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WARPED73 (WCW Night 4) - 3/8/13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex

It's the final stop in the West Coast Winter Tour 2013 and we hit the 6600 seat ECHOPLEX in Los Angeles with a stacked card! Talents from pwFRONTIER and Sin City Wrestling join in on the fun, in addition to 2 title matches, the card is exciting from top to bottom. The AbominationZ have been busy over the last four weeks in other companies, and surely they will have something to brag about. Will we hear from William Wallace and find out his condition? This is the 2nd to last show in the First Quarter of 2013 for the SQUARIAN, so every match counts! Only a couple hundred ticktes remain, so act fast!


Main Event: Tag Team Championship Match - 2/3 Falls
Carnival Connection(c) vs. The UK Dragons (pwFRONTIER)

Evolution Championship(Rematch)
Anton Chase(c) vs. Leon Stone

Special Invitation Challenge Match
Hugo Strange vs. Reya Serra(SCW)

Singles Match w/Title Opportunity on the Line
Kandi Washington vs. PKA

Six Man Mayhem
Alexander StarrZoe vs. Mikki Dumas vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Joe Stanton vs. Brock Stanton vs. Jason Richards

Los Angeles Rematch
Tigre Oro vs. Killer Kameleon

*Card Subject to Change


WARPED73 (WCW Night 4) - 3/8/13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex



You open the DVD of WARPED 73 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


REACTIONS - Four Weeks Ago

We're taken to a video package of "Reactions" following WARPED72 about 4 weeks ago...

Kandi Washington
Kandi walks up as she's fiddling her fingers through her hair, her lips pursed, and a smirk across her face.

Kandi Washington: "I want to say thank you to all those who counted me out since the very beginning. Thank you for making me much more stronger than every single last one of you. I know I will get some 'heat' with how I won my last match, but I believe I have now moved up the social ladder here in WARPED Wrestling, earning the respect and attention of EVERY single champion in the back. I have proved to the best woman that has ever made her presences felt in this company! I am the epitome of perfection and WARPED72 only validates that!"

She flips her hair over the shoulder.

With his arms out wide and twisting and turning like an airplane in the sky, making a 'buzzzzzzz' sound with his lips, PKA flies into the scene. He brings his arms down and reveals 2 beers in each hand. He winks at the camera, tinks the bottles together, and double-doses with both of them at the same time. A huge smile is on his face. He opens his mouth........... but doesn't say a word. He teases us a few more seconds with his words............................... and he speaks-

"Boom, gimme room!"

He then flies away again as beer spills around the floor. .

Alexander StarrZoë walks into the scene, a smile on his face, though a tiredness in his eyes, obviously something is bothering him. Dressed in his street clothes and smoking a cigarette, it's evident that Starr is looking to end his night quickly.

Starr: "...too much bullshit, too many politics. The world is going to know soon enough, the truth behind everything. The AbominationZ are innocent, this is not the 'Year of Wallace' and PKA did not beat me tonight. Just because I took a loss does not mean Pat took a win. There is much that needs to be revealed. Soon enough I will personally pull the wool from the eyes of every fan in professional wrestling. The AbominationZ are far from finished with WARPED Wrestling. We will not rest until this place is nothing but a pile of smoldering ash...physically and metaphorically. When it all started, I told the world this was just about Wallace, now everyone wants to open their mouth with an opinion. Congratulations Pat, not because you won the match, but because you just elevated yourself to the top of my shit list, right below William Wallace. You want to politic your way to the top? I guess that makes me John fucking Kennedy."

StarrZoë sighs and exhales.

Starr: "You'll all see soon enough..."

The scene fades.


Opening Match: Tigre Oro vs. Kameleon written by Kandi

"THIS IS WARPED! THIS IS WARPED! THIS IS WARPED!" chants fill the venue as we come up live at the sold out 6500+ capacity Echoplex in Los Angeles, California! The ring announcer, Randy Long, stands in the ring!

Randy Long: "Welcome to WARPED73 live from LA!"

The fans go wild!

Randy Long: "This is our final stop in our first ever West Coast Winter Tour and tonight we escape the cold Winter weather and heat things up ONE MORE TIME RIGHT HERE IN LOS ANGELES!"

The fans again go insane!

Randy Long: “The following opening contest is for one fall and it is displaying two special guest stars. Introducing first…”

“Role Model” by H2O hit’s the PA just as Tigre Oro bursts through the curtain.

Randy Long: Billed from the Jungle, standing in 5 feet 7 inches, and weighing in at 119 pounds… TIGRE ORO!

He jogs his way down the aisle. His tiger print cape flows behind him as he slaps hands with the fans and takes a lap around the ring. He scales the closet ring post to the top turnbuckle, and poses with his fists upon his waist, and then pounces to the center of the ring as his music fades.

Tony D: “Tigre Oro is coming to WARPED Wrestling once again to make his face recognized and to prove he is a deserving inring wrestler. What do you think about his chances?”

Kris Red: “Tony D, let me tell you what’s up. Men might see his size and automatically think he’s a sucker, but cruiserweight wrestling is one of the fastest rising division in the world!”

Randy Long: “And introducing his opponent…”

The sounds of "Californication" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers plays and the spotlight focuses on the entrance where we see Kameleon come out on the stage.

Randy Long: “Billed from Sacramento, California, standing in at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighing in at 191 pounds… KILLER KAMELEON!!”

He puts his arms up in the air and drops to one knee, arms still raised. He then stands up and fist pumps as he leaps into the air and the fans cheer. He jogs down the aisle, slapping fans' hands along the way. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air.

Tony D: “The fans seem to be very accepting of both these wrestlers. I’m sure we will be witnessed a very fast paced and electrifying match.”

Kris Red: “Oh no doubt in that, Tony D! The best part of the match is that it’s being hosted by WARPED because WARPED knows what their fans want! These two had a great match a month ago before a DVD taping, and tonight they face off to kick off this huge event in a capacity 6500 crowd!”

The referee slouches down in between Tigre and Kameleon as he slides his hands together before signaling for the bell.

(ding, ding, ding)

Tony D: “The match is off and both men start off with a handshake.”

Kris Red: “Some good old fashion sportsmanship.” They start it off with a lockup as they both struggle to gain control, but Kameleon manages to get it as he takes Tigre down with a side snapmare, but Tigre knocks in a leg scissors hold to force Kameleon to break the headlock hold. They hop up to their feet and Kameleon charges at Tigre as he takes him down with a Japanese arm drag. Kameleon rolls up to his feet and Tigre drops him with a standing dropkick.

Kris Red: “Oh chunk, Tigre Oro is starting this match off with a bang and the fans are roaring to their feet.”

Tony D: “With an explosive beginning like this, Kameleon is going to have to try harder, if he’s going to match up to Tigre.”

Kameleon is met with a traditional hold, but Kameleon uses his strength to whip Tigre into the corner. As Kameleon runs toward the corner, Tigre quickly hangs over the second rope and kicks his leg up, connecting his foot to the side of Kameleon’s head. Kameleon stumbles back and Tigre hops up on the top turnbuckle. He hops off the top turnbuckle when Kameleon staggers around to only be taken down with the Tigrerana.

Tony D: “Wow did you see that Kris?”

Kris Red: “Hell yeah I did, super badass move by Tigre!”

As Kameleon kneels up, Tigre charges at him and takes him down once again with a head scissors takedown. He walks over to Kameleon and starts to lift him up, but Kameleon meets him with multiple forearms to the midsection as it forces Tigre to break the hold. Kameleon hops up and places Tigre’s head in a headlock as he takes him down with a standing tornado DDT. He quickly goes for the cover: 1 – 2—

Kris Red: “And just in the nick a time, Tigre gets his shoulder up.”

Tony D: “I thought it was going to be over for him right there.”

Tigre is dragged up to his feet and Kameleon lifts him up off the mat, but Tigre manages to slip down his back, and he starts connecting with a multiple kick combination to the kidneys. As Kameleon staggers around, Tigre latches onto him and throws him overhead with a belly to belly suplex. He reaches toward the ropes and Tigre runs off the ropes with a low dropkick to the back of his head.

Kris Red: “He’s going for the cover!”

He only gets a two count as Kameleon is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Tigre is up to his feet and he leans down to pick Kameleon up, but Kameleon surprises him with a small package: 1 – 2 – Tigre just barely kicks out. Tigre is up to his feet and as Kameleon is halfway up to his—Tigre hooks the head in between his arm and drops him with a DDT. He hooks the leg: 1 – 2 – Kameleon kicks out.

Tony D: “Another close call there for Kameleon. This is a very back and forth match with excellent defense from Tigre Oro.”

Kris Red: “Indeed. Holy shit, Tigre with a risky move as he takes Kameleon down with that leg lariat! Out of nowhere!”

Kameleon stumbles back up against the ropes and Kameleon gets a thumb to his eyes as Tigre goes to hook up. Kameleon hops up on the back of his shoulders and turns it into the Kamelerana. As he drops Tigre down to the mat, he hooks the leg; 1 – 2 – Tigre kicks out of the Kamelerana!

Tony D: “I was definitely sure this was the end for him.”

Kris Red: “I knew Tigre was not going to go out like that.”

A dazed Kameleon is first to his feet as Tigre is holding his head as he kneels up. But Kameleon does not expect to be taken down with the Tigre Tantrum as Tigre uses this time to get up to his feet. He grabs his arms into a butterfly lock as he shakes him from side to side a bit. He flips him over with a butterfly suplex bridge and as Kameleon’s shoulders are planted on the mat, 1 – but Tigre rolls it over with a front facelock and his legs are wrapped around Kameleon’s midsection.

Kris Red: “Tigre has just locked in the Tigre Trap! It looks like it’s OVA right here!”

He’s tapping!

Tony D: “It looks like you’re right!”

The referee calls for the bell as Tigre Oro quickly breaks the hold shortly after the hold was broken. He stumbles up to his feet and the referee grabs Tigre’s wrist as he raises his arm in victory as the fans cheer for him.

Randy Long: “And the winner by submission… TIGRE ORO!!”

Kameleon has rolled under the bottom rope as he leans against the apron holding his neck and Tigre Oro rolls out of the ring. He starts up the ramp to his theme music as the cameras fade to the backstage area. Kameleon lowers his head with his hands on his hips, disappointed, as the scene fades.

BAAAAAAAAAAckstage written by Crowbar

Crowbar is seen walking backstage when the sounds of an angry animal are heard. As he gets closer he hears an angry "BAAAAAAAAH BAH BAAAAAAH". He turns a corner to find SHEEP SHEEP chasing its tail.

Crowbar looks and scratches his head confused.

Crowbar: "uh..the fuck?"

SHEEP SHEEP angrily runs around in circles as Crowbar looks around for anyone else and sees nobody.


Crowbar still looks on confused. SHEEP SHEEP keeps running in circles. Crowbar finally interjects.

Crowbar: "SHEEP SHEEP, why the hell are you..."

SHEEP SHEEP interrupts him, still running around.


Crowbar: "You've got it!"

Crowbar shakes his head and pulls out his phone, he dials a number and begins walking off, he is heard saying " SHEEP vs SHEEP is legal?"

Six Man Mayhem: Alexander StarrZoe vs. Mikki Dumas vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Joe Stanton vs. Brock Stanton vs. Jason Richards written by Mjolnir

Tony D: Our next match is going to be chaos! It's a six-person mayhem match! And! It's loaded with a bunch of debuts!

Kris Red: But who cares about those guys when Alexander StarrZoë and Cameron MacNichol are in this match?

Tony D: Well, Jason Richards I'm told has done well for himself elsewhere, likewise the older half of the Stanton brothers, Joe Stanton, has wrestled in larger promotions and held some of their championships! Also while I'd told Brock Stanton is relatively new to wrestling, he could be an X-Factor in a match like this!

Kris Red: Sure.

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!"

Randy Long: Introducing first...ALEXANDER STARRZOE!

"I'm a Bitch" by Meredith Brooks plays. Mikku Dumas comes out in a stroller, led by her lover, Layla Brooks. At the bottom of the ramp, Layla takes Mikki out of the stroller, and puts her on her leash, with Mikki still sucking a pacifier. She leads her to the ring and gives her a drink from her bottle, removing Mikki's pacifier, putting it in her bra.

Randy Long: Introducing the second competitor...MIKKI DUMAS!

The lights go out as a loud howl is let out through the entire venue the music begins to play through the sound system of the venue. He appears slowly stepping through the curtain looking out of the crowd. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as he holds out his hand as the people slap it. He walks over grabbing a chair standing on it putting on foot on the guard rail making a slashing motion across is throat. He jumps down and then jumps on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over stepping up to the second rope he let's out a howl jumping down he begins stretching in the corner staring at the entrance way waiting on his opponent

Randy Long: Introducing the third competitor, and making his WARPED debut...JASON RICHARDS!

With the start of the music, the lighting flashes at almost seizure level speeds with a blue tint and Brock runs out from the back, looking like he's filled to the brim with excitement. Bouncing around, Stanton races towards the ring, slapping every fan he can's hand and only looking back to make sure that Joe's followed him out, which he has, albeit at a much slower pace than his younger brother. The Blue Blur slides into the ring and he does a lap around it before hopping in mid-run onto the second buckle of the nearest turnbuckle, throwing a fist into the air with a smile before hopping off and in mid-air spinning to face inside the ring!

Randy Long: Introducing the fourth and fifth competitors, who are also making their WARPED debut...JOE AND BROCK STANTON!

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Randy Long: And finally the sixth competitor...CAMERON MACNICHOL!

The referee looks like he's going to explain the rules but Mikki takes it upon herself to get in-between everybody and start...dancing? Yeah, that goes over well, Jason responds by kicking her teeth down her throat and sending her rolling to the outside to try to regroup, and she eats a suicide dive for her attempts to! Richards springs back up to his feet, pounding his chest, looking proud of himself and then he eats a baseball slide from Cameron, who dusts off his hands and looks satisfied with himself over what he's done. Shame that a spaceman style plancha from Brock takes both men down, leading to the younger Stanton to stumble back up to his feet and get in the sights of Alexander, who gets a running head start to take to the air...and gets slugged in the face by Joe Stanton!

Tony D: We have bodies everywhere, folks!

Kris Red: And we would've seen The Starr of the Show show all of them how it was done if it wasn't for that newbie!

Tony D: I'm told Joe has a background in street fighting and boxing, and that right he laid Alexander out with definitely showed it!

Kris Red: I wouldn't be too concerned for Alex, guy's a former World Champion.

The Fist-icist does what he does best, punching, peppering his opponent with a few shots before he grabs him by his pony tail and he tries to get him back up to his feet, something Alexander doesn't respond to perfectly. Driving his shoulder into the other man's stomach, the WARPED veteran pushes the two of them back into the corner, knocking the wind out of his opponent, or, who used to be his opponent till Mikki hops on the apron & tags herself into the match. Alexander and Joe both look at the girl like she's crazy when she enters the ring and she starts taunting the former World Champion to make a move. Cheap Pop Flop puts her down and sends her rolling away from Alexander and into the waiting hand of Jason, who tags himself in and springs up over the top rope into the ring, running straight at the other man! A running front dropkick to the chest knocks the veteran back and the Lone Wolf kips back up to his feet, unloading with some stiff kicks to the sides of the other man's legs!

Tony D: Mikki didn't fair too well in there, but Jason seems to be!

Kris Red: Getting a few lucky shots in is hardly fairing well.

Tony D: I doubt one can get away with just being lucky if they're in the ring with someone like Alexander StarrZoe.

Kris Red: Whatever you say, Tony D.

It's a spinning wheel kick that puts a stop to Jason's flurry of strikes, and Alexander rolls towards one of the many corners, tagging in Brock Stanton, who springboards his way into a crossbody on the other WARPED rookie! It barely gets a one count before Richards kicks out and both men are getting back to their feet, the younger Stanton catching the Lone Wolf with an armdrag that sends him tumbling half way across the ring! The Blue Blur runs into a bicycle kick from Jason and the wolf looks like he's going to be on the prowl before Cameron tags himself in and puts an end to that theory, immediately starting to work over the younger man he's in the ring with! In a surfboard positioning, The Dirty Mac stretches Brock, bending his body in a way that makes a whole lot of the arena sympathize for the young man's plight! Being so close to the ropes though prevents the more experienced wrestler from getting a victory or extended time getting to do what he wants with the Stanton!

Tony D: People keep playing musical chairs with the legal competitors in the ring!

Kris Red: Problem with a match like this, you can't really move around the ring. Get too close to the ropes direction and you have a guy waiting to tag in. Also why these types of matches don't tend to last very long!

Tony D: Right now though Cameron's taking it to the youngest member of the WARPED roster!

Kris Red: And yet I doubt Brock's the most immature person in the match.

The Most Entertaining Man in Wrestling's seen enough and he tags himself in, sparing the rookie any more abuse and Cameron charges at him, getting a shoulder thrust through the ropes for his efforts! Alexander springboards into a double stomp to the back and sends his opponent face planting into the mat, where he's left prone for Jason to tag himself back into the match, running in after the former World Champion and the two hit each other at the same time with a yakuza kick to the face! Richards looks to be the first to get up from it...when out of nowhere Cameron comes up from behind and drops him with a vicious closeline to the back of the head, and he starts putting the boots to him, ignoring the referee's call to get out of the ring! Having seen enough, Joe Stanton enters the ring and tries to break it up, only to get sucker punched by Big Mac Daddy and leaves Alexander to try to get Cameron off of the rookie, eatting a spear from Cameron in the process! The Dirty Mac doesn't have much time to gloat, because he eats the Fade to Black spinning backfist from the Scarlet Speedster!

Tony D: It's breaking down!

Jason, who is seeing stars, does the instinctive thing and attacks the first thing that moves, which happens to be nailing Joe in the face with a roaring elbow, sending him down to the mat! The Lone Wolf's luck turns sour again when he takes the Kuribo Boot Special head stomp from the younger Stanton as retribution for the roaring elbow shot! The Blue Blur goes to exit the ring and he walks into the wrong part of town, taking the G-8 and leaving the majority of the wrestlers leveled in the center of the ring! The referee throws up his hands in frustration and looks beside himself when Mikki Dumas of all people waltzes into the ring. Mikki looks rather proud of herself, like SHE did all of this and starts show boating over all of the dazed bodies, acting like they're her trophies & she's already won!

Tony D: Mikki better be careful! At the rate this match is going, she's about to be in some serious trouble!

Mikki skips around the ring and Alexander StarrZoe slips in and rolls her up..




Tony D: "Well there it went!

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Alexander STARRRZOOOOE!"

Starr throws up his arms, "this is a waste of my fucking time" as he pushes the camera man out of the way and walks up the aisle. The other four competitors are seen coming to as they look on, dissapointed that they lost. Starr gets chased down by the referee who tries to raise his arm, but Starr pulls away and walks backstage.

Tony D: Starr picks up the big win tonight in this Six Man Mayhem, which will surely do wonders for the second quarter Squarian giveaway coming next month!

Kris Red: Impressive outings from the Stanton's, Jason Richards, and well Mikki Dumas was just a fucking mess.

Fade out..

Backstage written by Joey

The cameras catch up to PKA as he is walking down the hallway. Kelly Calloway rushes up.

Kelly: "PKA! PKA!"

PKA stops and looks over at her.

Kelly: "Can you give us any sort of comment on the recent accusations from Starr when he accused you of being the one behind the stabbing of William Wallace???"

PKA looks at her with disgust. He walks off.

Kelly: "PKA!!?? Ugh..."

Fade out.


Singles Match: PKA vs. Kandi Washington written by Joey

Randy Long is shown standing in the ring ready to introduce this match!

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for a future Evolution or Tag Team Title Shot! Introducing first.."

The opening beats of Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) hits the PA System. WARPEDVision shows a flame start to burn as the lyrics kick in..

Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh

B-Be careful making wishes in the,, dark-dark
Can’t be sure when it hit that mark-mark
And besides in the mean, mean time
I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart (ah!)
I’m in the deep details with the devil
From underworld can never get me on my level
I just gotta get you up the cage
On my young, lovers rage, gonna need a spark to ignite

My songs know what you did in the dark
So light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
I’m on fi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

PKA’s face appears on the WARPEDVision with the flame still burning on the screen and he bursts out from the entrance to a roaring of cheers from the crowd! PKA pumps his fists and feverishly extends his arms out in a crucifix, letting out a loud “LET’S GOOOO!” as he does it.

Randy Long: “From Wichita, Kansas - weighing in at 201 pounds - The Ultraviolent Perfectionist, “Grade A” P.. K.. A!”

PKA makes his way down the aisle, slapping the hands of fans along the way. He grabs a microphone from the announce table and walks up the ring steps, looking out at the fans with a smirk on his face as they cheer him on. He hops over the top rope and jumps onto the turnbuckle, putting his arms out in a crucifix once more and leaning his head back, soaking in the cheers. He hops down from the turnbuckle and gives the ‘cut it’ sign with his hand to his neck.

PKA: “Cut.. my fucking.. music!”

The music quickly stops and PKA leans up against the corner.

PKA: “Before Kandi comes out, I want to get a few things off my chest regarding this whole ‘he said, she said’ ordeal. Before I do that, I’d like good friends of mine, Dylan Daniels and Hugo Strange, to please come out here.”

“I’ll Cast A Shadaow” by Pantera hits the PA. Dylan Daniels and Hugo Strange walk out from behind the WARPED Vision screen. The two walk the entrance way cautiously as they high five fans along the way. Dylan follows Hugo up the ring steps and they step through the ropes paying close attention to PKA the whole time. Dylan signals for a microphone and for the music to be cut off allowing PKA to continue.

PKA: “I thank you guys for coming out here to join me for this. See, everyyyyyyyyone wants to know who did it, why they did it, etcetera.. etcetera.. and the fact of the matter is that all of the PROOF goes to show that it was somebody with an axe to grind with William Wallace.. Why would somebody want to beat him up and, from how it looks, attempt murder on his life? I’ll tell you why. Money. Power. Greed. That’s what The AbominationZ are all about. You two know, as well as the entire world knows, that they were behind it, and I know my boys here will back me up in saying that we’re going to do everything we can to prove that they are behind this once and for all so that Crowbar will be out of power, Starr will lose his World Title shot, and the Corny Connection will be stripped of their titles. THAT is what should be happening at the LEAST. Hell, some would say they would get off easy, and should be behind bars! I - “

Dylan Daniels interrupts PKA..

Dylan Daniels: “Well, I wasn’t exactly in town the time all of this took place. And a little birdy has chirped some information about a credit card. That credit card belongs to someone in this very ring!””

Hugo and Dylan exchange a look and a finger pointing amongst themselves. After shaking their heads no they turn their attention to PKA.

PKA: “How many times did I tell you guys over the little break WARPED just had? That shit is a set up. I’m telling you! My card was stolen. You would both know that I was paying cash the entire time, but oh yeah wait, neither of you were there. Funny how that works.”

Dylan Daniels: “What are you trying to say Peeks? You think we did it?!”

PKA lets out a deep breath, and leans up against the corner, shaking his head. He runs his hand through his hair with one hand as he brings the mic up with the other.

PKA: “I’m not saying anything like that, but you are both suddenly taking the side of the clear bad guys here and honestly, neither of you have a leg to stand on with your accusations. I was WITH Wallace the night it happened, and I was WITH him every single day for over a week in the hospital. I don’t need this blame game shit.

Dylan turns away from PKA and mutters something under his breathe. All the microphone picked up was “all the more reason to..” PKA steps out from the corner then spins Dylan around gets in his face. Hugo is quick to get in between the two and fights both microphones away from Dylan and PKA

Hugo Strange: “Don’t you see what they’re doing? This is what Starr wants. This is what Treats and Fresh want! This is what Crowbar wants! They are taking over the company and they are clearly taking over your brains because you’re not thinking straight at all.

PKA: “I am innocent, and you know it!”

Dylan Daniels waves PKA’s words off and motions for Hugo Strange to exit the ring. Hugo looks at the ring ropes then back at PKA and shrugs before exiting the ring. Dylan follows suit and they begin to walk back up the entranceway. PKA tosses the microphone down and a loud THUD is heard.

"Get Naked" by Method of Mayhem hits the p.a. system as the fans raise to their feet booing and chants of "whore" begin to fill the arena. When pink and purple lights start to flash through the crowd, the velvet entrance curtains wiggle open as smoke starts to blow out from the top of the ramp as Kandi Washington appears from behind the curtains. She struts up to the top as she stands just within the smoke as she places her hands on her hips. She stares to both sides of the crowd as the smoke dies down and she's joined by her entourage Drake Knight.

Randy Long: "From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 115 pounds, she is the First Lady of Wrestling - KANDI WASHINGTON!"

Kandi is dressed in a pair of silver boy shorts, light blue backless halter top, and knee-high blocked heel boots. She has her hair pulled back in a tightly-pulled ponytail. She starts to strut down the ramp as she's smirking at the booing crowd while Drake Knight follows behind her. She makes her way to the bottom of the ramp way and turns to her left as she proceeds to the stairs. She struts up the three steel steps as she makes her way alongside the ring apron. She pauses in the middle on the outside apron, staring back at the fans.. She turns back to the ropes and lowers herself under the second rope and steps over the first rope. She stands back up and struts to the middle of the ring, raising her arms above her head as she evilly smirks at the booing crowd as she walks across the ring to the corner. She turns around in the corner and leans against the turnbuckle as she lifts her foot up on the bottom turnbuckle pad. Her theme starts to fade, the lights die down, and her video fades from the screen to blackness. All that can be heard now are the fans boos.

Tony D: "This is an important match between PKA and Kandi Washington tonight. Our GM Crowbar joins us at ringside for this one and it's all because of you, Crowbar, that this match is happening."

Crowbar: "Absolutely it is. Every match is because of me. And might I add - it's a real shame that PKA has lost the support of Daniels and Strange. But I'm glad he's being seen as the monster he really is."

Kris Red: "You have got to be kidding me!"

Tony D: "I'm not sure what to say about that situation. There are still many people who believe your group had something to do with it, Crowbar."

Crowbar: "I'm not out here to talk about any of that. I'm here to watch a great match. In my opinion, Kandi Washington has proved herself and is a fast rising star in WARPED and I feel she deserves to be the next Evolution Champion. Though it'd seem that the good Prez Joey Matthew wants Hugo Strange to have that title opportunity. So I said hey look, Kandi deserves the shot, but I'll make her earn it if she can defeat a former Evolution Champion - and hey look, it's PKA."

Tony D: "That's true, PKA is a former Evolution Champion. But many questioned why you would pick PKA and what's in it for him if he wins this match?"

Crowbar: "Well if you paid attention to anything Tony you would know that if PKA wins, because I'm such a nice guy, he gets a Tag Team Title shot."

Tony D: "But if you want to talk about earning your spots, PKA just defeated Alexander StarrZoe at the last show! How does that not make him deserving of something better?"

Kris Red: "Tony D, please! You're angering him."

Crowbar: "As you know I am fair and all about fairness and let's see who the better wrestler is tonight."

They circle the ring and lock up.. PKA immediately escapes her grasp and locks in a wrist lock. She rolls forward and back and escapes, twisting the arm of PKA. He goes for a right but she ducks under and kicks him in the gut.. Kandi attempts an irish whip but PKA counters and sends her into the ropes. She bounces and returns as PKA goes for a Superkick, but she ducks under and goes behind for a belly to back suplex. PKA elbows her in the side of the head and then runs to the ropes, but she follows and as PKA bounces off the ropes, she clotheslines him to the mat! She strikes a pose and the fans boo and she flips her hair at them as PKA gets to his feet. Kandi now charges toward the far ropes, bounces, and charges at PKA who ducks down and sends Kandi over the top rope and down to the floor!

Tony D: "And Kandi Washington crashes at ringside!"

Crowbar: "She's no fragile woman, though. She can handle it!"

Kris Red: "Crowbar, she's tough! What do you say to the allegations that PKA has made that you and her are ... one?"

Crowbar: "That's as ridiculous as the claims he's made against The AbominationZ to say we had anything to do with the horrible attack on William Wallace three weeks ago. Stop it."

Drake Knight comes over and helps Kandi Washington up to her feet and out of nowhere PKA carthweels in the ring and flips over the top, landing on both of them!

Kris Red: "Look out!"

Following the Cartwheel Somersault, he gets to his feet and pumps his fists, heading over to the announce table and waving at Crowbar.

Tony D: "Impressive move by PKA and a little taunting to you, Crowbar."

Crowbar: "I have two eyes. I can see what happened!"

Kris Red: "Yeah, Tony D. Yeah!"

PKA brings Kandi up to her feet and rolls her into the ring. Drake Knight gets up and starts getting in PKA's face and PKA puts up his fists. The referee yells out at Drake Knight to back it up and for PKA to get back into the ring! Drake backs up and PKA acts tough until Drake turns away, and PKA wipes the sweat from his brow and lets out a huge sigh. He smirks and gets up on the apron, but Kandi grabs his hair and flips him over the top rope and into the ring!

Tony D: "PKA brought back into the ring the hard way!"

Kris Red: "Thanks to Dark Knight's involvement."

Crowbar: "Oh let's not get too sure of ourselves, Kris."

PKA gets to his feet and Kandi bounces off the ropes and hits a bulldog, taking PKA face-first to the mat. She rolls him over and covers..



Kick out!

Kandi wastes no time bringing PKA up, and hits a hair-mare and then kicks PKA in the back. She kicks him in the chest next and drops into a cover again..


Kick out!

Crowbar: "That it, Kandi. Wear him down!"

Kandi then gets on top of PKA and starts repeatedly punching him! She shrieks as she then grabs a head full of hair and pulls PKA's head up and slams it down to the mat repeatedly. The referee tells her to knock it off and starts a 5 count. Kandi gets off of PKA and in the ref's face and tells him to get out of his damn face! The referee gets lippy with her and that's enough time for PKA to leap up with a backcracker!

Tony D: "Double knees to the back!"

Crowbar: "That referee needs to stay out of the way!"

PKA covers Kandi..



Kick out!

PKA wastes no time as he brings Kandi up and slams her to the mat and runs toward the ropes, leaps onto the second one and flips off with a lionsault, but Kandi gets her knees up! PKA grabs his midsection and Kandi rises up and hits a Sidekick on PKA. He falls back into the corner and down to the mat. Kandi struts toward PKA and shakes her ass right before turning and rubbing it all over PKA's face!

Kris Red: "She's giving PKA a facial!"

Crowbar: "He's used to those, just not from women."

PKA pushes her away and shouts "Ugh, GREASEY ASS" and starts gagging and dry-heaving. She looks offended now as PKA tries to wipe off the 'mess' from his face. She tells the referee to do something about this nonsense and the referee shrugs and says there's nothing going on here that he can stop.

Tony D: "Kandi Washington needs to capitalize and not let PKA get to her!"

Crowbar: "Or maybe I need to fire that referee and hire somebody who knows not to put his hands on a pretty lady!"

PKA pulls himself up with the ropes and continues to wipe his face. "What did you EAT? Yuck! Jesus!" he shouts, and Kandi is offended and winds back and slaps him right across the face and knocks PKA silly, dropping him to the mat.

Crowbar: "That's what he gets for mocking her!"

She backs up to the middle of the ring and charges in for a Bronco Buster but PKA slips out of the way onto the apron and she crotches herself!

Tony D: "PKa barely got out of harms way there!"

Crowbar: "He lucked out! LUCKY"

"Hey, shut your damned mouth!" shouts PKA from the apron, down to Crowbar. Crowbar gets up from his seat.

Crowbar: "Why don't you make me, Pat!"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" shouts PKA..

Crowbar: "Why don't you stop me!"

PKA then spits right in Crowbar's face!

Tony D: "Uh oh!"

PKA smirks and turns his back, and Kandi is in the middle of the ring just in time for PKA to springboard off and try for a DDT but Kandi backsteps and then leaps up onto the shoulders and hits a Hurricanrana! Both competitors get to their feet and Crowbar suddenly slides into the ring and the referee gets between him and the wrestlers, telling him to stay out!

Kris Red: "Crowbar is pissed!"

Kandi tells Crowbar to get the hell out of here! PKA takes this opportunity to turn her around, boot her in the gut and goes for the implant DDT known as the P-Krusher, but suddenly Drake Knight slides into the ring and decapitates PKA! Kandi drops to one knee, clutching her midsection, and she smiles.

Tony D: "The huge bodyguard of Kandi Washington's just got involved!"

Kris Red: "That's Drake Knight and he nearly took PKA's head off with that lariat~!"

Tony D: "It's definitely not good for PKA here because look at the eyes of Kandi.. she has something in mind.."

Drake escapes out of the ring as Kandi backs up against the corner and charges in with a big PUNT KICK to the face of PKA! Crowbar hops down to the ring and the referee turns around as Kandi covers PKA..

