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Before the Warfare fireworks could explode, fWo Women's Champion Briana came out to ask why her open challenge to any fWo superstar had not been responded to yet. She once again challenged anyone to face her at Holiday Hell II. No one came out from the back, but Apocolyptica could be seen looking on from the rafters with interest. Briana seemed to determine that no one had any guts to come out and accept her challenge, and prepared to leave the ring. As she did so, Hardcore Champion VL came out through the crowd, nailing Briana in the back of the head with a cane. With Briana down and out, VL handcuffed Briana's hands and feet to the ropes and attacked Briana several times with the cane, bloodying her. VL then wrapped a string of barbed-wire across Briana's head as fWo security hit the scene to clear the attack and prevent any further damage. The Warfare opening finally played, but before it could finish the Warfare screen shattered to the blast of a shotgun...

Doomsday Invasion

The WarfareScreen exploded into pieces as a shotgun blast ripped through the air. Loud air-raid sirens filled the air as Brandi, Stevie Richards, and the Surgeon walked out from the crowd. Stepping into the ring, the three addressed the crowd. With Brandi on the microphone, she declaired that Doomsday had arrived in the fWo... and that from this day forward chaos and fear reigned. Brandi then reminded the crowd about the events of a few months ago... where she informed the fWo that Death was not who they thought he was. She reminded the crowd that nobody in the fWo believed her... and that Jim Dudley, Austin Davis, and the commissioner all conspired to keep her out of the fWo and brand her a liar. With that Brandi said she had done what nobody else in the fWo could do... and that was humble Death. With that the lights in the arena went out, and Brandi pointed to a cage at the top of the arena which held none other than David Spencer... the man known as Death. As the crowd gasped in surprise, Brandi announced that one man made it all possible... and he was the Hunter. With that, the Hunter came out onto the entrance ramp and took the microphone...

Hunter Interview

The Hunter stood on the entrance ramp and took the microphone, announcing that tonight... in this very arena... revenge would be once and for all his. The Hunter reminded the crowd that last week he humbled Scott Taylor... and with Death hanging trapped and humilated high above the ring he would reveal everything... including his true identity. The Hunter then said he... along with Brandi would lead Doomsday, and that there were spots for others who had been mistreated and abused by the fWo... and that included the best Cruiserweight the fWo had to offer... Chris Kidman Jr. The Hunter told the crowd that it was he who was Kidman's guardian angel... and that it was now time for Kidman to join him in Doomsday, and fulfill his desitiny as the greatest Cruiserweight Champion the fWo would ever know. The Hunter then told the crowd that he would return to the ring in one hour to learn Kidman's decision... and shock the fWo.

French Foundation (c) vs. Stone & Wynd

French Foundation (c)French Foundation (c)

With the ring finally cleared, the first match of the evening took place as Stone and Wynd came down to the ring along with Fathom and Fyre of the bWo. As the bWo strode around the ring they noticed that up on different tiers of the arena were Scotty Cool, Ultra Violet and Violet, and other the side of the arena were Wolf Fang and Jackhammer. As the two members of the French Foundation came to the ring with the Flying Frenchie, some sort of disturbance involving the Lone Gunmen took place backstage. Mitch Wilson and Stone started to wrestle inside the ring, and on the ring apron Wynd waved to Ultra Violet. This seemed to anger Violet, who was escorted away from Ultra Cool by security, who did not want to repeat past actions regarding Violet and Wynd. Meanwhile, Mitch Wilson and Primetime continued to dominate Stone, as Wolf Fang began to whistle at Fathom, who was flirting with Jackhammer. During this, Fyre tried to get the attention of Wolf Fang, and finally left the ring side area to try to get up to where Ground Zero were sitting. The champions continued to dominate the match, as Ultra Violet suddenly seemed to remember something and left his chair. Scotty Cool blew kisses at Stone, who tagged in Wynd. Backstage, Machina and the Lone Gunmen were seen trying to get out to the ring, but suddenly a masked woman dressed in purple bumped into the wall nearby, and Machina seemed to brighten, exclaiming that "his first lady was here". Stone waved back up at Scotty Cool, but accidentally bumed into Wynd, who fell into the canvas, where Primetime quickly rolled her up for the pin. After the match Wynd argued with Stone for losing the match as the champions left the area with the titles.

