Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- Lucius Jones was reportedly set to have gained the Internet Championship number one contendership last night. However, a few days ago Jones asked for his release which set in motion to place Log Habben into the spot. Management feels that Habben has come a long way since first entering the UTA, and is a hard working mid card superstar.

- As for Lucius Jones, he is noticeably gone from the roster and moved to the alumni section. Word from the front office is that Jones departure may be health related and he is under consideration for an agent role once he clears up his personal issues.

- Hall of Fame member, The Spectre, is rumored to have been watching Sean Jackson's quick rise in the UTA. The two had a heated rivalry in the NeWA, and the feelings internally are that The Spectre may want to end his career in the UTA with one more run against Jackson to end their feud. Nothing has been set in stone and details of any conversations, if they have happened, have not been made available so take this with a grain of salt.

- Shawn Alexander Cage was expected to do some promo work for the UTA by last night's show. However, his sabbatical has taken him even further from the ring. It's rumored all talks between the two parties have ceased.

- The Jokers Wild members Frank Washington and Drew Stevenson took to Twitter last night hyping the pay per view. Although the group is done with the company, they are still in good standing with management.

- Tobias Devereux vs. Roscoe Shame is set for the next Wrestleshow. Some fans may notice that they debuting Devereux and Shame have a history dating back to the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

- Last night's main event between Madman Szalinski and Abdul bin Hussain has been buzzing as a hit. When asked this morning why the UTA is giving away Jackson vs. Szalinski vs. Hussain on the next Wrestleshow for free, James Wingate said "It's a big match, yes, but nothing compared to what is in store for these three leading up to the next pay per view."

- Speaking of the next pay per view, officials are saying that not only will it be available to stream online, but contract negotiations are happening right now to present the show in traditional pay per view format.

- The next pay per view will also mark the return of themed pay per views with themes. The UTA's first ever pay per view, 1996's Black Horizon, is rumored to be the theme returning for the next.

- Frank Dylan James vs Yoshii was cut short last night due to FDJ being extremely ill. James was rumored to have been running a high temperature and had been under physician care for the past few days. James is expected to follow up on the fall out of the pay per view on the next Wrestleshow, but will not be in a match.

- As seen on the pay per view last night, the April 20th edition of Wrestleshow will be live on High Octane Television. It is expected that Wrestleshow will continue to air live on the network after and tickets are already being exchanged for many of the previously booked Saturday tapings for new Sunday dates.