WARPEDLIVE 77 "GLASGOW" - 05/05/13

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WARPED77 - 5/5/13 - Glasgow, Scotland - The Garage

Main Event: If Taurus Wins, he Gets a Title Shot
William Wallace vs. Taurus Capone

Evolution Championship
Kandi Washington(c) vs. Leon Stone

Tag Team #1 Contenders Match
Anton Chase & Cameron MacNichol vs. The Brothers Stanton

Tag Team Match
Y & The Controvert vs. ELITE

Singles Match
Jason Richards vs. Cain(Guest Star)

Singles Match
Hugo Strange vs. Leda(Guest Star)



WARPED77 - 5/5/13 - Glasgow, Scotland - The Garage




You open the DVD of WARPED 77 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Hugo Strange vs. Leda(Guest Star)

The riff of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" hits the speakers, and the fans in Scotland rise to their feet as Cameron MacNichol makes his way out from behind the curtain. Cameron is dressed in a Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo! t-shirt, blue denim jeans and high-top sneakers, and carries a rolled-up red carpet under his arm; as he walks down the ramp, Cameron slaps hands with the fans in the front rows. As Cameron reaches the bottom of the ramp, he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Standing up, he rolls the carpet onto the ring canvas from one turnbuckle to the other, revealing a long diagonal black line. After a few moments of taking in the fans' cheers, Cameron takes a microphone from ring announcer Randy Long.

Cameron MacNichol: “Hello, Glasgow!”

Cameron lowers his microphone as the fans erupt into cheers. Cameron gives them a wide smile, then raises his mic again.

Cameron MacNichol: “All right, I can tell you're having fun here tonight. Now, I'm out here for a very specific reason. As I'm sure you know by now that I have a match tonight against the Stanton brothers, with Anton Chase as my tag team partner. And I'm sure you're also very much aware that Chase and I are not exactly jumping for joy about it. Chase doesn't trust me as far as he can throw me, and I trust him about as much as my adoptive parents trusted H.R. Haldeman. If you don't get that, don't fret; you can look it up after the show at your leisure. But anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. As I've mentioned, Chase and I have to team up tonight, and I'm concerned that what happened at the three year anniversary show will happen again. So I'm out here to pretty much nip it in the bud. As I told Chase this week, to work effectively as a team, we have to trust each other, and trust is a two-way street. So, Chase, if you'll come on out here, we'll see if we can't build some trust in each other.”

Cameron lowers his microphone. After a few moments of silence, he raises it again.

Cameron MacNichol: “Anton Chase, come on down.”

Cameron lowers his microphone again. After a few more moments of silence, Cameron walks to a corner turnbuckle and sits down on the canvas. Once he's comfortable, Cameron raises his microphone again.

Cameron MacNichol: “Anton, I can wait out here all night, but I don't really want to; this show is grinding to a stop faster than rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. The quicker you get out here, the quicker we can get it over with.”

After a few moments, "Faint" by Linkin Park hits the speakers. The fans immediately begin to boo, as Anton Chase walks through the curtain, with an angry expression on his face. Ignoring the fans, he walks down the ramp. As he reaches the ring, he climbs onto the apron and through the ropes. Cameron circles him cautiously as Anton retrieves a microphone of his own.

Anton Chase: "Really? You want to have some team bonding right here and right now in front of these fans? These fans didn’t pay to come and see us bond, they came to see us win."

Cameron MacNichol: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Bond? No. Bonding implies we're friends. We're not friends. We're just two guys trying to make the best of an unfavorable situation."

Anton Chase:: "Whatever. Like I was saying, these fans came to see us win, and win we shall. You see unlike you, who puts on his gear before his match and then thinks his ready, well that's how you get your ass beat all the time. I, on the other hand, need time to prepare and think. So Cameron, sorry to disappoint, but I will not be taking part in these stupid games."

Cameron MacNichol: "Games are for children. These are just some simple exercises to build some trust. If I'm gonna trust you, then you're gonna have to trust me. So let's start with something simple."

Cameron indicates the black lined carpet running from the two turnbuckles.

Cameron MacNichol: "Walk across this line, reciting the alphabet backwards."

Anton looks at Cameron incredulously and nonverbally asks if he's serious. Cameron nods. Anton walks to one end of the line, and begins walking the line, speaking as he goes.

Anton Chase:"Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, Q, P, O, N, M, L, K, J, I, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A."

Anton reaches the end of the line and turns to Cameron.

Anton Chase: "Satisfied?"

Cameron nods in approval.

Cameron MacNichol: "All right, good. Now, head back this way, reciting all the prime numbers from one to... twenty. If you need help with your math, a prime number is any number that is only divisible by one or itself. Go ahead."

Anton begins walking back toward Cameron, again talking as he walks.

Anton Chase: "2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23."

As Chases finishes again, Cameron gives another nod of approval.

Cameron MacNichol: "All right. So far, so good. We're almost done. This last exercise, let's just have some fun. Give me ten one-handed push-ups. You fans here in Glasgow, count along with him."

Anton drops to the canvas, and begins one-armed push-ups.

Fans: "1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!"

Chase finishes and stands up, and Cameron smiles.

Cameron MacNichol: "All right, we're off to a good start. I think this is the beginning of a… no, can't really quote that movie line, as it doesn't really apply. Oh, well. We're done for now, Anton, so thank you.”

Cameron begins climbing out of the ring, but pauses with one leg through the ropes. Thinking for a moment, he climbs back in.

Cameron MacNichol: “You know what? Since we're talking about trust, I might as well be honest with you. Remember when I flashed your contract to the WARPED universe? It wasn't really your contract; I thought it was a poorly done forgery, but the fact that it fooled you, and that it got you so riled up, tells me it was better than I thought.

Anton charges at Cameron in anger, but Cameron drops his microphone and rolls out of the ring, as "Stranglehold" plays through the speakers.

Hugo Strange vs. Leda(Guest Star)

Tony D: “Well, fans. Welcome to WARPED 77. We are live from the historic Garage in Glasgow Scotland and we kick things off tonight in the ring with a one on one match. This opening match involves a guest to our company and a man who has not hidden his distaste or dislike toward women’s wrestling. Who do you think will walk away with the victory in this one Kris?”

Kris Red: “Are you kidding me, Tony D!? Hugo better be the one victorious or else he’s going to bring further distaste to Kandi’s Evolution Championship!”

Tony D: “Don’t you mean to say his co-champion?”

Kris Red: “Uh.. no… did I stutter!? Everybody knows Kandi is clearly the UNDISPUTED Evolution Champion and Hugo is just along for the ride.”

