursing is "Cool" The mentallity of a six year old. Keegan, Pack your bags, because either way, you shall NEVER be the announcer for Monday Night Meltdown ANY more!

(Keegan gets up from his seat and storms off. G.I. Bro grabs the microphone.)

G.I. Bro:Keegan, Bro says that you better run to a lake, before you get the back rake. You'd rather have a choke, than feel the G.I. Bro eye poke. You should check out a map, before you get the intimidation slap, and You better run to your Car... before you get the (With Fans) ARM-Y BAR!

(Bro throws down the mic as the entire clique walks to the back with "Hail to the Chief" playing.)


DJ:Time for a break!
Good old Fashion Triple Threat Match
Newcomers Debut
George Williams vs. Xavier the Great vs. ThirdIBlind

Baines:Fans, after that blockbuster announcement, I can't believe what just happened!

DJ:I know! Is Keegan can't win a hell in a cell matchup against the Snakehips Army, he is fired for money laundering!

Baines:Think about it! He could very well be arrested for what he did, but if he wins, he gets to run the IML2! FOR GOOD! And remember that Ford is just the Temperary president! The real president Sean must not like the idea of Keegan Jones getting at a shot at winning this company!

(All of a sudden, "Beautiful Disaster" by 311 Starts up over the pa system. Out from the back walks a very VERY beautiful disa... I mean girl. Sorry, song's catchy. Anyway, this girl is short, and is wearing long tight jeans and a somewhat tight white sweatshirt. She has brown hair and bounces to the announcer's set. She grabs some headphones.)

Baines:What the hell do you think you're doing!

DJ:Who cares! She's hot! Take a seat... right next to me. Only because Tom here hates women.

Baines:I never said I hated women!

DJ:That's what your resume asked when you filled it out. Since you wanted to be head broadcaster, they wanted to make sure you weren't distracted, and therefore, you had to check that box to make it. And since you're head commenatator...

(Baines gives him a nasty look.)

DJ:I think I'll shut up right about now.

Baines:That's good...

DJ:What's your name?

Girl:My name? It's Lorin. Tom Ford and I are cool and he hooked me up with a job.

Baines:So he knew about Keegan all this time?


Baines:And he waited for now to humiliate him!


Baines:Either way, we have a match to get to.... Xavier the Great battles ThirdIBlind and George Williams.

DJ:How exactly do you pronounce ThirdIBlind anyway?

Baines:I believe it's just like the band. That's my best guess anyway.

Lorin:I like that band.

Baines:No offense, but you seem like a total airhead right about now.

Lorin:No, actually, I'm very good with wrestling commentating. I did a little stint in a lesser known federation.


Lorin:No, what are they?

DJ:Oh, just some federation trying to take over the IWO.

Lorin:Really? Wow. I didn't know that. But then again, I've only been with the IWO in association only, and for only about twenty four hours.

Baines:We have a match right now people! Let's get to it!

Chris Astro(RA):Welcome everyone to Monday Night Meltdown! This next matchup is scheduled for two falls and is an elimination style three way dance. Introducing first, from Fremont, California. He weighs in tonight at 275 pounds and stands at an even 6 foot five.He is the master at the skater slam.... Here is ThirdIBlind!

("Jump In the Fire" by Metallica starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks ThirdIBlind. He is wearing a WOW t-shirt with a cowboy type vest. He also has long wrestling tights on his lower body. He slides into the ring.)

Chris Astro:And his opponent, He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. He weighs in tonight at 245 pounds and stands at an even six foot seven. He is the master at the Gorgeous Gutdrop... here is Gorgeous George Williams!

("Walls of Jericho" starts up over the pa system as Williams walks out from the back with a mirror in hand. He is admiring himself in his fresh silk purple robe as he walks to the ring. Williams gets in, and then takes off the robe, pleasing some fans ringside.)

Chris Astro:And their opponent... from Moscow, Russia, XAVIER THE GREAT!

("Marche Slave" starts up over the pa system as no one is even coming out!)

TB:What the hell is this! Xavier the Great isn't coming out here!

(The camera goes back to the back. It shows Xavier the Great, The Silencer, and Hard-Kore all playing russian roulette!)

Xavier the Great:I love this game. So Hard-Kore, it's time for your shot with the gun.

(Xavier hands over the gun to Hard-Kore. He doesn't really care, since he is... HARD-KORE! He rolls the bullet chamber mixing it up, and then sticks it in his mouth.)

DJ:I don't have a good feeling about this game...

(Hard-Kore pulls the trigger, and BAM! He's dead! He just killed himself!)


DJ:That won't be the last time you scream...

(She slaps him.)

DJ:And I'm thinking that won't be the last time I get slapped.

TB:Hard-Kore has just killed himself!

(The Silencer lets out a breath of fresh air as he grabs the gun. He looks at the fallen Hard-Kore, and for fun, sticks the barrel into his mouth, and pulls the trigger.. DEAR GOD! THERE WERE TWO BULLETS!)


