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So, here's a little recap of WARPED 81 "Recovery"

Where we last left you.. AbominationZ (StarrZoe, Wallace, Crowbar, Kris Red, Mr Rottentreats?, Rampage) had tore the house down, lit it on fire, scared fans away, bought out venues and cancelled all future WARPED shows. Not to mention they were apart of 2 accidental deaths, and there are rumors that they are behind the armored truck accident at WARPED Headquarters that put WARPED Prez Joey Matthew in a coma for 5 weeks. And way before all of that there was the stabbing, the hatchet, the choking, the braining, etc. Phew. That said... Joey is back and he has banned all of AbominationZ from the building and anywhere near it. Of course, they don't care. This is WARPED 81 - Recovery.

It was an exciting day when Prez Joey Matthew announced WARPED has a new "distribution deal" but of course by the end of the night.

By the end of the night, though, it was revealed that somehow Crowbar was behind brokering the deal, shocking everyone including Prez Joey Matthew. How could this be?

Sunday, Prez Joey Matthew posted an eerie tweet regarding possibly closing WARPED & giving it up. Could the pressure be too much for him?

Will Prez Joey Matthew continue with the Crowbar brokered distribution deal?

AbominationZ (Alexander StarrZoe & bodyguard Rampage, William Wallace, color commentator Kris Red) were ALL escorted out of the building in handcuffs, except Mr. Rottentreats(who by the way retained the Evo title). Is Treats still apart of AZ?

Mr. Rottentreats came out to stop Abominationz from beating down Prez Joey Matthew & being FIRED. He looked to have a little heat with the group, especially one William Wallace, when he put his hand up to stop him from entering the ring on Matthew. Does Treats still have a spot? Does he want one?

The story gets crazier as Alexander StarrZoe is behind a kidnapping. Yes. "(Starr) kidnapped an innocent girl, Evangelista's sister Lilly! How can he live with himself? He should be in prison." - Tony D

What's really going on with the kidnapping of Evangelista's sister, Lilly? How will her & Laurel Anne Hardy retaliate? DRAGONS UNLEASHED are dangerous, as has been proved in recent events.

Speaking of Dragons Unleashed.. Cameron MacNichol/Anton Chase lost against them, but by DQ, after Chase used a chair. Still Tag Champs, though. But it'd appear that Cameron MacNichol doesn't approve of Anton Chase's way of retaining. "Pull something like that again and you're not gonna walk out of the arena with your tag team title belt around your waist. You're gonna walk out of the arena with that title belt up your ass." Check out Cam's REACTION-

The double-booked Mr. Rottentreast snuck a win over Jessica Harmony (in a match originally stemming from a Twitter challenge) with the help of a returning & very in-shape Douglas Divine to WARPED. #BabyOil

Treats would go on to retain his Evolution Championship in a 4 Corner Survival match. Many believe THE CONTROVERT had the 4 Corner Survival for the EVO Title won. Seth Moore thinks he should've won. REACTION-

Adam Stryker is turning over a new leaf, right? After beating Damien Baine, he seemed to want more. Damien's friend, Leon Stone, wouldn't allow it

Speaking of Leon Stone, he was unsuccessful in his first ever World Title shot against Hugo Strange.

Hugo Strange posted in a REACTION that he wants any Abominationz member. "I will send them back in a body bag."

Devon Strong of X-Rated successfully won a FnX 3-Way over Brie James & Matt Kail in a pre-show match.

Also, PKA & Dylan Daniels are being praised for their guest commentary for this show. Daniels' yellow suit is getting raves, too. We're told to pass along that "No Canaries Were Harmed" in the marking of his awf/esome suit.

We've got 3 more shows ahead of us until the next iPPV - LIVE FROM DEATH'S DOOR, October 31st. Will Abominationz continue to reek havoc, or will there be an uprising that rids this stable that's been running wild over WARPED for the last year +?



WARPED82 #Recovery - Cold Wind Blows - 9/13/13 - Dearbporn, MI - Ford Community & Performing Arts Center


Dark Match: Porky defeated Jason Scene


Thanks for downloading the file or purchasing the DVD from Enjoy the show.

Fade in.

A graphic comes over the screen as the DVD opens with our first match of the night.

Singles Match
Leon Stone vs. Jason Richards

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington, weighting in at 195 pounds, "The Lone Wolf" Jason Richards!"

The lights go out as a loud howl is let out through the entire venue the music begins to play through the sound system of the venue. He appears slowly stepping through the curtain looking out of the crowd. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as he holds out his hand as the people slap it. He walks over grabbing a chair standing on it putting on foot on the guard rail making a slashing motion across is throat. He jumps down and then jumps on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over stepping up to the second rope he let's out a howl jumping down he begins stretching in the corner staring at the entrance way waiting on his opponent.

Randy Long: "And his opponent, from Dayton, Ohio, weighting in at 220 pounds, Leon Stone!"

Dream on by Aerosmith plays on the speakers Leon Stone walks to the ring dressed in knee length, loose wrestling trunks. They are burnt orange with black seams that say Warped Warrior on the back. Damien Baine is dressed in jeans and a Flux in Motion T-shirt that also say Warped Warrior on the back, as they pass the fans they shake hands and give high fives, When some people boo Leon smiles at them and nods. When they get to the ring, Leon stand in the center, looks at one of the Warped's many W logos that surround the arena, and he nods, he walks to each corner of the ring and raises his fist, he yells at the crowd to get pumped, and finally walking to the center of the ring he grabs two purple velvet sack from his pockets and unties the golden string. He spreads his arms out palms up and waits merely a second before his palms turn and he pours the sand from the sacks, some floats away in the air, most falls onto the mat. He quietly and calmly walks to his corner.

