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WARPED71 (WCW Night 2) - 1/25/13 - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center @ Commercial Center
World Champion William Wallace suffered quite the beat down at the conclusion of the last show by AbominationZ. Is he in any condition to wrestle 2 weeks later? Well, he's got the World Title to defend, and it's not what everyone thought it would be initially. He's now got to face TWO men, not just one.

Also, the Tag Team Open Challenge by Carnival Connection for the West Coast Winter Tour has it's first takers - Evangelista and Laurel Anne Hardy from FRONTIER will take on the champs in a non-title match.

In addition to all of that, GM Crowbar has given The AbominationZ the go-ahead to have fun and book matches that they'd like to see!


In what was supposed to be a 1 on 1 with Anton Chase, StarrZoe and Crowbar have booked a change in the main event...
Main Event: Handicap Match for the World Championship
William Wallace(c) vs. Cameron MacNichol & Anton Chase

Mr. Rottentreats would like to see...
Tag Team Match
Dylan Daniels & Hugo Strange vs. Flux In Motion

Carnival Connection vs. FRONTIER's Evangelista & Laurel Anne Hardy

Douglas Fresh would like to see...
Handicap Match
Mini Fresh & SHEEP SHEEP vs. Clint Andretti

StarrZoe would like to see...
Singles Match
Mikki Dumas vs. Kandi Washington

DARK MATCH: Tin & Vo Li (eLIte) vs. The Brooklyn Hit Squad - Bushido and Justin Reyes


*Card Subject to Change

Bonus Content:

We are backstage as we see The Brooklyn Hit Squad they are both prepared for their match. Both men notice the camera and walk over they both stare in to the camera for what seems to be forever. The silence is broken by the sound of Bushido's voice.

"You know I find it funny that they are calling this a dark match because we are about to turn the lights out on Team Elite. And all you and do is be ready".

Both men throw their hods on their ring robes as they walk away from the camera and head towards the ring.

Winners: The Brooklyn Hit Squad


WARPED71 (WCW Night 2) - 1/25/13 - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center @ Commercial Center



You open the DVD of WARPED 71 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


REACTIONS - Two Weeks Ago

We're taken to a video package of "Reactions" following WARPED70 2 weeks ago...

Hugo Strange:
Hugo Strange walks up to the camera and just stares at it.

Hugo: War thst is what you started, a war is what you wanted a war you shall get.

Hugo starts to walk stops and looks back in to the camrea.

Hugo: Crowbar, Starrzoe and your punk ass jesters Treats and fat Douggie I want to leave you with a old French saying........YOU ALL ARE FUCKED NOW!

Hugo storms off.

Dylan Daniels:
“First of all let..” (grunting in pain) “me start by" (grunting in pain) "saying this..”

The faint sound of breathing accompanied by the occasional grunt of pain becomes heavier and louder. A hooded Dylan Daniels hobbles into the frame dragging his gym bag behind him. He tugs his hood down over his face and lets out a painful breathe as he clutches his midsection. He begins to speak slowly trying to conserve his air.

“Although it wasn’t exactly a match..” (grunting in pain) “It was quite educational, Leon. Tonight, I found out in front of a sold out crowd..” (grunting in pain) “Exactly what kind of… bitch.. You are. And tonight, inside of the Westin Los Angeles Airport Ballroom..” (grunting in pain) “You showed your true colors to the WARPED audience. When you just stood in the back with your fragile jaw agape as The AbominationZ attacked Hugo Strange..”

Dylan’s hood begins slipping up and he tugs at it letting out a painful moan.

“Forcing me to put down a fresh cup of coffee and take action of my own..” (grunting in pain) “I guess you did your homework and realized.. That even with the little bit of weight my name carries.” (grunting in pain) “It’s just heavy enough to be a great stepping stone this early on in your career.” (grunting in pain) “Why bother helping right? After all you’re gaining an advantage and you’re not even going to have to dirty your hands to do it.” (grunting in pain) “Tonight you also learned something didn’t you.. It isn’t going to be that easy!” (grunting in pain) “Dylan Daniels ain’t anyones god damned stepping stone!”

He pulls his hood down again before walking out of the frame dragging his gym bag behind him.


Intro written by Joey

The DVD then fades to black and the roar of a crowd can be heard chanting "This Is WARPED~! This is WARPED~!" repeatedly. The sound of Randy Long comes over the arena..

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen of Las Vegas and for those of you watching at home on DVD - welcome to Night 2 of the West Coast Winter Tour!"

The fans erupt in cheers!

Randy Long: "And no, we didn't forget to pay the electric bill tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, a month ago, WARPED Wrestling's own SWITCHBLADE won a 60 Thousand Dollar Challenge match in Visionary Wrestling Inc, our Interfed home, and he donated that money to WARPED!"

A "thank you SwitchBlade!" chant breaks out.

Randy Long: "As promised, that money has gone back into the company, and tonight we're proud to show you where his money has gone. As WARPED approaches our third anniversary show in less than two months, we continue to grow and tonight we present to you our new stage......"

A drumroll hits and the fans await the lights to come on and finally... the lights come up and...

The fans pop at the great design then begin to boo as they see that it's been taken over by the AbominationZ! A "take it back! take it back!" chant randomly starts up as Randy Long tries to hide a smile.

The house lights die down as the ominous pulse of Insane Clown Posse’s “High Rise” overtakes the PA.

"The floor 'round his body slowly started to crack He was screamin' but no one could do nothin' but step back He plunged below until the level beneath Broke five ribs both hands and blew out his teeth But the level below is where they all want his position They all look the other way and continue with bull shittin' The floor's crackin' again he screams help someone And then smashed down right through it like something engulfed him"

The AbominationZ step out onto the stage, paper mache heads on sticks in hand. The crowd let out a chorus of boo’s

“There once was a man of power who lived on top of his high rise”

Mr. Rottentreats holds up a paper mache head of Joey Matthew

“First his chair crushed beneath him, even with the help of his top guys”

Crowbar holds up a head of PKA, Alexander Starrzoë holds up a head of Wallace. The crowd slightly confused.

“They couldn't lift him up that day somethin' was pullin' him down”

The group line the heads up in a row on the stage, stepping back. Douglas Fresh produces a hatchet from his boot, walking back and forth before planting the hatchet into all of the heads, one by one. The crowd going silent. He puts the hatchet back into his boot before all 4 men kick the heads away.

The AbominationZ turn and begin to head down the ramp, the lighting begins pulsating in a blood red coloring. The four men walk down the ramp side by side, ignoring the stunned crowd.

Tony D: "Welcome WARPED Wrestling fans to WARPED 71. We are live from the Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center at Commercial Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and you're looking at the brand new stage... and The AbominationZ. That's Crowbar leading the pack as General Manager, with the first ever Squarian winner, Alexander StarrZoe, and the Tag Team Champions, Carnival Connection."

Kris Red: "Crowbar has let his guys basically schedule this entire show tonight."

Tony D: "And not only that, but they've set up special chairs, couches.. thrones even, out here to relax and observe the show as it happens."

Kris Red: "Don't call them thrones, Tony D! They are not Taurus Capone. They are not KING!"

The group take their seats at their comfortable ringside thrones...all but Crowbar, who makes his way to the announce table.

Tony D: "And the beginning of the show we'll be joined on commentary by our General Manager, Crowbar."

Both men stand up and shake his hand as he smirks and has a seat.

Mikki Dumas vs. Kandi Washington written by Starr

Tony D: “Our first match-up is the result of a heated exchange of words in the last few weeks.”

Kris Red: “It’s also the in-ring debut of Kandi Washington, which I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s excited for that.”

Tony D: “Yes, well...hold on, I’m being told that...okay...well, it seems that Alexander StarrZoë will be donning a headset here for commentary as well.”

Crowbar: “And now the party can really begin!”

Kris Red: “Nice of you to join us Alex, what’s your interest in this match?”

Starr: “I’ve got to see this shit. I saw it two weeks ago, but I have to see it up close to believe it. Some chick in a diaper or some shit?”

Crowbar: “It confuses me too man, it confuses me too. Maybe I”

Tony D: “Didn’t you and Kandi have a small war of words as well on Twitter?”

Starr: “Yeah, must have been ‘that time of the month’, she probably had her undies in a bunch. I’m just out here to see the match I booked. Without The Abominationz on the card this week, there’s not much for these fans to watch. Thought I would entertain them and myself with a little t and a!”

Tony D: “Isn’t this more about competition and the spirit of the sport? Real women’s wrestling? Kandi claims she’s in WARPED to bring respect back to...”

Starr: “I don’t give two shits about that. Let’s be real here; one of these two calls themselves the ‘Head Bitch’ and the other one wears a diaper, I think the ‘pure essence of women’s wrestling’ went out the window a while ago Tony. This is about who looks better in spandex pants. Let’s get on with the show.”

Crowbar: “I think Kandi wins there...damned good time at her club the other week, damned good time.”

Starr: “Can’t go wrong, love strippers and...”

Tony D: “Alex, please, this is a family show...”

Starr: “Sorry, I love strippers and boobs. Lovely establishment.”

Kris Red: "Also, you guys went to Kandi's club?! Why wasn't I invited!?"

Tony D: "We. Why weren't WE invited.."

They both ignore Tony.. and Kris.

Randy Long: “The opening match-up is scheduled for one fall! First, making her way to the ring, accompanied by Ice, from Las Vegas, Nevada....KANDI WASHINGTON!!”

“Get Naked” by Method of Mayhem starts playing through the public announcement speaker system. Strutting out to red and green lights flashing, Kandi Washington struts down the ramp ignoring the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. She ducks low and steps her foot over the first rope and enters the ring. She leans back against the ropes with her hands on her hips as she’s staring up the ramp, awaiting her opponent.

Tony D: “Kandi Washington looks prepared for her first match here in WARPED!”

Kris Red: “And she looks good in spandex pants, right Alex?”

Starr: “Ain’t no one going to disagree with that Kris!”

Randy Long: “And her opponent, residing in Sunset Valley, California, by way of Lisbon Portugal, being accompanied by Layla Brooks...MIKKI DUMAS!”

"I'm a Bitch" by Meredith Brooks plays. Mikku Dumas comes out in a stroller, led by her lover, Layla Brooks. At the bottom of the ramp, Layla takes Mikki out of the stroller, and puts her on her leash, with Mikki still sucking a pacifier. She leads her to the ring and gives her a drink from her bottle, removing Mikki's pacifier, putting it in her bra.

Crowbar takes the headset off momentarily in fits of laughter.

Starr (laughing uncontrollably): “HOLY SHIT, WHAT AM I SEEING?! I’m going to need to know more about the ‘intimate details’ of the life of the one with the leash and the chick in the diaper.”

Tony D: “Evidently they’re lovers....”

Crowbar (still laughing too): “Holy jesus fucking shit! I see it...but I don’t fucking believe it!”

Starr: “Sweet! Now...why the hell is she wearing a diaper?”

Tony D: “Whatever does it I suppose.”

Starr: “No dude, that is a grown ass woman wearing pull-ups being lead around in public by her lesbian girlfriend on a leash. You don’t just explain that away with ‘whatever floats your boat’! Shit, I feel like I’m in Kris Red’s pubescent wet dream!”

Crowbar: “Goddamn, am I pissed as a fart? Am I really seeing this?!”

Starr: “Mark, wha...uh...’pissed as a fart’? What in the hell...what are you saying?”

Crowbar: “I said am I drunk...jesus man, learn English!”

Starr: “I suppose one half of you is the other half mentally disabled per chance? You’re slaughtering the English language before my very eyes. Shakespeare is turning over in his grave right now!”

Crowbar rolls his eyes and jokingly flips off Starr

The bell rings and the two women square up in the center of the ring, circling each other, both looking to get the upper hand in the early going. Mikki is the first to go on the offensive, charging at Kandi and leveling her opponent with a jumping clothesline, sending the blonde to the mat. Ms. Washington is infuriated with this attack. Seated on the mat, she slams her fists against the canvas in a tantrum, screaming at Mikki; “you diaper wearing freak!!” Mikki Dumas wastes no time in charging at the ‘Queen of Controversy’, bouncing off the ropes and speeding toward her, but Kandi moves out of the way, catching Mikki as she rebounds off the ropes and executing a beautiful DDT, sending the diapered diva to the mat with a vengeance. Kandi kneels over her opponent and lets loose with a furry of slaps while Mikki is helpless to do anything to avoid the blows. The referee steps in quickly, trying to pull the ‘Head Bitch in Charge’ away. Kandi pushes the referee backwards; “don’t you dare touch me thing!” Ms. Washington says, berating the referee. Too preoccupied with harassing the official, Kandi doesn’t realize that Mikki Dumas has made it to her feet. Mikki grabs Kandi Washington by the hair and sends her crashing to the mat with an inverted DDT.

Tony D: “Kandi Washington needs to be less worried about the referee and more worried about her opponent. Mikki just laid her out with a beautiful Inverted DDT there!”

Kris Red: “You know, I wonder what type of clubs Layla and Mikki frequent after matches...”

Starr: “Of course you would ask a question like that, what the fuck is wrong with you Kris?”

Kris Red: “Nothing, I swear! It’s just genuine curiosity!”

Starr: “Mmhm, sure, whatever. I think Don Juan over here is going to need a new pair of pants by the end of this match.”

Crowbar: “Just...fuck. Stay away from me Kris. ”

Back in the ring, Kandi is slowly making it to her feet and Mikki Dumas has climbed to the top rope, waiting for the perfect opportunity to leap off. Soaring through the air with a Cross Body, Mikki lands flat, bouncing off the canvas as Kandi moves at the last moment. The blonde wastes little time, laying the boots to Mikki Dumas, striking her in the back of the head and the side. Tiring of her attacks, Kandi reaches down and pulls her opponent up by the hair, Irish Whipping her into the corner. ‘The Dominate Female’ rushes at her opponent and drops her into a seated position in the turnbuckle with a clothesline. Pulling her shorts up further than before, Kandi turns, slowly backing toward her opponent. Mikki is helpless in the corner, watching as the backside of Kandi Washington looms closer and closer. “No! NO!” Mikki and Layla scream in unison, undoubtedly aware of what’s about to happen.

Tony D: “Kandi Washington now with what she calls ‘The Facial’...”

Crowbar: “The...uh....wh...Alex?!”

Starr: “I’m sorry, what did you just call that? She’s rubbing her ass in her opponent’s face, she calls that the Facial? You’re telling me I’m watching a lesbian chick in a diaper getting a facial? Dude, by the time this show his DVD, it’s going to be classified as some weird fetish porn!”

Kandi is laughing as Mikki has rolled under the bottom rope and into the arms of Layla who coos to her, soothing her embarrassment. “Haha, freak!” Kandi screams out, pointing at the diapered girl. Mikki, now in a rage, climbs back into the ring and makes quick work of the taunting woman. Putting Kandi on the mat with a perfectly executed Dropsault, Mikki picks up Kandi and whips her off the ropes and catches the woman in a Hurricanrana. Climbing the top turnbuckle, Mikki soars and lands atop Kandi Washington with an elbow drop. Both women are tired and worn down from the match. Each looking to capitalize and finish. The referee is up to a four count before Mikki stirs to her feet, followed shortly by Kandi.

Tony D: “What a match we have here, this quite the debut for Kandi Washington and Mikki Dumas has really shown these people that she belongs in WARPED!”

Starr: “Always the consummate professional, huh Tony? Your partner is out here playing Pocket Pool under the table, there’s a woman in diapers being cat fighting in front of her lesbian lover, and you’re out here calling it like it’s the 9th inning of the World Series.”

Tony D: “Alex, in my time in WARPED, I’ve seen odder, believe me. This is the place where Giant Sheep go around beating people up. Sheep Sheep is undefeated remember!”

Crowbar: “For fucks sake Kris I know you think she’s hot shit but please, relax! All your moving around is giving me fucking motion sickness!”

Starr: “Oh, Red, that reminds me. The Abominationz want to apologize for the unfortunate events that befell your car two weeks ago. Of course, you can’t blame us, if it weren’t for Wallace warranting an ass-whipping, you wouldn’t have that human sized dent in your Mustang!”

Crowbar: “....or the new high-speed air vent in your hood.”

Starr: “It helps with air-flow though, and it’s all the rage with those riced out Asian cars. So consider yourself ‘trendy’...something you’ve never been in your life. We’ll send you the bill for ‘tricking out’ your car!”

Crowbar pops Kris Reds collar

Crowbar: “You’ve officially been pimped!”

Kandi leans down and picks Mikki up by the hair. As she has Mikki up to her feet, she grabs her right wrist and whips her into the corner, but Mikki reverses. Mikki charges Kandi and follows through with a clothesline. Mikki staggers backwards as she looks across the crowd while Kandi slides down in the corner of the ring. The referee walks over to her and she grabs him by his shirt's collar, pointing to her ankle, and yelling she thinks she has a sprain. Mikki looks over to her and devious smirks as she starts to walk closer to Kandi, but Ice slides inside the ring and turns Mikki around. Layla Brooks is on the apron, trying to yell at the referee who is distracted with Kandi in the corner. Ice brings Mikki up off the canvas and slams her down with a chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Ice runs at Layla and knocks her off the apron before exiting the ring. She places her hands on her waist and smirks at the carnage she has just succeeded as Kandi Washington pushes the referee away and crawls over to a motionless Mikki Dumas. She covers and the referee starts to count, 1 -- 2 -- 3!

Randy Long: “Here is your winner...KANDI WASHINGTON!”

"Get Naked" hits the p.a. system and the fans erupt with chants of "slut" as Ice reenters the ring as Kandi Washington is helped to her feet by the referee. She raises her arm and pulls it away from the referee as she staggers over to the announcer. She motions for a microphone and they switch hands through the bottom rope. She struts back to the middle of the ring as the fans are booing unconditionally as the sound crew turns off her music. Meanwhile, Ice has kicked Mikki out of the ring as she flopped to the outside the canvas.

Kandi Washington: Oh were you all expecting anything less than a perfect night for yours truly? Well, you should have guessed again because perfection is in my blood. I am personally ecstatic about having my arm raised in victory. Anton Chase, I hope you were watching and taking it all in because you have a similar fate coming in short time. I hope you are polishing up my soon to be Evolution Championship well because when I win it, I would love to see my gorgeous reflection in that gold encrusted rim. After all, you would want to stare at yourself too, if you looked as good as me. Anton Chase, after my hard fought victory that almost made me break into a sweat, I will be going back to my locker room and preparing to watch you do what you do best, which is fail!

She turns around and watches Layla helping Mikki to the back.

Kandi Washington: Oh and ladies, it was a real pleasure to send you back with your tail tucked between your legs, but it goes to show I really am not that talentless after all. Enjoy your long flight home and I ensure the stooges have lots huggies on the flight! Toodles, whores!

She leans down and blows a kiss to her booing fans as "Get Naked" replays over the sound system as Kandi flings the microphone over her shoulder. She and Ice make their way to the ring ropes as they begin exiting the ring. The cameras fade to the backstage area.

Backstage written by Wallace

The cameras cut to the backstage where the World Champion William Wallace has just arrived. He approaches his locker room with the World Title in one hand and his equipment bag in the other. He stops as he turns the handle of the door and looks to the camera with a much more for focus than he has shown in the last two weeks.

William Wallace: “It is almost time. It is almost time for AbominationZ to meet your nightmare, the nightmare that will end the reign of terror, the nightmare that will end their strangle hold on this company. “

Wallace smirks and walks into his locker room as we fade back to ringside.

Handicap Match: Mini Fresh & SHEEP SHEEP vs. Clint Andretti written by Fresh

Randy Long: "The next contest is a handicap match scheduled for one fall!"

As Yngwie Malmsteen's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" echoes throughout the arena, "Old School" Clint Andretti walks on the entrance ramp.

Randy Long: "Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!"

With a smile across his face, he takes off his shades and throws them to the crowd before walking to the ring.

Randy Long: "The Old School King! Cliiint Aaaaandreeettii!"

In the ring, he gets on the top turnbuckle and poses to the crowd that repeats the "Old School King!" chants


"Old McDonald Had a Farm, E, I, E, I, OoOoo"

A record scratch brings "Old McDonald" to a halt and the PA is over taken by Trans-Siberian Orchestra's version of "Flight Of The Bumblebee."

Randy Long: "And his opponents accompanied to the ring by "Sir" Douglas Fresh! From the Farm on the outskirts of Parts Unknown and the Fun House on the Carnival Grounds!"

SHEEP SHEEP is lead out from the back on a leash by “Sir” Douglas Fresh.

Randy Long: “The team of SHEEP SHEEP and MIIINII FREEESSH!!”

Mini Fresh runs out from the back and slides between the legs of SHEEP SHEEP as he rises to his hind legs. Mini Fresh rises to his feet and all three begin a series of muscle poses. The AbominationZ minus Mr. Rottentreats stand up and give a round of applause.

Tony D: “This bout is truly going to live up to the WARPED name, Kris..”

Kris Red: “You’re not kidding, Tony D! And I for one can’t wait to see Clint Andretti kick that midgets head off!”

Tony D: “That’s a little harsh isn’t it?”

Kris Red: “No, I can’t stand midgets, Tony D!”

SHEEP SHEEP lowers back down to all fours allowing Mini Fresh to hop on his back. Douglas Fresh frees SHEEP SHEEP from the leash before rubbing his hands together and smacking him on the ass. SHEEP SHEEP jumps to his feet and charges toward the ring with Mini Fresh on his back holding the mascot head securely on SHEEP SHEEP‘s body. When they reach the ring SHEEP SHEEP sits Mini Fresh down on the ring steps as Douglas saunters toward the announce table.

Kris Red: “This is ridiculous, Tony D! And if Douglas Fresh thinks he’s going to ru..”

Tony D: “Sounds to me like he doesn’t need to run you off, Kris.”

Douglas takes a seat at the announce table as Mini Fresh ascends the ring steps and SHEEP SHEEP pulls himself up to the ring apron. Clint Andretti is on the opposite side of the ring mouthing, “So this is really happening, I‘m wrestling a midget and a sheep?” toward Douglas Fresh.

Douglas Fresh: (as he places his headset on)”Damn straight it is Andretti!”

Tony D: “Making a habit of this I see. Welcome back!”

Douglas Fresh: “How‘s it hanging, Tony? Flaccidly I hope. Considering I heard you have a thing for midgets!”

Tony D: “...”

Douglas Fresh: “Relax Tony, tonight is a party! AbominationZ are running things now.”

Kris Red: (yelling)”WHO TURNED MY HEADSET OFF?!”

Douglas Fresh: “Like I said AbominationZ are running the show now.”

SHEEP SHEEP and Mini Fresh play a quick round of Rochambeau. Mini Fresh wins with paper covering rock. SHEEP SHEEP lowers his head in disappointment before Mini Fresh enters the ring.

Tony D: “Looks like Mini Fresh will be starting this one off.”

Douglas Fresh: “I told SHEEP SHEEP to use the coin toss. He has hoofs it’s not like he can do anything other than rock.”

The bell rings.

Tony D: “And this match is officially underway!”

Mini Fresh steps to the center of the ring. Andretti follows suit and mockingly drops to his knees in front of Mini Fresh. Andretti mouths “Now I’m your level little guy!”. Mini Fresh wastes no time smacking the taste out of Andretti’s mouth.

Douglas Fresh: “He damn near smacked that caterpillar off his face, Tony!”

Tony D: “And with little to no hesitation.”

Douglas Fresh: “That’s four foot two and a hundred forty two pounds of dynamite brother!”

Andretti rubs his jaw before shaking the slap off and fires back with a slap of his own sending Mini Fresh rolling to his corner. Mini Fresh rebounds off the ropes and lands a quick drop kick to the chest of Andretti. Mini Fresh pins Clint but Clint throws him off. The ref catches Mini Fresh and tosses him back on top of Clint. The referee and Clint toss Mini Fresh back and forth once more. The referee tosses Mini Fresh back to Clint. This time Mini Fresh lands with a double stomp. He pins Andretti again.

1-Clint kicks out sending Mini Fresh to his feet. Mini Fresh rolls into his corner using the momentum. SHEEP SHEEP makes the blind tag. Clint jumps to his feet to argue with the ref. SHEEP SHEEP turns Andretti around then raises his right hoof and with his left hoof he points to Andretti and back to right hoof.

Tony D: “Is he?”

Douglas Fresh: “Yes he is, Tony. SHEEP SHEEP is initiating a Greco Roman Hoof Lock!”

Andretti very cautiously reaches up for SHEEP SHEEP’s right hoof. SHEEP SHEEP quickly lowers his right hoof and raises his left. Andretti one step ahead locks on to SHEEP SHEEP’s right hoof as he raises it in the air and bends it backwards. SHEEP SHEEP’s left hoof shoots up in the air in reaction and Andretti quickly latches on and the test of strength begins. Both competitors chest to chest and struggling for control.

Crowd A: “Old School King!”

Crowd B: “Let’s go SHEEP SHEEP!”

Crowd A: “Old School King!”

Crowd B: “Let’s go SHEEP SHEEP!”

Crowd A: “Old School King!”

Crowd B: “Let’s go SHEEP SHEEP!”

Tony D: “This Las Vegas crowd is fired up!”

Douglas Fresh: “How could they not be? SHEEP SHEEP is a baaahd baaahd man!”

SHEEP SHEEP attempts to break the knuckle look with his knee to no avail. Andretti raises to his tip toes as SHEEP SHEEP Baahs in agony as he’s lowered to his knees. Mini Fresh begins to pound the middle turnbuckle in his corner in attempt to rally the fans. Slowly but surely it pays off as everyone in attendance is stomping and clapping. SHEEP SHEEP shakes his head furiously.

Douglas Fresh: “We might need to blur that out, it’s a little on the bestiality side.”

SHEEP SHEEP begins to fight back and slowly rises to his feet. Once he’s up to his feet Andretti lands a couple of alternating kicks to the thighs of SHEEP SHEEP. SHEEP SHEEP rolls back whilst planting his hind hoofs on Andretti’s thighs and raising him in the air maintaining the hoof lock.

Tony D: “SHEEP SHEEP’s shoulders are down!”


2! SHEEP SHEEP shoots his legs out to the sides causing Andretti to drop down into a body scissors. Andretti is quick to push down on the knees of SHEEP SHEEP causing him to writhe in pain as he maintains the hold. SHEEP SHEEP adjusts his mascot head as he writhes. He sits up maintaining the body scissors and applies a bear hug.

Douglas Fresh: “SHEEP LOCK!!”

Andretti shoves SHEEP SHEEP into the mat before he can apply severe pressure.


Douglas Fresh: “That’s animal cruelty, Tony! PETA will be all over this!”

Tony D: “Not if it’s what he signed up for!”

SHEEP SHEEP unhooks one of his legs from the body scissors and quickly transitions to a standing side headlock. Andretti quickly sends him into the corner. SHEEP SHEEP stops himself by placing a hoof on the turnbuckle whilst trying to keep his head on. He places both front hoofs on his head and forward rolls to avoid the clothesline attempt from Andretti. SHEEP SHEEP rebounds off the ropes and ducks another clothesline. He rebounds off the ropes once more Andretti attempts to scoop him up for a sidewalk slam but SHEEP SHEEP uses all of his moment and counters with a head scissors as he holds his head on.

Douglas Fresh: “Head Sheep Shear take down!”

Tony D: “That’s not SHEEP SHEEP is it Douglas?”

Douglas Fresh: “Of course it is! See how much you improve when you attend a few CarnEvil Connection seminars?!”

Andretti sits in the corner shaking off the head scissors. SHEEP SHEEP struts around and BAAAHS loudly. He charges the corner but Andretti rolls out of the way. SHEEP SHEEP hits the turn buckle hard. Andretti rebounds off the ropes and flies into the corner with an Avalanche body splash. The impact sends SHEEP SHEEPs head up a little. Andretti allows SHEEP SHEEP to stagger out of the corner and into a Flatliner!

Tony D: “HEY! That is not SHEEP SHEEP!”

Douglas Fresh: “Purely speculation!”

Tony D: “Pin attempt by Andretti!”


2-KICKOUT! Andretti rises to his feet and creates some distance before charging and hitting a running leg drop! He jumps up and points to the corner before ascending the ropes and takes flight. SHEEP SHEEP rolls out of the way in the nick of time and Andretti crashes down hard onto the canvas. Both competitors are out though.




