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WARPED72 (WCW Night 3) - 2/8/13 - Phoenix, AZ - Phoenix College North Gym
WARPED continues the West Coast Winter Tour with Night 3 as we make our debut in sunny Phoenix, Arizona!

Crowbar, Starr, and Carnival Connection were riding on cloud 9 when they rolled into Las Vegas at WARPED71, but by the end of the night when they thought they would do another beatdown on the World Champion, William Wallace, it was a surprise return by the man they all turned on a month prior - PKA - that saved the day. Then, just three days later, after spending a weekend in Vegas, William Wallace was brutally assaulted outside of his hotel room while outside having a cigarette. Passers by stopped the attack before it went any further, but reports are that Wallace suffered internal damage as well as severe cuts in his abdomen. Who is behind this act? Many would suggest The AbominationZ, but it's unknown who really committed these acts, as all five of the attackers were wearing hooded sweatshirts and covering their faces.

Now, PKA looks for some revenge for that and what happened long before. He'll challenge Alexander StarrZoe in a return match from their WARPED 50 meeting. Also, Hugo Strange will get his wish granted as he faces Crowbar - but Crowbar wants to have more than a regular match. He wants a match with barbwire ropes.. tazers hanging from poles in each corner.. weapons scattered on the outside of the ring.. and the mat will be divided into 9 squares all thanks to barbed wire that's strung out - giving it a Tic Tac Toe look. Thus the name: Tic Tac Torture.

We'll also see Anton Chase defending his Evolution Title against Cameron MacNichol, thanks to the rematch claus. And the winner of that match will face Leon Stone at WARPED73, as he will cash in HIS rematch claus for the title he lost at Not So Silent Night to Cameron MacNichol. And then there's Kandi Washington, a woman who's made herself known with her trash talk to Mikki Dumas and eventual victory over her, and she's also called out Anton Chase. Not to mention that three of the lovely ladies from her gentleman's club found their way out after the main event to escort Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol to the back - but why? What else happened behind the curtain? Maybe we'll get some answers.

See all of that and so much more listed below as WARPED debuts in Phoenix!


Main Event: Tic Tac Torture Match
Crowbar vs. Hugo Strange

Evolution Championship Rematch
Anton Chase(c) vs. Cameron MacNichol

Grudge Match
Alexander StarrZoe vs. PKA

Tag Team Match
Flux In Motion vs. The Brooklyn Hit Squad

Six Man Mayhem Match
Kandi Washington vs. Dunamis vs. Clint Andretti vs. Mikki Dumas vs. Joanne Canelli vs. Jimmy Riley

*Card Subject to Change


WARPED72 (WCW Night 3) - 2/8/13 - Phoenix, AZ - Phoenix College North Gym


You open the DVD of WARPED 72 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


REACTIONS - Two Weeks Ago

We're taken to a video package of "Reactions" following WARPED71 2 weeks ago...

Carnival Connection:
The CarnEvil Connection walk back through the curtain following StarrZoë and Crowbar both men picking shards of light tube off the fronts of their masks. Almost instantly Sean Armstrong is in their faces with a microphone.

Sean Armstrong: "Gentlemen tonight not only did the UK Dragons win a shot are your WARPED Tag Team titles. We also saw the return of former WARPED General Manager PKA."

Mr. Rottentreats glares at Sean Armstrong while "Sir" Douglas Fresh speaks.

Douglas Fresh: "You saw PKA's return. Us? We felt it. As for the UK Dragons.." (Looking at Treats) "Golf clap?"

Mr. Rottentreats: "Golf clap."

The brothers begin a round of Golf applause as Treats continues to glare at Armstrong. Suddenly Treats yanks the microphone from Sean Armstrong's grasp and shoves him down.

Mr. Rottentreats: "Pat-a-tat-tat.. Dyldo, Back Bacon Kid, Sheep molester.. We'll discuss this." (Showing a shard of glass to the camera) "At a later date. Now UK Dragons.. You pulled one over on us.. Brava! But as we've stated, the AbominationZ Tag Team titles aren't for the accolade whores of the wrestling world."

Treats passes the microphone to Dougie who inhales a deep breath before speaking.

Douglas Fresh: "Don't think just because you earned your title shot that you get to choose the location, stipulation or even the date we defend our titles. We're the AbominationZ Tag Team champions! Therefore, we call the shots!"

Dougie holds the microphone in between him and his brother and Treats leans toward it.

Mr. Rottentreats: "Remember what we said about demolishing the WARPED Tag Division to make way for a much grander vision? At the risk of pissing off our main ninja Crowbeezy.. Part of the reconstruction process is actually defending the titles in ya know.. Tag matches. It all begins in Los Angeles at the Echoplex.. And Switcharoonydoon.. If you're watching.. You'll love this one!"


Laurel Ann Hardy & Evangelista:
aurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista are walking along. Well... Laurel is walking, and she's pretty much carrying Evangelista who looks half-dead. But as she sees our cameraman approach, Evangelista throws up an arm and points at the screen.

Evangelista: Yeah motherfuckers! Yeah! That's who The UK Dragons are!

Laurel: Yeah. That's who we are, Leanne. Let's get you to the medic.

Evangelista shakes her head, without much control.

Evangelista: Duneed medic. M'fine.

Laurel: You're not fine.

Evangelista: Am, m'fine.
Laurel: Sure?

Evangelista: Mhmm.

Laurel: Okay.

And she lets go of her friend, taking a step away. Evangelista slowly sinks to her knees, then collapses back on her ass, and says in a very quiet voice:

Evangelista: Laurel... help...

Laurel picks her back up and then nods to the screen.

Laurel: Treats, Doug? I'm sure we'll 'ave plenty to say to each other in the comin' weeks, yeh? Right now we're gonna get her back up on 'er feet an' then we're gonna sample some o' the famous Vegas nightlife. See ya round, lads.


William Wallace & PKA:
Wallace walks up to the camera with a smile on his face.

Wallace: Paybacks are a bitch, but that isn't even the start of it boys. Your nightmare is still to come, an when it are as good as finished in this business

Wallace smirks and walks away. PKA struts up right after Wallace walks away.

PKA: "Just hold on, just...

PKA holds his hand up and points at Wallace.

PKA: "Youuu, you you just chillllll.. wait for me. Kay?"

PKA smiles and turns his head toward the camera. He opens his arms widely and then walks up to the camera and hugs it.

PKA: "Tonight was great! Crowbar, Starr, Corny Connection.. how bout those fluorescent light tubes? Man, that looked like it hurt. Too bad, so sad. And now, we go out and party tonight in Vegas! Oh, and if I can convince Willie, we'll stay all weekend. Sorrrrrrrrrrrry for party rockin'!"

PKA gives a corny double gun 'pew pew' to the camera and winks, before skipping out of camera view.

Hugo Strange:
Hugo Strange walks in view of the camera and he is smiling from ear to ear.

Hugo:Tonight was a good night, no it was not just good it was great. Got to punch Leon Stone in the face and got to take it to AbominationZ this was truly a great night.

Hugo walks off and then back in view of the camera again.

Hugo:A great night!

Hugo walks off whistling the Canadian National anthem.

Dylan Daniels:
"Las Vegas, I've missed you so!"

A sports coat and jean wearing Dylan Daniels saunters into the frame with his bag draped over his right shoulder. He excitedly turns his chubby scarred face toward the camera.

"There's only one word I could use to describe tonight.. Tremendous! To no one's surprise Hugo and I defeated Flux In Motion.. Carnival Connection have loaded the gun, turned it on their title reign, and handed it over to UK Dragons. Last, but certainly not least! PKA made his triumphant return! Hopefully, the AbominationZ have finally seen the... Light."

Daniels turns to walk away and raises his hand up indicating a sudden thought.


Dylan exits the frame.


Crowbar walks up to the camera with a scowl on his face, cuts visible on his face. He's flanked by Nikki and Jess.

Crowbar: PKA...ah PKA....I'll get to you later...for now...I'm preparing something...a...response if you will to the challenge Hugo made. Stay tuned. It's going to be F'n Extreme.

Crowbar smirks and gets a glint in his eye before the trio walk off.


Earlier This Week written by Starr, Crowbar, CCNX

The music is loud, the lights dark, and the women abundant and beautiful. The AbominationZ sit in a private room in the back of Kandi Washington’s club, surrounded by strippers. A circular table, Starr and Crowbar laugh, drinking while women fan themselves about the two former World Champions. Alex notices the camera, reaches onto the table and grabs a $50 bill and hands it to a stripper; “okay sweet heart, take this and go away, I’ve got something to handle.”

Starr (looking at the camera): “Lots of shit has happened lately, eh Crow? Wallace is on his death bed, he defended his World Champion, the AbominationZ have taken over WARPED, and soon enough, Alexander StarrZoë will be the World Champion.”

Crowbar: “...uh huh..”

Starr: “Got to say, shit is turning up for us. It’s been an interesting few weeks since we took over. We’re in full control; you’re the general manager, Treats and Fresh are the reigning Tag Team Champions, we’re keeping a hold of everything, and no one in this shit hole is in any situation to step up to us!”

Crowbar: “...yeah, hell yeah..”

Starr: “I’ve been hearing rumbles though, the whole world thinks we tried to kill Wallace, everyone thinks the AbominationZ had it out for Wallace.”

Crowbar is distracted by dancing girls, and watching “Sir” Douglas Fresh’s head bouncing up and down.

Crowbar: “...I just can’t stop coming here...”

Crowbar turns his head and watches another dancer.

Crowbar: “uh, anyway...what? oh.” Crowbar takes his focus off the dancer. “Of course they’re going to assume it was us, we’re the biggest threat this company has seen, as you said, I’m the General Manager, outside of Joey, I’ve got the most power, so people worry about that, but one of those perks is, I’ve seen the video footage...there were 5 attackers, not 4, and a fluorescent tube was used, PKAs hallmark, unless somehow PKA joined us without us knowing....or maybe we recruited Joey!”

Crowbar takes a drink of his beer and leans back.

Starr: “Talk about an overreaction, eh? I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve though, I hired some outside help to clear out names. I’ve pulled transaction records to from last Monday to prove we were out of town. No one can pin shit on us.”

Crowbar: “Excellent.”

Crowbar looks across the room to where Mr. Rottentreats and “Sir” Douglas Fresh are standing, watching dancers.

Crowbar: ”YO! AMAZING JECKEL BROTHERS! What’s your opinions on this shit they’re trying to pin on us?”

The brothers turn towards Crowbar and StarrZoe with a slight hesitation. Both approach the table and take a seat joining the other members of The AbominationZ.

Mr. Rottentreats: “...”

Douglas Fresh: “It’s a crock, a sham, a flim flam, a coup!

Crowbar: “Well put!”

Crowbar puts his hand up to order another round of drinks and pulls a cigarette and sparks up.

Douglas Fresh: “PKA just doesn’t want us here. Any of us, he’s green with envy when it comes to Alex. “

Mr. Rottentreats: “He definitely wants the CarnEvil Connection gone the proof is in the Elite pudding.”

Douglas Fresh: “And he wants you gone simply based on the fact that you have the power he claims he doesn’t want.”

Crowbar takes a swig of his fresh beer.

Crowbar: “I’m getting nostalgic now as to how we all came together, almost brings a tear to my eye. Back when PKA was the power hungry one, when he was keeping everyone down...I don’t think people realise just how long-”

He gets cut off by Mr. Rottentreats, shrugs, and downs more beer and finishes his smoke.

Mr. Rottentreats: “A-tut-tut-tut!”

Treats just now noticing the cameras points them out to StarrZoe and Crowbar.

Mr. Rottentreats: “May I?”

Crowbar looks at the camera and mouths “What the shit?” not realising they were being filmed. He looks at Treats, back to the camera, back to Treats and smirks before making a go ahead hand gesture. Treats and Dougie jump to their feet and the camera jostles until it’s just the view of the random flashing light on the ceiling.

Douglas Fresh: “If there’s two things I’ve learned visiting these fine establishments.. One, no sex in the champagne room.. Two, no cameras!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “Don’t let it happen again chump!”

The view spins around and lands parallel with the pavement of the parking lot showing Treats and Fresh re enter the club.

Four Corner Survival: Jimmy Riley vs. Mikki Dumas vs. Joanne Canelli vs. Kandi Washington written by Joey



Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED72, wrestling fans! We're live from Phoenix, Arizona, and it looks like The AbominationZ had themselves a little fun at one Kandi Washington's club earlier this week."

Kris Red: "I don't know how they can be out partying at a time like this when one of our own, William Wallace, is being held up in a hospital after being STABBED a week and a half ago outside of his hotel in Las Vegas."

Tony D: "Well I do agree with you there. Fans, if you've not kept up with us on Twitter or, World Champion William Wallace was indeed a victim of some sort of a hit and run late at night on January 28th. Apparently he, along with PKA and Hugo Strange, had decided to stay in Vegas a bit longer over the weekend and celebrate, but things went south when reportedly Wallace was outside for a smoke break and, from what he describes, five hooded, shielded people attacked him with rope to choke him and hold him down as they crushed a fluorescent light tube over his head.. and we're told that he was then stabbed in the stomach by one of the suspects when patrons of the hotel rushed out to see what the commotion was all about."

Kris Red: "I've been up there to see Wallace and he has his good days and his bad. It really is not a fun sight to see someone of that size be so weak and powerless, coughing up blood. I hope whoever it is that caused this gets what's coming to them and quite frankly I think we know who is to blame!"

Tony D: "Well the investigation is ongoing now, but we're told that William Wallace has been asked by his doctor to keep away from any straining acts for at least the next month or more, and of course that means staying out of the ring here in WARPED."

Kris Red: "I want some damn answers."

Tony D: “Oh, hold on.. We’re being told...somethings happening backstage in the Gorilla position”

Kris Red: “Ah, great! I bet I know what this is!”

A cameraman runs back through the curtain to the gorilla position, WARPEDVision kicking on, where Dunamis is seen, beaten and being held around the throat by Alexander Starrzoe. Starr lays in a few punches before Crowbar appears and lays a bat into Dunamis’ side repeatedly.

Kris Red: “Oh Come On!”

Starr lets go of Dunamis who drops to the ground instantly. Crowbar lays a bat into him a few more times before dropping it and walking up to the camera, grabbing it.


He pushes the camera backwards, sending the cameraman falling over. The sound of metal scraping is heard before the last shot shown is of a bat coming down on the camera lens.

The camera fades back to the ringside area.

Kris Red: "DO YOU SEE?? They are destroying everything!"

Tony D: "No doubt that StarrZoe and Crowbar may have just taken Dunamis out of this match. We're told that earlier today there was an attack on one Clint Andretti as well, and speculation is that it was at the hands of Starr and Crowbar."

Kris Red: "There is NO speculation, Tony D. Come the F.. come on. You know it was them."

Tony D: "Well, we first anticipated a Six Person Mayhem tonight, and then a Five Way, but it looks like we're down to four.. for now.. Let's take it to Randy Long in the ring."

Randy Long: "The opening contest is scheduled for one fall and, due to injuries suffered by two of the competitors tonight, this match will now be a Four Corner Survival! The rules are simple - two competitors are allowed in the ring at once, and while tags are encouraged, they are not necessary. Lucha/Scramble rules are in effect. If one person leaves the ring, another can legally enter!"

The fans pop.

Randy Long: "Introducing first, a GUEST STAR for tonight's show - he hails from Cleveland, Ohio and weighs in at 230 pounds - Jimmy Riley!"

The opening riff of "Four Kicks" brings several fans to their feet as they look toward the entry way. As soon as the drums kick in, Jimmy Riley bursts through the curtain, beginning a steady stride to the ring. He's wearing his regular green trunks, black knee & elbow pads, and white boots, with his lime green hoodie unzipped, hood down. On his way, he makes sure to slap the hands of fans on both sides of the aisle. Reaching ringside as the song reached the end of the first verse, he jumps up onto the apron, spinning around to look out at the crowd, a grin on his face before he jumps over the top rope and into the ring.

Randy Long: "And his opponents, first - from the Jersey Shore, weighing in at 139 pounds, she is The Don of Jersey Shore - Joanne Canelli!"

The house lights go down, as a spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entrance way, as "Run This Town" begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words "FULL BLOODED ITALIAN" is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900's, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arena's from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her bodyguards. They make their way down the ramp with Joanne in the middle with Reno and Rude on either side, and Scarpaci following behind, , talking among themselves ignoring the crowd around them. When they reach the ring, Reno holds open the ropes for her, as she slips inside, only to follow behind and stand in the middle of the ring, around her. She removes her jacket, and hands it to one of the guys, before they head out of the ring

Randy Long: "And from Sunset Valley, California - weighing in at 130 pounds and all grown up now - this is Mikki Dumas!"

"I'm a Bitch" by Meredith Brooks plays. Mikku Dumas comes out in a stroller, led by her lover, Layla Brooks. At the bottom of the ramp, Layla takes Mikki out of the stroller, and puts her on her leash, with Mikki still sucking a pacifier. She leads her to the ring and gives her a drink from her bottle, removing Mikki's pacifier, putting it in her bra.

Tony D: "I thought she grew up?!"

Kris Red: "Maybe she forgot to tell Layla that."

Randy Long: "And finally .."

"Get Naked" by Method of Mayhem hits the p.a. system as the fans raise to their feet booing and chants of "whore" begin to fill the arena. When pink and purple lights start to flash through the crowd, the velvet entrance curtains wiggle open as smoke starts to blow out from the top of the ramp as Kandi Washington appears from behind the curtains. She struts up to the top as she stands just within the smoke as she places her hands on her hips. She stares to both sides of the crowd as the smoke dies down and she's joined by her entourage Drake Knight and Ice.

Randy Long: "From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 115 pounds, she is the First Lady of Wrestling - KANDI WASHINGTON!"

Kandi is dressed in a pair of silver boy shorts, light blue backless halter top, and knee-high blocked heel boots. She has her hair pulled back in a tightly-pulled ponytail. She starts to strut down the ramp as she's smirking at the booing crowd while Drake Knight and Ice follows behind her. She makes her way to the bottom of the ramp way and turns to her left as she proceeds to the stairs. She struts up the three steel steps as she makes her way alongside the ring apron. She pauses in the middle on the outside apron, staring back at the fans as Drake Knight and Ice stand on both sides of the entrance ramp, at the bottom just glawking at the crowd. She turns back to the ropes and lowers herself under the second rope and steps over the first rope. She stands back up and struts to the middle of the ring, raising her arms above her head as she evilly smirks at the booing crowd as she walks across the ring to the corner. She turns around in the corner and leans against the turnbuckle as she lifts her foot up on the bottom turnbuckle pad. Her theme starts to fade, the lights die down, and her video fades from the screen to blackness. All that can be heard now are the fans boos.

Tony D: "Well these fans in attendance have really grown to hate Kandi Washington lately here at WARPED in record time."

Kris Red: "I really can't remember the last time someone like her came into the company and got everyone so fired up!"

Jimmy Riley looks around at all three women and shakes his head in disbelief. Mikki Dumas shimmies under the bottom rope and stands firmly in the middle of the ring, telling Jimmy to come on! He balls his fist and looks down at it and out at the fans as they chant "Hit the BABY! Hit the Baby!!" and he hesistates, and that's when she slaps the spit out of his face! The bell sounds and Riley retaliates with a spinning heel kick, but Mikki Dumas ducks under and delivers a dropkick to Riley, sending him through the ropes and down to the floor. Mikki then climbs up on the turnbuckle and leaps off onto him with a crossbody!

Tony D: "With those two out of the ring it's now perfectly legal for Kandi Washington and Joanne Canelli to enter the ring!"

Kandi and Joanne enter the ring and lock up in the center of the ring. Kandi backs Joanne against the ropes with chops to the chest and boots her in the gut before grabbing her hand and going for an irish whip but Joanne counters! Kandi bounces off the ropes and Joanne goes for a haymaker but Kandi ducks under and hits a baseball slide kick to the legs of Mikki Dumas as she was getting in the ring! Mikki tumbles down!


Kandi gets to her feet and Joanne lifts her up in a fireman's carry but Kandi slips out and grabs the back of her head and pulls her down with an inverted DDT~!

Kandi makes a cover..


Kick out!

Kandi brings Joanne to her feet but suddenly Mikki Dumas slides into the ring and jumps on Kandi's back! Kandi grabs her by the hair and flips her over and gets on top of her slamming her head against the mat! Mikki counters and now is on top of Kandi and slapping her across the face!

Tony D: "Cat Fight!!"

Joanne grabs Mikki around the waist and pulls her off, and then hits a snap German Suplex, with a bridge! But before the referee could count, Kandi stomps Joanne in the gut! She covers... but before the ref could count, Mikki pulls Kandi off of her! Kandi throws a right hand but Mikki, being much shorter, ducks under and tackles her to the mat! They begin cat fighting again! Joanne pulls Mikki away from Kandi and kicks her in the gut and delivers a right hand, backing her into the corner. Joanne now sneaks up behind Kandi as she's getting to her feet and wraps her arms around her neck with a sleeper hold! Kandi reaches out for the ropes but Joanne won't let her go! Kandi then drops down with a jawbreaker/stunner and Joanne stumbles back into the ropes. Kandi gets to her feet and charges, clotheslining her out of the ring! Kandi pumps her fists and looks to her bodyguards for approval as they both nod and applaud.

Kris Red: "It looks like Drake Knight and Ice are both very pleased with Kandi there."

Tony D: "But it looks like Joanne Canelli's bodyguards are not so happy.."

At ringside, Reno, Rude, and Scarpaci begin to make their way toward Drake Knight and Ice, who both stand their ground. The referee slides out of the ring and tells them all to stay away from each other! The trio and the duo back away and separate, but blood is boiling.

Kris Red: "I tell ya, I'd rather Kandi bring her lovely adult dancers to the ring instead of those bulky men! By the way - what ever happened with those three ladies when they took Anton and Cameron away at the last show?"

Tony D: "I'd love to tell you, but neither men mentioned anything about it in their promos!"

Kris Red: "Wow. You'd think that'd be something they'd want to mention!"

Kandi Washington turns and out of nowhere from the top comes Mikki Dumas as she takes Kandi out with a diving hurricanrana! The momentum sends Kandi toward the ropes and Drake Knight and Ice both grab her and pull her to safety at ringside.

Tony D: "The bodyguards for Kandi are definitely coming in handy tonight."

Mikki points and laughs at Kandi and Jimmy Riley slides in the ring. Mikki turns around and Riley steps up with an enziguri to the side of her head! She wobbles, grabbing the top rope to save her. He then chops her across the chest, whips her across the ring and then delivers a quick spinning heel kick! She drops to the mat and Riley covers..



Kick out!

Riley looks to his left and right, making sure nobody else was around. He then brings her to her feet and whips her into the corner. She hits it back first and he charges in with a step-up enziguri and nails that!

Tony D: "Another enziguri, this time in the corner!"

She staggers out of the corner and Riley quickly goes to the top buckle. Mikki Dumas turns around and Riley leaps off with a diving European Uppercut that nearly takes her head off! He goes into the cover..



Joanne Canelli breaks it up with a kick to the back of his head! She brings Riley up and headbutts him and Riley staggers a bit. She then goes for an irish whip, but Riley counters. Joanne then holds onto the ropes.. Riley charges but Joanne kicks off of Riley and flips over the ropes onto the apron. She then goes through the middle and top rope for a shoulderblock, but Riley kicks her in the face! He gets out on the apron with her and she holds on to the rope for dear life. Riley swings but she ducks and slaps him across the face! Riley's jaw drops and she swings again and he ducks and she spins around 180 degrees.. he grabs her and lifts her up, and while he lands on the apron, she drops to the floor off of a belly to back suplex!

Tony D: "Oh man!!! That definitely had to hurt Joanne Canelli!"

"Holy shit!" chants fill the arena as Jimmy Riley gets to his feet and smiles. The referee slips out of the ring to check on Joanne Canelli! In the ring, Kandi Washington starts to sneak up behind him, but he turns and sees her. She looks surprised and scared as she takes a couple steps back. Riley gets in the ring and he asks what she thinks she was about to do. She's on her knees begging and pleading for him to have mercy on her!

Kris Red: "There is plenty of tension between these two on the social networks and in recent promos. These two for whatever reason despise one another!"

Tony D: "And now Kandi Washington is begging Jimmy Riley to not - OHH!!! LOW BLOW!"

Kandi strikes with a low blow on Riley and before he drops to his knees he says 'you bitch!' and she stands up and smirks.. and steps out of the ring, into her corner.

Tony D: "The referee has no idea that she hit the low blow on him but for whatever reason also she isn't going for a pin here."

Kris Red: "Well for one, the ref is on the outside and two .. I got the impression in her promos this week that she wanted nothing to do with Riley tonight. Look at her, standing up in the corner, while Joanne is out on the floor and Mikki is where ever she is."

The referee slides back into the ring and asks Riley what happened. The ref looks up at Kandi, confused why she isn't in the ring. He tells her to come along and she says no thanks! The referee throws his arms up as he doesn't know what to do.

Tony D: "Well Jimmy Riley is technically legal here as he's the one in the ring but.. oh here comes Mikki Dumas!"

Dumas slides into the ring and spits over at Kandi and goes right after Jimmy Riley. Kandi gets angry and starts to get in the ring but the referee holds her back! Mikki points and laughs at Kandi, taunting her.. and turns to Riley. He's kneeling on the mat, grbabing his groin and she htis a big boot to him!

Tony D: "The Baby Boot!"

Mikki Dumas watches as Jimmy Riley pushes himself up off of the mat, seemingly ot of it. She sets him up and charges in for the jumping leg lariat she calls KMD aka Kiss My Diaper but Riley catches her, puts her in a firemans carry and then drops her down into a flapjack!

Kris Red:" Riley countered and Dumas just went face first to the mat with that flapjack!"

Riley measures Mikki Dumas off as she pushes herself up to her feet, grabbing at her nose. Riley grabs her arm and pulls her in and destroys her with a LARIAT!

Tony D: "He calls that "The Quick and The Dead"!"

Riley covers!!



Joanne Canelli reaches in and pulls Mikki Dumas out of the ring!

Tony D: "Hey!!"

Canelli gets up on the apron and she and Riley trash talk back and forth and Canelli bitch slaps Riley across the face! Riley staggers back as Canelli gets into the ring, her right hand clenched..

Tony D: "Oh she could be setting up for what she calls KISS THE RINGS!"

Riley turns and Canelli swings, but he ducks and then spins out in a corkscrew and nails a big elbow to the face and Canelli drops!

Kris Red: "Down goes Canelli! Down goes Canelli!"

Riley covers, hooking the leg!




Tony D: "Whoooa! Where did she come from?!"

Kandi Washington just punt kicked Riley in the face and now she shoves him out of the ring as he rolls to the floor. The fans boo as Kandi makes the cover on Joanne...




The bell sounds. She stands up and smiles as the fans boo her.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Kandi Washington!"

"Get Naked" by Method of Mayhem ft. Lil Kim plays as her bodyguards come in the ring and hold her up as she plays to the crowd, but all they do is boo her.

Tony D: "Kandi Washington definitely just STOLE that win there tonight and barely broke a sweat in the process!"

Kris Red: "In all fairness, the rules are that if someone leaves the ring, another can enter.. But I guess she sort of did it backward huh?!"


Backstage written by Joey

The scene opens up in a classroom here at the high school. The lights are off but the light from the street lights shines in through the windows and we see PKA seated at one of the desks.

PKA: "You've been with us for a year and a half Starr, and in that time, you've only lost two singles matches and both were against William Wallace. Tonight, I tack on a third loss and do it with ease. I will drop you on your head and I will crush your little dreams of becoming the next World Champion. Do me a favor - have Crowbar stay in the back and get ready for the beating he'll be taking at the hands of Hugo minutes after I beat you, and I'll tell Dylan and Hugo to stay away as well. Tonight, it's very fitting we're in this high school, beacuse you're about to take the test of a lifetime. Last time you scored higher than I did, but this time, it's all me.. 100%.. A plus.. Grade A, to be exact. Get ready for a Grade A ass-kicking, Starry boy.. get ready.. to fail!"

PKA sits up from the desk and pushes the chair in ever so politely. He walks past the camera and leaves the classroom as the scene fades.

In-Ring written by Tombstone

The arena lights go out completely as the crowd begins to buzz. Their murmurs soon turn to cheers as Rammstein's 'Bückstabü' begins to blare out over the system. At the :10 mark of the song, red and orange lights begin to flash, swinging toward the entrance ramp and flashing with the beat. At the :20 mark, the NEWera Television Champion, Tombstone, walks out on stage, his championship slung over his shoulder. The crowd erupts, jumping to their feet as he stands at the top of the ramp, dressed in his leather trench coat and top hat, looking around at the small crowd. His face is expressionless as he finally starts walking down the ramp, some fans headbanging to the song as he walks past them. He reaches up and grabs the top rope with one hand, easily pulling himself up on the side of the ring apron. He steps over the top rope, motioning for a microphone as the arena lights come back up and the song begins to fade. A referee hands Tombstone a microphone, which he accepts and nods in return.

He walks to the center of the ring, looking all around the arena as the crowd continues to cheer and stand on their feet. You can see the tattoos all over his face and neck and even on his hands. The tattoos on his face make out a skull, the ink stretching down to his neck and detailing muscles and veins. The tattoos on his hands are of the bones as he raises the microphone, looking back toward the entrance ramp.

Tombstone: "Before I get started, I vas told my aksent might be a bit thick and hard for all of you to undershtand. I vill be honest, I do not like havink to change how I speak just so people kan undershtand me. But I vant zee Karnival Konnektion to not have any doubt vif vhat I am about to say. So... I vill komply."

He clears his throat, tilting his head side to side and cracking his neck. His face remains expressionless as he adjusts his championship on his shoulder as the crowd begins to cheer again.

Tombstone: "Is this better? Can you understand me now? Good. Now... Tonight, I was supposed to take on the Carnival Connection with Bombtrack at my side. But Bombtrack has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. Where he is... I don't know. Nor do I care. I still came here tonight to fight the WARPED Tag Team Champions. And I was prepared to do so by myself. I am not afraid of a little challenge. But I was told I had to have a partner."

The crowd boos as he shakes his head and walks to the ring ropes, leaning on them as he continues to look up at the entrance ramp.

Tombstone: "Apparently, the Carnival Connection are a dangerous duo. Or so I'm told. For those of you that don't know me... I am Tombstone from NEWera Wrestling. This championship you see here? I have held it since last August. I debuted in NEW last June. I was undefeated for 6 months and I have lost just three matches. So believe me when I say that I would have no problem taking on two of WARPED's best. But... rules are rules and I will follow them. So Carnival Connection, you get a free pass tonight. You may rest easy. But that does not mean you are out of this just yet. You see, I have already found a replacement partner. He is not here tonight, but he will be here on the 23rd. That is when this match WILL take place. I apologize to everyone here tonight that wanted to see me in action. If I could, I would make sure all of you could be at the show of the 23rd."

The crowd cheers as he finally smiles, looking around. He pushes up his top hat a bit, the tattooed dark circles around his eyes accentuating the icy blue stare. He looks back up to the ramp, his smile slowly fading away.

Tombstone: "Now, Carnival Connection, you may be wondering who my new partner is. The person I have chosen has quickly become a good friend of mine. He also happens to be one of three people that have defeated me. I also find it to be quite fitting because two weeks ago, you two lost to a team called the UK Dragons. The man I have chosen happens to be a Dragon himself. An Irish Dragon. So... on the 23rd, you two will see me in this ring. And by my side will be 'The Irish Dragon' Eric Donovan. So I beg you now... Prepare, Carnies. You will need all the preparation you can get. Because once we step in this ring, if you have any doubts... any fears... we will see them. We will smell them. And we will exploit them. Keine Bedauern, Keine Reue. No Regret, No Remorse. And ve vill have no remorse, 'champions'."

He lowers the microphone, 'Bückstabü' beginning to play once again from the chorus. He drops the microphone, stepping over the top rope and hopping to the floor. He walks back up the ramp, nodding at fans as they reach out to him. He stands at the top of the ramp, holding his Television Championship high above his head. He turns around and walks through the curtains, the crowd on their feet and cheering.

Tag Team Match written by Kandi

Randy Long: The following contest is a tag team match and it’s scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Bushido and Justin Reyes, weighing in at a combined weight of 364 pounds… THE BROOKLYN HIT SQUAD!!

“Clutch” by Barrie Gledden begins to play as the lights go out as both men appear in ring jackets with their hoods up. Both men hit fists as they both walk down to the ring holding out their hands as they are slapped by the crowd. Both men jump on the apron and over the rope. They stand in the middle of the ring face to face beginning a shadow marital arts display against each other. It ends with both men nailing a double back flip.

Kris Red: I don’t know about this team Tony D. My mind wants me to like them, but they rub me the wrong way.

Tony D: But they’re here, so they have to put on a good show, right?

Randy Long: And introducing their opponents, they are the team of Leon Stone and Damien Baine, weighing in at a combined weight of 450 pounds… FLUX IN MOTION!!!

"Supernatural" by Monocle plays. Leon Stone and Damien Baine come out together, running down to the ring high fiving and shaking hands. They slide into the ring running from corner pumping the crowd up. The crowd chants their names and slowly the hooplah calms down, and the team retreats to their corner.

Tony D: Two men who both have a mission to be top contenders for the tag team championships.

Kris Red: Of course Tony D, any logically put together team is going to pursue the tag titles. It goes together like maple syrup and pancakes!

(ding, ding, ding)

Tony D: It looks like Justin Reyes and Damien Baine will be starting it off for their teams.

Kris Red: And they’re starting off like champs with that traditional hold in the middle.

Baine forces Reyes back against the ropes as the referee steps in between and breaks the hold. Baine breaks the hold and steps back as Reyes regroups. The two men go for another hold and this time Reyes takes Bain down to one knee with a headlock hold. Baine feels around on Reyes’ back and pushes him forward to the ropes. Reyes bounces back and Baine with a standing shoulder block. Baine runs off the side ropes and aims for an elbow drop to the chest, but Reyes rolls out of the way. As Baine is pushing up off the mat, Reyes runs off the ropes with a low dropkick to the face.

Kris Red: Ouch! Tony D did you see the impact with that low dropkick? Baine might be missing some teeth!

Tony D: Baine is still in this as he’s back up to his feet and he catches Reyes with that tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Baine jots over to the corner and tags in Stone as Leon Stone enters the ring. Stone grabs Reyes around the neck and lifts him up to his feet. He connects with a few forearm shots to the upper back as he weakens Reyes. He lifts him up off the mat, scoop slam. He follows it up with a standing leg drop across the throat. He lies over him and hooks one leg, 1 – 2 – Bushido makes the save and the referee quickly maintains the order. Stone calls in Baine as both men grab an arm of Reyes. They grab his tights and flip him over with a nice double suplex.

Tony D: Very good teamwork in this tag team match.

Kris Red: Part of being a great team is working well with your partner, Tony D!

Baine steps back out onto the apron and Stone goes for the cover, 1 – 2 – Reyes kicks out. Leon Stone gets up to his feet and he’s taunting for Justin Reyes to get up to his feet. As Reyes gets up to his feet, he’s met with a kick to the stomach and quickly taken back down with a snap DDT. Bushido is at the edge of the apron yelling for the tag as Leon Stone points to the top rope. He makes his way to the corner and hops on the second rope. He dives off and attempts a double fist drop to the head, but meets nothing but canvas with Justin rolls out of the way.

Kris Red: This is the opening Reyes needs to make a tag to his partner.

Tony D: Is there anything left in his tank?

Leon Stone is up to his feet and he’s shaking his wrist as Justin is slowly crawling to his corner. Stone grabs his ankle and slows him down, but Reyes spins around with a single-dropkick to the chest. Stone is thrown back and Reyes leaps to tag in Bushido. Stone tags Baine back in. Baine comes running in and Bushido meets him with a back body drop. Stone tries to run at him with a forearm smash, but Bushido beats him with a discus clothesline. He grabs Stone and pushes him back against the ropes, whipping him across the ring, but he reverses it. As Bushido bounces off the ropes, Baine and Stone connect with a double cutter!

Tony D: Face down on the mat and barely moving! That move will definitely slow down the opposition.

Kris Red: Here comes Justin Reyes out of his corner, but he’s met with a double chokeslam!

After hitting Reyes with that double chokeslam, he rolls over the edge of the apron as he lands on the outside ring area. Baine lifts Bushido up to his feet and whips him across the ring, into the ropes. As he bounces off the ropes, Baine lifts him up for a flapjack, and Leon Stone runs out of the corner with a cutter! He falls on the mat and Damien Baine quickly grabs both legs and hooks them.

Tony D: This one cannot be over this early!




Kris Red: And it’s OVA just like that ladies and gents!

“Supernatural” begins to replay as the fans stand to their feet cheering as they helping each other up, raising their arms in celebration.

Randy Long: Here are your winners - Leon Stone and Damien Baine… FLUX IN MOTION!!

Leon and Damien stand on the second turnbuckles with their arms up in the air as their fans cheer for them. Meanwhile, Bushido is helped out of the ring by Justin Reyes as the two starts to head for the back. Leon and Damien hop down off the turnbuckle and pat each other’s back before exiting the ring. The scene fades to the backstage area.

Backstage written by Starr/Crowbar

The scene opens with Crowbar and Alexander StarrZoë sitting in Crowbar’s office, the general manager behind his desk, his feet up and the former World Champion opposite of him, laying on a couch, throwing a tennis ball against the ceiling. Alex is aimlessly smoking his cigarette and sighing in boredom as Crowbar is lost in his paperwork. Nothing is said for a long time as Crowbar is focused on his work and Starr’s attention is fixed on the tennis ball, which he is now trying to balance on his nose. StarrZoë grows tired of his activity and dies out his cigarette, standing, and stretching out his back.

Starr: “Watch’cha workin’ on boss man?”

Crowbar: “Getting everything finalized for tonight and finishing the payouts for WARPED72.”

Starr: “Wow...uh, sounds like fun?”

Crowbar: “It’s even more boring than it sounds.”

Again, the room becomes silent as Starr falls into the chair in front of Crowbar’s desk and he sighs deeply, blowing a strand of hair out of his eyes. Starr begins to rap his knuckles on the desk before he is met with an icy glance from his stable mate. Rolling his eyes, Starr nods and stands again, pacing the room. Alex quickly becomes lost in thought, a trance broken moments later when Crowbar’s cell phone rings.

Crowbar: “Hello...yes...hmm...interesting, no, go ahead...yeah, well what happened to him was unfortunate, can’t really say it was unexpected though, Vegas does have a high crime rate! Yes...oh really?! No, I don’t think Alex knows...sure...yeah, I’ll let him know, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to find out...uh-huh...right...okay, well thanks for the heads up!”

Alexander StarrZoë has taken a seat in front of the desk again and his eyes are wide in anticipation of some much needed excitement. After hanging up the phone, Crowbar closes the lid of his laptop and turns his attention to Starr.

Crowbar: “Now that that’s all finished and out of the way...did you hear who tried to pay the World Champ a visit in the hospital?”

Starr: “Uh...who?!”

Crowbar: “His very own father.”

Starr: “Aw man, come on, I thought you were going to tell me something I cared about. Of course Papa Sheep-Fucker showed up to check in on his kid, the guy almost died!”

Crowbar: “That’s where it gets interesting. Turns out that Wallace and his father don’t exactly see eye to eye. The dad doesn’t agree with his son’s career choice. It would seem that the older Scotsman flew here, checked to see if his kid was still breathing, found out Wallace was alive, but asleep at the time, shrugged his shoulders, and flew back home. All within hours.”

Starr tilts his head in intrigue, soaking in the news.

Starr: “Oh, really? Well, this is a turn of events, hmm? So William and his father don’t get along, is that right? Maybe I should get a first hand account of their disagreement. We’re positive that the guy was there? And we’re positive that he’s the dad?”

Crowbar: “Yep, my sources tell me he was booked on a flight from Glasgow to Vegas and straight back only after stopping and checking in on William. At that point in the night, only immediate family was able to see him, so the hospital would have had to check IDs.”

StarrZoë is nodding his head excitedly.

Starr: “After this show, I’m going on a little bit of a trip. I’m going to need you to book me a ticket to Glasgow, first class will do nicely. It’s a business expense of course, so I expect WARPED to pay for it.”

Crowbar: “Where do you expect me to that get that kind of money on short notice?!”

Starr’s glance slowly shifts to the desk, where a pile of envelopes rests, marked with the names of various members of the roster and then to a shredder next to Crowbar’s desk.

Starr: “What were you saying earlier? Something about the paychecks for the last event? Has everyone been paid?”

Crowbar: “No, neither eLIte or The Brooklyn Hit Squad have gotten their checks yet, why?”

Without another word, Starr quickly grabs the envelopes from the desk and feeds them, one after the other, into the shredder, making the four paychecks disappear.

Starr: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you, what was that? Did you say that The Brooklyn Hit Squad and eLIte lost their checks in the mail?”

Crowbar: “I suppose so, the post office can be so unreliable these days...”

The scene fades.

Evolution Championship REMATCH: Anton Chase(c) vs. Cameron MacNichol written by Kandi

Tony D: This is a much anticipated rematch for the Evolution Championship, Kris. You have to believe the former champion Cameron is going to be bringing his A-game.

Kris Red: Tony D like I have said a thousand times, we are going to be seeing red in this one. These two men have built such a dislike for each other and it’s completely surrounding that championship.

“Get Naked” hits the sound system as the fans stand to their feet as everybody knows what those lyrics bring.

Tony D: Oh Lord, what is this harlot coming out here for?

Kris Red: I think you know the answer for that question Tony D and I wouldn’t mind having her to stare at.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the ring at this time—she is the self-proclaimed First Lady of WARPED Wrestling… The Queen of Professional Wrestling… MISS KKKKAAAANNNNDDDDIIII WASSSSHHHHINNNNGGGTTOOONNN!!

She struts down the ramp in a short, one-sleeve black cocktail dress and her black heels that strap around the ankles as she fiddles with her hair, ignoring the fans who boo her as she passes by them. She makes her way down to the ringside area and walks around the ring as she makes her way over to the commentary booth. Tony and Kris stand to greet her as she takes a seat beside Tony. She places a headset on as her music ends.

Tony D: What brings you out here?

Kandi Washington: I’m out here to enjoy the title match and to see who it will be defending the championship on WARPED-73, but not against me of course. I am more of a pay-per view title challenger.

Kris Red: Yeah? That’s great news! My money is on Anton myself!

Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one falls and it is for the Evolution Championship. Introducing first, billed from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 200 pounds, and standing in at 6 feet and he is the Evolution Champion... Annnntooonnnn Chhhaaassseeee!!

Kandi rolls her eyes as “Faint” By Linkin Park blasts over the p.a. system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase with his title around his waist makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and after unfastening his title, he raises his hand with the title in it to the air as he catches notice of Kandi at ringside. Kandi stares up at him with a devious smirk on her face.

Tony D: It looks like he’s saying you will never be Evolution Champion Kandi.

Kris Red: I would be more concerned with the backup she comes to the ring with.

Kandi Washington: He’s all talk and no action or else he would have been a REAL champion and put it up against me!

Randy Long: And introducing the challenger, billed from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 220 pounds, standing in at 6 feet 2 inches.... Caaammmeeerrrooonnnn MaaacccNiiicchhhoollll!!

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder. Anton hands the title over to the referee as he stands in between the two with it above his head.

Kris Red: This is what it’s all for Tony D. The winner walks away with that precious championship!

Tony D: You can bet Cameron wants to regain that championship title belt.

Kandi Washington: We find out who the better man is tonight!

(ding, ding, ding)

Tony D: These two men are starting off this match and it is starting with a traditional lock up in the middle of the ring.

Kris Red: Cameron manages to get the upper hand though as he takes Anton Chase down with a nice side snapmare, locking in a side headlock sleeper.

Kandi Washington: Nice? It’s amateur if you ask me.

Anton forces Cameron to break the hold with a leg scissors around the neck. Cameron pushes out of the leg scissors and both men rush to their feet, but Anton is up first as he meets Cameron with a dropkick to the chest. Cameron rolls up to his feet and Anton bounces off the ropes and meets Cameron with a flying clothesline. Cameron kneels up off the mat as Anton goes for a shining wizard, but Cameron rolls out of the way. Anton stands to his feet and he’s met with a kick to the midsection, snap suplex.

Kris Red: Nice snap suplex from the challenger!

Kandi Washington: Anton sure knows a lot about being on his back, hm boys?

Tony D: Um yeah I guess and Cameron goes for a pin to only get a long one.

Anton leans up off the mat and Cameron runs behind him with a hard soccer kick to his spin. He leans down to pick up Anton off the mat as he locks in a tight headlock. Anton starts connecting with multiple jabs to the kidneys as he forces Cameron to break the hold, but clenches Cameron around the waist as he rams him back first into the corner. He leans back and attempts a shoulder thrust, but Cameron hops up on the second rope, then around Anton as he rolls him up with a sunset flip.

Kris Red: And he only gets a two count!

Tony D: Very good counter, wouldn’t you agree Kris?

Kandi Washington: I hardly consider a lucky counter good, but you wouldn’t know good or talented if it smacked you across the face.

Tony D: You're quite the bi-

Kris Red: Big time player in WARPED, right?

It looks as if Cameron is going for the clothesline from hell, but Anton hops up off the mat with a high knee to the chin of Cameron. Cameron stumbles back and holds his chin as Anton grabs him and begins repeatedly connecting with knee strikes to the midsection.

Kris Red: Cameron is getting the air knocked right out of him!

Anton pushes Cameron away and as Cameron kneels over clenching his stomach, Anton runs off the ropes behind him. As he bounces off the ropes, he’s caught by Cameron with a huge snap powerslam and he goes for the cover, 1 – 2 – Anton Chase gets the shoulder up off the canvas!

Tony D: We could have had ourselves a new champion, folks!

Cameron stands up with Anton’s head in grip as he whips Anton into the ropes. As Anton bounces off the ropes, he catches Cameron with a head scissors takedown. When Cameron kneels up off the mat, Anton charges and connects with the enzuigiri to the head. Cameron falls over and Anton quickly goes for the cover, 1 – 2 – Cameron gets a shoulder up this time.

Kandi Washington: Oh so close, yet so far away!

Tony D: I’d like to see you kick out of that.

Anton gets up to his feet as he’s helping Cameron up to his feet as he’s getting some heat from this Phoenix’s crowd. He looks to be going for a swinging inverted neckbreaker, but as he attempts it, Cameron pushes him toward the ropes. He turns around and Cameron surprises him with a short run spear! Anton clenches his midsection as Cameron falls on all fours.

Kris Red: He nearly broke the champion in half with that spear!

Tony D: It’s back to being anybody’s game.

Anton gets up to his feet, still clenching his stomach as Cameron is using the ropes up to his. Anton staggers over to Cameron, but Cameron turns around with a jab to the side of Chase’s face. He whips Chase into the corner, but Anton hops on the second rope and leaps off the turnbuckle with a second rope cross body. He hooks the legs, 1 – 2 – Cameron kicks out. Cameron gets up to his feet and Anton kicks him in the midsection, swinging inverted neckbreaker!

Kris Red: The Chase Factor!

Tony D: He may have snapped his neck with that one!

Kandi Washington: He’s going for the cover like a smart little boy.

Kris Red: TWO COUNT! Cameron managed to kick out of the Chase Factor!

Kandi Washington: What a slow count, ref!

Tony D: Anton is looking to go for a sharpshooter, but Cameron manages to kick him off and Anton is thrown through the second rope.

Kris Red: This one is spilling out of the ring Tony D! This is no man’s land!

Anton is crawling toward the barricade as he helps himself up while Cameron rolls out of the ring. He grabs the back of Anton’s hair and Anton with elbows to the sternum. Cameron breaks the hold and attempts to whip Cameron into the ring post, but Cameron reverses it—sending Anton Chase into the steel stairs.

Tony D: Shoulder first into the unforgiving steel of those steps!

Kris Red: Better his shoulder than Cameron’s face into that ring post!

Cameron grabs Anton, who’s clenching his shoulder, and tosses him back in the ring. Cameron and reenters as well and rolls him over, 1 – 2 – Anton kicks out. He is first to his feet as he helps Anton up to his feet. He whips him across the ring and runs off the opposite side. As he races to meet Anton in the middle, Anton ducks under his clothesline attempts, and runs off the other end. As Cameron turns around, Anton takes him down with a flying lariat. Cameron rolls up to his feet and Anton lifts him up with a quick fireman carry slam. He leans down and locks in a sleeper hold with leg scissors. Cameron wiggles around the mat as Anton tightens in the hold. The referee kneels down as he sees if Cameron wants to quit, which he refuses. The fans are behind Cameron as he continues to fight the hold.

Kandi Washington: Oh come on Anton, show me why you’re the champion and make him tap out!

Tony D: You need to realize these men have studied and wrestled against each other for months now and it’s not rocket science that they know the other well.

Kris Red: Will you to shut up!? Cameron has just lifted up off the mat with Anton on his back! He just rammed Anton Chase into the corner!

After running backwards into the corner with Anton on his back, Anton slides off his back and slouching in the corner. Cameron turns around and starts connecting with kicks to the midsection as he beats Anton Chase down into a seated position. He steps back to the middle of the ring and he charges at the corner with a knee strike to the face. Anton withers to the mat as Cameron pulls him away from the ropes; he covers, 1 – 2 – Anton gets a shoulder up and Cameron is beside himself.

Kris Red: Seeing red! Seeing red! Anton Chase’s nose has been busted open!

Tony D: That knee strike must have been a harder impact than we thought.

Cameron leans down to pick him up, but he surprises Cameron with a big small package, and only gets a two count as Cameron kicks out. Cameron is first to his feet and Anton shortly follows. The two men reach in the middle and connect with a lock up, but Anton sneaks in with a two thumb to the eyes of Cameron. He grabs him from behind and delivers a releasing German suplex.

Kandi Washington: Cameron’s neck surely has to be broken after that move.

Kris Red: Yeah and Anton just noticed he’s bleeding from his nose.

Anton wipes his hand underneath his nose and walks over to Cameron as he rolls him over. He kneels at his side and starts pounding away with closed fists to the face. The referee starts yelling at Anton to break the hold and he’s getting more heat from the crowd. The referee starts the count, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – Anton breaks the hold and then he goes right back to the relentless punching. 1 – 2 – 3 – The referee grabs Anton and pulls him off of Cameron. Anton is arguing with the referee as Cameron is using the ropes to get up to his feet. Anton pushes the referee aside and runs at Cameron, but Cameron takes him down with a drop toe hold on the second rope. Cameron gets up and runs across the ring as he runs over to Anton; jumping on his back with a leg one guillotine.

Kandi Washington: I have seen enough!

Kandi throws off the headsets and walks out from behind the commentary table.

Tony D: Where is that harlot going!?

Kris Red: If only her dress was a little higher!

She climbs up on the ring apron and taps Cameron over his shoulder. Cameron is distracted by Kandi Washington who’s teasing him by pretending to take off the top of her dress. As the referee is yelling for her to get off the apron, Anton Chase is getting up off the mat. Anton Chase walks over to Cameron and spins him around, but Cameron nearly beheads him with a clothesline. As Kandi acts as if she is going to enter the ring, the referee is restraining her. Cameron leans down to pick up Anton, but Anton gets him with an eye gouge to help him get up to his feet.

Tony D: Kandi just helped Anton in a big way. Can he capitalize!?

Kris Red: We will see and I knew she had something to do with this match!

As Cameron tries to regroup from the eye gouge, Anton Chase gives him little time as he grabs him with a belly to back hold and delivers an inverted mat slam!

Kris Red: The Chaos Theory!

Tony D: This could be the end.

Anton covers as Kandi gets off the mat and starts to walk around the ring, heading to the entrance ramp.




Kris Red: And this one it’s OVA!

(ding, ding, ding)

Tony D: That little harlot has a lot of explaining to do!

Kris Red: Oh I am sure she will give us a mouthful next week. Haha!

Randy Long: Here is your winner by via pin-fall and STILL WARPED Wrestling Evolution Champion… Annntooonnnn Chhhaaassseee!!

“Faint” hits the p.a. system as there’s a mixed reaction from the crowd as he kneels up when the referee walks over to the ropes to get the title. He walks back and hands it to the champion as Anton stands to his feet with it above his head.

Kris Red: We will see if he’ll still be champion after WARPED-73 when he has another challenge ahead of him in that of Leon Stone!

Tony D: And I hope that one will not include Kandi Washington on commentary. God!

Anton Chase stands on the second turnbuckle with his title displayed high in the air as the scene fades to the backstage area.

Grudge Match: Alexander StarrZoe vs. PKA written by Wallace, pre-match written by Starr/Joey


Randy Long: “The following match-up is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Philadelphia, PA, weighing in at 237lbs...ALEXANDER STARRZOE!”

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the boos of the fans. StarrZoë bad mouths the fans as they scream and curse at him. He swaggers into the ring and rips the microphone from Randy Long’s hand.

Starr: “After recent events here in WARPED, namely the World Champion William Wallace being stabbed with a light tube, people have begun to point fingers...UNJUSTLY I might add! Many here in this promotion have accused the AbominationZ of attempting to not only harm, but possibly MURDER William Wallace. I want to be the World Champion, I want nothing more in this world than to have that title around my waist, but I would never go as far as to kill a person. The AbominationZ are not inhumane monsters, we have gone far in the past to make an example out of someone, case and point, William Wallace last month, but we would never even CONSIDER murder!”

Tony D: “Starr is out here pleading his case to these people.”

Starr: “I’ve heard a lot of rumblings lately about how my associates and I have already been tried and damned for actions that were not ours. To prove our innocence, I have been doing a bit of investigation of my own. Together with Treats, Fresh, and Crowbar, we’ve pulled credit card statements...”

StarrZoë pauses and withdraws from his boot two folded pieces of paper.

Starr: “These statements prove that we had long left Las Vegas before Wallace was attacked. Wallace was attacked on Monday early morning, our last charge in Vegas was Friday night at 3:00am when Treats stopped at 7-11 and bought a Dutch Master! Through a bit a professional help however, a well known private eye, a bit of information has come to light. Now since I’m a rational human being, unwilling to ruin other’s reputations by jumping the gun, I invite my opponent, Patrick Kay Anthony, to come out here and explain himself. Pat, it would be best if you brought your own statements as well, proof to back up what I’m sure will be an enlightening explanation.”

The opening beats of Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) hits the PA System. WARPEDVision shows a flame start to burn as the lyrics kick in..

Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh

B-Be careful making wishes in the,, dark-dark
Can’t be sure when it hit that mark-mark
And besides in the mean, mean time
I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart (ah!)
I’m in the deep details with the devil
From underworld can never get me on my level
I just gotta get you up the cage
On my young, lovers rage, gonna need a spark to ignite

My songs know what you did in the dark
So light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
I’m on fi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

PKA’s face appears on the WARPEDVision with the flame still burning on the screen and he bursts out from the entrance to a roaring of cheers from the crowd!

Kris Red: “New music and all, PKA is back!”

Tony D: “And this crowd is on their feet!”

PKA pumps his fists and feverishly extends his arms out in a crucifix, letting out a loud “LET’S GOOOO!” as he does it.

Randy Long: “And his opponent - from Wichita, Kansas - weighing in at 201 pounds - The Ultraviolent Perfectionist, “Grade A” P.. K.. A!”

PKA makes his way down the aisle, slapping the hands of fans along the way. He grabs a microphone from the announce table and walks up the ring steps, looking out at the fans with a smirk on his face as they cheer him on. He hops over the top rope and jumps onto the turnbuckle, putting his arms out in a crucifix once more and leaning his head back, soaking in the cheers. He hops down from the turnbuckle and gives the ‘cut it’ sign with his hand to his neck.

PKA: “Cut.. my fucking.. music!”

The music quickly stops and PKA leans up against the corner, keeping his eyes on StarrZoe.

PKA: “First of all let me just say that it’s great to be back and it’s so damn good to have some wrestling gear on instead of that damned suit! Now come on don’t get me wrong I made it look damn good but the ladies love to see a little skin when I come out here so come on!”

The ladies in the crowd swoon. He rolls his eyes and smirks.

PKA: “Alex, man. I could come out here and say that I never thought you had it in ya and that you turned your back on the fans and all of that nonsense, but the fact of the matter is that what you did at Not So Silent Night was not the beginning of your turn, no-no. You started that months and months ago. You’ve always been an asshole who was only in the business for himself and you’re not fooling anybody now just like you weren’t fooling them then. You’re out here talking about The AbominationZ like it’s a family of great people when all you’ve ever been is a lone wolf so how long is it until you stab them in the back just like one of you punks stabbed Wallace, eh?”

Starr: “I’m sorry, are you drunk again Patrick? I just told you, I’m not the one that stabbed William, you are. You’re a heartless bastard that realized as well as everyone else that once I won the World Championship from William in March, you would have no one to latch onto to make you your money. You thought ending it all early would let you play the sympathy card and cash in on a dead man’s memory, that’s the real story behind this. Come on Pat, show the world the evidence we both know you have. Don’t claim your innocence when you know if you show these people your own statements as I have with mine, it proves where you were and when!”

The fans begin to chant “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” clap, clap, clap-clap-clap at Starr. PKA smirks and points at the fans.

PKA: “Clearly they are sick and tired of hearing you go on and on. Allow me to show you something up on the brand new sparkly WARPEDVision that will prove my innocence.”

Starr: “I don’t want to hear it and either do these people. While your ‘friend’ was dying in the hospital, you were out gambaling. Don’t look confused or shocked, you always were a shitty actor. You tried to kill William Wallace and set me up to take the fall. Now all these people know what Korrupt, Crowbar, and I already do; you’re a backstabbing, low-life coward with no loyalty to anyone but yourself and your bank account. You’re a prick Pat, you always have been. You tried to play innocent when all along, you’ve been the one that caused this mayhem. I hope whatever sick and demented pleasure you got from all of this was worth it, because now, you’re nothing to these people but a murder. I will be doing the world a favor tonight when I put you out of your misery. You belong behind bars you heartless monster, you twisted fuck!”

PKA mocks Starr, moving his hand up and down like a mouth constantly talking. He brings the microphone up to his mouth.

PKA: “Are you DONE yet? Look, you can talk about your credit card statements and my credit card statements all you want but tell me this - why are MINE missing? I’ve been stuck borrowing cash from Wallace the past week because suspiciously MINE disappeared. I think YOU had something to do with that and you’re trying to pin it on me!”

Starr: “I don’t want to hear it Pat, no one believes you. Just like we don’t believe that you can win this match. Show these people that at least you’re not a liar when you say you can wrestle. Stop hiding behind the suit and tie, lets get, show these people you still have at least SOME talent left. Drop the microphone and lets fight.”

Alexander StarrZoë drops his microphone, waiting for his opponent’s next move.

PKA: “Well, finally you’re done, eh? Allow me to show you some footage. Please - “

PKA points to WARPEDVision and the fans all look.

The scene opens up to a black and white shot from a surveillance camera on the side of Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The camera is about two stories up, pointing down at the entrance of the building.

We then see a familiar face - that of William Wallace - as he walks out in his street clothes. He looks to be packing cigarettes, and he lights up and starts smoking. He kicks around the dirt. It's late at night, and not as many people are around as he puffs away at his cigarette.

At the bottom of the camera shot walks five bodies, all in black hoodies with their hoods up, and their backs to the camera. Two of them grab the arms of Wallace and another looks to put something around his neck and hold him in place while the other two get in front of him. The camera is so high up and they are in a dark part of the area, so that the faces look to be distorted. One of the hooded men then crushes something long and glass-like over the head of Wallace, looking like a flourescent light tube. That person then hands over the bottom of the light tube over to the person next while Wallace tries to escape the hold of the three people holding him. Suddenly the person with the object lunges forward at Wallace and Wallace doubles over.

People come running out of the hotel, waving their arms and pointing, trying to get help, as the five hooded people run off. Wallace drops to his knees and looks to grab at his stomach. He lays on his side in the fetal position as people rush over to check on him.

The scene now fades to PKA as he looks over at Starr with judging eyes.

PKA: “So, please explain your way out of that one. That has AbominationZ written all over it.”

Starr picks up the microphone at his feet, enraged at the accusations.

Starr: "You dusional fuck! Can you even count? There's five people in that footage and only four members of the AbominationZ! If that's not enough, how can you prove a damn thing from that video except that Wallace was attacked? I know you're hiding something and your unwillingness to disclose your financial as the AbominationZ have, the INNOCENT party in all of this, just re-confirms that notion. I will expose you as a liar Pat. I'll show all of these people the real you."

Without warning, Alexander, in one swift motion, boots PKA in the stomach and lays out the doubled over Ultraviolent Perfectionist with a strike to his temple with the microphone!

Tony D: "Whoa! Look out!"

The referee gets between both men, separating them. He calls for the bell!


Tony D: The Talking is over the bell has rung, this match is now underway.

Kris Red: Which means it is only a matter of time before PKA is in the hospital a long side William Wallace if things go the AbominationZ way..

Both men meet in the center of the ring as they go for the tie-up PKA avoid and immediately puts StarrZoe into a reverse waist lock, Starr however rolls over onto his side and taking to the mat cause PKA to release the hold but PKA quickly dropkicks StarrZoe as he was coming back to his feet. PKA showing his speed hits the ropes and comes back looking for a quick leg drop on StarrZoe but Starr avoids the contact springing back to his feet. Starr looks for a round house kick to the face of PKA, PKA this time is the one to avoid the contact as he lies down on the mat. Both men get back to their feet and realise they are at a stale mate.

Tony D: Great quick fire opening to the match but neither man has landed any real contact with the other.

Kris Red: Starr is just taking his time.. but PKA knows what he's doing. We were hanging earlier this week and he got a bit over whelmed it seemed, but I've known him for over a decade; he can go to a place and get focused.

Both men circle the ring as they try to come up with a new plan. They look to tie-up again but it was a fake, from both, and they end up kicking each other in the gut. Starr charges towards PKA looking for the clothesline, PKA takes advantage of the outstretched arm and looks for the crucifix pin attempt but Starr won’t go down. He swings PKA off and back to his feet. PKA takes a step back before charging at Starr who this time picks PKA up over his head and drops him face first to the mat before immediately hitting a standing moonsault!

Kris Red: WOW! StarrZoe is really turning it on now.

Tony D: Advantage Starr, now what can he do with it.

PKA slowly making his way back up as Starr is celebrating his achievement. Starr turns and sees PKA moving and charges at him but PKA takes him down with the drop toe hold. PKA immediately hits the ropes and comes back with a low drop kick catching Starr in the face! PKA tries to roll Starr over looking for the cover, but Starr quickly rolls out of the ring.

Tony D: Starr to the outside, trying to regroup now.

Kris Red: He is just trying to get inside the head of PKA, it is all about the mind games Tony D.

Starr walks around the ring; PKA is taunting him to get back in. PKA even takes a step back allowing him space to re-enter the ring which Starr eventually does. Both men again circle the ring before meeting in the center. This time they do enter the tie-up but not for long as PKA goes behind, Starr then does a standing switch as he now puts the waist lock on PKA. PKA quickly out into an arm bar but Starr rolls through and kicks up back to his feet releasing the pressure and now putting an arm bar of his own on PKA. PKA this times is the one who rolls through and gets out, Starr goes looking again but PKA reverses and takes Starr down with a northern lights suplex, with a bridge.



Tony D: NO! Starr kicks out but what a combination of moves that built up to that point.

Kris Red: Starr has to move up a couple of gears, he is taking it too easy on PKA just now.

Tony D: I just think PKA is proving to be a worthy opponent.

Starr is back on his feet almost instantly and looking very unimpressed. PKA charges towards Starr looking to keep up his momentum, Starr takes him down with the arm drag, and another before keeping him down with a spinning heel kick catching PKA right on the jaw. PKA slowly gets back to his feet and Starr quickly takes him back down with a Belly to Belly slam. Starr looking for the pin now.




Tony D: Starr really trying to turn the screw now and not allow PKA any more near Falls, he has control in this match now.

Kris Red: And that's smart by Starr!

Starr picks PKA up and sends him into the corner with the Irish whip. Starr in on top of him and clotheslines him against the turnbuckles. Starr send PKA from corner to corner, again star charges towards PKA but this time PKA manages to get out of the way and Starr goes chest first into the turnbuckles. Starr staggers out of the corner as PKA hits the ropes and takes Starr down with the running bulldog. PKA hits the ropes again as Starr is getting up. PKA comes back and plants Starr back to the matt with the Shining Wizard.

Tony D: PKA almost took StarrZoe’s head off with that Shining Wizard!

PKA drags Starr back to his feet by the hair and grabs him in a front face lock. PKA the plants him with the Lifting DDT!

Tony D: The P-Krusher, this one could be over right here.

PKA rolls Starr up looking for the cover again.




Tony D: Starr kicks out, just in the nick of time.

Kris Red: Not many people can say they've kicked out of a P-Krusher!

Tony D: But not many people are the same caliber as Starr is!

PKA can’t believe it. He holds his head in his hands. Starr is moving but very slowly. He is trying to stand up but keeps falling back to the mat, before finally using the ropes to get up. The referee keeps PKA back as he checks on the health of Starr, but Starr just pushes the referee away and he drops to the mat. Starr is back up with the help of the ropes and PKA comes exploding out of his corner looking for a superkick…Starr ducks and avoids the contact and plants PKA with the inverted DDT! All three men in the ring now lie motionless including the referee.

Tony D: This is getting a little out of hand, the official is even down after that shove from StarrZoe.

Kris Red: We're at the tipping point, Tony D! This crowd is hot for this match!

The fans start a slow building clap, encouraging the men to get to their feet. After a few moments both men get back to their feet slowly. PKA is first quickly followed by Starr. PKA wanting to capitalise before it is too late charges towards StarrZoe, but Starr picks him up and plants him with the Samoan Drop! PKA gets back up again, Star takes him down with a big round house kick, but again PKA gets back to his feet. Starr picks him up onto his shoulder and plants him with the TKO!

Kris Red: PKA gets dropped with the TKO!!

Starr goes to make a cover, but stops..


Tony D: But there is no referee to make a count!

Starr goes over to the referee and gives him a shake trying to wake him up. PKA slowly gets back to his feet as StarrZoe now waits in anticipation. Starr from behind now grabs PKA and hits a releasing German Suplex sending PKA half way across the ring and landing right on his neck.

Kris Red: Ooh!! That didn't look pretty.

Tony D: Starr is strutting around the ring looking proud of himself taunting these fans and laughing at the fallen PKA. PKA hasn’t moved; this could be bad.

Starr isn’t finished yet though as he makes his way to the top rope, he is signalling to the fans for thr 450 splash.

Tony D: This could be it if Starr nails this move!

Starr off the top with the 450 Splash…


PKA some home manages to get out of the way at the last second by grabbing the bottom rope and pulling himself back.

Kris Red: How the…What… What!

Tony D: PKA manages to avoid the Rising Starr, and it has left my colleague speechless. We might finally get some peace around here.

Kris Red: Check out the quickness and athleticism by PKA!

PKA rolls out onto the ring apron as Starr staggers up to his feet holding his stomach. Starr stumbles to the middle of the ring, PKA re-enters the ring with a springboard DDT

Tony D: Oh man!

....…No! Starr tries to counter into a Northern no avail as PKA hits the front flip DDT!

Tony D: P-KRUSHER III!!! PKA could have this match won here.

Kris Red: Back and forth they went and PKA with that amazing front flip DDT!

PKA into the cover hooking both legs as the crowd are on their feet counting along.




Tony D: PKA has done it! He has beaten Alexander StarrZoe! He's done what only one man has been able to do in singles competition, and that's defeat Starr!

Kris Red: This is HUUUUUGE for PKA! And BAD for Starr!

Tony D: These fans are on their feet and I guarantee the AbominationZ won’t be too pleased with this.

The fans are on their feet cheering! PKA stands up and puts his arms out in a crucifix and begins laughing like a maniac! The referee raises his arm in the air as "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by Fall Out Boy hits the PA System!

Randy Long: The winner of the match…PKA!!

PKA staggers back to the corner and drops to the mat. He pushes his hair out of his face as he continues to chuckle to himself. PKA tilts his head to the side, looking at Starr in the eyes as Starr tries to roll himself over. Starr's eyes are in the back of his head as PKA mockingly waves at him. PKA grabs the ropes and pulls himself under the bottom and down to the floor. He bows, and puts his arms out in a crucifix once more as he backs up the aisle.

WARPEDVision written by CCNX

The house lights die down and WARPEDVision lights up with a rather dapper looking CarnEvil Connection. Mr. Rottentreats is standing to the left of his younger brother "Sir" Douglas Fresh. The view of the duo is tight so the hustle and bustle of their surroundings aren't as noticeable. Treats clears his throat.

Mr. Rottentreats: "Sorry we couldn't be there to witness what is sure to be a great show in Phoenix.."

Douglas Fresh: "We've got a few things we have to take care of.."

Mr. Rottentreats: "A couple parties to crash if ya weel, brudda."

Douglas Fresh: "Oh we most definitely will!"

Mr. Rottentreats: "I hear FRONTIER is having a party in Wales."

Douglas Fresh: "I hope you like your surprise, Little Miss Laurel. After all, you can't have a homecoming without cake can you?"

Mr. Rottentreats: "Now if you'll excuse us.. We have a flight to catch. Good luck scraping yourself off the canvas tonight Hugo!"

Main Event: TIC TAC TORTURE Match- Hugo Strange vs. Crowbar written by Joey

Barbwire is on the mat in a Tic Tac Toe style, making up 9 squares of mat but plenty of dangerous barbwire to avoid. The ropes are removed and barbwire has replaced them. On each corner is a pole with a tazer hanging from it. At ringside, there are chairs set up side by side, trash cans, ladders, and who knows what else.

Randy Long: "The following contest is your main event of the evening and is the first ever TIC.. TAC.. TORTURE MATCH! Introducing fir-

There is a commotion heard at ringside!

Tony D: "Nobody wants to wait for official introductions apparently!"

The camera then shows Crowbar up against the guardrail, grabbing his back. Hugo Strange is then shown as he grabs a couple of the chairs from ringside and hurls them into the ring. He grabs the ladder and tosses it in as well as Crowbar starts to come after him.

Kris Red: "These two have had bad blood for a few months now and it all really got worse when Crowbar and the rest of AbominationZ targetting PKA, who Hugo defends because PKA gave him a chance when nobody else would!"

Crowbar folds up a chair and drives it into the gut of Hugo and tosses it into the ring. Hugo now charges and grabs Crowbar around the waist and drives him back-first into the barricade and onto a chair! Hugo backs up and then drives his boot into the face of Crowbar!


Hugo Strange pulls Crowbar away but Crowbar kicks him in the gut and drives him face-first off of the barricade. Crowbar now looks under the ring and pulls out a ladder and pushes it into the ring and grabs a trashcan and tosses it over. Hugo comes up from behind and slams his face off of the ring apron and then tries to push Hugo's face into the bottom strand of barbwire but Hugo Strange elbows him in the gut and tries to push Crowbar into the ring but Crowbar cautiously avoids the barbwire as much as possible.

Crowbar slips into the ring but barbwire catches his shoulder and he pulls it off as quickly as possible and gets up to his feet. Hugo slips through the ropes, the barbwire catching on his shirt on the way in. He gets up and Crowbar delivers a right hand but Hugo blocks it and kicks Crowbar in the gut.. Irish whip into the corner! Hugo charges in and hits a splash in the corner and Crowbar drops to the mat. Hugo backs up, pointing at Crowbar and measuring him off. He starts running toward the ropes, then stops himself as he remembers there are none.. and he turns back and charges in and hits a boot to the face!

Kris Red: "You're lookin' a lil dirty there, Crowbar, how bout a face wash!"

Crowbar is stunned there in the corner as Hugo Strange holds two fingers up and the fans cheer for a second one! He backs up and charges in, hitting a second face wash!!

Tony D: "Hugo Strange is putting it to Crowbar now!!"

The fans cheer as Hugo Strange raises his arms! He holds up three fingers and they cheer!

Kris Red: "He's got a third time in mind!"

Hugo then grabs the trashcan and puts it up against Crowbar's lifeless body. Hugo almost gets tripped up by the barbwire on the mat, but he continues backing up. He then charges at Crowbar but Crowbar hurls the trashcan into the face of Hugo!!

Tony D: "I think Hugo Strange took too long there!"

Kris Red: "He got caught up in that barbwire on the mat!"

Hugo staggers back as Crowbar gets to his feet and kicks him int he stomach, lifts him up and bodyslams him onto an intersection of barbwire!! The crowd lets out an OOOOH as the impact happens.

Tony D: "Oh man!! Bodyslam on the barbwire!!"

Crowbar with a cover..



Kick out!

Crowbar now sets up one of the chairs in the middle of the ring and brings Hugo up to his feet, the barbwire sticking to his shirt as he gets up. Crowbar whips him toward the barbwire ropes but Hugo puts on the breaks and shakes his head, and he turns around and right into a drop toehold into the chair!

Tony D: "Hugo quickly avoided that barbwire but he turns around and suffers nonetheless!"

Kris Red: "Shades of Raven there as Crowbar uses the chair to his advantage."

Crowbar picks up the trashcan as Hugo gets to his feet, blood trickling from his forehead. Crowbar puts the trashcan on the mat and sets Hugo up for a vertical suplex but Hugo drops to a knee. Crowbar goes for it again but Hugo drops to a knee once more. He then starts pounding Hugo over the back to try and soften him up! Crowbar sets him up for the suplex once more but Hugo quickly counters and they do a standing switch, and Hugo hits a Full Nelson Slam onto the trashcan!

Tony D: "The Moose Bomb onto that trashcan there!"

Hugo Strange now looks up at one of the tazers and starts to go up for one, climbing up the top.

Kris Red: "Hugo wants to get a tazer!!"

Hugo grabs onto the tazer and pulls it from its hook just as Crowbar drives a ladder into his lower back! The tazer drops down at ringside.

Tony D: "Oh man, Crowbar with that ladder shot to the back!"

Kris Red: "Hugo lost the tazer!"

Crowbar then quickly sets the ladder up in a corner and goes back to Hugo who uses the pole to hold himself up. Crowbar then climbs up, and sets Hugo up for a belly to back suplex, He lifts him up but then plants him crotch first onto the top of the barbwire rope!!! Hugo lets out a scream as the fans chant HOLY SHIT holy shit!!!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness!!!"

Hugo's body is now dangling by threads connected to the barbwire and he is tangled up in it!! Hugo lets out screams as Crowbar gets into the ring and heads up another corner for the tazer. As he's grabbing at that, the referee tries to help Hugo out of the barbwire. Another referee comes over and they begin to cut the barbwire to help Hugo's body that's tangled in a web of barbwire escape. Before they can get the barbwire completely cut away, Crowbar drives the tazer into the back of Hugo Strange and he lets out another scream! The ref in the ring tries to back Crowbar away, asking him to stop, but he sneaks around the ref and quickly tazes Hugo again!

Tony D: "He is tortuing Hugo and there is no way for him to escape!!"


Finally the barbwire gets cut away enough and Hugo is able to drop down to the floor. The camera zooms in on his leg that's got a pretty good gash in it and blood is also trickling from his arm. His shirt is completely torn up as well.

Tony D: "This is why WARPED is the home of FnX because this is hardcore, extreme, ultraviolence at its finest!!"

An entire side of the barbwire ropes is now gone after the cut-aways, and Crowbar hops off of the apron with a tazer in hand. He raises it in the air and the fans boo! Crowbar shrugs and goes to use it on Hugo when suddenly Hugo sprays him with a fire extinguisher! Crowbar is blinded and Hugo slowly gets to his feet and SWINGS the fire extinguisher like a baseball bat, cracking Crowbar in the head!

Tony D: "Hugo with a fire extinguisher and shows its better for than just putting out fires!"

Kris Red: "Hugo just bought himself some time and perhaps cost Crowbar a concussion!"

The momentum sends Crowbar toward the apron as he tries to hold himself up with the ring apron. Hugo tosses the weapon down and grabs Crowbar by the head and slams his face off of the apron and pushes him into the ring. Hugo picks up the tazer and grabs a strand of barbwire. From ringside, he grabs Crowbar's arm and pulls him toward a corner of the ring. Hugo takes the barbwire and wraps it around the head of Crowbar and begins choking him with one hand pulling the barbwire and with the other, he repeatedly zaps Crowbar in the ribs, in the stomach, in the thigh and back and forth as Crowbar tries to wiggle free but every movement causes the barbwire to dig into his skin!!

Tony D: "This is absolutely sick!!!!"

Kris Red: "BOTH MEN are seeing red and a lot of it! Oh my GOD!!"

Hugo finally lets go of the barbwire and Crowbar peals it from his throat, barbwire sticking in and ripping his flesh apart. Blood comes out of his neck and he looks down at the side of his body and sees red dots all around from the scars of the tazer!

Half of the fans chant "THIS IS FUCKED UP!" while the other half chant "F-n-X!" and they continue dueling chants as Crowbar crawls into the middle of the ring and Hugo Strange is tossing multiple chairs into the ring.

Kris Red: "I have to agree with both sides of the fans here tonight!"

Hugo snarls as he gets into the ring, looking like he smells blood. He starts setting chairs up next to each other close to the corner, and then grabs other sand puts them directly opposite of the other chairs, setting three and three up with the seats all touching.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange looks like he's been through a war and needs medical attention right now. Blood seems to be coming from all parts of his body and he's got something in mind to continue this Tic Tac Torture match!"

Kris Red: "Hugo needs to pin Crowbar right now and let it be over, but he wants to cause him more pain!"

Hugo grabs another chair and flattens it, putting it on top of the six chairs and turns back to Crowbar who is still motionless on the mat! Hugo shouts out 'MOOSE KILLER!!!' and the fans go wild!! He brings the lifeless body of Crowbar up off of the mat. Crowbar then escapes quickly, kicks him in the gut and delivers a hard elbow to the back of his neck..

Tony D: "Crowbar with Element Zero!!! Was he playing possum?!"

He then sets him up in a vertical suplex position but backs into the ladder in the corner and drops Hugo with a vicious brainbuster on the ladder!!

Tony D: "The Trapdoor!!"

Kris Red: "Onto that ladder!!"


Tony D: "I can't believe it! Crowbar with a burst of energy there and he just destroyed that ladder by dropping the big 315 pounder head-first onto it. Oh my goodness!"

Crowbar pulls Hugo off of the ladder and down onto the mat and covers him...




Tony D: "How did he kick out?!"

Kris Red: "I would say that if Crowbar had pinned him immediately after dropping him on the ladder that would've helped but Jesus! It wasn't THAT much time apart from the impact! Hugo is just that relentless!"

"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap "THIS IS AWESOME!"

Tony D: "Crowbar looks as surprised as we are and as the fans are that Hugo kicked out!"

Crowbar shakes his head in disbelief. He slowly pushes himself up to his feet, his chest drenched in blood. He wipes it off and wipes some onto his tights. Crowbar brings Hugo up and takes him around the chairs toward the corner. He then drives Hugo's face into the top barbwire rope and Hugo screams out as Crowbar smiles a sadistic grin! He backs into the corner and climbs up to the middle buckle, pulling Hugo up with him.

Tony D: "Crowbar's got something in mind here with those chairs that Hugo set up!"

Kris Red: "This is not going to end well!!"

Crowbar reaches back and uses the pole to help balance himself as he reaches the top buckle and pulls Hugo up with all his might. Crowbar grabs Hugo around the neck and looks down at the chairs..

Tony D: "Oh no! He's going to hit the KFO off the very top into those chairs!"

Crowbar's body suddenly starts shaking and convulsing. He lets out a primal scream and the camera shows that Hugo grabbed the tazer hanging in that corner and is repeatedly zapping Crowbar!

Tony D: "Wait just a minute!! Hugo with a tazer!!"

The fans go wild as Hugo now lifts Crowbar up onto his shoulders in a reverse firemans carry and then launches himself and Crowbar off the top turnbuckle and through the chairs with a Burning HAMMER~!!!


Kris Red: "GOOD GOD!!!"

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chants fill the high school gym!

Tony D: "Crowbar could have a broken neck!!! Did you see how he landed?!"

Both men are laid out in a pile of chairs as the referee has his hands on his head and his jaw dropped, not sure what to do! He checks first on Crowbar to see how he is doing and then checks on Hugo Strange. He goes back and forth, assuring that both men are still breathing and conscious.

A "THEY'RE BOTH DEAD!" chant fills the building!

Tony D: "There is blood all over! Barbwire is torn apart. Flesh is destroyed. Chairs are everywhere!"

Hugo Strange pushes a few chairs out of his path as he slowly starts to rise to his feet. He reaches up at the ropes to help pull himself up but accidentally grabs a handful of barbwire. He shakes his head to eliminate the pain and grabs a chair and puts it in the middle of the ring. He then grabs another chair and puts it on top of that and grabs another chair but this time he hurls that one out of the ring. He kicks the other chairs toward the middle of the ring, and drops to a knee. He pushes himself back up and brings Crowbar up between his legs.

Tony D: "He's about to give him an STD!"

Hugo sets Crowbar up for the package piledriver but just as he's about to lift him, Crowbar spots a tazer on the mat and drives it into the groin of Hugo, tazing him in the balls!!


Hugo Strange releases his opponent and screams out in pain, reaching down and grabbing at his groin, and Crowbar leaps up, hitting a KFO onto the chairs! He drapes his arm over him..




The bell sounds!

Kris Red: "MY GOD IT'S OVA!"

The fans erupt in boos as Crowbar has won this match! Hugo Strange grabs at his crotch, not even worrying about the pain from the KFO, and the referee kneels down to check on him.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner of the first ever Tic Tac Torture Match - Crowbarrrrrr!"

Crowbar slowly is able to push himself up to his feet. He's got blood all over his body. The fans give him a half applause out of respect for what he just put himself through, but it's clear that the fans wanted Hugo to win this match.

Tony D: "What a sick, disgusting, extremely violent match we've just witnessed!"

Kris Red: "It seriously looked like Hugo Strange was going to win, but they were either in the right place or the wrong place depending on who tells the story, because Crowbar spotted that tazer and used it, oh did he ever use it.."

Tony D: "Hugo might not be having any babies anytime soon."

Kris Red: "Or ever!"

Tony D: "He may have lost the ability to use his manhood after that electrical surge went through his body, but there's no question about it that Hugo Strange, and Crowbar for that matter, have balls of steel after tonight. Wow."

From the stage we see StarrZoe making his way down the aisle. The fans erupt in boos.

Tony D: "Oh great, what does he want?"

Kris Red: "As if Hugo hasn't been through enough already! Come on!"

Crowbar puts his hand up, and the StarrZoe stops before he gets to the end of the aisle. Crowbar tells him to stop. He looks at Hugo, who's slowly rising to his feet. Crowbar wipes the blood on his hand off on his tights, and shakes Hugo's hand. Hugo looks up at Crowbar and Crowbar releases his hand and points to him. Crowbar turns his back as quickly as he initiated the handshake. Crowbar escapes through the barbwireless portion of the ring and limps up to his stablemate. Starr looks confused at Crowbar's actions as Crowbar points up at the stage, telling him to move along. Hugo looks at his hand that Crowbar just shook and then watches the 2 men leave. The fans give a standing ovation.

Tony D: "Well that was quite the uncharacteristic notion by Crowbar there, shaking the hand of Hugo Strange."

Kris Red: "It was a quick shake, though. Crowbar got out of there before Hugo even fully realized what was going on."

Tony D: "This has been an amazing night of wrestling and entertainment, that's for sure. From Kandi Washington picking up another victory, to Anton Chase successfully defending his Evolution Title, PKA defeating Alexander StarrZoe and now the Tic Tac Torture match - what a show! We will see you all at the Echoplex in Los Angeles in four weeks! Thank you for purchasing this DVD! Goodnight everyone!"

Hugo Strange grabs at his leg which is completely slashed open. Medical personell enter the ring and start helping him out of the ring as slowly as possible. As Hugo makes his way up the aisle and to the back where he'll definitely need stitches, the fans continue their standing ovation. The DVD comes to an end with a slow fade to black..