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Darkness vs. Cactus Jon

Cactus Jon

Cactus Jon came to the ring as the cameras opened on a special Christmas edition of Wednesday Warfare. Chris Finn noted that fWo shirts and accessories were for sale in the ShopZone, and shipping in time for Christmas was still possible if some extra cash was included in the order. Darkness came out to the ring and signalled up into the rafters, which shattered the arena lights, and bathed the ring area in a hazy blue color. With little light, Cactus Jon landed a flying plancha to the outside as both men quickly turned the match into an all-out brawl. Cactus Jon used whatever tools were at his disposal to pummel Darkness, who retaliated with steel chairs and small fans. The two quickly broke into the audence, and then back into the arena hallways. As the cameras followed the two into the bathrooms and vending areas, another match was ordered to take place inside the ring...

Result: ...continued...

Briana (c) vs. Wynd

Briana came to the match feeling brusied and battered as a result of her match at Twilight. Wynd came to the ring without the usual bWo contingent, but with Apocolyptica instead. Wynd seemed to not understand why Apocolyptica was following her out to the ring, and shoved at the superstar before being pulled into the ring hair-first by Briana. Apocolyptica settled in at a chair in the first row and watched the action unfold. Wynd overcame her earlier hadicap and mounted a quick attack on Briana which forced her down to the mat and on the defensive. As Wynd applied an ankle-lock submission hold, a fan waved an Ultra Violet poster. At once growing distracted, Wynd walked over to the poster and stared into the visage of the Ultra Cool member. As Briana looked on confused, the ref counted out Wynd. As Briana left the ring, Apocolyptica shouted something inaudible, and Briana and Apocolyptica traded what sounded like angry words.

Result: Briana by Count Out

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Fallen

Flying Frenchie (c)Fallen

The Flying Frenchie came to the ring with Mitch Wilson and Primetime, the new fWo tag team champions. The Frenchie waved to the American crowd, but when boos followed he invited them to kiss his French ass. The announcers reminded fans that the Frenchie had just extended his visa and would be allowed to work in the country for another year. Before Fallen could come to the ring, Darkness and Cactus Jon broke back into the arena, still brawling. Jon tossed chairs at Darkness, who batted them away with a forearm while trying to grab an arm or a leg of the Canadian superstar. The two broke back through the other side of the arena, and tumbled down into the boiler room of the arena. Fallen at last came to the ring for his match, but before he could get down the entrance ramp, Joy appeared on the big screen, but was frowning as opposed to his usual goofy smile. Fallen pointed at Joy and told him to get out of the arena, but Joy simply frowned at Fallen from the Warfare Screen. During this, from out of the crowd Joy emerged, revealing that the monitor image was a taped copy. Joy and a handfull of Barney men quickly grabbed Fallen and stuffed him into a Barney costume, zipping and locking it before rolling him into the ring dressed as Barney and blind to outside events. The Frenchie, ever an opportunist, took the advantage to land a flying elbow on Fallen/Barney, and quickly jumped on top of Fallen/Barney for the pin. During this Joy laughed and sang to Fallen, and offered a hand to the Frenchie in victory. The Frenchie responded by spitting on the happy star before leaving the area.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall

Cactus Jon vs. Darkness

Cactus Jon

Down in the boiler room the cameras picked up Darkness and Cactus Jon still going at it in the confines of the steamy and damp boiler room. Cactus Jon was leveled by Darkness who swung a pipe at the Canadian superstar, and Darkness prepared to pin him down in the depths of the arena. However, at that moment a hangman's noose decended from steamy darkness above and caught around the neck of Darkness, raising him up into the steam choking and clutching at his neck. After waiting a few minutes, the ref awarded the match to Cactus Jon, who sat alone in the steamy boiler room. Darkness was not heard from, nor were any other sounds present.

Result: Cactus Jon by No Contest

New Ninja Interview

Before the next match the New Ninja came to the ring and demanded a title shot and some respect in the fWo. Calling Commissioner Travis a "bastard", the New Ninja continued to explain why he was overlooked in the fWo. Travis then came onto the entrance ramp and went over the Ninja's record... which was hardly an example of a superstar being screwed, but of a superstar succeeding in the fWo. The Ninja then asked when his next title shot would be, and Travis invited the New Ninja to show up in the fWo arena next Wednesday for a shot at the Hardcore Title against Mitch Wilson or whomever the champion may be.

