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The UTA was live from the Verizon Area in Little Rock, AR last night in front of a 3/4 sold out and red hot crowd.

Abdul bin Hussain came out and began talking about how it is a conspiracy by the infidels because of what happened at the pay per view. He said it was good that he was still champion but would not settle for an asterisk beside his name.

Sean Jackson was next out. He said that Madman Szalinski was not in Little Rock because he was home babysitting his injuries, but tonight it did not matter as he would face the champion for the title.

This brought out Kevin Hawk who said that just because one person is the UTA Champion and one is a self proclaimed champion, that neither of them had the ability to book their own matches. In fact, tonight in the main event they will team together to face the team of IM Hate and Johnny Legend.

CBR defeated Wülfric in the first match of the night. Very good match showing CBR's potential.

Log Habben went over Roscoe Shame. Habben has really improved since he first entered the UTA, and it showed.

Yoshii successfully defended his Internet Championship against Max Burke. Burke looked to almost win it several times but eventually fell to a Yoshii Bomb.

Tobias Devereux made his in ring debut, defeating all of fame member Seth Payne.

In the main event, neither team worked well together. Legend eventually left ring side as Sean Jackson worked on IM Hate. Jackson refused to tag in the champion.

Finally, Abdul bin Hussain forced a tag by slapping the back of Jackson. The two began to brawl. Hate, not wanting anything to do with it, left the ring and was counted out giving Hussain and Jackson the win.

The locker room cleared to break the two up, which took a bit. Tensions were high as the show ended.