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WARPED78 - 5/16/13 - Castleford, W.Yorkshire, England - Castleford Civic Hall


Nobody saw it coming when a) William Wallace became World Champion and b) Joined the AbominationZ faction, embracing with Crowbar and former World Champ, StarrZoe. But sure enough, that's exactly how WARPED77 in Wallace's hometown of Scotland ended. Will we find out exactly why he did what he did at this upcoming show in Castleford? Hopefully.

Now that AbominationZ have Wallace, will there be any sort of uprising from any of the WARPED faithful to try to put a stop to this sadistic stable? It'd appear that there may be issue in the former camp of PKA, Hugo Strange, Dylan Daniels, (and Wallace).. Rumors are that PKA has recruited UK Dragons and may be looking for others to help lead the charge against AZ. Will he have any luck in that effort? Again we say ... hopefully.


Main Event: Tag Team Championship
UK Dragons(c) vs. Anton Chase & Cameron MacNichol

Singles Match
William Wallace vs. PKA

Tag Team Match
Kandi Washington & Hugo Strange vs. Flux In Motion

Singles Match
Jason Richards vs. Taurus Capone

Tag Team Match
Ice & Drake Knight vs. Y & The Controvert

Singles Match
Dylan Daniels vs. Seth Moore

WARPED78 - 5/16/13 - Castleford, W.Yorkshire, England - Castleford Civic Hall




You open the DVD of WARPED 78 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


DVD Opening Scene

The show kicks off with a FLASHBACK to the last show, WARPED77. The match is William Wallace vs. Taurus Capone in the main event, and if Capone wins, he gets a future shot at the World Title. Crowbar and Starr have made their way out...

Crowbar puts his arm around the referee and both men have their backs turned to the action.

Crowbar: "Let me tell ya a story. See, once upon a time there was a General Manager and a Referee. See, the General Manager told the referee to do something and he didn't listen. And you know what happened next? Do you?"

With the ref's back turned, StarrZoe slides into the ring with the championship title in hand.

Crowbar: "Would you like me to tell ya?"

Wallace and Capone both look ready to defend themselves against Starr, but suddenly Wallace shoves Capone and Starr takes him out with the title! Starr and Wallace share a glance and Starr slips out of the ring.

Crowbar: "I uh.. well I guess I forgot the rest of the sto.. oh hey count!"

Crowbar shoves the referee toward Wallace, who has Capone covered..




The bell sounds and the fans erupt in cheers! Their hometown hero has just won the match!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - William Wallllllaaaaaaaace!"

“Crank” by Psyko Dalek begins to play.

The fans continued to cheer for Wallace after what went down.

Wallace: "You wanna get involved in the ring tonight, Starr? I bet you wanna take credit for me win there to, eh? Well A wanna offer you this - a match right here in ma home of Scotland!"

The fans erupt in cheers!

The scene smashcuts to..

Crowbar is pleading with Starr but Starr tells him to get the hell out of the ring. wallace watches on. Starr yells over the ropes at Crowbar for him to stay the hell out of his way and just then Wallace rolls up Starr in a schoolboy...




The fans went wild! Wallace had just won the World Title for a second time in record time!

We then see the staredown that took place between Starr and Crowbar vs. Wallace....

All three men smile. Wallace lunges toward the two men and the three embrace in a hug in the middle of the ring.

Tony D: "What the hell?"

Smashcut to a shot of The Garage in Glasgow, Scotland, littering the ring with trash as Wallace, Starr, and Crowbar celebrate in the ring.



We are then taken to the footage from the WARPED Reactions camera that's set up near the EXIT of the building following the event.

StarrZoë saunters up to the camera with a smile on his face and looks down the hallway, both ways to make sure no one is around before crouching down at eye level with the camera. The broad smile still on his face, StarrZoë lights a cigarette.

Starr: "Didn't see that one coming, did you assholes? I said it before, I'll say it again; this isn't about one person, one title, or one stable. This is about killing WARPED Wrestling and burying the body. The AbominationZ run this place now. ANYONE who tries to stand in our way WILL get laid the fuck out. We took WARPED's knight in shinning armor away and now they're left with nothing but a bunch of has-beens and never will be's. You're either with us or you can consider yourself dead. We will not be taking prisoners. We're giving out death penalties."

StarrZoë walks away.

As Wallace is leaving the garage in jeans and a plain black tshirt he approaches the reactions camera. He has his equipment back with the World title over the top of it in his hand. He stoos and looks right down the lense. He takes a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak.

Wallace: ...

Wallace says nothing. He just lifts his index finger to his lips and walks away saying 'shhh' you can hear the door slam and the scene ends.


Austin Sanders is standing by awaiting Dylan Daniels.

Austin Sanders: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm about to be joined by "The Mas.."

Dylan Daniels saunters into the frame donning his new ring jacket. He notices Austin Sanders take a second glance.

Dylan Daniels: "Looking sharp aren't I, Austin? I don't believe we've met.. I'm Dylan Daniels."

Dylan extends his hand forcing Austin to oblige.

Austin Sanders: "We've met before, Dylan. We've even had drinks!"

Dylan Daniels: "You seem to have misunderstood me. I stand before you a changed man! I've got my wife back. My family has been krazy glued back together and wrapped in duct tape. I'm almost a cruiserweight. AGAIN!"

Austin Sanders: "What does any of that have to do with Seth Moore?"

Dylan Daniels: "My point is, words hurt! That hearing aide he alluded to? It exists."

Austin Sanders: "It does?"

Dylan Daniels: "Yea, it does. Want to see it? After all, seeing is believing!"

Austin excitedly nods while Dylan smirks and reaches up to his left ear with his right hand. Austin attentively follows Dylan's hand as he turns it into the crude gesture of flipping the bird.

Austin Sanders: "Now that's uncalled for!"

Dylan Daniels: "Should I show the WARPED Faithful and Seth Moore?"

Dylan points this hand gesture toward the camera before speaking again.

Dylan Daniels: "You're not the only one with jokes, Seth. You weren't far off with your assumptions.. After all rocking a crowd of thousands; night in and night out, could have its repercussions. You wouldn't know about that yet, would ya? You haven't reached the pinnacle yet, have you? I know it's a low blow.. That's what we're doing, isn't it? Pointing out the obvious! I hope you enjoy looking up at the lights. They're the only thing bright about your future. Now, if you'll excuse me.. It's time for one Moore Massacre!"


Singles Match: Dylan Daniels vs. Seth Moore

The camera fades to the ringside area where we see Tony D and Kris Red side by side!

Tony D: "Fans welcome to WARPED78! We are live in Castleford, West Yorkshire, England in the beautiful Castleford Civic Hall with a sold out crowd tonight! I'm Tony D and alongside me is as always, Kris Red."

Kris Red: "Tony D first and foremost you should always introduce me as the official commentator for The AbominationZ, RED HOT, Kris Red! Things are about to heat up tonight for sure and you better watch out because AbominationZ are gonna be the ones to do the burning!"

Tony D: "We've got Tag Team action galore tonight, including a Tag Team Championship Match. Plus, we will hear from the new World Champion, and newest member of Abominationz, William Wallace."

Kris Red: "He's the ABOMINATIONZ World Champion! Again, Tony D. Take notes."

The camera fades to the ring where Randy Long stands, ready to introduce the upcoming match.

Tony D: "Let's get things started off with our opening match, shall we?"

Randy Long: "The opening contest for WARPED78 live from Castleford is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first - from Phladelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 218 pounds, making his WARPED Wrestling debut - Seth Moore!"

As "Danger on the Track" hits the speakers Seth Moore slaps his way through the curtain and out towards ringside. He verbally jousts with fans as he makes his way down the aisle before pausing on the ringsteps with a cocky smirk on his face. He proceeds into the ring where he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stands looking out over the crowd.

Tony D: "Seth Moore, just under three years in the business and from what I'm told, quite the athlete. He doesn't seem to care much for the fans, though."

Kris Red: "That's just what we need, Tony D. More people who are in it for themselves and don't let the fans bother them."

The pounding of the drums and distorted chugging of Dimebag Darrell’s guitar and Rex Browns pulsating bass over take the PA system. Fog seeps it way upon the WARPED entrance ramp as Philip Anselmo’s vocals kick in.


“The end will crush the light, and send a message.
It won’t please the naked eye
Without and end there is no light
To Foretell, to blind you
The Law of the claw reigns on and after still.”

Atop the ramp Dylan Daniels appears arms spread out back facing the ring. His upper body covered in an aged misfits hoody.


“When I die, I cast a shadow

Dylan Daniels swings his right leg around pivoting on his left foot. Keeping his hooded head down.


And I’ll Rise, I cast a shadow!

He cockily begins to saunter down the aisle. He stops every few steps at certain WARPED fan who seem to be visually upset with his appearance here in WARPED.

Randy Long: “Making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at two-hundred and forty two pounds. From Asheville, North Carolina, by way of Greensboro, North Carolina. Dyyylllaaaan Daaaaanieels!

When Dylan reaches the ring he takes his time ascending the ring steps before wiping his boots on the apron. He makes his way to the other ring post and climbs to the second turnbuckle and pulls his hood back as he raises a fist high in the air. After this simplistic pose, he uses the turnbuckle to bounce himself over the rope into the ring. He steps to the center of the ring, drops to one knee and flips the crowd off. Upon reaching his designated corner he unzips his hoody and to reveal his elbow pads and and black singlet.

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels has been wrestling for 20 years as of this August. That's 17 years more than his opponent."

Kris Red: "I'm glad you can do math, Tony D. But do the math of their age difference. Seth Moore is younger and more athletic than the old Dylan Daniels. Not to take anything away from Daniels, he can still go, but you gotta give all of the facts!"

The bell sounds as Dylan Daniels and Seth Moore circle around the ring. They meet in the middle with a collar and elbow tie up. Daniels is quick to take control with a knee to the midsection and a chop to the chest! Irish whip into the corner.. Daniels charges but Moore moves and Daniels puts on the breaks, but Moore slaps him in the back of the head. This infuriates Daniels as he turns around and delivers a hard right hand to the face, and Moore fires back with one of his own. They trade punches until Daniels ducks under one and hits a release German Suplex!

Kris Red: "Well for being an old man he sure is quick!"

The crowd pops as Dylan Daniels smiles at his work. Seth Moore gets up off of the mat, clutching his midsection. Daniels kicks Moore in the face, and then brings him into a double underhook situation. He lifts him up and drops him back-first on his knee!

Tony D: "That Unnamed Feeling nearly breaks Seth Moore in two!"

Daniels into the cover..



Kick out.

Daniels immediately locks in a headlock, but Moore isn't going to allow Daniels to keep him down, as he fights to his feet. Daniels tries to keep the headlock on, but Moore lifts him up in a back suplex then drops him on his face!

Kris Red: "Now THAT is a way to get out of a side headlock."

Daniels grabs his face as Moore rolls him over and covers..


Kick out!

Moore looks to lock in a Mexican Surfboard, but Daniels wiggles free and grabs the ropes. Moore backs off, and Daniels starts up to his feet, but not entirely as Moore rushes him with an elbow to the face and pushes him into the corner. Moore now hammers away with right and left kicks to the midsection of Daniels, as he tries to cover up. Moore pulls him out of the corner and whips him to the opposite corner as hard as he can. Daniels hits chest-first and staggers back and right into a Half Nelson Suplex! Moore covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Seth Moore is taking it to Dylan Daniels now and looking very good in the process."

Kris Red: "This kid hasn't even been in the business for three years and he's in there with a veteran in Dylan Daniels and he's having his way with him!"

Seth Moore brings Daniels up to his feet and kicks him in the ribs a couple of times and in the thigh, causing Daniels to drop to one knee. Moore pulls Daniels head in for a suplex of some sort, and he lifts him high in the air, holding him up.

Tony D: "Makin' him think about it right now.... the blood rushing to Daniels head."

Moore then drops Daniels with a brainbuster! Instead of covering, he pops up and brags to the fans that Daniels can't compare to himself! The fans give off a mixed reaction and Moore raises his arms in the air.

Tony D: "That's some total disrespect from Seth Moore to Daniels. He's a GUEST in this company and there's no reason he should be treating a vet like Daniels that way."

He looks back down at Daniels who is making a move. Moore kicks him in the head and tells him to stay down "old man"

Kris Red: "But let's be honest, Daniels isn't a full time roster member too. Why does it even matter?!"

Daniels continues to fight up to his feet and Moore continues to kick him. Daniels sits up and Moore kicks him in the chest, but Daniels gets fired up. He starts to get to his feet and Moore thinks of something else. He runs to the ropes, leaps onto the second and springboards back with a leg lariat~ but Daniels ducks and Moore crashes on the mat!

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels dodges the leg lariat!"

Moore gets to his feet and Daniels charges and clotheslines him over the top rope and the fans cheer him on! Daniels gets fired up and then gets out on the apron. Moore gets to his feet at ringside and Daniels leaps off with a diving elbow, nailing him right in the head! Moore drops again and Daniels celebrates with the fans, high-fiving along the front row.

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels has turned this around!"

Kris Red: "And these fans love it. I don't know why.."

He brings Moore to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Daniels slides in and Moore starts up to his feet. Daniels applies a half nelson and powers him up, looking to drive him to the mat with the Half Nelson Driver, but Moore rolls through and Daniels goes face-first on the mat. Moore then locks in an STF Submission!

Tony D: "What a counter to the Misery Driver!"

Daniels fights toward the ropes, crawling and crawling as Moore pulls back on his head.

Kris Red: "Daniels might have to tap!"

Daniels inches closer to the ropes as the fans cheer him on.

Tony D: "Daniels is reaching!"

And he gets the ropes! The referee taps Moore on the back and tells him to release the hold but Moore won't let it go!

Tony D: "Oh come on let it go!"

The referee starts a 5 count and Moore releases at 4. He gives a smug look to Daniels on the mat. Daniels starts up to his feet and Moore measures him off and fires away with a straight kick, but Daniels catches his leg! Moore looks scared and unsure what to do while Daniels is confident and in control......until..

Tony D: "Enziguri!"

Moore cracks Daniels over the side of the head with his other foot! This puts Daniels out on his feet. Moore runs and springboards off the ropes and this time he nails the Leg Lariat! He then quickly brings Daniels up and between his legs. He lifts him up and drops him with a sit out piledriver!

Kris Red: "Piledriver, and Moore locks in a crossface chicken wing it appears.. what.. what's he doing.."

Moore flips over, bridging out the crossface chickenwing and into cattle mutilation!

Tony D: "That's the Bridging Chickenwing!"

Daniels is in the center of the ring as this devastating looking submission is locked in.

Kris Red: "He's stuck with nowhere to go!"

Daniels taps!

Kris Red: "It's ova!"

The referee calls for the bell and it sounds. Seth releases the hold and confidently rises to his feet and "Danger on the Track" by Europe hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner via submission - Seth Moore!"

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction but many still show their respects based on his wrestling ability. But soonthereafter their mixed reaction and respect turns to boos as he starts to put the boots to Dylan Daniels.

Kris Red: "Show him what's up!"

The referee backs him away from Daniels and he smirks as he goes through the ropes and hops off the apron.

Tony D: "Well, Seth Moore may not have the most honorable of ways to go about his business, but he did win that match in an impressive fashion."

He shrugs and puts his arms in the air, walking up the aisle, as fans show their dislike for his actions.



The cameras fade in, walking behind the very lovely Kelly Calloway. She keeps looking back to make sure they're still in tow before stopping at a door and nodding at the crew.

The door has a gold AbominationZ logo on it, there is a gold plaque attached to the logo, for obvious transportation between events. The camera focuses in on the plaque. The cameraman eventually figures out how to use a camera and what's written on the plaque is seen: Crowbar. General Manager.

Kelly knocks on the door lightly and gets no response. She taps her foot for a minute and knocks louder. A muffled "What?" is heard through the door. Kelly opens it and walks in with the camera in tow.

Crowbar is sitting at his desk, tapping away on a laptop. He's dressed in a black shirt, black jeans, black steel capped boots with a rather expensive looking Omega watch on his wrist. A sports coat is seen hanging on the side of a large AbominationZ logo behind him. He looks up and notices who just walked in and smiles.

Crowbar pulls out a cigarette and lights it, before standing up and walking around his desk to meet Kelly. He extends his hand and shakes hers before giving her a kiss on the hand.

Crowbar: "Ah, the beautiful Kelly Calloway, my favourite backstage reporter! How are you? What can I do for you?"

Kelly blushes a little and looks down shyly like a schoolgirl with a crush before looking back up and composing herself.

Kelly: "Well I just wanted to get an interview so WARPED and AbominationZ fans know what the situation between William Wallace and Alexander Starrz-"

Crowbar puts his hand up and stops her.

Crowbar: "Ahhh, I'm betting you want to know two things: What's happening with Starrs rematch, and Who the #1 Contender to the title is, right?"

Kelly nods and smiles.

Crowbar: "Thought so, well, the first situation is Starr has forfeited his rematch clause, so basically he gave up the rematch."

Kellys eyes open wide in shock.

Crowbar: "The reason for that is simply because, well, if you saw the last show, that title change was intentional, so why would you go and try and reclaim something that was intentionally given away?"

Kelly shrugs and nods.

Kelly: "Makes what about the #1 Contendership to the AbominationZ World Title?"

Crowbar walks over to his desk and puts out the cigarette he was smoking before walking back up to Kelly.

Crowbar: "Ah Kelly, you're usually so nervous! However you do know correctly that it is the AbominationZ championship, I'm thoroughly impressed!"

Crowbar nods approvingly and smiles before continuing.

Crowbar: "See here's the thing...Kandi Washington won the Squarian, but that only grants her the right to challenge for the title when she chooses to, so that doesn't make her #1 Contender, and Taurus Capone LOST his Contendership match, interference or not, he lost, so he's out really....there isn't one."

Kelly: "There's no #1 Contender at all?"

Crowbar: "Nope. I'm going to have to talk to Joey about that one and work out something...maybe I'll do a Pinata attached to the front of a moving truck match for the spot or something along those lines, I have no idea, but as of right now, Wallace has absolutely nobody who is immediately coming after his title."

Kelly: "What about PKA leaving? Going over to Frontier? Did you know about any of this before?"

Crowbar cocks his head sideways for a minute and scratches it before cracking his neck.

Crowbar: "Actually that's the first I've heard that he's going to Frontier.....Didn't Starr and myself...oh yeah. Anyway, PKA has chosen to tuck his tail between his legs and run, because The AbominationZ have accomplished what The Movement couldn't. If he really thinks he can escape us that easy, he's got some weird delusions."

Crowbar chuckles and smiles to himself.

Kelly: "Crowbar, thanks for your time and for clearing up the shroud around the AbominationZ Championship and the departure of PKA to Frontier."

Tag Team Match: Drake Knight & Ice vs. Y & The Controvert


We are then taken to the footage from the WARPED Reactions camera that's set up near the EXIT of the building following the last event.

Y & The Controvert w/SwitchBlade
*Y, Controvert and SwitchBlade walk past the Reactions camera. SwitchBlade stops them and points out the camera. Y and Controvert step closer to the camera and get their masked faces up close to the lens. SwitchBlade remains in the background.*

SwitchBlade: Tonight, another message was sent to the Warped roster. The Elite have been "crowned" and as their bodies heal we can only hope that their minds are cleansed in the process. We do not accept failures. We do not accept false prophets. We do not accept, and will not ever, hold one class of wrestlers higher than another. You are all on the same level, and those who attempt sovereignty within this company will be punished.

Y suddenly starts laughing. Controvert joins in.

SwitchBlade: Want to know what's so funny? So do I.

*SwitchBlade smirks and walks away. Y and Controvert, still laughing, follow after him.*

The scene now fades to the ring area where we see Randy Long ready to introduce the tag match.

Randy Long: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 551 pounds, they are the unstoppable Drake Knight and the ice queen Ice… THE ANNIHILATORS!"

“Submission & Domination” hits the p.a. system and immediately after, the fans roar with boos and unflattering chants as they begin to make their way out from behind the entrance curtains. They walk up to the top of the ramp and pauses momentarily, glazing at the booing crowd, and slightly looking toward each other. They nod and proceed down the ramp.

Kris Red: "Unstoppable force! There he is! Look at how big Drake Knight is. And ICE! Look at how beau, uh.. well there she is."

