Posted by Rumor Man Stan

The Machine Still rolls. 

Legacy champion, John Sektor, has been missing in action over the past month, and not involved in the current "International Affair" tour. After suffering an Injury to his shoulder, inflicted by Eric Dane at Ring King, the champion suffered nerve damage after being impaled with a fork. Therefore he has remained in his home town of Miami, receiving physiotherapy. 

Now booked for a match with Brother Judas at Wrestleshow 46 in Egypt, we have received confirmation that Sektor has fully recovered from the injury and is expected to join the tour next week. We were able to get the following statement from the champion: 


"It's been frustrating to have to stay at home during the beginning of the international tour, especially when you are a champion and have a duty to represent such a prestigious title. Now that I'm recovered I'm looking to get back to match fitness and excited to join the tour and kick some ass."

Asked about who he see's himself facing for his next Legacy title defence, he had this to say: 

"I've been watching and listening to ever word spoken. There are six wrestlers all hungry and vying for MY title and I'll be excited to grace the ring with any one of them. But mark my words, the title is staying with me..and the 'Machine' WILL keep rolling."

Be sure to tune in to Wrestleshow 46 on October 6th when John Sektor makes his return against Brother Judas.