Crowd A: “Old School King!”

Crowd B: “Let’s go SHEEP SHEEP!”


Crowd A: “Old School King!”


Crowd B: “Let’s go SHEEP SHEEP!”

SHEEP SHEEP begins to stir and crawl towards Mini Fresh.

Crowd A: “Old School King!”


Crowd B: “Let’s go SHEEP SHEEP!”


Andretti is up and grabs SHEEP SHEEP by the hind hoof and pulls him up just as he reaches his corner. SHEEP SHEEP counters with an Enzugiri and makes the tag as he lands. The kick staggers Andretti and he falls back first into the mat.

Douglas Fresh: “A tag hotter than the desert sun after a beautiful SHEEPzugiri!”

Tony D: “Mini Fresh is running down the apron. It looks like he‘s going up top!”

Mini Fresh takes flight and in mid air he’s caught with an Old Fashioned Kick! The kick causes him to flip backwards in mid air and land hard.

Douglas Fresh: “MIIIINIIII FRESSH!!”


Clint Andretti shakes the cobwebs off and attempts the pin. But before the ref can get down to count Douglas Fresh is up on the apron distracting the him.

Clint Andretti pushes the referee aside and attempts another OFK on Douglas. But Douglas drops off the apron just in time straddling Clint Andretti on the top rope. Douglas pulls Mini Fresh out of the ring and carries him to his corner and rolls him in. SHEEP SHEEP tags himself in and jumps on the middle rope and begins shaking the top rope as he bounces on the middle rope sending Clint Andretti for a ride! As Andretti attempts to rise to his feet SHEEP SHEEP rebounds off the ropes and hits a scissor kick while holding his mascot head on.

Douglas Fresh: (as he places his headset on again)”And a SHEEP SHEAR KICK! Setting up for the Lamb Chop, Tony!”

Tony D: “And all thanks to you!”

Douglas Fresh: “No one kicks my mini around about me!”


SHEEP SHEEP Baaaahs loudly encouraging Andretti to get up. Andretti slowly rises to his feet again and SHEEP SHEEP hauls off and chops him with all his might sending him to the canvas. The momentum sends SHEEP SHEEP into his corner and he tags in Mini Fresh. Andretti sits up on impact as Mini Fresh lethargically runs the ropes. This ends with his tiny boot to the side of Andretti’s head whilst yelling “I’M THE MINI FOOT BITCH!”. SHEEP SHEEP quickly pulls Mini Fresh on top of Andretti and jumps on top of Mini Fresh.




Randy Long: “And your winners, the team of Mini Fresh and SHEEP SHEEP!”

Tony D: “What a match, I wasn’t expect that performance out of SHEEP SHEEP.”

Douglas Fresh: “No one was Tony, no one was. Now if you’ll excuse me. I have a match to get ready for!”


Backstage written by Daniels/Strange

Hugo Strange and Dylan Daniels are sitting in the back getting ready for their match as Kelly Calloway walks and asks for a few minutes.

Kelly Calloway: " Hello WARPED fans I am here backstage with the team of "The Canadian Madman" Hugo Strange and "The Catastrophic Carolinian" Dylan Daniels. So tonight you face Flux In Motion in a tag match. Now they have been a team together for awhile now do either of you two feel you're at a disadvantage tonight."

Hugo Strange steps.

Hugo Strange: “A disadvantage, we are not at disadvantage against Leon Stone and Damien Baine! See Kelly what those two milk drinkers don't know is they are about to step in the ring with two of the most violent, brutal and toughest men in WARPED! No my fine feathered friend Miss Quacks-a-Lots we are not the ones at a disadvantage, because me oh I am sorry Mr. Daniels and I understand what is going here! We see the trees of the forest and we have seen the writing on the wall. Leon and Baine they are blind to what is really happening here, they are only worried about themselves where Mr. Daniels and I are united by a common goal and belief that gives us the advantage! So to answer your question Miss Kelly!...............No it should be a good match and eh, yeah we are going to kick the shit out of them for being of, um douche bags.”

Kelly looks over to Daniels with a puzzled look on here face.

Dylan Daniels: (as he finishes lacing up his boots)”Look at my face real close Kelly.. This is the result of a little social experiment on my end. You see, at WARPED Seventy.. I pushed Leon Stone to his boiling point. And he showed his true colors. He doesn’t care about the WARPED family.. He just cares about Fami-Leon. On second thought he just cares about Leon. Now I don’t know exactly what ol Treats thinks he’s accomplishing by placing myself and Hugo here in a match against Flux In Motion. Maybe he’s using us to eliminate the only other tag team here in WARPED. Maybe he’s using that tiny sliver of power he has in his grasp to do the thing he hates the most.. Throw together tag teams. But what it comes down to is this, Kelly. The only thing Leon and Damien are going to be changing tonight are their panty drawers. Because we’re going to beat the shit out of them!”

Kelly Calloway: “There you have it folks, it seems these two are out for blood. Back to you Tony and Kris!”

Tag Team Match: Dylan Daniels & Hugo Strange vs. Flux In Motion written by Joey

The next scene on this reasonably-priced DVD (that you purchased off of now fades to the next scene and it's the ringside area! Randy Long has a microphone..So..

Randy Long: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing the first team.."

The pounding of the drums and distorted chugging of Dimebag Darrell’s guitar and Rex Browns pulsating bass over take the PA system. Fog seeps it way upon the WARPED entrance ramp as Philip Anselmo’s vocals kick in.


“The end will crush the light, and send a message.
It won’t please the naked eye
Without and end there is no light
To Foretell, to blind you
The Law of the claw reigns on and after still.”

Atop the ramp Dylan Daniels appears arms spread out back facing the ring. His upper body covered in an aged misfits hoody.


“When I die, I cast a shadow

Dylan Daniels swings his right leg around pivoting on his left foot. Keeping his hooded head down.


And I’ll Rise, I cast a shadow!

Randy Long: “Making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at two-hundred and forty two pounds. From Asheville, North Carolina, by way of Greensboro, North Carolina. Dyyylllaaaan Daaaaanieels!

The music dies down.. and As the riffs for ”Check My Brain starts Hugo steps out and looks across the fans as he makes his way next to his partner.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner - from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 315 pounds - Hugo Straaaaaange!"

Hugo asks the camera man to give him a microphone and he does. Hugo looks over at Crowbar, who's seated on the thrown next to StarrZoe.

Hugo Strange: Before we start this match there's something I have to get off my chest...........Crowbar I am sorry.

The crowd boos as Crowbar nods and mouths back thank you. Hugo shakes his head smiles.

Hugo Strange: I am sorry you can't fight your own battles and I am sorry I didn't break you legs at WARPED 70.I am also sorry crowbar that you have to look at yourself in the mirror and trick yourself into believing that you're a man.See Crowbar I'm having a hard time getting what happened at WARPED 70 out of my head. Within minutes of our match starting I had you on your back I was ready to land the momosessult on your bald Kiwi head.but in crowbar fashion you had to get your whores involved in the match because you can't fight a match one on one. secret part you've lost face everybody here everybody in the back talking about how big of a pussy you and that you can't fight your own battles. you're tough guy personaa that you had is gone it's washed away because you had to use 3 men to be 1 little rookie. at Warped 70 I knew the ambush is going to happen but I went either way. I had the balls to stand up to you and your group of cronies but you didn't have the balls to face a rookie 1 on 1 pure chicken shit. so I'm going to offer this to you 1 last time to settle this like men any kind of match you want you me no outside interference just settling this like men or did you forget your balls back in Australia.

A "you got served!" chant starts up from the crowd as Hugo drops the mic and he and Daniels head to the ring. Crowbar rolls his eyes and sighs, looking over at Starr and sharing a laugh.

Tony D: "Some strong words from Mr. Strange."

Kris Red: "A lot of confusing words as well, but he IS Canadian, after all. I wonder if Crowbar was able to understand him and if he will accept the challenge?!"

"Supernatural" by Monocle plays.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. at a combined weight of 450 pounds and being accomapnied to the ring by Chelsea - this is Leon Stone and Damien Baine - Flux in Motionnnn!"

Leon Stone and Damien Baine come out together, running down to the ring high fiving and shaking hands. They slide into the ring running from corner pumping the crowd up. The crowd chants their names and slowly the hooplah calms down, and the team retreats to their corner.

Tony D: "This match was scheduled thanks to Mr. Rottentreats who you see, once again, there at ringside."

Kris Red: "I wonder where he was for that last match?"

Tony D: "Oh, I think we all know.. "

Kris Red: "Well, as far as this match goes - Dylan Daniels and Hugo Strange seemed to have formed some sort of alliance following the recent things the AbominationZ have done. Tonight, they team together for the very first time."

As the bell sounds, Dylan Daniels and Leon Stone lock up. Stone quickly applies a side headlock, but Daniels pushes him away and pulls him in with his own side headlock. Stone pushes Daniels into the ropes and goes for a Muy Thai Kick but Daniels ducks and goes for an enziguri but Stone ducks under and Daniels crashes face-first to the mat! Stone grabs his tights and pulls him up into a Full Nelson, lifts him up and slams him to the mat!

Tony D: "Full Nelson from Leon Stone!"

Leon Stone makes a cover..


Kick out!

Stone quickly gets up and tags in Damien Baine who enters as Stone exits. Daniels gets to his feet and Baine delivers repeated right hands in the corner, and the referee tells Baine to stay out of the corner. Baine stops but this lets Daniels get his wits about him as he starts in with rapid fires series of leg kicks and follows it up with palm thrusts as he backs Damien Baine into the ropes! He steps back and charges with a huge left arm lariat, sending him over the top!

Tony D: "Daniels Massacre! What a combo of moves!"

Kris Red: "Yeah and Damien Baine doesn't know what hit him as he's on his ass at ringside next to us here! Hey, get up!"

Leon Stone hops off of the apron and runs over.. He helps his partner up while Chelsea comes over to check on him as well. Dylan Daniels tells them to stop stalling! They tell the ref to make Daniels move his ass back away from the ropes and the referee politely asks him to step back a bit and Daniels rolls his eyes and shrugs his shoulders. He briefly turns his back to make a tag to Hugo Strange, and that's when Baine slides into the ring and clubs him in the back of the head. Hugo pulls his arm back in, just barely not making the tag. Baine taunts him as he lifts Dylan Daniels up to his feet and then gorilla presses him up in the air and slams him down to the mat!

Tony D: "Impressive strength from Damien Baine with that Gorilla Press!"

Kris Red: "Meanwhile he's taunting Hugo Strange and I gotta be honest, you don't want to do that. He's a moose! One does not simply taunt a moose and get away with it!"

Damien Baine brings Dylan Daniels to his feet and tags in Stone, who then whips him into the oppsoite corner. He wastes no time as he approaches and leaps up, dropkicking Daniels! He drops to the mat as Leon Stone gets to his feet and pulls Daniels out of the corner, covering..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Just a two count for one half of Flux In Motion, Leon Stone."

Kris Red: "Dylan Daniels is a veteran but even veteran instincts can't always save you from an experienced team like Leon Stone and Damien Baine."

Tony D: "You make a good point. Stone and Baine have teamed together much in the past and their opponents have not. They've done a great job isolating Dylan Daniels from his partner"

Stone pulls Daniels up and sets him against the corner. He measures him and hits a roundhouse kick to the temple and Daniels hangs on by a thread, using the top rope. Leon Stone claps his hands together, getting the fans to clap along with him as he turns his back and walks to the opposite corner.

Tony D: "Stone hit the Stepping Stone and is he looking to now THROW Stones!"

Kris Red: "He could finish him off here if he hits that corner spear.."

At ringside, Crowbar sits up from his thrown and crosses his arms, keeping an eye on the action in the ring. Leon Stone takes notice of this and temporarily gets distracted. He turns his attention back to the match. Stone charges for the corner spear but Daniels moves out of the way JUST IN TIME!! The fans pop! Daniels pulls him out of the corner, lifts him up for an inverted Suplex and drops him with a stunner!

Tony D: "Nefarious Dreams! But can he capitalize?!"

Leon Stone is out but so is Dylan Daniels!

Kris Red: "Daniels has to drape that arm over Stone!"

But neither man is moving and the referee starts the 10-count. 1... 2.... both men slowly start crawling toward their corners... 3.... 4.... they get closer as Hugo holds his arm out for Dylan and Damien holds his arm out for the tag from Leon! 5... 6... they inch closer.. and Damien tags in Leon! Dylan tags in Hugo!

Tony D: "Both teams have fresh men in! Here we go!"

Both men enter and Hugo Strange hits a big right hand on Damien Baine! Leon Stone comes at him and he nails him with a right hand! Damien then charges and Hugo Strange hits a Big Boot on him! Leon Stone now comes after Hugo with a right hand but Hugo ducks and hits a Full Nelson Slam!

Tony D: "Leon Stnoe getting a bit of his own medicine with that much bigger Full Nelson Slam from Hugo Strange!"

Following The Moose Bomb, Strange then turns and Damien Baine recovering in the corner and Strange charges in and hits a running facewash kick to the face! The fans cheer and Hugo pushes Damien down to the mat and covers him ..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "That big moose is tearing through Flux In Motion!"

Dylan Daniels is on the apron now, reaching out for a tag, and Hugo drags Damien over to the corner and makes a tag! The fans pop as Dylan Daniels gets in the ring and jumps on the middle buckle and comes off with a body splash!

Tony D: "The longest finishing move in wrestling history!"

He hops onto the middle buckle and drops down onto Baine with a second splash! He then hops onto the top rope and that's when Leon Stone hops onto the apron and shakes the ropes, causing Daniels to get crotched up top! He drops down onto the mat, grabbing at his groin, as the fans cringe!

Tony D: "That didn't look like a very good landing at all!"

Hugo goes after Stone but Stone grabs his head and drops off of the apron, bringing the throat of Hugo Strange over the top rope! He springs back, grabbing at his throat, and Leon quickly slides in.. He and Damien stalk Strange and then Damien lifts Hugo up and Stone hits the cutter!

Tony D: "You're Fluxed!"

Damien Baine now covers Hugo Strange ...


But the referee does not count!

Tony D: "What's going on!?"

They tell the ref to COUNT! The referee tells them no! They ask why and he says that Hugo is not the legal man in this match!

Kris Red: "Oh man! Damien and Leon have no idea there was a tag made before Daniels attempted the Trifecta of body splashes!"

Baine and Stone both shout WHAT?! Leon and Damien start discussing what to do and just then, Dylan Daniels comes up from behind and shoves Damien into Stone and the two bump heads and Leon Stone is sent tumbling through the ropes to the floor! Daniels applies a Full Nelson and lifts Baine up and drops him down on his neck with a Half Nelson Driver pin!

Tony D: "Misery Driver!!"




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - Hugo Strange and Dylan Daniels!"

"I'll Cast a Shadow" by Pantera hits as the fans pop! Daniels gets to his feet and the referee raises his arm in victory. Daniels helps up Strange and the two celebrate their victory! The ref holds both of their arms high. Leon Stone gets to his feet at ringside, blood trickling from his forehead, and his sister at his side. He kicks the ringsteps out of frustrastion as he sees his opponents celebrating.

Tony D: "An impressive victory for Dylan Daniels and Hugo Strange tonight as they successfully defeat Flux In Motion. I wonder how Mr. Rottentreats feels about this win. After all, he did schedule this match."

The camera shows Crowbar and StarrZoe, who are both displeased at the result of this match. Crowbar sits back down in his seat and he and Starr share words together.


REACTIONS - Two Weeks Ago

The following video is from the recent FRONTIER event:

The UK Dragons:
Laurel: And like my good mate Leanne here said, I’m here in FRONTIER to assist her in the glorious, noble art of tag team wrestlin’. But what’s that you cry? There’s no Tag Team Championship here in FRONTIER? How right you are. And me and Evangelista… we’re gonna do some’n about that.

She passes the mic back.

Evangelista: Last week, former FRONTIER guest star Mr. Rottentreats issued an open challenge, along with his WARPED Tag Team co-Champion Doug Fresh, for every team in the business. Any tag team ‘oo can beat The Carnival Connection get a shot at the WARPED Tag Team Championship. And the first team to try their hand… well, you’re lookin’ at ‘em.

Another huge cheer goes up!

Evangelista: Representing FRONTIER, Evangelista and Laurel Anne Hardy travel to WARPED on the twenty-fifth of January to face The Carnival Connection. We WILL win that, we WILL earn a shot at the WARPED Tag Team Championship, and we WILL bring those belts right back here!

She gestures to the FRONTIER ring for another big pop.

Evangelista: Don’t you dare miss it!


Backstage written by The UK Dragons

The scene fades backstage. It's Austin Sanders! He's standing with our guests from FRONTIER.

Austin Sanders: I'm here with The UK Dragons, ladies and gentlemen, Evangelista and Laurel Anne Hardy - who later tonight will be the first team to take up The Carnival Connection's challenge. Laurel, Evangelista, welcome to WARPED!

Laurel Anne Hardy: Thanks for havin' us!

Evangelista: 's a pleasure.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Most of the locker room've been really friendly.

Austin Sanders: You're all ready for your match?

Evangelista: Bring it on. We're gonna show the world why both The UK Dragons an' PW FRONTIER are forces to be reckoned with.

Austin Sanders: You certainly sound confident. Now, you've both had some words for The Carnival Connection this week, but there is one thing the fans have been talking about which you've failed to address.

Evangelista: An' what's that?

Austin Sanders: The possibility of Crowbar and/or Alexander StarrZoe ensuring their allies leave the victors.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Well, maybe they will. Guess we'll have a lotta fun findin' out, huh? Seriously, we'll fight all of AbominationZ if it comes to it.

Austin Sanders: You're surely aware that would be very, very bad odds for you.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Hey, you don't get to the top by just takin' the easy fights.

Evangelista: An' if they do need their mates to take us out... they'll just be provin' who the better team really is.

Austin Sanders: Fighting words. We'll see how well The UK Dragons can back them up later tonight.

Open Challenge Tag Team Match: Carnival Connection vs. The UK Dragons written by Joey

The DVD now fades into the next scene as we're live in the ringside area...

Randy Long: "The following is a non-title open challenge match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first.."

Glass Candy's "Candy Castle" hits the PA, and the team of Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista emerges through the curtain. They hang back for a moment, smiling, clearly excited to be here. As the hypnotic beat kicks in they start walking to the ring, high fiving fans along the way.

Randy Long: "From the United Kingdom, representing Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER, at a combined weight of two hundred and eighty pounds... Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista... The U! K! DRAGONS!"

They slide into the ring and hop up onto opposite turnbuckles, posing with their arms spread out, letting the ribbons on their armbands hang down like wings.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.."

The entrance way fills with smoke as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Gimme Back My Bullets blares on the PA. Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh walk cockily to the ring jaw jacking with the fans.

Randy Long: "Making their way to the ring at a combined way of 400 cannabis & protein shakes, from the Carnival Grounds! They are the WARPED Tag Team Champions - The Carnival Connection!"

Douglas rolls underneath the bottom rope and quickly kips up and swings his towel in the air as Treats climbs to the top rope and removes his hooded vest. Treats jumps down and removes his tear away pants revealing his trunks as Douglas does the same.

Tony D: "Carnival Connection put out the open challenge as you know and this is the second team to accept, but their first match."

Kris Red: "Yeah both Laurel Anne Hardy and Leanne Evangelista, The UK Dragons, are representing our friends at Pro Wrestling FRONTIER from the UK tonight. And, in just two weeks, Carnival Connection will face New Era's Bombtrack and Tombstone!"

Tony D: "You gotta hand it to the champs for putting out the open challenge and accepting any and all comers."

The bell sounds!

Tony D: "And here we go!"

Leanne Evangelista and Sir Douglas Fresh lock up. Fresh backs Evangelista up against the corner and the referee tells Fresh to let her out! He slowly backs up and then swings for a cheap shot, but Evangelista escapes out of the corner! Fresh charges but Evangelista drop toe holds him to the mat! Evangelista floats over for a front facelock, but Fresh quickly gets up and fights out of it.

Tony D: "Evangelista and Douglas Fresh aren't wasting any time going at it!"

Kris Red: "Evangelista gives up over a foot and nearly 100 pounds to Douglas Fresh, but she doesn't look intimidated!"

Douglas Fresh with a Belly to back suplex, but Evangelista flips out and lands on her feet! Fresh turns around and blocks a right hand attempt from Evangelista, and Fresh pushes Evangelista into the ropes and she bounces back into a shoulder tackle!! Evangelista drops to the mat and Fresh covers..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Boy that's only a two count but he really put a lot into that shoulder tackle!!"

Kris Red: "He nearly knocked Evangelista's pretty little arm ribbons off of her!"

Fresh brings Evangelista to her feet and Evangelista slaps his arms away.. right hand! Right hand! And repeated rights continue from Evangelista, backing Douglas Fresh into the ropes!

Tony D: "She's fighting back!"

Irish whip from Evangelista.. Fresh counters and Evangelista bounces off the ropes.. Fresh with a clothesline! Evangelista ducks! Evangelista slides under the bottom rope to the floor and waves up at Fresh, who doesn't like that one bit. Fresh slides out of the ring and chases after Evangelista, who runs around the corner and slides into the ring, tagging in Laurel Anne Hardy..

Tony D: "There's the tag to Laurel Anne Hardy!"

Fresh follows her in and has no idea that Evangelista just made the tag. Fresh attacks Evangelista but Hardy is in and puts a stop to the attack! The two FRONTIER talents back Fresh into the ropes and irish whip him.. he bounces off and they double hip toss him to the mat!

Hardy covers Fresh..


Kick out!

Evangelista gets back to the apron, and Hardy gets up.. She charges at Douglas Fresh who goes for a charging lariat on her but she ducks under! Both turn around and she throws a right hand but he ducks and scoops her up with one arm but she slips out from behind, hits the ropes.. Douglas turns around..Evangelista then cartwheels and then hits a dropkick on Douglas Fresh, taking him down! The fans pop!

Tony D: "That was pretty impressive!"

She covers..


Kick out!

Kris Red: "You're gonna have to do more than that to beat the Tag Team Champs, lady!"

Laurel Anne Hardy brings Dougie to his feet, but Fresh slaps her hands away and he grabs her by the arm.. Irish whip to the Carnival Connection corner but Hardy strikes Treats, knocking him off of the apron. This opening allows Fresh to club Hardy in the back. He backs up as Hardy staggers backward and he turns her around and lifts her up with the One Armed Body Slam and takes her down! He then grabs her legs and looks around as the fans boo. He starts swinging her around now!

Tony D: "The Giant SWING!"

Kris Red: "Around and around and around they go! Look at those ribbons float in the air!"

Fresh then releases finally after multiple quick rotations and he staggers into the ropes, a little out of it.

Tony D: "Douglas Fresh is a little dizzy and I can't blame him. I got dizzy just watching that happen."

He gets his wits about him and covers her..



Evangelista breaks it up!!

Kris Red: "Just in time, she saves her partner!"

The referee yells at Evangelista to stay out of the ring and Evangelista argues with him, while Treats enters and Carnival Connection double suplex Hardy to the mat!

Tony D: "Carnival Connection are picking their spots and picking apart their competition behind the ref's back!"

The referee turns around as Fresh gets out on the apron and the ref asks if they tagged and they say yes! Treats then watches as Hardy gets to her feet.. Treats hits the ropes and grabs her head, flipping forward with a neckbreaker!

Tony D: "Cravate Flipping Neckbreaker!"

Treats covers..




Treats tells the ref to count faster! Treats brings Hardy up and takes her to his team's corner and slams her head off of the top buckle. Treats tags in Fresh, and Fresh immediately goes to work on Hardy by grabbing the tag rope and choking her! The referee tells him to knock it off and he releases, asking what he did wrong?! Laurel takes this opportunity to try and escape, walking along the rope, using it to keep her on her feet, meanwhile grabbing at her throat with the other arm. Fresh leads her up against the corner and repeatedly nails her with right hands and he does not let up! Fresh continues the right hands and the referee starts a 5 count, telling Fresh to knock it off! Fresh gets in the ref's face and tells HIM to knock it off! Fresh goes back to work on Hardy now in the corner with repeated right hands. The referee starts a 5 count again and Fresh steps back with his hands up.

Tony D: "Oh come on Douglas! Let her out of the corner!"

Evangelista cheers her partner on from the apron and Fresh yells back and shouts "Shut up, bimbo!" before turning back to Hardy. Fresh grabs ahold of Hardy's hand and irish whip's her across the ring and Hardy hits back-first! Fresh puts his arms in the air, taunting to the fans as they boo him. Mr. Rottentreats applauds his parnter in the corner, giving him the thumbs up. Douglas smirks and paintbrushes the face of Hardy. He then pulls her out of the corner and irish whips her across the ring.. and she suddenly leaps onto the middle rope and springboards off with a corkscrew senton, taking Douglas Fresh down to the mat!


Tony D: "What a maneuver!"

Kris Red: "Hardy taking out Fresh with that Springboard Corkscrew Senton! Awesome!"

Both competitors are now down and out in the ring as the referee checks on both of them.

Tony D: "Hardy needs to make a tag to Evangelista, and Fresh needs to tag Mr. Rottentreats big time!"

They start crawling toward their corners as the fans cheer and clap.. They get closer and closer and both make the tag!

Tony D: "There's the tags!!"

Evangelista and Treats charge at each other and Treats goes for a clothesline but Evangelista ducks grabs onto the tassles on his mask and pulls him down to the mat!Douglas shouts "watch the mask, ref!" and he tells Evangelista to stay off of the mask! Treats sits up, grabbing the back of his head, as Evangelista hits the ropes and returns with a running shoot kick to the back of his head!

Tony D: "Ouch!!"

After hitting the move she calls "Stevie G", Evangelista gets to her feet and spots Sir Douglas Fresh coming her way and she hits a Jumping Enziguri!!

Tony D: "Evangelista is cleaning house!"

Treats staggers to his feet and Evangelista comes up from behing and leaps up in the style of a uranage backbreaker, but she pulls his head down over her knee, hitting the "Headbreaker" finishing move!

Kris Red: "Whoa! He might be knocked out!!"

Evangelista quickly makes the cover, hooking the leg!!



Thrr..-NO! Treats breaks it up!!

Tony D: "Two count! Two count!"

Kris Red: "It was almost over right there holy crap!"

Evangelista sighs and brings Treats up to his feet. Douglas Fresh gets to his feet but Hardy tries to stop him, but Fresh pokes her in the eyes and hurls her through the ropes! She crashes down at the ringside area. Douglas Fresh turns his attention to his partner and Evangelista, who are getting to their feet. Fresh with a club to the back on Evangelista and now the double team punches begin as they back her into the ropes. The referee tells Fresh he has to get out of the ring or they will get disqualified!! Fresh puts his arms up and takes a few steps back, allowing his partner to take over and apply a cravate... he smirks and then hits the cutter!

Tony D: "Cravate Cutter! Carnival Connection have this one under control."

Treats sits up on his knees, looking down at Evangelista. He looks back at her corner and there is no Hardy! He pulls her lifeless body up and leads her to the corner. He lifts her up onto the turnbuckle and starts climbing up.

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats has something in mind.. "

He sets her up between his legs and starts hooking both arms..

Kris Red: "Here comes the Faygo Plunge!"

Just in time, Hardy gets up on the apron and up on the middle rope, delivering quick right hands to Treats, causing him to lose his footing and step down to the mat. Douglas Fresh comes running out of his corner to help Treats, and Hardy slingshots in and hits a front flip split kick to both opponents!

Tony D: "What quickness!"

Kris Red: "Looks like she hit them both but maybe only clipped Douglas Fresh there!"

The "Mass Queraid" takes both men down and Laurel Anne Hardy climbs up to help her partner out. Douglas Fresh then gets to his feet and clubs her in the lower back, then pushes her over, causing her to tumble down onto the apron and down onto the floor!

Kris Red: "Thanks for coming, Laurel Anne!"

The referee then seperates Fresh and pushes him back to his corner while Fresh argues with him! Meanwhile, Rottentreats climbs up to the top and puts her back between his legs, hooks both arms, looks around and leaps off, hitting the top rope Pedigree aka "Faygo Plunge!" and the fans pop for the big move!

Kris Red: "Faygo Plunge!"

Mr. Rottentreats makes the cover! .. but the referee is too busy with Douglas Fresh! Treats slaps the mat repeatedly, telling the ref to get over and make the tag!!

Tony D: "The ref doesn't see the pin!"

Suddenly, Laurel Anne Hardy climbs up on the apron and sees this, and she climbs the turnbuckle!

Tony D: "Look, it's Hardy!"

She then leaps off the top with a Corkscrew shooting star elbow drop and drives the elbow right into the head of Mr. Rottentreats!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness!!"

The fans pop for that amazing athletic move! After hitting "Stronger Than Dirt" she immediately pulls Evangelista on top of Mr. Rottentreats! Evangelista charges and moves the referee out of the way to get to Douglas Fresh, repeatedly delivering rights to him as he's in the corner.. The referee turns and sees the cover and slides into position..




Kris Red: "Whoa oh oh! It's ova!"

The bell sounds and the fans erupt in cheers! Hardy heads over to check on her partner..

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - the U..K.. DRAGONS!!"

Glass Candy's "Candy Castle" hits the PA system! Douglas Fresh can't believe what just happened as he looks on from his corner. Hardy helps her partner up and she is very out of it. The referee is confused by this but gets between both and holds their arms in the air! The fans pop! Evangelista collapses and Evangelista tells the referee not to worry about it as she helps out her partner on the mat. Douglas Fresh retrieves the Tag Team Titles. He, and Crowbar(who's looking pissed off), pull Treats out of the ring.

Tony D: "The UK Dragons just beat the WARPED Tag Team Champions! From what I understand, that ensures them a Tag Team Title shot in the future! Oh man!"

Kris Red: "The open challenge from Carnival Connection just bit them in the ass! Oh, and they have another team challenging them in two weeks!"

The trio of Carnival Connection and Crowbar make their way up the aisle, none looking pleased at all, as the UK Dragons are both now to their feet in the ring. Evangelista looks surprised that they won as Hardy explains to her what happened! They celebrate in the ring as this scene fades out.

REACTIONS - Two Weeks Ago

Fade in..

Cameron MacNichol:
Cameron MacNichol walks through the curtain and punches the wall in frustration. He approaches the camera, with a mad glint in his eyes.

Cameron: Chase, you put up a good fight, and I'll call a spade a spade. You won fair and square. But just know that I'm gunning for that title again. It took me a long time to finally win it, and I'm not going down without a fight. You won't know where, and you won't know when, but something awful is going to happen. So just a friendly warning: watch your back.

Cameron winks, gives the camera the "shooting a pistol" finger gesture, and walks away.


Earlier This Week: written by Anton Chase

The scene fades to a clip from the recent Anton Chase promo from January 22nd -

Anton looks deep into the camera.

Anton Chase: Boys I’m ready just like I was in L.A. I am ready for war, I’m bringing the fight to you and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I will become the world heavyweight champion. I will succeed in Las Vegas and I deserve it. I deserve this shot at the world heavyweight title and Cameron MacNichol is just jumping on my bandwagon. The odds are in my favor and I will use them to win. Wallace I’m heading to Las Vegas for one sole purpose to know that I will win, knowing that I will be pinning your ass to the canvas and getting the three count and becoming a double champion. It is my soul mission now and soon will become reality. It will be known as FACT that I am not just the evolution champion but also the world heavyweight champion and both championships I deserve. I am ready see you all in Las Vegas.

With that being said the scene fades to black..

Earlier This Week written by Wallace

The scene now fades to a clip from a recent William Wallace promo from January 24th-

Wallace flicks the butt of his cigarette away before he starts talking once more.

Wallace: Tomorrow night, a am rollin into the roller hockey center, see what a did there, an a am takin out everyone an everythin that stands infront a me. Anton and Cammy, that means you two and if AbominationZ want to get in ma way a will take them out too. That is a warnin to everyone in the WARPED locker room, you get in ma way a will make you pay. You want ma belt, you will have to take it from ma cold dead hands.

Wallace takes a breath before turning away


Main Event Handicap Match for the World Championship: Cameron MacNichol & Anton Chase vs. William Wallace written by Starr(match) & Joey(postmatch)

Tony D: “The next match-up is our main event for the evening and once again, Alexander StarrZoë has left his plush ringside seat and joined us on commentary...”

Starr: “Try not to sound too excited here Tony. I know it’s an honor to be in the presence of a true professional wrestler, but try to be a professional about this!”

Kris Red: “It’s been a great night so far and I’m really looking forward to this World Championship Handicapped Match!”

Tony D: “A match that you booked on Twitter earlier this week Starr.”

Starr: “Correct Tony. I can’t wait to watch these three tear each other apart.”

Tony D: “What about the fans and giving an opportunity to the young blood of WARPED, like Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol? Isn’t this about them as well?”

Starr: “Honestly Tony, I couldn’t care less which of these assholes win or what these fans want to see. This match is for my own gain. Whichever one of these three wins the World Championship is in for a hell of a fight tonight and that weakens their odds of beating me at the 3 Year Anniversary Show. Since we’re in Vegas tonight, I should have stopped off and put everything on Wallace to win, I’m a betting man, but who cares who wins, as long as they get the ass beat, it just makes it easy pickings for me come March.”

Randy Long: “The following match-up is scheduled for one fall, is our main event for the evening, and is a handicapped match for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, weighing in at 200lbs, hailing from Detroit, Michigan...CAMERON MACNICHOOOLLL!!!”

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Randy Long: “And his partner, weighing in at 210lbs, from Los Angeles, California...ANTON CHAASSEEE!!”

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: “And their opponent...the WARPED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 254lbs...WILLIAM WALLLAACCEEE!!!”


The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune up, the noise fills air, as Flower of Scotland begins to play. The crowd erupt with cheers as Wallace appears through the curtain wearing a "Your Worst Nightmare" t-shirt and his kilt, with the WARPED World Title around his waist. He is lit up by one single spot light as he confidently makes his way to the ring absorbing the cheers from the WARPED fans before rolling under the bottom rope. As Wallace gets back to his feet he takes his t-shirt off and throws it into the fans.

Starr: “God, I hope Mac and Anton beat the shit out of him...”


Kris Red: “Finish off what you and the rest of the AbominationZ started already?”

Starr: “One can only hope.”

Tony D: “It looks like the realization has sunk in for Chase and Cameron that only one person on their team can be the legal man at a time...this may become interesting, how are they going to handle this?”

Cameron and Anton Chase talk strategy for a moment, both disagreeing with the other as to who will start the match. Finally, they play Rock, Paper, Scissor and Anon wins two to one. Chase and Wallace start off the match, Anton quickly charging at William with a clothesline which does little to phase the World Champion. Wallace laughs heartedly at the smaller man’s attempt to knock him down and in one swift motion, lifts ‘The Future’ off his feet and slams him to the mat. The Scottish Warrior is quick to lay the boots to the fallen challenger, stomping on Chase’s sternum and side. The referee backs the World Champion away, giving Chase a moment to recover. Anton is on his feet, this time determined to drop the bigger man. The two men circle around each other, squaring off in the center of the ring, both looking for the upper hand. Wallace charges quickly at Chase, who ducks to the side, rolling out of the way and rebounding with a dropkick, taking William to the ground. Pulling up the World Champion, Anton Chase quickly launches himself off the ropes, sending William to the mat with a Springboard DDT.

Tony D: “Beautiful move there, keeping the World Champion guessing.”

Starr: “Going to take a lot more than that to put down William Wallace though.”

Kris Red: “Like maybe...a hatchet?”

Starr: “Hey! Don’t give Dougie any ideas.”

Anton quickly covers William for the pin while Cameron looks on from the apron, struggling with the idea of breaking up the pin in fear of losing his opportunity. William powers out, sending Chase flying toward his tag corner. Both men struggle to their feet, Wallace up first. Timing his offense, Wallace waits until Chase has made it to a vertical base and rushes toward him, looking to take his head off with a lariat, but once against, Anton ducks out of the way and the World Champion connects with Cameron MacNichol, sending the former Evolution Champion to the outside, slamming back first into the security barrier! Dyan is on the outside, checking on her fallen brother, while William is inspecting the damage, making the mistake of turning his back on his opponent. Anton, thinking quickly, dropkicks William over the top rope and quickly mounts the top turnbuckle.

Tony D: “Oh my God! There goes Wallace, I think he landed face first on the apron!”

Starr: “It might improve the way that goofy fucker looks!”

Anton Chase propels himself over the top rope in an aerodynamic Pele Kick, failing to connect though as Wallace catches the smaller competitor, slamming him back first into the ring post before hurling him back into the ring. Not wanting to lose by count out, Wallace crawls back into the ring and attempts a cover. As the referee reaches 2, Cameron MacNichol slides into the ring pulling the World Champion off his challenger.

Kris Red: “It’s unlike Mac to interfere in a match like this...”

Starr: “Does whatever it takes to win a World Title!”

Distracted by yelling at the referee for not catching the interference of MacNichol, Chase capitalizes with a dropkick, sending William Wallace into the corner. Chase studies Cameron for a moment, whose hand is extending, dying to get into the match. He hesitates for a moment, realizing that his chance to win the World Championship could slip away. Knowing he’s worn however, Chase tags in his partner. Cam speeds at his opponent, dropping William to the mat with a Spear. Pulling up William Wallace Mac sets up his opponent for a Jumping Powerdriver but his move is reversed into a Back Body Drop by the World Champ.

Tony D: “That’s what makes a World Champion, resiliency!”

William struggles to his feet and pulls up Cameron, gripping him by the throat and hoisting him into the air, slamming him to the mat with a Military Press. On the outside of the ring, Dyan is screaming at the referee, demanding that he stop the physicality in the ring. The referee ignores the screaming woman, trying to focus on the match. Again pulling up the challenging smaller man, Wallace grips Cam from behind in an attempted German Suplex, but Cam lands on his feet and rushes at William, kicking him in the face!

Tony D: “Oh my God!! The Scottish Suplex could have broken Cam’s neck, what athleticism to reverse that.”

Both men are spent in the ring and Cameron is slowly crawling to his tag corner, but, as the realization dawns on him, thinks twice of tagging in his partner. “Don’t do it!” Dyan screams to her brother. At the last moment, Cameron stands and turns away from Chase, not bringing him into the match. On the other side of the ring, Wallace explodes from the corner with a Spear of his own, flattening Cameron. Now annoyed with the situation, Anton Chase reaches over the top rope and tags himself in as Cam is dazed in the corner. The referee acknowledes the tag.

Tony D: “I guess Anton Chase wanted his opportunity at the World Champion!”

Kris Red: “He just illegally tagged himself in, he could cost Dirty Mac the World Title!”

Chase and Wallace circle each other in the center of the ring, each challenging the other to jump first. Wallace loses concentration first and pays for it by taking a solid right hand to the face. Stumbling backwards, “The Future” quickly steps back, preparing for a Superkick. Wallace however ducks the kick at the last moment and Anton Chase is met with a Clothesline from Hell from an awakened Cameron MacNichol.

Starr: “Mac is awake and he’s pissed that Anton tagged himself in. Holy shit, all hell has broken lose here. Cam is laying into his own opponent!”

Boot after boot rains down on Anton as William Wallace sits in the corner, staring at the chaos. Anton catches Cam’s foot and pulls him to the ground. The two men roll around, throwing fists in a furry, everything has broken down and neither man is any closer to winning the championship. Having seen enough, William grabs Cameron by the back of the head and lays him out with a headbutt.

Tony D: “Glasgow Kiss! Cameron is out of it!”

Starr: “Oh shit, here we go...”

William Wallace whips Anton into the corner and lifts him into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle, signifying to the arena the end of the mat.

Starr: “I hate when he does this shit. Fuck this, I’m out.” (A “clunk” can be heard as Starr throws down his head seat and leaves the announce table)

Wallace leaps off of the turnbuckle, splashing to the mat with a Sitting Powerbomb, covering an unconscious Anton Chase for the pin.




“1...2...3!!” The referee counts the win as Cameron is still out cold and all Dyan can do is look on with horror from the outside. William stands and celebrates his win. As he turns to take the World Championship, he laughs, noticing StarrZoë storming up the entrance ramp.

Randy Long: “Here is your winner, and STILL World Champion...WILLIAM WALLACE!!”

The fans cheer and "Flower of Scotland" hits! Wallace keeps an eye on Starr as he walks around the ring, keeping his eyes on Wallace as well.

Tony D: "Wallace keeps his title!"

"Get Naked" by Method of Mayhem ft. Lil Kim interrupts the music as three sexy ladies wearing only a bikini bottom and top strut their way down to the ring. They fliraciously rub up against the barricade and sensually touch fans as they head down the aisle. William Wallace still keeps his eyes on StarrZoe at ringside. Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol are slowly coming to.

Tony D: "Well, that music sounds like the same music as Kandi Washington, and... uh who are these three ladies?"

Kris Red: "Well, Kandi DOES have a gentleman's club here in town... but why would they be out here?! To celebrate the win!"

Dyan helps her brother get through the ropes and he has a seat on the apron. Anton Chase slowly rolls out of the ring as well now. Both men lean either on or against the apron as the three ladies get to the ring. The one on the left starts rubbing her hand on Cameron's face. The one on the right starts rubbing over Anton's chest. And the one in the middle is getting a handful of both men! Wallace turns his attention from Starr to the ladies, wondering what's going on, and then back to Starr and back to the ladies.

Tony D: "I am a little uncomfortable right about now.. "

Kris Red: "I feel great.."

The ladies on the left and right then grab Cameron and Anton's hands respectively, and the lady in the middle grabs ahold of one in each of her hands. The trio start to lead Cameron and Anton up the aisle way!

Kris Red: "Hey ladies, where ya goin'?!"

Tony D: "It appears that the three lovely ladies are taking Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol with them!"

Kris Red: "Something tells me that they are about to feel a lot better after that beating from Wallace."

The ladies wave goodbye to the fans as they head through the curtains. The music dies down and Starr walks up the ring steps. Wallace keeps his eyes on him as Starr gets on the apron ever so slowly, keeping his eyes on Wallace.

Tony D: "Well hold on here. Enough fun and games. These two might go at it right now."

The fans chant "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" as William Wallace holds his World Title in the air. Starr looks up at the title and back down, eye to eye with Wallace. Starr slowly steps into the ring and the two stand face-to-face, nose-to-nose, eye-to-eye.

Kris Red: "Oh man! A preview of things to come at the Third Anniversary Show!"

Suddenly the fans erupt in boos as from over the barricade and out of the fans comes Crowbar, Mr. Rottentreats, and Douglas Fresh. The Tag Team Champions slide into the ring and attack Wallace, and StarrZoe joins in with the beat down!

Tony D: "Oh come on! And now the savages are beating down William Wallace a second show in a row! Somebody stop this!"

The three men bring Wallace to his feet and Starr holds him while Carnival Connection trade back and forth with punches on Starr. Suddenly Dylan Daniels and Hugo Strange bolt down the aisle and slide into the ring and go after the Carnival Connection!!

Kris Red: "Now it's evened up!!"

Wallace starts to fight back with right hands to Starr and Daniels / Strange are beating up the Tag Champs! Crowbar grabs a steel chair and says he's had enough as he slides into the ring and drives the steel chair into the lower back of Hugo Strange! Hugo drops down on the mat and Daniels runs at him but gets a chair to the face! Wallace gets distracted and Starr spins him around and nails him with a big Roundhouse Kick! Wallace drops to the mat.

Tony D: "Oh man.. So much for keeping things even. Once again, the numbers game catches up and who knows what will stop these four men from killing these guys tonight. They are SICK!"

Suddenly the lights go out!

Tony D: "Whoa, what happened!?"

Kris Red: "Maybe Randy Long was wrong.. maybe we DID forget to pay the electric bill for this place?!"

Tony D: "I don't really think that's something we have to pay for, Kris!"

WARPEDVision lights up with one image...

The fans go nuts as the photo that's displayed is that of a man dressed up as a deranged clown! A familiar voice fills the arena..

"Oh wicked clowns, oh wicked clowns, runnin' they lost their smile and found their frowns.."

The image then disappears and another image shows up on the WARPEDvision, and it's that of a burning star.

The familiar male voice fills the venue once more..

"A flaming star is now a fallen starr.. cause he aligned himself with Crowbar.."

The image then changes to a third, and we see none other than PKA!

The lights come up in the venue and AbominationZ are all on the ropes, watching the video. The crowd goes nuts and chant "P K A! P K A!" as he begins to speak on the WARPEDvision.

PKA clears his throat and smirks.

PKA: "Oh hey there.. you're probably surprised to see me up on this big new screen that you guys have disgraced, right? That's fine. Crowbar, Starr, Corny Connection.. you have tweeted and wondered about where I was and if I'd ever return after that awful beatdown you guys gave me at Not So Silent Night. You questioned what the A, the Z, and the question mark meant in my pictures were that I tweeted this past week... Well, it's simple, right? Arizona! Oh hey, you guys are in Phoenix at the next show, right?!"

AbominationZ begin laughing, now relieved that PKA isn't here.

PKA: "I'll have you know that a sane person wouldn't give you a warning when he's coming for revenge. You see, though, I am just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle.. (clears throat..) mmmm.. uh, a liiiiiiiitle insane."

His hand comes into the frame and he's got his thumb and index finger just barely not touching as he talks about being a 'little insane' ..

AbominationZ keep an eye on WARPEDVision as PKA talks to them, and behind.. slowly.. Wallace, Daniels, and Strange are starting to come to without AbominationZ knowing. And suddenly, none other than PKA slips in with them and has four flourescent light tubes in hand. He gives one to each man and the fans are going absolutely wild. The AbominationZ think they are cheering for PKA on the WARPEDvision screen.

PKA: "The fans know, though, and so do you.. that not only am I a little insane.... I'm a pathelogical liar."

The group looks back and forth at each other, still with their backs to the four gentelemen that are lined up with light tubes in hand like baseball bats.

PKA: "Soo uhhh.. boo?"

A flame of fire fills the video screen and it goes back to a WARPED logo... AbominationZ turn around and that's when they all get light tubes destroyed over their skulls! Wallace hits Starr - PKA hits Crowbar - Hugo hits Douglas - Dylan hits Treats! The four men drop to the mat as the fans erupt in cheers~! A "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! chant breaks out as the four men stand tall in the ring, looking down at their foes who are completely laid out thanks to the light tubes! One by one, they each pick up the man they hit in the skull and they hurl him through the ropes and down to the floor!

Tony D: "PKA is back! Wallace, Daniels, and Strange all stand tall in the ring tonight over The AbominationZ!"

All four men raise each other's arms in the air as the fans cheer. "Flower of Scotland" plays over the PA System for the World Champion, William Wallace, as the show fades to a WARPED logo and to black..