FWO: HH HOUSE SHOW - 01/15/1999

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Holiday Hell III opened with James Armstrong alone at ringside. James Armstrong announced that he was by himself and Chris Finn was oddly not present tonight. James announced that since Chris Finn was not here, he was calling out the Flying Frenchie to announce with him.

Ultra Violet vs. Showstopper

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet came to the ring with Violet for his match. Ultra Violet seemed confused by the crowd and lights, and when he climbed into the ring he tangled himself up in the ropes. Ultra Violet struggled, but only succeeded in catching his neck in the ropes. As Ultra Violet slowly turned a shade of purple, the Showstopper came to the ring and laughed at Ultra Violet. The Showstopper waited until Ultra Violet had passed out, and then freed him from the ropes. Wanting to extract some humiliation from Ultra Violet, he picked him up for a crucifix slam, but lost his balance and fell down on his head, with Ultra Violet falling on top of him. The ref made the count for an unconcious Ultra Violet, and declaired him the victor.

Result: Ultra Violet by Pinfall

Lone Gunmen vs. Doomsday

Lone Gunmen

Result: Lone Gunmen by Pinfall

French Foundation (c) vs. Dreamers

French Foundation (c)French Foundation (c)

Result: Dreamers by Pinfall

Briana (c) vs. VL


Result: VL

Scott Slugger vs. Cactus Jon

Scott SluggerCactus Jon

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall

Darkness vs. Boston Strangler

Boston Strangler


Result: Darkness

Ice (c) vs. Scotty Cool

Ice (c)


Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall