FWO: TWILIGHT '98 - 12/20/1998

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The 15-man Battle Royal started off with only 13 wrestlers inside the ring, as The Hunter and Ultra Violet failed to come to the ring. After the bell rang, wrestlers were eliminated quickly, with Scotty Cool and Ice being the dominant pair of wrestlers inside the ring. Wynd lasted inside the ring for some time, but after she began to flirt with Ultra Violet who was spotted on the entrance ramp, Violet came to the ring and tossed her out before returning to normal, mindless, character. As Ice eliminated Scotty Cool, only Chris Kidman and Ice remained inside the ring. The lights went out, and fans expected to see Ice laying dormant after an attack from Kidman's mysterious "guardian angel"... but when the lights came back on Ice was not only on his feet, but held Kidman above his head, and tossed him from the ring, leaving fans to wonder about the motives of the guardian angel. Ice will go on to face the Flying Frenchie for the Internet title.

Result: Ice

Fallen & Darkness vs. Joy & Speed Demon

Fallen & Darkness

Joy and the Speed Demon came to the ring trying to excite the crowd by singing them "Happiness Pie". It was also noted that Joy's wife and young son were watching from the front row. They could not help Joy however, as Darkness and Fallen came to the ring and at once began to demolish the two superstars. The bell finally rung, but Darkness and Fallen continued to double team Joy and Speed Demon, with Darkness spearing the Speed Demon into the metal barrier a knocking him cold. As the ref was unsuccessful getting Darkness and Fallen from knocking Joy senseless, he DQ'd both of the superstars and awarded the match to Joy and the Speed Demon. After the match Joy's son began to sing "I love you" to Fallen, and Fallen attacked the 6-year old, piledriving him to the floor. A battered and beaten Joy stood on his feet and informed Fallen that "He has PISSED Joy off".

Result: Joy & Speed Demon by DQ

Ground Zero (c) vs. French Foundation

French FoundationFrench Foundation

The champions came to the ring without their usual humor, and instead prepared for a tough match. Mitch Wilson and Primetime also entered with all seriousness, but without the usual Flying Frenchie by their side as part of the French Foundation. The four men wrestled a tough match, with neither team gaining the advantage, and both teams using occasional illegal double-team manuvers. Primetime was finally trapped in the ring with Wolf Fang, but the Flying Frenchie came up from under the ring and attacked Wolf Fang with some form of foreign object, knocking him out and allowing Primetime to roll him up for the pinfall. After the match Ground Zero chased the French Foundation from the ring.

Result: French Foundation by Pinfall

Boston Strangler vs. Oracle

Boston Strangler

Oracle came to the ring alone, and seemed cocky and prepared for the match. Oracle was announced as the TCW World Champion, but as the Boston Strangler emerged from the crowd with a grim smile his confidence seemed to fade. The Strangler demolished Oracle inside and outside of the ring, finally battering Oracle with a metal chair on his neck in the crowd. Oracle continued to be beaten until Darkness struck from behind, leveling the Strangler. Oracle and Darkness then double-teamed the Strangler, finally holding him down and strapping on the straightjacket. As Oracle finished the job, Darkness attacked from behind on Oracle, and knocked him unconcious. Darkness then bundled up Oracle as well, and called for the orderlies to take Oracle and the Strangler away. The Strangler came into conciousness then, and began to laugh maniacly as the orderlies took him away, leaving Darkness to wonder if he had made the best decision...

Result: Double Defeat

Stone (c) vs. Briana

Stone came to the ring with the entire bWo and proceeded to demolish Briana in a gang-style attack. Briana was against the odds as she was dumped into the ring, and at Stone's mercy... who at once began to methodically punish Briana's leg. Stone worked the leg in a figure four, but Briana refused to submit to the hold. As Briana struggled to maintain conciousness, Scotty Cool came to ringside with a box of chocolates and roses. Stone was momentarily distracted by Scotty Cool's gift, and as she turned around Briana hooked the leg and rolled her up for the pin. The bWo, angry at the loss, entered the ring and began to attack Briana, knocking her out. Scotty Cool entered the ring then, and calmed down Stone, explaining that his feelings didn't have anything to do with the title. From high in the rafter Apocolyptica watched all of this with interest.

Result: Briana by Pinfall

Black Quicksilver (c) vs. Plague

Black Quicksilver (c)

Plague came to the ring under a red light, and began to smash his own head into the ring post until it began to gush with blood. The Black Quicksilver came to the ring cautiously... unsure of what to make of the clearly insane wrestler. The Black Quicksilver generally dominated the match, with occasional bursts of moves from Plague. Plague hit a huricarana, and while the Black Quicksilver lay prone, Plague screamed at the crowd, telling them that he had poisoned several beers for sale at the arena. As the crowd began to riot and throw things into the ring at Plague the Black Quicksilver grabbed Stump and clocked Plague, knocking him out and covering him for the pin. Plague slowly stirred and continued to scream as the Black Quicksilver quickly left the ring. Plague yelled at the departing superstar that he would smell his flesh burn before year's end.

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall

Cactus Jon vs. Cactus Jack

Cactus Jon

Cactus Jon came to the ring and at once began to climb the scafolding to the top as Cactus Jack arrived on the scene with a long string of barb wire. Cactus Jack climbed up and gave chase and both men traded blows high above the ring. Cactus Jack was delivered several firm chops, finally knocking him from the ladder suspended between the scaffolding. Jack grabbed onto the barb wire which had caught on the ladder, the hooks tearing into his hands and shredding his arms. Jon took the other end of barb wire and wound it around Jack's neck in a noose before kicking at Jack's hands. Jack swung out from the ring as the barb wire literally hung the superstar 30 feet above the ring. Jack went nearly unconcious... and as Jon kicked at his head Jack grabbed his leg and sent Jon over the edge of the ladder and down to the ring. Jack then freed himself and climbed up onto the ladder and began to tear at the bolts securing it to the scaffolding. Jack succeeded in loosing the ladder which fell directly onto the prone body of Cactus Jon. The ref finally called the match, deeming that Cactus Jon's life was in danger. As Jack celebrated his victory VL emerged from the crowd and broke a sheet of glass over the head of Cactus Jack before declaring herself the only hardcore bitch in the fWo.

Result: Cactus Jon

Austin Davis (c) vs. Scott Slugger

Austin Davis (c)Scott Slugger

Scott Slugger came to the ring against all odds, still injured by the brutal attack by Ice earlier in the week. Austin Davis ran to the ring and at once went after Scott Slugger's weak leg with kicks and various underhanded moves. Scott Slugger battled back and had the momentum in the match, but as he went for a clothesline Austin Davis ducked under the attempt and Scott Slugger tumbled into the ropes, where he got tangled. Austin Davis then attacked with chops to the face of Slugger, but Chris Universal came out on crutches to stop the assualt. Austin Davis left the ring to mock Universal and kicked out his crutch, sending Universal to the floor. However, as Austin Davis turned to go back to Slugger, Chris Universal stood easily and struck from behind with one of the crutches before rolling him into the ring. Scott Slugger covered Austin Davis, but the ref was warning Universal to back away from the ring apron. Scott Slugger stood to get the ref's attention, but Ice entered the ring from behind and delivered a DDT to Slugger. Ice then put a limp arm of Austin Davis over Scott Slugger, and tossed the ref over to make the three count. As Austin Davis was helped from the ring, Commissioner Travis came to the entry ramp and told Austin Davis that nothing was over, and that Davis would pay for what he had done.

Result: Austin Davis by Pinfall