Tony D: "What an opener we have here, folks, as Jason Richards meets the former 3 time Evo Champ Leon Stone!"

Richards begins the match quickly with stiff kicks to the chest. Several low kicks follow, getting Leon on one knee. Jason runs off the ropes, going for a Low Dropkick, but Stone moves out of the way and slides under the bottom rope, getting out of the ring.

PKA: "No wonder he wants to get away. Those kicks by Richards hurt like hell!"

Richards springboards himself to ringside, but Stone once again moves away and Jason hits nothing but the floor. Stone raises him up and sends several punches and kicks towards him before Irish Whipping him to the railing and then back to the ring.

Tony D: "Jason Richards doesn't look good after taking that nasty bump to the floor. And you bet Stone is going to use it to his advantage."

PKA: "Who wouldn't?"

Knee to the stomach rocks Jason Richards and Leon Stone then lifts him up for a Crucifix Powerbomb. Richards slides out and rocks Leon with a Mule Kick, but as he runs off the ropes going for another attack, Stone counters beautifully and Jason finds himself on the shoulders of the former Evo Champ!

Tony D: "Here we go... Shifting Sands!"

Leon Stone covers.




"Dream On" hits the speakers again. Stone, instead of celebrating, lifts Richards up again. With a wide smile on his face, he puts him on his shoulders once again, but suddenly "United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson hits the PA and Adam Stryker comes storming down the ramp! Just as he slides under the bottom rope, Leon escapes the ring, not wanting anything to do with Stryker. The SoCal Switchblade lifts Jason Richards up to cheers from the crowd.

Tony D: "Well this is getting interesting."

Stryker offers a handshake. Richards just slaps the hand.

Jason Richards: "It takes more than that, Adam."

Richards leaves the ring as his music reprises.


Somewhere backstage, stood in a semicircle and facing the camera, we find half of The Asylum. Specifically, Laurel Anne Hardy, Serena Raine, Matt Kail and Cerberus. None of them exactly look like they're in a very good mood. Not pictured: Noumenon, Spades, BlakJak or Evangelista.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "So here we are. Back in the trenches. Crowbar's still here. Starr is still showing his worthless hide. Wallace can't be far behind, and Kris Red, he'll slither in through some forgotten crack. Joey's back and WARPED is running again, but AbominationZ aren't dead, and until they're dead - don't really mind which sense - we ain't resting."

She takes a step forwards and folds her arms.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Right now our time and resources are focused on gettin' Lily back so, congratulations are in order I guess, Starr - you've bought yourself some time. Your little diversionary tactic worked. But when this is over, when we've got her back - and we will get her back, that's a promise - the fire we were gonna rain on you has hereby been upgraded to holocaust, in the literal sense. Ashes - that's all that's gonna be left of you, Starr, not to mention Rampage. Kris, Crowbar, Wallace - you guys really ought to be askin' yourselves whether it's a good idea to be standin' in the blast radius."

Which she duly mimes.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "As for the rest of the WARPED roster - with the exceptions of Hugo an' Jason, who've been in this with us from the start - where the fuck are you? Leon Stone's stopped givin' a fuck, for like the 93rd time. Seth Moore, The Controvert an' Mr Rottentreats are all anglin' for each other, gettin' distracted like kittens when Crowbar dangles a shiny bauble in front of their eyes. PKA cut, an' about five minutes later, so did Switchy. Taurus made his grand return, an' then instantly vanished again. Dylan's got a bloody good excuse for withdrawin' from the battle - what about the rest of you?"

She shakes her head.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "Now I'm sure some of the aforenamed would claim they don't care. Because, y'know, it's easy for people to say they don't care when they don't realise how something affects them. The Asylum, Hugo, Jason - we're more than enough to take down AbominationZ, even if it takes time, so I guess everyone else feels content to just sit back an' let us do the heavy liftin'."

She leans closer, fuming mad.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "But just remember, when this is all over, who it was who kept the fires burning. Who it was who kept fightin' through the darkest hour. Because unless your name is Hugo Strange or Jason Richards, or you have this tattoo-"

And she shows off the stylised "A" on her wrist - the symbol all eight Asylum members bear somewhere on their body.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "-then it wasn't you. Just a little something to think about."

Through a truly monstrous smile, she mouths "Stay fabulous." And with that, the scene ends.


Prez Joey Matthew is shown at his desk in an office room.

Prez Joey Matthew: "Hello WARPED faithful and welcome to WARPED 82. You know, I saw the pre-tape that just aired with The Asylum and I must say THANK YOU, a HUGE THANK YOU to them for all that they have done for us and offered to do in the past and in the future. They are exactly right. Some come and some go but one thing remains and that is The Asylum. I will count on you and anyone who chooses to stand by your side to eliminate The AbominationZ one by one and let me make this promise to all of you - wrestlers, interviewers, announcers, fans.. The AbominationZ WILL be eliminated and abolished from WARPED and it will be done the right way. We will RID this company of that stable, I promise you."

"Now, I must say that at WARPED 81 I was on cloud 9 when I announced that I was close to signing a distribution deal that would have WARPED in homes across the world. It's not been since 2007 with Headstrong Wrestling that I had my company on worldwide television. Well low and behold of course perhaps I was a bit loopy from the meds that the doctor prescribed me, or I didn't do my research, because I made a blunder and low and behold mr Mark Austin, Crowbar as you know him, was the man behind making the deal go through. Now as of this recording I can tell you that we have NOT signed a deal as I am trying to figure out what is best for business. I want your input. Do I sign the deal and have to work with Crowbar, but get WARPED on a worldwide television platform and eventually make us all a lot of money, but also have a lot more work to do? Or do I tell Crowbar to shove that up his ass and we continue to work hard to work towards a deal that will find us on TV finally and without that scum Crowbar? You tell me. Tweet me, @PrezJoeyMatthew, I want your input. Thank you."

He sighs and lowers his head as the scene fades.


In the Edward H. McNamara terminal of Detroit Metro Airport, Cameron MacNichol is waiting for an incoming flight from Chicago, Illinois. Dressed in Vans sneakers, black denim jeans, and a Detroit Tigers baseball jersey, Cameron is nervously rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. As passengers disembark from the plane, Cameron smiles as a Jackie, his bartender friend from Chicago Ridge, a redheaded knockout dressed in white go-go boots, a plaid skirt, and white tank top, smiles and waves at him. As she reaches him, they hug and Cameron kisses her on the cheek.

Cameron MacNichol: “There she is! The prodigal daughter returns. How are you, Jackie?”

Jackie: “A bit tired, but nothing some rest can't handle. It's nice to be back home.”

Cameron MacNichol: “Yeah, I'll bet. You have any bags?”

Jackie: “Yeah, just one. You sure Dyan doesn't mind me staying with you guys?”

Cameron drapes his arm around Jackie's shoulders and leads her towards the baggage claim.

Cameron MacNichol: “Are you kidding? She's thrilled to see you. More excited than I am, and that's saying something. Don't worry about it.”

As they reach the baggage claim, Cameron lets go of Jackie's shoulders.

Cameron MacNichol: Hey, why don't you come to the show tonight?

Jackie: “Again? But you got me into the last show for free. Isn't that favoritism?”

Cameron MacNichol: "Hey, the whole purpose of sports entertainment is to draw fans. But I just had a brainstorm better than just getting you into the show for free."

Jackie: “What?”

Cameron MacNichol: “If I tell you, it ruins the surprise. You're gonna have to be patient.”

Jackie playfully punches Cameron in the shoulder.

Cameron MacNichol: “Ow!”

Cameron rubs his shoulder, as a buzzer sounds overhead and the baggage carousel begins to move, and the scene slowly fades to black.

Singles Match - Evolution Title #1 Contenders Match
The Controvert vs. Seth Moore

This was a match with huge implications. Both men had been involved in the previous Four Corner Survival Match for the Evolution Title, and neither were pinned, so both have something to prove tonight. The Controvert used his power to battle Seth Moore's agility and speed, but Seth was too much for him many times as he'd escape power moves and counter with headscissors, rana's, and more. As Seth Moore would attempt a high flying move from the top turnbuckle, perhaps a moonsault, Controvert countered and went to hit him with the Crucifix Bomb aka "The Evil" but that was countered into a Hurricanrana from Seth Moore. Seth attempted a Mexican Surfboard but couldn't get the move locked in on the bigger masked man. However a Springboard Leg Lariat took The Controvert down and allowed for a Crossface to be locked in. The Controvert made it to the ropes and got out on the apron. This is when Seth Moore went for an attack but Controvert pulled the ropes and down Seth went to the floor. The Controvert then took control at ringside while the referee started a 10 count. Seth battled back though and was getting the best of him when The Controvert then caught him hit a spinebuster into the barricade!! The Controvert rolled back into the ring as the referee counted Seth Moore out and this one was over.

Winner via Countout & #1 Contender: The Controvert

After the match, The Controvert tried to hit another Spinebuster on Seth Moore on the outside but Moore countered into a DDT! He then limped his way to the back, a disappointed and pissed off look on his face.




The show is finally getting prepared to come back from intermission as the crowd is coming back to their seats the beginning stages of fade begin to play. The song hits hard as Brett Strong stands at the entranceway to the surprise of the crowd who pops loudly. He surveys the crowd as he is dressed in a suit as he begins making his way towards the ring. Every few seconds he holds out his hand as he makes it to the ring steps he climbs them slowly stepping through the ropes. He walks over grabbing a microphone as he stands in the middle of the ring raising it to his mouth.

BS: Warped nation!! How the fuck is everyone here tonight? Some of you know me but for those who do not let me introduce myself I am Brett Strong better known as the franchise. I figured I would show up here tonight looking as only I could look to get some things off my chest. I have been in the crowd and in the back and while it’s true Warped has great awesome talent some of them back there are just douchebags. I am not much for scripts so right now I am just going to shoot from the fucking hip and show you the real side of pro wrestling.

He lowers the microphone as a small section of the crowd begins chanting franchise, franchise, franchise he then once again raises the microphone.

BS: It seems to me back there with have a lot of me n who believe they are entitled around here well let me make this clear if you cannot earn it then hit the fucking bricks. I hear bitching and whining and even a dumb ass walking around back there looking like a clown. I mean it’s like some kind of variety hour around here well that is about to change. I am laying this challenge out to anyone back there step in the ring with me and let’s find out if you really belong here.

He walks back over handing the microphone off he walks back over stepping through the ropes jumping down off the apron. The crowd pops loudly as he makes his way to the back holding out his hand.



WARPEDVision lights up. The video opens to see the pattern of an overly clean carpet; which soon becomes a blur.

??????: "I just can't take it, anymore.."

The camera advances toward a door that's ajar. Through the space between the door and it’s frame you can see a paint less, Mr. Rottentreats; just as he’s sitting down. He straightens his posture before adjusting his Dickie's work shorts, and #InTwiztidWeTrust shirt after sinking down into a rather uncomfortable looking couch.

