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WARPED68 - 12/9/12 - Dearborn, MI - Ford Community & Performing Arts Center

The Crowbar Era as GM continues with the final show before our debut on iPPV on 12/23 for The Not So Silent Night!

Despite World Champion Taurus Capone picking play-by-play announcer Tony D as his opponent for this event, Crowbar has veto'd that decision and accepted the suggestion of one PKA via Twitter - opponents teaming up for one major Tag Team Elimination Match with $5,000 of PKA's own money on the line! Taurus will team with his NSSN opponent William Wallace to take on NSSN opponents SwtichBlade and StarrZoe! That's not the only "opponents as partners" style match, as Leon Stone will team with Cameron MacNichol to take on Anton Chase and Blake Blomberg earlier in the night. Plus - before their Tag Title encounter at VW "Showcase Zero", Damien Baine will face Sir Douglas Fresh in singles action. Maple Leaf Strike Force must settle their differences as Hugo Strange will take on Andy LeBeau! And, Crowbar told PKA on Twitter Monday evening that if he's going to be in Dearborn to give out money, why not earn some by having a match?! PKA was set to face AJ Fairchild, but due to him being unable to make it, PKA offered up anyone to take the spot. Pro wrestling veteran Dylan Daniels took PKA up on the offer for the FnX Match.

With opponents teaming, stables imploding, and the first meeting of Crowbar and PKA since Live From Death's Door, this is bound to be an explosive show from Dearborn, Michigan!

Main Event Tag Team Elimination Match - $5,000 Bonus to Winner
Taurus Capone & William Wallace vs. SwitchBlade & Alexander StarrZoe

Singles Match
Damien Baine vs. Sir Douglas Fresh

Tag Team Match
Leon Stone & Cameron MacNichol vs. Anton Chase & Blake Blomberg

Grudge Match
Hugo Strange vs. Andy LeBeau

Opener - FnX Match
Dylan Daniels vs. PKA

Dallas Zwick vs. Steve Marlay vs. Dagger Dave

WARPED68 - 12/9/12 - Dearborn, MI - Ford Community & Performing Arts Center



You open the DVD of WARPED 67 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


REACTIONS - One Week Ago



The scene transitions to Austin Sanders standing with the pudgy and scarred up Dylan Daniels. Dylan is standing there with his head down and rubbing his hands together. Austin Sanders brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Austin Sanders: “Ladies and gentlem..”

Dylan Daniels snags the microphone from Austin’s grasp before he can continue.

Dylan Daniels: “Austin, really? Is that how you greet a long time friend? Come on, where’s my hug?”

Dylan stretches his arms out motioning Austin for a hug.

Dylan Daniels: “Come on, bring it in.”

Austin timidly approaches Dylan who bear hugs him right away, then pushes him away still maintaining a grip and examining Austin.

Dylan Daniels: “You’ve aged well old chum, wish I could say the same for myself.”

Austin attempts not to chuckle as he regains his composure and brings the microphone back to his mouth.

Austin Sanders: “Dylan Daniels, tonight you face PKA in a FnX rules match. I would ask if you weren’t nervous, but you seem fine.”

Dylan Daniels: “Fine, Austin? Fine? Fine and Dandy like Christmas Candy, it’s almost Christmas ya know?!”

Austin Sanders: “Yes, but what are your feelings on your match tonight?”

Dylan Daniels: “If PKA wants to get crazy, then lets get crazy!”

Dylan unties a tourniquet from around his wrist tape before stretching it around his upper arm. He continues as he pulls it tight with his teeth.

Dylan Daniels: “I’ll take your crazy, and match it with mine.”

The rubber tourniquet pops.

Dylan Daniels: “Assuming you’ve received my text, you know there’s a 5th of your favorite waiting in the locker room for you. Down as much of it as you can on the way to the ring. I’ll fix up my rig, and ride the lightning one more time before my music hits. And we’ll get INSANE!

Dylan walks out of the frame, a few seconds later the tourniquet flies back into the frame followed by Dylan.

Dylan Daniels: “Oooor. You can just match how much I loathe this industry with your love of it. Ya know, that spark you had before you became just another bitch in a suit. Long before we all had to start taking a step back to ask ourselves.. Is that twinkle in his eye, the spark from his love of wrestling.. Or just the glassiness from the vino. Either way, as our friend Mr. Rottentreats has tweeted, we‘re going to beat, the ever lovin‘ dog shit out of each other here in a few minutes. I promised a massacre. And tonight, that promised will not be broken.”

Dylan places his hand on Austin’s right shoulder and looks him in the eye.

Dylan Daniels: “We’ll always have Australia, Sanders.”


Opener - Fnx Match: PKA vs. Dylan Daniels

Randy Long: "The opening match of WARPED68 is scheduled for one fall and is to be contested under FnX Rules!"

The pounding of the drums and distorted chugging of Dimebag Darrell’s guitar and Rex Browns pulsating bass over take the PA system. Fog seeps it way upon the WARPED entrance ramp as Philip Anselmo’s vocals kick in.


“The end will crush the light, and send a message.
It won’t please the naked eye
Without and end there is no light
To Foretell, to blind you
The Law of the claw reigns on and after still.”

Atop the ramp Dylan Daniels appears arms spread out back facing the ring. His upper body covered in an aged misfits hoody.


“When I die, I cast a shadow

Dylan Daniels swings his right leg around pivoting on his left foot. Keeping his hooded head down. The camera shows his left hand which carries a staplegun.


And I’ll Rise, I cast a shadow!

He cockily begins to saunter down the aisle. He stops every few steps at certain WARPED fan who seem to be visually upset with his appearance here in WARPED.

Randy Long: “Making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at two-hundred and forty two pounds. From Asheville, North Carolina, by way of Greensboro, North Carolina. Dyyylllaaaan Daaaaanieels!

When Dylan reaches the ring he takes his time ascending the ring steps before wiping his boots on the apron. He makes his way to the other ring post and climbs to the second turnbuckle and pulls his hood back as he raises a fist high in the air. After this simplistic pose, he uses the turnbuckle to bounce himself over the rope into the ring. He steps to the center of the ring, drops to one knee and flips the crowd off. Upon reaching his designated corner he unzips his hoody and to reveal his elbow pads and and black singlet.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.."

The arena goes dark and the spotlight shines on the entrance stage, with blue strobe lights mixed in with the white, bright spotlights. "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns begins to play...and the lyrics kick in:

"Welcome back to where I'm gonna have you. Shell shock fall back, anyone I see through. Watch your head spin like a mesocyclone, bouncin' off the walls now there's nowhere to run (OOH!) Like a bullet meant to be shotttt.. you're the target dead on the spot. When I focus I never miss.. it starts with a kiss.. LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAA"

As the line reaches the screaming "She ricochet's!" PKA bursts through the curtain to cheers from the crowd. He holds his arms out in a crucifix, a fluoerescent light tube in one hand and microphone in the other, as he poses on the stage in his black jeans, white wife beater and black leather jacket.

Randy Long: "From Wichita, Kansas, weighing in at 201 pounds - "Grade A" P..K..A!"

The music fades out and PKA puts the mic to his mouth as he slowly, casually walks to the ring, head down.

PKA: "As I said in my most awesome of promos earlier this week... I am uh.. I'm here for a wrestling match."

He looks up and smirks as he continues his slow walk.

PKA: "This is what I love to do.. I love to wrestle. Wrestling is my passion. It's not being GM.. it's not being matchmaker. I wwwwwwwwrrrrrrestllllllllllllllllllllllllllllluhhhhhh.. okay? Kay.."

He rolls into the ring and stands up. He looks at his fluorescent tube and smiles.

PKA: "Crowbar, you told me you'd give me shit if I showed up. I'll be meeting with you later. Because before that happens, and before I award the winner of tonight's main event with FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS........"

His jaw drops and looks around at the audience. He mouths 'what was I thinking?' before speaking again..

PKA: "Before all of that cool shit.. I wrestle. I do this now and I do it for you to see. Dylan Daniels, let's tear shit up."

He hands the microphone off to Randy Long and leans up against the corner, gripping his light tube with both hands and swinging it like a baseball bat.


Tony D: "Well this is a match between two guys who aren't necessarily active wrestlers here but have plenty of years of experience as wrestlers and are still quite good at what they do."

Kris Red: "You make it sound like we've got two people off the streets about to wrestle. For Christ's sake, it's PKA and Dylan Daniels! True historians of wrestling know exactly what these two men can do. And if they don't know, they're about to find out..FnX Style."

PKA smirks as he pretends to swing the fluorescent light tube like a baseball bat.

Tony D: "And it'd appear PKA has brought a toy to play with tonight, much like Dylan Daniels and that staplegun."

Kris Red: "They don't call PKA the Ultraviolent Perfectionist for nothing. Fluorescent light tubes scream ultraviolence! Not to mention Dylan Daniels.. the Massacre? Yeah, staplegun will cause a massacre."

The referee calls for the bell and it sounds.

"Put that down" says Daniels, pointing to the fluorescent light tube that PKA holds on his shoulder like a baseball bat. PKA tells Daniels to "put THAT down" as he points at the staple gun that Daniels has behind his back. Daniels says "Okay, same time" and they both slowly put their weapons down in the corner, keeping a cautious eye on the other.

Tony D: "This is peculiar."

Kris Red: "Seems about right to me."

They now nod at each other and circle the ring... and they go in to lock up, and PKA shrieks like a little girl and grabs at his hand, hopping up and down.

"What the FUCK dude!" and Daniels looks at his hand and unwraps the barbwire. He smirks and PKA shakes his hand, trying to get rid of the pain.

Tony D: "It appears that Dylan Daniels had a bit of barbwire around his hand.."

Kris Red: "Shenanigans!"

PKA points at Daniels and says "That's it!" as he and Daniels circle around shortly before locking up again, and PKA drives his knee into the gut of Daniels. PKA then turns back and grabs the bit of barbwire near the ropes that Daniels threw down and Daniels grabs his pants and pulls him back into a belly to back suplex and drops PKA to the mat! Daniels covers PKA and PKA immediately kicks out. The two men get up and Daniels takes PKA down with a headlock takeover and holds him down on the mat. PKA kips up and out of it and kicks at Daniels' face but Daniels ducks and pulls PKA's legs out from under him and he faceplants on the mat. Daniels floats over into a front facelock and PKA pushes himself up. He grabs the wrist of Daniels and spins out and wrenches the arm. Daniels grabs the top rope and flips backward and then kicks PKA in the gut. He whips him off the ropes, but Daniels counters and delivers a quick belly to belly suplex!

Tony D: "What a back and forth between Daniels and PKA!"

Kris Red: "Jesus, I'd say."

Daniels drops to one knee and looks slightly winded as PKA grabs at his back and pushes himself back to a corner. He grabs the middle ropes and pulls himself up, keeping an eye on Dylan Daniels, who, once again, looks a bit winded. PKA mocks Dylan Daniels and tells him to 'step it up, old man' to which Daniels responds 'shut up! and PKA approaches him, mocking him being out of breath, pretending to cough up a lung. Daniels then slaps him across the face and PKA looks surprised. Daniels then whips PKA into the ropes and PKA slips under them and to the ringside area. He taps his head, looking out at the fans and smirking. Daniels looks like he's about to leap out of the ring and the fans stand on their feet..

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels has something in mind here!"

Daniels hits the ropes and runs toward PKA, but he slides out of the ring instead of leaping and he grabs PKA and hurls him into the barricade!

Kris Red: "Well that was a bit anticlimatic!"

Tony D: "But effective, nevertheless."

Dylan Daniels brings PKA up and whips him into the ringsteps and PKA hits knee-first and flips over, landing on the floor! Daniels follows around the ring as PKA grabs at his knee on the floor and Daniels puts the boots to his leg. He now jumps up and down on one leg, mocking PKA. Daniels pulls PKA up and slams his face off the ring apron and PKA stumbles back, favoring his leg. PKA rests up against the barricade and Daniels delivers repeated kicks to the knee of PKA, and PKA slaps him across the chest. Daniels fires back with a right hand of his own and backs up.. He runs and clotheslines PKA over the barricade and PKA goes into the first row!

Tony D: "These two are wasting very little time taking advantage of no rules and falls count anywhere in an FnX Match!"

Daniels grabs a chair and folds it up as PKA is on all fours and Daniels brings the chair down on his back! The fans pop bigtime at ringside and he high fives a couple of them. He tosses the chair down and brings PKA up to his feet. PKA tries to fight back with shots to the gut but Daniels drives him back-first into the barricade. PKA grabs at his back and Daniels sets PKA up for a suplex.. but instead of dropping him on his back, he drops PKA stomach first onto the barricade! PKA's face shows the pain he's in and he slowly slides off the barricade.

Kris Red: "Dylan Daniels, a man who's vying to make his return to the ring and make it a successful return, is really showing up PKA in this FnX match."

Tony D: "I'd say you're exactly right. And we rarely see PKA wrestle anymore. Who knows if he's got what it takes still."

Daniels climbs over the barricade. PKA is crawling away toward the ring apron and Daniels kicks him in the gut. Daniels looks under the ring apron and pulls out a giant STOP sign! Daniels' eyes light up.

Kris: "Hello WCW nWo Revenge days!"

Tony D: "Somewhere, giant cars are crashing in an intersection because that giant STOP sign is here."

CRACK! Daniels nails PKA in the head with a STOPSIGN shot! PKA falls onto the floor, clutching his face. Daniels points to the STOP sign asking the commentary team what the hell this is doing here?

Tony D: "I have no idea, Dylan!"

Daniels tosses the STOP sign on the floor and pulls a table out from under the ring. He sets it up at ringside as PKA slowly starts rising to his feet.

Kris Red: "Daniels has wood!"

Dylan quickly kicks PKA in his gut then the injured leg from earlier to stall PKA. Daniels sees the staplegun in the corner from earlier and he grabs it. He pulls the trigger a couple times, showing the fans at home and in the front row that there are staples popping out of it!

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels has the staplegun!"

Kris Red: "PKA is about to get stuck!"

PKA gets to his feet, blood trickling down his face.

Kris Red: "And PKA is seeing red!"

Daniels comes after PKA with the staplegun but PKA leaps into the ring, rolling under the bottom rope to escape! PKA gets up and shakes his finger at Daniels, telling him 'no no no..' as Daniels slides in with the weapon. PKA stomps on the staplegun and Daniels' hand is trapped. PKA then leaps into the air and drops both legs over the back of Daniels' head. He rolls backward as Daniels starts pushing himself up and PKA hits a low front dropkick to the side of his face!

Tony D: "PKA using his quickness and those feet to give himself a bit of a momentum now."

Kris Red: "The thing about PKA is that you can never count him out!"

PKA slaps his hands together, getting the fans to clap along. Daniels is getting to his feet now and backs into the corner.. PKA sets his targets on him and charges in with a running torpedo style dropkick to his face! Daniels staggers out of the corner but PKA pushes him back in. He runs to the opposite corner and back, hitting another torpedo style dropkick!

PKA now hoists Daniels up onto the top buckle and climbs up. PKA backs up and makes a picture frame with both of his hands, looking through it at Daniels.. and he then charges and with one fluid motion, leaps onto the top rope, but almost seemlessly, Daniels SLAPS him across the face, grabs him and hurls him off the top rope and down through the TABLE at ringside!!!

Tony D: "Oh My God!! Somebody tweet the po po!!"

Kris Red: "Jesus Christ what the hell!!"

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT"! chants erupt from the fans here in Dearborn, Michigan. Daniels wipes the sweat off his brow and looks down at PKA as he lays in a pile of broken table. The referee slides out and checks on him to see if he's even alive still.

Tony D: "Oh man, Daniels needs to get out there and pin PKA. He could win this one right here."

Dylan Daniels is slow to hop down though, as he still looks slightly winded. He goes through the ropes and hops off of the apron. He puts one boot on top of PKA's chest and the referee counts..




Tony D: "Just a TWO COUNT! Wow."

Kris Red: "That was hardly an attempt at a cover!! He took forever and didn't even put all of his weight on PKA. Falling through a table or not, you gotta hook the leg, mannn!"

Tony D: "I agree with you there. He seemed a bit out of breath there getting out of the ring and took way too much time."

Dylan Daniels brings PKA up to his feet and pushes him into the ring. PKA rolls to the middle of the ring and Daniels climbs onto the apron and enters through the ropes. PKA starts up to his feet but he falls right back down to his knees. Daniels leads him up and throws him through the middle and top rope, causing PKA to crash at ringside. Daniels picks up the staplegun.. PKA crawls toward the barricade as Daniels slides out of the ring. Daniels holds it in his hand as PKA uses the barricade to lift himself up. Daniels charges towards PKA but to no avail, PKA drop toe holds Daniels into the barricade nose and mouth first! PKA gets to is feet and quickly grabs Randy Long's chair and holds it up as the fans cheer!

Tony D: "Don't worry Tony, you don't need to sit down."

Daniels is bleeding from the mouth and PKA is walking towards him with a steel chair. PKA hits Daniels in the back with the chair, causing Daniels to stagger away from PKA, his back in pain. He walks towards the aisle area and PKA follows, continuing to hit him in the back with the chair along the way. PKA knocks Daniels down by hitting him in the back of the head with the chair with all his might!

Kris Red: "Daniels went down faster than Deja did on Dougie Fresh!"

Tony D: "WHA?!"

Kris Red: "La la!"

The blood really begins to stream from Daniels's head. PKA rolls him over for a pin..



Kick out!

PKA smirks as he then starts delivering repeated rights on top of Daniels! PKA eventually stops and pulls Daniels to his feet. Wanting to inflict more damage, PKA whips Daniels into the steel barricade. PKA delivers multiple forearm smashes to the face of Daniels while he tries to fight PKA off. PKA pulls him away from the barricade and whips him hard into the side of the ring and Daniels hits back first! PKA charges but Daniels lifts him up and PKA lands on the middle rope and leaps back down into a Hurricanrana on Daniels!

Kris Red: "How did he do that?!"

PKA brings Daniels to his feet, blood pouring from both men's faces. PKA crosses both of his arms and looks for the Cross-Arm Brainbuster aka "Pain Buster" but he's unable to lift Daniels off of his feet. PKA delivers a forearm smash, and crosses the arms again and pulls him in for the move and slowwwwwwwwly lifts Daniels halfway up but then grabs at his leg and lets Daniels go. Daniels drops to a knee, "What the hell is your problem?!" shouts PKA at Daniels. "Fat fuck, don't sandbag me!" and Daniels shouts "I'm not fat, you're drunk!" and Daniels grabs the staplegun off the floor and cracks PKA upside the head with it! PKA drops to the floor and Daniels covers him..



Kick out!!


Kris Red: "What an amazing match to kick off tonight's show!"


Daniels grabs onto a bunch of hair and pulls PKA up to a seated position. He takes the staplegun and puts it up against his skull and then pulls the trigger! PKA screams out and Daniels smiles! He then puts the staplegun up to PKA's head a second time and pulls the trigger again! PKA screams out. The camera zooms in on the staples in PKA's head and blood starts trickling out from the punctures.

Tony D: "Staples to the head.. that's just sick!"

Kris Red: "Yeah and PKA is bleeding a lot tonight."

