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Still reeling from the events of last week at Wednesday Warfare, the fWo showed highlights from the show, including the threat and near suspention of Austin Davis. This was followed by clips of the emergance of Doomsday and the revealation that the Hunter was the guardian angel of Chris Kidman, and that the Hunter was also the thought-departed Stevie Roberts. Clips were shown of the reaction from the fWo backstage, including Scotty Cool slowly shaking his head, Cactus Jon tossing a monitor into the wall, and Joy playing with a Barney doll. Finally, clips were shown of Death in a steel cage hanging above the ring, and then Death vanishing as Plague's laughter filled the air. A voice over grimly asked if Death could possibly be in the arena tonight...

Austin Davis Interview

As the Warfare music sounded, Austin Davis broke out of the backstage area and made his way to the ring. Davis informs the crowd that he doesn't give a god damn about any Doomsday, Stevie Roberts, or Death. Davis invites any of them to climb into the ring right now so he can kick their ass back to whatever pile of worthless crap they came from. Davis looked up at the ring entrance, but was attacked from behind by all three members of the French Foundation who ran out from the crowd. Primetime, Mitch Wilson, and the Flying Frenchie beat down Davis, who had been taken by surprise. Before security could hit the scene the French Foundation from Davis the Flying Frenchie grabbed a steel chair and broke it over the head of Davis, causing him to bleed badly. The Frenchie then rolled up the unconcious Davis, and Mitch Wilson quickly made the three count as Primetime rang the bell. As Primetime celebrated, Commissioner Travis arrived on the scene to inform the Frenchie that he had not won the title. As Davis was carried up the ramp, he grabbed a microphone and informed the Frenchie that he would get even later in the night, and they would send the Frenchman back to France in a box.

Matthew Zhuk vs. Plague

Mathew Zhuk came to the ring to a surprisingly positive reaction from the crowd. As Zhuk sat on the turnbuckle and waited for his match to start, the lights slowly dimmed and small columns of fire rose from the edges of the entrance ramp. With the sound of distant screams in the background, Plague came to the ring riding a black horse. Plague entered the ring looking oddly solemn, and quickly locked up with Zhuk. Zhuk quickly put Plague into a headlock, but Plague escaped by ramming his own head into Zhuk's repeatedly. With Zhuk reeling inside the ring, Plague went to the top rope and landed a devistating flying dropkick. This only got Plague a two count, and he went to the ropes for a clothesline Zhuk ducked under and landed a swinging DDT. Zhuk then executed a bridge suplex and got the pinfall victory. As Zhuk left the ring, Plague wiped his mouth and watched the newcomer with interest, whispering "he's one of the chosen ones..."

Result: Matthew Zhuk by Pinfall

VL Interview

VL came to the ring weilding a trash can loaded with what appeared to be lumberjack tools... saws, axes, and large hammers. VL addressed her upcoming title match with Briana, claiming that you wouldn't be able to recognize the bitch when she was through with her. VL then turned her attention to the New Ninja, demanding a return title shot next week on Warfare. Finally, VL addressed the newest member of the Lone Gunmen... Cactus Jack. VL simply removed a shotgun from the trash can, and aimed it up in the air before pulling the trigger twice. VL then walked from the ring to a silent and stunned crowd.

Black Panther vs. Joy

Black Panther

The Black Panther walked to the ring silently, still being one of the only members of the fWo roster who is undefeated. Joy came out onto the ring apron with two giant Barney dolls, which began to sing and dance as Joy came to the ring. Joy climbed in and offered the Black Panther his hand. The Black Panther, looking confused, shook the hand as Joy grabbed a microphone. Joy told the Black Panther that there were other contests they could participate in besides wrestling... and one of the Barney men produced a Tiddlywinks game. Joy handed the box to the Black Panther, who at once broke it over Joy's head. With Joy standing dazed in the ring, the Black Panther delivered hard chops to the happy wrestler, before landing a Panther Driver and rolling him up for the pinfall victory. As the Black Panther walked from the ring the Barney men helped Joy to his feet. However, one of the Barney men removed his mask revealing Fallen, who quickly executed a snap suplex which put Joy out cold. Fallen then ripped the mask off the other Barney man revealing Judge Steel, who at once began to scream and attempted to cover his face as he ran to the backstage area.

