FWO: HH HOUSE SHOW - 01/08/1999

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Holiday Hell II opens to a massive amount of fireworks, singalling the first fWo House Show of the new year. Announcers for the evening are James Armstrong, Matt Loco, and the Commisioner of the fWo. It is announced that Chris Finn is still recovering from injuries caused by Austin Davis, and the Commisioner announces that Austin Davis has been barred from the arena and is on a 30-day suspention, with fWo legal officals investigating the options of releasing Davis from his contract. At that moment, the lights dimmed and red, white and blue lights began to cycle the arena. The French Foundation walked down to the ring, followed by a marching band playing "La Marseille". High in the arena signs dropped down, covering the 'fWo' logos with "French Wresting Organization" signs. The Flying Frenchie took the microphone, and pointed out the four titles the three men carried. The Frenchie informed the crowd that it was truly the Frenchie's Wrestling Organization now. He went on to say that in both of his title defenses tonight, the other two men hate each other enough to forget about him, and that will be their fatal mistakes. Suddenly, Slugger appeared on the entrance ramp, staring down Frenchie. As the two traded insults, Ice attacked from behind Slugger, and they battle back to the backstage area. The Frenchie says that that just proves his point, when the lights go out and the arena is washed in black. When they come back on, The Strangler is on the Travis Tron, and Darkness is in the rafters, both looking very confident. Now spooked, the French Foundation slowly walk to the backstage area...

Black Quicksilver (c) vs. Chris Kidman Jr.

Black Quicksilver (c)

Chris Kidman came to the ring alone, looking over his shoulder nervously for signs of Doomsday. Kidman stood in the ring and waited, slowly preparing himself for the match ahead. The Black Quicksilver came to the ring to a huge ovation, and wildly shook the Stump to the cheering crowd. The Black Quicksilver at once took the fight to Kidman with a series of quick chops, but then went to the Stump for advice in what to do next. The Black Quicksilver seemed annoyed at whatever advice the stump gave him, and asked the Stump if it wanted to wrestle Kidman if it thought it could do better. Kidman stepped back at allowed this strange conversation to transpire, then delivered a quick drop kick when the Black Quicksilver turned around. As the two men traded quick pinfall attemps and holds, Doomsday came out onto the entrance ramp. Seeing this, Kidman pointed to them, but the Black Quicksilver struck from behind with a quick flying elbow. The Black Quicksilver rolled Kidman up, but the momentum took the Black Quicksilver over, and Kidman held the legs for the pinfall victory. The Black Quicksilver looked stunned, as Doomsday applauded Kidman. Before they could get to the ring, though, Kidman escaped through the crowd with four unknown people who looked like fans. The Black Quicksilver meanwhile was interviewed by Matt Loco, and told him that his time in the fWo was over... and that he was retiring.

Result: Chris Kidman Jr. by Pinfall

Fallen vs. Joy


Fallen sulked to the ring and at once lay down in the corner and peered at the entry ramp. Joy came to the ring alone for a change, but attempted to get the crowd to do the "happy dance" and was met with tossed garbage from the annoyed crowd. Joy held a microphone and told Fallen that even though he attacked his wife and child, he still was willing to be friends, because all Fallen really needed was a friend to open the goodness and joy in his heart. Fallen's response was to spit in his face, and Joy told Fallen that he wasn't trying hard enough to get into his happy zone. Fallen then signalled to some people in the crowd, who lept over the barrier and handcuffed Fallen to the turnbuckle post. As Fallen tried to get free, speakers were set up in the ring and Joy began to belt out "I love you, you love me" to the struggling Fallen. Fallen finally screamed that he gave up, and the match was awarded to Joy, as Fallen cut into his own hands trying to free himself. Joy pasted a smiley face on the forehead of Fallen, and walked to the back.