Daniels grabs a handful of hair and leads PKA up to his feet and to the ring. He rolls him in and Daniels slides in after. PKA pulls himself up to his feet with the ropes and Daniels puts the staplegun to the back of PKA's head and pulls the trigger! PKA drops to both knees, screaming out in pain.

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels is relentless with that staplegun!!"

Daniels holds the staplegun up in the air, asking the fans if he should do it some more and they pop with a mixed reaction. Daniels smiles and comes at PKA but PKA grabs the front of his tights and pulls him forward, causing Daniels to go through the ropes and land at ringside. PKA slaps himself in the cheek and tries to get his wits about him as he rolls out of the ring. He walks to the barricade and grabs a guy's jacket and pulls him in and is telling him something. The guy reaches in his pocket and pulls out a dollar and PKA takes it from him and slaps him on the back. PKA picks up the staplegun and puts the dollar bill up to Daniels' forehead and staples it to him!! "Here's your fucking payday, motherfucker!"

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels getting a taste of his own medicine there!"

Kris Red: "Yeah and he's getting a slight bonus for the holidays as well it'd appear!"

Tony D: "A whole dollar extra! That's not much to write home about."

PKA drops to one knee and maniacally laughs at Daniels as he grabs at his forehead where the dollar is now being soaked by blood. PKA grabs Daniels and rolls him into the ring and PKA climbs the turnbuckle and gets onto the second buckle. Daniels gets to his feet and PKA leaps off with a Buff Blockbuster but Daniels ducks and PKA crash lands. Daniels gets to his feet and PKA does as well and backs right into Daniels, who lifts him up in an Inverted Suplex and drops him with an Ace Crusher!

Tony D: "Inverted Suplex into a Stunner!"

Daniels covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "And PKA powers out."

Daniels now gets to his feet and wanders toward the corner. He starts undoing the padding on the top turnbuckle. He looks over his shoulder, making sure PKA is nowhere in sight. PKA starts to stir and come to in the middle of the ring. Daniels continues undoing the pad and looks over his shoulder as PKA gets to his feet. Daniels takes the padding off and elbows PKA in the head. He goes to slam PKA's head off of the exposed turnbuckle but PKA puts his boot on the middle buckle and blocks it, elbowing Daniels in the face. He then goes to slam Daniels' face into the buckle but Daniels blocks it the same way!

Tony D: "Who's going to get the upperhand here?!"

Daniels delivers repeated right hands, causing PKA to stagger away to the center of the ring. Daniels then scoops the legs out from under PKA and tries to turn him over for a Boston Crab but PKA isn't allowing it. Daniels stops and falls back, slingshotting PKA toward the corner but PKA hops onto the middle buckle. He looks back and Daniels clips his leg and PKA drops face first onto the exposed buckle!!

Tony D: "And PKA's face eats the exposed turnbuckle!!"

Daniels then rolls him up ..




Daniels runs his hands thruogh his hair and his jaw drops. He slaps the mat and brings PKA to his feet and goes behind into a waistlock. He applies a half nelson, powers PKA up and just as he's about to drive his head forward PKA rolls through and armdrags Daniels!

Tony D: "Daniels was going for the Misery Driver!!"

Both men up.. PKA kicks Daniels in his gut and pulls him Cross-Arm style and lifts him up without issue this time.. and he drops him on his head!

Tony D: "Pain Buster!"

Kris Red: "Aka the Darkness Driver! Shoutout Man With No Name!"

PKA covers..




Tony D: "Just a two count, barely not three there."

PKA brings Dylan Daniels to his feet and just lets him stand there. PKA slumps his arms down at his side and tilts his head to the left, just looking at Daniels as he staggers back n forth. PKA licks his lips and then wipes his mouth with his hand and yawns in his hand. He then spits in his hand and swings at Daniels, but Daniels ducks and applies the half nelson, lifts PKA up and drives his head forward landing PKA hard on his neck and shoulders.

Tony D: "Misery Driver connects! What an amazing move!! Can he put him away here?!"

Daniels doesn't go for the pin after that amazing move that has the fans chanting "That was AWESOME!" repeatedly. Daniels shakes his head as he drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. He reaches under the ring apron and pulls out a strand of barbedwire.

Kris Red: "Can this match get any more extreme?! Now more barbwire in the mix."

Tony D: "This is what FnX is all about and these two are putting it all out there and really, there's not a damn thing on the line here!"

Kris Red: "As we saw in the promo leading up to this match we know that PKA is thrilled to be back in the ring and that Dylan Daniels is here to earn a paycheck so that he can uh.. buy something cool for his daughter for Christmas. His words, not mine."

Tony D: "Well that's all well and good but right now I'm not sure that Daniels will make it to the store to buy any gifts cause he's wrapping himself in barbed wire..."

While Daniels is wrapping himself in barb wire, PKA slides out of the ring and Daniels charges and leaps, hitting a Crossbody block on PKA with the barbwire! Both men crash and burn and Daniels rolls off of PKA, trying to get up as fast as possible and get the barbwire out of his own skin. Blood starts to trickle from different parts of PKA's upper body now as the fans go crazy!

Kris Red: "Dylan Daniels sacrificed his own body there with that crossbody! That singlet didn't save him from all of that barbwire either."

Tony D: "Yeah and he's not done yet."

Dylan Daniels climbs onto the apron and looks back at PKA who is laid out on the floor. Daniels leaps onto the middle rope, springboards up onto the top rope, and springs off with a Corkscrew Moonsault!!

Tony D: "Misery's Highlight REEL!!"


PKA moves!!!

Tony D: "OOH!!!!"

Dylan Daniels smashes into the FLOOR with the barbwire shards driving into his skin as well.

Tony D: "Dylan Daniels risked it all and PKA moved!!"

On the apron in the corner nearest PKA is the fluorescent light tube that he brought to the match. He grabs it, and as Daniels is attempting to bring himself up to his feet to continue fighting, PKA swings it and SMASHES the fluorescent light tube over Daniels head!


Tony D: "Glass went everywhere!"

PKA's eyes roll in the back of his head and he smiles widely as he runs his fingers through his bloody face and hair, and he quickly grabs the head of Daniels, pulls him in, lifts him up and drives him face-first into the floor!

Tony D: "P-Krusher!!"

PKA rolls Dylan Daniels over and hooks the leg..




The referee calls for the bell and it sounds!! The fans get on their feet as "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns hits the PA System and PKA rolls onto his back, arms in the air.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - P.. K.. A!"

A smile comes over the bloodied face of PKA as he sits up. The referee points to PKA and PKA tells him to get down here and raise his arm. The ref kneels down and raises PKA's arm in the air and PKA starts laughing. He gets to his feet and staggers backward and nearly falls over had it not been for the barricade that he uses to keep himself up. PKA exhales and runs his hand through his hair, looking over at Dylan Daniels who is out on the floor. PKA applauds Daniels and makes his way in the opposite direction of Daniels, toward the aisle. He takes a bow and gives a thumbs up before making his way up the aisle. Fade out..


The scene opens backstage at the show in the office of Interim General Manager, Crowbar. He’s wearing his trademark blue jeans, a white suit shirt, black jacket and black tie. PKA walks in with a shit eating grin on his face and a wet wash cloth in his hand. He dabs at the blood on his face and wipes it away as he sees Crowbar.

Crowbar looks up and notices PKA, he smirks a bit and nods at the Ultraviolent Perfectionist

Crowbar: “PKA, good match, sir”

PKA: “Duh, what’s new? It’s what I do.”

Crowbar: “Something you do well, I’ll never understand why you took this job.”

PKA: “I didn’t TAKE this job. ugh.”

PKA grunts and wipes more blood from his face. He looks down at the wet washcloth and tosses it in a trashcan.

PKA: “I landed in it like a pile of stinking shit in a pig pin. Speaking of shit, how’s it being up Joey Matthew’s ass lately, Corporate Crowbar?”

Crowbar looks at PKA with a discerning almost annoyed look.

Crowbar: “Gee, I’m not sure, you did it longer than I did, was the smell always that bad? It’s a fucking pain in the ass is what it is, but hey, as you’d know he pretty much gives free reign, so it’s not all bad, besides, you get this back after the Not So Silent Night anyway.”

PKA: “Oh boy. *grunts* will ya gift wrap this shit job for me and put it under the tree, Santa Claus???”

Crowbar grabs a packet of smokes off the desk, takes one out and lights it up.

PKA: “That’s disgusting.”

Crowbar: “Eh, gotta die somehow, and sure, I’ll even put a pretty little bow on it and write ‘To PKA from Santa Crow’ on it”

Crowbar chuckles

PKA: “You’re an idiot. Santa Crow. Stupid.”

Crowbar: “Gotta get my bad jokes out sometime, boss, I’m surrounded by so much paperwork, hell I almost shredded Starrzoes contract the other day. Thats how annoying it is.”

PKA looks at the camera man. Not the camera. The camera man. He shrugs his shoulders and points with his thumb off to the side at the camera man.

PKA: “This guy is getting paid hourly. I’m not. Let’s hurry this up. Why’d you want to see me anyway? Offering me a drink for showing up and wrestling? Weren’t you the guy who took advantage of my quote-unquote “problem” and took this gig in the first place? *grunts* .. you serious? What?”

PKA scratches the back of his head and collapses on the couch, kicking his feet up.

Crowbar pulls out a wad of cash and chucks them at PKA

Crowbar: “There’s $300 there, go nuts, look man in all honesty I wanted to talk to you to clear the air, but from the look of that match, you don’t really seem too excited to come back here, even your twitter comments and such say that, so, I have to ask, WHY are you coming back to being a paper pusher?”

PKA pays attention to dried up blood on his tights and picks at it while Crowbar continues.

Crowbar: ”WHY are you even looking and considering it? You seem happier in the ring than behind a fuckin’ desk.”

Crowbar sits forward a bit. PKA now has an ear itch that’s pre-occupying his time.

Crowbar: “What happened while we drank, happened, do we really need to be at each others throats over this? You get it back in 2 weeks, I go back to being talent, it was just a random occurance....though you did say maybe this is something you wanted. Want a match at Not So Silent Night?”

PKA yawns.

PKA: “Huh?”

Crowbar: “Pay attention you blood obsessed, ear wig hibernating idiot!”

Crowbar slams the desk. PKA’s jaw drops.


Crowbar: “I paid for you to come and talk, not sit there and just pick at random parts of your attire or goddamn scratch your ear or ass or whatever you feel like!”

PKA: “Dude, I paid for that desk. Careful.”

Crowbar: “A nice desk it is, too, but still, paying attention now? I know you heard everything I just said, you’re not a complete moron, even if you are bleeding over the damned carpet.”

PKA rolls his eyes and sits forward, licking his lips. He cups his hands and takes a deep breath.

PKA: “One.. shh.. its uh, dried blood. Anyway. Drip away. Spin spin spin. What do you really want, Crowbar? Hmm?”

PKA rolls his eyes.

PKA: “You are preaching “Sober Up PKA” one week and the next week its heyyyyy PKA come on by and make my shit show that I’m ruining better and I’ll buy you a drink. You are setting this entire company including me up for nonsense shit and you know it. So come clean. You and Starr. Who’s the top or bottom?”

PKA tilts his head to the side and puts both hands on his chin. Crowbar rolls his eyes and grunts.

Crowbar: “Oh come off it already, apparently making peace with you at this point isn’t an option, I tried to be civil, a rarity for me, sure, but I’m trying to be friendly here and you’re making gay jokes? Well fair enough then.”

Crowbar puts out his cigarette and leans forward, staring directly at PKA, who sighs and grunts at the thought of Crowbar continuing.

Crowbar: “The reason I offered booze is because I know you won’t sober up, you never will, it was said best by Daniels, you’re not 18, you’re not a child, yet you continue to act like one, so to get a child's attention you dangle something shiny in front of them to get attention. It worked, didn’t it? You’re here now. Obviously, but that grin when you walked in you enjoyed the match, so in that case, at Not So Si-”

Crowbar is cut off mid sentence by a female not seen around WARPED before, she hands Crowbar an envelope and smiles before turning to walk out.

Crowbar: “Thanks, Nikki.”

PKA: “What the..?”

Crowbar watches her walk out before opening the envelope. He reads a letter inside and smirks. he turns back to PKA with a shit eating grin on his face.

Crowbar: “At Not So Silent Night, we’re going to have a discussion in the ring.”

PKA shakes his head violently and waves his hands. He starts shaking his index finger at Crowbar and continues shaking his head. He freezes, finger pointed at Crowbar and mouth gaped wide open. PKA pauses and speaks..

PKA: “Uh... boring. No thanks.”

He stands up and heads toward the door.

Crowbar stands up, letter in hand

Crowbar: “HEY! Don’t forget your booze money, and you may want to turn up, what I hold right here, you may or may not know what it says, but it definitely concerns you. So, if I were you, I’d turn up...”

Crowbar sits back down and props his legs up on the desk and reads the letter again.

PKA sighs and brings his hands over his face. He runs his fingers through his black hair and back down over his face. His mouth drops and PKA fish-hooks himself at both sides, rolling his eyes in the process. He drops his arms at his side and just blankly looks at Crowbar.

PKA: “You uh.. ramble. I don’t want that. I don’t care what you have. You’re out of your mind and you don’t know what you’re doing. Good luck. I uh.. I’m bored. Gotta go celebrate my win and say hi to the boys. You have fun with your cigarettes and lung cancer. Deuces.”

PKA throws up a peace sign and looks at his two fingers. He scoffs at that ridiculous gesture and quickly puts his hand in his pocket. He waves with his free hand and awkwardly removes his right hand from his pocket to open the door. PKA leaves the office but then pokes his head back in.

PKA: “Uh.”

He slips in and grabs the money and backs up, smirking and waving.

REACTIONS - One Week Ago

Maple Leaf Strike Force

Hugo is walking out with his head and holding a bottle of water he is stopped by Andy LeBeau.

Andy LeBeau: Good match even though it was garbage Wrestling and you lost.

Hugo looks at Andy smiles.

Hugo: Yeah because that mat classic you had was great.

Andy gets a pissed look on his face.

Andy: You know what Hugo I am going to let that slides we need to talk I cant do this with Lenard, we have to reform MLSF we have to get the gold back.

Andy holds out his hand Hugo looks at and back at Andy.

Hugo: I will call you when I get back from england.

Hugo walks past Andy and out the building.

Grudge Match: Hugo Strange vs. Andy LeBeau

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Maple Leaf Strike Force grudge match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.. Andy LeBeau!"

Nickelbacks leader of men starts to play as "The Canadian Dragon" Andy LeBeau steps and makes his way to the ring. The crowd boos him the whole time he walks to the ring.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. Hugo Strange!"

Then Beastie Boys "looking down the barrel of a gun" stops up and Hugo Strange steps out some cheers and some boos Hugo makes runs to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope gets up and right in Andys face.

Tony D: "Well here we go as Hugo Strange and Andy LeBeau have had many issues in the last few weeks. Maple Leaf Strike Force need to get back on the same page and Interim GM Crowbar sees this as an opportunity for them to do just that."

Kris Red: "By having a match against each other?! What the hell?!"

The two men shove each other and shout at each other the ref pushes them apart, but they go right back to it. The ref calls for the bell and both Hugo and Andy open up with rights and lefts hammering each other. Hugo lands a good soild left that rocks Andy back against the ropes Hugo steps up and irish whips to the other side of the ring. Hugo sets to t hrow a clothes line but Andy ducks it and then slides out of the ring. The crowd boos as Andy tells them to shut up points up in the ring and calls Hugo a pussy. Hugo starts to climb out of the ring to the outside but is met by a shining wizard the knocks back into the ring.

Kris Red: "Gotta love the Shining Wizard!"

Andy slides back into the ring and starts to stomp and kick the downed Hugo. Andy yells out to the kill "You people suck" as they boo back. Slowly getting to his Hugo looks dazes. Noticing he is hurt Andy runs at the injured Hugo, but is met by a thunderous spine buster by Hugo the crowd pops. Hugo hss an amazed look on his face as more of the crowd starts to cheer for him. Hugo pulls Andy up by his hair and lands a stiff european uppercut to Andy that sends him to the corner turnbuckle. Backing up into the oppsite corner Hugo gettings a good running start and lsunchs his large body in to the smaller Andy. stumbling out of the corner Andy is met with the right fist of Strange and then the left fist of Strange as the fans start to chant "Strange, Strange, Strange" after about 4 punches Hugo spins and hits a revoling elbow that floors Andy and the crowd pops.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange packs a big punch and is a big man! But notice how fast he threw that punch too."

Kris Red: "Yeah the guy is surprisingly agile and quick for his size."

With crowd now cheering Hugo reaches down and pulls Andy to his feet, but Andy jams his thumb into the eyes of Hugo which makes him let go. With quickness like ligthing Andy unloads a serise of rapid fire kicks and chops that stagger the large Hugo rocking him back against the ropes. Andy slides and irish whips Hugo to the other side of the ring. As Hugo rebounds back Andy jumps into the air and hits a picture perfect dropkick right on the chin of Hugo. Landing on the ring floor with a heavy thud Hugo looks to be dazed again while Andy pulls Hugo to his feet and hits a snsp suplex on Strange and then goes for a sleeper hold.

Tony D: "Sleeper hold submission applied now as LeBeau looks to make Hugo pass out."

With the sleeper hold locked Andy laughs and yells out to the WARPED fans"Thats right cheer for the fat ass now!" Hugo starts to stir and slowly makes his way to his feet. Andy tightens his grip and hops up on Hugos back and crys out "NO!" Then in one movement Hugo jumps and falls on his back smashing Andy and making him let go of the sleeper. Both men lay on that mat the ref starts to count 1...2...3...4...5...Hugo rolls to his stomach and starts to slap the mat and the crowd starts to clap along with him. Hugo and Andy start to make it their feet. Andy is the first one standing and starts to throw chops and punches at Hugo. With rage in his eyes Hugo screams and lands a monster of a left that floors Andy the crowds starts a "Hugo is goning to kill you" chant. Yanking him to his feet Hugo irish whips Andy into the ropes and starts to spin as Andy comes back to him Hugo hits the vortex hammer. The crowd pops Hugo pulls him up again and again throws Andy into the ropes and again goes into a spin and throws the double hammer, but Andy ducks stops on a dime and as Hugo comes out of the spin he is met with Andys super kick " Canadian Lighting." Hugo drops Andy with his speed is at the top rope and leaps off going in to a shooting stsr press ands lands it with a double stomp to the chest of Hugo Strange. Andy goes for the cover 1...2...Hugo throws his shoulder up and breaks the count. Andy hops up and starts to yell at the ref his count was slow. Out of the corner of his eye Andy sees that Hugo is getting up Andy shoves the ref out of his way runs and leaps at Hugo hitting a code breaker. Sitting in the middle of the ring Andy is pointing and laughing at the laid out Hugo. Andy climbs the turnbuckle and starts to yell at the fans again. Hugo sits up and gets to his feet he hooks Andy between the legs and lifts him up and the dumps him on his head with the "moose killer" burning hammer. The crowd roars as Hugo gets back to his feet and drags Andy up too. Placing Andys head between his legs Hugo geabs his arms and runs yhem though Andys legs in a package piledriver. Hugo lifts Andy up and jumps up and lands in a tombstone like package piledriver. Again the crowd goes nuts and starts chanting "Strange, Strange, Strange." Hugo climbs to the top rope slowly the crowd is now chanting "fly fat ass, fly fat ass, fly fat ass" Hugo leaps off going into the largest moonsault ever seen in WARPED wrestling history.

Tony D: "What a moonsault!"

Kris Red: "What WAS that?! Wow!"

Hugo lands on Andy and hooks the leg 1... 2...3.... the bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Your winner - Hugo Strange!"

Hugo rolls off of Andy and while sitting the middle of the ring calls for a mic.Andy slowly rolls out on to the floor and starts msking his way to the back.

Hugo: Andy hold up a second I wanna say something to you. Did you like that last move I call it "the Moosesault" get it its because I am as big as a moose. But kidding aside man put this shit to sleep man. All of this over a skirt just not wroth it man your better than that. Hell man we were the first tsg team champions and both of us were rookies man you pinned John Pariah and Crowbar.

The crowd cheers.

Look Andy the shit with Ashley is just not wroth it I am willing to let this go if you are man we are better than this. Are you can walk away the choice is yours.

Andy looks up at tbe ring shakes his head and walks out.Hugo shskes his head and gets to his feet.

Hugo: Crowbar are you happy now, did that make you fill better I hope so. I hope you enjoyed it, because that is the last time I play puppet to. See soon you will be out of that office and back in that ring and this bullshit you have put PKA and me you have to deal with and psy for. Now I will sit and wait for my shot at you all I got is time. remeber Crowbar I am still here and once you come back to being a wrestler I will take my revenge on you.

Hugo drops the mic and leaves the ring.


PKA is at the vending machine. He bends over and scoops out a Diet Vanilla Coke. He pops open the can and takes a swig as he makes his way toward a table. He pours the soda into 44oz cup and crushes the can and tosses it in the trash. He stirs the drink with his index finger and takes a drink. He smiles.

PKA: “Good shit..”

He grabs a tiny rum bottle off of the table and tosses it in the trash. It clinks upon impact and he sips his drink, which apparently is now a Diet Vanilla Coke and Rum... He walks down the hall and... ??___

Damien Baine stops him. Looking him in the eyes. He shakes his head.

Damien Baine: “Boss, that will not get you anywhere, you are in a vicious cycle, ever heard of the twelve steps?”

PKA sets his drink down on a table and takes his index finger and puts it up against the lips of Damien and goes “shhh” putting his other index finger up against his own lips. Damien looks confused. PKA takes his finger back and wipes it off on his shirt. He picks up his drink.

PKA: “Ever hear of a good time?”

He takes a drink.

Damien Baine: “Yea you don’t need cancer causing drinks to have one. Trust me... i’ve been there.”

Damien takes PKA’s drink and throws it in the trash. PKA’s jaw drops and he runs his fingers through his hair.

PKA: “Are you serious? Uhhhhhhhhh listen, not your boss tonight.. havin’ a good time.. did my shit in the ring.. why don’t you concentrate more on preparing for Mr Dougie Freshtoes and less on me, clown.”

PKA bumps his shoulder and walks past him. Damien hustles to catch up to him, he puts his hand on PKA’s shoulder to stop him.

Damien Baine: “Just looking out for you, I wouldn’t have a job, without you, and i know how you are struggling. We all need to evolve, to mold into the perfect being that resides in all of us, if all of us can be the best we can be then that only makes this company even better than it already is. Do you think a a T.V. network is going to want to air a wrestling show ran by a drunk?”

Damien waits expectantly. PKA checks his watch. He’s not wearing a watch.

PKA: “I have no idea what you just said because I’m too busy looking at the gnat that’s flying around. Seriously, Crowbar brings those with him I’m sure. Bye, clown. Also, you owe me a drunk.”

PKA grunts and turns away and bumps into SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade looks him in the eyes.

SwitchBlade: Hey, “boss”. How was your little intervention?

PKA: *sigh..* “Oh Christ.. not again.”

He looks behind him and watches as Damien slowly steps away, realizing that his time is done here. PKA turns back to SwitchBlade and brings his right hand on his face. He runs his fingers through his hair and pauses, staring at SwitchBlade.

PKA: “He owes me a drink..”

SwitchBlade: “Relax. I’m not going to give you the third degree. You want to drink yourself stupid I won’t stop you.”

PKA’s arms drop to his side. Uninterested and bored, he drops his head. Only his eyes move as he looks up at SwitchBlade like a sad puppy.

PKA: “I’ll be fine... Crowbar just threw a bunch of cash my way to buy my company for a night but I told him that I can’t give him the lovin’ he gets from Starr. So, it seems I’ll have a fun after party after tonight. What’s going on with you anyway?”

SwitchBlade smiles and pats PKA on the shoulder.

SwitchBlade: “You’re a good man, Patrick.”

“Peeks” says PKA quietly says under his breath.

SwitchBlade: “I know I never said it enough, but you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. I give you shit because I care about this company.”

PKA grabs his head on each side and cracks it. He crosses his arms, listening.

SwitchBlade: “And deep down I know you do too. I trust you’ll do the right thing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a show to steal.”

SwitchBlade walks away from PKA. After watching SwitchBlade walk away, PKA pauses and looks around. He licks his lips and sniffs.

PKA: “What a nice guy. Hard worker. I’m thirsty.”

He puts both arms up in the air.

PKA: “Where’s the fun!?”

He digs in his pocket and pulls out the wad of cash Crowbar gave him. He tosses a $20 on the floor and skips away, counting the money. This is quite a ridiculous sight. Fade to black.


REACTIONS - One Week Ago

Blake Blomberg

Blake walks up to the camera.

"Well it's nice to win something for the first time in ... forever. Of course I can't be too proud. It wasn't my ability that got me the win, it was the surprising suckiness of my opponents. Besides Chase that is, the real Chase. Well I guess I'll keep on trying and who the hell knows, I just may win again."

Blake shrugs his shoulders.

"How sad is it that I've won more in the last month that the Chargers. Fire Norv already!"

Blake walks off.

Tag Team Match: Leon Stone & Cameron MacNichol vs. Anton Chase & Blake Blomberg

The next scene on your sizzling hot WARPED68 DVD fades in as we see the 4 competitors of this next tag team match already in the ring.

Anton Chase and Leon Stone stand in the ring as Blake Blomberg and Cameron MacNichol make their way to their corners.

The match begins as Leon Stone and Anton Chase stare at each in the center of the ring. They lock up.. and Chase knees him in the gut. He swings his right hand, but Stone blocks it and lands a hard right hand of his own. Stone takes the early advantage and whips Anton into a neutral corner of the ring. He runs at Anton and clotheslines him in the corner. Anton Chase slumps down in the corner of the ring. Stone goes to his corner and tags in MacNichol as the crowd cheers.

Tony D: "The Dirty Mac gets a tag in!"

Cameron MacNichol and Leon Stone walk towards the prone body of Anton Chase. Both men hook him up and they execute a double vertical suplex. The referee pushes Stone out of the ring as MacNichol goes for the cover. The referee quickly runs back into position..



Kick out. MacNichol picks up Chase and whips him towards the ropes. Without MacNichol noticing, Blake Blomberg blind tags his partner.

Tony D: "I don't think MacNichol noticed that tag there.."

On Anton Chase's return, MacNichol drops down and Anton jumps over him. As MacNichol gets to his feet, Blake comes into the ring and bulldogs MacNichol down to the mat. Blake Blomberg starts to stomp away at MacNichol. After several swift kicks, Blake rushes towards the opposing corner and clubs Stone with a right hand sending him down to the ring floor.

Kris Red: "Who does this Blake Blomberg think he is doing that to the Evolution Champion?!"

Blomberg hops up onto the top turnbuckle. He positions himself and leaps off with a diving bodysplash towards MacNichol but at the last second MacNichol gets his knees up, nailing Blake right in his chest and sending him to the mat out of breath. MacNichol quickly goes into the cover..



Anton Chase rushes into the ring hitting MacNichol with an elbow. Stone is now up as well and makes his way towards Chase. He punches away at him and pushes him over the top rope down to the floor. MacNichol picks up Blake and holds him up for Stone. Stone gets back as far as he can and charges at the two. Stone ducks down for a spear, but Blake Blomberg is able to move out of the way, just in the knick of time. Stone however, does collide with MacNichol sending him down to the mat hard.

Tony D: "Stone unintentially speared his partner, Cameron MacNichol!"

Kris Red: "Cameron knows what that feels like from before!"

The camera pans to show Dyan screaming. Chelsea tells her to pipe down!

Kris Red: "I wish those two broads would shut up!"

Blake Blomberg quickly stands up and grabs Stone. He kicks him in his gut and whips him to the very near ropes, sending Stone tumbling through the second and third ropes down to ringside. Chelsea screams and jumps out of the way, avoiding a collission. Blomberg makes the cover on MacNichol!



kick out!

Tony D: "Only a two count!"

Both men lie down on the mat trying to recover some strength. Anton Chase and Leon Stone are now both up again standing in their corners as the referee starts the double count. "One... Two... Three..."

Kris Red: "Both men slowly making it towards their corner.."

The referee continues the count- "Four... Five... Six... Seven..." The crowd start to stomp and cheer as both men have almost reached their partners. "Eight..." Both men tag in their partners and roll out of the ring.

Tony D: "Both men make the tags!"

Anton Chase and Leon Stone quickly get into the ring. Chase runs at Stone and hits him with a high dropkick. Stone quickly pops up and charges at Chase. Anton takes the Evolution Champion down with an armdrag and locks in a cross-armbar on the mat. Stone kicks up and is able to escape. Both men get to their feet and Stone puts Anton in a headlock but Anton counters into a belly to back suplex! Stone gets up, favoring his back, and Anton grabs him from behind and nails a german suplex quickly..

Tony D: "Bridged German!"



kick out!

Chase picks Stone up and whips him across the ring. Stone comes off the ropes and Anton goes for a clothesline but Stone goes behind and attempts a belly to back suplex, but Anton elbows his way out of the grasp of Stone and kicks Stone in his gut. "The Future" pumps his arms and puts Stone between his legs.

Tony D: "Anton Chase going for the win!"

Cameron MacNichol then gets in the ring and clubs Anton Chase in his back, saving Stone from the Chaos Theory. Stone falls to his knees as Anton Chase goes down to one knee from the shot to his back.. MacNichol puts him in Cobra Clutch.

Tony D: "The Stranglehold!!"

Blake Blomberg comes out of nowhere with roaring dropkick to the side of Cameron's head! MacNichol drops to the mat and Anton Chase collapses, grabing at his neck. MacNichol starts up to his feet and Blomberg clotheslines him over the top rope!

Kris Red: "Blake the Snake is striking!"

Tony D: "Wow really?"

Stone spins Blomberg around and delivers punches to his face, backing him into a corner. Blomberg then blocks a punch and puts Stone where he was, and lays in the punches now! Anton gets to his feet and Blake looks back at him. They exchange some kind of agreement and Blake nods.

Tony D: "They've got something in mind here for Leon Stone.."

Blake and Anton pick Stone up and put him up top, back facing the ring. MacNichol gets to his feet at ringside and Anton vaults over the top onto him!

Kris Red: "What a move from Anton Chase, doing it with ease!"

Meanwhile, Blomberg gets his feet on the second buckle and has Stone set up for a suplex perhaps but Stone headbutts him off! Blomberg loses his footing and steps down onto the mat. Stone then gains his balance and leaps, but Blomberg counters into a gutbuster, dropping Stone gut-first on his knee! Blomberg now applies a Cobra Clutch and spins out and slams Stone to the mat!

Tony D: "San Diego Snakebite!"

He covers, and the referee shakes his head that he isn't the legal man!! Blomberg looks up wondering why he isn't counting. Anton Chase pulls Blomberg off of Stone and covers him..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "Oh man! That brief bit of issue allowed for Leon Stone to kick out."

Blake now mocks Anton for not getting the win there when he thought he would. Anton pushes him and Blake pushes him back. Cameron MacNichol now gets up on the apron and reaches in at Blake but Blake freaks and spins around and punches the shit out of Cameron, knocking him off of the apron.

Kris Red: "Well thanks for trying Cameron!"

Anton then turns his attention to Leon Stone getting up, and kicks him in the gut, places him between his legs, lifts him up and drops him on his face!

Tony D: "Chaos Theory!"

Chase covers..




The ref calls for the bell! Ding ding ding.

Kris Red: "It's ova!"

"Faint" by Linkin Park hits the PA System and the fans pop! Chase and Blomberg have their arms raised in victory by the referee. Blomberg then pulls his arm away and tells Anton Chase that he could've pinned him but Chase argues that he wasn't the legal man so he missed out. Blake tells him he'll get the win at Not So Silent Night and Chase says fat chance and that he'll win and then pin Leon Stone again just like he did there and be the Evolution Champion! Blake argues that Cameron might win the title and then Blake will beat Anton Chase and then knock the shit out of Cameron again and be the Evolution Champion!! The two get nose to nose and the referee has to divide them and Blomberg throws a right hand, taking Chase down to the mat. He quickly escapes through the ropes and runs up the aisle as Anton gets to his feet, grabbing his jaw and looking pissed off at Blomberg as the scene fades.


Singles Match: Damien Baine vs. Sir Douglas Fresh

The red hot DVD with the cool cover art and reasonable price is still playing and up next the scene fades in as we see Damien Baine ready to go one on one with Douglas Fresh!

Tony D: "And we've got a prequil to their Tag Team Title meeting at our homebase Interfed's first official show... SHOWCASE ZERO.. that's right Visionary Wrestling is going to be live from Madison Square Garden for that show and it will be Flux In Motion challenging the Carnival Connection for the Tag Team Gold and-"

"Extreme Ways (Bournes Ultimatum)" by Moby hits the arena as Crowbar comes out, dressed in blue jeans and a suit jacket and tie.

Kris Red: "Enough talking! Crowbar is here."

Tony D: "Or as PKA put it on Twitter, "Corporate Crowbar".. his words, not mine."

Kris Red: "You shut your mouth! Thanks to Crowbar, you didn't have to face the KING!"

He steps out onto the entrance, mic in hand. Damien Baine and Douglas Fresh are standing in the ring ready to compete, looking on in confusion as to why the Interim GM is out here. The crowd are also interested, but that doesn't stop them sending out boos towards Crowbar. He raises the mic to his mouth.

Crowbar:"Calm down folks....calm down...I'm not here to do anything to this match."

The crowd begin to calm down.

Crowbar: "I thought this as good a time as any to make an, firstly at Visionary Wrestlings Showcase Zero we'll see who comes out on top heads into the Not So Silent Night as champions, and that should make for an interesting show, thats for sure. I'm hoping it's my boys The Carnival Connection, but thats just me."

The crowd are scattered with reactions

Crowbar: "However that's not why I'm out The reason I'm out here is everyone knows my love of FnX matches, hell, I've been in a lot of them, so I've made the call that at The Not So Silent Night, we are going to have, The Carnival Connection, versus, Flux in Motion, versus, The Maple Leaf Strike Force in an FnX Tag Title match! ...but there's a cannot win by pin or submission, or by rendering your opponent unconcious....the only way to win is to climb a ladder and retrieve the titles hanging from the ceiling!"

The crowd roar with cheers as "Extreme Ways" his the arena.

Crowbar: "The Not So Silent Night just got a bit more insane!"

Crowbar smirks and turns around, heading back through the entryway, leaving Baine and Fresh in the ring to begin.

Kris Red: "FnX Tag Team Match!"

Tony D: "Ladder match!"

The bell sounds. Damien Baine and Dougie Fresh meet up in the middle of the ring, Damien gets the early advantage by pushing dougie away and drop kicking him into the corner. Damien walks over delivering strike after strike. The crowd counts as he goes.



The ref breaks it up. Dougie catches his bearing and rushes over to Damien spearing him through the ropes to the outside where Leon Stone is watching and waiting to help. Leon pushes Dougie off of his partner and helps Damien back into the ring Damien lays on the mat inside the ring, Dougie tries to recoup outside of the ring. Damien gets up first and taunts Dougie from inside the ring. Dougie gets pissed and rushes back into the ring, right into a baseball slide that sends him on his back outside the ring. (1) Leon sees that he is counting and walks over to where Dougie is laying (2) Damien is taunting and bragging in the ring. (3) Leon whistles and Damien jumps to attention (4) Leon rolls Dougie back into the ring. Damien picks Dougie up and picks him up to do his finished the hit and run but Dougie pushes him away and hits Damien with a drop kick. Damien doesn't fall down but Dougie runs and bounces off the ropes and does a running drop kick into the chest of Damien knocking him to the ground.

Tony D: "Impressive agility by Douglas Fresh!"

Dougie climbs the top ropes and dives off hitting Damien with a jumping knee drop right to the middle of Damien's chest.

Kris Red: "Look at him go!"

He goes for the cover.

Leon rushes in breaking it up before the three count. Dougie gets up frustrated but ignores Leon and irish whips Damien into the ropes Damien comes running back right into a hip toss, Dougie pulls Damien up by his long hair and Irish whips him again, and again hip tossing him to the mat.

Tony D: "Dougie continues the assault!"

Dougie lifts him to his feet again, irish whips him again but this time he drops down and starts to criss cross the ropes with his opponent, on the third time Dougie hits Damien with a big boot to the side of his head.

Dougie: I’m the foot bitch!

Damien falls to the mat completely still.

Kris Red: "If you're going to fall to the mat, please don't half ass it. Completely fall! What?"

Dougie climbs the ropes again, and again hits Damien with a knee to the chest, instead of going for a pin Dougie goes for the carnival crab. He puts more and more pressure on it, Damien looks in an immense amount of pain. Damien tries harder and harder to get to the ropes and each time he gets closer. He doesn't look like he can take much more, he grabs the ropes just in time. The ref breaks the hold. Damien struggles to his feet holding his back, Dougie decides its time to finish it and spears Damien picking him up for a double hook back breaker, Damiens back collides with the mat and Dougie rolls him into a pin, but Damien reverses it, it looks like both their shoulders are touching the mat, the ref starts to count.




Both men kick out at the same time... both get to their feet.. Dougie scoops the legs out from under Damien and turns him over into a Boston Crab!!!

Tony D: "The Carnival Crab applied!!!"

Damien Baine, center of the ring, has no choice but to tap out!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Sir Douglas FRESH!!!"

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Flight Of The Bumblebee plays as Douglas Fresh gets to his feet and has his arm raised in victory! The fans cheer.

Tony D: "One half of the Tag Team Champions is on top tonight but will it be the same story when the two teams meet at Visionary Wrestling's Showcase Zero?!"

Kris Red: "And what about at The Not So Silent Night when the titles are on the line in a 3 way Ladder Match?!"

Douglas Fresh celebrates as he climbs the turnbuckle and the fans take their pictures and are excited! He hops down and offers his hand to shake to Damien Baine and Damien accepts and they shake. The fans applaud as Damien Baine leaves the ring to let Douglas celebrate. Suddenly PKA hits the ringside area and crashes a fluorescent light tube over the head of Damien Baine!

Kris Red: "Whoa what the!?"

Tony D: "Did PKA just snap on Damien Baine for throwing his drink away earlier?!"

PKA stands over the fallen Damien Baine as the fans look on shocked. Douglas Fresh slips out of the ring and PKA hightails it up the aisle toward the back as Douglas can't believe what just happened just as the fans cant!

"You don't owe me a drink anymore, ya jerkoff" says PKA before he goes through the curtain.

Fade out.

REACTIONS - One Week Ago

Alexander StarrZoe

StarrZoë appears before the camera, covered in blood and sweat, his hair matted to his face, still in his wrestling gear. The former World Champion is shaking in pain and his face is a crimson mask, his chest glistens with shards of glass. He hobbles, heavily favoring his injured leg.

Starr: "Fu...*pant*...fuck! Who the hell thought I would have to take it there again just to prove a point? Panes of glass, chairs, my God, it was like my dream match from hell, where was the fire?! Hugo Strange sent the world a message yet again and once again, at my expense. He took me through the ringer and he came damn close to putting me away for the hat-trick. I stopped him though, I prevailed. This bullshit stops here and now. Too many losses and one-sided offense in the last few Alexander StarrZoë matches. I overcame the road block that is Hugo Strange and I'm on to the next one."

Starr sighs, leaning against the concrete wall behind him.

Starr: "I've been called a whore and told I was raping the business. Maybe so, I mean, whores do get paid to do something that brings them pleasure, right? But what's so different about me than the rest of these guys? Am I just a higher paid whore? Maybe I gave up on the business too soon. With guys like Hugo Strange out there still fighting with a passion, maybe I was wrong to assume I should give up on the business already. Not So Silent Night comes quickly, as does my Iron Match Match with SwitchBlade. Switchy, we're going to show the world something, something different, something they've never seen before."

Starr walks away.

REACTIONS - Two Weeks Ago

William Wallace

William Wallace walks past the reactions cam on his way out of the arena only to stop as he passes and take a step back.

Wallace: Taurus a will chalk this one up to stupidity. A will assume you didn't know any better, but if you try shit like that again, a will not stop chokin you until you are out cold.

Wallace smirks and walks away once more.

Main Event:Tag Team Elimination w/$5k on the Line
Taurus & William Wallace vs. SwitchBlade & Alexander StarrZoe

The awesome DVD you paid good money for fades in to the ringside area where Randy Long is ready to introduce the entrances for our main event match!

Randy Long: "The following is the main event of the evening and it is a Tag Team Elimination Match with the winner receiving a 5 THOUSAND dollar check by way of PKA!"

The referee shows the cartoon sized check to the crowd and they applaud.

Randy Long: "Introducing the first team.. from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing 254 pounds, he is the Number One Contender for the World Championship - William WALLACE!"

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse the the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner.. from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 230 pounds - he is the WARPED World Champion - Taurus Capone!"

The Television screen scrambles and blacks out. The lights in the arena shut off completely as low ominous strings of unknown music can be heard. A sample of a man seemly giving a speech to thousands begins.

”...And the prophecy read! That one day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes…That a boy would be born onto a family in the slums…this boy would go own to use the knowledge he gained…while fighting for survival in the streets…to become a great leader…and in time that boy would grow to become………KING! ”

As the TV unscrambles the bass-line to "Like That" by T.I. drops and the live crowd goes insane. Bright white lights engulf the entrance as Taurus Capone shoots out onto the stage flashing his signature smile.Taurus slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp with his signature swagger as his triumphant theme blast. His eyes are hidden behind his dark ray bans as he seemingly glares off into the crowd. In a swift motion he rolls in under the bottom ring rope and jumps to his feet. Camera flashes fill the venue as Taurus hops the top turnbuckle with both arms raised mouthing to the crowd. He jumps down and removes his jewelry and shades before tossing his cut up promotional T-Shirt into the crowd.

Randy Long: "And his opponents, first.. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 237 pounds - Alexander StarrZoe!"

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to a mixed reaction from the fans. Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air..

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner.. "

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven hits! The fans pop.

Randy Long: "From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds - SwitchBlaaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers his opponents a handshake before starting the match. Wallace and Capone look at the hand.. Capone shakes his head and gets out on the apron. Wallace shakes it!

Tony D: "There's at least one person on that team that can show some respect. William Wallace isn't known for it a lot of times but at least he chose to in that instance."

Kris Red: "Look, Taurus Capone doesn't have to shake SwitchBlade's hand. He already beat him for the World Title and successfully defended it. Now he's in this match!? Tony D, he should be facing you, not in this tag elimination."

Tony D: "Well our Interim General Manager, Crowbar, decided that it wasn't fair and vetoed that match, Kris. Thank God for Crowbar.."

Kris Red: "That's fine, because thanks to PKA, there's big money on the line tonight for the winners, or winner, depending on if someone gets eliminated from the winning side. Five Thousand Dollars!"

The referee calls for the bell and it sounds.

Tony D: "And not only the money, but bragging rights are on the line tonight as well. Not So Silent Night opponents team up in this epic main event we have for you."

Kris Red: "Looks like Starr and Wallace will kick things off and the last time they met in the ring, it was just in October! And Wallace came out on top over Starr for the second consecutive time, something nobody else has done."

Tony D: "So there's definitely some hostility between these two, especially from Starr's end."

The two circle around the ring, keeping an eye on one another. Wallace tells Starr to bring it on. StarrZoe moves slowly. Wallace doesn't want to wait, and suddenly charges at him. Starr sidesteps however and brings Wallace down with a drop toe hold.

Tony D: "Starr was a bit too quick there for Wallace!"

Kris Red: "He baited him!"

Wallace quickly gets up to his feet and StarrZoe arm drags him down, and again Wallace gets up and gets arm dragged down again. He bangs the mat in frustration. Wallace gets up and motions towards Starr, telling him to bring it. The two charge at each other and lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Wallace quickly gains the advantage with a hard knee to the midsection and whips StarrZoe into the ropes. Wallace floors him with a hard clothesline. He drags Starr to his corner and tags in Taurus. Wallace holds him up for Taurus, and Taurus sighs and says "Already?" as Wallace holds on and tells him to get in! Taurus enters and delivers a stiff chop to Starr's chest.

Kris Red: "Enter the King!"

Tony D: "He didn't look too enthused to enter, either."

Taurus puts a side-headlock around the neck of StarrZoe, and the ref checks to see if the hold is legal. Taurus lets go and tags Wallace back in, saying "That's good enough" and Wallace is slightly annoyed by this, but enters the ring as Taurus exits.

Tony D: "I guess Taurus is done for now.."

Kris Red: "This match is a big waste of time for him!"

StarrZoe is lying on his side. Wallace stares at Starr for a second, drops down to a knee and locks in a chinlock. Starr reaches out for the ropes and Wallace drives his knee into his back as he pulls on the chin. Wallace wrenches back further and the ref goes down to check on StarrZoe to see if he's about to tap out.

Tony D: "Wallace with a reverse chinlock submission applied and Starr is trapped in the middle of the ring now."

Out of nowhere, SwitchBlade kicks Wallace right in the head and breaks the hold! The ref pushes him back and he calmly walks back to their corner.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade making the save for Starr!"

The referee tells SwitchBlade to stay in his corner. While the ref's back is turned Taurus comes in and stomps on StarrZoe for a few seconds and then hops back out. Wallace gets up, shaking his head, getting the cobwebs out. He gets StarrZoe up kicks him in the gut...

Tony D: "The Sinister Urge!"

Wallace hits the The Sinister Urge (Vertical suplex powerslam) and covers..




Wallace drops a knee across the chest of his opponent, backs up to the corner, but unsuspectingly, Taurus tags himself in. Wallace turns around wondering what the hell he's thinking.. Taurus hops onto the second buckle and leaps off with a leg drop! Starr rolls out of the way and Taurus grabs at his ass!

Tony D: "This is Starr's opportunity… SwitchBlade has been waiting on the apron for quite sometime just itching to get in this and I'm sure he'd love to get his hands on Capone."

Kris Red: "You watch your mouth!"

StarrZoe starts to slowly crawl towards his corner. He is just an arms length away now from SwitchBlade's out stretched arm… He is just finger tips away from him..

Tony D: "He is going to make the tag!!"

Taurus jumps on top of StarrZoe out of no where and breaks up the tag attempt.

Kris Red: "KING!" Taurus quickly gets up and decks SwitchBlade, who falls off of the apron and onto the ground. SwitchBlade quickly gets up and tries to rush in the ring.

"Come on!" taunts Taurus as the ref tries to restrain SwitchBlade.

Tony D: "Those two have a lot of unfinished business that's for sure."

Taurus turns his attention back to Starr. He pulls Starr up but gets caught off guard with a jawbreaker! Starr then goes behind, locks in a Full Nelson and lifts him up.. Full Nelson into Powerdriver!

Tony D: "The G-8 Summit!"

The ref is still trying to restrain SwitchBlade from entering the ring. Wallace steps through the rope and charges at Starr going for a clothesline but StarrZoe ducks and locks in the Full Nelson and hits another Full Nelson into a Powerdriver onto the neck of Wallace!!!

Tony D: "Another G-8!!"

Instinctively he falls over and covers William Wallace. SwitchBlade conveniently backs off on the apron and tells the ref to go count. The ref gets into position..



Wait! The ref has broken the count, Wallace isn't the legal man!! StarrZoe raises his head looking at the ref puzzled as to why he has stopped counting, and the ref tells him what happened. Disappointment sweeps across the face of Alexander StarrZoe, as he stays over William Wallace. Taurus has gotten up and stomps at StarrZoe. The referee pushes Wallace back to his corner. Taurus shouts "the money is mine!" as he gets StarrZoe up.. right hand, no! Starr blocks and counters with a left!! Taurus goes for another right, but again is blocked and StarrZoe whips Taurus in the ropes.. Starr with a Tilt-a-Whirl, but Taurus escapes and turns it into an armdrag! Both men up.. Tauru goes for a clothesline, but StarrZoe ducks behind applies a reverse waistlock.. Taurus counters with a standing switch… StarrZoe comes back with a standing switch of his own, quickly turns Capone around and... belly to belly suplex!

Tony D: "StarrZoe is showing his resilience here, pulling off a Belly to Belly Suplex after a series of counters!"

Kris Red: "Oh come on! Anyone could do that."

Starr slowly gets up, now is the opportune time for a tag.. but no.. He looks at SwitchBlade, then back at Capone. Starr picks Taurus up, hooks him and takes him up for a suplex. Taurus flips over in midair and grabs StarrZoe by the waist, he tries to hoist Starr back for a German suplex, but is met with an elbow to the side of the head, and another elbow, and one more. Taurus' grip is loosened, StarrZoe grabs his head and drops him with an Inverted DDT!

SwitchBlade is extending his hand..

Tony D: "SwitchBlade wants in the match! Will Starr make the tag to his Not So Silent Night opponent?!"

StarrZoe slowly gets to his feet and tags him in and the crowd goes wild!

Tony D: "And there's the tag!"

He runs over to Taurus who is slowly getting to his feet and grips his waist… Belly to belly suplex!!! He picks Taurus up and whips him into the turnbuckle. He charges towards the turnbuckle and plants his chest all over Taurus! Taurus falls to the mat like a ton of bricks having all the air knocked out of him. SwitchBlade heads to the top rope...

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade isn't known for his high flying abilities... but what is he doing here?!"

Taurus then becomes best friends with SwitchBlade's knee as SwitchBlade drives it into his face and Taurus goes down!

Kris Red: "Knee to the FACE!"

Tony D: "He hooks a leg for the pin. 1!! 2!!! Taurus kicks out at two!"

Switchy is at full speed now, not stoping for a moment. He picks Taurus up. LOW BLOW! Out of no where Taurus just lowblowed SwitchBlade square in the balls! The referee tells Taurus that that is not allowed!

Tony D: "Oh come on!! LOW BLOW!!"

Taurus tells the referee he can kiss his King Ass and the refere calls for the bell. Taurus shrugs his shoulders and the ref tells Taurus he's disqualified!

Kris Red: "Hey what the hell!!"

"See if I care! I don't need this!" says Capone as he turns his back and heads toward the ropes. Wallace asks him what the hell he thinks he's doing and Capone tells Wallace to have fun! Wallace gets into the ring and Taurus drops down and rolls out.

Tony D: "I think Capone just intentionally got himself disqualified!! He's left Wallace to be eaten alive in there with two future WARPED Hall of Famers in SwitchBlade and StarrZoe! Two world class competitors!!"

Kris Red: "Taurus doesn't need the 5k and he knows Wallace can hold is own. He's doing him a favor somehow!"

Wallace charges towards SwitchBlade with a clothesline Switchy ducks and hits an inverted atomic drop! SwitchBlade then hits the ropes and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Wallace and fluidly applies a front facelock on the mat!

Tony D: "Submission applied!"

Wallace's face is flushed, as he tries to escape the hold. Wallace seems to be pulling his way to the ropes..He's almost there!!! Just a fingertip away!!!! SwitchBlade pulls him back to the center of the ring!!! His grip tightens.. Wallace looks like he is about to give in or pass out from the facelock. Wallace somehow musters up some strength and starts to push himself up, and SwitchBlade holds on all the way up. Wallace starts delivering punches to the midsection and finally is able to escape the hold and he clotheslines Switchy to the mat! SwitchBlade gets back up and Wallace hits another clothesline! SwitchBlade gets up and Wallace shoots him off of the ropes and hits a huge Spinebuster!!

Tony D: "William Wallace is getting back in this!!"

Wallace makes the cover.. but gets off as StarrZoe gets into the ring to break up the momentum but Wallace SPEARS him just as he gets in and Starr rolls out of the ring, clutching his midsection.

Kris Red: "See! The Scotsman can hold his own! Taurus did this for him."

Wallace leans over the ropes, looking down at Starr and making sure he's gone from the scene. He then turns and quickly gets a pin on SwitchBlade... but SwitchBlade kicks out immediately.

Tony D: "William Wallace needs to even things out and get an elimination. Taurus did him no favors tonight by leaving him hanging."

Speaking of Taurus, a ringside camera shows Taurus coming around the ring. "I forgot this" he says as he grabs the World Title off of the announcers table.

Kris Red: "Don't worry Taurus! I was gonna keep that safe for ya."

SwitchBlade and Wallace lock up in the ring as Taurus slides in with the belt in hand. The referee tells him to get out! Taurus charges and SwitchBlade pushes Wallace out of the way and clotheslines Taurus to the mat! The belt flies out of his hands and the fans cheer!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade just saved Wallace from Capone!"

Wallace looks down at Taurus and then up at SwitchBlade and gives him a head nod. SwitchBlade pulls Taurus to his feet and asks Wallace if he wants him and he says "Aye, A do"..

Kris Red: "What is this nonsense?!"

SwitchBlade feeds him to Wallace who puts him between his legs, lifts him up and drops him with the Sitout powerbomb!!

Tony D: "The Freedom Drop on Taurus Capone!!"

SwitchBlade leans up against the corner, applauding in approval, as the fans cheer! StarrZoe gets up on the apron and tags himself in and the referee acknowledges it. SwitchBlade stops the celebrating as he gives Starr a look but the former undefeated champ gets into the ring. Taurus is out and Wallace starts pushing him out of the ring with his feet and Wallace tells the referee to keep him the hell out of the ring! Starr grabs the World Title from the mat. SwitchBlade grabs his shoulder and spins him around but Starr nails him with the belt!

Tony D: "What is StarrZoe even doing?!"

Kris Red: "He's a changed man that's for sure!"

Starr then charges and as Wallace turns around he nails him in the head with the World Title!! The referee sees it and waves his arms, calling for a DQ on Starr!

Tony D: "That was a blatant shot to the face with that belt by Starr and he got CAUGHT!! What is this match a full of Disqualifications or what?!?!"

Starr doesn't give a crap that he got DQ'd. He grabs SwitchBlade's arm and drags his dead weight on top of William Wallace and tells the referee to count.

Kris Red: "What the hell is going on!"

The referee contemplates the move to make but technically these two are the final legal men and he counts..




The ref calls for the bell and it sounds.

Tony D: "Well it looks like SwitchBlade and Starr win the match technically, but what was that all about..?"

Starr picks up the World Title and gives it a good look. He says "this will be mine again soon enough" and tosses it down on top of the two men still laid out, Switchy on top of Wallace.

Randy Long: "The winners of the match - SwitchBlade and Alexander StarrZoe! And the winner of the 5 thousand dollar check - SwitchBlade!"

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven hits. Starr shrugs and leaves the ring as SwitchBlade starts to come to. The referee grabs the large cartoon sized check and brings it in and hands it off to SwitchBlade as he's kneeling on the mat, grabbing his head. He says "what??" and looks confused.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade literally has no idea how he won the match or the money.. but he did."

Kris Red: "That's not the way he wanted to win I'm sure but the fact of the matter is that he just got himself a nice little extra payday thanks to Mr. Patrick Kay Anthony's generosity."

SwitchBlade stands up with the check in hand as the fans applaud. He still looks confused. William Wallace pushes himself up off the mat, grabbing at his head as well. He glares at SwitchBlade, unamused. He motions as if he is using a belt to hit someone, explaining to SwitchBlade that he got clocked. SwitchBlade ponders for a moment, and hands the check toward Wallace. He shakes his head and tells him to take it and leaves through the ropes. Wallace nods up at SwitchBlade who nods back in respect as the show comes to an end..

..or does it?


Post-Show Tape

Leon Stone and Damien Baine exit the Dearborn Community & Performing Arts Center into a lingering cloud of smoke. After a few steps onto the parking lot, the door of the building slams loudly gaining their attention. They turn to see Mr. Rottentreats and “Sir” Douglas Fresh on either side of the door frame smoking “cigarettes” with the WARPED Tag Team titles draped across their shoulders.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Great job tonight boys, you only bored me to sleep and not to death.”

Douglas Fresh: “Hey, I wrestled Baine tonight, fucker!”

Leon Stone: “Is there a point to this?”

Both members of the Carnival Connection take the last drags of their “cigarettes”. They step toward Flux In Motion and exhale in their faces.

Mr. Rottentreats: “We just wanted to know if you knew what the capital of Thailand was?”

Stone and Baine exchange a look with each other, both rolling their eyes.

Damien Baine: “We do, but we’re not answering. Because as soon as we say it, you’re going to hit us in groin.”

Douglas Fresh: “Ah, you got us! Well safe travels fellas, see ya in NYC!”

Flux In Motion turn to leave, as soon as they do, both clutch their groins and fall in opposite directions to the side. As they do, they reveal a four foot Mini Douglas Fresh with his fists still in mid air.

Mini Fresh: “The answer, is BANGKOK!!”

The Carnival Connection immediately hover over Flux in the motion and begin grinding the WARPED Tag Titles into their faces.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Enjoy this bitch boys, this is the only physical contact you’re going to have with OUR titles!”

Douglas Fresh: “And Leon, cherish that Evolution title while you have the time. At Showcase Zero, it well become our property. WARPED Tag Team, and Joint Evolution champions, The Carnival Connection. Get it? Joint, Evolution!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “See you at the Garden, Motherfluxers!”

FADE to Logo.



Match Writing Thanks: Thanks to Leon for writing Damien vs Douglas and Hugo for writing Hugo vs Andy.