Result: Mitch Wilson & Primetime by Pinfall

Santa Claus Arrives

As the previous match cleared away, the crowd erupted as what appeared to be a Purple-Clad Santa came out onto the entrance ramp. As the purple Santa wandered to the ring it became clear that it was Ultra Violet, confused that Christmas was already over. As Ultra Violet came to the ring he tossed fWo action figures and cans of Spam out to the crowd, and shouted "OH OH OH!" to the audence. As Ultra Violet got into the ring, one of the fWo security entered the ring and delivered a hard DDD. Ripping off his hat he revealed himself to be Austin Davis, and he proceeded to stomp down Ultra Violet into the mat, yelling that the fWo good stick that holiday cheer right up their ass. Finally, fWo security along with Scott Slugger and Chris Universal ran into the ring and chased off Austin Davis, who exclaimed that he was just getting started. From the top of the entrance ramp, Commissioner Travis informed Austin Davis that "he will see about that"...

Ten Bell Salute

Prior to the match the fWo held a short ten-bell salute to the fWo stars of the past, including deceased fWo star the Ripper. Much of the fWo roster came out onto the ring apron, and Chris Finn and James Armstrong made note of some of the fWo stars of the past in attendance in the audence, including past champion Jim Dudley, and retired wrestlers Rage, Melissa Smalls, the Dark Angel, Fear, Nixon, Stinky, and recent retired wrestler the Destroyer. As the fWo paid tribute to the fallen wrestler, the fans were reminded of the year that was. As the salute finished, Billy James waved a large sack up at the Destroyer, who seemed to look down at the wrestler with a mixture of anger and sadness.

Boston Strangler vs. Ice

Boston StranglerIce

Ice came out onto the ring apron and raised his hands to the crowd, who returned the gesture with boos and tossed trash up at the wrestler. Ice strode to the ring looking slightly worried, perhaps concerned about the mental state of the Boston Strangler. As the lights dimmed and went a pale blue, the Boston Strangler slowly walked to the ring, flexing one fist and then the other. The Strangler methodically entered the ring and stared down the slightly larger Ice as the two paced each other inside the ring. Ice and the Strangler finally locked up, and Ice placed the Strangler in a quick headlock. The Strangler backed into the ropes and reversed the hold into a reverse armbar. The Strangler then kicked the legs of Ice out from under him and brought him down to the mat for a sitting chinlock. Ice reached the ropes, and the Strangler reluctantly let go of the hold before kicking and stomping down on the leg of Ice. Ice flipped the Strangler over the top rope after a missed running lariat and followed it up with a quick dive to the outside. Ice attempted to ram the Strangler into the steel steps, but the Strangler was able to deflect the charge and tossed Ice into the steel railing. As the Strangler tried to follow this up, the arena went darker, and smoke began to fill the area. From high in the rafters hundreds of hung men began to slowly descend... mannequins hung from hangman's nooses. As the Boston Strangler looked up at these the booming laugher of Darkness filled the arena. However, on the outside of the ring Ice began to get to his feet... only to have Scott Slugger come out from the crowd to crack a bat over the head of the former champion. Exclaiming "payback is a bitch" Scott Slugger walked back to the dressing room as the Boston Strangler gathered his senses and drug Ice back to the ring. Placing Ice in the crossface chickenwing... the Boston Strangler won the match, and walked silently back to the dressing room... stopping for only a second to look up at the rafters where the hung models swug... next to the cage holding David Spencer.

Result: Boston Strangler by Submission

Lone Gunmen Interview

Lone Gunmen Interview

The Lone Gunmen came to the ring... Machina, Rudo and Billy James. Billy James still clung to the bag of money, and as they entered the ring it was clear that Machina was treating Billy James much better than before. Machina held the carbon rod high above his head, and announced that his presidential campaign was going quite well... but that it was time to get others on the bandwagon. At that point Billy James held up the bag, and tipped it upside down... revealing... nothing. Machina then announced that he was proud to announce that a champion would be joining the Lone Gunmen tonight, thanks to the hefty amount of money that their good friend Billy James "aquired". With that, Machina waved to the backstage area... and out walked none other than Cactus Jack... in a Lone Gunman shirt. Cactus Jack, along with the WWF World Heavyweight Title joined the Lone Gunmen in the ring, and Machina announced that it was now time for the next first lady of the United States to join them as well... the "Pretty Lady". The purple-clad woman seen with the Lone Gunmen earlier stumbled out onto the entry ramp, and then seemed to get lost by all of the bright lights from above. Rudo walked up and led the distracted purple-clad woman to the ring, and announced that a presidental-hopeful could not wrestle, and that Cactus Jack would be taking his place against Austin Davis later that night.