Tony D: “You’re as full of yourself as the rest of AbominationZ!”

Randy Long: “The following contest is a non-title standard inter-gender match and introducing first, representing Warped Wrestling: he stands in at 6 feet 6 inches, weighing in at 315 pounds, and hailing in from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: he is the current CO-EVOLUTION CHAMPION…. HUGO STRANGE!!”

As the riffs for “Check My Brain starts Hugo steps out and looks across the fans as he makes his way the ring taunting and flipping off the fans. As Hugo gets to the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope and stands up talking shit to the fans and anybody in the ring.

Tony D: “These fans are showing Hugo exactly what he shows them: nothing.”

Kris Red: “These fans are up the asses of PKA and William Wallace, so I don’t blame him to be honest Tony D!”

Randy Long: “And introducing his opponent, representing UHW: she stands in at 5 feet, 7 inches, weighing in at 115 pounds, and hailing from Los Angeles, California…. LEDA!!”

“Bullet for my Valentine” hits over the Warped’s sound system and the fans rise to their feet as they begin cheering with clips of Leda’s entrance video flash over the Warped-Tron. Walks out and does a quick glance of the whole arena. Then she runs down the ramp, hitting fans hands as she bypasses them, and then slides inside the ring. She gets up and begins waves to the crowd before catching wind of Hugo who is staring a hole in her.

Tony D: “She looks like an impressive little body. Let’s hope she has better luck than Reya Serra.”

Kris Red: “Please! Tony D, she looks like a Barbie doll on crack. He’ll break her and win this match without breaking a sweat. He better! His reputation is on the line!”

(ding, ding, ding)

Tony D: “The match has now officially begun and Leda looks to be getting a head start.”

Leda runs over to Hugo with a clothesline, but she hardly knocks the big man off his feet. She runs backwards off the ropes and as she bounces off them—he lifts her up as he drops her down with a flapjack. Her face bounces off the canvas as Hugo is the first up to his feet.

Kris Red: “Hugo is showing exactly how he feels about women’s wrestling.”

Tony D: “Very little respect for the sport he has.”

Leda pushes off the mat as Hugo impatiently yanks her up by the back of her hair. He throws her face first into the corner turnbuckle and she spins around. She tries to catch her breath, but he doesn’t give her a second to relax as he runs toward her with an overbearing body splash in the corner. He backs out as he watches her flop on her face in the ring. The fans boo.

Kris Red: “These fans are showing the prick Hugo what they really think of him in this Scottish arena.”

Tony D: “I don’t think Hugo cares what anybody thinks about him or how he conducts himself in the ring.”

As Leda tries to stand up from the mat, Hugo runs with a big boot to the side of her face, preventing her from standing to her feet. He drops to his knees and covers…



Hugo lifts up off of Leda, breaking the count.

Tony D: “Oh now the big jerk is toying with her!”

Kris Red: “Leda came in on our turf and I don’t think he wants anymore surprises like in the Warped’s tag team division.”

He has her up by the blonde locks as the referee warns him around gripping the hair. He lifts her up onto his shoulders and he crashes her shoulder down on his knee with an unforgiving shoulder breaker.

Tony D: “Leda’s shoulder may have just been dislocated after that move.”

He lifts her up by the hair, but Leda shows there’s life left in her as she tries to battle it out with forearms to the midsection. She forces him to break the hold and she runs off the ropes. Leda is caught with a knee to the midsection and Hugo lifts her up, but as he attempts a powerbomb—she sends him spiraling out of control with a head scissors takedown.

Kris Red: “Oh man, out of nowhere Leda just countered the Evolution Champion!”

Hugo is up to his feet and Leda is kneeling up to hers, he charges her with a big boot and she manages to roll out of the way. She pops up on her feet and as Hugo turns around, she hops onto his chest as they fall to the mat. She follows it through with punches to the face.

Tony D: “It looks like Leda is still giving this match all she can.”

Hugo grabs her by both sides of her head and headbutts her forehead. She stumbles off to the side and Hugo wipes his hand down his face. He’s up to his feet and he grabs her by the wrist. As he lifts her up, he whips her into the corner. He charges at her and she hops up with her legs around his neck, but Hugo grabs her midsection and lifts her up. POWERBOMB!

Kris Red: “Holy shit Tony D! Leda might have just been broken in two.”

Tony D: “Hugo is treating her just as if she was one of her boys.”

He bends down to pick her up, but she catches him with a small package rollup.




Tony D: “Not quite a two count.”

She stumbles up to her feet and Hugo grabs her with what appears to be a bearhug, but it turns it into a side belly to belly. He runs off the ropes and flings back to Leda as he leaps up off his feet with a giant body splash in the middle of the ring.

Kris Red: “Leda has just been SQUASHED!”

Tony D: “This entire match has been about Hugo Strange and only Hugo Strange!”

As Leda stumbles upon her feet, she staggers around still dazed and walks right into Hugo Strange who meets her with a kick to the midsection. He lifts her up off the mat as she’s upside down in the air while the fans are booing out of control while Hugo has a devious grin across his face. He brings her down and collides her back with the canvas as he connects with the burning hammer.

Tony D: “My God Kris, Hugo has just knocked Leda out with the Moose Killer! There’s no getting up from that.”

Kris Red: “Nope, this one is OVA!”

Hugo covers with his hands pushed down on her chest as the referee slides down to the mat.




He signals for the bell and the fans continue to boo as Hugo Strange stands to his feet while Leda looks to still be completely out of it.

Tony D: “Leda put up a decent effort, but it wasn’t enough to get the job done against co-Evolution Champion Hugo Strange.”

Kris Red: “Hugo is making quite the name for himself by bullying women’s wrestlers.”

He snatches his title belt from the ref’s hand as he raises it in the air and starts pounding his chest while shouting out to the crowd that he’s the ONLY and GREATEST Evolution Champion.

Kris Red: “The only thing he’s great at is pie or hotdog eating contests!”

Tony D: “We will just have to see about that when AbominationZ own Kandi Washington defends her title next.”

Randy Long: “Here is your winner… HUGO STRANGE!!”

Kris Red: “She’s going to take Leon Stone to the cleaners, believe that Tony D!”

The crowd half boos and half cheers as Hugo goes over to the ropes and yells for a mic.

Hugo: Now get the hell out of WARPED Leda your welcome just ran out and nobody wants you here.

The crowd pops.

Hugo: Well here we are in Glasgow Scottland...........what a shit hole. I mean really when was the last time somebody had this conversation "Ok I am going Glasgow" "OK have a good time" I know never right?

The crowd starts to boo and Hugo just smiles.

Hugo: Anyways the Elite Duos is coming up and I have a little announcement to make regrading it. And that is this Yes I will be in the Elite Dous this year, but this I have a partner lined up that is going to blow everybody away. I have been in contact with a true superstar that has class and taste. No I am not going to say who it is you all will find out when the time is right. Last year with a bitch of a partner I won the Elite Duos and tag team of the year just imagine what will with a partner with talent.

The crowd boos again.

Hugo: Just looking at all the other tag teams here in WARPED now makes me laugh. I mean come on we have the brothers dipshits. The amazing midget team of Elite. We lost the clowns but ended up with the nut house rejects noun and z. Lets not forget about the team made up of Anton whats his face and Cameron nobody really gives a fuck.

The crowd boos some more.

Hugo: I tell you what Joey go ahead and rename the Elite Duos the "Hugo Cup" and go ahead have me and my mystery partner face the UK Dragons to bring home the tag titles to WARPED because you knoe deep down inside I am the man to do it.

Hugo drops the mic yells out call me I am always around and leaves the ring.

Jason Richards vs. Cain(Guest Star)

Randy Long: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first, billed from Seattle, Washington, standing in at 6 feet 1 inches, weighing in at 195 pounds… JASON RICHARDS!!”

The lights go out as a loud howl is let out through the entire venue the music begins to play through the sound system of the venue. He appears slowly stepping through the curtain looking out of the crowd. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as he holds out his hand as the people slap it. He walks over grabbing a chair standing on it putting on foot on the guard rail making a slashing motion across is throat. He jumps down and then jumps on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over stepping up to the second rope he lets out a howl jumping down he begins stretching in the corner staring at the entrance way staring on his opponent.

Randy Long: “And his opponent, visiting Warped Wrestling… CAIN!!”

Cain is seen bouncing from side to side on the opposite side of the ring.

(ding, ding, ding)

Tony D: “This one is off!”

Kris Red: “It looks like Jason is not wasting anytime tonight.”

Right when the referee calls for the bell, Jason Richards run out of his corner with a palm thrust to Cain’s face. Cain stumbles back against the ropes and he finds himself being whisk across the ring with a strong irish whip hold. He bounces off the ropes and Jason Richards takes him down with a hip toss takedown. Cain rolls up off the mat and Jason Richards with a dropkick to the chest. He covers…

Kris Red: “I’ve never seen Jason so fired up before. He has brought his A-game!”

Tony D: “Indeed he has.”




Tony D: “Wow, Cain doesn’t look too much like a wrestler right now.”

Jason is first to his feet as Cain slowly rolls off the mat. Jason spins him around and grabs him by the back of the head. He drops him down to the mat with a sit-out reverse DDT.

Kris Red: “I have never seen Jason look so good in the ring!”

Richards doesn’t allow Cain much time as he follows it up with a running leg drop across the throat and locks in a kimura lock, but Cain manages to extend his arm over to the bottom rope. The ref forces Richards to break the hold.

Tony D: “It looked like Richards was trying to break Cain’s arm there.”

Richards is up and he has Cain up as well. He whips Cain into the ropes, but Cain reverses it, and when Richards flings off the ropes he connects with a kick to the chest. Richards runs at him with a discus clothesline to the mat. Cain rolls up and stumbles up to his feet. Richards meets him with a kick to the midsection. He blasts Cain with a superkick to the jawbone.

Kris Red: “Oh ouch, Cain might need to see a dentist after this match is over!”

Tony D: “If it isn’t over already!”

Richards quickly locks in the Kimura lock once more.

Tony D: “He locked the Seattle Stretch in and there’s nowhere for Cain to go!”

Kris Red: “But he’s fighting it with all his might. Richards will break his damn arm!”

Richards tightens the hold as Cain is screaming in agonizing pain. The referee is asking if he gives up and he starts tapping Richards’ leg.

Kris Red: “It’s OVA!!”

Tony D: “What an impressive display of talent by Jason Richards!”

Randy Long: “Here is your winner… JASON RICHARDS!!”

His theme hits as the fans erupt with cheers as he breaks the hold and stands to his feet. The referee grabs his arm and raises his arm in victory as the fans roar loudly throughout the building.

Kris Red: “This is what Jason needed to put his career on a decent path because before tonight, he was headed nowhere!”

Tony D: “What are you talking about Kris? He is a great asset to the roster!”


A raucous cheer goes up at the sound of Glass Candy's "Candy Castle" and The UK Dragons, Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista, step out! They hug, high five and shake hands with the fans as they make their way towards the ring. The cheers get even louder as FRONTIER's Jay Pride follows them out, getting a huge reaction from his fellow Scots. The trio pause to pose with fans for a few pictures, too.

The girls are wearing street clothes - dark blue jeans and a silver button-down shirt in Leanne's case; in Laurel's, psychedelic-print leggings, pink legwarmers and a gold shirt with a big, floppy pink bow tie. They have the WARPED Tag Team Championships around their waists, the faceplate of Laurel's being decorated with holographic butterfly stickers and glitter. Jay, staying a few paces behind them, is in a Slayer T-shirt and blue track suit pants. The Tag Team Champions slide into the ring, while Jay stays at ringside.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Make some fuckin' noise, Glasgow!

And they do!

Laurel Anne Hardy: WARPED couldn't have a show on this little island without us, huh?

The fans roar in agreement.

Laurel Anne Hardy: So, later tonight we find out whether the next challengers for these WARPED Tag Team Championships around our waists - that's WARPED, not AbominationZ - will be the Brothers Stanton or Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol. An' you know what, we're definitely lookin' forward to that one, not just for the impact it'll have on us but as fans of fuckin' great wrestling. Whichever of you guys comes out with the win, we'll be ready to make some astounding art with you. See, we didn't just come here to humiliate AbominationZ. Matter of fact, that wasn't part of the original plan at all. We came to WARPED to test ourselves against one of the world's greatest tag teams, a test we passed. Now we wanna keep on goin' against the very best tag teams WARPED has to offer. We hear rumblings a certain tournament might be returning soon... we don't know yet whether we'll be part of that, but trust us, we wanna be. An' whether we are or not we'll be keepin' a very close eye on every team who enters! If it was up to us, we'd be makin' our art with every damn tag team on this planet!

This gets a whole bunch of cheering. After a moment, as it starts to quiet back down, Evangelista takes the mic.