Tony D: "How's that, Kris?"

The lights go out. "The Answer" by Lthrboots starts playing as strobe lights circle around the arena. The lights all converge to the top of the ramp. Standing on top of the ramp are Y and The Controvert. SwitchBlade is close behind them, a hand on both their shoulders. He says something to them, and the two proceed to head down to the ring with SwitchBlade remaining at the ramp. Y is now holding two plastic masks that look like pig faces.

Randy Long: "And their opponents - Accompanied by SwitchBlade, at a combined weight of 314 pounds, they are the team of Y and THE CONTROVERT!"

Y slides under the ring ropes while Controvert walks up the ring steps. Both meet at the turnbuckle and stare directly at their opponents without budging an inch.

Tony D: "The first of three tag team matches tonight at WARPED78. Y and The Controvert having their third match here in WARPED after going through Bushido and Justin Reyes, and Tin and Voe Li, with ease in previous shows."

Kris Red: "But they haven't won a single of those matches, Tony D. You can't just go on killing people and expecting to keep getting paid! Meanwhile, Drake Knight and Ice get things done."

Tony D: "But they've had a single match, and it was a two on one versus Wallace. Not quite getting things done when they lost.."

Kris Red: "Tony D, first of all they are personal bodyguards and that's what bodyguards do, they guard bodies! They wrestled against a top athlete like William Wallace so OF COURSE he beat them! God! And how do you know that wasn't the plan all along??? HUH??"

Tony D: “Sounds like a crappy plan to me. And speaking of plans, what are Y and Controvert planning this week with those masks? Is that supposed to be a pig face?”

Kris Red: “Hey, maybe they’ll give one to you so you can look prettier!”

Tony D: “Ha, ha. But seriously, with what we saw them do with those crowns last time, what on earth could they do with pig masks?”

As they enter the ring, Y hands SwitchBlade the masks and the bell sounds.

Tony D: "No more questions, Kris. It's match time."

Kris Red: "No more answers for you, Tony D."

Drake Knight and Y start things off. Y immediately locks in a side headlock and drives his fists into the skull of Knight. The larger Knight pushes Y away and into the ropes, but Y returns quickly and leaps up at Drake, but Drake catches him, though Y uses the momentum and turns them around and into a swinging DDT!

Tony D: "A mid-air counter from Y!"

Kris Red: "Why not!"

Y tags in The Controvert and they trade places. Controvert comes in and hammers away with right hands as Knight was getting to his feet.

Tony D: "Now the teams are evenly matched in this instance."

Knight grabs the wrist of The Controvert and locks in a wrist lock. Ice tags herself in and enters the ring, hits the ropes and charges in with a low dropkick while Knight held onto Controvert. The Controvert drops to a knee and Ice punches The Controvert several times, and then backs up. She charges and hits a big boot to the face of The Controvert and knocks him to the mat. She tags out to Drake Knight and they bring The Controvert up and put him in the corner.

Tony D: "This might be the most offense a team has gotten on Y or The Controvert since their arrival."

SwitchBlade shouts out orders to Y and he gets in the ring to come save his partner. The referee cuts him off and Y argues while Drake Knight tells the ref to keep him out. The Controvert then hits a low blow on Knight and turns and hits Ice, knocking her down to the ringside area.

Kris Red: "Hey come on! You can't do that!!"

Tony D: "Suddenly against cheating, are ya Kris? When it has to do with AbominationZ, conveniently you are.."

Kris Red: "Pipe down!"

Y gets out on the apron again and the ref can turn his attention to The Controvert as he leaps off the second buckle and nails a flying back elbow to the face of Drake Knight. He drops to one knee and The Controvert lifts him up and hits a Spinebuster right into the turnbuckle post!

Tony D: "Question Authority! That has to hurt!"

Kris Red: "Drake could have a concussion the way his head snapped against the turnbuckle!!"

The Controvert tags out as Y stalks his prey, that being Drake Knight as he staggers out of the corner with his back turned to Y, who then spins Knight around and grabs him by the head and squeezes as tightly as possible.

Tony D: "N/A! He's got that vice grip locked in, squeezing the head of Drake Knight."

SwitchBlade shouts orders to The Controvert who charges around the ring and LEVELS Ice with a huge lariat. In the ring, the referee checks on Drake Knight and he looks to be KNOCKED OUT!

The referee raises his arm once… and it drops.

The referee raises his arm a second time... drops!

The referee raises his arm a third time... and he's out cold! The ref calls for the bell and this one is over.

"The Answer" by Lthrboots (Pastichio Rocker Instrumental Mix) hits the PA System. The Controvert and SwitchBlade join Y in the ring. The veteran stands between both of them and raises their arms as Randy Long announces them as the winners.

Randy Long: "The winners of the match - Y and The Controvert!"

The fans give off a mixed reaction as the team stands tall in the ring.

Tony D: "A great showing from Y and The Controvert as they pick up their first official win in WARPED, and go through a third consecutive team with ease. That's not a great start for AbominationZ tonight."

Kris Red: "But don't you worry, Tony D, Kandi Washington and William Wallace will show the world what we're about!"

Tony D: “Hold on, Kris. This isn’t over yet!”

SwitchBlade gives the masks back to Y. Y throws one over to Controvert and the two stand over their fallen opponents. They simultaneously apply the masks to the heads of Ice and Knight. Y can be heard squealing like a pig as he does this.

Tony D: “What on earth…why? What’s the point?”

Kris Red: “I don’t think there IS a point, Tony D. It’s just what they feel like doing.”

SwitchBlade goes under the ring and pulls out two long pieces of rope. He throws one to Y and Controvert. They grab the rope and start hog tying up the wrestlers. The referee tries to stop them, but they push him off and continue.

Tony D: “Good lord, they’re hog tying them! Y and Controvert are treating these wrestlers like they were wild pigs on a farm!”

Kris Red: “That’s gotta be embarrassing.”

Once they finish, Y and Controvert stand tall as their theme music plays once again. Y “kisses” Drake on the forehead and leaves the ring. Controvert simply kicks Ice in the head and leaves with Y. SwitchBlade puts his arms around both men and leads them up the ramp to the back.

Tony D: “This is nuts! How long are they going to be able to get away with stunts like this?!

Kris Red: “Well we have plenty of other tag teams for these guys to face, and let’s see them just TRY to hog tie wrestlers the caliber of Alexander StarrZoe and Kandi Washington.”

Tony D: "Speaking of Kandi, she’ll be in tag team action tonight as she teams with her co-Evolution Champion Hugo Strange in an unlikely pairing to take on Flux In Motion later tonight. Plus, William Wallace goes one on one with PKA in what is rumored to be PKA's final WARPED match."

The scene fades...




WARPEDVision lights up with the black and white image of Ape Boy marching back and forth; chanting.


He pauses and approaches the camera before knocking on the lens.

Ape Boy: "Nobody? I thought it was kind of an awkward chant as well."

Ape Boy waves then points to himself.

Ape Boy: "Y, you must be wondering who I am. Maybe even what I'm doing on this fancy screen. Especially after such an impressive victory. If you weren't dead set against answers; I would probably tell you this. It's not everyday a couple of anatomy dummies come to life to battle Paul Blart and the bearded lady. That would be a lie, and we all know.."

Ape Boy motions for the subject to come closer then pounds his chest.

Ape Boy: "APE BOY IS DA TRUTH! Then again it could be a lie. Since Y despises answers so much, I'm quite sure he can't handle.."

Ape Boy quickly looks to his right then back into the camera quickly finishing.

Ape Boy: "The Truuuuuu...."

Ape Boy bolts out of the frame and Dylan Daniels is trailing behind him with a gym bag full of bananas shouting profanities.



We cut to the backstage area where William Wallace is just entering the arena. He enters through the fire exit wearing a pair of jeans, a plain black tshirt and a pair of sunglasses. In one hand he has his equipment back and in the other the World Championship. He is approached by Sean Armstrong, who shoves a microphone in Wallace’s face.

Armstrong: Mr. Wallace, can we have your thoughts on your match tonight?

Wallace: My thoughts? Well for the last year a have wanted nothin more than to get in the ring with PKA, and now thanks to Crowbar it is happenin. Last year PKA used me to get what he wanted, last year PKA asked me to join him, he asked me to help him gain full control of WARPED, which a did. A got him control, a got rid of Joey Matthew, a didn’t do it for me, a didn’t do it for William Wallace, a did that for Patrick Kay Anthony an all a asked for in return was a shot at the World title. Let’s be honest it was the least a deserved after what a put maself through for him, after everythin a done for him. It all makes sense now though, he was jealous of my rise. He thought it should have been him and up until now he just couldn’t admit that. He tried to hold me back by not giving me a shot at this World title, MY World title, all because he couldn’t handle the fact that a am better than him. He wanted to be the one to end Starr’s streak, he wanted to be the one to take this company by storm. Pat, you want to take credit for the Year of Wallace? Don’t make me laugh, there is only one person responsible for that year an that was ME. A busted ma arse for everythin a achieved, if only you had half the talent that a do it could have been you. You could have won control of the company for yourself, you could have ended the streak of Starr, you could have become the greatest Evolution Champion in WARPED history, and you could have been the one to take down Taurus Capone in record time. Unfortunately for you, you don’t have that kind of talent; you don’t have any kind of talent. You are nothing but a fuck up. A have went face to face with almost every single former World Champion this company has had, an a have beaten them all, tonight you will be another one checked off that list, you will become just another number, another statistic on the William Wallace record, just like everyone else you plan on throughin at us to try and stop the domination of the AbominationZ. You now have to go away an look around the locker room an wonder who can step up, who can stop the AbominationZ? A’ll make it simple for you…NO ONE! Who do you have left? Hugo Strange and a bunch of randoms from other companies who aren’t even on a full time WARPED contract, you aren’t goin to get far with them. Give it a few weeks an they will fuck off back to whatever scum filled corned of the earth they came from regrettin the day they crossed paths with the AbominationZ. Finally Pat, you want to try an diminish My title win, the regaining of what is rightfully mine and all because a beat ma own record of fastest title win, that is just sad even for you. What happened at the Garage was the righting of a wrong. Starr was just returning my property to me. Now if anyone has a problem with that, you can come see me in the ring an a can explain it to you, understand? Good. Excuse me, a have more important things to be gettin on with.