Result: Black Panther by Pinfall

Ultra Cool vs. Survivors

Ultra Cool

Ultra Cool came to the ring with less of their usual cheer. Scotty Cool grabbed a microphone and asked for Stevie Roberts to come to his senses. Ultra Violet seemed distracted and confused, and Violet was not at his side for a change. When asked where see was, Ultra Violet said that she had some campaigning to do and couldn't make it tonight. As the Survivors names were announced, the lights dimmed and fire columns burst from the ramp. However, the Survivors failed to appear. Cameras in the backstage area found the Survivors along with Plague searching the locker rooms for signs of Matthew Zhuk, evidentally not concerned with their match. Ground Zero came out on the entrance ramp instead and began to taunt Ultra Cool, who prepared to give chase. Before they could the Lone Gunmen appeared on the balcony, and began to toss spitballs down at Ground Zero. From behind them the bWo attacked, knocking Billy James off the second floor of the balcony. Meanwhile Ultra Cool went into the crowd and began to sign autographs, Scotty Cool asking random fans if any of them had seen Stevie.

Result: Ultra Cool by No Contest

Austin Davis Interview

Chris Finn went to the backstage area to get a word from Austin Davis and see if he would still be able to compete against the Flying Frenchie tonight. Davis asks the Finn if he looked like a fool. Finn began to stammer and back up as Davis shouted at Finn to tell him if he thought he was a fool. Finn whispered "n-n-no" as he tried to escape from the room, but Davis caught him by the face and rammed him face-first into the mirror in Davis' dressing room. Davis then turned to the cameraman and told him that he was damn sure going to be in the damn ring and the Frenchie had better watch his damn ass. Davis then added that Scott Slugger's gameplan had a flaw... a fatal flaw... and that the night was ust getting interesting. With that Davis left the area, headed to Scott Slugger's dressing room.

French Foundation (c) vs. Doomsday

French Foundation (c)French Foundation (c)

Doomsday came to the ring for the first time, with the Surgeon and the Brawler stepping into the ring against the tag team champions. With the challengers were Stevie Richards, Brandi, and Stevie Roberts. Roberts grabbed the microphone and reminded Chris Kidman that he had until Friday to make up his mind... and reminded Kidman that he had a title match against the Black Quicksilver. Roberts recommended that Kidman join Doomsday... as the outcome of the match depended on it. Primetime and Mitch Wilson came to the ring, but after only a short time Roberts and Richards entered the ring and attacked the champions from behind. Doomsday beat down the champions and walked to the backstage area laughing as the Flying Frenchie came it to check on his partners.

Result: French Foundation by DQ

Crucifix Promo

Crucifix Promo

A promo is shown of a dark room, smoke wafting up from the floor. As the camera turns to the only window, lightning is shown hammering down on the land. Suddenly, a face fills the screen, hair covering most of the features but a gleaming eye. As the screen fades to black, one word fills the screen: Vengeance. Then this word gives way to "Crucifix" before fading into black.

Parking Lot Attack

The camera picked up a laughing Brandi along with the rest of Doomsday heading toward their limosine outside the arena. As Brandi opened the door dark hands pulled her inside as the limosine quickly pulled away, as the laughing voice of Plague could be heard from the driver's seat. As the rest of Doomsday gave chase the Brawler and War attacked from behind with steel bats, knocking Roberts, Richards, Famine and the Surgeon to the ground before escaping into the night. Inside the arena the word was conveyed to the New Ninja that his title match had been canceled due to these events. The Ninja held up the title and told VL that she had best get ready for the most extreme match ever seen on Warfare next week.

Austin Davis (c) vs. Flying Frenchie

Austin Davis (c)Flying Frenchie

The Flying Frenchie came to the ring along with the other members of the French Foundation, who flanked both sides of the ring in preperation for Austin Davis. The Commissioner then came to the ring along with a host of fWo security and Chris Universal to observe the match first hand. In seperate skyboxes it was shown that Scott Slugger and Ice were also watching the match with great interest. Austin Davis came to the ring with his head and arm bandaged and at once began to trade blows with the Internet champion. Davis gained the upper hand, and quickly applied a choke hold on the Frenchie, using the bandage from his arm to tie around the neck of the Frenchie. The ref took the bandage away from Davis, but while he was distracted Davis delivered a closed hand fist to the jaw of the French star, and delivered a quick DDD. With the Frenchie out cold in the ring, Austin Davis looked up at Scott Slugger and made a throat slitting gesture before giving both him and Ice the finger. Davis then yelled "fuck you, Beaven!" and lay down in the ring, putting the arm of the Frenchie over his chest. A confused ref counted to three, awarding the match and World title to the Flying Frenchie. With the match over Austin Davis left the ring and attacked Chris Universal as Travis screamed at security to haul Davis away. Travis then yelled "That does it... your ass is suspended, Davis! Do you hear me? Suspended!" as the cameras went off the air...

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall