WARPEDLIVE 76 "TOKYO" - 04/07/13

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WARPED 76 - 4/7/13 - Tokyo, Japan - Korakuen Hall

WARPED has grown significantly since launching in February 2010, but it's not been a fast growth. We've taken our time and worked through the growing pains, but timing is everything. For the first time in our 3 years of existence, WARPED heads to the Orient.

WARPED kicks off the Global Domination 2013 Tour with a doubleshot weekend in Japan - starting with Osaka and heading to Tokyo the next night.

We'll be just three weeks removed from the Third Anniversary Show, where The AbominatinoZ continued to showcase their dominance in an attempt to take over control of WARPED

-and in a lot of ways, they did-

It'd been one whole year since Alexander StarrZoe had lost the World Title. On March 17, 2013, in his third match with William Wallace, he picked up his first victory over the Scotsman and reclaimed the WARPED Wrestling World Championship. However, it'd appear he'd rather be called the AbominationZ Champion. Not only did he admit to the stabbing of (now former) World Champion William Wallace, but he would then mock it later in the night after winning the title.

Kandi Washington was revealed as the 5th member of AbominationZ, and the person who played a major role in the attack on William Wallace outside of his hotel in Vegas back in January. She is now a Co-Evolution Champion with Hugo Strange, and who knows how that relationship will work out. Crowbar has already stated that the title will be defended solo, and if either loses it, both lose the title.

Despite losing in their rematch against the UK Dragons for the WARPED Tag Team Titles, CarnEvil Connection will get another shot (and their final shot) at the Osaka show. There are also numerous questions regarding the two newcomers led by SwitchBlade that invaded the Tag Title match. We hope to find out more about them as they make their in-ring debut in Tokyo.

The story continues.. as AbominationZ have apparently signed on WARPED Wrestling's color commentator, Kris Red, to their roster, in some fashion. How will this effect his future commentating with Tony D or his long-time friendship with PKA? And have PKA & Dylan Daniels decided to team after all? PKA alleges that CarnEvil Connection attacked them backstage, but no evidence proves it.

In more unknowns, it's rumored that Anton Chase & Cameron MacNichol are being considered as a full-time tag team, but Anton seems to be more focused on getting back the Evolution Title. The same can be said about Leon Stone, who's seemingly on the outs with his partner Damien Baine. And where do The Brothers Stanton come into all of this? The new tag team could swoop in and take it all with all of the turmoil in the Tag Team Division.

More stars such as the "Lone Wolf" Jason Richards, Japan's own Tin & Vo Li, Bushido & Justin Reyes, plus a possible surprise returning WARPED talent will be on hand for both shows!

Finally, we ask these questions: After the clear disrespect and dismembering of the WARPED banner at the conclusion of the 3rd Anniversary, and the words said by General Manager Crowbar that they are in control, what will be the consequences? Will President Joey Matthew step in and take charge? What does Taurus Capone, along with RaShawn TiTan & Dion, have to do in this scenario? And William Wallace - what's his mindset and where is his head at after all that went down?

With all of that, and the 1st Quarter SQUARIAN winner of 2013, this is sure to be a busy weekend for WARPED.



Main Event: Tag Team Match
Alexander StarrZoe & Kandi Washington vs. PKA & Dylan Daniels

Evolution Championship - FnX Rules
Hugo Strange(c) vs. Anton Chase

Tag Team Match
The Brothers Stanton vs. Tin & Vo Li

Tag Team Match
Y & The Controvert w/SwitchBlade vs. Bushido & Justin Reyes

Plus: The Squarian Winner for the 1st Quarter of 2013 will be announced!



WARPED 76 - 4/7/13 - Tokyo, Japan - Korakuen Hall




You open the DVD of WARPED 76 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...



The first scene on the DVD fades into the building..

“Afraid of Me” by Twiztid hits the arena as the crowd start to boo heavily. The AbominationZ logo appears on WARPEVision and Crowbar steps out from behind the curtain, wearing an AbominationZ jersey, blue jeans and black boots, envelope in hand. As the crowd see the envelope they know whats coming and start to quieten down a bit.

Crowbar makes his way down to the ring and walks around it, grabbing a mic off Randy Long. He slides in the ring and adjusts his jersey before looking around at the sea of people. He raises the mic to his mouth and grins.

Crowbar: “Well well, Tokyo! Oddly enugh, this city has grown on me, I kinda like it here. It isn’t too bad. Strange fucking vending machines here though, I don’t want used panties goddamnit.”

The crowd chuckle a bit.

Crowbar: “So, here I am, envelope in hand, given to me by Joey Matthew’s assistant just before I came out here. We all know what this is but if you need a refresher, in my hand, I hold the winner of the 2013 First Quarter Squarian Award!”

WARPEDVision shows Hugo Strange, Kandi Washington and Leon Stone watching backstage on monitors.

The crowd cheers.

Crowbar: “So, let me just open this here and...”

Suddenly, “Check My Brain” by Alice in Chains hits and Hugo Strange steps out mic in hand. He starts walking down the ramp.

Hugo: “I know I know, I won, of course I won, give me my award thanks.”

Crowbar interrupts him.

Crowbar: “Whoa whoa Hugo, calm down buddy, I haven’t even opened this yet.”

Hugo: “Come on we all know I’m the best in the company right now! If anyone else won it’s bullshit.”

Crowbar puts his hand out for Hugo to stop.

Crowbar: “..And the winner of the first 2013 Squarian award is...”

He opens the envelope and pulls out a card. He raises his eyebrow for a moment before visably mouthing “fuck”.

Crowbar: “The winner is....The AbominationZ own Kandi Washington!”

“Get Naked” by Method of Mayhem hits as Kandi Washington makes her way down to the ring.

Hugo looks at Kandi angrily, realising his Co-Evolution Champion won. She walks passed Hugo and flicks her hair before hugo goes storming off back up the ramp audibly swearing.

Kandi gets in the ring and hugs Crowbar, putting her arm around his waist and pulling his mic over to her mouth...

“Who Shot Ya?” by Notorious B.I.G hits as Alexander Starrzoe marches out from the back and storms down the ramp. He walks around the ring and grabs a mic, walking up the steps and entering the ring, removing the AbominationZ World Championship from around his waist and putting it down beside him. He lifts the mic up and gets in Crowbars face.

Starr: “Kandi is what?! You want to run that shit by me again?! Bullshit. Let me see that…”

Starr rips the envelope from Crowbar’s hand and scans it quickly, his eyes bulging at what he reads.

Starr: “I don’t fucking believe this, I don’t fucking believe YOU! You…you did this you selfish bastard!”

Starr slowly raises his head upward, a look of shock still on his face, meeting eyes with Crowbar.

Crowbar: “Alex, I’m just doing my job, calm the fuck down dude. I’m the Gm too, remember, I’m just reading the shit, Joey gave me these results, it was his call.”

Starr: “Bullshit, we all know this competition is rigged. How the hell do you think I won the first one?! You pulled strings, the whole world knows that. Now you’re telling me that Kandi has had five fucking matches in WARPED and wins a World Championship shot? I was in WARPED six months before I got one! Fuck you and fuck this.”

Crowbar: “Look, I can’t rig shit when Joey....”

Starr throws the paper to the ground.

Starr: “I know what’s been going on between you two for the last few weeks and I know hasty you are to think with your dick. So Crowbar, I’m giving you until next event to think over this little plan of yours and either ‘magically’ change the name on that paper or convince your ‘winner’ here not to cash in on my champion.”

Alexander turns to Kandi Washington, whose emotions has gone from shocked and elated about her World Championship challenge to shocked and appalled by Starr’s reaction to the announcement.