Wallace barges past Sean Armstrong and out of the shot as we cut back to the ring.

Singles Match: Jason Richards vs. Taurus Capone

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 230 pounds - Taurus Capone!"

The Television screens as well as WARPEDVision scramble and blink out to the red fist logo with the crown spinning above it. The lights in the arena shut off completely as low ominous strings of unknown music can be heard. A sample of a man seemly giving a speech to thousands begins.

”...And the prophecy read! That one day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes…That a boy would be born onto a family in the slums…this boy would go own to use the knowledge he gained…while fighting for survival in the streets…to become a great leader…and in time that boy would grow to become………KING! ”

As the TV unscrambles a thunderous "AYE!!!" shakes the PA. "Rumble Young Man, Rumble" By Juelz Santana drops and the live crowd blows the roof off with a chorus of boos. Bright white lights engulf the entrance as Taurus Capone shoots out onto the stage flashing his signature smile. He slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp with his signature swagger as his triumphant theme blast. Taurus eyes are hidden behind his dark ray bans as he seemingly glares off into the crowd. In a swift motion he rolls in under the bottom ring rope and jumps to his feet. Camera flashes fill the venue as Taurus hops the top turnbuckle with one fist raised mouthing "WITH AN IRON FIST!!" to the crowd. After a couple moments he jumps down and removes his jewelry and shades before tossing his cut up promotional T-Shirt into the crowd.

Randy Long: "And his opponent - from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 195 pounds - "The Lone Wolf" Jason Richards!"

The lights go out as a loud howl is let out through the entire venue the music of Swear it to the sun" Voodoo Johnson begins to play through the sound system of the venue. He appears slowly stepping through the curtain looking out of the crowd. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as he holds out his hand as the people slap it. He walks over grabbing a chair standing on it putting on foot on the guard rail making a slashing motion across is throat. He jumps down and then jumps on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over stepping up to the second rope he let's out a howl jumping down he begins stretching in the corner staring Capone.

Tony D: "Jason Richards seems to be flying the flag for WARPED. In his latest promo at, he said that because WARPED was one of the first promotions in the states to give him a chance, he's indepted to management."

Kris Red: "Too bad one of the management is AbominationZ!"

The bell sounds as the two competitors lock up in the middle of the ring. Capone twists the wrist of Richards, grinning from ear to ear. Richards slaps the arm away and kicks Capone in the chest, taking him off guard. Richards delivers another stiff kick and Capone is sent back into the ropes. Irish whip from Richards, countered by Capone into a clothesline.

Tony D: "Richards went on to say that he is, quote 'not a hard man to find so if any of you want to start this a little early then let's go.'"

Kris Red: "Well that's just fantastic. He's got to deal with Taurus Capone right about now and that's no easy feat!"

Capone pulls Richards to his feet and whips him to the corner. He charges in with a boot but Richards moves out of the way and then kicks the thigh of Capone while it's stuck on the top rope! Capone grabs at his leg while Richards hits the ropes and returns at a rapid speed palm thrust! Capone falls into the corner and Richards gets the fans cheering for him!

Tony D: "Taurus lost yet again at the last show in record time to William Wallace. Something seems to not be right in the world of Capone."

Kris Red: "He still is going to rule with an IRON FIST TONY D! You just wait!"

Richards charges in from the opposite corner with a running dropkick to Capone!

Kris Red: "STOP THAT!"

Richards pulls Capone out of the corner and sets him up for a Cutter, but Capone pushes him away. Richards turns and charges back at Capone but Capone gets the big boot up, only to be blocked by Richards. He spins Capone 180 degrees and sets him up for a Pumphandle.. He brings him up and turns it into a Neckbreaker!

Kris Red: "How the hell did he do that!"

Tony D: "Jason Richards has been on fire since joining WARPED and he's really taking it to the former World Champion!"

Capone is quick to rise back to his feet, though he looks dazed and confused. Richards gives him a stiff kick to the gut and then pulls him in for a Fisherman Suplex, but as he lifts him up he twists him in the air and drops him with a Michinoku driver style move, grabbing the leg and keeping him down for a pin..

Tony D: "JR Driver!! One.. Two.. Kick out!"

Capone is able to kick out at two. Richards wastes no time as he winds up the elbow, preparing for the Roaring Elbow! He whips Capone into the ropes, does a 360 spin and delivers a devastating elbow to the face of Capone!

Tony D: "What a roaring elbow!"

He then brings him up on his shoulder as if for a backbreaker but instead pulls him over and drops him on his head!

Tony D: "Emerald City Flash!"


Richards rolls Capone over and hooks the leg..




Kris Red: "No!!"

The bell sounds! Swear it to the sun" by Voodoo Johnson hits.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Jason Richards!"

The crowd pops and applauds as Jason Richards has his arm raised by the referee in victory!

Kris Red: "Jason Richards must be something fierce if he can do what I think I just saw."

Tony D: "I'll agree with you there, Kris. Jason Richards is on a roll here in WARPED! He just knocked off a former World Champion in Taurus Capone. It might be time for the so-called KING to re-evaluate himself."

Richards celebrates with the fans, high fiving and embracing with them around the ringside area as the scene fades.


Surprise Guest

As we pan around the ringside area we see a man sat on the front row dressed in black jeans and a black hoodie covering his face. The man slowly stands up and talks to security who helps the man over the railing and into ringside. He ponders around ringside before walking over to the announce table to grab a microphone before rolling into the ring.

As he walks to the centre of the ring he lifts his hood up just a little bit to acknowledge the crowd before dropping his hood back down over his face.

??: “Seven hours it took for me to fly here yesterday”

He starts to pace around the ring.

??: “And on them long seven hours all I could think about is what I would say tonight”

More pacing around, he drops the microphone in one hand before placing his other hand on his hood, suddenly he revels himself

??: “My name is JUVIAN RAMOREZ…”

Juvian Ramorez: “And I have come to Warped!”


Suddenly upon seeing this, the live crowd bust into chants. “Welcome Home” chants are heard across the arena from the fans.

Juvian Ramorez: “Now that is exactly the reaction that I was after. The past few months I have been busy with another federation, things let’s say were not going to plan so I looked for the future. I made some calls and I can tell you Warped I am here to stay”

Juvian smiles as he looks at the crowd

Juvian Ramorez: “People may ask why I am here, they will ask what made me make the move and its simple really, there is a poison running through this federation at the moment, and one that needs to be stopped. I am not out here to say I am going right after the world title, no I am going after the poison!”

Juvian Ramorez: “You people who come here to see Warped deserve the best, and I plan on giving that to you, this is not some so-called Federation called High Octane Wrestling…No this is something so much more, This is Warped! This is the best independent federation out there. You see when I was in HOW I realised it just wasn’t for me, all the people there are so uptight on being a house hold name that you forgot about the passion of wrestling”

Juvian Ramorez: “It’s all about the independents, it’s all about the new wrestlers on the circuit, and it’s all about the J Cup! Me being here in Warped is just my next step towards the J Cup a competition that I was in before, this time I promise to the world that a Warped wrestler will walk away with the title”

The Crowd starts to chant “Warped win J Cup”….clap, clap, clap….“Warped win J Cup”

Juvian Ramorez: “Now I know you all can’t wait to see me in action and you can do very soon. See I have finally signed a deal with Joey, I will be here and I will be your saviour. To many bad things have been happening and I am here to sort them out for you, For I am your Nightmare, Your Saviour, Your Soul….Warped…..I am Juvian Ramorez!”

Juvian drops the microphone and poses for a few moments getting used to his new surroundings “House of Floor” by Amorphis starts on the PA system as Juvian walks to the backstage area and disappearing out of sight. The scene fades.

Tag Team Match: Hugo Strange & Kandi Washington vs. Flux In Motion

We are then taken to the footage from the WARPED Reactions camera that's set up near the EXIT of the building following the last event.

Hugo Strange
Hugo Strange comes walking by eating a apple he stops and smiles at the camera.

Hugo: Interesting night we had.......Wallace goes to the dark side......didn't see that coming but really don't care I still got my gold.

Hugo starts to walk away but stops smiles and looks back into the camera.

Hugo: OH Kandi you're welcome and Leon just walk away go do the tag team thing the evo title is out of your pay are only getting one warning boy you step to me you won't get up again just walk away your time has passed.

Hugo takes a bite smiles and walks away.

The scene fades in to show Randy Long standing in the ring...

Randy Long: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing team number one, first- from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 315 pounds, he is a Co-Evolution Champion, "The Canadian Madman" Hugo Strange!"

Red lights flash as the as Graveyards “The suits , the law and the uniforms” start to pump though the pa system as Hugo Strange steps out with the Evolution title over his shoulder. Hugo stands at the entrance way and points to the ring and then starts walking to the ring. As Hugo gets to the ring he throws the Evolution title into the ring, and then Hugo rolls in under the bottom rope and picks up the Evolution title and raises it in to the air.


Method of Mayhem's "Get Naked" hits and Kandi Washington emerges, grinning at the boos she receives. Ice and Drake follow her out. Over her regular ring attire she's wearing a blue sports jersey which has been altered to feature bare arms and midriff. She's also got her custom made Evolution Title.

Randy Long: And his tag team partner, the co-holder of the Evolution Championship... from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 115 pounds... Kandiiii... Washingtooonn!

She makes her way down to the ring and her and Hugo share an unflattering look.

Randy Long: "And their opponents: at a combined weight of 450 pounds, Leon Stone, Damien Baine, they are FLUX IN MOTION!"

"Supernatural" by Monocle plays. Leon Stone and Damien Baine come out together, running down to the ring high fiving and shaking hands. They slide into the ring running from corner pumping the crowd up. The crowd chants their names and slowly the hooplah calms down, and the team retreats to their corner.

Tony D: "More tag team action now as we've got the co-Evolution Champions Kandi and Hugo teaming to face Leon Stone and Damien Baine, best friends forever, who have slowly started to get back on the same page it'd appear."

Kris Red: "That's GREAT that they're renewing their friendship all over, you know what happened, but how is this fair to poor Kandi??? She's got to team against a monster of a man that hates her. Unfair."

Tony D: "So you're saying that your boss Crowbar is a bad booker?"