TB:There were two bullets in there! Silencer just killed himself!

DJ:The Silencer was just silenced.

TB:And Xavier the great has no clue what the hell is going on! He grabs the gun and takes three shot at the wall, and bullets come out each time! He looks into the chamber and sees that there is still a bullet left! It was completely full! Someone just tried to kill all three men!

DJ:And out here Williams and ThirdIBlind are having words.

TB:And Xavier the great shuffles the chamber, and for the hell of it, he puts it in his mouth! Dear god, please, no... *Bang*(ackward pause) HE SURVIVED! He won the odds!

DJ:Wait! that's a squirel with a butter knife! He just stuck it into the back of Xavier the Great! Xavier falls down to the table as there are three bodies lying there dead!


DJ:Three former IML2 Superstars dead... What does that mean for our first matchup! Just one on one?

TB:I guess so. And these two can't believe what happened, but they are still shoving each other. Fans, we have to go to a quick commercial break!
Tom Baines:IML2 proudly presents Monday Night Melee, brought to you by the IWO, and we've seen three IML2 deaths, Vice President Keegan booked in a match where his job is on the line, as well as the debut of..

DJ:The hottest broadcaster...

TB:I think Nikki would take that as a personal insult.

Lorin:Screw Nikki!

DJ:Yeah! Screw Nikki!(chuckle)

DJ:TIB comes back and eats an elbow shot from Williams. Williams drops down for another quick cover, 1-2-NO! TIB gets a shoulder up. Williams picks up TIB and tries to figure out what to do to finish him.

Lorin:Williams throws ThirdIBlind into the corner, and starts kicking him. Williams sets him up top, and now gives him a hard shot to the face.

TB:Williams is climbing up, I think we might see a superplex... no! TIB hooks onto the top turnbuckle, and gives a quick chop to the groin area of Williams!


Lorin:Scoop up by TIB, THERE IT IS! SKATER SLAM! THE SPINNING SITDOWN PILEDRIVER! TIB covers Williams, 1-2-3! There it was! That's it! It's over!

TB:We'll be right back after this.
Fury vs. Vergo vs. Arctic Freeze

TB:During the commercial break, all three fighters made their way to the ring, as we are ready to start this next match.

Lorin: Well fans out there this match is about to get under way this isnt a regular match we have not one not two but three men in here ready to go at it. Vergo, Freeze, Fury are in there.

Baines: Well fans look at this Freeze is sitting there in the corner while Vergo and Fury are in there going at it. Vego runs at fury and hits him with a nice close line.

DJ:Look at this Freeze waited for that opening and is now going after VErgo and hits the man with a bulldog.

Lorin: Wow that was really cheap, of a move there and now Freeze is the only one up right about now. But here comes Fury and he is punching on Freeze.

DJ: yeah there going at it while Vego is still down from that bulldawg, Look
Freeze and Fury are really going at it punches are flying everywhere.

Baines: Yeah here comes Vergo and he just hit them both with a double

Lorin: Wow that was a shot, and now where the hell is this man going for

DJ: Well da hes getting a chair. No but hes going for something else as

Baines: Yeah well why he is sitting there looking for that table Freeze and
Fury are up there getting up.

Lorin: Hahaha look Freeze just found the chair that Vergo through in and
swings it homerun like Sosa, what a shot Fury is down hurt.

DJ: Finally Vergo found a table and slid it back into the ring and now hes
coming back in.

Baines: Look Freeze has the chair and bang wack samck wouldnt even let Vergo
up, he plants him in the back with a chair.

Lorin: Yeh two men down thanks to Freeze. Look at this guy now what the hell
is he doing he has the table and is setting it up.

DJ: Right in the middle of the ring, he has Vego and is putting him on that

Lorin: YUP, now he has Fury and is setting him up on the table. He has Fury
on Vego.

Baines: I dont know what this man is doing but I dont think you people are
going to think its very good.

DJ: YEah he is going up top.


Lorin: God....... He is up there and got something in mind. He jumps Front
flip off the table. Both the men are out cold.

DJ: SMash no give to the tabel he just bounced off and I think his head
actually hit the just when he fell of.

Baines; I think you are right all three of them are down hurt. WHo the hell
is going to get up first?

DJ: Well heres you answer Fury the one at the top of the table Fury is
getting up while the other two are laying there hurt.

Lorin: Well look that this Fury is picking up Freeze and he just through him
on the table with Vergo.

Baines: Now dont tell me what I think he is going to do. Yes he is, hes
going up top.

DJ: EVen though are tables are real I dont know if its going to last
something like this.

Baines: There goes Freeze hes off bang the table is down and so are the
three men. NO!!!!!

Lorin: Freeze is back up and is going to the fans.

DJ: YEh look at Vergo he is out hurt and Fury looks like he is moving a
little. Freeze is outside and is looking for a table.

Baines: He has the table and is setting it up. But he took to long.