Evangelista: As for AbominationZ... listen up. This goes for all the rest of you other than Doug an' Treats.

She rests a hand on the faceplate of her title belt, glancing down at it for just a moment.

Evangelista: Think you can take these off us? Come an' try it.

Another huge cheer for that dare as the girls exit the ring and head backstage again, interacting with the fans on the way.

Y & The Controvert vs. ELITE

Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, they are the team of Voe and Tin Lin, weighing in at a combined weight of 360 pounds, and billed from right here in Japan… ELITE!

Their theme hits the p.a. system and a huge pop is heard from the crowd as the Li’s come strutting out with the running man-like dance moves. They stare over at each other as they continue to dance down the ramp, but stopping halfway in the middle. They then run down to the ring apron and slide in under the first rope, kneeling up. They flip up to their feet and begin conducting some dance moves as the fans go nuts.

The lights go out. "The Answer" by Lthrboots starts playing as strobe lights circle around the arena. The lights all converge to the top of the ramp. Standing on top of the ramp are Y and The Controvert. SwitchBlade is close behind them, a hand on both their shoulders. He says something to them, and the two proceed to head down to the ring with SwitchBlade remaining at the ramp. It'd appear that Y has two replica toy crowns in his hands.

Randy Long: "And their opponents - Accompanied by SwitchBlade, at a combined weight of 314 pounds, they are the team of Y and THE CONTROVERT!"

Y slides under the ring ropes while Controvert walks up the ring steps. Both meet at the turnbuckle and stare directly at their opponents without budging an inch.

Tony D: "Well Kris we once again see the team of Y and The Controvert in action tonight against ELITE. Y and The Controvert have been quite successful and impactful while ELITE..ehh not so much."

Kris Red: "I wouldn't call what they did three weeks ago a success. They didn't even technically win that match. It got thrown out because they kicked Bushido and Justin Reyes' asses!"

Tony D: "Valiant point, Kris. Say, what do you think those toy hats are in Y's hands?"

Kris Red: "What do you mean WHAT ARE THEY? They're toy hats! Crowns, even."

Tony D: "I meant to ask what they're for.. what's the reason behind this.."

Kris Red: "Can't someone carry a Burger King toy crown around and not be weird? Jeez, Tony D. It's 2013. Be a little more open-minded."

Tony D: "Well those crowns don't quite look to be made out of cardboard like at BK but I see your point."

The bell sounds and it will be Y and Tin starting the match off. Y sets the replica toy crowns under the turnbuckle and the two circle the ring and lock up. Y drives a knee to the midsection of Tin and drives his elbow into the back of his head. Tin drops to a knee and Y hits the ropes and returns with a running bulldog. He covers..


Kick out.

Tony D: "So quick and calculated are Y and The Controvert.."

Y brings Tin to his feet and pulls him to the corner and tags in The Controvert. He enters the ring and Y holds Tin while The Controvert boots him in the gut and delivers a right hand to the face. Y gets out on the apron while The Controvert repeatedly punches Tin Li in the face. With Tin staggering in the middle of the ring, The Controvert leaps onto the ropes and comes back with a splash onto Tin, taking him down and into a cover..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "That's some awesome athleticism from The Controvert. SwitchBlade looks like he approves too."

The Controvert tags out and Y climbs to the top buckle while The Controvert applies a Sharpshooter! Y comes off the top with a diving headbutt to the back of Tin's head. Voe Li charges in to try and help his partner but the referee holds him back. This allows for repeated stomps from both men on Tin Li. Voe finally steps out on the apron. The referee forces The Controvert to get out of the ring and he does so. Y brings Tin to his feet and holds his arm out toward his partner to tease a tag but he pulls him away and drops him with a Reverse DDT.

Tony D: "This match has been fast-paced and completely dominated by Y and The Controvert."

SwitchBlade shouts something out to the men. In the ring, Y brings Tin Li up and whips him into his partner's corner. Voe Li is excited and makes the tag. But just as he starts to get into the ring, The Controvert hurls a chair at him from ringside, cracking against the side of his exposed leg and knee area. He collapses into the ring and Y pulls him to the middle of the ring and stomps at the leg repeatedly while Voe screams out. Y applies the sharpshooter and The Controvert enters the ring with the chair. He stands in front of his partner and swings the chair forward, cracking the chair against the exposed kneecaps of Voe Li!! The referee calls for the bell and throws this one out as the fans boo.

Kris Red: "These guys are out of their minds!"

Tin Li comes after both men now and they stop him with double boots to the gut. The Controvert lifts him up and hits a Spinebuster into the turnbuckle post!

Y then grabs the sides of Tin's head and squeezes as tightly as possible while starring into his eyes.

Tony D: "And now the Question Authority into N/A move! They are like hired hitmen unleashed!"

The Controvert comes up next to Y and hands him one of the toy replica crowns Y brought to the ring. Y releases Tin from the hold and he drops to the mat. Y places the crown on the head of Tin Li and then takes the other crown from The Controvert and walks over to Voe Li who is out on the mat as well and he places the crown on his head too.

Tony D: "And now Y's put both toy replica crowns on each of the ELITE brothers heads.."

Y grabs both arms of Voe, pulls them up and then curb stomps him face-first into the mat!

Kris Red: "Curb stomp with the crown on!!"

Y then looks over at Tin Li and grabs his arms as well, pulling them up. SwitchBlade watches from ringside and nods his head while in the ring Y curb stomps Tin as well.

Kris Red: "And another curb stomp! Wow. These two guys are really a new breed of tag team unlike we've seen here in WARPED."

The Controvert nods in approval as well as the two then exit the ring, leaving their opponents out cold in the ring. They join SwitchBlade and head up the aisle as the fans in Scotland boo them out of the building.


Tag Title #1 Contendership: Anton Chase & Cameron MacNichol vs. The Brothers Stanton

Randy Long: “The following contest is a standard tag team match and introducing first, billed from Los Angeles, California, standing in at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighing in at 210 pounds… ANTON CHASE!!”

As “Faint” by Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: “And introducing his partner, billed from Detroit, Michgain, standing in at 6 feet, 2 inches, and weighing in at 200 pounds… CAMERON MacNICHOL!!”

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Randy Long: “Introducing their opponents, billed from Chicago, Illinois and at a combined weight of 390 pounds… they are the team of Brock and Joe Stanton… THE STANTON BROTHERS!!”

