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The fWo World Champion Austin Davis made his way to the ring to conduct an interview regarding his match with Machina at Twilight. Austin Davis came out from the backstage area carrying his usual bag and looking grim as he grabbed the microphone from Chris Finn. As Austin Davis began to address the crowd about his title match on Friday with Cactus Jack, a squad of police officers came out of the backstage area and descended to the ring, surrounding Davis. Armed with tear gas and nightsticks, the police officers swarmed and took down the fWo champion, restraining him on the mat and quickly handcuffing and gagging Davis. With the police holding down the confused and alarmed Austin Davis, the Commissioner came to the ring and demanded that Davis hand over the fWo World title until further notice. Davis resisted, but under the grip of the police finally relinquished the title. After this, the police drug Davis from the ring and into the backstage area before loading him into a SWAT van and leaving the arena.

Chris Kidman Jr. vs. Shocker

Chris Kidman Jr. was dominated by the stronger and larger man, who was able to dodge Kidman's quick aerial attack and plant him into the mat with a quickly placed powerbomb. The Shocker continued to dominate the match until finally clotheslining Kidman and sending him to the outside. As the Shocker went outside of the ring himself to finish the job, a hand reached out from under the ring and tripped up the Shocker, finally pulling him under the ring with the mysterious person. As Kidman rolled back into the ring, a badly beaten Shocker was shoved back under the ring apron, from where Chris Kidman was easily able to make the pinfall. Confused as to who had helped him, Kidman looked under the ring but found no signs of anyone. On the giant Warfare Monitors, a strange shadowy wrestler informed Kidman that his guardian angel was looking out for him... always.

Result: Chris Kidman Jr. by Pinfall

War vs. Brawler

In another round of the Toughman contest, the winner of which will go on to face the current fWo World Heavyweight Champion, the two members of the Survivors faced each other for the first time inside the ring. Reluctant to lock up, it was the Brawler who was first to strike, using strong chops and spinning punches to take the larger War off his feet. As War attempted a comeback, the Brawler caught him off guard with a quickly executed swinging neckbreaker and rolled War over for the pin. After the match the two argued about the outcome, but the Brawler was able to sooth War by repeating "remember the big plan... remember the big plan..."

Result: Brawler by Pinfall

Briana vs. Fathom

As Fathom came to the ring dressed in a long robe, Wolf Fang ran out of the backstage area, once again waving a twenty dollar bill and shouting for Fathom to "take it off". The other members of the bWo who had come out with Fathom at first moved to intercept the member of Ground Zero, but Fathom instead stood in front of Wolf Fang, and flashed him. A pleased Wolf Fang seemed to stumble off, but no before Fathom took the twenty he had been waving from his hands. Briana also came to the ring in a robe, and once both were inside the ring James Armstrong, acting as the judge for the event. As Briana and Fathom disrobed, Sid Snow came out onto the entry ramp wearing a robe, and demanded that the sexist policies of the fWo were keeping him from performing in the bikini contest as well, and asked for his music to be played so he could show off his bikini. Before Sid could disrobe, Briana ran up the entrance ramp and attacked, leaving the contest in chaos and disarray.

Result: Undetermined

Dreamers vs. Ground Zero

In a quick match between the two teams, Oracle and Prophet, wrestling as the team "the Dreamers" were able to put away the number one contenders to the tag titles after Wolf Fang was caught in the corner of the Dreamers by Prophet, who used his robe to choke out the superstar and leave him dazed and defensless for a piledriver by Oracle. As Prophet and Jackhammer attacked each other, Oracle continued to assualt the downed Wolf Fang until Darkness arrived at ringside and began trading blows with Oracle, whom he blamed for costing him the Internet title.

Result: Oracle & Prophet by Pinfall

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Wynd

Flying Frenchie (c)

Wynd came to the ring with a determined look on her face, and accompanyed by the entire bWo contingent. As the bWo came to the ring, a delivery man once again brought roses to Stone, with a card that read, "Friday". The Flying Frenchie came to the ring to a chorus of boos, and pointed at his title the entire way to the ring, pausing from moment to moment to shove it in the face of a fan wearing any kind of American merchandise. The Frenchie dominated Wynd inside of the ring, but could not get a pinfall on the young woman. As the Frenchie went for a cruifix powerbomb, Wynd twisted out and delivered a drop kick to the back of the champion's head. As the Frenchie reeled, Wynd climbed to the top turnbuckle, but was suddenly distracted by a large poster of Ultra Violet's face. As Wynd blew kisses at the tag champion's image while giggling, the Frenchie slammed into the post and sent Wynd to the floor. This brought the remainder of the bWo into the ring, who at once began to beat down the champion. Strangely, Mitch Wilson came to the ring to save the Frenchie, and the two walked out of the ring together, with the Frenchie asking if the "other" was getting prepared for his match...