Starr: “And Kandi, don’t take this personally. I’m sorry to have rained on your parade. You’re a talented woman and like I said earlier this week, you are a future World Champion. But I’ll be damned if it’s me you’ll beat for it. You’re not on my level anyway, Crowbar here is putting you in danger by putting you in the ring with me and if were thinking clearly, he would realize it. But he’s just hoping that a World Championship shot will make it easier to get his dick wet. I’m sorry to have to do this, but it’s just the wrong place and the wrong time. You haven’t even won a full title yet, you’ve won half a championship, a mid-card title at that. Come back to me when you’ve got the entire championship, okay sweetie?”

Starr turns and looks back at Crowbar.

Starr: “Get your head back into business and out from between her legs Crowbar. You’re making a huge mistake here. You’re going to get your fuck buddy hurt badly and it’s going to cost you everything you have in WARPED because I promise you, if this bullshit doesn’t get fixed, I’m blaming you.”

Alex drops the microphone and exits the ring. Crowbar whispers to Kandi and they slowly exit the ring behind Starr, heading up the ramp with Kandi smiling again at her win. Kandi stands on the stage and Crowbar raises her arm in the air, as the crowd unanimously hate the decision. They turned around and head to the back.


The camera cuts backstage where we see Anton Chase stretching for his upcoming Evolution Title match against Hugo Strange. Into the scene walks Cameron MacNichol, and Anton stands right up.

Anton Chase: "Can I help you?"

Cameron MacNichol: "Funny, you did everything BUT help me in our match at the Third Anniversary Show. Explain yourself."

Anton Chase: "Explain myself? It's simple. I don't want to be apart of this tag team that the powers that be seem to think is a GREAT idea. And you know what? I won't have to be in the team once I win back MY Evolution Title tonight from Hugo. Got it?"

Cameron MacNichol: "What happens if you don't win the title tonight? Management wants us as a team."

Anton Chase: "Then I guess you're going to be in a lot of handicap matches, because I just won't show up to be your partner."

Anton shrugs his shoulders and walks past Cameron, leaving him behind, as the scene fades out.

Tag Team Match: Y & The Controvert vs. Bushido & Justin Reyes

Tony D: Next up is some tag team action as Bushido and Justin Reyes take on the brand new team of The Controvert and Y.

Kris Red: These two freaks just came out of nowhere, and now here they are competing on our show! How could Joey sign these guys?

Tony D: I don’t think he had any idea just how twisted they could be, especially knowing that they’re graduates of none other than SwitchBlade!

Kris Red: I knew that guy was trouble from day one, but did anybody listen to me? Noooo! All you people did was love and cherish your little white knight. Well now look what he’s brought upon us!

Tony D: Let’s not get too out of hand. We don’t really know Y or Controvert’s agenda in this company other than what SwitchBlade mentioned at the last show.

Kris Red: It sounds to me like they’re hired goons waiting to take out everyone that Switchy points a finger at.

Tony D: I think it’s more complicated than that, but this is a discussion for another time as we get ready for tag team action.

The camera cuts to the ring. Bushido and Justin Reyes are already in the ring talking to each other in one corner of the ring.

Randy Long: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Already in the ring at this time, the team of Bushido and Justin Reyes!

Bushido and Reyes look to the fans and they give a mild reaction.

Tony D: Bushido and Reyes have not made the kind of impact they were hoping to make here at Warped. Let’s hope that this tag match puts them in the right direction.

Kris Red: Well they’re not exactly a proper tag team, Tony D. They don’t have any experience together. SwitchBlade’s goons might be brothers for all we know.

Tony D: That’s a good point, Kris. What tag team prowess can we expect from Y and The Controvert?

Randy Long: And their opponents…

The lights go out. "The Answer" by Lthrboots starts playing as strobe lights circle around the arena. The light all converge to the top of the ramp. Standing on top of the ramp are Y and The Controvert. SwitchBlade is close behind them, a hand on both their shoulders. He says something to them, and the two proceed to head down to the ring with SwitchBlade remaining at the ramp.

Randy Long: Accompanied by SwitchBlade, at a combined weight of 314 pounds, they are the team of Y and THE CONTROVERT!

Y slides under the ring ropes while Controvert walks up the ring steps. Both meet at the turnbuckle and stare directly at their opponents without budging an inch.

Kris Red: God, they’re so creepy!

Tony D: They’re definitely something new here at Warped. I don’t even think Korrupt ever made me this uncomfortable.

Kris Red: I feel bad for Bushido and Reyes; they have to have physical contact with these freaks!

Bushido and Reyes decide amongst themselves that Bushido goes first. Y and Controvert remain in the corner together. Long walks over to the two and tells them to decide who goes first. The two look at each other and then back at the referee. They brush him aside and walk up to Bushido.

Tony D: It doesn’t look like they’re willing to follow the traditional rules of tag teaming.

Kris Red: Well that’s going to get them disqualified!

Tony D: Based on what SwitchBlade said last week, I don’t think that matters to them.

Kris Red: Speaking of, why is he still at the ramp?

Tony D: No idea.

Bushido looks at both men with confusion and annoyance. The referee once again orders the two to pick who starts off. Suddenly, Y raises a hand and…strokes the side of Bushido’s face. Bushido, not sure what to do about that, strikes Y with a right hand.

Kris Red: The hell-

Tony D: They should know better than to enter Bushido’s personal space.

Controvert looks at Y. Y holds his cheek and looks at Controvert. Both men then turn to the ramp and look at SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade nods. They look back at each other and then strike Bushido with right hands of their own.

Kris Red: HEY! They’re double teaming!

Tony D: The ref’s not going to like this.

Y and Controvert beat on Bushido until he’s knocked into the ropes. From there they proceed to stomp on Bushido’s abdomen and legs. Reyes comes out of the corner and strikes Controvert from behind with a forearm to the back of the neck. Reyes shoves Controvert into a corner. Y sees this, walks over to Reyes and pulls him by the hair. He starts stroking the Reyes’ face much like he did Bushido. Reyes kicks Y in the gut and lands an axe handle to the back of the head. He whips Y, Y counters, and on the

rebound Y nails Reyes with a headbutt to the jaw. Bushido turns to help his partner, but Controvert has other ideas. Controvert grabs Bushido from behind and german suplexes him into the top turnbuckle pad. He then grabs Bushido and throws him out of the ring.

Tony D: Ooo! Nasty move by Controvert.

Kris Red: The bell hasn’t even rung yet!

This whole time the referee has been trying to maintain control, but Y and Controvert aren’t following the rules. Y grabs Reyes and headbutts him again, and again, and a third time before grabbing him and hitting a brainbuster. He picks Reyes up and throws him out of the ring. Y and Controvert stare at each other for a moment before exiting the ring. They grab Reyes and Bushido respectively. Controvert whips Bushido into the ring steps shoulder first. Meanwhile, Y picks Reyes up and slams his head onto the announce table.

Kris Red: This is getting out of hand!

Tony D: Something tells me they never intended to have a real match to begin with.

Controvert grabs Bushido by the head and rams him face first into the turnbuckle post. Y goes over to the timekeeper position and grabs a steel chair. He raises the chair over his head and drives it down on the back of Reyes’ neck. He continues to slam the chair on Reyes again, and again, and again, and again. The referee throws the match out the window as the bell sounds.

Kris Red: This is over. These two are out of control!

Tony D: Somebody needs to stop them!

Y drops the chair and grabs Reyes. He looks over at Controvert, and Controvert looks back. Y whips Reyes over to his partner and Controvert hits Reyes with a spinebuster onto the steps. They then turn their attention over to Bushido. They pick Bushido up and nail him with right hands again and again before dragging him over to the dropped chair on the floor. Y sets Bushido between his legs, lifts him up and delivers a jumping piledriver onto the chair. Bushido is busted open, but Y picks him back up anyway. Y scoops some of Bushido’s blood, wipes it over his masked face, and hurls him up and over the barricade.

Kris Red: Well that’s just unsanitary!

Controvert grabs Reyes and holds his arms back. Y grabs the timekeeper’s bell and walks over to Reyes. Y looks into his opponent’s eyes for a moment before taking the bell and striking him in the head with it. Y pummels Reyes with the bell until he stops moving.

Tony D: Good lord! That’s enough! You both made your point!

Kris Red: We don’t even know what that point is!

Y and Controvert look at each other, and then back at SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade nods. Y drops the bell. He and Controvert walk away from their mess and head back up the ramp as the crowd starts booing them.

Tony D: I don’t get this at all. They’re not wrestlers! They’re-they’re mercenaries!

Kris Red: How can SwitchBlade support these guys? Look, I’ve said plenty about SwitchBlade in the past, buts this is shocking even to me!

Tony D: And here come the EMTs.

EMTs come down the ramp to check on the wounded men. SwitchBlade watches them go by and sighs, shaking his head as he heads to the back. Y and Controvert join him.

Tony D: Folks, I don’t know how to respond to any of this. This is not something we’ve come to expect from SwitchBlade, and…it’s unsettling.

Kris Red: But think about it, Tony D. Those guys didn’t even KNOW Y and Controvert. Think about what they might do to The Abominationz.

Tony D: You think they’re a threat?

Kris Red: There’s controlled chaos, and then there’s what we just witnessed. I’m not sure what to think.



The scene changes to the backstage area, in a cramped little corridor somewhere between the locker room and the gorilla position, this is where we find the Brothers Stanton standing-by. Both are already dressed for battle, albeit Brock's wearing a t-shirt with Yoshi on it. Joe's taking part in some pre-match rituals, which is a fancy way of saying the man's drinking a bottle of beer, one of many within the day he's partaken in. It's the younger Stanton that seems interested in the camera, the older sibling standing with his side to it and staring out of frame.

Brock: So, my brother and I have been thinking, and talking...

He eyes sideways to Joe, who looks at the camera with a smile and nod in mid-drink. As if trying to show some moral support, not that his younger brother looks all that swayed by it.

Brock: We're seconds away from taking on ELITE and so far our adventure into the promotion has been less than we expected. We were given a tag team that hated each other, one member of which bailed on the match and a tag team that's apparently never won a single match in their entire career.

If Joe wasn't drinking a beer, one might think he'd scoff given the way his eyebrows pop and he rolls his eyes. The younger Stanton doesn't look quite so disregarding about these facts, he looks more concerned.

Brock: Which makes us start to wonder what WARPED management's view is of us.

Glancing sideways again, the Blue Blur looks and sounds a touch uncertain when he puts that thought out there. Eying his older brother who is more than a little intoxicated, albeit through over a decade of excessive drinking has learned how to hold his booze. Judging by his appearance, one would assume this is Joe's first beer of the night.

Brock: We came to WARPED to face some of the best tag teams that WARPED has to offer and to test ourselves against them, hopefully making a little money, having some success and maybe more along the way. We came to face the tag teams people have been talking about, the UK Dragons, the Carnival Connection, and Flux in Motion, The Brooklyn Hit Squad and the Filth & The Fury. We came here to earn a chance at the WARPED Tag Team Championships.

Passionately Brock pours his heart out and Joe casually nods behind him, sipping on his beer. He frowns lightly when the name of the Filth & the Fury comes up but other than that he's pretty mellow still.

Brock: That's why we're asking WARPED management, put us against any tag team you want, set the bar as high as you want. You want to put us against the Brooklyn Hit Squad? You want us to try and handle Flux in Motion? Have another go at Anton and Cameron?

The mention of that last tag team finally gets the elder Stanton to chime in.

Joe: Maybe this time with one of them not getting vaseline in his womanly parts and storming out on the match too.

Gesturing with his hands in an almost jazz hands sort of way, the Scarlet Speedster rolls his eyes at what happened the last time Brock and he were standing across from Anton & Cameron. The younger Stanton looks a little reluctant but he appears to agree, nodding his head.

Brock: Whatever tag team you want us to face, wherever you want us to face them, England, Scotland, Japan, America, Mexico, it doesn't matter. We'll frag as many as it takes even steven style to get a chance at the tag titles.

Both Stanton siblings nod their heads at the sentiment that they'll take on whoever, whenever. Joe especially doesn't seem to mind the idea of continually fighting all comers. Slapping his little brother on the shoulder to get his attention, he jerks his head in the direction of the gorilla position when Brock looks at him. The two share another nod and head away from the camera, heading over to make their entrances and bringing this segment to a close.




The siren sounds off the beginning of T.I.'s " Talkin' To You" WARPEDVision and the Plasma screens of the viewers at home begin to scramble. Taurus's red laser spinning crown and fist logo quickly fade in and out before "TROUBLE." appears in blood red ink across WARPEDVision. As everything unscrambles Dion catwalks onto the entrance ramp flipping her hair in the process.

Tony D: "Finally we'll be getting some answers Kris. Why is Dion here!?"

Kris Red: ".....Does it matter!? We haven't seen Dion attempt to get naked at a event in like 5 years. She's here to pick up where she left off! Get naked Dion! We have NO RULES HERE!"

Tony D: " I doubt Dion interfered in the Main Event of 3YA to come back and get naked but in any event we need some answers here tonight."

She makes her model walking way to the ring while giggling to herself as the audience snap pictures. Dion slowly steps through the ring ropes with a grin on her face before once again slowly flipping her long hair.

Kris Red: "I wonder did her and Taurus ever get married.."

Tony D: "..Would you marry Dion?"

Kris Red: " Yes, and we'd tie the knot naked."

The music fades as Dion stands in the middle of the ring, mic in hand with her small tied up "With An Iron Fist" shirt and camo shorts...stopping at her but cheeks so are they really shorts? She stands around smiling as most of the men in the audience cheer. Soon after she begins to speak.

Dion: "....Allow me to reintroduce myself......"

She puts her index finger to her mouth before she begins to speak again.

Dion: " ...I'm the best thing that's going to happen to WARPED...And I'm the best thing that's going to happen to all of YOU...Contrary to popular belief....I don't give a DAMN about Taurus Capone..."

The Audience cheers in approval at Dion's comments.

Tony D: "What is she getting at?"

Dion slowly walks around the ring seductively moving her hips.

Dion: "I'm only here for one thing and one thing only....I'm here to get into....Trouble."

She smirks and drops the mic to the mat. Her music hits and she runs her fingers thought her hair in the middle of the ring.

Kris Red: "Trouble!...She's a bad girl Tony."

Tony D: " I Guess..."

Dion slowly bends through the ropes and hops out of the ring before slowly walking up the ramp. As she reaches midway she stops and halfway turns around smiling with her hand on her hip as the scene fades.


The scene opens to Carlisle Cain walking through the hallway, backstage at WARPED76 in Tokyo, Japan. He is stopped by WARPED Reporter, Austin Sanders.

Sanders Excuse me, Mr.Cain ?

Cain turns to look at him/her and we now get a better look at what he is wearing; a lime green beanie hat, black dress suit, white undershirt, a lime green tie and shiny black dress shoes.

Cain: Yes ?

Sanders: Seeing a young wrestler like yourself walking around the backstage area has people thinking that you are going to or already have signed a contract with WARPED Wrestling, can you give any conformation on this?

Cain: Well Austin, you see I just left Code Red Wrestling and I won't get into why because that is between myself and myself only. I do however wish Talon Wilkinson and the Code Red Wrestling family good luck and success as their company moves forward. Meanwhile, I will not clarify anything about a WARPED contract until I meet with WARPED Representatives to figure some things out.

Cain smiles as the crowd can be heard cheering.

Sanders: Do you have any interest in being a part of WARPED Wrestling?

Cain: Well if I didn't, why would I be here right now, I mean it is pretty much self explanatory. However, yes I do have interest in becoming a part of the WARPED Roster and I will attend the next WARPED show which is WARPED77 in Glasgow, Scotland. I have watched WARPED since their show, WARPED49.

Sanders: Cain, I am told you bring a lot to the table. Could you give us any examples of what you bring?

Cain lets out a grin and then looks down the hallway and raises his arm, his sleeve rolls down his arm revealing a gold watch he looks at. He looks back at the camera.