Result: Joy by Pinfall

French Foundation (c) vs. Dreamers

French Foundation (c)French Foundation (c)

The French Foundation came to the ring all-business, awaiting the arrival of the Dreamers, who did not come to the ring when first called. The Dreamers finally decended from the rafters as Oracle informed the crowd that "there are many Dreamers" before Oracle and Prophet began to club the French Foundation members in the ring. Finally settling into a tag match, Prophet used his size and strength to beat down Mitch Wilson in the ring. Even tagging in Primetime seemed to have little effect, as Mitch Wilson and Primetime both tried to double team the big man. Finally knocking him down with a rake to the eyes, Prophet was tagged out to Oracle, who was taken advantage of by Primetime inside the ring. Primetime set Oracle up with a suplex, and Mitch Wilson turned the move into a hold. Oracle tagged back in Prophet, and the big man again used his size and power to fell the French Foundation. Primetime then grabbed a lead pipe, and cracked it over the head of Prophet, who fell to the mat. Seeing this, the ref DQ'd the French Foundation and awarded the victory, but not the titles, to the Dreamers. Grabbing a microphone, Oracle shouted that if that was the way the game was played, then a rematch was in order... with no-DQs.

Result: Dreamers by DQ

Ground Zero vs. bWo vs. Ultra Cool vs. Lone Gunmen

Ultra CoolLone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen came first to the ring, and Machina announced that Rudo and Billy James would be wrestling. At his side was a purple-clad and masked female. The bWo then came to the ring as a unit, and Stone quickly pointed her women to attack the Lone Gunmen now, before the bell sounded. As they did so, Ground Zero ran to the ring, and Wolf Fang at once grabbed Fathom and delivered a deep kiss. Fathom slapped him, and then Fyre slapped him as she burst into tears. Fyre ran to the backstage area as Ultra Cool made their way to the ring, sans Violet. Wynd at once began to flirt with Ultra Violet, and Scotty Cool gives Stone a large hug, who looks pleased to take it. During this the Lone Gunmen began passing out "Vote for Machina and Rod" buttons to the crowd, and Jackhammer began making out with Fathom on the ring apron. Seeing this, Wolf Fang grew annoyed, and struck Stone in the back of the head, sending her into Scotty Cool and knocking both from the ring. Ultra Violet then spied the purple-clad woman and with a large smile went to greet who he thought was Violet. As Ultra Violet tried to remove the mask so he could hand purple lady some gum, the fWo-big screen showed Violet trying to get into the arena by pushing on the "pull" entrance door. At that moment Ultra Violet yanked off the mask of the masked first lady of Machina, revealing Sid Snow. Confused, Ultra Violet stumbled back. Meanwhile, Rudo took advantage of the distracted Stone and pinned her, making Scotty Cool angry. From the entrance ramp Primetime made his way down to the arena and smacked a distracted Ultra Violet with a steel chair. Seeing this, Wynd who was leaving the area came to check on Ultra Violet, which was the exact moment that Violet made her way to ring side. Coldly surveying the scene around her, Violet pointed to Primetime and yelled "YOU CAUSED THIS!" as she picked up a steel chair and began to advance on him. As Primetime quickly retreated from the area, Ultra Violet came to and looked at Violet running after Primetime. He then looked back at Scotty, who was having trouble with Rudo and Billy James inside the ring. Ultra Violet gave a small nod and a salute to Scotty Cool, and then left his partner to go after Violet. Seeing this Wynd cried a small tear, and seemed to come to a conclusion of her own. Inside the ring Billy James and Rudo double powerbombed Scotty Cool, and pinned him. Machina then tossed the carbon rod to Rudo, who prepared to use it on Wolf Fang. Wolf Fang saw it coming however, and ducked under the swing. Wolf Fang then quickly delivered a DDT to Rudo, and pinned him, eliminating the final team. Scotty Cool looked up the entrance ramp where Ultra Violet had left, and waved to the crowd. The Lone Gunmen seemed happy with the outcome, and continued to campaign in the crowd.

Result: Ground Zero by Pinfall

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Darkness vs. Boston Strangler

