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The set comes to life with two chairs facing each other, a table in the middle. With a Wrestle UTA banner acting as a backdrop, the camera begins to pan inward as Marshall Owens and Sean Jackson steps into the shot. Making their way towards their respective chairs, Marshall to the left and Sean to the right, they both sit down at the same time. Of course, both are well dressed in their respective suits and Sean is sporting the Ace In The Hole briefcase which is placed on the floor.


Owens: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Marshall Owens and I'm here with Mr. Ace In The Hole himself, Sean Jackson."

They exchange smiles.

Owens: "How are you today Sean?"

The former Dynasty member leans back comfortably in his seat, the smile getting wider for only a moment.

Jackson: "Life couldn't be better Marshall. Dynasty is in shambles, Eddie can't seem to stop talking about me, and I'm one cash in away from becoming UTA World Champion once again."

The smile quickly disappears, replaced with a look of bitter disappointment.

Jackson: "But I can't think about that right now Marshall."

The look changes to disgust.

Jackson: "Not when someone is laid up in a hospital bed, completely devoid of any contact from a sister who claims to love him."

On cue, Marshall picks up a remote and a flat screen begins to lower from the ceiling. As it continues to scroll downward, the former Dynasty member keeps talking.

Jackson: "Whose only contact with the outside world came from a self-centered little girl who spent more time thinking of herself, rather than him."

Marshall snorts, his head going from side to side. He too now has a look of disgust on his face.

Jackson: "And believe me Marshall, Zhalia Fears is far from the angelic person she portrays herself to be. Sure, we've seen her give away free tickets...we've even seen her preach about the evils of being a bully..."

After locking in place, the flat screen comes to life and in full view is a hospital that Zhalia Fears would recognize.

Jackson: "But when it comes to her brother, she simply doesn't have the time. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm quite sure in the early going Zhalia visited him at least twice a week..."

The shot of the hospital changes to a still photo of her brother laid up in bed.

Jackson: "Out of obligation. But now that she's in line for a number one contendership match in Cairo, Egypt..."

A close up of her brother is next.

Jackson: "The little veggie is no longer a priority."

The not-so-subtle stare towards the camera screams of fascination. He can imagine Zhalia's blood boiling which brings back that million dollar smirk.

Jackson: "Is he?"

As far as the former world champion was concerned, Zhalia asked for this. How dare she question his man-hood in San Juan? the first couple of times was cute, but now the annoyance needed to be smacked down just a bit, and he knew exactly how to get that done.

Jackson: "Answer me this Marshall. After leaving San Juan, what do you think Zhalia did?"

The Attorney to the Stars shrugs his shoulders.

Jackson: "Do you think she went to see her brother? or do you think she concerned herself with personal needs?"

Again, Marshall shrugs.

Owens: "That's a good question Sean."

No, no it isn't. But of course that won't stop this train wreck from continuing. Especially when the photo changes to a video where someone in a hospital janitor suit is mopping inside the room. As the shot is on Zhalia's brother, the janitor who has his back to the camera, turns around revealing himself to be Mr. Ace In The Hole.

Jackson: (on camera) "You wouldn't believe how easy this was Zhalia. Do you know that janitors don't get paid nearly enough money for the crap they have to put up with?"

The previously recorded Sean Jackson moves to the side of the bed, where he kneels down and observes the lines and wires coming from Zhalia's brother. This obviously took place well before the show in San Juan.

Jackson: (on camera) "You would be surprised what five hundred dollars could get now-a-days."

In a totally classless move, the Mental Rapist takes out a phone and a selfie is created.

Jackson: (on camera) "But that is between us guys, isn't it?"

In another classless move, Sean takes his hand and moves her brother's head up and down. The shot then goes back to the studio where Sean and Marshall are live, the flat screen going dark.

Jackson: "My guess is she thought of another way to call me out in Cairo, Egypt. Well Zhalia, be careful about tempting me for a next move...."

A case study in the mental madness that Sean Jackson now brought to the game. Whether Zhalia knew it or not, Mr. Ace In The Hole was playing for keeps.

Jackson: "Because it may not be the move you are looking for. Hell, it could quite possibly be the strategy killer that ends your career girl. As far as I'm concerned, karma is a bitch, and all is fair when it comes to a nothing happening nobody like you calling me out for anything."

He then turns his attention to Marshall Owens.

Jackson: "She is vulnerable Marshall, whether she wants to admit it or not. She tries to stand in front of the Ungratefuls, playing make believe that she is better than she is."

Again, that million dollar smirk.

Jackson: "While not giving a damn about her own flesh and blood. Well don't worry Zhalia, because the next time you call me out, I'll make damn sure ole sleeping beauty won't be sleeping alone."

With a simple wink, Marshall gets his cue and brings the show to a close.

Owens: "Folks, I'm Marshall Owens and you've witnessed another sitdown with Sean Jackson."