Cain: Alright we have enough time for two more questions after this. Well, I have experience in the Extreme Tournament, Trans-Atlantic Cup and Survive & Conquer. I was not the best at the events my first time around but I hope to make it to the Elimination Round this year at ET, make it to atleast the Semi-Finals of the Trans-Atlantic Cup, and well, I would be really happy with myself if I wow'd the world and finished in the Top 25 at next years Survive and Conquer, I for one think that I am capable of acheiving all those goals because I believe that 2013, 2014 and all the years beyond will be the years of Carlisle Cain because well, I AM THE FUTURE and THE FUTURE IS NOW!

A large pop can be heard from the crowd and a chant starts. Cain raises his hand and makes a waving motion towards the crowd.

Sanders Well Carlisle, we can sure tell that the crowd hear at WARPED would be estatic if you signed a contract. Now, you said at the VIW Show in Rio de Janiero, Brazil that you were having problems with your new legs that you were given when you had your surgery in Canada after they were broken by CRW Playmaker, "The Dark Curse" Leon Corbin. Could you give us anymore information on this?

Cain: Well, I have been cleared to wrestle in my first match since March against Eli Brooks at Code Red Wrestling on April 28th. If everything goes well and I am not hurting as much, I can't see why I should not be able to step back in the ring full time.

The crowd starts a "Cain" chant.

Sanders Well before the crowd gets too carzy, I have oen more question for you. You stated on your Twitter account, @CarlisleCain that you were leaving the VIW show in Rio de Janiero, Brazil after your appearance to jump on an apporximate 23 hour plane ride to Tokyo to make an appearance here at WARPED76, what made you decide to come here for this show? What was so special about it? And is this the appearance you wanted to make?

Cain: Well, I made that tweet to get fans to come support WARPED because I really like this company, I made this trip because I am interested in WARPED and I felt that where I have been to North America, South America and Europe. I saw that WARPED had a show here in Tokyo and I thought, well I've never been there and I like WARPED so how abotu I jump on a plane and go there for the second ever WARPED Japanese show. Which of course took care of me never being to Asia as a wrestler. Yes this was the appearance I was referring too and I hope that I will make more and can get the continent of Africa covered and that I will do that inside the squared-circle of WARPED WRESTLING!

Cain smiles and walks away and down the hallway as the crowd lets out a huge pop.

Sanders: Well there you have it folks, back to ringside with Kris and Tony.

Tag Team Match: The Brothers Stanton vs. ELITE

Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one falls and it is a standard tag team match up. Introducing first, they are the team of Voe and Tin Lin, weighing in at a combined weight of 360 pounds, and billed from right here in Japan… THE LI BROTHERS!!

Their theme hits the p.a. system and a huge pop is heard from the crowd as the Li’s come strutting out with the running man-like dance moves. They stare over at each other as they continue to dance down the ramp, but stopping halfway in the middle. They then run down to the ring apron and slide in under the first rope, kneeling up. They flip up to their feet and begin conducting some dance moves as the fans go nuts.

Kris Red: They didn’t get the result they were expecting last night on WARPED75, so let’s see if WARPED76 will bring any more luck.

Tony D: They surely have their hands full again tonight though. This can very well be anybody’s game.

Randy Long: And introducing their opponents, billed from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in at 390 pounds, they are the team of Joe and Brock Stanton… THE STANTON BROTHERS!!

The lighting dims and spotlight strobes between red & blue on the entrance, signaling the arrival of the Stanton brothers who throw back the curtain and walk out onto the stage. A fist pump between the two is all the fans get before they sprint to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans on the sides of the aisle way, sliding in underneath the bottom rope and springing up to their feet together. Brock scurries over to a far corner, hopping up on it and playing to the crowd while on the opposite side of the ring Joe raises his fists to the skies for them. The two brothers meet in their corner, talking over their strategy again and waiting for the match to start.

Tony D: These two brothers have been determined to making a name for themselves here in WARPED. Let’s see if their Japanese tour will be the start of a big move to gold.

Kris Red: Success does not happen overnight, especially against the goofs Tin and Voe Li!

(ding, ding, ding)

Kris Red: I hope for the stake of the reputation of the Li’s brothers, their luck changes here in Tokyo.

Tony D: It looks like Tin Li and Joe Stanton will be starting things off for their teams.

Tin Li and Joe Stanton lock up in the middle of the ring, but Joe is quickly to get the upper hand as he takes Tin Li down to one knee in a headlock hold. Tin manages to push Joe off into the ropes and he bounces off, knocking Tin Li down with a shoulder block. Tin rolls up to his feet and kneels up, before standing to his feet. Joe charges at him, but Tin surprises him with a Japanese armdrag takedown, followed by an armbar, but Joe quickly grabs the bottom rope.

Tony D: The Li’s brothers are absolutely quick on their feet, which can work to their advantage.

Kris Red: Their speed couldn’t get the job done on WARED75 though.

Joe and Tin are up to their feet, but as Tin goes for a kick to the midsection—it is blocked and Joe grabs him with a front grapple and takes him down with a belly to belly. He kneels up as the fans roar to the occasion and he leans down to pick Tin up to his feet. He lifts him up about chest level to only bring him down across the knee with a gutbuster. He pushes his shoulder down to the canvas, 1 – 2 – Tin manages to get a shoulder up.

Kris Red: Too early!

Tony D: I’m afraid you’re right about that Kris.

Joe picks Tin up, but he’s met with multiple shots to the midsection, and forces him to unhand him. Tin runs off the opposite ring and collides with a single-kick dropkick to Joe’s face. He rolls up off the mat, clenching his stomach, and leaps to tag in Voe Li. Voe Li hops on the third rope and Joe stumbles up to his feet, springboard wheel kick off the top rope. He covers, 1 – 2 – Joe powers out.

Tony D: I thought we were going to see winners right there!

Kris Red: That was a pretty hot move, Tony D!

Voe kneels down and grabs Joe with a headlock hold, but Joe uses his man power to run him backwards into the Stanton’s corner. He tags in Brock as he starts to add insult to injury with multiple shoulder thrusts to the midsection. As he exits the ring, Voe slides down in the corner, and Brock runs at him with a baseball slide.

Kris Red: Slidin’ in style!

Voe falls to his side and Brock hops up to his feet and he’s taunting Voe Li to get up to his feet. As Voe staggers up to his feet, he turns around to Brock and he’s met with a double-handed palm strike to the face.

Tony D: HADOUKEN! Brock could have broken his nose with that move.

Tin Li tries to run in the ring behind Brock, but Joe catches him with a spear as he begins to open up with some boxing punches to the face. Joe and Tin Li roll out of the ring as the referee places his focus back on the legal man. Brock runs with a bicycle kick in mind, but Voe Li ducks it. Brock turns around and he scoops Brock off of his feet. Brock slides down off his back.

Kris Red: Oh the suspense is killing me!

He turns Voe Li around and locks up with him. He lifts him up off the mat and connects with a fishman buster.

Tony D: There’s no way Voe Li will be able to get up from the Mega Buster.

Brock covers as Tin Li is trying to reenter the ring, but being held back by Joe. The referee slides down on the mat, 1 – 2 – 3!

Kris Red: And this one is OVA!

“Carry on my Wayward Son” hits the p.a. system and the fans in this Tokyo’s arena just explode to their feet with cheers.

Randy Long: Here are your winners… Joe and Brock Stanton… THE STANTON BROTHERS!!

Joe rolls inside the ring and he grabs his brother’s arm, raising it victory as they continue to celebrate in the ring. Voe rolls out of the ring as he’s met by his brother.

Tony D: The Stanton move a little bit closer to the tag team championships.

Kris Red: Whoa, I wouldn’t go that far and say that. They still have a LONG way to go before they prove themselves worthily of a division made famous by the AbominationZ.


The scene fades backstage where Sean Armstrong is standing by with Hugo Strange, who holds the Evolution Title on his shoulder.

Sean Armstrong: "Hugo Strange, tonight you put that Evolution Title on the line in an FnX Rules match against Anton Chase. Keep in mind though, that if you lose the title, your co-champion, Kandi Washington, also loses it. Can I get your thoughts?"

Hugo: How do I feel about facing Anton. "The future" Chase. I feel that tonight I change the "The Future" To the past because when I am done showing Anton that I am "the Future" of F'n'X and he is just the past.

Kandi walks up with her two bodyguards. Kandi has her customized Evolution Title on her shoulder.

Hugo:Oh look its the boob brigade and her fake title.

Kandi Washington: "This? Oh, this belt is real."

Hugo: Its not a belt its a title and what is that hunk of junk the Barbie title?

Kandi Washington: " I'd rather wear this on my shoulder than have to share something with YOU!"

Hugo starts pointing and laughing at Drake gets in his face. Hugo stops laughing and returns the stare and smiles.

Hugo: That thing is a piece of shit.

Kandi Washington: "No, it's beautiful, just like me. If we have to be co-champions, I'm going to make sure you don't screw this up for me. So, I'll see you at ringside for your match."

Hugo: Kandi has the silicone gone to your head. Look come down and watch my match you might learn something. But if you are one of you roid goons get involved in my match I swear to on all that you hold dear I will skin each and everyone of you with a rusty knife. Stay out of my way Kandi this your only warning!

Drake Knight steps forward.

Hugo: What roid boy!

Drake shoves the old evo title into the chest of Hugo. Hugo blows Drake a little kiss as Kandi and her crew walk away.


Backstage a camera slowly zooms out of a keyboard as fast paced typing can be heard throughout the surround sound. Taurus furiously types on the laptop with the look of pure anger and hatred in his eyes. A blond wig tied in a ponytail is draped half ass over his head. His face is pasty white and he's wearing a brightly colored singlet for reasons unknown.

Taurus Capone: "....Damnit, I hate twitter. ......I lie. I love you twitter. Don't listen to my nonsense...shhhh we'll become one. This is the 7th time today I've changed my location....and now comes the exhilarating part. EDIT....PROFILE! ...Name.......Alex....ANDER.....StarrZoë. .....Those little dots are so cute on me. What's next? ...Race?....BLACK.."

Taurus picks up an electronic cigarette and puffs away as the door busts open. He squeals like a bitch as RaShawn busts in with an over-sized jersey on and a sagging pair of jeans. The brim of his hat is ofcourse to the side and his face appears to be cut and battered.

Taurus "Alexander" "....NOT WHILE I'M TWEETING!!!!.....Jesus Christ! Who ARE YOU!? ..SEAL!?"


Taurus: " ..Jackson?"


"Alexander" looks on completely clueless.

Taurus: "Turn up? ...It's already too loud in here mister. Now I don't know what's going on but I have to get back to sub-tweeting Taurus. He's broke and I'm definitely too rich to be broke. This singlet is ED HARDY dude. THIS ponytail is FLAWLESS."

RaShawn picks up a chair and tosses it at the wall.


Taurus/StarrZoë: "..No. Why would I smell you? Are we gangsters now? Can we listen to all the hip hop? Like Dipset? And Bird Gang...and all the other cool rappers?"


Taurus nods and shrugs his shoulders with no argument.

Taurus/StarrZoë: "...But atleast he's broke...I'm DEF gonna tweet that!"


Taurus: "..Watch it bitch."


Taurus/StarrZoë: "..And what's that?....What are you saying!?"



Taurus/StarrZoë: "What are we gonna do??"

RaShawn/Rampage reaches down.


RaShawn/Rampage crip walks before pulling up a seat and goes to work tweeting away along with StarrZoë.

Taurus/Capone: "You have a tablet!?....I'm rich and all I have is this Windows it stolen?"


Taurus/StarrZoë: "Ooooh Hurry up and send it I'm so filled with excitement right now....I wish crowbar was here to see us tweet. He acts so angry when I tweet bad things about Taurus but I know we're doing the right thing. Because I'm the world champion and Taurus will never Tweet or be a better champion then me. He's so irrelevant I just can't stop talking about him. He's obsessed with me. He'll probably make a parody about me...I hope it is as terrible and predictable as our last promo and your gimmick. ...Our gimmicks. He's just jealous because him and Matthew never had the relationship me and Crowbar have. I run the world! It's not Taurus's show it's MY SHOW! I'm the leader of my clique....and EVEN though Kandi probably has more balls then I'll ever have it doesn't matter..Because as long I sit behind the screen and TWEET...They'll know who's the boss around here....Right Rampage?.......Rampage?"

"Rampage shoulders are now shaking as he cried hysterically.

Taurus/StarrZoë: "O_o"

RaShawn/Rampage: "I can't do this man........It's too much. Too violent. That little blue bird is just too beautiful man. I'm deleting my twitter account. I'm going back to myspace.....*sobs*..

Taurus/StarrZoë: "..?...Doesn't Justin Timberlake own that?...God he's epic. ...Like my ponytail."

"StarrZoë's" pontail falls to the grown as he quickly tries to pick it up. He places it on the top of his head, hanging down the front of his face not attached to anything in hopes that nobody notices. Rampage runs out of the room still sobbing as StarrZoë refocuses on his laptop and "lights" his electronic cig.

Taurus/StarrZoë: "....Myspace. ....I can't wait to spam your wall Capone....I'm coming for you!"

StarrZoë intensely mashes keys as the scene fades.

Evolution Championship, FnX Rules: Hugo Strange(c) vs. Anton Chase

Randy Long: "The following contest is an FnX Rules match scheduled for one fall and it is for the Evolution Championship! Introducing first, he is Co-Evolution Champion - Hugo Straaaaaaange!"

As the riffs for “Check My Brain” starts Hugo, and his Evolution title belt wrapped around his waist, steps out and looks across the fans as he makes his way the ring taunting and flipping off the fans. As Hugo gets to the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope and stands up talking shit to the fans and anybody in the ring. His theme is soon cut off by “Get Naked” as he stares up at the entrance ramp.

Tony D: And here I thought she was going to stay away from the ring.

Kris Red: Fat Chance Tony D! She’s also champion.

Kandi struts out from the back with her newly designed champion draped down her shoulder as she starts down the ramp. She purses her lips and makes her way down to the ring as Hugo unfastens his title and holds it up. He starts yelling, “I’m the real Evolution Champion!” She makes her way down to the ring as she makes her way down to the steel stairs. She struts up them and along the apron. Hugo walks over to her and the two begin arguing.

Kris Red: Hugo needs to show some respect for the dominant female of wrestling.

Tony D: And Kandi needs to do what? Nothing!? She has no respect her damn self!

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. Anton Chaaaaase!"

As “Faint” by Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air. He looks over at Kandi and Hugo arguing, grinning at his fans.

Tony D: The referee is trying to get this match underway, but Kandi and Hugo seem to be busy with their little love quarrel.

Kris Red: Love quarrel? Hugo is hardly Kandi’s type!

Kandi Washington is on the apron shouting at Hugo as he and Anton proceed on with the match as the referee calls for the bell.

Tony D: What is she doing on the apron? Get off the apron!

(ding, ding, ding)

Anton Chase runs at Hugo, but he catches him with a standing bearhug and rolls him to the side with a belly to belly suplex. Hugo turns around and he has his finger in Kandi’s face and he starts to yell at her to get off the apron and shut up, but unexpectedly to him—Anton leans up and rolls Hugo up with a small package, grabbing the bottom rope. He gets a quick two count.

Tony D: Hugo better keep his mind on Anton and off of Kandi Washington.

Kris Red: Yeah, he’s an idiot!

Hugo is first to his feet and he grabs Anton by the wrist. He whips him across the ring and he ducks as Anton flies back with a forearm. As he ducks, Anton inadvetedly strikes Kandi Washington and she falls off the apron.

Kris Red: There’s going to be hell to pay for that one Anton!

