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With the Warfare screen hoisted high above the crowd and the entrance ramp, Warfare opened to fireworks and massive fanfare. Scott Slugger made his way out of the backstage area, interupting Famine, who was in the ring and ready for the first match. Scott Slugger carried with him a baseball bat, and asked the crowd if they would like to see something smashed. The crowd responded loudly, and Scott Slugger removed from a jacket pocket a minature Eifel Tower. He set it on the turnbuckle, and proceeded to swing and smash the replica, spraying plaster out into the crowd. Scott Slugger then turned to the cheering crowd with a sneer, and delivered a set of fingers as he spat chew on the first row of the audence. Slugger then told the crowd that there was "no way in hell" that Frenchie would leave with the title at Invasion. Suddenly, on the big Warfare screen the Flying Frenchie appeared and began to taunt Scott Slugger and the "puny" American crowd. As Scott jawed at the Frenchie, Mitch Wilson and Primetime came from behind out of the crowd and attacked Slugger, beating him to the ground as the Frenchie looked on and laughed.

Shocker vs. Famine

With Famine already at ringside and putting "the moves" on some ladies in the crowd, the Shocker came to the ring dressed in a Secret Service outfit and along with Machina and Rudo, who passed out buttons and kissed babies and the ladies holding the babies. The Shocker stood in the ring and refused to let Famine in "his ring" by stomping on the hands of Famine as he tried to climb inside. Famine finally made it inside the ring, and pointed toward his crotch before turning back to the crowd and flexing for them. The Shocker struck from behind, and began to kick Famine around the ring. As Famine got back to his feet, the Shocker locked on a pumphandle slam, and quickly rolled Famine up for the pin. As the Shocker saluted Machina, the remainder of Doomsday charged the ring and beat down the Shocker in the ring. The Surgeon picked up the Shocker's face and slapped him in the ring before telling him that he'd "shag it" Sunday.

Result: Shocker by Pinfall

Briana Interview

Briana was briefly interviewed about her upcoming match with Stone at Invasion. Briana simply looked at the camera, and informed the crowd that she seriously doubted she would be facing Stone, and walked away, dangling a length of chain from a closed fist.

Darkness vs. Joy

Joy came to the ring being wheeled in a Red Rover wagon by a large Tweety Bird. Joy sang to the crowd, and tossed candy to the excited and hungry audence. Joy told the crowd that he didn't know what an "anger match" was, but that he knew that if he could get Darkness to come down and listen to a song there would be no need for this match or the match at Invasion. At that point, Darkness slowly walked out of the dressing room area, and strolled down the ramp casually, laughing at Joy. Joy took this as a good sign, and laughed too, albit rather nervously. As Darkness stepped up the steel steps Joy extended a hand. Darkness looked at it, and slowly shook it. Darkness did not let go after the shake however, and instead ceased harder upon Joy's hand. Joy struggled to get free, but Darkness instead clamped down harder and laughed maniacally. Joy began to scream in a high-pitched voice, and jerked forward into Darkness, who toppled backwards and struck the steel steps. Darkness began to bleed from the arm, and the match was called. A frazzled Joy gasped in horror, and attempted to give Darkness medical attention. Darkness grabbed him by the neck, and chokeslammed him to the arena floor before leaving to go backstage.

Result: Joy by "bleeding"

Stone (c) vs. VL

VL came to the ring with a dumpster of weapons, but was told she could not have them at ringside. Angry at this, VL tossed the weapons out into the crowd, who at once began to attack each other and the concession stand vendors. Stone came to the ring with the bWo, who looked tired and moody. Stone then sent the bWo backstage, claiming that "she wouldn't need them for this bitch." As the bWo went backstage, VL responded to the past week of trash talk from Stone by launching herself from the ring in a diving plancha which struck Stone on the outside. Stone was then drug back into the ring, and VL used multiple head butts to send Stone off her feet. Stone landed a lucky kick however, and VL went down hard, clutching her knee. As Stone climbed to the top rope, Briana emerged from the backstage area and struck Stone in the back with the chain, sending her to the mat. VL used the momentum to roll up Stone, and scored the pinfall. Briana tossed the chain into the ring, pointed at VL, and told her that Friday everything would be settled... once and for all.

Result: VL by Pinfall

Fallen vs. Matthew Zhuk


Fallen came to the ring dressed in black leather with a "Sandman" shirt over his tights. Fallen entered the ring and slumped over, glaring at the crowd and the entrance ramp. Matthew Zhuk came out to cheers from the audence and seemed determined and focused. Fallen stayed slumped over against the turnbuckle as Zhuk entered the ring, and only looked up at him as Zhuk waited for the match to start. Zhuk stood and waited, as Fallen made a large show of getting to his feet before walking out of the ring. Zhuk grew annoyed, and ran after Fallen, striking him from behind and hauling him back into the ring. The two locked up inside the ring and Zhuk took Fallen down with a quick drop toe hold. Fallen responded by rolling backward and landing a quick superkick. As Zhuk struggled backward, Fallen attacked in the corner and delivered a quick DDT, but failed to get the pinfall. From up in the rafters sounds of a wolf howling were heard, and Fallen jerked around to see what this was. Zhuk used the distraction to his advantage, and climbed to the second rope before landing a flying elbow. Matthew Zhuk then landed a superkick of his own, and pinned Fallen. Zhuk then looked up the ramp at Kidman and the Misfits, who had come out to watch the match. Zhuk just smirked and pointed to Kidman's title.

Result: Matthew Zhuk by Pinfall

Chris Kidman (c) vs. Surgeon


Kidman passed Zhuk as he came to the ring with the Misfits, and they spoke among themselves as they waited for the Surgeon. The Surgeon came out with Doomsday... but sans Brandi. The Surgeon and Kidman locked up in the ring, but after a few simple back-and-forth moves Brandi emerged from the backstage area and yelled "found them, come quickly!" at the members of Doomsday. Cursing loudly, the Surgeon joined the rest of Doomsday as they ran back to the backstage area. Kidman was left confused in the ring, and the ref awarded the match to him. As Kidman left the area, blood began to drip from the rafters, and Kidman looked up to see Plauge, laughing from above.

Result: Chris Kidman Jr. by Count Out

Doomsday Attack

The cameras picked up Doomsday quikly running to the parking lot area, weilding crowbars. Doomsday spotted War and the Brawler, along with Scott Taylor, getting out of a limo. Doomsday at once attacked, and War and Scott Taylor quickly ducked into the limo. From inside the limo a shadowy character beconed the driver to pull away. Doomsday, angry and frustrated, took out their aggression on the Brawler, who was left behind.

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Black Panther

Flying Frenchie (c)Black Panther

The Black Panther came to the ring after a brief video montage of the events leading up to this rematch against the Internet Champion. Doing commentary for the match was special guest the Texas Kid. The Frenchie came to the ring along with Mitch Wilson and Primetime. The Frenchie instructed Wilson and Primetime to watch the entrance ramp for the Slugger and possible interference. The Frenchie entered the ring and began to mock the Panther, who responded by slapping the Frenchie with a hard chop to the head. The Frenchie fell to the mat as the Pather applied an ankle lock submission hold. The Frenchie reached the ropes and kicked the Panther as he was forced to release the hold. The Frenchie went to the top rope and landed a frog splash, and climbed up for another. As he prepared to land it, a baseball struck the back of his head. The Texas Kid then leapt into the ring and began to stomp down the Flying Frenchie. The Texas Kid then removed his mask to reveal that he was actually Scott Slugger and not the Texas Kid. As Scott Slugger continued to beat down the Frenchie, the Panther struck from behind with a superplex on Scott Slugger as fWo security hit the ring to seperate the men, who all loudly screamed at each other... as the cameras went off the air...

Result: Flying Frenchie by DQ