Tony D:"The Final Lick! And a cover!"




Kris Red: "It's ova, and Kandi earns a shot at the Evolution Championship!"

The bell sounds as "Get Naked" hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and new number one contender to the Evolution Championship - Kandi Washingtonnnnnnnnnn!"

The fans erupt in boos as Kandi gets to her feet. Drake joins her in the ring and hoists her up on his shoulder as she waves to the crowd and celebrates her victory. Crowbar walks past the commentary table as Kris tries to ask questions..

Kris Red: "What was that all about, Crowbar? You just cost PKA the match! What about fairness?! Crowbar!"

He walks past and ignores, heading up the aisle. In the ring, Drake lifts Kandi over the ropes and puts her on the apron. She hops down and Drake and her head up the aisle as the fans boo.

Tony D: "A tough loss for PKA tonight but it means now that Kandi Washington is going to fight for the Evolution Championship, along with Hugo Strange, against whoever the champion is after tonight's matchup!"

In the ring, PKA pulls himself up at the ropes, grabbing his jaw. The fans applaud him and he rolls his eyes. Suddenly from out of the crowd from different sides of the ring come Starr and the Carnival Connection. They all slip into the ring and attack PKA, and he starts to fight them off but they quickly destroy him and drop him to the mat! The fans boo! Crowbar is shown up at the stage, watching this all go down with a smile on his face.

Tony D: "Oh come on!! The AbomiationZ are beating down PKA and he is out-numbered!"

Kris Red: "Dylan Daniels and Hugo Strange need to come save PKA!"

Carnival Connection hold PKA up as Starr repeatedly delivers right hands. Suddenly the crowd pops and The UK Dragons, Laurel Ann Hardy and Evangelista, run right past Crowbar and down to the ring! They jump in the mayhem and go after Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh! PKA is dropped to the mat and Starr goes after Evangelista and then Hardy, and the trio of the AbominationZ take over again.

Tony D: "The UK Dragons are here to the rescue but the numbers game is catching up to them!" The fans chant "WALLACE! WALLACE! WALLACE!" repeatedly. Crowbar starts heading down the aisle and he does not look pleased! Crowbar gets to the ring and that's when the FLOWER OF SCOTLAND blasts over the PA System. Everyone stops in their tracks and looks up at the entrance stage where none other than the World Champion William Wallace emerges!


Kris Red: "It's been almost two months since we've seen him and look! He's healed! He's back!"

Wallace bolts down to the ring and Crowbar cuts him off with a right hand but Wallace blocks it and headbutts him so hard that Crowbar is sent flying to the mat! Wallace slides into the ring and Carnival Connection immediately go after him, but he headbutts Treats, then Fresh, and takes both men down! Alexander StarrZoe then spins him around and drives a chair right into his gut! Wallace drops to his knees.

Tony D: "Wallace might still be feeling pain after that stabbing in the stomach six weeks ago, and Starr just stopped him dead in his tracks.. Oh no.."

Starr smirks as he holds the chair in hand high in the air. Carnival Connection join him at his side as the fans erupt in boos. Crowbar gets to his feet from ringside, blood trickling down from his forehead from the headbutt, and he rolls into the ring to join the other three.

Kris Red: "The AbominationZ are strong and they have just spoiled the big return of William Wallace tonight!"

With PKA, The Uk Dragons, and William Wallace laid out in the ring, "High Rise" by ICP blares over the PA System. The AbominationZ proudly make their way out single file, one by one, and head up the aisle, embracing the jeers from the Echoplex crowd. This DVD scene fades out..


Minutes Later Backstage written by Joey/Daniels

A sweaty and beaten PKA is seen walking backstage. He notices Dylan Daniels talking on the phone and PKA’s face turns from defeat to rage. He charges at Daniels and slaps the phone out of his hand and gets in his face.

PKA: “So it’s LIKE THAT? AbominationZ nearly tear me apart and YOU are nowhere to be found? What happened to the new Dylan Daniels? I thought we were going to be Tag Team Champions and beat everyone in the world? What happened to THAT?”

Dylan notices a referee observing and points at PKA as he addresses the referee.

Dylan Daniels: “Can you believe this guy?”

Dylan turns his attention back toward the fuming yet battered PKA.

Dylan Daniels: “Look, nows not the time.. Besides I was taking a dump.. Pat..”

PKA:: “Oh so now YOU are calling me that shit too? Fuck you, man. Fuck you.”

PKA turns his back and starts to walk away, but he stops.

PKA: “Time to stop being a deadbeat dad and actually pay the bills for a change. I’ll make sure you have a good payday after your match at the Third Anniversary Show.”

An inquisitive look takes over the face of Dylan Daniels.

Dylan Daniels: “What match would that be?”

PKA: “You and me, one on one.”

Dylan Daniels: “Why? Because I had to shit?”

PKA: “No, because you’re full of it. By the way, at the end of our match, you'll have more money in your pocket, but less blood in your body."

PKA heads down the hall as the camera turns back to Daniels.

Dylan Daniels has a look of sudden realization upon his face and shouts. “I’M NOT A DEADBEAT DAD, ASSHOLE!”

Special Invitation Match: Reya Sera vs. Hugo Strange written by Kandi

Randy Long: “The following match is a special invitational match and it is for one falls. Introducing first…

As the riffs for “Check My Brain starts Hugo steps out and looks across the fans as he makes his way the ring taunting and flipping off the fans.

Kris Red: “Hugo is known for showing no respect to people he simply doesn’t like. Reya’s not going to take too much liking to it because these are HER people!”

Randy Long: “Billed from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, standing in at 6 feet, 6 inches, and 315 pounds… HUGO STRANGE!!

As Hugo gets to the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope and stands up talking shit to the fans and anybody in the ring.

Randy Long: “And introducing his opponent…”

"Unbreakable" by Fireflight starts playing as all-white pyro goes off at the top of the ramp.

Randy Long: “Representing her hometown of Los Angeles, California, standing in at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighing in at 135 pounds… REYA SERRA!!”

There’s a huge pop and echoing of her name being thrown through the arena. As it ends out walks Reya Serra, wearing skin tight white pants and a matching white top, along with her friend Paxar Vega who is wearing a similar red ensemble? The two walk down the ramp, waving and giving high fives to members of the crowd before Reya slides into the ring, Paxar remaining at ringside. As she stands in the middle of the ring, Reya bows her head in prayer while she stands across from her opponent.

Tony D: “This is going to be a tough battle for her, but I think she realizes that.”

Kris Red: “Of course she does, but she’s faced him before, so this rematch is going to be one that goes down in the history books, Tony D!”

Tony D: “Kris is it just me, or did you notice they have the exact same numbers in their weights, but backwards of each other?”

Kris Red: “Tony D, Tony D, what have I told you man? Weight has very little to do with a match!”

Tony D: “Oh I remember Kris, but it was just ironic, don’t you think?”

Kris Red: Oh brother, I guess…”

The referee signals for the bell as Reya and Hugo start circling each other in the ring.-

Tony D: “This is match is starting off with a lock up and I think it’s a bad decision on Reya’s part.”

Kris Red: “You’re right Tony D, but the little lady is showing heart and determination.” Hugo easily takes her down to one knee with a headlock hold as Reya fights with forearms to his kidneys. He breaks the hold and she extends her leg out with a kick to his midsection. She grabs his right wrist and tries to whip him across the ring, but he stands still as he pulls her toward him, flinging her into the ropes. She bounces off the ropes and kicks his chest as he flings up, holding his chest. She grabs him from around his neck and brings him down with a sit-out jawbreaker.

Tony D: “Did you just see that!?”

Kris Red: “Yes, but don’t get your panties in a bunch Tony D because it didn’t take him off his feet yet.”

He charges at her with a clothesline and she ducks under his arm. She turns him around and catches him with a spinning heel kick directly to his jaw. He stumbles back, holding his face and she charges at him hopping at him with a running crossbody, but he catches her in midair. She starts connecting with elbows to the side of his face repeatedly until he drops her onto her feet. She kicks him hard in the gut and follows it up with a swinging neckbreaker.

Kris Red: “She took him down! I’m marking out at this girl!”

She hooks the leg: 1 – 2 – Hugo powers out as Reya is thrown across the ring.

Tony D: “What a powerful kick out Kris. How is she going to beat the big man?”

Reya is first to her feet and as Hugo kneels up, she runs toward him, connecting with a side superkick to the face. He fumbles to the mat and she rolls him over: 1 – 2 – Hugo kicks out without any problems once again. She looks beside herself.

Kris Red: “How she’s slightly underestimating Hugo here.”

Tony D: “I thought she could have had him with that super kick.”

Kris Red: “Tony D, are you serious!? We are talking about Hugo here now!”

-Reya kneels up and starts to pick Hugo up, but as he stands up to his feet, he lifts her up onto his shoulders. He drops her down across the knee with a backbreaker. She arches her back off the mat as she moans out in pain. He leans down and grabs her by the hair and whips her off into the ropes. She bounces off the ropes and runs into a back body drop.

Tony D: “Now it looks like Hugo’s strength is going to start being displayed.”

She arches her back off the mat and he charges her with a huge shoulder block as she tumbles down to the mat. He runs and attempts to jump down on her with a body splash.

Kris Red: “Oh my, there was nothing more except canvas with that one!”

He pushes his hands off the canvas and Reya runs up behind him with a rear naked chokehold, locking in a sleeper. He is on his knees as he’s wiggling from side to side, reaching up behind him, but she’s dodging his hands as the fans are chanting her name throughout the arena. Hugo withstands the pain of the sleeper as he fights up to his feet. He leans back over his shoulders and flips her over, landing on her back.

Tony D: “It seems almost impossible for Reya right now.”

She arches off her back and starts to climb up to her feet, but he takes her head and sticks it in between his legs. He lifts her up onto her shoulders, but as he tries to go for a powerbomb, she reverses it into a head scissors takedown. She runs at him and hops on his shoulders, taking him down with a standing tornado DDT. He lies on the mat and she goes for another cover: 1 – 2 – Hugo gets a shoulder up.

Tony D: “I can’t believe she’s been good on offense in this one Kris. I thought for sure she was going to be slaughtered.”

Kris Red: “I told you, Tony D it’s not always about size! How many times do I have to tell you before it sinks in?”

She has him up by his head, but he rams her back first with a spear into the shoulder. He leans down and starts thrusting his shoulder repeatedly into the corner. After about the fifth thrust, he backs up and stares at the referee as she falls down in the seated position. He walks back to the middle and runs back to the corner with a running knee to the face. She flops down to the canvas as he starts to pull her away from the ropes.

Kris Red: “Seein’ red! Seein’ red! Reya has just been busted open from that running knee to the face! IT’S OVA!”

He falls down on her and covers: 1 – 2 – Reya gets a shoulder up as Hugo is confused and the fans are going nuts.

Tony D: “Oh my God, Reya is not ready to throw in the towel.

Reya is barely moving off the canvas as Hugo is up to his feet. Hugo leans down to lift her up off the mat as the fans are cheering and chanting for to prevail as Hugo flashes a wicked smirk.