Mr. Rottentreats: “The speculation. All of it! Not just the AbominationZ deal, but lately someone’s been going around saying I’m going to abandon WARPED. They’ve even gone so far as to say that.. Well.. They're saying I’m going to take the WARPED Evolution Title with me! Can you believe that? I LOVE WARPED! This truly is where I belong.”

Mr. Rottentreats reaches his left hand out to a nearby crystal bowl then plucks a Werther’s Original. He anxiously untwists the wrapper at both ends; causing the candy to pop out of the golden wrapper. He smiles and looks straight ahead just as he places it in his mouth and crunches down on the hard candy.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Impressive, huh? It took me years to perfect. Has to be a Werther‘s, though.”

Treats lifts his right foot up and places it on his left knee and begins to tap his fingers on the sole of his lime green, quilted; Chuck Taylor shoes.

Mr. Rottentreats: ‘I know you don’t watch or care about wrestling; but that’s what’s stressing me out!! It is how I make a living ya know.”


Tony D: "For his sake, I hope that was a real counselor and not a manikin."


"Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to play over the announce system and the lights in the arena dim. The fans begin to boo, displeased with the idea of Alexander StarrZoë making an appearance. The top of the entrance ramp fills with smoke and curtain is pulled back. After a moment of hesitation to build suspense, Starr's bodyguard and long time friend Rampage appears at the top of the ramp, a smile on his face, both his middle fingers raised high in the hair, saluting the fans and reciprocating the hatred. The looming brings the microphone he is holding to his mouth and waits a moment for the crowd to silence.

Rampage: "ey yo, everybody, shut the fuck up. Ain't a reason in the world that a soul in this building should be talkin' if you ain't me and ain't none of you mothafuckas me, ya feel? Now, I know y'all expecting to hear from Alex and I know y'all disappointed that Alex ain't out here, but he's sent me ahead just to prepare y'all for the upcoming fun and games. Now; if any of you got little kids or weak stomachs, get the fuck out now, cause what you're gonna see is some twisted shit, feel? The Dragons got us chopped if they think we're just gonna let shit fly around here, I've caught bodies for less shit and I'll probably do it again. Now Alex, fam, let the people know what it's hittin' for…"

WARPEDVision flickers to life as the lights in the building dim again. In the center of the scene stands former World Champion Alexander StarrZoë, a broad cheshire-cat like grin on his face. Next to him is indistinguishable figure dressed in tight black jeans and an AbominationZ t-shirt, obviously a woman, that appears to be tied to a wooden chair, their arms trapped behind them and their ankles bound to the legs of the chair, a burlap hood over their face, and rope bounding their midsection to the back of the chair. StarrZoë places his hand on the top of the hood and shakes the person, who responds with muffled "mph! mph!" through an obvious gag. "Hmm?" Alex asks, sticking a finger behind his ear and winking toward the camera, "I didn't quite catch that, can you repeat yourself?" StarrZoë grows bored after repeating his trick twice more and leans back against the wall, sighing and crossing his arms over his chest.

Starr: "Well, I suppose you've all heard the rumors and have some idea of what's going on by now. WARPED 81 was abuzz about a YouTube video showing Rampage and I in England one eventful night where we left with more than we came. The package we secured that night is the same package before you this very evening. I really wanted to be the first to reveal it, but the Dragons had to go and ruin my fun. Some of you have heard, others have not, either way, it's a fucking doozy! Before we move forward with tonight's scheduled shenanigans however, I feel it's important to remind everyone; do not blame me for my actions going forward. From here on out, everything I do is the fault of Dragons Unleashed. Everything was fine until they decided to take up the banner for WARPED, until they let their hype go to their heads and tried to fight the most powerful force in the industry. Eve bit the apple, Adam was happy in paradise, how can you blame him when he beats the shit out of her? That's neither here nor there anymore I suppose, I've gone above and beyond anything that the Dragons could ever imagine. They though that branding bullshit was cleaver, I don't go tit-for-tat, you slap me, I turn around and stab you; I'll elevate things to levels you would be scared to even imagine. I've gone nuclear this time though, just like I promised. I'm going drop a bomb tonight that will level this whole building…"

Alex's fingers play with the top of the hood, lifting slowly before letting it sag back down, repeating himself twice before taking a deep breath and pulling the hood all the way off. Sitting tied to the chair is a petite, skinny woman with a light, delicate, almost doll like complexion, her skin a porcelain white, pale from fear, a vast contrast to her dark brown hair hair, which is straight and flows down past her shoulders. The woman in question is no older than 21 and closely resembles a younger version of Evangelista of the Dragons Unleashed. The woman has a white cloth tied in her mouth, silencing her, as well as a second tied over her eyes, obscuring her version.

Starr: "Ladies and gentlemen…meet Lily! As some of you no doubt know, this beautiful young woman is the younger sister of none other than our own Evangelista! I must say, Laurel and Leanne, I can call you that, right? I mean, we're practically family now! You two seem to have a serious problem with separating your family from the business. I mean, Jesus, Laurel's brother got beaten by the Daniels Brothers a while back, but at least he same some formal training! Leanne, you and Laurel have now personally caused the abduction of your own defenseless innocent bystandard of a little sister. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your only true responsibility to this girl is to protect her from the evil bastards of this world like me, and all you can focus on is doing everything in your power to want to make me hurt her, and in turn you, that much more. I'm going to take this blindfold off of Lily now so that you two make look into each others eyes, all though from a distance, and share in that inevitable moment of heart-sinking pain you know that you've caused her Leanne…"

Alexander pauses and unties the cloth tied around the woman's eyes, freeing her vision. She blinks several times, her sight adjusting to the light and turns her neck, seeing Starr, as if for the first time, realizing just who he is, and screams, struggling in her bindings, trashing in the chair, and no doubt screaming through her gag, all in a futile attempt to escape the situation. Alex laughs a moment, looking down on the girl, standing behind the woman, before placing his hands on her shoulders and forcing her back against the chair. He stares down, his eyes meeting her as she looks up her, a mixture of sadness, fear, and loathing in her eyes.