Flying Frenchie (c)Boston Strangler

The Strangler came out onto the entrance ramp and slowly walked to the ring, but before he could get there Darkness attacked from behind, and both men brawled to the ring. The Frenchie was spotted backstage watching this on the monitors, and laughing. Security informed the Frenchie that it was time for him to go to the ring, but the Frenchie was reluctant to go. Security then physically carried the Frenchie to the ring as the Strangler and Darkness continued to tear each other apart. The Boston Strangler ducked a lariat and applied a sleeper hold, and Darkness began to fade. The Frenchie, seeing this, attacked the Strangler from behind, trapping him in a sleeper hold of his own. Darkness managed to get to the ropes and topple over it, knocking the Strangler into the ropes and cutting into his neck. Reeling backward the Strangler pitched the Frenchie over the top rope and to the floor below. Alone in the ring the Strangler clutched at his neck, and Darkness re-entered the ring and began hammering the knee of the Strangler with his closed fist. Bringing the Strangler to the mat, Darkness dropped his head into the Stranglers leg, who responded by grabbed the face of Darkness and ramming his head into the mat repeatedly, until blood began to flow from under his mask. The Strangler, unable to walk from the blows to the leg put Darkness in another sleeper hold, and as Darkness faded the Frenchie re-entered the ring and climbed to the top rope. As the ref counted to two and held the hand of Darkness up for the third fall, the Frenchie dived from the top rope and landed a head-butt into the Strangler. Before Darkness could recover and the Strangler could stand from the damage to his leg, the Frenchie quickly pinned the Strangler for the victory. After the match the Frenchie quickly left for the backstage area, and the Strangler and Darkness, unable to stand, began to hammer on each other once again as security and medical officals attempted to drag them apart.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall

VL came to the ring holding a traffic sign, compete with steel post. VL waited in the ring for Briana, who strolled to the ring alone. From high in the rafters Apocolyptica watched the two enter with keen interest. Briana ducked under VL's swing and kicked the sign free from her grasp before going back to hammering on the face of VL. VL responded with multiple head-butts, taking Briana back to the mat. Both wrestled back and forth with quick moves, holds, and counter holds. As VL and Briana fell to the outside, Stone appeared from the entrance ramp and began attacking both VL and Briana. As the ref tried to seperate the two, Stone kicked the ref to the ground, who signalled the match end in a DQ. Disgusted with this, VL attacked the time keeper, but Cactus Jack slid from under the ring where he had been hiding since the start of the show, and applied the mandible claw on VL. Security arrived and attempted to break up the chaos.

Result: No Contest

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Scott Slugger vs. Ice

Flying Frenchie (c)Scott SluggerIce

Ice came to the ring first, peering up into the rafters for signs of any interference. Scott Slugger came to the ring next, and paced the outside, refusing to get into the ring with Ice. Finally the Flying Frenchie limped from the backstage area, holding his side and head from the damage sustained earlier in the night. As the Frenchie entered the ring so did Scott Slugger, and the three men exchanged hard glances. Scott Slugger and Ice locked up first as the Frenchie looked on, but the leader of the French Foundation quickly joined in the action by chopping at the back of Ice. Scott Slugger and Ice seemed to come to some sort of agreement, and both men attacked the big Ice. As Ice fell to the mat, the Frenchie turned on Slugger, knocking him to the mat with a closed-fist blow to the head. The Frenchie applied a figure four, but before the Slugger could tap out, Ice dove from the second rope to drop the knee on the Frenchie. Ice then picked up the champion and delivered a powerbomb. Ice covered the champion, but on the two-count Scott Slugger flipped him off. Scott Slugger then picked Ice up and landed a quick suplex, which accidentally knocked the ref to the mat. As Ice looked down at the ref Slugger landed a DDT to take the big man off his feet, and put him out cold on the canvas. The Frenchie then attacked from behind, trapping the Slugger in a choke hold. From the crowd appeared Cactus Jon, weilding a steel chair. Jon motioned the Frenchie to bring Slugger closer. Jon swung the chair, but the Slugger ducked down and the chair cracked over the head of the Frenchie instead. The Frenchie fell to the mat unconcious, and Scott Slugger turned to confront Cactus Jon, shoving him backward to the arena floor. As Slugger turned Ice, who had gotten back to his feet, put Slugger in a piledriver, and delivered him solid to the mat. A recovering ref slowly made the three count, and declaired Ice the victor. After the match Scott Slugger wearly got to his feet as the French Foundation tended to the badly beaten Frenchie. Slugger spotted Cactus Jon on the floor and ran after him, quickly landing rabbit punches and screaming at the Canadian wrestler. Watching all of this and laughing, Ice slowly left the arena for the backstage area as the cameras went off the air.

Result: Ice by Pinfall