Kris Red: “Oh Hugo has her where he wants her.”

She tries to show fight with forearms to the face repeatedly until he releases the hold of her hair. She runs off the ropes, but she’s taken down with a big boot. She holds her face as she’s covered with blood. As he stands over her and leans down to pick her up—she catches him up with a small package: 1 – 2 – Hugo kicks out and he’s livid!

Tony D: “I thought he was going to see a huge upset!”

Kris Red: “As did I, but now Hugo is aggressively yanking her up off her feet and onto her shoulders.”

Tony D: “We have seen this setup before!”

Hugo drops her down with the Strange Tombstone and she lies motionless in the ring as he throws his body over hers. The referee slides down and starts the count: 1 – 2 – 3!

Kris Red: “It’s OVA! But not without an impressive fight by Reya and I hope we see more of her in the future. She showed real heart and determination.”

Tony D: “I definitely agree. She’s cute and talented. Hugo may be the victor, but I think Reya won with her heart.”

Randy Long: “And the winner by pin-fall… HUGO STRANGE!!”

“Check my Brain” hits the p.a. system and the fans boo Hugo as he raises his arm in victory as the official leans down to check on Reya. Hugo makes his way out of the ring as he heads to the back while the official, along with another official who has just slid inside the ring; help Reya up to her feet. The fans give her a standing ovation as her face is covered in blood.

Tony D: "A true sign of respect from her hometown tonight at the Echoplex. Reya Serra may have lost the match but she is an extremely talented wrestler!"

Kris Red: "That was a huge win for Hugo Strange. Reya's not somebody to mess with. That win will do big things for him in giving him momentum toward his Evolution Championship shot at the Third Anniversary Show!"

The fans continue applauding as Reya Serra nods and waves to them, thanking them for their kindness. Fade out..

REACTIONS - Four Weeks Ago

We're taken to a video of Cameron MacNichol's "Reaction" following WARPED72 about 4 weeks ago...

Cameron MacNichol:
Cameron MacNichol walks through the curtain, punching the wall in frustration. Following behind him, trying to calm him down, is his sister Dyan. Cameron notices the camera, and smiles wryly. He approaches the camera, pulls up a folding chair, and sits down, shaking his head reproachfully.

Cameron MacNichol: Kandi, Kandi, Kandi. If you wanted a title shot, all you had to do was ask.

Cameron turns to look at Dyan.

Cameron MacNichol: That's the problem with this country. Nobody asks for anything anymore.

Cameron looks back at the camera.

Cameron MacNichol: I had Anton dead to rights, and the Evolution championship was within my grasp. That is until you stuck your tits where they didn't belong - literally, as well as figuratively. They were okay, but nothing to write home about. So unless I ask to see them - which, by the way, will be approximately... never - keep your sweater puppets in your sweater around me. If I see so much as a nipple peeking out over the top of your bra like Kilroy, I'll knock you on your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for a month. You picked the wrong guy to mess with, and as the saying goes, payback is a bitch. I've never hit a woman before, but there's a first time for everything.

Cameron stands up and stretches.

Cameron MacNichol: Oh, and Anton, enjoy that title while you can. Because at WARPED 73, I hope Leon kicks... your... ass.

Staring daggers at the camera, Cameron takes a few calming breaths and walks away.


Evolution Championship: Anton Chase(c) vs. Leon Stone written by

The scene fades in back in the jam packed Echoplex as Randy Long is in the ring and ready to introduce the next match!

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WARPED Wrestling Evolution Championshiiiiip! Introducing first.. from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 230 pounds - Leon Stone!"

Dream on by Aerosmith plays on the speakers Leon Stone walks to the ring dressed in knee length, loose wrestling trunks. They are burnt orange with black seams. Damien Baine is dressed in jeans and a Flux in Motion T-shirt As they pass the fans they shake hands and give high fives, When some people boo Leon smiles at them and nods. Chelsea Stone walks by his side, addressing the fans much like her brother. When they get to the ring, Leon stand in the center, looks at one of the Warped's many W logos that surround the arena, and he nods, he walks to each corner of the ring and raises his fist, he yells at the crowd to get pumped, and finally walking to the center of the ring he grabs two purple velvet sack from his pockets and unties the golden string. He spreads his arms out palms up and waits merely a second before his palms turn and he pours the sand from the sacks, some floats away in the air, most falls onto the mat. He quietly and calmly walks to his corner. His partner Damien and little sister Chelsea support him from outside the ring.

Randy Long: "And his opponent... from LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA! Weighing in at 210 pounds - he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling Evolution Champion - Anton Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air. The fans erupt in cheers for their hometown hero!!

Tony D: "Listen to the 6500 fans here tonight all on their feet and cheering for Anton Chase!"

Leon Stone leaves the ring, allowing Anton Chase to play to the crowd!

Kris Red: "The Echoplex is on fire!"

Suddenly without notice, Anton Chase runs and leaps over the top rope, landing on Leon Stone when he had no clue what was coming to him!! The fans erupt in cheers!

Kris Red: "Look out!!"

Anton Chase pumps his fists and the fans cheer. The referee tells Anton to bring it back in the ring!! The hometown crowd for Anton cheer him on as he brings Leon Stone up and rolls him into the ring! Anton Chase gets up on the apron and grabs the top ropes, and as Stone gets to his feet, Chase springboards off the top rope and hits a big crossbody on Stone! The refere calls for the bell and this match is official!

Kris Red: "What a way to start off this Evolution Championship match!"

Leon Stone gets to his feet and Anton Chase nails him repeatedly with right hands, backing him into the corner. Leon tells the referee to back him up! The referee orders Chase to give Stone some breathing room! Chase backs up and Stone looks out at Chelsea and Damien who cheer him on. Stone comes out of the corner and motions for Chase to bring it on and they lock up in the center of the ring.

"Anton Chase! Anton Chase! Anton Chase!" chants fill the entire building!

Tony D: "The hometown boy Anton Chase looks to make history tonight just like he did at Night 1 of the West Coast Winter Tour, by winning the Evolution Title back after well over a year when he defeated Cameron MacNichol! Tonight he looks to successfully defend that title for a second time in front of his hometown, friends and family."

Chase locks in a side headlock on Stone and Stone elbows his way out. Stone with an irish whip attempt, but Chase counters and sends Stone into the corner and Chase follows through with a charging elbow! He then snap mares Stone down to the mat, leaps up and drops an elbow, and covers..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Anton Chase gets a one count in the first fall of the match."

Chase gets to his feet, leaps and drops a knee to the chest, and covers..


Kick out!

Chase gets to his feet and motions for Stone to bring it! Stone pushes himself up and Chase kicks him int he gut and delivers a hard right hand, backing Stone into the corner.

Tony D: "The fans are firmly behind Anton Chase and he is staying on Leon Stone!"

Anton Chase backs up and charges in with another elbow that causes Leon Stone to stagger out. Chase gets out on the apron and as Stone staggers away and turns back around, Chase springboards off and hits a Missle Dropkick! Stone drops like a sack of rocks and Chase crawls over and pulls him onto his back for a cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Another pin attempt from Anton Chase and a two count!"

Kris Red: "I don't blame Anton Chase here trying to get the pinfall. He doesn't want to lose the belt in his hometown."

Chase gets to his feet and looks frustrated. Leon Stone gets up and backs into the corner, and Chase follows after, but Leon delivers a boot to the midsection. Chase comes back at him but Stone delivers another boot. He then delivers a right hand and whips Chase into the corner. He climbs up and clenches his fist as the fans boo. Stone shrugs and starts delivering right hands, and with every punch, the fans go "BOO!" a total of four times until Chase pushes him off and the fans cheer! Stone kicks Chase in the gut and the fans boo again.

Tony D: "These fans have seemingly turned on Leon Stone tonight."

Kris Red: "They are loyal to their own, that's for sure."

Stone with an Irish whip - countered by Chsae, and Stone is sent into the corner! Chase charges in and Stone ducks down and backdrops Chase over the top and he crashes down on the floor and the building erupts in boos!

Tony D: "Anton Chase sent up and over with a hard landing, that's for sure!"

Kris Red: "The Evolution Champion is going to have some difficulty recovering from that one."

Leon Stone puts his hands out as if to ask 'why are you booing me' and he shrugs it off. He backs up, keeping an eye out on Chase at ringside, trying to recover. The fans cheer him on while Leon Stone slips out of the ring and brings him to his feet. Stone then irish whips Chase into the guardrail and he goes down!

Tony D: "Leon Stone taking the fight out to Anton now! I wonder if Hugo Strange and Kandi Washington are watching this match backstage on a monitor?"

Kris Red: "If I were them, I'd be keeping an eye on this match just for the sheer fact that it's got two great talents in it!"

Stone grabs Chase and rolls him into the ring and slides in right after, covering immediately..



Kick out!

The fans erupt in cheers! "Oh come on!" shouts Stone at the fans' immediate reaction. Chelsea slams the mat, cheering her brother on. Leon nods her way and brings Anton up to his feet.

Tony D: "Leon's sister cheers him on from ringside."

Kris Red: "Remember when she and Anton were dating? That was a whole big ordeal."

Tony D: "Indeed I do and yes it was. These two have a ton of history."

Stone brings Chase to his feet and Chase starts fighting back with jabs to the midsection.

Tony D: "Anton Chase, Evolution Champion, trying to make a comeback"!

Chase continues with right hands, as he backs Stone into the ropes. Irish whip, Stone counters and Chase is sent into the ropes. Stone with a back hand chop, but Chase ducks under, hits the ropes, and Stone ducks down for a backdrop, but Chase leapfrogs over with a sunset flip! Stone rolls out of it though and kicks Chase in the skull! He drops down for a cover..




Tony D: "Amazing back and forth action from Leon Stone and Anton Chase!"

Kris Red: "Stone wants that title back! He seems rejuvenated as of late in his promos and in this match!"

Leon Stone pulls Anton Chase to his feet and sets him up for a vertical suplex, but Chase suddenly counters into a small package! Leon Stone immediately kicks out and both men get to their feet and right into a Muy Thai Kick from Leon Stone, taking Chase down.

Tony D: "Stepping Stone!"

He drops into the cover..



Kick out!

The fans cheer!

Kris Red: "Just two! What a kick, wow."

Stone shadowboxes, and kicks his feet up, killing time while Anton Chase gets to his feet. Stone then pushes him into the corner and delivers a knife edge chop, with the fans letting out a "WOOOOO" and Stone laughs. "Oh THAT you respond to?" and then delivers another chop and they "WOOOO" again! Stone laughs. Chase delivers a kick to the gut of Stone, but Stone fires back with a right hand.

Tony D: "Stone can't let the fans get to him. He's gotta stay on Chase!"

Kris Red: "I think he's just surprised they had any positive reaction to him based on how they've treated him so far tonight."

Stone delivers another right hand, and backs away from Chase, back to the opposite corner. He charges in for the Corner Spear, but Chase moves out of the way and Stone goes shoulder-first into the ring post!

Tony D: "Ooh! That's not good for Leon!"

Chase charges to the opposite corner and puts his arm in the air and the fans erupt with cheers! Stone pulls himself out of the ring-post spot and turns around just as Anton Chase runs right at him and leaps, but Stone moves! Chase goes face-first into the turnbuckle! Stone now grabs him by his head and tights and lifts him in place on the middle rope, with Chase's feet catching the rope and Stone holding him in DDT position with a smile on his face before dropping him on his head!

Tony D: "What a vicious DDT!"

Stone rolls Chase over and hooks the leg..



Kick out!

Leon Stone slaps the mat out of frustration. He stands up, and not confrontational, but simply asks the referee if he's sure that was three. The referee insists that it was. Stone nods his head and goes back to Chase, but stops. He turns back around and asks the referee again if he's sure. The referee insists it was two. The fans start a "Let's Go Anton! Let's Go Anton!" chant.

Tony D: "These fans continue their support for Anton Chase!"

Kris Red: "Leon seems a bit discouraged right about now."

Stone tells the fans to shhhhh with his index finger to his lips but they cheer louder. And then out of the blue, Chase pulls Stone down into a school boy!




Stone pops up and looks like he'd seen a ghost!

Kris Red: "That was ridiculously close!!"

Stone turns to the ref and asks "What the hell was that?! Was it two?! It was two right?!" and the referee assures him it was only two! Stone turns around and Chase hits a PELE KICK! Stone is staggering..

Tony D: "And he's do- wait, still standing!"

Anton Chase lifts him onto his shoulders in a firemans carry, spins him around and drops him on his face with an F-5! Anton covers..




Tony D: "TWO! JUST TWO!"

The fans gasp! Anton Chase is panting heavily as he looks up at the referee to check if that was only two and it sure was! Chase stays on him now as he sets Stone up for a Superkick to set up for the Chaos Theory. He stomps the mat with his foot, preparing for the move. Stone gets up and turns right into the Superkick but he ducks just in time! Stone lifts him up onto his shoulders in a firemans carry to set up for the GTS but Anton Chase slips out from behind. He grabs both arms of Stone, tucks his head under and lifts Stone up and drops him with a Vertabreaker!

Tony D: "Chase hits the Starmaker!! He dropped him right on his neck!"






Tony D: "Two count!! Two count!!"

The fans chant "THAT WAS THREE! THAT WAS THREE!" as Anton Chase grabs the ropes to pull himself up. He slaps the turnbuckle out of frustration and shouts "COME ON!!!" and the fans erupt in cheers! He slaps his leg and sets up for the Superkick again. Stone slowly rises to his feet as Chase stomps the mat, preparing for the set up move to his big finish.

The cameras then show Kandi Washington come out in front of the WARPEDVision screen, and Chase looks up, noticing her. Stone gets to his feet, and turns, and Chase goes at him with the Superkick~! AND IT CONNECTS!

Kris Red: "SUPERKICK!"

Chase pulls Stone down between his legs and lifts him up into position for the Chaos Theory, but Stone powers up and rolls through into a sunset flip, but Chase rolls through!

Kris Red: "Stone countered Chaos Theory!!" P> Chase goes for a kick to the head of Stone but Stone ducks and pulls him in for a school boy ~ but Chase immediately escapes and both men get to their feetand Stone lifts him up onto his shoulders! but Chase slips out from behind and staggers backward into the corner. Stone turns around and Chase hops onto the second buckle. He leaps off and Stone hits a dropkick that sends Chase into the corner again! Stone backs up to the opposite corner and charges in with a corner spear!

Tony D: "Throwing Stones!"

Stone grabs Chase by the hand and pulls him up onto his shoulders, spins around, and brings him up and over right into a KNEE to the FACE!

Tony D: "He hit it! Shifting Sands!"

Kris Red: "Oh man!"

Stone collapses down onto Chase, hooking the leg..






The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and NEWWWWWW Evolution Champion - Leon Stooooooooooone!"

Dream on by Aerosmith hits the PA System as Damien and Chelsea jump into the ring to celebrate. They help Leon up and the referee gives him the title. His jaw is dropped and he can't believe it. Leon puts the belt high in the air and the fans reluctantly give an applause of respect for Leon Stone's solid efforts tonight.

Tony D: "Leon Stone is now a two time Evolution Champion here in WARPED!"

Kris Red: "The kid is a month shy of starting his third year in this business, and he's definitely evolved into something great tonight!"

Tony D: "These fans are showing their respect and appreciation for this great match, despite their hometown hero not picking up the win tonight."

The referee holds Leon Stone's arm high in the air as his music plays. Anton Chase sits on the mat, clutching his face, looking up at Stone. He lowers his head. Leon asks Damien and Chelsea to back away as he walks to Anton and extends his hand. Anton looks up at it and doesn't accept as he stands up on his own. Leon keeps his hand extended, and Anton nods, accepting the handshake and Leon holds Anton's arm high as the Los Angeles crowd erupts in cheers. Anton shakes his head and brings his arm down, grabs the wrist of Leon and holds his arm high. Leon nods at Anton as Anton then leaves the ring, allowing the Stone family to celebrate!


Playing With Fire written by UK Dragons

We're looking at the AbominationZ bus... the door's been forced open and kicked in.

Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista emerge from within, and beckon the cameraman in. Laurel's resting a crowbar over her shoulder and Evangelista carries a sack. Laurel smiles and nods a greeting.

Laurel: You wanna have some fun, Treats? You and the AbominationZ wanna play something, like the fun game of "choke out your opponents with the ring rope after the match?" Well, let's have some fun. We're in a playful mood... let's play "finders keepers," maybe.

She looks around the inside of the bus. Either the AbominationZ treat their surroundings like crap, or Laurel and Leanne have already given it the once-over. Laurel picks up a very fancy and very expensive-looking bong.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Oh... this is NICE. She's a beauty. D'you mind if I...?

And she fires it up and takes a deep hit.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Oh yeah. That's good shit. You got good taste, Carnies.

And she carelessly dumps it in the sack. There's the sound of glass smashing. She spots some sports bags, and tears the tops open.

Laurel Anne Hardy: What's this? It looks like... street clothes.

She holds an item up, and tosses it to Evangelista.

Laurel: What do you think - Crowbar's?

Evangelista: I'd say so, yeah.

Laurel: And this looks like Alexander's style. Very nice.

She dumps the contents of the bags in the sack, and Evangelista drops the shirt she's holding in too. Laurel looks around for more stuff, and spots a locker. Yes, there's a locker on the bus, just go with it okay? Laurel takes the crowbar to the locker, forcing it open, then pulls out a leather object.

Laurel: Oh, what's this?

She opens it up.

Laurel: Looks like... Starr's wallet. Driver's license, credit card, social security card, and, oh, look - forty, fifty... sixty-five dollars. You know, Alex, you really shouldn't leave something like this just lying around where anyone could find it. You never know what someone might do with this.

She pockets the money, and throws the wallet and the rest of its contents in the sack. Then she sees a tazer lying on a table, and picks that up.

Laurel: Aw, Crowbar! A memento of your big win last time? You soppy sentimentalist, you!

And that too goes in.

Laurel: Right, we done?

Evangelista holds up a hand, pulls a bus ignition key out of her pocket, and tosses that in the sack too, then motions for Laurel to tie it up.

Laurel: Treats an' Doug, what you did at FRONTIER was uncalled for, but I can't say we're surprised. Crowbar and StarrZoe, though? What you two cunts did was make yet another in the colossal line of blunders you've been makin' pretty much nonstop for the last couple of months. The biggest yet. PKA, Dylan, William, Hugo - if you want more hands against AbominationZ, consider Laurel Anne Hardy an' Evangelista on side.

As she says this, they leave the bus and walk to a skip in the car park, into which they pour a can of petrol.

Laurel: An' as for you, Alexander, Crowbar? I knew you two were dumb, but it doesn't take a genius to know that if you play with Dragons...

Evangelista strikes a match and throws it in the skip, causing a bloom of flame to rise up.

Laurel:'re playing with fire.

And Laurel dumps the sack in the skip.

Main Event: 2/3 Falls Match for WARPED Tag Team Championship: Carnival Connection(c) vs. The UK Dragons(pwFRONTIER) written by SwitchBlade

The camera cuts to the ring.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is you main event of the evening, and it is a two out of three falls match for the WARPED Tag Team Championship!

"Candy Castle" by Glass Candy starts to play and the fans start booing as Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista brush through the curtains. They ignore the fans and march down to the ring. Laurel jumps up on the apron while Evangelista climbs up the ring steps. They meet within the ring and stand in the corner furthest from the entrance.

Kris Red: Well already Randy Long has screwed up this match.

Tony D: What are you talking about?

Kris Red: It’s not the “WARPED” Tag Team Championship. It’s the Abominationz Tag Team Championship!

Tony D: Oh stop it, Kris. How can you support those jerks? They’ve caused nothing but havoc these past few weeks.

Kris Red: How can you NOT support them, Tony D? Those guys are bringing higher standards to Warped, and more importantly they’re showing what REAL wrestling is all about.

Tony D: You call viciously attacking people from behind “real” wrestling? You call constant belittling of fans around the world “real” wrestling?

Kris Red: It’s called tough love, Tony D. Maybe if you had some you wouldn’t be such a pansy.

Tony D: Well speaking of tough love, if last Sunday at frontier’s ippv Frontline was any indication, we’re going to see a whole lot of tough, but absolutely zero love in this match.

Kris Red: My boys took those chicks down last time, and this won’t be any different. They were outclassed the moment they were born without a Y chromosome.

Tony D: Have you already forgotten that the UK Dragons BEAT the Carnival Connection at Warped 71 in an open challenge match?

Kris Red: They may have “won” a fluke victory, but they’re not facing the Carnival Connection. This week, they’re up against the Carn-EVIL Connection! It’s a whole new ballgame, and these girls are gonna strikeout.

Tony D: I suppose you would know a thing or two about striking out with women.

Kris Red: HEY!

As the song fades, it gets replaced with Lynyrd Skynyrd “Gimme Back My Bullets” followed by a smoke filled entrance. Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh walk cockily to the ring jaw jacking with the fans. They make sure that their titles are clearly shown around their waists. Once they get to the ring Douglas rolls underneath the bottom rope and quickly kips up. He swings his towel in the air as Treats climbs to the top rope and removes his hooded vest. Treats jumps down and removes his tear away pants revealing his trunks as Douglas does the same. They look over at the Dragons and snicker while the Dragons cross their arms and glare at them.

Tony D: The Dragons mean business tonight. They want to win this rubber match more than anything.

Kris Red: Well I hope they’re in the business of getting their butts kicked, because business will be BOOMING tonight!

Treats and Douglas take off their titles and hand them to the referee. The ref holds the titles over his head while Randy Long makes the formal introductions.

Randy Long: First up, the challengers, at a combined weight of 281 pounds, representing pwFRONTIER, they are the team of Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista…THE UK DRAGONS!

The Dragons raise their arms in acknowledgement, and the fans continue to boo. A small chant of “This is WARPED!” starts up.