Starr: "Oh, shut the fuck up. How many times have we already been over this? You know very well you're not going anywhere, no one can help you now. I don't know why you're so upset at me anyway, every time you look at me, you give me that look like I just shot your dog! It's not me you should be upset at, blame your sister and Laurel, they're the reason you're stuck here! I mean, look at it this way; if those two whores hadn't burned me, you would be safe at home, probably watching this from the distance of an ocean thinking; 'Jesus, I would hate to ever cross paths with him…' But no, they just had to go and hold me responsible for my fucking actions. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?! I am Alexander StarrZoë; I never answer for what I've done unless I want to, now Dragons, you're going to fuckin' learn that…THE HARD WAY! For every action, they're always a reaction; unfortunately for you, the reaction is going to be much, MUCH grander than expected. I don't get out shined, I just light a bigger fire. So fuck it, let's burn this bitch to the ground!"

Alex holds up a gas can, punching the air with it, gesturing with it. The nervous girl eyes the can of gas, following its movement, growing wide-eyed in fear. Alex places the can on the girl's lap and shakes his head, looking down at her.

Starr: "Metaphorically speaking of course…for now. Didn't your parents ever teach you and your sister not to play with fire? You always end up getting burned. They thought they taught me that back in May, huh? No, no you stupid little girls; what you left me with was simply temporary, but the time I'm finished here, I'm going to leave your whole world in a pile of fucking ashes! Now…lets get down to serious business, hmm? Long and hard I thought about what kind of statement I wanted to make once I had Lily. Did I want to mentally fuck the Dragons until they were ready to give me anything I asked for or maybe I wanted to just take out my aggressions against Laurel and Evangelista on Lily. Yeah…aggression…that's a good thing, isn't it? I love releasing pent up aggression…."

Alex's hand slowly slides into his pocket and his eyes grow, a whimsical glint to them and a broad smile creeps across his face, he seems lost in his own thoughts, in whatever anger and hatred is in him. The former champion has detached himself from the realities around him, succumbing to the temporary insanity that makes him such a dangerous individual when pushed to his breaking point. In his hand, Alexander StarrZoë holds something small, his hand closed around it, though the light shines off exposed metal. With a quick *POP* a blade extends from the switchblade he's holding.

He crackles with laughter and grabs Lily by the side of the face, bringing the blade to her cheek.

Starr: "Yeah…how's this for some shit? You bitches want aggression? Fine, here's some fucking aggression for you. It was a back and forth; what the hell am I going to do with this broad? Shit, I could bring that shotgun I was touting around a while ago, just before the Dragons showed up, when I told WARPED the next person that fucks with me is going to find out if they can outrun shotgun pellets. I did warn them, it's not my fault if they weren't around to hear it. No one could have blamed me if I showed the world what color brain matter was fresh from this bitch's head! But I don't want to go that far, so I thought maybe I'll just cut cheek to chin, leave her with a scar that will forever prove to the world that YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH STARR! What about it? Should I…could I?"

In one swift motion, Alex withdraws the blade and swings it closed, locking it back in in place inside the handle, all while Lily flinches and tries pulling away from her capture. Starr laughs at her reaction and pats her on the head, still lost in his own thoughts.

Starr: "No, I could never cut a face this pretty. Trust me, if it were Evangelista or Laurel, I would cut them so quickly, they would bleed blue, but this poor girl, she's innocent. Mind you, not innocent enough that she could avoid being a hostage, but innocent enough that she'll remain safe…if my demands are met. Now, Laurel, Leanne, I want you to listen to me very, VERY fucking closely. See, I know you two cunts are daft, I mean for fuck's sake, I've warned you a million and one times not to fuck with me and yet I still have to go to such extremes to prove my point! So this time, do it right the first time and maybe it won't be your parents that I'm holding a blade to next, hmm? WARPED 83 is going to be a big night for you two. It's going to be your final night in WARPED Wrestling. See, you two whores are going to be in MY RING when I summon for you, front and center, resignation letters in hand and you're going to apologize to me and MY fans for all of the trouble you have caused me and the AbominationZ since your arrival in WARPED. I'll be there on WARPEDVision, live from somewhere within the building, watching it all with a smile on my face. You have your orders, they're simple enough that even a gypsy and a chink mutt should be able to understand them. Don't fuck it up this time…that is of course, if you ever want to see this poor, innocent girl breath again. She's no good to me, so one way or another, you can have Lily back. But if you don't do as I ask, I'll ship her back in a fucking pine box, understand me?"

Alexander StarrZoë disappears as WARPEDVision fades out on a look of pure terror in Lily's eyes.

Grudge Match
Alexander StarrZoe w/Rampage vs. Serena Raine

The scene then fades in backstage where we see Asylum of Laurel Anne Hardy, Serena Raine, Matt Kail, Noumenon, Spades, BlakJak, and Cerberus tearing through the backstage area, searching for Starr. They all individually shout out for Starr and ask people if they've seen him. They kick doors open and flip tables as Laurel is leading the charge to find the man who was doing the awful things to her partner's sister.

"He went out the door!"

A backstage worker points toward the EXIT and The Asylum charges out and the cameras follow. As they get outside they see Starr and Rampage hopping in a truck and taking off, tires screeeeeeeeeching as they jet.