Result: Flying Frenchie by DQ

Chris Universal

Chris Universal

It was announced that Chris Universal's healing was coming along better than expected, and that he was due back in the ring this Friday at No Turning Back V. As video clips aired of how Universal was injured, Chris Finn speculated if Universal would confront Davis at the event. It was also announced that the referee for the Austin Davis/Cactus Jack match would be a former fWo superstar, to be announced on Thursday.

Scott Slugger & Ice vs. Billy James & Rudo

Scott Slugger & IceScott Slugger & Ice

The two members of the Punisher Squad came to the ring looking better than they have in weeks, and prepared for their match against the Lone Gunman and Lone Gunman hopeful. Rudo and Billy James looked uncertain to get into the ring, but once they did they were quickly dominated by the Punisher Squad. Ice took the advantage early, and tossed Rudo out of the ring, spearing him into the announcing table. From there Scott Slugger easily made Billy James submit. After the match Machina came out onto the ramp and informed Scott Slugger that it wouldn't be so easy on Friday, and that he would finish off Scott Slugger without even breaking a sweat. Scott Slugger told Machina that if he was so sure about winning he should put something valuable at stake in the match... like his title shot at Twilight. Machina stammered, but under the taunting of the crowd accepted Scott Slugger's terms for their match on Friday. Machina then informed Scott Slugger that he wouldn't make it to Friday, because he had a nasty surprise for him. As Scott Slugger laughed at this, the Total Eclipse came out from the crowd and charged Scott Slugger before finally giving him the big splash inside the ring. As Machina laughed, he introduced the audence to the newest... and biggest... member of the Lone Gunmen... the Total Eclipse.

Result: Scott Slugger & Ice by Submission

Ultra Violet vs. Waru

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet and Violet came to the ring riding in minature cars, and waved to the audence as they came. Waru's entrance was more simple, as he simply climbed into the ring and begged Ultra Violet not to hurt him with any of his "fancy" moves. This seemed to confused Ultra Violet, who explained that people are supposed to hurt each other in wrestling, and that Waru should wear a helmet... after all, it would help cover the place where the stump used to be. At this Waru began to sob, and Violet began to stare at the shiney entrance ramp with a glazed expression. However, Violet's eyes quickly narrowed into thin slits as Wynd made her way to ringside with a large puffy pink pillow and a Sharpie marker that she wanted Ultra Violet to sign. Ultra Violet left the sobbing Waru and autographed the pillow as Wynd giggled and chewed a nail. Violet however grew cold and rigid and angrily tapped her foot on the entrance ramp. Violet glared at Wynd as she made her way back to the backstage area, and then seemed to get lost in thought as she zoned off into the steel ramp once again. Ultra Violet meanwhile went back to Waru and delivered a quick piledriver for the victory.

Result: Ultra Violet by Pinfall

Cactus Jon vs. Cactus Jack

Cactus Jon

Before the match, Chris Finn mentioned that the main event between Austin Davis and Cactus Jack now seemed in danger since Davis had been arrested... but that more reports would be coming in the next day. The bout between Cactus Jack and Cactus Jon was scheduled to be a no-holds-barred match, but the two never made it to the ring as Cactus Jack and Cactus Jon began brawling right on top of the entrance ramp. The two brawled to the corner of the ramp, and then spilled off and over and fell to the ground. As both lay still, VL came out to check on two of the wrestlers she respected as Hardcore equals inside the ring. As she looked over the two, Jack grabbed upward with his Mandible Claw move, catching VL in the mouth and dragging her to the ground. As Jack realized his mistake, Cactus Jon battered Jack with a steel chair he had obtained, and the three brawled out into the parking lot as the cameras went off the air.

Result: No Contest