The lighting dims and spotlight strobes between red & blue on the entrance, signaling the arrival of the Stanton brothers who throw back the curtain and walk out onto the stage. A fist pump between the two is all the fans get before they sprint to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans on the sides of the aisle way, sliding in underneath the bottom rope and springing up to their feet together. Brock scurries over to a far corner, hopping up on it and playing to the crowd while on the opposite side of the ring Joe raises his fists to the skies for them. Two brothers meet in their corner, talking over their strategy again and waiting for the match to start.

(ding, ding, ding)

Tony D: "Well as this match gets going, I imagine it will be much different from the last match."

Kris Red: "Y and The Controvert cleaned house with Elite and they are a totally different team in of itself. Here, we've got Anton and Cameron who are playing their own little games, with The Brothers Stanton who are trying to make their mark here."

Tony D: "Indeed, a very different sort of match up."

Cameron and Joe decide to start things off for their teams as they make their way to the middle of the ring. They lock up and Joe takes control as he forces Cameron down to one knee with a headlock hold. Cameron pushes Joe off to the ropes and he bounces off them with a shoulder block. Cameron rolls up to his feet and Joe catches him with a boot to the midsection. He lifts him up over the head with a scoop slam.

Tony D: “The Stanton Brothers have come here with a purpose to be tag team champions and this is one of the hardest challenges yet.”

Kris Red: “I have my doubts about either teams, but the Stanton Brothers more than anything.”

Cameron gets up to his knees and Joe helps him up the rest of the way. He whips him into the ropes, but Cameron reverses it. Cameron runs at Joe with a clothesline. Joe rolls up to his feet and about halfway up; he hooks his head and drops him on the canvas with a DDT. He covers…




Kris Red: “I thought Cameron had him with that one!”

Cameron looks up to the ref and holds three fingers up before standing to his. He grabs Joe up as he locks in a headlock hold. Joe surprises him as he rams him back first into the corner with a shoulder thrust to his midsection. Anton Chase tags himself in.

Tony D: “It looks like Anton wants to give it a go!”

Anton hops over the ropes and as Joe goes to switch his attention, he’s taken down with a spinning wheel kick. Joe rolls up to his feet and Anton with a dropkick to the chest. He covers, but only gets a one count. Anton is first to his feet through and he whips Joe into the ropes, but he counters it.

Kris Red: “Anton gets taken down with a back body drop!”

Tony D: “He should make the tag.”

Joe makes the tag to his brother and Brock climbs to the top rope. As Anton gets to his feet, Brock flies off the top rope with a missile dropkick. He covers and only gets a two count.

Tony D: “Brock was ready for the action!”

Anton stumbles up to his feet and Brock flips him over with a quick snap suplex. Cameron illegally runs in with a double forearm to the back. The referee backs him out of the ring as Anton capitalizes. He starts to stomp down on Brock, keeping him down on the mat. He grabs Brock by the back of the neck and jumps back with a Russian leg sweep.

Kris Red: “Dirty tactics is how these guys are going to win, no doubt.”

Anton lifts him up and walks him to Cameron as he tags his partner back in. Cameron enters and both men lock in a headlock hold on Brock. They hop down with a double team DDT.

Tony D: “The force behind that double DDT!”

Anton steps out and Cameron tags him back in after lifting Brock up. They whip him into the ropes and take him down with a double hip toss. Anton runs off the ropes with a running senton.

Kris Red: “He goes for the cover!”




Tony D: “Who the hell is that coming to the ring?”

Suddenly, walking out to the top of the ramp are Drake Knight and Ice. They stop at the top with their arms folded as both Cameron and Anton catches wind of them. However, Anton and Cameron resume focus on the match at hand as Drake and Ice appear to have come for a closer look.

Tony D: “What in the world are Kandi’s goons doing out here for this match?”

Kris Red: “Are you questioning fellow AbominationZ’s members again!? We can do whatever we please!”

Anton Chase is stalking Brock Stanton has he stumbles up to his feet. With no knowledge of Anton behind him, Anton grabs him with a belly to back form. He lifts him up and he slams him to the mat.

Kris Red: “The Chaos Theory!”

Tony D: “And the fans in this sold out Scottish arena are going nuts!”

Joe runs in as Anton goes for the cover, but Cameron races in as he takes Joe down with a spear. The two men roll under the first rope to the outside floor. The referee slides down to the canvas.




Kris Red: “And this one is OVA!”

Tony D: “Cameron and Anton have finally managed to get on the same page to become the new number one contenders for the tag team titles.”


Kris Red: “And well, they better watch out because the biggest team in the history of Warped Wrestling does not look too impress with their victory here tonight.”

Tony D: “Who cares what they think? They aren’t challenging for the tag belts anytime soon.”

Evolution Championship: Kandi Washington(c) vs. Leon Stone

Randy Long: The following match is set for one fall, and it is for the Evolution Championship!

Dream On by Aerosmith plays on the speakers, and Leon Stone walks out to a chorus of cheers. He's dressed in his traditional knee length loose wrestling trunks in burnt orange with black seams, and a few steps behind him, Damien Baine is dressed in jeans and a Flux in Motion T-shirt. They both have an addition to their outfits, though: black armbands. They're uncharacteristically quiet as they walk to the ring.

Randy Long: First, the challenger, being accompanied by Damien Baine... from Dayton, Ohio, weighing 230 pounds... Leon! Stooonne!

Leon enters the ring and looks around for a moment, emotions clearly weighing heavily on him. After a moment he grabs two purple velvet sacks from his pockets and unties the golden string. He spreads his arms out palms up and waits merely a second before his palms turn and he pours the sand from the sacks; some floats away in the air, most falls onto the mat. He quietly and calmly walks to his corner, where he exhales heavily. Damien hops up on the apron and they exchange quiet words.

Method of Mayhem's "Get Naked" hits and Kandi Washington emerges, grinning at the boos she receives. Ice and Drake follow her out. Over her regular ring attire she's wearing a blue sports jersey which has been altered to feature bare arms and midriff.

Randy Long: And his opponent, the co-holder of the Evolution Championship... from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 115 pounds... Kandiiii... Washingtooonn!

Tony D: Why's she wearing a soccer shirt?

Kris Red: We're in the UK, Tony. It's a football shirt here.

Tony D: Okay... why is she wearing a football shirt?

Kris Red: You don't recognise which team that shirt is for?

It takes Tony a moment, but then...

Tony D: ...Chelsea.

Kris Red: Bingo.

Leon and Damien have realised this too and they both look absolutely furious as Kandi approaches the ring. Leon jumps down and looks about ready to start wailing on Kandi right then and there, but Damien grabs him by the bicep. Kandi laughs at them as she climbs into the ring. After posing and taunting for a moment she pulls the top off over her head and teases tossing it into the crowd, then turns away from the fans with a smirk. She then flips the shirt under her legs and starts pulling it back and forth so it rubs against her crotch.

Kris Red: I am so turned on right now.

Tony D: Aw jeez, and I have to sit next to you. Urgh.

She sneers in her opponent's direction and throws the top in his face.

Kandi Washington: That smell like dyke to you, Leon? Huh? Oh wait, you wouldn't know the difference. Enjoy that, it's the closest you're ever gonna come to the real thing!

Damien gets back on the apron, hissing in Leon's ear that he can't let Kandi's mind games screw with him.

The bell rings and Leon rushes forward, grabbing Kandi and throwing her into the corner. He starts unloading with furious knees and open fist strikes. He starts to slip into closed fists though, and the referee orders him to back off. He turns to glance at the ref for just a moment, which is all Kandi needs to push back against the corner and swing both her heels up into Leon's jaw. She charges out and brings him down with a running bulldog, takes a moment to get her composure back, then stomps hard on the back of Leon's neck as he pushes himself to all fours.

Tony D: Leon and Kandi have been at each other's throats on Twitter this last week.

Kris Red: Leon shouldn't have called her a dyke! She's the queen of AbominationZ! He should show her the respect she deserves.

Tony D: Leon lost his sister! She showed HIM no respect either!

Kris Red: He didn't 'lose' her, Tony D. She died.

Hugo Strange is then shown coming down the aisle with the true Evolution Title over his shoulder.

Tony D: Hugo Strange coming out here now..

Kris Red: He better stay away from this match. If he costs Kandi the title, he loses it too!

Leon is kneeling on his haunches now and Kandi begins repeatedly booting him in the chest with stiff martial arts style kicks. Then she backs up, measuring him.

Kris Red: She might be going for the Final Lick already!

Tony D: I'm sure she wants to send a message not just to Leon Stone but to Hugo Strange, her co-champion, who's one of the biggest thorns in AbominationZ's side right now!

Kris Red: Eh, only in the sense of how fat he is.

She charges in looking for the punt kick, but Leon ducks it and rolls her into a schoolboy! One count, and then an easy kickout from Kandi. Hugo Strange grabs a chair at ringside and has a seat while both competitors in the ring notice him. Hugo waves at them as he sits down. In the ring, they're both back to their feet and Leon finds the European uppercut. Kandi turns away, holding her jaw, and Leon moves closer to grapple her - but Kandi catches him with a mule kick to the gut! She stuns him with a jawbreaker then whips him to the corner. Handspring back elbow, then she quickly spins and starts choking him with her boot, leaning on the top rope for leverage. The referee counts five and she totally ignores him, until he forcibly pulls her away. Kandi and the ref exchange a couple of unpleasant words, the she turns back to Leon and kicks him in the chest a couple of times so that he slumps to a sitting position.

Tony D: Leon's head really doesn't seem in the game tonight, although that's understandable given the week he's had.

Kris Red: I'm amazed he's even competing here tonight.

Kandi backs out and parades around the ring cockily, then turns to set Leon in her sights in readiness for the Face Full of Stuff. She runs, leaps... and Leon slides aside! Kandi crotches herself on the turnbuckle pad! Leon yanks her into the middle of the ring with a DDT-like manoeuvre, the drops to one knee as she rises, trying to get his breath back after those vicious kicks to the chest. Kandi staggers to a mostly-vertical base, and is promptly levelled with a roundhouse to the temple. He covers.




Tony D: Talk about close!

Kris Red: Not enough to put down Kandi, though! Not yet! She's controlled the offence for most of this match!

And said offence catches up to Leon, as he sinks back huffing for breath. Kandi's got a hand to her head, but she's barely moving, the DDT plus roundhouse having seriously dazed her.

Tony D: Looks like Leon's having trouble breathing now!

Leon is the first back his feet. He drops a baseball slide into Kandi's skull, then leans in close to lift her up. But she smacks him in the eyes with a closed fist and rolls him up, grabbing his shorts for extra hold.



He powers out of the cradle, but he's still panting, which Kandi notices with a smirk. As they both get to their feet she goes for a kick to the chest, but he catches her boot! She leaps up for an enzuigiri but he counters by flipping her overhead into a dragon whip. Still holding onto her, he lifts her back to her feet before immediately dropping her again with an inverted headlock backbreaker. He covers.



Kickout. Kandi goes for another jab to Leon's midsection, but he jumps back out of range before leaping back in and planting her with a dropkick.

Tony D: Leon finally back in this, and Kandi can't find that move she needs to turn things back in her favour!

Kris Red: Leon's chest is a big red target for her right now, though!

Nonetheless Leon gets to his feet quickly and returns to the stomp to the back of the neck from earlier. Following that he hangs back, scouting Kandi in readiness for a punt kick of his own.

Tony D: She's not the only one who likes to use that Final Lick, even if Leon doesn't call it that.

He charges as she gets up... but this time, she's the one with the rollup! Again she grabs the shorts to add torque to the schoolgirl attempt.



He powers out again. Adrenaline forces them both to their feet quickly and they charge at each other As they collide they fall and start rolling around the ring, trying to trade strikes wherever they can.

Kris Red: Knew this would break down, after how angry they've been at each other this week!

Damien slaps the apron, yelling words of encouragement to his ally and getting the crowd behind Leon. Leon rallies from this, taking the upper hand with a couple of muay thai style jabs to the head. He creates some separation and, as Kandi scrambles back to her feet, levels her with the punt!

Tony D: Her own move used against her!

Kris Red: That's cheating!

A commotion causes Leon to turn away, however, as Ice and Drake have cornered Damien and are backing him away from the ring. Drake grabs Damien by the shirt and pushes him against the guard rail, warning him not to interfere in the match any further. Damien responds by pushing back, getting right in Drake's face. Things seem to be about to come to blows between the two men! Ice gets involved too, grabbing Damien by the arm and shoving him back against the rail. He shoves her back... and things break down. Damien fights valiantly but it's two on one and he's soon on the ground. But Ice and Drake hear a whistle and turn round instinctively - and are crushed by Leon, who vaults over the top rope in a plancha! The fans roar in approval as he knocks both of Kandi's bodyguards into the metal railing, dazing them. He checks on his friend, who urges him to get back into the match. Kandi shouts "this is b/s" and tries to leave the ring after Leon, but the referee holds her back. Hugo Strange then gets out of his seat at ringside and busts Leon Stone over the skull with the Evolution Championship!