The cameras fade out from backstage and to the ringside area with Tony D and PKA.

Tony D: "We're supposed to see Starr and Serena Raine face off here but I'm not quite sure that's going to happen now... Wow."

PKA: "The fact that Starr is getting away with the things he's getting away with is sickening. But you know what? He's damn entertaining."

Tony D: "You have got to be kidding me?"

PKA: "No I'm not but at the same time I'm not endorsing what he's doing, because you know what? It'll be even more entertaining when he finally gets what's coming to him and I can't wait for that. The more shit he does to Evangelista's sister, Lily, the more he will be in pain and he deserves every bit of it when they get ahold of him."


Ted Nugent's “Stranglehold” hits the speakers, and the crowd rises in unison as Cameron MacNichol steps out from the curtain, dressed in a sharp-looking tuxedo.

PKA: "Well then, how about an uplifting visit from The Dirty Mac!"

With a Cheshire Cat grin on his face, Cameron walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans in the front rows. He reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Still smiling, Cameron takes a microphone from ring announcer Randy Long.

Cameron MacNichol: “How are you doing, Dearborn?”

Cameron lowers his mic as the audience erupts into cheers. Cameron smiles even wider, and then raises his mic again.

Cameron MacNichol: “You enjoying the show so far?”

Cameron lowers the mic as the audience erupts into cheers again. After a moment, Cameron raises the mic again.

Cameron MacNichol: “Good to hear. Now, I'm sure you're all wondering why I'm out here dressed like this. And it's for a very special reason. As I'm sure you know by now, and old friend of mine is back in town after an absence of, oh, call it ten years. And she grew up right here in Dearborn.”

The audience cheers again. Cameron flashes his Cheshire Cat grin again.

Cameron MacNichol: “So let me bring her out right now. Jackie, come on out!”

“Stranglehold” hits the speakers again, and Jackie steps out from behind the curtain in a sexy red dress to match her hair and red open-toed pumps, smiling shyly as she walks down the ramp. As she reaches the ring, she climbs up the ring steps; Cameron holds the second and bottom ropes open for her, and she steps into the ring. As the catcalls peter out, Cameron raises his microphone.

Cameron MacNichol: “Now, Jackie, we've been friends for what, a decade? We met our senior year of high school, right?”

Jackie nods.

Cameron MacNichol: “You remember how nervous I was when I asked you to senior prom?”

Jackie nods again, smiling. Cameron holds the mic out for her.

Jackie: “Oh, I remember like it was yesterday. You were so nervous, I thought you were gonna throw up.”

Cameron MacNichol: “I nearly did. You were with a group of friends, and I was so sure you were gonna shoot me down right in front of them. But I'm digressing here. We're out here in front of all these fans for one reason. To honor your return to Dearborn for the first time in ten years, I wanted to revisit our prom. So without further ado, may I have this dance?”

Cameron holds out his hand. Jackie looks around at the fans, who all urge her on to accept. After a moment, she takes Cameron's hand, and the audience pops. Cameron leads her into the middle of the ring, drops the microphone, takes her left hand, and places his left hand on her right hip. Realizing something, Cameron drops her left hand and picks up the mic again.

Cameron MacNichol: “You guys in the back, play that song I picked out.”

The pounding guitar riff of Ted Nugent's “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” hits the speakers. Jackie backs away from Cameron and doubles over with laughter. Smiling along with her, Cameron makes the “cut it” gesture across his throat. As the Nugent song stops, Cameron raises his microphone, still smiling.

Cameron MacNichol: “No, that's not it at all. Here's the real deal; go ahead and play it.”

Cameron drops the microphone and takes Jackie's hand as “Earth Angel” by the Penguins hits the speakers. Cameron and Jackie dance around the ring, with Cameron leading. As the song ends and the audience applauds, Cameron drops Jackie's hand and picks up the microphone.

Cameron MacNichol: “Thank you. And thank you, Jackie. That brought back some fond memories.”

Jackie covers her heart and mouths “you’re welcome.”

Cameron MacNichol: “Before we get out of here, I do have one thing to confess. I know that we've only really been friends since we met, but I've always hoped it would develop into something more. And since as we're right here in Dearborn, I say we go for broke.”

Cameron drops the mic, approaches Jackie, embraces her and gives her a passionate kiss, as the audience pops loudly. Jackie breaks the kiss, smiling widely, then grabs Cameron and returns the affection. Breaking the kiss again, Cameron and Jackie look around at the crowd, both with wide smiles. Cameron waves at the crowd and, taking Jackie's hand, leads her out of the ring as “Stranglehold” hits the speakers.

Tony D: "Wow I must say that was gutsy of Cameron MacNichol with his friend Jackie but she seemed to enjoy it!"

PKA: "I've also been informed that Joey Matthew has changed the order of matches for tonight. He's going to have Anton Chase and Evangelista be the co-main event, and let the hometown boy Cameron MacNichol along with the World Champ Hugo Strange be the main event. I like it!"

Tony D: "I do too, but I doubt Anton Chase will like it very much!"



We fade in to see "Corporate" Crowbar in a suit and tie as he is on the phone with someone.

Corporate Crowbar: "I do hope you'll change your mind. We'd love to have you in AbominationZ."

Kris Red, the WARPED Color commentator, walks in. Crowbar ends his call.

Kris Red: "Boss, what the hell is going on here? Where's Wallace? Why did Starr and Rampage jet like that? Is Treats even WITH us? And why the HELL isn't Joey allowing me to be on commentary? That's MY spot, not fucking PKA's."

Corporate Crowbar: "Jesus mang, calm down. Everything will work out."