Lorin: YUp look at this would ya, Fury is up top and is ready to fly high
cross body and there goes more money as he just put him through another

DJ: Wow what a match this is.

Baines: Vergo is starting to move and is getting some time to rest hes

Lorin: Yeah hes up and is moving and is looking for those two. Found them,
hes wondering why they are down there.

DJ: He sees Fury getting up and he runs over to get the chair. He has it.

Baines: Oh my god, he just through the chair and hit fury right in the face.

Lorin: Now the only one up is Vergo and hes standing in the ring waiting for
one of them to make a move.

DJ: Finally, Freeze stands up and Vergo is waving him back into the ring.

Baines: Look Freeze isnt scared he runs back into the ring fight fight fight
fight yes yes yes. They are going at it.

Lorin: Oh rake to the eyes, what a cheap thing to do by Freeze.

DJ: Well it was a pretty smart move, he has control. DDT he just spiked
Vergo. Right on his head and hes out as well.

Baines: Look at this Fury has been getting a chair while the DDT was going

DJ: Hes going up top and he has the chair in hand. Leap boom Freeze was just
clocked with the chair.

Lorin: Hes down and hurt...Fury has Arctic Freeze up, HUGE POWERBOMB ON AF! Fury clotheslines Vergo up and over the top... wait! It's Gangsta! Gangsta is out here and he's pounding away at Vergo!

DJ:Gangsta whips Vergo into the steel posts, as in the ring Fury comes off the top with a huge elbow! Fury covers Arctic Freeze, 1-2-3! Fury is the winner! Now here come officials breaking up the fight between Vergo and Gangsta on the outside! It's time for another commercial break.
Ghetto Fabulous vs. the Jersey Bros.

DJ:Once again, welcome to MNM, and we are all set for this double tag team debut matchup. Ghetto Fabulous and the Jersey Bros., all already in the ring as there's the bell!

*Ding, ding, ding*

(The lights begins to shift towards the entrance way as "Everything Remains Raw" by Busta Rhymes hits the speakers and the team of Ghetto Fabulous makes their way to the ring. After showing off to the crowd the lights again shift to the entrance way at the Jersey Boys enter the arena. They immediately dive into the ring and the bell rings as they are attacked by Sam Horrey and Marcus Stewart.)

TB- Apparently Ghetto Fabulous wants a quick win out of this situation.

JD- Wow, what gave you that idea sherlock??

Lorin- Get off the insults and lets pay a little attention to the match, ok?

JD- Well, for you Lorin. So far, Sam Horrey and Johnny Blunt are starting off
the match with some powerful punches by Johnny Blunt.

TB- Irish wip by Johnny Blunt into the ropes. Johnny attempts a overhead slam
but recieves a painful jawbreaker by Sam Horrey.

JD- Sam Horrey tags in Marcus Stewart who gets clotheslined by Johnny Blunt
as he steps through the ropes.

Lorin- Johnny Blunt seems to be a very controlled opponent in the ring as he
seems to know what to expect everytime.

TB- He does seem that way but I am about to disagree with you if Marcus is
able to pull of the tornado ddt.

JD- Marcus attempts the tornado ddt and ohhh.......gets Samoan dropped by
Johnny Blut which looked like it knocked the wind out of Marcus.

TB- Johnny Blunt tags in Mike North and North picks up Marcus an....whats

JD- Looks like an inverted piledriver and.................yes.

Lorin- Wow, that looked like that knocked out every nerve in Marcus's body.

TB- Mike goes for the pin. 1.......2.....and no. Marcus kicks out.

JD- I can't believe he kicked out. It seems so.......ouuch!

Lorin- What a low blow by Marcus.

TB- That sent Mike North to his knees. Ouch.

JD- I don't believe anyone saw that coming.

Lorin- Looks like Ghetto Fabulous has soom strength in them.

TB- Perhaps.

JD- Marcus tags in Sam Horrey and they attempt a double wishbone but Johnny
Blunt breaks it.

Lorin- All four men are in the ring now.

TB- The referee is letting all four men remain in the ring.

JD- I wonder who is gonna get the offensive in this mayhem?

Lorin- From the looks of it it might be Ghetto Fabulous if Marcus can pull
off whatever top rope move he is setting up for.

TB- Well from the looks of Johnny Blunt and Sam Horrey it seems to be on
Ghetto Fabulous's side. If they can keep the offensive advantage.

JD- Doesn't look like Sam Horrey will do anything now with that powerful
punch by Johnny Blunt to the skull.

Lorin- Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my goddddddddddddd!!!!!
Marcus just got pushed off the top turnbuckle to the outside onto the

JD- I think Marcus is out cold.

TB- Marcus may be outside but the Jersey boys are inside and so is Sam

Lorin- Marcus I can't believe is still moving from that powerful fall.

JD- The Jersey boys are a tough bunch as they pound down on Sam Horrey.

TB- Look s like Johnnu Blunt is setting up for a powerbomb. Up goes Sam
Horrey with Mike North assisting.