Anton looks down at Kandi, but Hugo spins him around and he gets caught with a spinning wheel kick to the face. He hooks the leg, 1 – Hugo kicks out. Hugo is to his feet and he runs at Anton with a clothesline, tackling him in the corner. Hugo starts connecting with jabs to the midsection relentlessly as Anton is being pushed down in the corner. Hugo leans his knee to his throat and pulls back on the top rope as he’s choking the life out of Anton.

Tony D: Anton Chase is going to be pushed like he has never been pushed before.

Kris Red: Every match is a damn challenge for Anton!

Hugo breaks the hold and he doesn’t give him a second to rest as he pulls him up to his feet. Anton pushes Hugo back and leaps up with a dropkick to the chest. Hugo stumbles back and runs at Anton, but he’s taken down with a Japanese arm drag. He locks in a kneeling armbar as Hugo is quick to grab the bottom ropes. Anton breaks the hold and starts punching the front of his face in before standing up to his feet.

Tony D: Anton Chase is on fire right out of the gates, trying to prove he should have never lost his championship.

Kris Red: Oh get off his nuts, Tony D!

Hugo uses the ropes to get up to his feet and Anton runs at him. As he goes for a standing hurricanrana, Hugo manages to grab him and snaps his back on the canvas with a huge powerbomb off his shoulders.

Kris Red: Did you see that!? Anton was just broken in half!

Kandi has limped over to the ring announcer and taken a microphone into her possession.

Tony D: What the hell is she going to do now?

Hugo covers and sneakily places his feet on the second rope, 1 – 2 – Anton gets a shoulder up.

Kandi Washington: What the hell is wrong with you Hugo? You are supposed to be the co-Evolution Champion and you cannot beat HIM!?

Hugo just gives her an evil glare as he motions for her to shut up and he grabs Anton by the hair. He drags him up to his feet and whips him into the corner, but Anton springboards off the second rope and connects with an enzuigiri to Hugo’s temple.

Kandi Washington: Get up!

Tony D: Somebody take that microphone away from her.

Anton covers, 1 – 2 – Hugo kicks out.

Kris Red: Close call for Hugo and Kandi is allowed to do whatever she wants!

Anton points to the top rope and begins to climb up to the third turnbuckle. He leaps off the top rope with what looks to be a shooting star press, but Hugo rolls out of the way, and Anton meets nothing but canvas.

Kandi Washington: Oh poor Anton is your little tummy hurt and Hugo finally did something CORRECTLY!

She claps as Hugo pushes his hands off the canvas and stands to his feet.

Tony D: The door is back open for Hugo as he’s marking for the finish.

Kris Red: Put him away Hugo!

Anton has climbed up to his feet as he’s resting back against the ropes with his forearm clenching across his midsection. Hugo grabs his wrist and whips him into the ropes. As he bounces off the ropes, Hugo catches him with a snap powerslam and hooks the leg, 1 – 2 – Anton Chase manages to get a shoulder up. Hugo holds up three fingers as he’s yelling at the referee.

Kandi Washington: Oh do not blame the referee for your shortcomings!

She yells as Hugo turns his attention toward Kandi and flips her the bird.

Tony D: Anton Chase is not going to give him that easily Kris and Hugo has to believe that.

Kris Red: He couldn’t even beat Leon Stone!

Hugo leans down and grabs Anton up by the head, but he takes him down with a leg sweep. As Hugo tries to push himself up off the canvas, Anton locks in a leg scissors chokehold. Hugo’s held down as he tries to break the hold and after a brief few seconds he does. He is first to his feet and he grabs Anton’s wrist, whipping him into the ropes. Anton bounces off the ropes with a kick to the chest. Hugo flings back as he holds his chest and Anton runs off the ropes himself. He drops Hugo face first with a low dropkick to the knees.

Kris Red: Hugo is going to need knee replacements, if he takes more dropkicks to the knees, but he knows being on his knees better than anybody.

Tony D: You should be showing him more respect since he’s co-Evolution Champion with your favorite WARPED superstar.

Hugo is kneeled up in the middle of the ring and Anton runs at him and connects to the back of his head with the shining wizard. Hugo falls down face first in the ring and he is rolled over by Anton, 1 – 2 – Hugo kicks out. Kandi is complete relief!

Tony D: What a close call and Anton Chase is showing the world he’s not a pushover.

Kris Red: He got lucky so what? Anton isn’t the champion… yet.

Hugo staggers up to his feet with his back turned to Anton as Anton grabs a hold of him from behind. He goes to lift him, but Hugo elbows Anton in the face. Anton breaks the hold and Hugo turns around as Anton runs at him: hip toss.

Kris Red: He’s taken back down by the bigger athlete.

Tony D: I thought this was going to be the end for Hugo.

Anton staggers up to his feet and Hugo lifts him up off the mat. Anton slides down his back and turns him around, kick to the midsection, and he follows it up with a swinging inverted neckbreaker.

Tony D: The Chase Factor! Anton Chase has hit his Chase Factor.

Kris Red: I can’t believe it! He better kick out of it!

He goes for the cover, but Kandi Washington is now on the apron as she’s threatening to get involved as the referee is trying to push her out of the ring. Anton looks over at her and the referee.

Tony D: What the hell is she doing on the apron?

Kris Red: She’s protecting her investments.

Anton Chase breaks the hold and limps up to his feet as he makes his way over to Kandi. He pushes the referee aside and latches onto a handful of her hair as he starts to drag her into the ring. She’s screaming as she’s trying to force him to break the hold of her hair.

Kris Red: Unhand her, you creep!

Tony D: It looks like she is finally going to get what she has deserved this entire time.

Then suddenly, Hugo runs up behind Anton Chase with a hard double forearm smash to his back. Anton stumbles forward and he’s turned around as Hugo lifts him up onto the shoulders. Kandi quickly slides out of the ring as she tries to fix her hair.

Tony D: Oh that distraction by Kandi may have just cost Anton the match.

He connects with a leaping package piledriver on Anton as his head is drilled on the canvas.

Kris Red: The STD! Hugo pin him damn it!

Hugo hooks both legs, 1 – 2 – 3! There is a loud sense of negativity from the fans as the entire arena roars to their feet with boos. Kandi Washington points to herself saying, “I did it!”

Tony D: She did what?

Kris Red: If it wasn’t for Kandi Washington’s assistance, Hugo Strange would have been beaten by Anton Chase. He better start worshipping the ground he walks on because Kandi saved Hugo!

Tony D: Oh give me a break Kris!

Kandi Washington waves as Hugo is handed his Evolution Championship.

Randy Long: Here is your winner AND still the current Evolution Champions… HUGO STRANGE AND KANDI WASHINGTON!!

Hugo stumbles back against the ropes as he’s holding his championship. He stares up at the ramp as Kandi Washington is seen strutting backwards up the ramp, wiggling her fingers toward him. She licks her lips. She blows a kiss to her co-champion and laughs shortly after.

Tony D: No doubt that is the kiss of death.

Kris Red: She is beautiful and deadly: just an amazing combination.



Backstage we see PKA and Dylan Daniels are walking down the hallway toward the ring area.

PKA: "I might not be 100%, but I can still go. Don't worry."

Dylan Daniels: "Don't worry about it. Look at who you're talking to!"

Fade out..



Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your tag team main event!

Kris Red: Get ready Tony D, we are about to tear up Japan, AbominationZ Style.

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë and Kandi Washington emerge from the smoke to the boos of the fans.

Randy Long: Introducing first, representing Abominationz, The Co-Evolution Champion, Kandi Washington and the AbominationZ World Champion Alexander StarrZoe!

Alex and Kandi strut down the ramp, Kandi Climbs into the ring as Alex climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his World title into the air as the fans Boo once again!

Kris Red: Utter disrespect from this Japanese crowd, this is the AbominationZ Evolution and World Champion they have in front of them, they should to bowing at their feet. They’re not worthy.

Tony D: Enough Kris, for this match at least try and be unbiased.