Kris Red: "Oh come on. You know that damn Joey Matthew had something to do with this match. After all, he was the one who decided that they'd both have to defend the title separately and all of that. Crowbar knows what he's doing, and if he DID book this match, he knows what he's DOING!"


Leon tells Damien that he will start the match across the ring Kandi tells Hugo he is starting the match and Hugo says ok. The bell sounds and Leon charges in at Hugo but Hugo quickly back into the corner and tags Kandi in. Hugo drops and rolls out of the ring where he is met by Drake Knight who yells at and Hugo just flips him off and gets back on the apron.

Kris Red: "You SEE?? That's uncalled for!"

In the ring the ref starts a ten count for Kandi to get in the ring Kandi has a pissed off look on her face. Kandi steps into the ring and is quickly knocked to the mat by a knife edge chop from Leon who starts to stomp on her and then drops a knee on her midsection and starts slapping her. The ref starts to count to five at four he pulls Leon off Kandi; Kandi is slow to her feet but Leon runs in and hits her with a knee in her midsection knocking Kandi out of the ring. Drake and Ice come over and cover Kandi making sure Leon starts in place as Kandi catches her breath.

Tony D: "You mentioned it earlier in the night and there they are, the bodyguards for Kandi, doing just what they're supposed to do."

Kris Red: "Now if only Hugo would do what HE is supposed to do and be her tag team partner."

Leon backs up and Kandi slowly slides into the ring and again Leon goes charging full speed at him but this time he is met with a drop toe hold. Kandi quickly gets to her feet and lands three solid kicks to the side of Leon Stone. Kandi slowly makes her way to her corner and tags Hugo in and Hugo smiles at her and steps in the ring. Leon rolls back to his corner and tags in Damien Biane the two men stare at each other and walk to the center of the ring and lock up in a collar elbow tie up.

Tony D: "Two fresh men in the match now with a collar and elbow tie up!"

Damien is the quicker man and hits an arm drag that sends Hugo to the mat Hugo looks up at Damien and slaps the mat and gets to his feet.

Kris Red: "Damien was too quick for Hugo there. Better do some cardio fatty."

Again the two meet in the middle of the ring and lock up this time Hugo gets Damien in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Leon starts to get the fans clapping and then Damien lifts the bigger Hugo up and into a belly to back suplex and both men crash to the mat. The suplex breaks the headlock and both men roll to their feet. Damien runs at Hugo Hugo hits an arm drag on the charging Damien who quickly pops and catches Hugo with another arm drag both men pop up and charge each other and catch each other with a clothlines both go down.

Tony D: "They are going 90 mile an hour and both just layed each other out in the middle of that ring!"

Kris Red: "I'd hate to be in the way of those two freight trains coming your way. God! Thank God Kandi wasn't involved in that."

Leon holds his hand out for a tag Damien is the first to his feet and dives for Leons hand. The tag is made Leon runs in and starts stomping on Hugo Leon pulls Hugo to his feet and irish whips him into the ropes and then plants a huge dropkick to the face of Hugo. Leon jumps to his feet and starts dropping elbows on Hugo Leon stops and the crowd pops for him and again Leon pulls Hugo to his feet. Hugo gets his sense back and elbows Leon and then bulls him over with a huge clothlines Hugo drops to his knees. Slowly Hugo gets up and goes to his corner for a tag but Kandi drops off the apron Hugo yells down at her calling her a “whore!”

Kris Red: "How dare he call her that."

Tony D: "Hugo was looking for the tag there. I don't agree with the word he used but this isn't right."

Leon gets up and sees Hugo not paying attention and charges at Hugo hitting a clothlines and smashing Hugo in the corner. Drake hops up on the apron and yells at Leon. The referee tells Drake to get off of the apron! Kandi makes a clapping sound and slides into the ring and low blows Leon. Leon drops to his knees Drake drops down and Damien charges in but is cut off by the ref. Drake slides back in the ring and hits Leon with a running big boot.

Tony D: "This match has broken down! The referee has no idea what's going on! The numbers game is in full effect here."

Kris Red: "No, Tony D. It's called talent!"

Kandi starts to choke Leon with her foot the ref gets Damien out of the ring and starts a count when he sees Kandi choking Leon. Kandi lets up and backs up Leon slowly gets to his feet but Kandi charges in and hits a spear on Leon taking him down, and starts pounding his head into the mat. The ref pulls Kandi off of Leon. Kandi goes back on the attack pulling Leon up on his knees and then hitting a snap ddt and smashes Leon back to the mat. Kandi pulls Leon again to his feet and starts an assault of karate kicks and strikes on Leon forcing him into a neutral corner. Leon gets his guard up and starts to counter with Muay thai strikes of his own fighting his way out of the corner and then out of nowhere Leon hits the stepping stone and lays Kandi and drops to his knees. Damien slapping the top turn buckle calls for a tag and Leon slowly clawing to his corner both men are reaching out just missing the tag by finger tips. Leon gets to his corner and tags in Damien just as Kandi is getting to her feet she is met by a clothlines that sends her down Damien then runs and hits Hugo with a stiff left hand the sends him to the floor.

Tony D: "Damien Baine is cleaning house!"

Damien pulls Kandi to her feet and hoist her above his head and then down with powerful gorilla press slam. Damien drags Kandi to her feet and irish whips into the corner turnbuckle and runs in at her but is met by Kandi’s boot. Kandi stumbles over to her corner and tags in Hugo. Hugo throws a series of lefts and rights at Damien that rock him into the other Corner Hugo runs in and hits a massive big splash on Damien that sends him to the mat. Kandi calls for a tag but Hugo flips her off and throws Damien to his corner and tells him to tag in Leon Stone. Damien makes the tag and Hugo and Leon clash in the middle of the ring battering each other with lefts and rights. Leon gets the upper hand and lands a couple of sidekicks to Hugo legs dropping him to a knee.

Tony D: "Leon Stone and Hugo Strange absolutely hate each other! Their war of words in promos and on Twitter is definitely something to see, but so is this brawl!"

Hugo throws some gut punches that cause Leon to back off of him. Leon comes running in but Hugo gets to his feet and hits the vortex hammer. Hugo falls back to his corner and Kandi steals the tag and runs at Leon hitting the final lick and goes for the cover 1….2…. Hugo pulls her off “FUCK YOU!” and Hugo hits the STD. Drake Knight slides into the ring and flattens Hugo with a running big boot and then pulls Hugo to his feet and hits the 911. Damien comes flying across the ring and hits Drake with a massive clothline that sends both men spilling out of the ring and rolls out of the ring. Leon slowly makes his way over to Kandi and covers her .. 1.. 2.. 3!!

Kris Red: "WHAT!"

The bell sounds and Leon Stone pops up, absolutely ecstatic!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners, FLUX IN MOTION!"

"Supernatural" hits the PA System and the fans cheer for Stone and Baine! Stone has his arm raised in victory in the ring. Damien Baine slowly crawls into the ring and gets his wits about him. Leon helps his partner up and they both hold their arms high in the air.

Tony D: "That's got to be an upset victory there! Kandi Washington is no longer undefeated and on top of that, Leon Stone just defeated one of the Evolution Champions."

Kris Red: "That referee didn't do his job and that entire match was a cluster F! This is a travesty!"

Stone and Baine celebrate in the ring. Hugo Strange is seen grabbing his Evolution Title and holding it close to his body as Leon Stone motions that he wants that title! Kandi Washington is pulled from the ring by her bodyguards and they help carry her up the aisle as Flux in Motion continue their celebration.

Tony D: "Kandi looks to be in bad shape!"

In the ring Leon is celebrating with Damien Biane and the fans. Hugo grabs a microphone from ringside.

HUGO: Ok cut the music because I have something to say.

The music is cut off and the crowd starts to quiet.

HUGO: We haven't really seen I eye to eye on a lot of things lately. I kinda got a little gold crazy when I won the Evolution championship, and that that is my fault. I am sorry PKA and Daniels I am and I am sorry to all of you.

Hugo points out to the crowd.

HUGO: See I thought WARPED was in good hands, I thought WARPED was going to be saved, but I was wrong WARPED is in its greatest danger than ever before. The saddest thing of this nobody but 6 people care. Six fucking people care that makes me sick. UK Dragons guest stars have stepped up to defend the honor of WARPED, Jason Richards a new comer to WARPED has stepped up to defend WARPED. A fucking new comer has more respect for WARPED than a Cameron MacNichol, a Anton Chase, and many more.

Hugo gets on the apron. He climbs the turnbuckle and points at Leon Stone and Damien Biane.

HUGO: Shame on you Leon Stone you march around in the back banging your good guy drum but not once have you come to the aid of anybody takng the fight to Crowbar and his flock of losers no all you do is sit in the back and hide and worry about your fucking title shots. Well think about this you big baby want title shots will you get if Abomonationz. Well I have your answer none that is how many. So go ahead march on to the back and remeber bang that drum you poser.

Hugo points to the back.

HUGO: Switchblade you make me sick too! You come back with your two sideshow rejects and all you do is sit back and watch as your attack dogs attack the innocent. You are the biggest bastard here. WARPED treated you as a god gave you a send off like a viking king and to pay WARPED back you set you dogs on its throat.

HUGO: Now PKA if you want to quit fine then go ahead and quit I will stay I will pick up that banner and I will march on. But PKA remember you left WARPED, WARPED never left you. PKA sometimes there is just some things you fight for to the death and WARPED is one of those things.

Hugo drops the mic and goes down to the ringside area and heads toward the back.


The cameras cut backstage where PKA is shown in his black tights with a grey fur vest on. He’s stretching for his upcoming match with William Wallace. The UK Dragons, Evangelista and Laurel Anne Hardy, walk up to PKA. He stops stretching and greets them.

PKA: “Hello ladies.. champs.”

He acknowledges the WARPED Tag Team Titles around their waists.

PKA: “Ready for your title defense tonight?”

Evangelista just nods, but Laurel grins and bounces her head enthusiastically.

Laurel: “We’re always ready for every match, yeh? We’re just gonna throw a hundred per cent into this like we do every time... sear some shapes into the audience’s eyes an’ make it a main event they’ll never forget. Y’know, until afterwards when someone else comes out an’ announces they’ve joined AbominationZ. That bit’ll suck. But before that it’ll be a masterwork.”

Evangelista: “What about you? Are you ready for Wallace?”