Tony: A bizarre reaction tonight, but it’s not without merit. The Warped fans are very protective of this place, and having outsiders in a title match is not going to put them on their good side.

Kris Red: Nor should it. If somehow the Dragons became the Warped Tag Team Champions, I imagine a riot’s going to break out.

Tony D: It’s a good thing we’ve got extra security surrounding the arena.

Randy Long: And their opponents, at a combined way of 400 cannabis & protein shakes, from the Carnival Grounds they are the WARPED Tag Team Champions - The Carnival Connection!"

Rottentreats walks over to Long and snatches the microphone from his hand.

Rottentreats: If you’re not going to say it right, don’t say anything at all. Now get your ass out of our ring!

Long retreats out of the ring. Treats turns to the Dragons.

Rottentreats: Girls, don’t worry. We’ll kick your asses in just a minute. First I want to clarify something. We are NOT the Warped Tag Team Champions.

Douglas shakes his head.

Rottentreats: We are the Abominationz Tag Team Champions! And for the record, we are NO LONGER the Carnival Connection. Oh no. My brother and I, we are the CarnEVIL Connection!

Treats laughs, and Douglas walks over to him, draping an arm across his brother’s shoulder. He speaks into the mic.

Douglas: And you jabronis better get used to that because we’re going to stay that way for a loooong time.

Rottentreats: That’s right, Dougie. Now let’s get this over with. We’ve got a victory party to get to.

Treats and Douglas turn their attention away from the Dragons and look over at the fans in the crowd who by now have returned to booing the champs instead of the challengers. The referee calls for the bell. The bell rings, but the champs don’t move. Laurel and Evangelista turn to one another, then back at the champs.

Tony D: And here we go with the first fall as-woah, wait a minute!

The Dragons run over to Treats and Douglas, shove them into the ropes and roll them up from behind without them even realizing it. The referee drops down and counts both men down.

Ref: 1…2…3!

The Dragons rolls out of the ring and the fans are in shock!

Kris Red: WOAH! WHAT? WHAT?!

But the fans, and Kris, aren’t nearly as shocked as Treats and Douglas. Their mouths opened wider than a barn door, they wave their arms as if to say “do over!” The Dragons celebrate on the outside.

Randy Long: The winners of the first fall as a result of a pin…THE UK DRAGONS!

Tony D: Holy cow! What-folks, the Dragons just pinned the champs in record time!

Kris Red: NO! That wasn’t fair! They weren’t ready! THEY WEREN’T READY!

Tony D: The bell rang, and The Dragons took advantage of the distracted champs, and now they’re up one fall within the first few seconds.

Kris Red: I don’t believe this. That was a robbery. We just saw a THEFT here tonight!

Treats and Douglas yell at the referee with just about every explicit word in their head, but the ref shakes his head and stands by his ruling. The Dragons climb back up on the apron and can’t help but smile. Treats kicks the bottom rope in frustration while Douglas holds the sides of his head unsure of what to do. Treats grabs Douglas and takes him back to their corner to talk it out.

Tony D: Folks, I think I should put emphasis on the fact that this is NOT a one fall match. The Dragons are NOT, I repeat, NOT the Tag Champs at the moment. They still need one more fall to win.

Kris Red: I think my heart stopped beating. I can’t feel my heart, Tony D!

Tony D: That’s because you’re holding your stomach.

Kris Red: Well golly gee, I’m sitting next to a freakin’ doctor!

Tony D: Calm down, Kris. The match is still going. But the champs are now at a disadvantage.

Kris Red: They’ll come back from this. They’re the best tag team in Warped Wrestling!

After everyone has settled down, the referee signals for the second fall to being. Treats starts off first, and Evangelista represents her team. Treats invites her into a grapple, and she happily obliges. After a couple seconds Treats effortlessly shoves Evangelista into a turnbuckle. He laughs and mocks her by gesturing for her to kiss his ass. Evangelista gets out of the corner and the two circle one another before grappling once again. This time Treats uses his upper body strength to bring her down to one knee, then both knees. He looks over at Douglas.

Treats: Perfect position!

Douglas laughs and makes an obscene motion with his hand. Treats looks over at Laurel.

Treats: You want in on this, baby doll?

Laurel gets into the ring looking to kick his ass, but the referee stops her and orders her to get back on the apron. Treats takes advantage of the distraction by driving a knee into her jaw. Evangelista falls on her back and Treats fall on top choking her by the neck.

Tony D: Come on, ref! Turn around!

The ref finally does and starts counting out Treats right away.

Ref: 1,2,3,4-come on let go!

Treats releases the choke and Evangelista starts coughing violently. She crawls on her stomach, but Treats grabs her by the hair and lifts her up. He lands a couple gut punches before dragging her over to his corner. Tag to Douglas. Douglas gets in the ring and Treats holds Evangelista’s arms back long enough for Douglas to get in a kidney punch. Douglas shoves Evangelista into the ropes and presses her neck against the top rope causing another count from the referee.

Ref: 1,2,3,4-

Douglas lets go and Evangelista falls into a sitting position, one arm grabbing the middle rope for support. Douglas stomps on her abdomen numerous times before the ref pulls him back. Douglas glares at the ref before picking his opponent back up. The challenger suddenly retaliates with a European uppercut. Douglas stumbles back and goes after her again. This time she catches him with a few forearm strikes to the side of the head followed by a spinning elbow that knocks him off his feet. Douglas gets back up right away only for Evangelista to bounce off the ropes and connect with a running clothesline. Douglas is in a daze as he gets up and he walks right into the waiting arms of the challenger who lifts him up and delivers a side slam.

Tony D: Beautiful side slam from Evangelista.

Kris Red: Where did she find the strength to do that?!

She hooks the leg and covers.

Ref: 1…2-

Douglas kicks out. Evangelista picks the champ up and drags him over to her corner. Tag to Laurel. Laurel springboards into the ring and connects with a dragonrana! The ref counts.

Ref: 1…2…

Treats manages to come in and break the count with a boot to the head. As the ref pushes him back to his corner Douglas and Laurel get up at the same time. Douglas grabs hold of Laurel and delivers a vicious headbutt. While stunned, Laurel gets grabbed again and Douglas scoops her up with a one armed body slam. Douglas runs the ropes and connects with a diving knee to the face. He covers.

Ref: 1…2…

Laurel kicks out. Douglas picks Laurel up and brings her over to a neutral corner. Douglas with a knee to the stomach once, twice, three times in a row. He presses her back up against the corner and connects with a knife edge chop to the chest followed by another, and another, and once more for good measure. The champ takes Laurel’s arm and whips her to the other turnbuckle. He runs forward and Laurel catches him with a kick to the face. The challenger flips herself up to the top of the turnbuckle and jumps off with a tornado arm drag followed by a shining enzuigiri! She covers.

Ref: 1…2…

Douglas kicks out. Laurel goes to her corner seeking a tag and she gets one. Evangelista tells her something before she gets into the ring. Evangelista grabs Douglas and applies an abdominal stretch.

Tony D: As you can see, both Laurel and Evangelista have two very different styles of wrestling. Laurel is very quick and without much planning. Evangelista on the other hand is always thinking, always calculating. You have to wonder if the two clashing styles help or hinder this team.

Kris Red: I think it hinders. Those two aren’t synched like the CarnEvil Connection. They know each other’s move sets inside and out. These two? They’re from two different worlds of wrestling. How can they connect as a team?

Tony D: Stranger bedfellows have been made in the past, partner.

Kris Red: Well I wouldn’t want to wake up on the side of THAT bed. Yuck!

Tony D: With the way you drink you’ll wake up on just about anything.

Kris Red: Well excuse me for living, MOM!

The challengers pulls as far back as possible while Douglas cries out and reaches for his partner. Treats has his arm stretched out as Douglas inches himself closer and closer to the hand. Just when it looks like Douglas is within tagging distance Evangelista switches it up and delivers a German suplex pin.

Ref: 1…2…

Kick out. Douglas rolls onto his stomach and crawls over to his corner. Evangelista sees this, smirks and pulls Douglas back by the leg before applying an anklelock submission. Douglas waves his arms around like a madman as he reaches for anything closely resembling the ropes. He even grabs the referee’s pants, but the ref kicks him off and asks if he gives up. Instead of waiting for an answer, Evangelista flips Douglas onto his back and transitions from an anklelock into a figure four leg lock! Douglas bangs the mat as he expels both pain and frustration.

Tony D: Evangelista has Douglas right where she wants him! It could be a matter of time!

Kris Red: Come on, Dougie! Get out of there! Tag your brother! The CarnEvil Connection needs to live on!

Over time Douglas finds a way to flip himself onto his stomach causing the pain of the figure four to be redirected back at Evangelista. She breaks the hold and Laurel doesn’t hesitate to tag back in. Laurel grabs the still grounded Douglas and applies a bridging deathlock! Douglas wiggles his way towards the bottom rope until he manages to grab it causing a rope break.

Ref: 1,2,3-

Laurel releases the hold, gets to her feet and picks Douglas up. Douglas with a rake to the eyes followed by the Fall Apart driver! Instead of going for the pin Douglas stumbles over to Treats and tags him in.

Tony D: And Treats is finally back in!

Kris Red: Phew. That was close.

Treats grabs Laurel’s neck and applies a cravat followed quickly by a suplex. Treats cracks his knuckles and points a finger at Evangelista.

Treats: Watch this!

Treats walks over to Laurel, picks her up and sets her in a tree of woe position within his corner. He kicks her a couple times before stepping back and landing palm strike after palm strike to the stomach. He follows it up by running the ropes and hitting a dropkick to the face. Treats picks Laurel up and delivers a forearm shiver followed by a cravat into a flipping neckbreaker. Treats goes over to Douglas and tags him back in. Douglas picks Laurel up and applies an inverted facelock followed by a brainbuster. He makes a cover.

Ref: 1…2…

Laurel kicks out. Douglas looks annoyed as he grabs Laurel by the hair and climbs to the middle ropes of the turnbuckle. From there he crosses the arms and jumps off with a brainbuster. He hooks the leg this time.

Ref: 1…2…

She kicks out once more, but with barely any strength left in her. Douglas smacks the mat and looks at the referee demanding he speed up the count. Meanwhile, Laurel slowly moves her way over to her corner. Douglas sees this and runs the ropes.


Douglas catches Laurel with a running kicks to the head, and the challenger is out of it. He pulls her to the center of the ring and applies a camel clutch submission. He makes sure to pulls his fingers against her face for an added dose of pain. Laurel tries to pull his arms off, but Douglas has just enough weight on her back and neck to make her weaker by the second. Douglas yells at the ref to ask her. The ref asks if she gives up, but Laurel doesn’t say a word. Evangelista stomps her foot trying to get the fans to motivate her. They’re hesitant at first, but eventually the fans come around to supporting Laurel, but sure enough the challenger starts slipping into unconsciousness. The referee grabs her arm and raises it. It falls once. Twice.

Tony D: I think she’s out of it.

Kris Red: I know she is! Look, her face is practically purple!

He raises the arm a third time, and it falls unceremoniously. The ref calls for the bell and Douglas can’t help but laugh while he continues to keep the hold on, this time wrapping

Randy Long: The winner of the second fall as a result of a knock out…THE CARNEVIL CONNECTION!

Kris Red: YES! WOOHOO! Halfway there, baby!

Tony D: Alright, alright, they got the fall. Now why isn’t he letting go!?

Kris Red: Keep it on until the next fall!

Tony D: That’s illegal and you know it. Come on, let her go!

The referee tries to pull Douglas off, but he refuses to let go. Evangelista gets in the ring and tackles him off! She ground-and-pounds on Douglas until Treats runs in and grabs her by the waist to pull her off. The challenger turns to Treats and delivers a solid right hand that knocks him on his ass. She walks over to him menacingly, and the champs roll out of the ring before they become victims of her wrath. Evangelista turns to her partner and checks on her.

Tony D: This could be bad, Kris. It looks like she’s having a hard time breathing.

Kris Red: Well that’s what happens when you try to fight the alpha dogs. You wind up getting yourself hurt. Take her to the back, she’s finished!

Tony D: You bring up a good point, Kris. Folks, if Laurel doesn’t respond soon we might not get to have a third fall.

Kris Red: And you know what that means, Tony D. THE CHAMPS RETAIN!

After awhile Laurel starts to wake up and color returns to her face. Evangelista helps her up and carries her over to their corner. Suddenly, Douglas and Treats run back into the ring and attack her from behind! She drops Laurel and Douglas and Treats continue to beat on her while the fans now unanimously boo the champs. The referee yells at them, but at this point CCNX could care less what the ref thinks and they brush him aside.

Tony D: COME ON! This is disgusting!

Kris Red: She had her back turned! The Dragons did the same thing to the champs earlier, and guess what? Karma is a bitch!

Tony D: This is completely different. Laurel could need medical attention!

Kris Red: Well soon Evangelista’s gonna need medical attention as well.

Treats and Douglas take Evangelista and deliver a double suplex on her. Treats get back on the apron only for Douglas to tag him back in. They pick her up again and deliver a double backbreaker. Treats covers.

Ref: 1…2…

Kick out. Treats picks Evangelista up and shoves her into their corner. Treats with shoulder tackles into the abdomen. As the ref pulls him back Douglas takes the tag rope and wraps it around the challenger’s neck choking her out.

Tony D: They’re just gonna do whatever the hell they want, aren’t they?

Kris Red: You’re damn right they are, Tony D. That’s the only way you can be a champion in this business.

Douglas lets go just in time for the ref to turn his attention back to them. Treats walks over and pulls her out of the corner. He whips her into the ropes and on the return connects with a back body drop. Evangelista reaches for some ropes, but Treats simply grabs, lifts and drops her with a gutbuster. He covers.

Ref: 1…2…

She kicks out yet again. Treats give his brother a look as if to say “What the hell is with these girls?” He picks the damaged Evangelista and plants her with the Faygo plunge.

Tony D: I think this is going to wrap things up, folks. Laurel is still hurt in the corner, and Evangelista is in a bad place

Kris Red: That’s what you get for putting amateurs into a champion’s ring. Maybe now they’ll know their place.

Treats tags in Douglas.

Treats: Let’s finish this bitch off.

He picks her up and sets up for a Cravate cutter, but suddenly Evangelista finds the strength to shove Treats into Douglas. The two knock noggins. Treats stumbles back and Evangelista grabs him before hitting a Russian leg sweep. She flips to her feet and when Douglas runs at her she monkey flips him back first into a turnbuckle. Treats gets up and Evangelista catches the champ with a jumping enzuigiri. Treats stumbles against the ropes. Douglas gets up and runs at her. She side steps causing Douglas to once again knock into his brother. Treats goes over the top and falls to the outside. Evangelista grabs Douglas and hits a DDT. Both Douglas and Evangelista are down.

Kris Red: What the-how did she do that!?

Tony D: Talk about your second winds!

Laurel, having had enough time to rest, is back on her feet. She sees Evangelista moving and extends her arm. Her partner flips over and crawls over to Laurel. Treats gets back up and gets on the apron. He sees Douglas down and puts his arm out. Soon Douglas and Evangelista are crawling to their corners.

Tony D: Could we see some hot tags!?

Evangelista leaps and tags Laurel in. Douglas tags Treats in

Tony D: There they are!

Treats and Laurel get in. Laurel ducks a clothesline and runs the ropes at both ends before catching Treats with a headscissors into the middle rope. Treat’s head and shoulders are in perfect position for Laurel to run the ropes and land a feint kick. Treats grabs his head and walks backwards into Evangelista. She grabs Treats and hits a two handed running bulldog. Douglas gets into the ring and Evangelista catches him with a running knee to the temple that knocks him out of the ring. While she goes after him, Laurel grabs Treats, and somehow has the strength in her to lift him up and hit a fisherman suplex into a sitout powerbomb! She hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...2…thr-

Treats barely, barely kicks out. Laurel catches her breath and steps back. She waits for Treats to get up. When he gets up she runs and cartwheels into a dropkick that puts Treats into the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Evangelista has Douglas up. She goes for a whip, but Douglas counters and send her shoulder first into the ring steps. The fans are pumped up as Laurel runs at Treats. Treats pulls himself out of the corner and goes for a boot to the face, but Laurel ducks it, spins around and drops Treats with a lungblower! She starts climbing to the top. Once on top she looks to the supportive fans, takes a deep breath and pulls out a corkscrew shooting star elbow drop! She drags herself on top of Treats!

Tony D: She did it! Stronger Than Dirt!

Kris Red: NO!

Ref: 1…2…

Douglas somehow finds a way to slide back into the ring and break the count.

Tony D: And Douglas with the save! Good lord was that close!

Kris Red: Close, but not close enough.

Douglas picks Laurel up and delivers The Claw to her forehead. Laurel fights out of it by stomping on Douglas’ foot and delivering a reverse chinlock into a rolling neck snap. Evangelista is able to get on her side of the apron in time and reaches for a tag. Laurel tags her in! The challengers go over to Douglas and throw him out of the ring. As Treats gets up he sees two very angry women starring him down. He gets on his knees and begs for them to not hurt him.

Tony D: You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Kris Red: Don’t hurt the guy! He was just trying to win a match, and now they’re gonna double team him like this? It’s not fair!

Tony D: Do you even hear yourself?

Kris Red: I tune in and out.

Laurel reaches for Treats and Treats manages to catch her with a thumb to the eye. Evangelista with a spin kick, but Treats ducks the kick, grabs her by the neck and hits a cravat leg sweep.

Tony D: Treats is as tough as they get, and even in a two on one situation it’s tough to put him down.

Kris Red: FINALLY you’re speaking my language.

Tony D: What would that be? Douchebaganese?

Laurel runs at Treats, and Treat is able to back body drop her out of the ring. She manages to improvise however, and she turns it into a no hands somersault plancha directly onto a recovering Douglas.

Tony D: Laurel and Douglas are down!

Kris Red: And Treats has Evangelista right where he wants her!

Treats takes Evangelista and puts her on the turnbuckle. He climbs up after her. Once on top Treats sets her between his legs and looks at the fans.


Treats goes for the Faygo Plunge, but Evangelista manages to grab the top rope to stop her from moving. Treats tries again, and still she doesn’t move. The champ lands a couple headbutts to keep her dazed enough to perform the move. He tries it again, but Evangelista manages to spin her head out from between his legs, wrap an arm around his shoulder and leap off the top to deliver an uranage with her knee connecting with the back of the head! An audible gasp escapes the fans as Treats and Evangelista are down.


Tony D: Headbreaker! A headbreaker off the top!

The fans are unified in their response.


After a long period of unmoving, Evangelista slowly, slowly, slooowly crawls over to Treats and drapes an arm over his chest. The ref count.

Ref: 1…

Kris Red: NO!

Ref: 2…

Kris Red: NO NO!

Ref: ...thre-

KICKOUT! Treats gets a shoulder up!

Tony D: How? …HOW!?

Kris Red: That man will not be beaten tonight, Tony D! It’s been proven! If THAT won’t do it, nothing will.

Tony D: For once I think you’re right.

Evangelista and Treats start to get to their feet. Douglas is now up, and he gets on the apron. He reaches a hand out. Treats sees it and lumbers over to him. But right as he goes to make the tag, Laurel comes at Douglas from behind and pulls him off the apron by his leg. Douglas’ jaw snaps against the apron and he lies on the floor. Laurel jumps up on the apron and delivers a pele kick to Treats!


Kris Red: Where the hell did she come from!?

Treats tumbles backwards, and Evangelista manages to catch him with a dragon sleeper submission! Treats waves his arms around, but Evangelista corrects that by adding a double grapevine to the submission. Treats collapses to the mat with Evangelista, and Treat’s spine is contorted to such a degree that he has little choice, and sure enough Treats taps the mat. The fans go nuts!



Evangelista lets go of Treats and lies on the mat in exhaustion. The referee grabs her arm and raises it up to indicate a winner.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the third fall as a result of a submission…and the NEW WARPED Tag Team Champions…THE UK DRAGONS!


Kris Red: They aren't even officially WITH WARPED! What in the world!?!

Laurel rolls into the ring and helps Evangelista up. As they get up the referee awards them the titles. Reality now setting in, the two women embrace each other in a hug and hold the titles in the air.

Tony D: There you have it, folks. We’ve got new Tag Champions, and they are one HELL of a team! Treats and Douglas broke nearly every rule in the rulebook, but it still wasn’t enough.

Kris Red: That first fall shouldn’t have counted! They were screwed, Tony D. SCREWED!

Tony D: That may be up for debate, but for now folks we have two new champs who are no doubt going to celebrate tonight. You think Treats and Douglas will still invite them to their “victory” party?

Kris Red: OH SHUT UP!

The lights in the building go off, and the celebration comes to a hush.

Tony D: "What's going on?!"

Kris Red: "Sting!"

Tony D: "Shh.. Do you hear.. Can you see anything? LOOK!"

Kris Red: "I can't see, what are you tal-

The lights come up and it looks as if Starr, Carnival Connection, and Crowbar were about to tear things up but they were cut off as William Wallace pulls Starr out of the ring, PKA pulls Crowbar out and the UK Dragons go after the Carnival Connection in the ring!

Kris Red: "It's an all out war!"

Tony D: "We can only guess that the AbominationZ were preparing for another ambush but it looks like they were outsmarted!"

The UK Dragons successfully send Carnival Connection packing with duel clotheslines over the top rope, and they back up the aisle as Wallace and PKA clean house with Starr and Crowbar! All four AbominationZ members back up the aisle, with the WARPED World Champion William Wallace, PKA, and the new Tag Team Champions, UK Dragons, standing tall in the ring.

Tony D: "We're about out of time, fans! We've got a major i-Pay Per View on the way on the 17th as WARPED Celebrates Three YEARS! What in the world are we to expect that night?!"

Kris Red: "Well Tony it's -"

The lights go out again.

Kris Red: "This is getting old."

The WARPEDVision then lights up with one thing..

Kris Red: "OH MY GOD!"

And the show fades out to the WARPED logo...