Mitch Wilson (c) vs. VL Tha Murdera

Mitch Wilson (c)

VL Tha Murdera came to the ring after some time of being unseen in the fWo. VL looked bigger and stronger, and marched to the ring with purpose and determination... for a change not carrying her usual assortment of weapons. Mitch Wilson came to the ring with the French Foundation, who watched the match from ringside. Mitch Wilson attempted to turn the match into a submission-style contest, but VL stayed on top of the action with a series of technical take-downs followed by power moves and holds. Mitch Wilson finally locked in a neck hold, but VL dropped to her knees, turning the hold into a jaw breaker. VL then tossed Mitch from the ring, and jumped onto the top turnbuckle for a plancha onto the outside. Mitch was drug under the ring then, and VL paused her attack in confusion. A moment later Mitch and the Prophet emerged from under the mat, and the Prophet tossed Mitch into the ring. VL then executed a 450 splash from the top rope and quickly pinned the dazed Wilson for the victory. During this, Primetime and the Frenchie chased away the Prophet, but not before the damage was done. As VL left the ring, Cactus Jack appeared on the big monitors and made a "bang" gesture to VL before disappearing once more.

Result: VL by Pinfall

Lone Gunmen vs. Ultra Cool

Lone GunmenUltra Cool

The Lone Gunmen came to the ring consisting of Rudo and the Total Eclipse, but without the presidential candidate Machina for a change. Ultra Cool came to the ring slapping hands and singing posters, t-shirts, and buttocks for the fans. High up in the rafters, Oracle and the just-seen Prophet watched the proceedings with interest. As the Total Eclipse and Scotty Cool wrestled inside the ring, the Total Eclipse continually grew uninterested in the match, and instead began to focus on a large snack card just outside the ring. Finally giving into temptation, the Total Eclipse left the ring and wandered over to the snack cart, where the owner removed a vendor-man mask to reveal the Chameleon. The Chameleon urged the Total Eclipse to leave the Lone Gunmen and join him, motioning toward a bag of M&M's he held in his hand. As the Total Eclipse began to leave the ringside area, Rudo tapped the Total Eclipse on the back and pulled from his tights a bigger bag of M&M's... and a Snickers bar. The Total Eclipse wandered back over to Rudo, but an ever-resourceful Chameleon pulled from his tights a Big Hunk candy bar, and a long Twizzler package. The Total Eclipse again looked to the Chameleon, and Rudo went for the only item he had left in his tights, a cup. Uninterested in this new offering, the Total Eclipse lumbered over to the Chameleon, ripping up his Lone Gunmen shirt as he went. As a dazed Rudo watched this, Ultra Violet landed a splash to the outside and rolled Rudo in for the pinfall. High up in the rafters the Dreamers watched on, but were suddenly attacked by all three members of the French Foundation, who chased the team from the stands into the parking lot.

Result: Ultra Cool by Pinfall

Austin Davis (c) vs. Plague

Austin Davis (c)

Plague came to the ring giggling and tearing at his own hair, stopping from time to time to shout at the fans, and even going so far as to pull a fan over the railing and begin beating on him. Security arrived to help the fan, but not before Austin Davis came out on the entrance ramp with a microphone. Austin Davis explained that he shouldn't even be defending his title tonight against some sick freak, but because of that bastard Commissioner Travis he had to go into the ring and kick some ass. Davis then assured the audience that Travis would be getting a rude present for the holidays, and ran to the ring to beat on Plague. Davis dominated Plague, but during a Piledriver attempt Plague kicked up with his boots and caught Davis in the eye, blinding him. Plague took the opportunity to choke out the champion with a lace from his boot, and then removed a small sliver of glass from his belt and began cutting into Davis' arm. This woke Davis up, and he delivered an uppercut to the jaw of Plague, before picking him up and spearing him head-first into the mat. Plague went out cold, and Davis rolled over him for the pin. Davis then instructed the fans to look up on the monitors where a shot of the parking lot was seen. In view was Travis' automobile, which when opened revealed it to be crawling with snakes. Davis then told the Commissioner that this was just the beginning of his "Holiday Hell" and that when Davis was done he would be begging for mercy. At that moment the lights in the arena went out, and Plague's laughter could be heard echoing through the rafters. In a high pitched scream, Plague shouted, "He's back! He's returned!" as the cameras went off the air...

Result: Austin Davis by Pinfall