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WARPED66 w/FRONTIER - 11/18/12 - Kansas City, MO - Drexel Hall
Night 2 of the doubleshot weekend will be featuring UK promotion Pro Wrestling FRONTIER doing battle against WARPED Wrestling talent!

Main Event: (former)Champion vs. Champion
SwitchBlade vs. FRONTIER World Champion, Gabriel Gambino

Grudge Match
William Wallace vs. CJ Osborne

Tag Team Match
Leon Stone & Damien Baine vs. Kevin Hardaway & Jason Talbot

Triple Threat Match
Mr. Rottentreats vs. Maximum Violence vs. Bushido

WARPED66 w/FRONTIER - 11/18/12 - Kansas City, MO - Drexel Hall


Pre-Show FRONTIER Dark Match:
Dark Match: El Tigre de Sangre vs. Ethan Albright

No music accompanied the unknown Ethan Albright to the ring in this cross-promotional preshow match; making it that much harder for the young American to get over. Fortunately, one thing quickly offered to girl fans of FRONTIER is his handsomeness. This attracts a few whistles, apparently boosting the boy’s confidence modestly.

Ethan does a very generic walk to the ring, taking roughly twenty seconds. Against this, someone who most FRONTIER fans can recognize is El Tigre de Sangre. His entrance attracts more than a few whistles (a collective round of cheers) for the usual in-ring villain. Perhaps this is contributed to the fact, despite whatever nasty deeds committed, El Tigre de Sangre is well-known in the indy circuit, unlike Ethan Albright, who’s about to wrestle his first match ever.

Trying to be a good sport, Ethan extends his hand for a shake, which El Tigre grants him; only to pull a textbook thumb to the eye! Before Ethan realized it, El Tigre floors him with a high-angle belly-to-belly overhead suplex! Smacking against the canvas hard, Ethan is quick to sit up with chest pushed out, teeth clenched and eyes shut tightly. Within a second of that, El Tigre follows up via buzzsaw kick!!

Fans popped for the brutal motion of El Tigre’s foot forcing Ethan’s head to collide with the canvas sideways, and bouncing off due to the great impact! Completely dazed at this point, Ethan is pulled onto his feet by his smooth dirty blond hair, but ends up returning to the canvas, courtesy of El Tigre’s double underhook suplex! Going for a cross press, El Tigre only manages to receive a two count till Ethan kicks out.

Those girls that whistled for Ethan earlier are cheering him on, as the rest abnormally support El Tigre. After the kick out, El Tigre mounts and punches Ethan repeatedly at least seven times before switching it up by nastily chopping Ethan across his throat! Coughing violently now, Ethan permits El Tigre to come off ropes for a springboard Legdrop once more to the throat!

Another pin attempt happens, but Ethan still kicks out! A little annoyed by this, El Tigre stomps onto Ethan’s chest thrice, scoops Albright off the mat and positions the 18 year old for an Ace Crusher! Except, Ethan shoves El Tigre into the ropes, and when the Luchador rebounds, an on-all-fours Ethan allows El Tigre to trip and fall onto his backside! Quickly grabbing both legs, Ethan uses all his weight to hold El Tigre against the canvas, as the referee counts the three!

Taken aback by this unexpected end, some fans give Ethan his due, whilst others shake it off as a fluke. Nevertheless, Ethan raises his arms victoriously as those girls cheer him on, to the annoyance of their boyfriends.

You open the DVD of WARPED 66 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Pre-Tape: Earlier Today:

Two young members of the WARPED ring crew are going back and forth in the ring as Mr. Rottentreats looks on from atop a turnbuckle that faces the entrance ramp. Two more members of the ring crew are on the apron awaiting their turn. Mr. Rottentreats waves his arms causing the oversized sleeves of his WARPED hockey jersey to flap. Austin Sanders, sans sports coat, with camera man in tow, casually strolls down the entrance ramp as he gives Mr. Rottentreats a hurried salute. Mr. Rottentreats swings his legs across the top rope before hopping down to the apron and playfully strutting his way to the ring steps. He takes a seat on the top of the ring steps as Austin Sanders reaches ringside and leans against the ring apron.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Austin, my ninja! What’s up, brudda?!”

Austin Sanders: “Not a whole lot, Treats. Molding young minds I see.”

Mr. Rottentreats: “You know it! What can I do for ya?”

Austin Sanders: “Mind if I get a few words about your match tonight with Bushido and Maximum Violence?”

Mr. Rottentreats: “Not at all. Go for it, brudda!”

Austin Sanders: “By now we know your history here in Drexel Hall. Inquiring minds would like to know, what is the importance of winning tonight’s triple threat against FRONTIER’s Maximum Violence, and Bushido who represents both WARPED and FRONTIER.”

Mr. Rottentreats: “Well, Austin.. Winning tonight will put my mind at ease about the loss that Carnival Connection suffered against Maple Leaf Strike Force, during Elite Duos. Not only that, but maybe, just maybe.. It’ll get all these wannabe technical mat magicians off my back about this whole Garbage Wrestling thing they seem to be hung up on. I mean shit, in the past five years, I’ve been in more of these silly cluster fuck multiple singles participant matches than FnX or Hardcore matches. I’m also hoping to add a win to the column when it comes to said cluster fuck matches. Last but not least, starting the night off with a victory for WARPED would make me forget all about that ridiculousness I had to deal with last night.”

Austin Sanders: “And your thoughts on your opponents, Bushido and Maximum Violence?”

Mr. Rottentreats: “Bushido, he’s a good kid. However, he’s a walking oxymoron. He claims that use of weapons has no honor. Yet he was trained in a traditional Japanese manner. Well if you ask me, there is no honor in sitting still and taking multiple kicks, and cane shots to the chest and back. As for Maximum Violence.. Let’s just say, when it comes to my violence, it goes to eleven and then some.”

Austin Sanders: “Thank your for your time, Mr. Rottentreats. I’ll let you get back to molding these young minds.”

Mr. Rottentreats: “No problem, Austin. One more thing though, Bushido, Maxi-Pad.. I’MA STRANGLE THE BOTH OF YAS!”

Opening / Triple Threat Match: Mr. Rottentreats(W) vs. Maximum Violence(F) vs. Bushido(W/F)

The cameras cut to the live crowd at the Drexel Hall in Kansas City, Missouri! They are all going wild and we hear the voices of our announce team.

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 66! We are live from Kansas City, Missouri, and Kris, we're joined by a few special guests tonight!"

The camera fades to show the three man announce team of Tony D, Kris Red, and Frontier's Dave White sitting ringside at the regular wooden table as usual.

Kris Red: "Oi g'day there mate! Pro Wrestling Frontier in the hizzy!"

Tony D: "G'day mate? I'm pretty sure that's Australian.. not British. We do welcome the stars of the UK promotion FRONTIER tonight and our commentary colleague for the evening, Dave White!"

Dave White: "Thanks very much Tony and Kris. It's great to be here and I'm looking forward to seeing the stars of Frontier take on WARPED tonight!"