Kris Red: "Oooh!!"

Hugo rolls Leon into the ring and ducks down. Kandi stops arguing with the referee, while Leon Stone starts crawling toward her, only to be greeted with a PUNT KICK to the head from Kandi!

Tony D: The Final Lick out of NOWHERE!!

Kandi pulls Leon away from the ropes and covers him, hooking the leg..




Kris Red: "She retains!"

The bell sounds. "Get Naked" by Method of Mayhem ft. Lil Kim hits the PA System and the fans sigh.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL Evolution Champion - Kandi Washington!"

Hugo smirks as he looks up at Kandi, the title over his shoulder. He walks around the ring and heads up the aisle, leaving Kandi in the ring to celebrate with her gold.

Tony D: Well both have successfully defended the Evolution Title now, but both have been there to make sure the other was successful in doing so. What's next?!

Kris Red: More domination from Kandi Washington, that's what's next Tony D.



Taurus Capone vs. William Wallace

The camera cuts back to the ring.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your main event of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. If Taurus Capone wins, he will earn a shot at the Warped World Heavyweight Championship!

The arena blacks out as “Crank” by Psyko Dalek begins to play. After about 40 seconds of the song the crowd erupt with cheers as Wallace appears through the curtain with his now short hair, wearing Jeans and a "Save WARPED" t-shirt. He is lit up by one single spot light as he walks to the ring with a focused look on his face.

Randy Long: First making his way to the ring, from Glasgow, Scotland and weighing in at 254 pounds…WILLIAM WALLACE!

Wallace makes his way to the side of the ring and slowly climbs the stairs before climbing through the ropes into the ring.

Tony D: Tonight could be a night of retribution for Mr. Wallace, and that is something I personally hope comes to fruition.

Kris Red: Sorry to shatter your dreams Tony D, but Wallace isn’t like he used to be. That attack from The Abominationz knocked more than few screws loose, and The King will take Willy down with an iron fist!

Tony D: The last time we saw Wallace and Capone in the ring together, Wallace dominated over Capone in record time to win the World Title.

Kris Red: I’ll have you know that Capone was running a temperature of 108 degrees and he had food poisoning at the same time! Plus the lights were blinding him and Wallace was wearing a body spray that Capone is severely allergic to. That’s the ONLY reason he lost.

Tony D: Meanwhile, in the real world, we patiently await Capone’s arrival.

Randy Long: And his opponent…

The television screens as well as WARPEDVision scramble and blink out to the red fist logo with the crown spinning above it. The lights in the arena shut off completely as low ominous strings of unknown music can be heard. A sample of a man seemly giving a speech to thousands begins.

”...And the prophecy read! That one day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes…That a boy would be born onto a family in the slums…this boy would go on to use the knowledge he gained…while fighting for survival in the streets…to become a great leader…and in time that boy would grow to become………KING! ”

As the TV unscrambles a thunderous "AYE!!!" shakes the PA. "Rumble Young Man, Rumble" By Juelz Santana drops and the live crowd blows the roof off with a chorus of boos. Bright white lights engulf the entrance as Taurus Capone shoots out onto the stage flashing his signature smile. He slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp with his signature swagger as his triumphant theme blast. Taurus eyes are hidden behind his dark ray bans as he seemingly glares off into the crowd.

Randy Long: From Harlem, New York and weighing in at 230 pounds…TAURUS CAPONE!

In a swift motion he rolls in under the bottom ring rope and jumps to his feet. Camera flashes fill the venue as Taurus hops the top turnbuckle with one fist raised mouthing "WITH AN IRON FIST!!" to the crowd. After a couple moments he jumps down and removes his jewelry and shades before tossing his cut up promotional T-Shirt into the crowd. He stares at Wallace and Wallace stares daggers into him. Capone grins and mouths something to the referee before going to his corner.

Tony D: Remember folks, Wallace is the current number one contender to StarrZoe’s World Title, but if Capone can beat Wallace he will also earn a shot at the gold.

Kris Red: Easy peasy, Tony Deasy.

Tony D: Tony Deasy?

Kris Red: For reasy.

The referee checks both combatants as Long exits the ring. He then calls for the bell and the match starts. Wallace runs at Capone and traps him in the corner. Capone ducks his head under the ropes and yells at the ref to hold Wallace back. The fans boo as the ref keeps Wallace at a distance while Capone is attached to the ropes.

Tony D: Well Capone is certainly acting like his usual self in the ring.

Kris Red: What you and the rest of Warped fail to understand, Tony D, is that this is all mind games. Capone is giving Wallace a false sense of security so that when his guard is down, he’ll be able to strike hard and fast!

Tony D: Because that worked SO well the first time.

Capone steps out from the corner and circles Wallace, egging him on to go for the grapple. Wallace accepts the offer and lunges to grab him, but Capone slips away once more and this time exits the ring. He waves his arms and shakes his head as the crowd boos him.

Tony D: This is getting ridiculous! Why did Capone even come back if he’s not going to try?

Kris Red: Capone will fight when he’s good and ready.

Wallace exits the ring and chases after Capone. Capone and Wallace run around ringside until Capone decides to slide back into the ring. Wallace slides in after him, and Capone with a running dropkick to the face.

Kris Red: See that?! That’s the intelligence of a king!

Tony D: Cheap tactics will only get him so far.

Capone lands a couple elbows to the back of Wallace’s neck, then lifts him up and connects with two knife edge chops. He whips Wallace into the ropes, runs forward and hits a well timed clothesline. Capone brushes some dirt off his shoulder and smirks at the fans. Wallace gets right back up and stares a hole through the back of Capone’s head creating a big pop from the crowd. Capone, thinking it’s adoration for his greatness, soaks in the cheers. He then turns around and is greeted with a spinebuster!

Tony D: And Wallace recovers pretty damn quick!

Kris Red: How did he do that!?

Wallace grabs Capone’s head and pulls him up. He lifts Capone over his head and keeps him hanging for the fans to enjoy before dropping him with a gorilla press slam. Capone gets to his feet while holding his nose. He spins around and Wallace with a big boot to the face. Wallace picks Capone up and hurls him across the ring. Wallace runs at Capone and Capone with a dropkick to the knee. Wallace falls to one knee giving Capone time to recover and climb the turnbuckle.

Kris Red: Come on, Capone. You’ve got him!

Capone makes his way to the top. He leaps off, but whatever move he was attempting fails as Wallace gets up, grabs Capone in his arms and drops him with a powerslam. Wallace stands up and lets out a mighty roar as the fans cheer him on.