JD- Oh wow what a double powerbomb.

TB- Both Jersey Boyz take the cover.

Lorin- The ref counts. 1......2........3!!!!

TB- The Jersey boys win. The Jersey boys have beaten Ghetto Fabulous right
here in Cleveland.

Lorin- Medical attention is being paid to Marcus Stewart as he is carried out
of the arena by the EMT's as Sam Horrey, recovering form that powerful double
powerbomb follows behind.

JD- The Jersey boys are now celebrating their victory as they show off to the

TB- Man what a match.
Tag Team Title Matchup
The Love Triangle vs. The Devastators -c- vs. Dred Lox and Hardcore Harry

Lorin:Welcome back to MNM! This is going to be a great matchup!

TB:Well, at the recent pay per view in Greensburo, the Love Triangle were screwed out of the tag team titles!

DJ:Think about this, there were no teams! If the Love Triangle were stupid enough to become allies with the Devastators, they deserved to lose that match, and lose the tag team titles!

TB:I still don't know why they lost inthe first place!

Lorin:But then you throw Dred Lox and Hardcore Harry in there, we're going to have one hell of a match! Harry and Lox have never teamed up, and they are just accepting an invitation to a tag team title shot where the two partners never teamed before. This is definitly going to be intresting.

TB:And don't forget the IML2 tag team championship is on the line as well! WAIT! Something's going on in the back!

(The camera switches to the back where Steve Love is shown as the Devastators, Devon Dice and Dustin Dachey just nailed Steve Love with a huge bom box that just shattered!)

TB:DEAR GOD! The Devastators just broke a damn bom box over Steve Love's head! He's got brain damage! Dear god! He's busted open!


DJ:And look at the Destroyer's! They are just stomping the hell out of Steve Love! Here come officials.

TB:And good thing to! Any further Steve Love may have had permant brain damage.

Lorin:Look at the referee!

(The camera zooms in to see the referee talking to Pete Love, who is trying to consol his brother.)

Referee:Pete, Pete! Steve's in no condition to wrestle, you've got to find another partner if you want a shot at those tag team titles!

(Pete holds his head and starts talking to Steve. All of a sudden Joey taps Pete on the shoulder.)

Joey Love:Pete! I could sub in if you need? I'm part of the love Triange, right!

Pete Love:I guess we have no other choice, let's go get them.

(The camera fades into the ring where Chris Astro stands. "Total Devastation" by Slip Knot starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks the Devastators Dustin Dachey and Devon Dice. Dustin Dachey has a microphone.)

Dustin:You know what Chris, you can just take your tail and go run and hide, because WE don't need you there ruining our style.(Fans boo) Now, the Devastators are defending tag team champions, but of course, we never truely said that the Love Triangle could be put into this matchup. We didn't give an open challenge to THEM, we got it accepted by Hardcore Harry and Dred Lox.... So Love Triangle, YOU'RE NOT WANTED!

Devon Dice:But Triangle, since there's only one of you really left, why don't you come out here, and lay down, and you can get eliminated from this matchup, while you're still in tact. And since this is Hardcore Rules, you really should just come out here, and do the J-O-B!

TB:Since when was this no rules?

("Love Gravy" by Rick James and Ike Turner starts up over the pa system as out from the back run Pete and Joey come running out with chairs and a two by four in hand! Pete slides in first, and takes the chair, and smacks it over the face of Dustin.)


DJ:Here comes Joey, homerun shot onto Devon! Devon goes flying over the top and to the outside! Pete goes for another chair shot, but Devon pulls Dustin down and to the outside of the ring. The fans start booing!

("The End" by the Doors starts up over the pa system as out from the back come Dred Lox and Hardcore Harry. They are taking their time in this elimination matchup.)

Lorin:Dustin tries sliding in but Pete is there with the chair. Devon pulls him back out and starts restraining Dustin.

DJ:Hardcore Harry's in there, and he has his hardcore title, TO THE FACE OF PETE LOVE! Dred Lox throws Joey Love over the top rope and to the Devastators! Dustin and Devon just start stomping away at Joey.

Lorin:Look! In the ring, Dred Lox is hooking Pete Love in the ropes, as Hardcore Harry is doing something with that two by four? What the hell is he doing?

TB:He's got a lighter, and he's trying to light the two by four... DEAR GOD! IT ERUPTED! HE MUST HAVE USED LIGHTER FLUID! That is a flaming two by four, and he just drove it into the exposed face of Pete Love!

Lorin:And he was so cute!


TB:Pete Love is out of the ropes and is down on the mat in convulsions. He's having seisures!

Lorin:And the champs are in! They grab Dred Lox and Hardcore Harry and throws him outside. Dustin sets up Pete Love, TOTAL DEVASTATION ONTO THE BURNING 2 by 4!

DJ:Wait, Joey rolls Pete out of the ring! Joey slides in himself, and he's going to town on Dustin and Devon with right hands. Joey winds up, and goes for a double clothesline.