Kris Red: "I love your accent!"

Tony D: "Well strap yourself in, cause we've got four big matches tonight featuring WARPED talent facing FRONTIER talent, and it all kicks off with an interesting twist of a match.. as we'll have a Triple Threat Match featuring one Frontier talent, one Warped talent, and one talent who's apart of both companies. Let's go to the ring!"

The cameras fade to the ring where we see ring announcer Randy Long ready to do his job!

Randy Long: "The opening contest in tonight's WARPED vs FRONTIER event is scheduled for one fall and it is a Triple Threat Match!

The lights fade as the sounds of “Bad Rep” by Dark Lotus over take the PA. At the top of the entrance way a red strobe light begins to flicker.


“Everybody love me, NO! Mom and daddy love me, NO! All my neighbors love me, nope! Someone gotta love me, NO! Everybody love me, NO! Mom and daddy love me, NO! Anybody that has heard of me, I know they love me.”

Randy Long: "Introducing first - he represents WARPED Wrestling, and is one half of the WARPED Tag Team Champions - Mr Rottentreats!"

A silhouette suddenly appears in front of the strobe light. As Monoxide Child’s verse kicks in, the silhouette steps out into a dim spotlight revealing itself as Mr. Rottentreats. He’s adorned in his hooded vest, and matching tear away pants. He vainly struts down the aisle way shooing away the hands of fans and pointing down at his WARPED Tag Team title, reaching out to slap hands. Upon reaching the ring, he walks up the ring steps and wipes his boots on the apron while jaw jacking with a fan. He steps through the middle and ropes and makes his way toward a corner. As he pushes up off of the top turnbuckle his hood flies back revealing his mask and he throws up the clown love hand sign.

Kris Red: "The next voice you hear will be the lovely Jenni Starr.. oh my.."

Jenni Starr "And his opponents.. first, representing FRONTIER, Maximum Violence!"

“Hall Of Freedom” By Tyr hits as Maximum Violence makes his way out on the stage. The masked superstar makes his way down the aisle as the fans give off a mixed reaction.

Dave White: "Maximum Violence is very talented and its clear that these fans here in Kansas City are aware of that, but I'm sure he's a bit caught off guard by those that actually are cheering him. That's not the case back at home!"

Kris Red: "That's all well and good, but we need Jenni Starr here. You wanna trade? Randy Long would love to live in the UK."

Dave White: "We'll uh.. pass."

The lights go down in the arena as "Fighters Passion" by The Immortals begins to play after a few seconds Bushido appears at the top of the stage his face and head are hidden in a ninja cloth mask all we can see are his eyes. He looks out at the crowd as he slowly makes his way down the ring walking slowly the fans in the crowd touch him as he walks past as he gets to the ring steps.

Randy Long: "And representing both WARPED and FRONTIER - this is Bushidoooo!"

He slowly makes his way up the steps he climbs to the second turnbuckle looking out at the crowd as he jumps down in the middle of the ring he stands in the middle. He begins a marital arts display as it ends he brings his hands together in a praying position as he walks over to a corner he removes the cloth he begins stretching.

Tony D: "This should be an interesting bout as we kick off WARPED versus FRONTIER tonight.. Which side will Bushido take?!"

Kris Red: "What I don't understand is why you think he has to take a side. He's a fighter, Tony D! The guy can beat up anyone he wants."

Dave White: "He's definitely skilled at the puroresu strong style, but for those of you who haven't seen Maximum Violence go, he might be big, but he is fast and he hits hard."

Tony D: "Of course we can't look past one half of the Tag Team Champions, Mr Rottentreats. He's one of the fastest rising stars in WARPED since returning earlier this year!"

The referee calls for the bell as all three men keep an eye on one another. They start slowly circling around, wondering who's going to make the first move. The fans start a slow clap to build the excitement for the first move...

Tony D: "Who will make the first move.."

Mr. Rottentreats shouts "LET'S GO KID!" and immediately jumps on Bushido and takes him down with a tackle followed by repeated punches to his face.

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats pounces on Bushido!"

Maximum Violence watches as Rottentreats picks Bushido up and kicks him in his gut and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound Treats grabs Bushido and tosses him over his head to the mat with a capture suplex. Treats then stands up and Maximum Violence chops him across his chest and sends him running into the ropes.

Kris Red: "And Maximum Violence inserts himself into the fray!"

Dave White: "Maximum Violence isn't one to sit on the sidelines!"

Treats bounces off and Maximum Violence goes for a clothesline but Treats ducks, bounces off the ropes, and comes back nailing him with a jumping clothesline. Bushido gets to his feet and Treats kicks him in his gut and applies a quick cravate to the head. He flips Bushido up and over with a lifting snap and Bushido's head lands on the back of Treat's knee!

Tony D: "Wow what an innovative move by Mr. Rottentreats!"

Kris Red: "And that is why he is The Clown Prince of the Cravate!"

Treats nearly goes for a pin, but notices the rising Maximum Violence and gets up. He backs him into the corner and kicks him in his gut until Maximum Violence falls to the mat. He picks Maximum Violence up and irish whips him into Bushido who is getting up on the opposite corner..they collide! Maximum Violence staggers off of Bushido and Treats grabs him from behind and takes him up with a belly to back suplex and lands hard on the mat. He then grabs Bushido and nails him with a Gutbuster!

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats is on fire!"

Treats goes for the pin on Bushido..


Kick out!

Kris Red: "But there's no way that was going to end it!"

Maximum Violence pulls Mr. Rottentreats up off of Bushido.. Treats kicks him int he gut.. Irish whip by Treats.. reversed by Maximum Violence.. Treats off the ropes and Maximum Violence goes for a clothesline and takes Treats down! He follows it up with a quick elbow drop!

Dave White: "Classic Maximum Violence there!"

Kris Red: "I'm so glad you didn't say VINTAGE!"

Bushido doesn't let Maximum Violence get any momentum though as he stops him from getting to his feet and kicks him in the back of the head! MaxViolence doesn't let that phase him as he fights up to his feet and Bushido fires away with rapid right and left kicks to the though and ribs. Maximum Violence grabs ahold of one of the kicks.. but Bushido brings his other leg up with an Enziguri~! MaxViolence drops to the mat and Bushido gets clubbed in the back of the head by Treats. He looks for a Cravate Buster but Bushido escapes and whips him into the corner. Bushido charges and shrieks out as he hits the Running Yakuza Kick!!

Tony D: "He nearly took Mr. Rottentreats head off with that kick!!"

Mr. Rottentreats staggers out of the corner and Bushido jumps onto the middle rope and springs off with a kick to the skull and Treats collapses! Bushido scales the turnbuckles and measures off Mr. Rottentreats..

Dave White: "Could be a double stomp on the way here from Bushido!"

Maximum Violence bumps the ropes and Bushido gets crotched!

Kris Red: "Maximum Violence puts the kobash on that!"

Maximum Violence kicks Treats aside and grabs Bushido by the head and hooks his arm. He then lifts him up in the air and drops him on his head!