Laurel: “Yeah, you’re not, like, actually serious are you? Y’know, what you were sayin’ about havin’ doubts about whether you should be here?”

PKA: “Everything’s my fault. You saw what I had to say in my promo this week. Wallace’s rise to glory is all because of me and my nonsense last year. I created the beast you have as a World Champion now, all the while thinking I was in the right. But I was blind, and I was the blindfold on the eyes of WARPED Wrestling. No more. It’s time for me to step aside so this company can finally see clearly and have a fair fight.”

Laurel: “But you’re, like... an icon of WARPED, mate! You’re... someone they can put on the marquee who’s not AbominationZ, y’know?”

Evangelista: “Whatever mistakes you made, you know standin’ an fighting here is the right thing to do, right? I mean, if we don’t, they win an’ WARPED dies.”

PKA shrugs and rolls his eyes.

PKA: “Is it? I thought what I was fighting for last year was the right thing to do. Turns out, it was the worse thing to do. Clearly, I’m not the icon you think I am. Clearly, I’m not the savior and martyr that this place needs. You’re the Tag Team Champions. With you two as the Tag Champs, at least the belts are in a good spot.”

The Dragons exchange a glance.

Evangelista: “So... what? You stop fightin’ for anything an’ just... let whoever do what the fuck they like to place you called home an’ the people you called your peers? I can’t accept that. Even if it turns out to be the wrong thing in the end, I’d rather be wrong through doin’ something than not doin’ somethin’.”

PKA sighs and looks at Evangelista, then at Hardy. He crosses his arms and drops his head.

PKA: “You’ve been here what, two or three months?”

He lifts his head and looks at them both.

PKA: “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

PKA shakes his head back and forth as he continues to speak.

PKA: “Neither of you have any idea. You won’t change my mind. Don’t try to.”

They look at each other again, Laurel questioningly. Evangelista chews her lip for a second then nods once, shallow. Laurel inhales.

Laurel: “Look... we’ve been on the other side of this. Coupla years ago, we were AbominationZ. We killed a place. A company with millions of fans worldwide, dozens of employees, about sixty-odd wrestlers. Its blood is on our hands, alright? Now... if you gotta do what’s right for you, then... that’s your decision, okay? But we gotta do what we gotta do an’ that’s our decision, too.”

She sighs and looks at the wall for a second. PKA grabs his cell phone off of the seat of a steel chair. He has a seat and swipes through his phone as Laurel continues.

Laurel: “If this really is your last dance here, we’ll... y’know, we’ll see you in FRONTIER. I don’t want anything here to get in the way us bein’ able to hang out, an’ that. But as far as WARPED goes, me an’ Leanne, we... we have to a fight AbominationZ, okay? It’s not even a choice, an’ it’s... as much for our sake as it is for WARPED.”

Seemingly not paying any attention to Laurel in her apparent attempt to inspire the Ultraviolent Perfectionist, PKA looks up at them both and...sighs. His eyes move left to Laurel, and right to Evangelista, without moving his head at all. He raises his eyebrows as if to ask ‘anything else?’

Evangelista reaches a hand out towards PKA - not in a gesture of support, but of saying goodbye.

Evangelista: “Well... look, good luck against Wallace tonight. Whatever happens after that is... fuckin’... in the future. Right now we’ll just be cheerin’ you on in that match.”

PKA doesn’t say a word; he only nods at them both. They look at each other for a moment, communicating in that way only besties can without saying anything or changing their facial expressions. Then they turn in the opposite direction from PKA and walk on. The scene fades...




Singles Match: PKA vs. William Wallace

Randy Long: "The following contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall.."

The opening beats of Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) hits the PA System. WARPEDVision shows a flame start to burn as the lyrics kick in..

Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh

B-Be careful making wishes in the,, dark-dark
Can’t be sure when it hit that mark-mark
And besides in the mean, mean time
I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart (ah!)
I’m in the deep details with the devil
From underworld can never get me on my level
I just gotta get you up the cage
On my young, lovers rage, gonna need a spark to ignite

My songs know what you did in the dark
So light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
I’m on fi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

PKA’s face appears on the WARPEDVision with the flame still burning on the screen and he bursts out from the entrance to a roaring of cheers from the crowd!

Randy Long: "Introducing first - from Wichita, Kansas, weighing in at 201 pounds - the Ultraviolent Perfectionist, P..K..A!"

PKA pumps his fists and feverishly extends his arms out in a crucifix, letting out a loud “LET’S GOOOO!” as he does it. He runs down the aisle and slaps hands of the fans and slides into the ring. He hops onto the turnbuckle and puts his arms out in a crucifix as the fans continue cheering.

Randy Long: "And his opponent- from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds and representing AbominationZ, he is the World Champion - William Wallace!"

The arena blacks out as Crank by Psyko Dalek begins to play. After about 40 seconds of the song the crowd erupt with boos as Wallace appears through the curtain with his now short hair, wearing Jeans and the World Championship around his waist, plastered with the giant ABOMINATIONZ logo on it. He is lit up by one single spot light as he walks to the ring with a focused look on his face. He makes his way to the side of the ring and slowly climbs the stairs before climbing through the ropes into the ring as the fans continue to boo him.

Tony D: "William Wallace, new World Champion, new AbominationZ member, faces PKA, the man who's led the charge alongside Wallace for the last few months against AbominationZ, a man who stuck by Wallace's side in the hospital."

Kris Red: "Oh whatever, Tony D! PKA never cared about Wallace. He was USING HIM BECAUSE HE WAS JEALOUS!!"

Tony D: "Sure, drink the Kool-aid."

Kris Red: "Tony D, I AM the Kool-aid! And you're jealous of all of us just like PKA, just like the Dragons, just like Daniels and Hugo and Richards and whoever else."

The bell sounds. They circle around each other as the crowd chants to Wallace "YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT!" and PKA nods along with them. Wallace scowls and they both come in for a tie up, but Wallace backs up. Wallace looks to the crowd and shouts "What about HIM? He's LEAVING!" while pointing at PKA. PKA sighs and puts his hands on his hips. The crowd starts chanting "Please Don't Go! Please Don't Go!" and PKA lowers his head, shaking it.

Tony D: "The crowd is very passionate tonight in Castleford."

Kris Red: "I don't understand why they're giving Wallace so much grief and not PKA. He's the one that's sold out and turned his back on this company!"

They tie up and break off. The fans chant "P K A - Wallace Sucks - P K A - Wallace Sucks".

They tie up, and PKA locks in a side headlock. Wallace backs him to the ropes, and PKA tries to bounce off the ropes. Wallace stops him and hits him with a shoulderblock. PKA gets to his feet and Wallace goes for an irish whip, but PKA slaps his hands away and goes for a Superkick, but Wallace ducks behind and goes for a German Suplex. PKA elbows out and Wallace stumbles back, shaking off the elbow blow. He turns and PKA leaps up, landing a dropkick that sends Wallace stumbling back into the corner. PKA claps his hands together, getting the crowd to start a group clap to build momentum. PKA charges in, but Wallace ducks down and sends PKA up and over the top rope and down to the floor!

Tony D: "Look out!!"

Kris Red: "PKA says he loves pain so I bet he loved the crap out of that landing. Oh wow!"

Tony D: "PKA landed right here next to us at ringside and that did NOT look pretty."

Wallace stands back, leaning up against the far corner now, watching as PKA tries to shake off the cobwebs at ringside. PKA pushes himself up to a vertical position and looks into the ring at Wallace, their eyes meeting. Wallace puts his hand out as if to say 'come on back' and PKA cautiously grabs the ropes and pulls himself up onto the apron. He goes through the ropes and motions for Wallace to bring it. The two meet in the middle of the ring and PKA delivers a quick forearm smash to the face and boots him in the gut. Irish whip from PKA, sending Wallace into the corner. PKA charges at him, and leaps up onto the second buckle. He balls up his fist, but before he can bring it down on Wallace, he's lifted up into the air.

Tony D: "PKA's in a precarious position here!"

PKA counters the powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana! Wallace gets back to his feet and PKA charges in with a spinning wheel kick that drops Wallace to the mat. PKA covers.. but Wallace IMMEDIATELY kicks out.

Tony D: "William Wallace didn't even wait for a one count!"

PKA runs to the ropes and Wallace gets to his feet, nailing PKA with a headbutt on the rebound and PKA drops. Wallace covers..


Kick out!

The Scottish brawler brings PKA to his feet and hammers away with right hands, backing him into the corner. He continues the assault now, but because they're on the ropes, the referee starts a five count. Wallace waits until the last second to back off, and the referee warns him. PKA takes the opportunity to hit a forearm shot on Wallace, and another, and another, as Wallace staggers back to the middle of the ring. PKA turns toward the ropes, leaps onto the second and moonsaults off, but Wallace catches him on his shoulder. He then drops PKA face-first into the turnbuckle, hits the ropes and as PKA staggers back, Wallace hits a SPEAR!

Tony D: "What an impact off of that spear from the World Champion!"

Wallace covers PKA..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "If PKA were smart, he'd let Wallace win and move along with his career elsewhere."

PKA clutches his midsection on the mat, but Wallace won't let him stay there. He brings him up by the hair and drapes him over the second rope and starts choking him on it! The referee starts a five count.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. and Wallace releases and puts his hands up. The referee warns him to stop! Wallace puts PKA up against the corner and hoists him up top. PKA is slumped over, trying to catch his breath. Wallace backs up and charges in with a big boot, nailing PKA in the side of the face and he falls onto the apron and down to the ringside floor!

Kris Red: "Down goes Anthony! Down goes Anthony!"

The referee keeps space between the ringside and Wallace, but Wallace doesn't care as he simply backs up and waits for PKA to come to. The referee begins a 10 count on PKA. A look of confidence is on the champ's face as he watches PKA grab the apron and pull himself up.

Tony D: "PKA needs to get back in the ring or risk being counted out."

PKA rolls in under the bottom rope and Wallace charges after him. He brings him up into the corner and PKA fights back with a forearm to the face, but Wallace knees him in the gut and headbutts him! PKA drops to the mat against the corner and Wallace drapes his boot across PKA's throat! The referee starts a 5 count and Wallace takes a step back. He then kicks PKA in the face! PKA waves Wallace off, seeming like he's defenseless. Wallace grabs at that hand and pulls PKA to his feet. He pulls PKA to the middle of the ring and sets him up for a Vertical Suplex. He brings PKA up and then down onto his shoulder and down to the mat with a powerslam!