Kris Red: "I don't know man, AbominationZ seems to be a little weak as of la-"

He gets interrupted as Crowbar gets closer to him, intimidating him.

Corporate Crowbar: "What did you say? WEAK? Get the fuck out."

Kris sighs and shakes his head. He leaves the room as Crowbar has a seat, looking frustrated.

Singles Match
Mr. Rottentreats vs. Devon Strong w/Payton Cash

In what was originally supposed to be a BEST OF (five or seven) series seems to be entirely out the window. Mr. Rottentreats did all but dunk Devon Strong in a damn mop bucket and ring him out, cause this match was pretty dirty. Payton Cash tried to get involved to help his X-Rated partner, but Treats and his face-paint looked spectacular for the night. A few cravates, a little eye gouging, and a little hair pulling for fun was good, but when he hit the Rotten Rollup, it was all over, jack.

Winner: Mr. Rottentreats

Forget the Best Of series. That's about as real as the ladies Treats goes out on dates with.


We then see KRIS RED come out and tell PKA to get the hell out of his seet. PKA stands up to him and the former best-friends have words off-mic. PKA shoves Kris and Kris shoves PKA. Tony D backs off but tries to calm them down. They both tell him to shut up.

PKA tells Kris that he took his spot.

Kris tells PKA he took his bitch.

That's when PKA's old squeeze, DEJA, comes from behind and turns PKA around and slaps the shit out of him. She then makes out with Kris in front of PKA and the two head up the aisle.

Tony D stands there awkwardly.

Co-Main Event:Singles Match
Anton Chase w/Cameron MacNichol vs. Evangelista w/Laurel Anne Hardy

Anton Chase was not happy that his match was moved to the co-main event. Cameron did accompany him to the ring, but Anton told him to get his ass to the back cause he could take care of this himself. Evangelista was not fucking around. Her sister is kidnapped and she could be anywhere but here and be thrilled. Laurel cheered Evangelista on, but things seemed weird when that would happen. A glare from Evangelista told an unknown story as Laurel sat down at ringside and watched the match instead of cheering her partner on.

Anton Chase went for the Chaos Theory to try and finish this match off, but Evangelista blocked it and turned it into a backdrop. She went for the Headbreaker, trying to leap and pull Anton's head into her knee, but Anton escaped and tried to leave the ring. The referee started counting him out and Cameron MacNichol came out and told him he needs to do this for the better of their team and that its the right thing. Anton turned back around and grabbed a chair. He slid into the ring and yelled back at Cameron that this is what is going to happen but Evangelista hit him with the Headbreaker from behind and dropped him for a 3 count.

Winner: Evangelista

After the match, Evangelista left the ring as Laurel followed, and Cameron got in the ring and tried to help his partner up but Anton wouldn't allow it.

Cameron stayed in the ring as it was time for his main event non-title match.

On commentary, Tony D tried to get PKA's thoughts on what happened prior to the match with his old friend Kris and ex-girlfriend Deja.

PKA: "I need a drink. We've got to drink tonight."


MAIN EVENT: Singles Match
Hugo Strange w/Missy Von Eerie vs. Cameron MacNichol w/Anton Chase

The DVD scene fades in as we see the World Champ Hugo Strange, with Missy Von Eerie at ringside, in the ring with Cameron MacNichol. Cameron is getting a ton of cheers from his hometown crowd. Anton Chase is somewhere at ringside.

PKA: "Main event time, baby!"

Hugo Strange and Cameron MacNichol exchange a quick handshake.

Tony D: “You’ve got to respect the show of sportsmanship, Peeks. “

PKA: “I respect NOTHING! Okay, just kidding. Its great. I miss Daniels.“

The bell rings.

The Dirty Mac and Canadian Madman waste no time engaging in a collar and elbow tie-up. MacNichol quickly applies a top wrist lock, then digs his left foot into the back of Strange’s left knee. Missy Von Eerie immediately begins to smack the ring apron in support of her man.. On the opposite side of ring Anton Chase attempts to shut up Missy and a small Hugo Strange chant; in return causing the chant to become even louder. Strange rises back up to both feet, then powers MacNichol down with a top wristlock of his own. The chants for Hugo are quickly drown out by chants for the hometown boy; Cameron MacNichol.

Crowd: “DIR-TY MAC!! DIR-TY MAC!!”

Anton Chase looks around at the crowd in disgust. He tells his partner to get his shit together! MacNichol bridges back up to his feet; only to be shoved to the canvas by Strange. MacNichol jumps back to his feet; just as Hugo Strange kisses his biceps and jokingly strikes a pose. MacNichol pops Strange with a heavy handed palm strike to the jaw. Strange throws his hand up as he backs away; obviously feeling the sting of the slap. The ref tends to Strange only to be pushed aside. Strange and MacNichol are both now nose to nose in the center of the ring; bad mouthing each other. The handheld camera picks up MacNichol saying something about not being disrespected in his hometown.

Tony D: “Cameron MacNichol made sure to leave his hand print on the side of Hugo’s face!”


Hugo Strange(yelling): “YOU WANT A WAR, CAM?! YOU’VE GOT ONE!”

Strange hauls off with a wild left hook, but MacNichol ducks it then wraps his arms around the bulbous waist of Strange. MacNichol absorbs the heavy back elbows; whilst shoving Hugo into the ropes and attempting an O’Connor roll. Strange hangs on to the ropes and MacNichol rolls back up to his feet. Hugo motions to the crowd that he’s smarter than MacNichol perceived him to be. MacNichol seizes the opportunity and attempts his version of the Cobra Clutch; known as the Stranglehold. Strange not allowing him to lock in the hold; reverses the Half Nelson to a Hammerlock.