Commissioner Travis Interview

Chris Finn caught the Commissioner backstage and asked him what, if any, his plans were for Austin Davis leading up to the big triple-man Main Event at Holiday Hell II. Travis informed Chris Finn that Austin Davis will be placed on Probation, meaning that if he got out of hand and attacked any fWo wrestler outside of the ring he would be suspended for 30-60 days and stripped of the fWo World Heavyweight Title. Cameras then picked up Austin Davis backstage watching the announcement with other fWo superstars, including Sid Snow, VL Tha Murdera, Fallen, Hiroshima, and other wrestlers. Austin Davis at once grew upset, and began tossing monitors and chairs around the room in his rage. Austin Davis then walks out of the room toward the fWo parking lot... telling a camera man to get the "damn picture taker off of him" as he went.

VL Tha Murdera (c) vs. New Ninja


VL Tha Murdera came to the ring for the match, and brought with her a cart of cactus and other desert props. VL informed the crowd that since they were in Arizona perhaps they should make the match an extreme desert match. The New Ninja ran to the ring and at once attacked VL with quick standing and spinning kicks, driving the champion to the ground. VL responded by flipping the New Ninja into the cart and onto the pile of cactus plants inside. The New Ninja screamed in pain, and began bleeding badly from the arms and back. VL responded by diving off the ring apron and into the cart on top of the Ninja, further driving the spikes from the cactus into the back of the Ninja. The Ninja crawled out of the cart and attempted to get some offense going, but was unable to combat the onslaught of VL, who battered away with boots and small cardboard coyote displays. The Ninja was finally tossed back into the ring, and VL went to the top rope for a diving headbutt inside. As she did so, she spotted Cactus Jack who had found a place on the entrance ramp to watch the action. As VL cursed at the WWF Champion, the New Ninja struck the turnbuckle and sent VL crashing to mat. The New Ninja quickly rolled her up, and grabbed the Hardcore title before making his way through the crowd. From the entrance ramp Cactus Jack looked down at the battered VL and exclaimed, "You may be one mean bitch... but you haven't got any idea what hardcore is all about... I've got a couple other letters of the alphabet for you VL... CJ! CJ! CJ!" With that VL quickly made her way up the entrance ramp and after Cactus Jack.

Result: New Ninja by Pinfall

fWo 1998 Year Awards Announcement

fWo 1998 Year Awards Announcement

Chris Finn, along with Dick Venom and Matt Loco made their way to the ring to kick off the 1998 fWo Year-End Awards Ceremony. Dick Venom and Matt Loco went over the awards that can be won for the 1998 wrestling year, including Match of the Year, Interview of the Year, and Wrestler of the Year. At mention of the last, Matthew Zhuk came down to ringside to the approval of the fans and demanded that he look at the nominations for wrestler of the year. As he was handed the envelope, he opened it to reveal a card with his own name on it. Nodding in approval, Matthew Zuhk opened several other envelopes, only to find that they all had his name written inside of them. Nodding with approval, Matthew Zhuk told Finn to "carry on" and left the ringside area, and a very confused set of fWo officals, who looked at the cards questionably.

Scott Slugger vs. Darkness

Scott Slugger

With a baseball bat hanging above the ring, and a trapped and unconcious Death hanging far above that, Scott Slugger came to the ring to a loud chorus of cheers from the crowd, which he accepted by giving the fans the finger from the top turnbuckle. As the lights dimmed and smoke began to pour from the floor, Darkness entered the arena. Darkness strode quickly to the ring, looking once over his shoulder to see if the Boston Strangler would be coming from behind. As Darkness entered the ring he at once went after a power attack, battering the former leader of the defunct Punisher Squad with a double axehandle and sending him to the mat. As Darkness continued to use his power to dominate the match, Scott Slugger drew nearer to the ring ropes. As he did, Ice broke from the backstage area and ran to the ring, but was restrained by fWo security who prevented him from attacking his former partner. Scott Slugger meanwhile caught the leg of Darkness as he attempted a kick to the midsection, and brought him down to the canvas with him. Scott Slugger then went to work with a series of lefts and rights to the face of Darkness. Scott Slugger and Darkness both fell to the outside of the ring and onto the arena floor. As Scott Slugger stood, he spotted Cactus Jon sitting at ringside. As Scott Slugger looked out at the Canadian hero, Cactus Jon spit into the face of the Slugger and attempted to climb over the railing to attack him. As fWo security once again held the former fWo champion back, Darkness delivered a surprise DDT and quickly entered the ring and recovered the bat, winning the match. But before Darkness could use the bat the lights in the arena dimmed, and smoke poured from the ring entrance. Standing at the top of the ramp was the Boston Strangler, who urged Darkness to meet him at the top of the entrance ramp. Darkness walked up the ramp to confront the Strangler as smoke and darkness engulfed the area.