Kris Red: "Ahhh yes the SINISTER URGE! Wallace has PKA right where he wants him."

Wallace puts one hand over PKA's chest and the ref counts..



Shoulder up!

Tony D: "PKA used to be your best friend and you're okay with this??? I can't believe how much you've changed."

Kris Red: "And I can't believe how much you STAY THE SAME! Ten years we've worked side by side and it's always the SAME SHIT with you! You could use a change yourself"

Wallace brings the Ultraviolent Perfectionist to his feet. PKA tries to fight back with a pair of punches, but Wallace blocks it and delivers another vicious headbutt that staggers PKA. Wallace lifts PKA up in a Gorilla Press and Slams him to the mat! He raises his arms and the fans boo Wallace.

PKA pushes himself up to his feet and Wallace locks in an Abdominal Stretch. He stretches PKA as PKA tries to reach out for the ropes. The fans start a slow clap, building to a faster one, for PKA. "P K A! P K A!" chants fill the Charleston Civic Hall.

Tony D: "These great fans are trying to give PKA some encouragement!"

Kris Red: "He needs a lot more than encouragement at this point. For starters, get him a haircut. Is that a skunk on his head?"

PKA reaches out to the ropes and slowly inches closer. Wallace keeps the Abdominal Stretch on. The referee checks on him and he says he does not want to quit.

Tony D: "PKA seems to be leaving WARPED after this match. I imagine he'd love to go out with a win, but he needs to escape this submission."

Kris Red: "The so-called leader, the man leading the charge in the war against AbominationZ, is taking his ball and going home. Wait, no he isn't. He's going to another promotion. Way to support the company you helped start, Patrick!"

PKA reaches out as the fans continue to rally behind him. It looks to be helping him as he's inching closer and closer to a rope break! The ref asks him if he wants to quit and he shakes his head and shouts "NO!!"

Tony D: "He's getting closer to the ropes and if he gets there Wallace has to break the hold."

PKA is right there at the ropes but Wallace releases the hold and goes for a German Suplex, but PKA has ahold of the top rope and won't let go! Wallace tries to pull him off and hit the move, but PKA is holding onto the rope! Wallace pulls back again and PKA releases, but rolls through the attempted German. Wallace gets to his feet and PKA hits him with a SUPERKICK~!

Tony D: "What a kick to the face!"

Wallace is stunned in the middle of the ring as PKA scales the turnbuckle. He leaps off and hits a diving headscissors, taking Wallace down! The fans pop as PKA (slowly) gets to his feet. Wallace gets up and PKA delivers a few forearm strikes, backing Wallace into the ropes. PKA with an irish whip attempt, but Wallace holds onto the top rope ala PKA previous. PKA tries to pull him but Wallace drills him with a right hand and PKA falls to the mat. Wallace adjusts his jaw after that Superkick moments ago as he then grabs PKA and pulls him to his feet. PKA counters into a jawbreaker! He dropkicks Wallace in the knee, taking him down to one only. PKA hops onto the second buckle and calls for the Buff Blockbuster aka flipping neckbreaker. He leaps off..and Wallace ducks! PKA crashes on the mat and grabs his back as he crawls to the corner. Wallace pulls him up and sets him on top. Wallace climbs and sets PKA up for a superplex, but PKA starts fighting back with forearm strikes.

Tony D: "They're in a dangerous territory right about now."

PKA delivers a final flurry of forearm strikes and Wallace loses his footing and steps down off of the ropes. PKA pumps his fists and screams out before leaping and hitting the neckbreaker!

Tony D: "Blockbuster!"

PKA hooks the leg on Wallace..



PKA sits up and his jaw drops as Wallace immediately kicked out yet again.

Kris Red: "You're looking at a brand new William Wallace, Tony D! This man is a MACHINE and he can't be stopped!"

PKA now starts driving his fist into the face of Wallace repeatedly, but Wallace grabs the face of PKA and shoves him away. PKA gets up and Wallace does too, and PKA Fires away with forearms to the face. Wallace grabs PKA by the hair and yanks him down to the mat, his head snapping against the canvas.

Tony D: "William Wallace is showing us a side of him we've never seen tonight. This is just ruthless."

"Is that all ya got?!" shouts Wallace as he kicks PKA in the ribs. PKA rolls away and tries to escape, but Wallace stalks him and kicks him in the back. PKA rolls under the ropes and onto the apron. Wallace approaches as PKA pulls himself up on the ropes and he grabs Wallace's hair and snaps his neck over the rope!

Kris Red: "Cheat!"

Tony D: "PKA doing everything he can to try to get back in this."

PKA measures off Wallace and leaps onto the top rope, springboards off and lands on Wallace's shoulders. He catches PKA! PKA swings his arms around, trying to escape, and he is able to rana Wallace into the second rope! The crowd pops, and PKA hits the opposing ropes and returns, feinting through the ropes and kicking Wallace in the face with both feet! He is sent falling back into the middle of the ring. PKA grabs the top rope, leaps, and springboard Shooting Star Presses Wallace!

Tony D: "PKA can FLY!!"



PKA sits up and shouts "WHAT!?". He and the crowd are in extreme shock. PKA slaps the mat and pulls Wallace to his feet, setting him up for the P-Krusher Implant DDT. Wallace pushes PKA away into the ropes and PKA bounces off into a spinebuster from Wallace that's countered into a DDT! PKA covers..



Tony D: "Wallace continues to kick out!

Kris Red: "He isn't just kicking out, Tony D. He's making a POINT! This man is a MACHINE!"

PKA grabs Wallace by the head and pulls him to his feet. He sets him up for the P-Krusher again, but Wallace grabs PKA's wrist and spins out, and pulls PKA in for a headbutt, but holds onto PKA and pulls him in for a lariat~! PKA flips inside out and crashes to the mat.

Tony D: "For everything PKA throws at Wallace, Wallace fires back with that plus more."

Wallace says "that's IT!" and grabs PKA's wrist again. He pullllllllls PKA's limp body up and between his legs. Wallace brings PKA up and drops him with the sitout powerbomb!

Kris Red: "Freedom DROP!!!"

Wallace puts his feet over PKA's shoulders, keeping him down..




Kris Red: "It is OVA~"

The bell sounds as the fans rain boos down upon Wallace. Psyko Dalek - "Crank" hits the PA System as Wallace gets to his feet.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - the WARPED World Champion, William Wallace!"

The referee raises his arm in victory and Wallace gloats in front of all of the fans. He pulls his arm away and climbs the turnbuckle. He looks out at the fans who are clearly displeased with his win.

From behind the WARPEDVision comes Starr and Crowbar. They applaud as Wallace stands up on the second buckle. Wallace nods at them. The referee hands him his World Title and he yanks it out of his hands.

Kris Red: "Hey there's my guys! AbominationZ standing tall tonight."

Wallace exits the ring and joins his AbominationZ stablemates at the end of the aisle. PKA, with help from the referee, sits up. He bends his knees and lays his arms over them. Sweat drips from his face as he looks at the trio at ringside. Crowbar and Starr mockingly wave at PKA. Crowbar shouts out at PKA to get his shit and leave. PKA turns away, a look of disappointment on his face. AbominationZ head up the aisle as PKA pushes himself up. The fans applaud as the music dies down and PKA stands in the ring, looking out at the fans who are showing their respect. He runs his hand through his black and blonde hair and takes a deep breathe.

Kris Red: "Is he gonna cry? He's gonna cry!"

Tony D: "We definitely hope this isn't the last we've seen of PKA. But, if it is, thank you."

Kris Red: "Oh come on. You're supposed to be unbiased."

Tony D: "THAT coming from YOU? And come on, it's called showing respect."

PKA takes one final crucifix pose in the ring for the fans and they cheer! "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark(Light Em Up)" by Fall Out Boy hits the PA System. He waves to them and drops down to the mat, rolling out of the ring, as the scene fades.



The next scene on the DVD fades in. Many minutes after his match, we see PKA walking down the hall backstage, his head held low. He walks toward the EXIT and pushes the door open. With his gear bag in hand, PKA heads outside. The door shuts behind him and the scene fades to black.

Main Event: Tag Team Championship - Anton Chase & Cameron MacNichol vs. UK Dragons(c)

Fade in..

Randy Long: "It's time now for the main event of the evening! It is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and it is for the WARPED Tag Team Championship!"


Randy Long: "Introducing team number one, first - from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - "The Future" Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner - from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds - Cameron MacNichol!"

The riff of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" hits the speakers, and the fans in England rise to their feet as Cameron MacNichol makes his way out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Randy Long: "And their opponents, from right here in ENGLANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND"

The crowd pops!!!

Randy Long: "At a combined weight of 280 pounds, they are the reigning and defending WARPED Tag Team Champions- Evangelista and Laurel Anne Hardy - the U..K..DRAGONS!"

The opening notes to Glass Candy's "Candy Castle" hit the speakers and Laurel Anne Hardy dances onstage, while Evangelista walks out beside her and places her hands on her hips. The England crowd goes INSANE for these two!

Tony D: "Boy, listen to this crowd!"

They jog down to the ring, high fiving fans, then Evangelista slides under the bottom rope while Laurel leaps over her onto the apron and vaults over the top rope. They climb opposite turnbuckles and pose, then moonsault down to standing positions in the centre of the ring. Laurel takes a theatrical bow while Leanne warms up.

Kris Red: "Home country advantage for the UK Dragons tonight as they put their titles on the line for a third time."

Tony D: "It should be interesting to see how Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol do in this match."

"U-K DRAG-ONS! U-K DRAG-ONS! U-K DRAG-ONS!" chant the fans as the two ladies wave to their fans.

Kris Red: "Loud ass crowd tonight."

Tony D: "Laurel Anne Hardy and Anton Chase look like they're going to start the title match off."

Anton Chase extends his hand to Hardy, and she comes in to shake it. They shake, but Chase pulls her in for a side headlock and grins. Laurel pushes him away into the ropes, and he bounces off and she takes him down with a clothesline. Chase gets up, embarassed. She comes after him but he tells her to back off. "I tweatked something" and he tells the referee it's his ankle. The ref holds Hardy back as Chase hops over and tags in Cameron MacNichol. Chase smiles and gets out of the ring and Cam enters.