Tony D: “Impressive counter by Hugo Strange.”

PKA: “Both of these men are giving it their all in a back and forth shin dig!"

Strange thwarts MacNichol’s attempt at a reversal by driving his left foot into the back of MacNichol’s knee. The referee checks to see if MacNichol can continue. MacNichol refuses to give up and attempts to rise back to both feet. Strange wraps his right arm around MacNichol's waist, then lifts him and drops him down onto his knee with an atomic drop. Still holding the hammerlock; Strange throws him shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle.

Tony D: “What a Strange take on the Hammerlock, Peeks. “

PKA: “Ugh..“

Anton Chase then hops up on the apron and tries to distract Strange but Strange levels him with a right hand!

PKA: "Anton, stay the hell out of this match. Cameron don't need ya help!"

Strange is quick to hover over MacNichol; kicking him back into the corner as he tries to get up. Strange scrapes his foot across MacNichol’s face; the referee administers the five count.


Crowd: “DIR-TY MAC!!! DIR-TY MAC!!!”

MacNichol gets another boot scrape across the face. Strange turns and charges toward the ropes for some extra momentum.


Tony D: “Looks like Cameron MacNichol’s wish for war has come true, Peeks.”

PKA: “Syria ain't got nothin' on this main event!“

Anton Chase pulls MacNichol out of the ring just as he was about to be beheaded by Hugo Strange. The crowd’s support of MacNichol quickly turns into boos; directed toward Anton Chase. MacNichol shoves Anton Chase away from him. The WARPED Tag Team champions exchange heated words; as MacNichol clutches his shoulder.

Tony D: “Cameron MacNichol seems to be having trouble with that shoulder of his. But, if he isn't careful, he's going to be counted out.“

PKA: “He seems to be having equally as much trouble with his tag team partner.“



Anton tells Cameron to listen to him and do as he says and Cameron tells Anton to back off. Anton goes for a right hand but Cameron ducks and shoves Anton, knocking him on his ass. The crowd pops!

PKA: "Well that isn't good.."

Cameron then rolls into the ring and Hugo rolls him up in a cradle..





Both men rise up and Cameron goes for a clothesline but Hugo ducks it and goes for a backslide but Cameron rolls out and KICKS~! Hugo right in the skull! He then pulls him up and lifts him for a piledriver and drops him right on his skull! Cameron pumps his fists and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Anton Chase hops up on the apron.

PKA: "God damnit Anton!"

Cameron kicks him in the face and he falls off onto the floor. Cameron then leaps off with a flying headbutt and connects on Hugo! He covers Hugo..





Tony D: "Two count only!!!"

Cameron slaps the mat and struggles to pull Hugo up to his feet. He slowly gets him to a veritcal base (just about) until Hugo suddenly gets a second wind and kicks Cameron in the gut, shoves Cameron between his legs, and sets it up.....

Leaping Package Piledriver!

PKA: "Cameron just caught the STD!"

Strange Tombstone Driver is connected and Hugo collapses in the ring. Both men are down!

Tony D: "Hugo has to make the cover!"

PKA: "He seems exhausted!"

The referee starts a 10 count.


The crowd chants "THIS IS AWESOME!"


Missy Von Eerie cheers on her client as the referee continues to count.


Tony D: "This has been a great main event!"

PKA: "This crowd is red hot!"


Both men start to stir and start to rise up...


They both get to their feet and start trading punches, one by one, one after the other! The fans cheer as these two men battle it out. Cameron starts getting the upper-hand and he backs Hugo into the ropes. He goes for the irish whip but Hugo counters and sends Cameron into and off the ropes. Hugo ducks down but Cameron kicks him in the face! Hugo pops up and Cameron hits the ropes and returns with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HEEEEEEEEnotquite as Hugo ducks it! Cameron then continues running and hits the ropes and returns as Hugo turns around and CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL CONNECTS!

PKA: "If at first ya don't succeed!"

Cameron raises an arm in the air and the fans cheer! He stalks Hugo and applies THE STRANGLEHOLD! He wraps his legs around Hugo and has the move locked on tight on the mat!

"TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP!" chants the crowd.

Tony D: "The cobra clutch is locked in tight!!"

BOOT TO THE FACE! Anton Chase stomps the skull of Cameron MacNichol and the referee calls for the bell.


Tony D: "Oh come on!"

WINNER VIA DQ: Cameron MacNichol

Anton Chase puts the boots to Cameron MacNichol as Hugo Strange rolls out of the way. Anton pulls Cameron to his feet and spits in his face before then putting him between his legs and hitting the CHAOS THEORY!

PKA: "Anton Chase just crossed the line!"

The fans erupt in boos.

Tony D: "He just ruined a great main event match, too!"

Anton Chase poses with his arms out to the fans as they boo the hell out of him. They then erupt in cheers as Hugo Strange is up and he spins Anton around and lifts him onto his shoulders and drops him with the BURNING HAMMER!

PKA: "That'll teach ya!!"

Suddenly some commotion is made as someone jumps the barricade, grabs the World Title, and slides into the ring..

Tony D: "William Wallace!"

Hugo turns around and Wallace clocks him with the World Championship and Hugo drops to the mat! The fans boo as Wallace looks at the title and puts it on the mat before bringing a lifeless Hugo to his feet. He then sets him up for the sitout powerbomb, lifts him in the air and drops him!

Tony D: "OH! The Freedom Drop!"

PKA: *deep sigh*

Wallace picks the World Title up and puts a foot on Hugo Strange, holding the title in the air. "THIS IS MINE!" he shouts as WARPED82 fades out.