Kris Red: I’m not biased, I am just showing my support to Crowbar and the AbominationZ.

The opening beats of Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) hits the PA System. WARPEDVision shows a flame start to burn as the lyrics kick in..

Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh

B-Be careful making wishes in the,, dark-dark
Can’t be sure when it hit that mark-mark
And besides in the mean, mean time
I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart (ah!)
I’m in the deep details with the devil
From underworld can never get me on my level
I just gotta get you up the cage
On my young, lovers rage, gonna need a spark to ignite

My songs know what you did in the dark
So light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
I’m on fi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

PKA’s face appears on the WARPEDVision with the flame still burning on the screen and he bursts out from the entrance to a roaring of cheers from the crowd! PKA pumps his fists and feverishly extends his arms out in a crucifix, letting out a loud “LET’S GOOOO!” as he does it.


Randy Long: And their opponents, introducing first from Wichita, Kansas weighing in at 201 pounds, PKA!

PKA stands at the top of the Ramp waiting the arrival of Dylan Daniels as the pounding of the drums and distorted chugging of Dimebag Darrell’s guitar and Rex Browns pulsating bass over take the PA system. Fog seeps it way upon the WARPED entrance ramp as Philip Anselmo’s vocals kick in.

“The end will crush the light, and send a message.
It won’t please the naked eye
Without and end there is no light
To Foretell, to blind you
The Law of the claw reigns on and after still.”

Atop the ramp Dylan Daniels appears arms spread out back facing the ring. His upper body covered in an aged misfits hoody.

“When I die, I cast a shadow

Dylan Daniels swings his right leg around pivoting on his left foot. Keeping his hooded head down.

And I’ll Rise, I cast a shadow!

Randy Long: “And his partner, weighing in at two-hundred and forty two pounds. From Asheville, North Carolina, by way of Greensboro, North Carolina. Dyyylllaaaan Daaaaanieels!

Dylan and PKA make their way to the ring. As PKA and Daniels get in the ring and Daniles takes off his hoodie and PKA takes off his jacket StarrZoe and Washington attack them from behind.

Tony D: Typical AbominationZ, not wanting it to be a fair fight jumping Daniels and PKA before the start of the match.

Kris Red: Are you trying to insinuate the AbominationZ are anything less than respectful professionals? I’ll have you know we always play by the book.

Tony D: Yeah, that’s only because Crowbar is the one writing the rules as he goes along.

Starr and Kandi are still beating down Daniels and PKA in the ring as the referee tries to restore some order. Starr flings PKA over the top rope and he goes crashing to the floor. The referee then escorts Starr to the apron and calls for the bell.

Tony D: This match is now officially underway, but already AbominationZ look to have the upper hand, Dylan Daniels is down in the corner thanks to Kandi Washington and Alexander StarrZoe has left PKA lying in a heap at ringside.

Kris Red: It is good strategy Tony D.

Kandi Washington picks Dylan Daniels up from the corner, Dylan tries to fight back with a right hand but Kandi blocks and puts Daniels into a side headlock.

Tony D: Dylan Daniels almost found a way into this match but Kandi Washington is doing a good job to contain the threat.

Kris Red: You sound surprised Tony D. Kandi is a part of AbominationZ for a reason, and it’s not just because she looks pretty.

Kandi releases the side headlock and applies the arm bar. Daniels quickly rolls through to avoid any damage to his arm and shoulder. Daniels now with an arm bar of his own and Daniels takes her down. Keeping the arm bar locked in but Washington manages to wriggle out of it as she gets back to her feet. Washington backing Daniels into the ropes, Daniels comes back and Kandi lies down trying to trip Daniels up who was aware of the danger and jumps over her. Daniels stops and as Kandi gets back up he takes her down with the arm drag.

Tony D: Dylan Daniels is getting a little momentum going now. It is a good recovery from that attack before the bell. PKA is also now back on the apron.

Kris Red: It means nothing Tony D, Kandi and Starr are just louring these two into thinking they can actually win, but when the time is right, you will realise they made a mistake by coming out here.

Kandi gets back to her feet and is taken down again by Dylan Daniels and the arm drag. Daniels sees the opportunity and tags in PKA. PKA enters the action and immediately kicks Kandi with a sick roundhouse kick. Kandi somehow staggers back to her feet and PKA takes her down again this time with the snapmare and follows up with a stomp to the chest.

Kris Red: Kandi needs to tag out, she needs a break from this.

Tony D: Starr is ready and waiting for the tag if Kandi can make it across.

PKA picks Kandi off the mat, and Kandi rakes the eyes of PKA! PKA staggers back into the ropes. Kandi looks for the Irish whip but it is reversed, Kandi is sent into the ropes and StarrZoe makes the blind tag. Kandi comes back ducking PKA’s clothesline attempt and grabbing him in the waist lock and here comes StarrZoe.

Kris Red: Now there is trouble, here comes the Champ.

PKA Stomps on the foot of Kandi Washington who releases him from the waist lock as StarrZoe closes in PKA sticks a leg out and kicks him in the gut.

Tony D: PKA doing a good job to fight off that double team attempt by AbominationZ.

Irish whip from PKA, Starr comes back and runs into the back elbow from PKA. Starr bounces back off the mat and to his feet as he charges PKA looking for the clothesline which PKA ducks and PKA hits the back drop which takes Starr down once more. PKA into the cover.



Tony D: StarrZoe kicks out at two.

Kris Red: It takes more than a back drop to keep the Champion of AbominationZ down Tony D.

Tony D: Starr is a tough son of bitch I’ll give you that.

Kris Red: Did you just call Starr’s mom a bitch?

Tony D: Shut up and call the action.

Daniels sticks his foot up on the top rope as PKA drives Starr’s skull into it before tagging in Daniels. PKA puts Starr into the opposite corner as Daniels makes his way into the ring. Irish whip from PKA sending Starr from one corner to the other. Daniels with the Irish whip on PKA and PKA with a high knee to the face of StarrZoe. Daniels on the top turnbuckle as PKA sends Starr back towards the opposite corner and Daniels off the top with a missile drop kick!

Tony D: Great team work there from PKA and Dylan Daniels.

Kris Red: Know what I call it? Cheating! One person in the match at a time, the referee shouldn’t be allowing this.

Tony D: But you think it is ok for PKA and Daniels to be jumped before the bell.

Kris Red: Yes.

Daniels now into the cover on Starr who looks out after that drop kick.




Kris Red: The referee should have refused to count after that cheating. Crowbar has to have a word with him.

Daniels looking to get on with things sending Starr back into a neutral corner. Forearm to the jaw of the Champion and now Daniels proceeds to kick and stomp away at the World Champion in the corner. Daniels grabs StarrZoe by the hair and takes him out of the corner. Big scoop slam in the center of the ring and a quick leg drop, and a quick cover.



Tony D: Two count only once again from Dylan Daniels.

Kris Red: Ok Starr it’s time to kick it up a gear, this is getting too close for comfort.

Daniels picks the Champ up again and with a big forearm to the face sends Starr into the ropes. Starr comes back and catches Daniels with a knee to the gut! Daniels back to his feet and Starr with the roll up.




Kris Red: Almost the win there from the champion!

Tony D: It is the first time the AbominationZ representatives have came close to the win, but can they keep Daniels and PKA at bay for long enough to mount an offence?

Kris Red: You better believe it Tony D.

StarrZoe with the front facelock on Dylan Daniels as he picks him up. Starr backs into his corner and there is the tag, here comes Kandi Washington. Starr Keeping Daniels in the front face lock and Kandi with a big kick to the ribs of Dylan Daniels.

Kris Red: Great double team there from Starr and Kandi. That what it’s all about.

Tony D: Didn’t you just say double teaming was illegal?

Kris Red: Nope. I don’t recall saying anything remotely like that.

Kandi sends Daniels into the ropes after that big kick to the ribs, Daniels comes back and is bet by a flying back elbow from Washington. Kandi keeping the attack going by quickly picking Daniels up and hits the snap DDT, floating over into the cover.