Tony D: "For having an ankle injury there, Anton seems to have quickly forgotten about it."

Kris Red: "It's a miracle, he's healed!"

MacNichol and Hardy tie up, and Hardy locks in a wrist lock. She tags in Evangelista. She climbs the turnbuckle and Laurel holds Cameron there while Evangelista comes off with a Missle Dropkick! The fans cheer on their own!

Tony D: "These fans are perhaps the loudest they've been all night with support for two of their own girls!"

Evangelista brings MacNichol to his feet and whips him into her corner and tags out to her partner. Hardy chops MacNichol, and MacNichol kicks Hardy. Cameron whips her across the ring and into his corner and charges in with a shoulderbutt to the midsection. Chase tags himself in. Cameron asks Anton what he's doing, and Anton shouts some orders out. They try and double team Hardy, but she escapes during the miscommunication. She sends Chase from the ring and locks in a side headlock on MacNichol.

Tony D: "Cameron and Anton haven't necessarily been seeing eye to eye as a tag team, but they were ordered that they must make this team work."

Kris Red: "They aren't doing a great job of that."

MacNichol escapes the headlock and hits a belly to back suplex on Hardy! He covers..

But he's not the legal man and the referee tells him to get out of the ring!

MacNichol sighs as Anton Chase comes in from behind and nails her with a pendulum backbreaker! He covers..


Evangelista comes in and breaks up the pin!

Tony D: "One count! Evangelista makes the save."

Kris Red: "Evangelista made THAT save successfully, but she sure didn't save PKA from anything earlier. Too bad that she and her partner couldn't convince him to stay. So sad.."

Chase brings Hardy to her feet. He grabs Hardy around the waist, but Hardy elbows out of it and then lands an enziguri. She tags out to Evangelista, who comes in as Chase gets to his feet and kicks him in the gut.. sets him up for a Fisherman's Suplex and hits it! She bridges for the cover, but Cameron MacNichol comes in. He drops an elbow but she moves and he lands on his partner! Evangelista is ready for him as he gets to his feet and she nails him with a European Uppercut, followed by a chop to the chest. She then hits a dropkick that leads to a somersault senton on Chase...



Kick out!

Tony D: "Impressive move! UK Dragons are in their third title defense here at WARPED. They made history by being the first wrestlers ever to be Guest Stars and win WARPED championship gold."

Evangelista locks a Texas cloverleaf in on Chase. The referee checks if Chase wants to tap, but soonthereafter MacNichol breaks it up, pulling Evangelista off. MacNichol with an irish whip attempt, but Evangelista counters and sends him through the ropes to the outside!

Tony D: "Evangelista is cleaning house!"

Evangelista tags out to her partner and then climbs up top. She leaps off the top buckle with a diving crossbody onto Cameron MacNichol on the outside!

Kris Red: "These ladies are on fire!"

Back in the ring, Laurel brings Chase to his feet but he swats her away and nails her with the PELE KICK out of nowhere!

Tony D: "Down goes Hardy!"

Anton Chase then looks to the outside and charges to help his partner. He suicide dives through the middle and top rope, but Evangelista moves and he takes out MacNichol!

Kris Red: "That didn't work out so well.."

Evangelista laughs at Chase as he realizes what he's done. He is helping his partner up. She watches as her partner charges toward the ropes, twists her body and does a somersault plancha down onto both men, taking them out!


Tony D: "Amazing fast paced action from the UK Dragons here as they have taken complete control over the Tag Team Title match!"

Hardy and Evangelista send MacNichol into the ring and both slide in. MacNichol comes to his feet and Evangelista locks in the Inverted facelock. As Laurel goes for the springboard moonsault to complete the "Warped Frontier" finishing move, Cameron fights out and Hardy crashes into her own partner! MacNichol then grabs her and hurls her through the ropes to the outside.

Tony D: "Looks like they were going for the Warped Frontier, a move they won a match with with a super version, off the cage!"

Cameron MacNichol now ducks down and sets up for the Spear! Evangelista slowly rises to her feet as the referee checks on her. Cameron charges and she sidesteps and pushes him away as he goes right into the referee!

Kris Red: "Ref bump! Ref bump!!"

Tony D: "MacNichol inadvertantly took out the referee!"

She then leaps up and grabs the head of MacNichol, falls back and drives the back of his head into her knees!


Anton Chase slips in and spins Evangelista around, kicks her in the gut, and sets her up for the styles clash... a move he calls CHAOS THEORY and he nails it!

Tony D: "Chase puts away Evangelista there but there's not a referee!"

Laurel Anne Hardy slides into the ring and turns an unsuspecting Anton Chase around, boots him in the gut and places him between her legs. She straightjackets the arms and then hits a flipping piledriver!

Tony D: "Flower Plower Mk.III: Terror From Beneath!"

Kris Red: "That's a mouthful!"

Laurel checks on her partner. The crowd erupts in boos suddenly and she doesn't know why until she looks up toward WARPEDVision where William Wallace, Starr, and Crowbar have appeared on the stage. They are marching down the aisle and Laurel shakes her partner, trying to get her to come to!

Tony D: "AbominationZ have arrived and it looks like they've got their sights set on Laurel Anne Hardy!"

Kris Red: "Haha, Tony D! It's time to end this show the right way, The AbominationZ way!"

The trio each gets up on a different side of the ring on the apron, surrounding Laurel. Her partner starts to come to and the AbominationZ all three get in the ring and a brawl breaks out.

Tony D: "A three on two beatdown of the WARPED Tag Team Champions! This is not right!"

Kris Red: "UK Dragons wanna stick their nose in our business??? Well, they deserve this!"

Cameron MacNichol notices what's going on as he awakens from the impactful move earlier. He comes to the rescue, going after Crowbar. He pulls Crowbar off and takes him down in a Crippler Crossface! The crowd pops!

Kris Red: "Oh look it's the savior Cameron MacNichol!"

Due to the three on two attack prior to Cameron's rescue, both Laurel and Evangelista are out, so Starr and Wallace can come pull off Cameron MacNichol. They both lift him up onto their shoulders and torpedo him over the ropes and onto the ringside floor.

Suddenly the crowd pops as PKA charges down the aisle with a steel chair in hand!

Tony D: "He's back! PKA is here!"

The trio of AbominationZ notices, Starr even mouths "oh shit!" as PKA slides into the ring swinging the chair like a madman and all three of them leave the ring! They regroup and back up to the bottom of the aisle as PKA holds the chair in his hand, ready to fight.

Kris Red: "What the hell are you DOING? Shouldn't you be GONE!"

PKA urges AbominationZ to come at him and they all whisper in each others ears, seemingly trying to figure out what the strategy is. He bends down and helps up Evangelista and Laurel, letting them know he's here. PKA yells out for a microphone and Randy Long tosses him one.

PKA: "Oh come on now, you actually thought I was gone? The night isn't over yet, fellas! I got paid for this show so I'm here til it's over."

The fans are going wild, chanting a dueling "P K A! - " U K Drag-ons!" and PKA continues.

PKA: "Damn right. You better believe that I had one more thing to do before I left tonight. And you know what that is?"

PKA drops the microphone and the live mic makes a loud THUD. He then drives the chair into the gut of Evangelista, and then cracks Laurel Anne Hardy over the skull.

Tony D: "Wait, NO!"

Chair in hand, PKA smiles as he looks down at Laurel as she is out on the mat.

He drops the chair and grabs Evangelista by the head, smiling. He grabs her tights and lifts her up, dropping her head first on the chair with a P-Krusher.

Tony D: "No!!"

The crowd erupts in boos as PKA has just betrayed the UK Dragons. The look on the AbominationZ faces is one of shock and awe.

Kris Red: "Wait uh.. is he one of us?"

PKA grabs a downed Anton Chase and slaps him around. Chase realizes where he's at and covers Evangelista!

Tony D: "Did you know about this all along?!?!"

Kris Red: "I swear I have no idea what's going on."

PKA quickly grabs the chair, and slides out of the ring. He shakes the referee and slaps him around, trying to wake up him. The referee starts to come to and rolls over, seeing Chase has the cover. He crawls toward them and slowly counts...









The bell sounds!

Randy Long: " are your winners........ and the NEW WARPED Wrestling TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.. Anton Chase and Cameron MaCNichol!"

The crowd erupts in boos and "That Was Bullshit" chants. "Faint" By Linkin Park plays over the PA System. The referee slowly gets to his feet and Anton Chase does too. Randy Long hands over the Tag Team Titles to the ref, who does his best to make his way toward Anton and hand him his title. Cameron MacNichol is beginning to come to now and realizes they have won the titles. He grabs his title and looks at it with much surprise. Chase puts the title on his shoulder and he can't believe it either.

At ringside, PKA holds the steel chair and walks toward AbominationZ. The trio steps back, clearing a path for PKA. He gives them a smug look as he carries the chair with him up the aisle.

Tony D: "I'm not sure what we just witnessed aside from the fact that PKA just cost the UK Dragons the Tag Team Titles."

Kris Red: "I'm just as shocked as you, Tony D. Looks like my boys are as well. Hell, looks like Anton and Cameron are too."

Tony D: "Chase and MacNichol have no idea what happened, because they were knocked out during the mele! This is obsurd. Why would PKA do this on his final night in WARPED?!?!"

Chase and MacNichol, unknowing to what's gone down, both climb the turnbuckle and celebrate. AbominationZ leave them be and head up the aisle. Evangelista is being tended to by referees and medics, while her partner Laurel checks on her as well.

Tony D: "I'm surprised Laurel is able to move after that chairshot, but thank God she is. I sure hope Evangelista is okay too."

Kris Red: "I'm speechless."

Tony D: "Well fans, we have new Tag Team Champions in Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol. Despite what's gone down in the moments leading to their victory, they still have done something many thought they wouldn't be able to do - work as a team and win the titles. It's a tainted victory, but a victory nonetheless. It should be interesting to see how they react to the win once they find out HOW it happened."

Chase and MacNichol help out their former opponents and help get them to their feet. Evangelista seems to be a little woozy, but she's up. Laurel is up as well, but beaten up badly. All four competitors look like they've gone through a war. The DVD fades out...