TB:The Devastators duck, and Dustin grabs Joey, TOTAL DEVASTATION! Joey is out cold in the ring! Devon with a cover, 1-2-3! And The Love Triangle have been eliminated!

Lorin:The Love Triangle have been devastated here! But here come Dred Lox and Hardcore Harry. They hammer away at the Devastators. They both whip Dustin and Devon off the ropes, Harry clotheslines Dustin, Dred Lox nails Devon with a shoulder block.

TB:They are pumped! Harry grabs Dustin and throws him off the ropes. Dred Lox comes over, FLAPJACK! FLAPJACK ON DUSTIN! Double flapjack!

DJ:Dustin rolls to the outside as Dred Lox grabs Devon, and picks him onto his shoulders. Is he going for the pain bomb?!? Wait! Harry is climbing the turnbuckle behind him, jumps over Dred Lox and lands and elbow onto Devon crashing the Powerbomb to the canvas! Painbomb Elbow combination!

Lorin:Harry with the cover, 1-2-NO! Dear god! Dustin just saved the tag team titles by pulling the referee out of the ring! The referee is yelling at Dustin, and DUSTIN JUST COLD CLOCKED THE REFEREE!

TB:What the hell was that for! Disqualify him!

DJ:It's no DQ Baines!

Lorin:Devon is out cold in the ring, as Dustin slides in. He clotheslines Harry and sends him flying out of the ring. Dred Lox now goes for clothesline on Dachey but he ducks, and Dred Lox comes bouncing off the ropes, as Dachey lays it in with an elbow shot to the face.

TB:Dred Lox goes tumbling down to the mat as Dachey picks up Dred Lox, and throws him off the ropes. Dred Lox comes back off and ducks a clothesline from Dachey, back off, Dred Lox goes for a clothesline of his own, but Dachey turns it into a reverse pain killer.

DJ:Dachey releases it, and takes up Dred Lox. Wait, Hardcore on the other side, another referee is racing down to the ring, Hardcore with a huge diving chair onto Devon Dice! Dustin Dachey has Dred Lox, TIGERBOMB! Both have a cover, 1-2-3! WHO WON!

Lorin:LOOK! There's the referee on the outside! He's saying that Hardcore Harry won, and the new referee is saying the Devastators won! What the hell is going on here!

TB:The two referees are arguing over who won, and they are pushing each other! The first referee goes to hit the second, but Dustin and Hardcore breaks it up! What the hell is going on!

DJ:We don't have time to figure it out, we'll be back after this.
TB:Fans, we are back from commercial break as these two referee's have been trying to figure out who the IML2 tag team champions are!

("Hail to the Chief" starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks Tom Ford. He has a microphone and is followed by G.I. Bro and Junior Johnson. Ford grabs the tag team titles as Johnson holds them, as all three get into the ring.)

Ford:Now Harry, Dred Lox, and the Devastators, I know you both want to know who are the tag team champions. These referees are two idiots, and we will NOT have co-tag team champions! NO! That doesn't work here in the IML2! The winners of this matchup, and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...(Huge fan pop)

DJ:I told you they won it!

Ford:Hardcore Harry... AND DUSTIN DACHEY!


Ford:That's right, Dustin and Hardcore are the champs, because they were the men with the fall. Since it was so close, March 19th, from Cleveland, Ohio, The Devastators will take on Hardcore Harry and a mystery partner. The winner of that match is the winner of this matchup! And don't think I won't make you two defend the titles between now and then, because I will. I promise you I will, so you two better get along. And Harry, if you don't defeat the Devastators on the 19th, it will be as if there was NO title reign in the first place! Now get out of my ring, I have some more matters to address.

(Harry and Dred Lox leave in disguist, as the Devastators leave too, pissed as all hell.)

Ford:Now that's better. The extra meat in this ring is gone. At Break Point, the IML2 shall see Lance McNally defend the world heavyweight title against Dark Wolf! The winner between LiGiL and Guff Daddy later in the night will recieve the atlantic title shot at the pay per view against the champion, whether it be McNally or not! And the loser of that matchup... will go into a one night only tournament for the BRAND NEW IML2 Championship! This championship, shall be called none other than the PLATINUM CHAMPIONSHIP! This belt will be made out of PURE platinum! Certain winners from tonights program, as well as some of the losers shall be placed into an eight man one night tournament for the Platinum championship! The rest of the bracket will be shown on FNF, as matches have already been booked for that event! So I leave you to return to your IML2 programing!

TB:The Platinum title! Eight man tournament! We're going to need a break!
TB:Welcome back folks, and according to our papers, Fury or Arctic Freeze is in this thing. The loser of the hardcore title match later on gets a spot. The winner of the lumberjack match shall also fight in that one night tournament. The loser of the shot at the atlantic title also gets placed in that tournament, as well as a few more matches for FNF!

DJ:No time to waste on that, I've heard that the Doomsday Warriors recently left the IML2, and therefore, Dark Wolf is the winner! Dark Wolf has already left the building tonight, so there is definitly not going to be a matchup between the two... let's go to another commercial break.
LumberJack Match
Various IML2 wrestlers surrond the ring to make sure the action stays inside the ring.
Enfirno vs. the Green Jackal

TB:Right now! Lumberjack matchup between Enfirno and the Green Jackal! The winner recieves a shot for the brand new Platinum championship in the tournament at Break Point!

DJ:Enfirno stated that he's injured in the head, and he can't take any hardcore bumps for the next couple of weeks. With tons of IML2 superstars out on the outside of the ring, there's no way that this match ISN'T going to have some hardcore implications!

Lorin:And Enfirno was the one who requested that this match be under Lumberjack Rules!

TB:And here comes the lumberjacks. It's the entire IML2 roster minues Dark Wolf, Lance McNally, Hardcore Harry, Damage, Mystic Tragedy, LiGiL and Guff Daddy! Of course Enfirno and Green Jackal are not there either.

DJ:No duh. TGJ and Enfirno are IN this match as WRESTLERS!

("Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks the Green Jackal. He slides into the ring to await Enfirno.)

Chris Astro:This next match is a lumberjack and is scheduled for one fall or a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, from Parts Unknown Michigan, the Green Jackal!

("Witching Hour" by Myzery starts up playing over the pa system as out from the back walks Enfirno. He gets a pretty good reaction, and slides into the ring. The Green Jackal attacks Enfirno who just slide in.)

*Ding, ding, ding*

TB:And here we go. Enfirno gets picked up by the Green Jackal, and gets whipped off the ropes. Back off, Enfirno ducks, back off the other side, flying cross body to the mat of TGJ!

Lorin:Enfirno stays on for the cover...

DJ:So would I!


Lorin:1-NO! Kickout by the Green Jackal.


TB:Enfirno grabs TGJ, arm bar on TGJ, SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! TGJ falls to the mat. Enfirno grabs TGJ and throws him to the corner. Wait... it's Guff Daddy! He just pulled The Green Jackal out from under the ring! Guff is just pounding away at him with rights and lefts!

DJ:And here comes chaos! Everyone's hit the ring! It's just a brawl! Look!

Lorin:With a chair! To the head of the Green Jackal! Guff rolls TGJ into the ring, Enfirno, off the top, HUGE frogsplash from the somewhat big man! 1-2-3! Enfirno wins! He wins this "Non-hardcore Match!"
Hardcore Title Match
Stairway to Hell
Hardcore Harry -c- vs. Damage

TB:It's time for our Stairway to Hell Ladder Match for the Hardcore championship as Damage challenges the current Hardcore Champion, Hardcore Harry. This one is going to be spectacular.

DJ:It is. Harry may have had that tag team fight earlier in the night, but if he gets the advantage early, I don't think Damage can take him.

TB:WAIT! It's Damage! He's attacking Hardcore Harry in the back! In Harry's locker room!

Lorin:Damage grabs Hardcore Harry and throws him face first into the wall! Harry falls to the concrete as Damage picks up a chair. He just starts slamming it down onto the back of Hardcore Harry. Damage picks up Harry, BRAIN DAMAGE! BRAIN DAMAGE!

DJ:But the match continues until someone grabs the cane, the barbed wire, and I guess the hardcore title is already down!

TB:And look! Damage is going to the ring to get that weapon! To get the Ladder, the cane, and the barbed wire!

Lorin:He's like, running. Damage grabs the ladder and throws it into the ring. Damage slides in, and slowly sets the ladder up. It seems not wanting to work for Damage. Damage slowly begins climbing up that ladder, and he grabs the singapore can first. He throws it down to the mat, and now goes for the barbed wire.

TB:Damage grabs the barbed wire and puts it on his neck to bring it down to the mat. WAIT! It's Hardcore Harry! Harry slides into the ring and throws the ladder down! Damage lands on his neck and on the barbed wire!

DJ:Harry just pulled one over on Damage! The Hardcore King! Damage is bleeding from the neck! Hardcore Harry grabs the singapore cane, and just waits for Damage, HUGE shot to the head of Damage! Damage falls down to the mat as Harry stands over him.


TB:Damage gets to his feet as he shakes it off. Harry grabs the barbed wire and wraps it around in the corner. He grabs Damage and goes for an irish whip, but Harry gets reversed, and another reversal by Harry sends Damage into the opposite corner, the one without the barbed wire.

Lorin:Harry follows him in, and with that singapore cane, DROPS Damage in an inverted russian leg sweep.(Flatliner)

DJ:That cane hammered it in the head with the huge shot into the mat.

TB:Hardcore Harry grabs Damage, and throws him into the corner with the barbed wire! Damage hits hard! Hardcore Harry grabs the ladder and folds it up. Harry with the ladder, throws it right into the face of Damage!

Lorin:Damage is in between the ladder and the barbed wire. Harry charges, and AVALANCHE DIVE onto Damage and the ladder!

DJ:Harry probably hurt himself more than Damage was hurt! But Damage limps out of the corner and falls out. Harry is holding his face, as he drops a leg onto Damage.
Dentist Match
Match takes place in a dentist. First person to tie their opponent onto a dentist chair and give them a short clean up wins.
LiGiL vs. Guff Daddy

TB:And this next matchup is rather an odd one.

DJ:Odd at best Baines! This one is taking place inside a dentist's office! This one is going to be crazy!

TB:And we have a video camera there, and we've been told they already started brawling before we went to them! And there they are(Camera comes up with they two of them brawling in the waiting room.)! They are just brawling back and forth.

Lorin:Wait, Guff grabs a waiting room chair and throws it at LiGiL, but he ducks, and the chair goes crashing through the window!

TB:They are just punching each other away, as LiGiL grabs Guff and throws him over the counter and to the other side.

DJ:LiGiL follows him in, and off the counter with a huge double ax handle. LiGiL is looking for something, and he sees the computer! LiGiL picks up Guff Daddy, and throws him into the monitor...

Lorin:But Guff blocked it, and throws LiGiL into the wooden desk. Guff grabs one of those desk pens...

TB:To the forehead of LiGiL! He's just scraping away! LiGiL is trying to fight it.

Lorin:Poke to the eyes by LiGiL!

DJ:That's my kind of move!


(All of a sudden the room fades to static.)

DJ:What the hell is this!

TB:Fans, I appologize! I think we just lost our transmition with the picture! I hope we can get back with it later inthe evening....
Hell in A Cell Match
If Keegan Loses he is fired from the IML2
If Keegan wins, he is the IML2 President.
Junior Johnson & G.I. Bro vs. Keegan Jones

TB:And here we see a timid Keegan Jones inside the steel hell in a cell. And here come the Snakehips Army!

("Grenade in my Pants" by the Cow Bench Pressers starts up over the pa system as out from the back walk G.I. Bro and Junior Johnson. They get inside the cage, as the door is locked, and the bell is rung.)

DJ:I may hate Keegen just like the rest of the IWO, but this isn't right.

Lorin:It's two on one! One's got to be eight feet tall, the other is the master of the Army Bar!

TB:I know, I know. Keegan is lucky if he survives the match, let alone win the IML2!

Lorin:And G.I. Bro charges Keegan, but Keegan back body drops Bro! Keegan is jumping up and down showing that he's done something to Bro!

TB:BUT BRO IS UP! Bro is up right behind Keegan, and waits for him, Johnson tells him to turn around, as Keegan is dumbfounded...

DJ:ARMY BAR! ARMY BAR! G.I. Bro is destroying Keegan Jones in that ring! Junior Johnson looks on as Bro is snapping the arm of Bro! He is litterally destroying Keegan's arm!



TB:Keegan's arm just snapped from the army bar! G.I. Bro just broke Keegan Jones' arm! HE JUST BROKE JONES' ARM!

DJ:Keegan! Just quit now while you're still alive!

Lorin:Junior Johnson gets Bro off of Keegan Jones. Junior Johnson helps him up, and sets him up above his head! He's taking him to the corner, SNAKE EYES! I think Keegan's back hit the top of that hell in a cell! He just threw him up twenty feet and down onto the turnbuckle!

TB:Keegan is out cold. Just pin him Guys!

DJ:But they were ordered by Ford to destroy Keegan! He must have a concussion and a broken arm, at least! There's no telling what else he has!

Lorin:And the Snakehips Army show some compassion, as G.I. Bro covers him, 1-2-3! That's it!

TB:And Keeagn Jones' IML2 career is over! No! Don't do this!

DJ:Snakehips Johnson and Bro picks up Keegan, DOUBLE POWERBOMB! INTO THE CAGE! Dear god! Keegan is out cold! And Johnson as well as Bro leaves the ring! Dear god! DEAR GOD! DEAR GOOD GOD!

TB:WAIT! Back in the back! LiGiL has Guff Daddy strapped to a dentist chair! But Guff Daddy is fighting it!

Lorin:But LiGiL grabs the happy gas! He's putting Guff Daddy to sleep!

DJ:I think Guff is out cold! And LiGiL grabs a floss? What the hell is he doing? He's flossing Guff Daddy's teeth! And LiGiL has won this match, and shall go to fight either McNally or Tragedy for the Atlantic Title! But remeber Guff gets the spot in the one night tournament for the new Platinum title!
Atlantic Title Matchup
Lance McNally -c- vs. Mystic Tragedy

TB:This one is going to be one for the ages! This was a huge main event at Vengeful Encounters, and I can only expect greater things from these two men tonight.

DJ:That's right. It's one of those things that get better with experience. Both men fought in the ring once, and McNally figured out the right buttons to push to win the Atlantic title. Now, he defends it against a now much smarter Mystic Tragedy.

Lorin:I wasn't at the pay per view, but wasn't there something wrong with the IWO-Tron or something?

TB:Yeah, we're still paying for that too....

DJ:And here comes Lance McNally, the world heavyweight and Atlantic Champion! He slides into the ring, and awaits Mystic Tragedy.

Lorin:And here comes MT. Chris Astro is disguisted from that last match and leaves the area. Tragedy slides into the ring as the bell is rung.

*Ding, ding, ding*

TB:Lance McNally and Mystic Tragedy are feeling each other out here early in the matchup. They are slowly circling each other as they lock up. Tragedy grabs McNally into a side headlock, as he starts hammering McNally with rights and lefts.

DJ:McNally pushes Tragedy into the ropes and tosses him back off. McNally goes for a shoulder block, but Tragedy knocks him down. Tragedy comes back off again as McNally gets up. McNally drops down again, and Tragedy goes over top.

Lorin:McNally up fast and dropkicks the charging Mystic Tragedy from the running position. McNally grabs Tragedy and locks him into a side headlock! Mystic Tragedy has the weight advantage and brings McNally up for a belly to back suplex...

TB:But McNally wriggles free and lands on his feet! McNally grabs Tragedy from behind with a tie up, and goes for a german suplex, but Tragedy goes for an inverted jawbreaker.

DJ:And he connects! McNally wobbles around as Tragedy goes for a super clothesline, but McNally ducks. Waist lock go behind on Tragedy as he goes for a rollup. Tragedy doesn't even let the referee count as he forces McNally back off of him, into the ropes...

Lorin:Tragedy gets to his feet as McNally bounces back off the ropes and knocks him back down with a back elbow. McNally doesn't realize this, as he goes off the ropes. Tragedy slowly gets up, as that stunned him more than not. Tragedy grabs McNally by the belly and the back, and picks him up in spinebuster fashion....

DJ:Tragedy pulls him around, but McNally manages to land on his feet, and goes for a ddt onto Tragedy. Tragedy stays standing as McNally hits the mat hard back first. McNally clutches his back as Tragedy goes for a quick elbow, McNally moves and Tragedy hits nothing but canvas.

TB:McNally grabs Tragedy and delievers a swift kick to the head, backing Tragedy into the corner. McNally with a couple of kicks, as he delivers a last kick into the gut and drops down to the canvas. He's going for a monkey flip!

DJ:But look, Tragedy doesn't fly, as he grabs McNally's feet, and raises him off the canvas! Dear god! McNally is vertical, perpendicular with the ring!

Lorin:McNally is trying to punch his way out of it, and slowly does a front flip and rolls down the back of Tragedy! McNally going for a sunset flip...

DJ:Tragedy blocks it and goes for a huge squash on McNally, but Lance moves out of the way!

TB:This action has been hot and furious. McNally grabs Mystic Tragedy from his neck, and throws him down to the ring. McNally comes off the ropes and nails Tragedy with a huge leg drop, 1-2-NO! First near fall of the match as Tragedy gets a shoulder up!

Lorin:McNally grabs Tragedy and picks him up. Tragedy wants this match to slow down, but McNally won't let it. McNally whips Tragedy off the ropes, but Tragedy reverses it. McNally comes back and ducks a clothesline. McNally comes flying off the other side going for a huge forearm shot, but Tragedy catches him in mid air!

DJ:Tragedy has him in a bear hug, and now throws him down to the mat with a huge side-walk slam!

TB:Tragedy gets up and raises his hands to the crowd. He picks up McNally, and kicks him in the gut. Tragedy picks him up on top of those seven foot shoulders, HUGE powerbomb to the mat!

Lorin:McNally just bounced off the mat! McNally is down on his back on the mat. Tragedy grabs his head and just starts squeezing his head! The massice Tragedy is just trying to squash his head with his bare hands!

DJ:But it's not working, McNally throws a few shots to the gut of Tragedy, and runs off the ropes. Tragedy goes for a back body drop, but McNally lands on his feet. McNally grabs Tragedy from behind and drops him down to the canvas with a huge diving reverse ddt!

TB:McNally grabs Tragedy and Tragedy throws McNally off to the ropes and back. Tragedy grabs him in a waist lock from behind, but McNally reverses it, MCNALLY NAILS TRAGEDY WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!

Lorin:McNally has just folded up Mystic Tragedy! WAIT! It's Dark Wolf! The referee is was knocked down from Tragedy, and he's holding his back in the corner! Dark Wolf slides in and grabs McNally, WOLF BITE! WOLF BITE ON LANCE MCNALLY! MCNALLY'S OUT! Dark Wolf grabs Tragedy and picks him up. Tragedy sees McNally on the mat, HUGE SPLASH! Referee turns around, 1-2-3!


DJ:ALL DUE TO DARK WOLF! Lance McNally is going to be pissed when he comes to!

TB:For Tom Baines, Duce Johnson, Lorin, and the recently fired Keegan Jones... GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!