Kris Red: Go on Kandi!

Kick out.

Tony D: Daniels manages to get the shoulder up.

Kandi picking Daniels up again, this time backing him into the AbominationZ corner.

Tony D: This is definitely not where Dylan Daniels wants to be right now.

Kandi with the tag and in comes StarrZoe. Kandi holding Daniels in the corner as Starr comes in and start laying boots into him. Starr dragging Daniels out of the corner as Kandi goes back to the apron and in the center of the ring starts to club the back and neck of Dylan Daniels.

Kris Red: PKA and Dylan Daniels are in trouble again Tony D, this time they won’t be so lucky.

Starr picking Daniels off the mat and looks for the right hand which Daniels blocks and hits a Jaw breaker on Starr and down does the champ into the corner. Daniels falls back into the ropes and PKA tags himself in. Here comes the former general manager. From one corner to the other PKA runs and hits a drop kick to the face of Starr who’s head was resting on the bottom turnbuckle. Kandi Washington now getting involved.

Tony D: Kandi has had enough, here come AbominationZ trying to play the numbers game again.

Kris Red: She is helping out the World champion, it is what we do in AbominationZ, we watch each others back.

PKA knocks Kandi down with a clothesline as she charges into the ring. Kandi bounces back to her feet and PKA takes her down again with the clothesline. Now PKA sends Kandi into the ropes, Kandi with the reversal, PKA comes back ducking the clothesline but runs into a spinning heel kick from Alexander StarrZoe.

Kris Red: Beautiful from Starr, good work between the two Champions of WARPED.

Starr and Kandi bring PKA back to his feet, sending him off the ropes. PKA comes back and is bet with a kick to the gut by Starr followed by a shoulder the the back of the knee by Kandi taking PKA to the ground, Starr now hits the ropes and comes back with a senton.

Kris Red: Great team work from Starr and Kandi again, this is what it is all about Tony D.

Tony D: Yeah only when it is in AbominationZ favour.

Kandi with the cover.




Tony D: PKA kicks out just before the three, but Kandi isn’t the legal man in that match, she wasn’t tagged in.

Kris Red: Yes she was, you must have not seen it, wake up Tony D.

Kandi with Right hands backing PKA into the corner. Sending PKA from side to side now but PKA comes exploding out the other side only to be stopped in his tracks by a big clothesline from Kandi. Kandi pulling PKA back to his feet but PKA with the fight back, right hand to Kandi, tries again but Kandi blocks and rakes the eyes of PKA. Kandi with a slap across the face of PKA before hitting the ropes, she comes back and takes a staggered PKA down with the running bulldog.

Tony D: PKA is visibly struggling here. He was involved in a Brutal Japanese Death Match last night against Grundy and now is in the ring with the Co-Evolution Champion and the World Champion.

Kandi with the tag to StarrZoe. The World Champion comes in and plants an elbows to the head of PKA followed by a belly to belly suplex into the cover.



PKA gets the shoulder up after two but Starr keeps the pressure on with the front face lock as he brings PKA back to his feet. PKA trying to fight out but Starr back into the corner and tags in Kandi Washington as Starr keeps PKA in the front face lock Kandi comes in and Slows PKA down with a big kick to the groin.

Kris Red: That is going to slow any man down. You’ve got to admit Tony D Alex and Kandi have impress as a team tonight.

Tony D: I don’t deny that, they are two very accomplished individuals.

Kandi now with a snap DDT to the PKA. Kandi looks to go for the cover but the referee refuses to count when he sees Kandi choking PKA.

Kris Red: Count ref!

Tony D: The referee correctly giving Kandi five seconds to break the choke and not counting a pinfall.

Kris Red: When did you become an expert on refereeing?

Another quick tag between Kandi Washington and Alexander StarrZoe. The World champion enters the ring again. PKA is sent into the ropes and is taken down with a double clothesline. Starr looks for the cover again.




Kris Red: That was a three!!

Tony D: The referee says only a two.

Kris Red: Does this guy know how to count to three?

Tony D: I would imagine so, he has been a referee here for three years.

Starr taunting the crowd and PKA gets to his knees. Starr turns round and kicks PKA across the chest, and again, and then a third time before a big roundhouse the the back of the head of PKA. Starr picks PKA up and fires him off into the corner. Starr unloads on PKA with rights and lefts to the body before stomping away at the midsection of PKA.

Tony D: Starr showing his aggressive streak here not giving PKA a moments peace.

Kris Red: That is why he is the best in the company.

Starr now Sends PKA from one corner to the other. Starr follows behind PKA charging into the corner but PKA cuts him off and send him crashing down with a superkick!

Kris Red: WHAT! Where did that comes from.

Tony D: PKA could have just saved his team from losing this match, but he really has to tag out, he has took one hell of a beating not only tonight but last night as well.

Both men are down, both need to make the tag out. PKA crawling to the corner, the fans on their feet willing him on. Starr makes the tag first Kandi Washington makes her return to the match and PKA makes the tag to Dylan Daniels!

Tony D: The tags have been made, game on!

Kris Red: This changes nothing Tony D, Alex and Kandi will still dominate.

Daniels come in and immediately knocks Kandi down with a big back elbow, and another before hitting Starr with one for good measure. Daniels sends Kandi into the corner but Kandi reverses. Kandi comes charging in after Daniels who rolls out of the way. Kandi runs into the turnbuckles and Daniels in on top of her with a splash in the corner. Daniels now picks Kandi up and puts her between his legs, looking for the cradle piledriver and plants her right on her head.

Tony D: The cradle piledriver from Dylan Daniels that could be enough to win this one.

The Cover by Daniels




Starr dives across the ring and makes the save just before the three.

Tony D: That was inches away Kris.

Kris Red: I wasn’t scared, they can’t beat us.

PKA now comes into the ring to cut off Starr and the two battle in the corner with PKA pounding away at his face. There is commotion in the crowd and through the crowd and over the barricade comes Drake Knight.

Tony D: "Drake Knight, Kandi's bodyguard!"

Kris Red: "Interesting.."

Daniels and PKA turn their attention to him. PKA slips out of the ring to cut off Drake Knight and the referee slides out after, telling Drake to take it back where he came from!

Tony D: "Let's get some control here!"

Suddenly coming down the ramp is none other than Starr's new manager, Rampage!

Tony D: "RAMPAGE!"

Kris Red: "Look out!"

He enters the ring and decapitates Dylan Daniels and let's out a roar! Starr smiles and nods as Rampage brings Daniels to his feet and powerbombs him to the mat!

Kris Red: "Oooh! That had to hurt!"

He slides out of the ring. Coincidentally, that's the time that Drake Knight decides to hightail it away from the ring and the referee can return to the ring. PKA doesn't let Drake get away though as he goes after him in the crowd, taking him down and beating him down.

Tony D: "PKA has gone after Drake Knight!!"

In the ring, Kandi steps back and watches Daniels as he starts to push himself up. She charges and hits a punt kick to the face!

Tony D: "The Final Lick!"

Starr is on the apron and he puts out his hand, yelling at Kandi to tag him in. She reluctantly makes the tag and he smiles while leaping up to the top. He then comes off with the 450 splash!

Kris Red: "And look.. the Rising Starr.. and now.."





Kris Red: "It's ova, Tony D."

The bell sounds as "WHO SHOT YA?" hits the PA System. PKA is shown in the crowd looking back and he runs toward the ring, hopping over the barricade. Rampage steps in front of PKA with his arms crossed and PKA takes a step back. Starr and Kandi are rewarded their titles in the ring and they keep an eye on PKA. Just then, PKA brings his arm back for a swing, but it's grabbed by Drake Knight from behind, who then socks PKA right in the jaw and he drops to the mat. Drake goes over the barricade. He and Rampage join Kandi and Starr in the ring. Drake raises Kandi's arm, and Rampage raises Starr's arm as the Japanese fans let out a chorus of boos. They all stand over Daniels as the show comes to an end.