Tony D: WOW! What power from the pride of Scotland!

Kris Red: I-But…But He-

Tony D: And Kris Red is utterly speechless! What a great night!

Wallace waits for Capone to get up again. Capone staggers to his feet when suddenly Twiztid's "Afraid of Me" hits the PA System and WARPED GM Crowbar comes out onto the stage. Wallace and Capone watch as Crowbar makes his way down the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Crowbar: "I've got things to do and places to be. Can we speed this one up a bit guys?"

Taurus then schoolboys Wallace and the ref counts...



Kick out!

Tony D: Whoa! That was a close call!

Crowbar then walks up the ring steps and gets into the ring. The referee urges Crowbar to get out.

Crowbar: "Take your hands off of me. I think I'm good and tired of this match. Let's just.. end it."

The fans erupt in boos.

Tony D: Oh come on! Is this a repeat of what we saw at WARPED76 between PKA and Grundy?!

Crowbar puts his arm around the referee and both men have their backs turned to the action.

Crowbar: "Let me tell ya a story. See, once upon a time there was a General Manager and a Referee. See, the General Manager told the referee to do something and he didn't listen. And you know what happened next? Do you?"

With the ref's back turned, StarrZoe slides into the ring with the championship title in hand.

Crowbar: "Would you like me to tell ya?"

Wallace and Capone both look ready to defend themselves against Starr, but suddenly Wallace shoves Capone and Starr takes him out with the title! Starr and Wallace share a glance and Starr slips out of the ring.

Crowbar: "I uh.. well I guess I forgot the rest of the sto.. oh hey count!"

Crowbar shoves the referee toward Wallace, who has Capone covered..




The bell sounds and the fans erupt in cheers! Their hometown hero has just won the match!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - William Wallllllaaaaaaaace!"

“Crank” by Psyko Dalek begins to play.

Tony D: Well despite the fact that there was some uncertain involvement from Crowbar and Starr there, it'd appear that Wallace Wallace has once again dominated Capone from beginning to end. He is back and better than ever!

Kris Red: I don’t understand. How!? How could this have happened!? What are they thinking?!

Tony D: Don't play dumb, Kris. You know what AbominationZ are up to much more than we ever would.

Kris Red: Not this time.

Starr and Crowbar are shown on the ramp looking up at Wallace as the referee holds his arms into the air. Wallace calls for a mic and the music dies.

Wallace: "Starr, Crowbar, don't go far."

"WALLACE! WALLACE! WALLACE!" screams the crowd.

Wallace: "You wanna get involved in the ring tonight, Starr? I bet you wanna take credit for me win there to, eh? Well A wanna offer you this - a match right here in ma home of Scotland!"

The fans erupt in cheers!

Starr and Crowbar look at each other and laugh as they make their way toward the ring. Both men walk up the steps and enter in, receiving a microphone through the ropes from Randy Long.

Starr: You want me in a match right here? I bet you want it to be for the title too?

Wallace: "You know damn good and well you'll have to defend it against me down the line so why not get it out of the way? Or are ya scared cause the last time ya faced me in an impromptu match A beat the livin' hell outta ya?"

The fans let out a loud "oooooooooooh" as Starr looks to be bothered by that comment. Crowbar takes the microphone.

Crowbar: "He will defend the title against you if and when I decide it's the right time."

Crowbar gets right up in Wallace's face.

Crowbar: "And now isn't the time, Wallace. So get out of our ring."

Wallace: "How about ya move out of my face, Crowie? See, I don't care who I have to go through to get me title back, whether it be you, Starr, or that wench Kandi."

Starr slowly pushes Crowbar off to the side and gets in Wallace's face.

Starr: "First off Crowbar, it's if and when I decide, not you. This is my title. And you know what? I accept. Ring the bell."

Crowbar looks confused and Starr tells the ref to ring the bell! Crowbar tries to plead with Starr and Starr tells Crowbar to leave the ring!

Kris Red: Wait what in the world?!? Are we going to have a title match now? What is Starr thinking???

The referee calls for the bell and it sounds! Crowbar is pleading with Starr but Starr tells him to get the hell out of the ring. wallace watches on. Starr yells over the ropes at Crowbar for him to stay the hell out of his way and just then Wallace rolls up Starr in a schoolboy...




Kris Red: WHAT!

The referee calls for the bell and StarrZoe pops up, hands on his head, jaw dropped. Crowbar has the same look on his face at ringside. The fans do too!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww World Champion - William Wallllllaaaaaace!"

The referee hands Wallace the title and he pulls it close to his body. The fans are going wild as Wallace then holds the title in both hands high above his head!

Tony D: "A definite SHOCKER tonight as Wallace just became the World Champion for a second time! I even think he won his second title in record time, beating his win over Capone months ago!"

Kris Red: "I don't even know what just happened."

Taurus Capone now slides into the ring, chair in hand. He charges in at Wallace but suddenly Crowbar spears him to the mat!

Tony D: "Capone cut off by Crowbar!"

Wallace looks down at Capone and up at Crowbar. Starr joins Crowbar at his side and picks up the steel chair. Wallace puts the title down and prepares himself for a fight. The fans cheer "WALLACE! WALLACE! WALLACE" and Starr lifts the chair, ready to go. Wallace then stops and puts his arms out. "Hit me" he says. Starr and Crowbar look at each other with confusion on their face. "Hit me" says Wallace once more. Starr pulls back on the chair and swings - but Crowbar grabs ahold of it. Crowbar takes the chair and tosses it to the mat. Crowbar and Starr now have a tense staredown.

Tony D: "This is weird. Crowbar just stopped Starr from using the chair on Wallace, who is begging them to hit him?!"

While it looks like Starr and Crowbar are about to come to blows, they both stop and look at Wallace. They both smile. Wallace smiles too. Arms still out, he lunges toward the two men and the three embrace in a hug in the middle of the ring.

Tony D: "What the hell?"

They all begin laughing. Starr grabs the World Title and tells Wallace to turn around. He then puts the title on Wallace and both he and Crowbar hold the champs' arms in the air. The fans erupt in boos and begin throwing trash into the ring.

Kris Red: "Breaking News Tony D.. AbominationZ just got more abominable."

The Garage is filling the ring with litter while Wallace, Starr, and Crowbar all stand tall in the ring, arms in the air and all linked together as one.

Tony D: "What are we witnessing? Is Wallace apart of AbominationZ now?!"

The celebration in the ring continues as the show fades to black...