Result: Darkness by Succession

Austin Davis Strikes

The cameras catch up with the Comissioner, who is preparing to leave the area and is walking to his car in the parking lot. As Travis neared his vehicle, Austin Davis sprung out from behind it, quickly handcuffing himself to the Commissioner, and dragging him helpless back inside the arena. As Davis drug the Commissioner through the backstage area, wrestlers like the Dreamers and the Black Panther came out to observe what was taking place, following the pair out to the top of the entrance ramp. Austin Davis then appeared to be getting ready to pitch the Commissioner off the top of the entrance ramp and down to the cold, hard arena floor some 15 feet below... but at the last moment Travis grabbed onto the steel ramp and Davis tripped off the ramp himself, breaking the handcuffs at the wrist and falling to the floor. As Travis looked on, several fWo stars from Apocolyptica to Chris Universal clapped their approval at the dazed and hurt Austin Davis... who lay helpess on the arena floor. As they did so, Cactus Jack came out to his music and leapt off the ramp for his match with Davis...

Austin Davis (c) vs. Cactus Jack

Austin Davis (c)

As Cactus Jack's music played he leapt off the entrance ramp and dived onto a still badly beaten Austin Davis, who lay helpless many feet below. Grabbing the ref, the Commissioner declaired that the match be a "Falls Count Anywhere" match. Cactus Jack then brought the champion back to the ring and ran up the entrance ramp to secure a wooden table, and he brought it back to the ring. Setting it up in the center of the ring, Cactus Jack drug Austin Davis on top of it, and proceeded to piledrive the champion through the table. Cactus Jack covered the champion, but without success as Davis was able to kick out. Still wearing the Lone Gunman t-shirt, Cactus Jack continued to assault Austin Davis inside and outside of the ring, finally working his way back up the entrance ramp and ramming Austin Davis into the wall of the arena. As Davis lay bloody and helpless, Cactus Jack went backstage to fetch two more tables, but as he drug them out onto the entry ramp he failed to notice that Austin Davis had shifted positions. Cactus Jack set one table on top of the other below the entry ramp, and climbed back up onto the ramp to hurl Austin Davis off the ramp and through the tables. As he went to do so, Austin Davis tripped Cactus Jack and sent him over the edge instead... and through both tables. Austin Davis quickly limped over to the bloody body of Jack and covered him for the victory. Standing over Jack, Austin Davis yelled, "I just whipped your sorry ass again you piece of crap... did you like it?" Austin Davis then walked out of the area, but not before spotting Scott Slugger, Ice, and Chris Universal all looking down at him from the top of the entrance ramp. As he left, the lights went black...

Result: Austin Davis by Pinfall

Hunter Interview

In the dark arena, a single blue light shone on the cage high above the arena, and Death who was trapped inside. Air-Raid sirens then began to play, and the Hunter, along with Brandi, Stevie Richards, the Surgeon and Famine all came out onto the entry ramp. They walked to the ring, and stood in the center of it as the Hunter pointed up at the caged Death. Speaking to the crowd, the Hunter talked once again about how he made a fool of Scott Taylor, and now he had humbled the cruel "master" Death as well. The Hunter told Chris Kidman to come out onto the entry ramp and stare at the face of his guardian angel. Kidman finally came out onto the ramp, and was accompanied with a strange assortment of people the fWo had never seen before... three men, one very large and a woman in what appeared to be a cheerleading outfit. The Hunter seemed confused by these new arrivals, but then told Kidman and the crowd that today was a new day for the fWo... his day... and removed his mask to reveal that he was former Dark Rider Stevie Roberts...

1998 Finale

At that moment the lights went dark red, and a mad, insane laughter filled the air. A single spotlight shone to the very top spot at the stands, where Plague stood... flanked by War and the Brawler... the Survivors. As Plague laughed hysterically, Chris Kidman backed out of the area, and Stevie Roberts and the rest of Doomsday pointed up at the trio. Plague screamed down at Roberts that today was the last night he would sleep safe... knowing that he would wake up alive, or in one piece in the morning. As smoke began to fill the arena, Plague's laughter rose to a shrill pitch, and he screamed "HE'S HERE! HE'S HERE!" as the spotlight slowly shifted to show the cage suspended above the arena... completely empty. As smoke rose over the stunned faces of Doomsday, the cameras went off the air for the final time in 1998.