Tony D: "What a brainbuster!!"

Maximum Violence makes a cover..



Treats with the save! He pulls MV to his feet and delivers repeated chops to the chest, but Maximum Violence soaks them up and shoves Treats back, causing him to drop down and roll back to his feet. Treats charges at him and drills him with a big knee to the face that stuns him. He then goes for a bulldog but Violence pushes him away and Treats takes a back bump! Violence now climbs the turnbuckle...

Tony D: "Maximum Violence going up top!"

He motions for Treats to get to his feet.. and when he does, Maximum Violence comes off the top with a shoulder block that sends Treats across the ring!

Kris Red: "Now THAT is a shoulder block!! Treats got sent to the other end of the ring!"

Instantaneously, not giving Maximum Violence one second after he landed on the mat, Bushido leaps off the top buckle with a double stomp to the back of the head of Maximum Violence, letting out a loud shriek when he flies!!

Dave White: "Where did Bushido even come from?!"

Kris Red: "I didn't even see him get on the turnbuckle!!"

Bushido rolls Maximum Violence over onto his back and hooks the leg...



Mr. Rottentreats pulls him off!

Tony D: "Treats makes the save!"

Treats brings him to his feet and goes for an irish whip but Bushido reverses and sends Treats into a corner. Bushido then cartwheels, backflips, and lands a back elbow to the head of Treats! He picks him up and sets him up top. Bushido looks back at Maximum Violence who seems to be knocked out from the Double Knee to the head. Bushido charges and baseball slides him and he is sent under the bottom rope and down to ringside.

Kris Red: "Bushido is cleaning house and setting Mr. Rottentreats up for something big!"

Dave White: "And with Bushido, who knows what we'll see!"

Bushido takes a knee, then charges toward Treats and leaps onto the middle rope but is met by a huge uppercut from Mr. Rottentreats! Bushido nearly falls but Treats holds onto him and puts him between his legs, hooking both arms..

Tony D: "Oh man this has just gone South real fast for Bushido!"

Treats then leaps off with a top rope Pedigree and crushes Bushido's face to the mat!!

Kris Red: "The Faygo Plunge~!"

Treats makes the cover, hooking the leg..




Kris Red: "And it's ova!"

The bell sounds! “Bad Rep” by Dark Lotus hits..

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Mr. Rottentreeeeeeeats!"

The referee raises Treats' arm in the air and the fans cheer. Maximum Violence is shown at ringside and he's aware now of what's just happened and doesn't look happy. He grabs the back of his head and watches as Mr. Rottentreats celebrates.

Tony D: "That's one point for WARPED tonight!"

Dave White: "Maximum Violence looks very unhappy at ringside and I can't blame the guy! He didn't even get pinned yet he lost this match."

Kris Red: "That well-placed doublestomp to the back of the head took him out of the game, but it was Bushido that ended up taking a hard landing ON HIS HEAD from Mr. Rottentreats!"

”Looking down the barrel of gun” blast though the pa system as Mr. Rottentreats turns his attention to the entrance. Treats turns around and Hugo Strange is in the ring with a chair and cracks Treats over the face with it!

Tony D: "What in the world!"

Dave White: "Hey, that'd be Hugo Strange!"

Kris Red: "Well yeah it is.. and he just laid out Mr. Rottentreats."

Hugo and Maximum Violence share a look and Hugo calls for a microphone. Maximum Violence backs up the aisle, still grabbing at his head, and Hugo Strange carries on.

Tony D: "What was that look between Hugo and Maximum Violence all about?"

Kris Red: "I get that Hugo and Treats don't see eye to eye exactly but come on. This is a night about WARPED versus FRONTIER, not personal grudges in WARPED. If anything, Hugo should have WARPED Wrestling's back. He's not even booked on this show though!!"

The crowd starts to chant shut up fat ass! Shut up fat ass! Hugo smiles and flips them off as a small section of the crowd start to chant Hugo is going to kill you! Hugo is going to kill you!

Hugo:Oh shut up you dont like me and I dont like you retarded people!

A mixed pop of cheers and boos rain down.

Hugo:I am out here to right a wrong and maybe fix something. Somewhere in the back sits a bald idoit that thinks he runs WARPED.Now truth be told he does for a month now this bald idoit thinks he can run my life and he thinks he can keep me out of this show.

Hugo shakes his head and smiles.

Hugo:Crowbar I loved WARPED,WARPED is some place I respect.

Crowd pops and just laughs.

Hugo:Again shut up you! You jack asses dont care. Now I have something big to say and it will shock the world of WARPED...........I am going to make Crowbar look kike the biggest fool to ever step in the ring. I going to embarrass him and WARPED to the point that nobody will ever take them serious ever again.

Hugo takes off his WARPED t-shirt to show that he is wearing a Frontier wrestling shirt. The crowd boos.

Hugo: That is right I now work for Frontier. And I am going to take WARPED gold to a place where it belongs.

The crowd starts chanting hit the road jack! Hit the road jack!

Hugo: Oh I am not leaving WARPED I am here a while and I am going to be for a while. See I am such the talent I can carry two promotions.

Hugo picks up the Tag Team Title. He leans on the ropes and points to the back.

Hugo:Now Crowbar just so you know this is all on you. When I take WARPED gold over to frontier it is all because of you. So maybe you should of been a man and step up to me instead of hiding behind a desk Bitch!

Hugo drops the as ”Looking down tge barrel of a gun” starts to play and he rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

Tag Team Match: Leon Stone & Damien Baine(W) vs. Kevin Hardaway & Jason Talbot(F)

The DVD fades into the next scene and we're in the ringside area for the next match!

Randy Long: “This match is a tag-team contest and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.. the team of Leon Stone and Damien Baine.. Flux in Motion!”

"Supernatural" by Monocle hits. Leon Stone and Damien Baine come out together, running down to the ring high fiving and shaking hands. They slide into the ring running from corner pumping the crowd up. The crowd chants their names and slowly the hooplah calms down, and the team retreats to their corner.

Dave White: “That Damien guy looks familiar… but I can’t place it.”

“Self Esteem” by the Offspring kicks in as Kevin Hardaway, in a FRONTIER t-shirt, makes his way to the ring.

Jenni Starr: “And their opponents; Introducing first, from Baltimore, Maryland, weighing in at 236 pounds… representing Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER… KEVIN HARDAWAY!”

Hardaway stops half way down the ramp, looking back to the curtain and waiting on his partner. “Just Close Your Eyes” begins to play as Jason Talbot appears.

Jenni Starr: “And his partner, from Northern Ireland, weighing in at 240 pounds… JASON TALBOT!”

Talbot and Hardaway bump fists and chat to each other briefly before heading the rest of the way to the ring.

Tony D: “We’re all set to go in this contest, which should be a cracking contest!”

Stone and Talbot to start. Talbot with a side headlock into a take down and keeps Leon grounded for a few seconds. Both men up and Leon sends Talbot to the corner, goes for a right, but Talbot ducks, hits the ropes and clotheslines Stone. Bulldog and a cover for 1...2..NO!

Tony D: “Bit early for a cover.”

Dave White: “Talbot trying his luck, it would seem.”

Talbot tweaks the arm of Leon Stone then calls for a tag. Hardaway is in with a kick to the gut then a snapmare into a kick to the back. Pin for 1..No! Hardaway with a suplex but Leon floats out and kicks Hardaway in the gut. DDT from Stone. Stone pulls K-Hard back to his feet but is met with a big European uppercut, followed by a kick to the gut and a DDT of his own. Hardaway pulls Stone up again, walks him to his corner and tags Jason Talbot back in.

Tony D: “A couple of quick tags from the FRONTIER guys in the early stages.”

Kris Red: “Smart move, keeping them fresh while they work over Leon Stone.”

Talbot with a side headlock and Leon is trying to get out of it with a kick then a punch. A whip, and Talbot goes for a couple of punches, but Leon ducks them. Throat thrust rocks Talbot and gives Leon the chance to tag in Baine. Baine is primed, goes in with some hits but gets hit hard and is sent to the mat. Talbot does a cocky strut, looking at Stone, only for Baine to attack from the back.

Dave White: “A lapse in concentration from Talbot, that could cost him.”

Kris Red: “Man, you can’t turn your back on a guy like Damien Baine.

Talbot gets the upper-hand back with a series of good moves, including a nice stalling suplex that gets him a two count, with Leon Stone coming in to break up the pin. Stone is chased out of the ring by the referee as Baine is back to his feet. Talbot tries a clothesline but Damien ducks, grabbing his opponent. Baine has a headlock on Talbot for a while, and Talbot begins to fade. He tells the ref he's alright though, then forces Baine towards Hardaway. He can't reach him, so Talbot hits a suplex to Baine.

Tony D: “Both men down, the crowd cheering them on, their partners calling for tags!”

Dave White: “And who’s going to get the tag first?”

Baine stirs, onto his knees, leaps forwards and tags Stone and Leon comes in with a nice looking dropkick on the oncoming Talbot. Pin for 1...2..NO!! Stone drops about 8 elbows onto Talbot before pinning Talbot for 2. Stone pulls Talbot to his corner, connecting with a mix of stomps and chops while Baine cheers him on.

Kris Red: “Stone and Baine keeping Talbot in that corner, that’s smart.”

Baine gets a blind tag, jumping into the ring and continuing where Stone left off. DDT gets him a two count. Talbot sat up, Baine locks in a sleeper. Talbot is able to stand up, lifts Baine up onto his back and jumps backwards! Talbot crawls to his corner, looking for the tag!

Tony D: “Double tag!”

Dave White: “A fresh Hardaway is in!”

Hardaway with a punch to Stone. And another. A swinging neckbreaker. High knee to the jaw and a bulldog as he calls for the Asylum Bomb!!? Stone counters and falls off the shoulders, only for Hardaway to hit the KTFO~! and a pin for 1...2..BROKEN UP BY BAINE!!!

Kris Red: “That was a close call!”

Talbot is in and takes Baine down with a spear! The two brawl as Hardaway grabs Stone. ASYLUM BOMB!! He covers… but the ref isn’t looking, he’s trying to break up Talbot and Baine! Hardaway stops the pin, grabs the ref and points to Leon Stone out on the canvas. He argues with the ref for a moment before turning to his partner. Hardaway pulls Talbot off Baine and tells him to get out so he can pin Stone. Talbot nods and gets out of the ring while Hardaway pushes Baine onto the ring apron. Hardaway turns back to Stone and goes to pick him up, possibly to do the Asylum Bomb again? SMALL PACKAGE!! 1… 2… HARDAWAY ESCAPES!

Tony D: “Leon Stone almost stole it there!”

Dave White: “That was a close call.”

K-Hard looks annoyed and grabs Stone, whipping him into the ropes. DECAP LARIAT! He signals for the end, but Baine got a sneaky blind tag in when Stone was rebounding off the ropes and he’s the legal man. He charges at Hardaway. DECAP LARIAT! He just stole Hardaway’s move, covers, 1… 2… NO! Talbot breaks up the count.

Talbot steps back out of the ring as Baine hoists Hardaway back to his feet. Baine goes for a suplex, taking Hardaway back to the mat. Baine steps up onto the second turnbuckle and connects with a legdrop, trying again for a cover. 1…2… Shoulder up from Hardaway. Hardaway fights his way back to his feet, grabs Baine and tosses him into the corner where Talbot is. Talbot is cheering on his partner and gets the tag. Talbot climbs the top rope while Hardaway suplexes Baine into the air, holding him there. Talbot flies with a cross body, taking Baine down hard. Hardaway celebrates, and almost doesn’t notice that Baine rolled over and is now pinning Talbot! 1…2… NO! Talbot escapes.

Kris Red: “Man, that was a close one.”

Dave White: “Hardaway took his eye off the ball for a second and almost missed that, fortunately Talbot had the whereabouts to kick out.”

Tony D: “Fortunately? Way to stay impartial, Dave.”

Dave White: “I meant fortunately for them.”

Stone heads into the ring and Hardaway cuts him off. The two brawl and Stone dumps K-Hard over the top rope. He follows him out and they continue to fight on the arena floor. Inside the ring Baine has Talbot in a side headlock. Talbot pushes him off. LAST CALL!! HYPNOTWIRL!! Cover… 1…2… NO!

Dave White: “A great superkick from nowhere!”

Tony D: “But Stone noticed and dragged Talbot off his partner from ringside!”

Hardaway grabs Stone again on the outside while Talbot drags Baine to his feet. He whips him into the ropes again. DOUBLE CROSS-BODY! They collide in mid air! Suddenly Hardaway and Stone realise what’s going on and both rush back to their respective corners, cheering their partners on and itching to be tagged in. Baine is moving slowly, Talbot slower. Baine leaps… and makes the tag! Talbot… also manages to tag in his partner as he rolls to the corner! Stone and Hardaway leap in and rush straight for one another. They collide, trading massive blows one after the other. European uppercut from Stone, kick to the sternum from Hardaway. Dropkick from Stone. Roundhouse from Hardaway. Whip to the ropes from Stone, looks for a back body drop, but as he lifts Hardaway up, K-Hard grabs the arms of Leon Stone and hand closes his legs tightly around his head! He knees Stone in the face, who leans forwards, allowing Hardaway to get his feet back on the mat… in a double under-hook position!! WILLIAMS DRIVER!!!! Cover… 1… 2… Baine tries to get in to break it up… LAST CALL FROM TALBOT!! 3!!

Kris Red: “Holy cow, what a move!”

Dave White: “I have literally never seen anything like it!”

Tony D: “A. Ma. Zing.”

Jenni Starr: “Your winners, from FRONTIER, JASON TALBOT and KEVIN HARDAWAY!!

Talbot gets to his feet and the referee raises his arm in victory. Hardaway joins him and the ref raises his arm in victory as well.

Tony D: "Impressive victory and a great tag team match. And that's one win for FRONTIER and one for WARPED!"

The scene fades.



We cut backstage to Austin Sanders standing holding a microphone, the camera pans back to show the new number one contender William Wallace standing next to him.

Sanders: I am joined now by the new number one contender for the WARPED world title, William Wallace how does that make you feel.

Wallace: How do you think it makes me feel Austin? A have busted ma arse around here for over a year, provin a am the best an finally a am gettin ma rightful title shot. Finally we have someone runnin the company that knows what they are doin.

Sanders: The fans certainly agreed with Crowbars decision, they seem to think he made the right choice, they where even chanting you name at the end of the show, what are your thoughts on that?

Wallace: Am no readin too much into that. The fans are like sheep they follow. They do as they are told. They cheer me now because they don't like Taraus, they cheer me because they know a am the only man that can take the WARPED world title back. A have never done anythin for the fans, everythin a have done in this company is for me. In the blink of an eye the fans can turn, they have done before they will again, a might be flavour of the month right now, but what happens when a become the World Champion?

Sanders: It is hard to say. What everyone is wanting to know however is whether or not you will be able to focus on your match with CJ Osborne...

Wallace: Do you honestly think that a man of ma calibre is goin to get distracted by the thought of a match that is over a month away? Distraction is an excuse useless bastards use. Top wrestlers like myself, we don't get distracted, we just leave a path of destruction until we get to our destination.

Wallace smirks and walks off to finish preparing for his match.

Sanders: Thank you William Wallace.

The scene fades..

Submission Match: William Wallace(W) vs. CJ Osborne(F)

The DVD fades back to the ring for the next match!

Randy Long: “The following contest is a submission match! The only way to win the match is to make your opponent tap-out!”

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play William Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse to the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.

Randy Long: “First making his way to the ring, from Glasgow, Scotland and weighing in at 254 pounds…representing WARPED… WILLIAM WALLACE!”

Tonight by Toby Mac begins to play as FRONTIER’s CJ Osborne makes his way to the ring.

Jenni Starr: “And his opponent, from Jacksonville, Florida, weighing in at 245 pounds… representing FRONTIER… CJ OSBORNE!”

Tony D: “This match is all set. Dave, what can you tell WARPED fans about CJ Osborne?”

Dave White: “Well CJ’s a former GFC Champion, just like Wallace. He’s a little rich kid… but he’s got the talent and the attitude to make him one of the greats. This is going to be a great match.”

Kris Red: “The history between these two men is out there for all to see, Wallace holds a win over Osborne in a FRONTIER match earlier this year and ever since there’s been words traded between the two men. Especially since this show was announced!”

The bell sounds and the match gets underway. Wallace avoids Osborne a couple of times and lays in some strikes in the corner, taking Osborne to his knees. Wallace shouts down to someone in the front row but Osborne is up and tosses Wallace over the top to the floor!

Tony D: “Wallace gets distracted and CJ Osborne takes advantage.”

Dave White: “Not that it’ll help him much in a submission match!”

Kris Red: “If it wears down your opponent, it helps.”

Back inside, Wallace again in control with a suplex and a backbreaker but Osborne puts an end to that quickly. Body shots and kicks by Osborne in the corner and he takes Wallace to the floor again. Osborne follows.

Kris Red: “CJ knows he’s out-powered in this match, he’s clearly stalling for time.”

Dave White: “I’ve never known CJ to stall, this must be part of his game plan.”

Wallace fights back and tries to take Osborne to the post but Osborne blocks and gets some nasty rights. Osborne whips Wallace to the barricade, he charges but Wallace moves and CJ ends up straddling the barricade! Running knee by Wallace and Osborne is down, holding his gut.

Kris Red: “If this is Osborne’s game plan I feel bad for him.”

Wallace has a chair and gets a shot to the gut on Osborne and another to the back! Osborne rolls inside slowly. Wallace gets another charging knee in the corner and tries to follow up with a Bear Hug but Osborne chops either side of the Scotsman’s head, forcing him to release the hold. He whips Wallace into the ropes, SPINEBUSTER! Osborne follows up with some stomps to the ankle of Wallace.

Dave White: “CJ laying the groundwork for his Grapevine Ankle Lock he likes to use.”

Kris Red: “Now that’s a smarter strategy.”

Tony D: “I’m not sure pissing off William Wallace is ever a wise strategy.”

Wallace is back up and locked up with Osborne. Wallace wins the power struggle and pushes CJ into a corner, getting a knee up and then a series of right and left hands. He steps back, charges in to Osborne but CJ dives out of the way, tripping up the Scot as he goes. Wallace’s face bounces off the middle turnbuckle pad before he crashes to the mat. Osborne pulls him to his feet and sets him up on the top rope. He goes up for a superplex but gets knocked down by Wallace. TOP ROPE SHOULDER TACKLE!

Wallace follows up with a front facing headlock on the canvas, trying to take the wind out of CJ while he regains his own. Eventually CJ makes a concerted effort to get out of the hold and manages to get to his feet. He throws a punch to the gut of Wallace, then another. He pushes Wallace away, bounces off the ropes and charges in. But Wallace ducks a lariat, immediately grabbing Osborn from behind. FULL NELSON SLAM! KATA HA JIME!

Tony D: “Submission move locked in!”

Dave White: “Wallace could have him here.”

Kris Red: “That was some smart wrestling from William Wallace. Wear down your opponent and then BAM! Big move followed by a submission.”

CJ Osborne is fighting hard not to submit. Wallace is fighting hard to choke his opponent out! Osborne in real trouble, trying to roll over and reach the ropes or just escape. After a short while of trying he manages to roll onto his side, then flicks his leg back into Wallace. He connects with Wallace’s knee, then tries again, managing to connect with his thigh. A third attempt connects right in Wallace’s groin! Wallace releases his hold and rolls away, getting to a knee and looking in pain. He also looks angry. Wallace is up first and he hits some front kicks, Osborne comes back with rights. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring and Osborne wins it. Whip, charging clothesline! Whip again, GORILLA PRESS SLAM!

Dave White: “What a show of strength from CJ Osborne, lifting Wallace high into the air!”

Tony D: “But he’s got to capitalise quickly.”

Osborne gets some stomps in on the ankle of Wallace again. He then drags Wallace, by the ankle, to the ropes. He rests Wallace’s leg on the bottom rope, leaps into the air using the ropes as leverage, and comes crashing down on his ankle again. He pulls Wallace to his feet and connects with a dropkick, sending the Scot stumbling back into the corner. CJ looks to charge in but Wallace gets a boot up! CJ stumbles back, but Wallace looks in pain too having used the foot Osborne has been working over. Wallace steadies himself and waits for Osborne to get to his feet. Wallace charges… BIG BOOT? NO! Osborne ducks, grabs the foot of Wallace and trips him. ANKLE LOCK! GRAPEVINES THE LEG!!

Kris Red: “Osborne has him, right in the middle of the ring.”

Dave White: “This is what he’s been looking for!”

Wallace looks in agony as he yells out. He pushes himself up on his arms, looking to crawl to the ropes maybe. The referee checks on Wallace, who grabs him by the collar, screams something in his face and slams his head to the canvas. He uses his power to pull himself forward, grabbing the bottom rope. But with the ref down and out, Osborne has no reason to release the hold. Wallace reaches up and grabs the second rope, pulling himself up further. Then he stretches and reaches the third rope, pulling himself up more. He shimmies himself along a few inches until he’s at the turnbuckle, with Osborne STILL holding on to his leg and ankle. Wallace hoists himself up onto his free leg, climbing the turnbuckle with Osborne hanging off him!

Tony D: “What the hell is Wallace doing?”

Kris Red: “This is INSANE!”

Wallace is soon stood on the top turnbuckle, on one leg, with Osborne dangling from the other. Wallace starts swinging the other leg slightly, Osborne swings into the ropes gently before swinging back the other way. Wallace lets out a mighty roar as he swings his leg forward as much as he can before pulling it back as quickly as he can. Osborne crashes against the turnbuckle pads and releases his hold on Wallace, falling backwards to the canvas. Wallace stumbles back, falling to the ring apron.

Dave White: “That is the most unique way… I mean, I’ve never seen anyone… that’s crazy!”

Wallace pulls himself up to one leg using the ropes, keeping his other leg off the mat to rest it after what he’s just been put through. Osborne is stood in the ring, not entirely sure what just happened. The crowd are going crazy. And then CJ charges in, met by a shoulder to the gut. Wallace steps into the ring, dropping to a knee when he tries to put weight on his bad ankle. Osborne charges again… GLASGOW KISS! Wallace stuns Osborne, who is turned around by that headbutt! KATA HA JIME!!

Tony D: “That is locked in!”

Osborne fights it, but it’s no good, he can’t escape this time! Osborne taps!

Randy Long: “Your winner, WILLIAM WALLACE!”

The Flower of Scotland hits as the fans applaud their home-base talent.

Kris Red: "Take that! That's a big win for us right there! Our World Title number one contender knocks off rival CJ Osborne."

Dave White: "That he did.. that he did."

Wallace celebrates his victory, climbing onto the turnbuckle, as the scene fades.



The camera cuts backstage to a headshot of Kelly Calloway.

Kelly Calloway: "Ladies and Gentlemen, The WARPED World Heavyweight Champion has instructed that I am the only person allowed to interview him. So in his first interview as world champion I have none other the Taurus Capone!"

The camera widens to show Taurus Capone standing beside Kelly dressed in suit an die. The world championship chain rests around his neck.

Kelly Calloway: "Coming off your first title defense 24 hours ago what do you have planned for WARPED during this "King Era" and what do you think of your new number one contender."

Taurus smirks as he puts his arm around Kelly.

Taurus Capone: "Now Kelly, you've known me what?....8 years now. So you know I can show you waaay better then I can tell you. ...I will say know that I'm glad I've taken out SwitchBlade for the last time and starting next show I plan to continue doing great things as the face, leader, ruler with an iron fist and CHAMPION of this brand. You see, I'll address Crowbar, Starr-Whoever and William Wallace in the ring. I'm tired of guys who hold no weight to me pretending they're some type of big shot and I need to get on their level. I owned the major leagues while they where sitting at home...Now that we're in my "King Era" they can all thank me for bringing WARPED to the major leagues. So Kelly tonight I'm heading on the next first class flight back to Miami to celebrate on levels only I can turn up. But next show, I will PERSONALLY meet face to face with EVERY wrestler on MY roster....Got something to say to King...I suggest they man up and say it then.."

Taurus smirks and walks out of the scene.

Last Night's REACTION from SwitchBlade

*An exhausted and defeated SwitchBlade walks through the curtain and looks over at the camera.*

SwitchBlade: It hasn't exactly been my month, now has it? Once again someone else's actions have cost me both the match and the title. Capone, good luck with Wallace. You're going to need it. As for Crowbar and Starr, they want to work together that's fine. Just know that karma can be a bitch, and I won't hesitate to whoop both your asses the next time I see you. Starr, it's about time we finally settled things once and for all."

*He wipes the sweat from his eyes.*

SwitchBlade: But for now, I have to go prepare for my match with Gambino. If you think i'm running on empty, you've got another thing coming. See you in the ring, champ.

*SwitchBlade walks away from the camera.*

Pre-Tape: Earlier Today

The camera fades in to a shot that says "Earlier Today" in the bottom corner as we are outside of the Drexel Hall in Kansas City.

Tony D: "Fans, earlier today about half an hour prior to the event, our cameras caught PKA outside apparently tailgating the event.."

Kris Red: "Look.. he's just out there having a little bit of fun and hanging with the fans! I don't see why Crowbar had to get involved."

Dave White: "What is all of this about?"

The cameras show PKA with a Bud Light in hand and shouting at the top of his lungs next to a bunch of rowdy, excited fans who are all having a blast.

Tony D: "PKA is.. or was? I'm not even sure.. But he was the General Manager.. he has been since Spring.. and well, lately it'd appear that he's acquired a drinking problem that's effecting his bookings and decisions with WARPED."

Kris Red: "I don't think it's that big of a deal! He likes to have a drink on his off time! SO WHAT!"

Dave White: "PKA seems popular with the fans in this clip.."

Tony D: "Well, he's supposed to be getting help for his quote unquote problem... per the demands of our new Interim GM, Crowbar. You see, PKA and Crowbar got drunk and Crowbar gave PKA grief for missing his birthday, so PKA sort of signed over the company for a month.."

Dave White: "You've got to be kidding me."

Kris Red: "Sigh.."

The cameras show Crowbar coming out and yelling at PKA.

PKA: "Oh boy, here's the party pooooooper!"

PKA staggers.

Crowbar: "You've got to go. Enough said. Turn off these cameras. Get off the property or I'll have you arrested for tresspassing."

PKA: "Brooooooo what happened to you? I'm just a fan out here havin' fun! Ya can't dinner me!"

Crowbar: "Dinner you?"

PKA: "Deny. I meant deny!"

Crowbar: "Shut it down. Now."

Crowbar motions toward the camera and pushes it down, blacking out the view. The scene fades and goes back to ringside with the trio. Kris Red, PKA's friend, has his hands in his face.

Tony D: "And we're told that following that, PKA left the property without being escorted. According to his Twitter, he then visited the nearby Kansas City Power and Light District, where he partied into the wee hours of the night. We'll have more for you online at and on Twitter @ThisIsWARPED.."

Dave White: "Wow. So, main event time, eh?"


Singles Match: SwitchBlade(W) vs. Gabriel Gambino(F)


The house lights drop suddenly, leaving only a lone spotlight atop the entrance ramp. The video screen lights up to show a single warrior riding into battle. Just as the warrior gets to his enemies the picture fades, "THE CONQUEROR" in blood red replacing it. The opening beat to Linkin Park’s “Papercut” (instrumental version) begins to play over the PA system.
When the beat drops, the video begins to play clips of various Gambino matches. GABRIEL GAMBINO, in block letters, appears in between clips, alternating with “THE CONQUEROR”. By now, the crowd has jumped to its feet in anticipation of Gabe’s appearance. After what seems like an eternity, Gabriel steps out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight. He stands there motionless, staring out into the cheering crowd, as red and white strobe lights begin to alternate around the arena. He is dressed in a white t-shirt, a black spartan helmet with red feathers on top on the front, and "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered" in red writing on the back. A pair of black and red neoprene elbow sleeves adorn his elbows, and his wrists are both wrapped heavily with white tape. Black trunks with his spartan helmet logo and "The Conqueror" in red on the back are accompanied by two black kneepads, and a pair of high black boots. His dark brown hair is slicked back, and his goatee his neatly trimmed.

Jenni Starr: The following contest is the Main Event of the Evening. Introducing first, representing Pro-Wrestling Frontier, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 227pounds,he is the GFC World Heavyweight Champion...GABRIEL GAMBINO!

Gabriel slowly begins to walk towards the ring, turning around with his arms outstretched about halfway down the ramp. He continues to walk backwards for a few more steps before turning around, continuing his march to the ring with a purpose. Gabriel marches up the steps and enters the ring. He moves to the far turnbuckle, climbing the second rope and carefully lifting his right foot to the top rope. He stands with his arms stretched to the sky as the crowd showers him with cheers.

Tony D: The World Champion of Pro-Wrestling Frontier to take on our very own Switchblade.

Kris Red: Champion against former Champion, but I don't think there are many better in WARPED to be representing us against a guy like Gambino.

Dave White: Guys, this is going to be a great main event. I can already tell.

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside.

Randy Long: His opponent, representing Warped Wrestling, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192pounds...SWITCHBLADE!

Tony D: Both men are making their final preparations, doing some final stretching as this match gets underway.

As the bell rings both men move towards the center of the ring, Switchblade offering his hand to Gambino as both exchange a quick handshake.

Tony D: A nice sign of respect between these two men.

Kris Red: There is no room for that in wrestling Tony D.

Dave White: I'd tend to disagree, Kris.

Kris Red: Noted, Dave.

Both men now circle the right before meeting with the collar an elbow tie-up. Both struggle to take the advantage and end up breaking. Switchblade happy to come back looking to tie-up once more but Gambino has other plans as he goes behind with the reverse waist lock. Switchblade trying to break the waist lock but to no avail, he ends up having to move towards the ropes and we get a clean break from Gambino. Neither man backing down as they go toe to toe.

Tony D: The sportsmanship has gone out the window now, neither man giving up an inch to the other.

Kris Red: The way it should be.

Again they circle the ring before meeting with the tie-up. Switchblade comes out on top this time holding Gambino with the side headlock. Gambino trying to break, in the end up he has to back into the ropes, sending Switchblade off to the other side. Switchblade comes back and knocks Gambino down with the shoulder block. Switchblade hits the ropes on the opposite side now as Gambino lies down in front trying to catch Switchblade out but the former Warped World Champion jumps his body. Gambino gets back to his feet as Switchblade comes back, he looks for the hip toss, but no, Switchblade blocks it and ends up taking Gambino down with a hip toss of his own. Gambino bouncing back to his feet, but Switchblade takes him down this time with a side headlock take over. With both men on the mat Gambino mounts an offence as he wraps his legs around the neck of Switchblade holding him in the head scissors.

Kris Red: This, this right here Tony D, this is Wrestling.

Tony D: It is indeed, two high calibre athletes at the top of their profession going at it here. This one isn't about titles, this is all about bragging rights.

Switchblade turns trying to break the head scissors. He manages to pop out and follows up with a kick to the chest of Gambino. Gambino rolls over to the corner, getting back to his feet as Switchblade comes again. Gambino though just throws Switchblade into the corner swapping positions with him. Gambino pushing the head of Switchblade back before a knife edge chop across the chest! Gambino now with the Irish whip looking to send Switchblade from corner to corner. Switchblade reverses and Gambino hits the turnbuckle before staggering back out, walking directly into the path of Switchblade who takes Gambino down with a body slam. Gambino though counters as he hits the man he throws his legs into the air catching Switchblade under the jaw.

Dave White: Fast paced action here as both men look to take the advantage here.

Both men to their feet, and both looking for the body slam but this time it is Gambino who lands it. Switchblade taking a leaf from Gambino's book throws his legs up and catches Gambino under the chin this time. Switchblade quickly gets back up and goes back to the side headlock take over slowing the match down a little.

Tony D: What an attacking exchange from both there men.

Kris Red: It is making me dizzy trying to keep up with this.

Gambino trying a reverse chinlock in his attempts to get out of this side headlock, to no avail though. Gambino eventually battles his way back to his feet. Elbows and forearms to the midsection of Switchblade before shooting him off into the ropes. Switchblade again comes back ducking the clothesline and rolling up Gambino looking for the victory.



Tony D: A kick out from Gambino, but our first pinning attempt of the match.

Both man spring back to their feet. Switchblade hits the ropes but is met by a kick drop kick from Gambino. Switchblade tries to get back to his feet but Gambino cuts him off with a boot to the chest. Gambino now decided to drag Switchblade back up by the hair before ramming his head into the top turnbuckle.

Tony D: What impact as Switchblade's face met the top turnbuckle.

Kris Red: I think that roll up done nothing but annoy Gambino. He has been on fire since.

Gambino shoving Switchblade back into the corner as he gets back to his feet. A knife edge chop across the chest again from Gambino before he begins to club Switchblade across the back of the head taking him down. Switchblade is on the mat, Gambino proceeds to lay boots into his fallen opponent's head and neck. Gambino backs off as Swtichblade begins to get to his feet however that doesn't last long as Gambino plants him head first with the DDT.

Tony D: A quick DDT from Gambino and into the cover!



Dave White: A quick kick out from Switchblade at two.

Kris Red: Well finally one of these men have taken control of the match Tony D.

Tony D: They have, but unfortunately for WARPED, it isn't Switchblade.

Switchblade gets back to his feet, Gambino bulldozes him back down though with a clothesline. Switchblade straight back up however he staggers straight into a back breaker from Gambino. Looking for the cover again here.



Tony D: And again Switchblade kicks out again.

Kris Red: Switchblade looks to be struggling to me Tony D

Tony D: He needs to find a way back into this match, but I have no idea how, Gambino seems to be keeping him at arm's length.

Dave White: He's the FRONTIER World Champion, that's how!

Switchblade manages to get back to his feet, Gambino again has different plans and makes sure Switchblade doesn't stay vertical for long. Gambino hits the ropes and from behind takes switchblade down with the running bulldog! Gambino now looks to be heading to the top rope, looking for a rare high risk manoeuvre. Switchblade though somehow manages to spring up and hit the ropes sending Gambino spread eagal to the steel turnbuckle.

Kris Red: Well that is one sure fire way to slow down any man.

Dave White: I think every man in attendance just got the same feeling there, that has got to hurt.

Switchblade now to the second rope, hooking Gambino up, could be looking for the super-plex...And nails it!

Tony D: What Impact! Out of nowhere Switchblade is right back into this match.

Kris Red: If either man can just roll over they will have the cover, and surely the win.

Tony D: Both men are down, who will be the first to move.

Switchblade manages to roll over and get one arm over Gambino as the referee gets down to count.




Kris Red: Gambino kicks out!

Tony D: I can't believe that, I thought he was out after that massive Super-plex from Switchblade.

Kris Red: Me too, Gambino showing real fight here.

Dave White: This match continues. Gambino knows the importance of a win here!

Both manage to get back to their feet. Switchblade it is who gets the first attack with a kick to the back of the leg of Gambino taking him back to one knee. Gambino tries again to get back to both feet, but this time Switchblade hits the ropes and catches Gambino with the swinging neckbreaker. Gambino is down holding his neck. Switchblade picking Gambino up off the mat by the hair. Switchblade with the kick to the gut an now positioning Gambino between his legs...Cradle Piledriver!

Tony D: If Gambino's neck wasn't hurting before it is now. Cradle Piledriver from Switchblade and all the weight coming down on the neck of Gambino.

Kris Red: Switchblade being very smart softening up that neck.

Switchblade avoids going for the cover instead looking to lock in the crucifix neck crack, the move he calls Enter the Darkness...

Kris Red: And here is why Switchblade looking to "Enter the Darkness"

Gambino quickly crawls away to the ropes before Switchblade can lock in the submission hold.

Tony D: Gambino though has the move well scouted and got to the ropes very quicky.

Kris Red: That would have been the end if Switchblade could have locked that in.

Switchblade gets back to his feet looking a little disappointed. He is standing off Gambino allowing him time to get back to his feet and catch his breath. Gambino back to his feet and clocks Switchblade with a right hand. Switchblade replies with one of his own. Each man exchanging punches with one another in the center of the ring. Gambino using some quick thinking knees Switchblade in the gut before taking him down with a side Russian leg sweep.

Dave White: Gambino now with a new lease of life here. Gambino stalking waiting for Switchblade to get back to his feet, as he does Gambino kicks him in the midsection grabbing Switchblade's arms in the double underhook position.

Kris Red: Oh Gambino could be looking for the move he calls The Fongul here.

Tony D: I think you could be right.

Gambino begins to lift Switchblade looking for the sitout facebuster called The Fongul but somehow Switchblade manages to get out in mid air. Both men land on their feet but are a little staggered as they bump into one another. Gambino turns away before Switchblade turns him back around, gabbing him by the head and planting him head first with the Implant DDT!

Tony D: IMPLANT DDT! Cover by Switchblade.




Tony D: Gambino Just kicks out in the nick of time. As Gambino raises his arm to kick out Switchblade grabs in and turns it into the Crucifix Neck crack .

Tony D: Into the Enter The Darkness now!

Dave White: This isn't good for Gambino!

Gambino tries to quickly get to the ropes once again but it is too late, Switchblade has it locked it in the center of the ring.

Kris Red: He is going to have to tap here Tony D, he has nowhere to go.

Gambino holds out for as long as he can but ultimately taps out with the strain on his neck. As the bell rings and Switchblade releases the hold both men lie almost motionless in the ring.

Tony D: Both men look out on their feet, what a match they put on for us here. Switchblade comes out on top, but only just.

Kris Red: Unbelievable Tony D, we have seen some great matches this weekend but that has to be up there with the best of them.

Randy Long: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match as a result of a Submission, representing WARPED Wrestling...SWITCHBLADE!!!

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven hits as the fans erupt in cheers!

Kris Red: What a match! SwitchBlade picks up the win for WARPED but damn, Gabriel Gambino can sure go, Dave.

Dave White: That's why he's the FRONTIER World Champion, Kris. And I can see why SwitchBlade is a former two time champion here at WARPED. He's quite the talent.

Tony D: And just think, he's done double duty this weekend, both in main event matches.

SwitchBlade is to his feet. He extends his hand down to Gambino and he accepts. SwitchBlade pulls him up and the two shake hands.

Dave White: What a great show of respect there.

Kris Red: The match is over with.. I guess that'll be just fine.

The referee hands Gambino his FRONTIER World Championship and he puts it on his shoulder. He then grabs his opponents' arm and raises it in the air and the fans applaud the continued show of respect. SwitchBlade nods at Gambino and goes to celebrate in the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and puts his arms in the air as Gambino leaves the ring.

Tony D: What an amazing night we've had! Dave, thank you to you and the rest of the FRONTIER talent for being apart of the show.

Dave White: And thank you for having us! It's been a pleasure.

Kris Red: Now off you go!

Tony D: Fans, thanks for purchasing this DVD! We're back in two weeks! Visit for more on WARPED and for all FRONTIER information! Until next time!


Post Show Segment:

After the dust is settled the stars of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER and WARPED Wrestling are all stood around chatting, sharing jokes and interacting with each other in a friendly manner. But there's one man missing, the GFC World Champion, Gabriel Gambino. Gambino, fresh from his main event match with Switchblade, slowly walks into view. He pushes his way past a few WARPED stars like Damien Baine and Mr Rottentreats, causing a stir and a few shouts of abuse.

Rottentreats: "Hey, watch it."

Leon Stone: "An 'excuse me' wouldn't go amiss!"

Gambino just looks back at them with derision.

Gabe Gambino: "Get the hell outta my way, mooks."

Kevin Hardaway steps forwards to speak to Gabe.

Kev Hardaway: "Hey, Gabe, what's with the 'tude?"

Gabe Gambino: "The 'tude? YOU'RE saying I have an attitude? You not watched back any of your own promos lately?"

Kev Hardaway: "Hey, c'mon man, we were all getting along until you showed up."

Suddenly William Wallace calls out from the back of the room.

William Wallace: "Keep ya boy in check, Hardaway. Cause if yous don't, a will."

CJ Osborne, on the other side of the room, shouts back.

CJ Osborne: "Back up, Wallace. This is none of your business."

Damien Baine: "You come here, disrespecting us, you're making it our business."

Jason Talbot: "That's not a wise move, Damien."

Gabriel Gambino smiles wickedly as others begin to shout out, pushing and shoving one another. Before long fists are thrown and there's an all out brawl errupting! And stood right in the middle is Gabriel Gambino and Kevin Hardaway. Gabe leans into his FRONTIER colleague.

Gabe Gambino: "Scott Mayo sends his regards!"

Gambino suddenly strikes Hardaway in the face before spinning him around and pushing him into the melee. He, somehow, manages to slip away unscathed; looking back with a grin on his face.

Match Credit:
Triple Threat: Joey
Tag Team Match: Alan
Wallace vs. Osborne: Alan
SwitchBlade vs. Gambino: Wallace