FWO: BATTLE BOWL '99 - 11/20/1998

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Cactus Jack Arrives...

Backstage of Battle Bowl, Cactus Jack arrives. Jack announces that he is here as a result of his close friendship with Chris Universal after all the days they spent in Japan, and would be around to make Austin Davis' life a living hardcore hell. Cactus Jack announces that he will be out later to announce the start of the big Battle Bowl battle royal.


Darkness & Boston Strangler vs. Oracle & Prophet

Darkness & Boston Strangler

Darkness and the Strangler came to the ring seperately, looking uncertain of each other and of their teaming. Oracle and Prophet came out to a smoke filled arena and blue flames shooting from thr ringposts. Oracle and Darkness started off the match, with the larger Darkness dominating the smaller but faster Oracle. Oracle tagged in the large and mysterious Prophet, who fought back with a double axehandle and stiff chops in the corner. Reluctantly, Darkness tagged in the Boston Strangler, who took the big man off his feet and applied various submission holds to keep the large man grounded. As the Strangler was sent into the ropes, he accidentally hit Darkness, who was watching a strange man in the top balcony unroll a large sign. An angry Darkness struck out at the Strangler in the misunderstanding. Oracle was tagged in and attempted to use the distraction to pin the Strangler, who was able to kick out. Darkness came into the ring after an unfriendly tag, and proceeded to once again maul Oracle and the Prophet. As Darkness put Oracle in a sleeper hold, Oracle used the ropes to kick himself backward, and sent Darkness sprawling into the corner, where he bumped the Strangler to the floor. As the Strangler stood and yelled at Darkness, Oracle attacked from behind with the crystal ball, unknown and unseen by the ref. Oracle pinned Darkness as the Strangler, annoyed, walked away from the ring, claiming that he was his own best tag team partner.

Result: Oracle & Prophet by Pinfall


Briana (c) vs. VL

VL came to the ring without her usual assortment of weapons, and quickly entered the cage, and locked the door from within. Briana came to the cage and attempted to open it, but to no avail. VL then prompts Briana to climb up and enter the cage from the top. As Briana climbs, VL smashes her hands from inside the cage, finally kicking the side of the cage as Briana reached the top, causing Briana to fall into the cage from the top. VL then cames at Briana from behind, but Briana ducks under and nails a closeline on the return. VL continues to stay on the defensive as Briana knocks her to the floor by a forearm and then drags her over to the corner of the cage, setting her in a tree of woe. As Briana batters her into the cage with strong kicks, VL manages to roll up and down, and Briana's foot is caught in the ropes and the cage. VL climbs to the top of the cage, and dives off into the trapped leg of Briana. Briana can no longer stand, as VL lands a swinging neckbreaker followed by a armdrag, as she continues to attack the weakened leg of Briana, attempting to keep her from being able to climb the cage. VL then signalled for the door to be opened, but Briana drug herself toward VL, and caught her by the leg, causing her to fall face-first into the steel steps. Back inside the ring Briana continued to try to get to her feet with little success. VL recovered and removed the turnbuckle padding, and perched Briana on her shoulder as she prepared to ram her head first into the exposed metal. Briana's leverage allowed her to slide down and thrust her into the turnbuckle instead. Briana then took the turnbuckle cord and wrapped it around VL's head, tying her into the corner. Briana then attempted to climb the cage as VL struggled to get the cord untied from her neck. Briana was at the top of the cage as VL freed herself and climbed after Briana. VL caught Briana by the leg, and attempted to cause her to lose her balance. Briana did lose her balance, and fell from the top to the outside of the cage hitting the hard floor hard and knocking herself unconcious. As VL looked on in disgust, the members of the bWo hit the ringside area and began kicking the fallen Briana, who was unable to defend herself. VL climbed out of the ring and dove off the top of the cage into Stone and Fyre, as fWo officals hit the scene to break up the melee.

Result: Briana


Dave Hendrix vs. James Armstrong

The fWo officals set up the arm wrestling table in the center of the ring, as James Armstrong left the announcing table to have the arm wrestling match. James Armstrong proceeded to insult the audence by calling them a bunch of worthless slobs who underpaid for the event since he was actively wrestling on the card. He then told everyone to get out their cameras and recording devices for what was about to be a major ass whipping. Dave Hendrix came to the ring looking angry and twitching, and as the two locked up James Armstrong raked the eyes of Hendrix. Hendrix stepped back and attempted to calm down, but as the arm wrestling contest resumed, James Armstrong began to mock Hendrix and asking him if he was hungry, as he saw some small children out back as he entered the arena. Enraged Hendrix drove Armstrong through the table, knocking him out, and began to attack the various refs and officals at ringside. Hendrix then attempted to bite one of the officals, as fWo security handcuffed him and drug him from the area.

Result: James Armstrong by DQ


Ultra Cool (c) vs. Ground Zero

Ultra Cool (c)

At the start of the match Ground Zero came out to their usual wrestling atire, J.O.B. Squad shirts with Jackhammer playing the gutair. The Lone Gunmen then came to ringside, but the fWo commissioner and fWo security arrived to make certain that they did not disrupt the match. Ultra Cool came to the ring after Scotty had a conversation with an unknown person backstage. Ultra Violet climbed into the ring and quickly jumped out of the ring, announcing that he had won Battle Bowl. Malcom then came out and again went over the rules of the Battle Royale... which this match wasn't... and explained that Ultra Violet had to be the only one IN the ring, not the first one out of the ring. As the match started the two teams made frequent tags, with Ultra Violet and Wolf Fang wrestling a technical high flying match, and Jackhammer and Scotty Cool working a more power-based set. Jackhammer at one point had Scotty Cool in the position of delivering a powerbomb to him in the center of the ring, but Scotty Cool caught the leg of Jackhammer and brought him down for a quick jaw breaker. Scotty Cool then went to his corner and tagged in Ultra Violet, preparing for the double finisher they had used in recent weeks. As Ultra Violet climbed up onto Scotty Cool's shoulders, fans around the ring began taking flash photos, causing Ultra Violet to topple off his shoulders and come down head-first onto the arena floor. As Jackhammer rolled up a distracted Scotty for a pin, the ref counted out the legal man, Ultra Violet, and Ground Zero won by DQ. Having not won the titles, Ground Zero seemed upset, but Scotty Cool broke open a bag of Skittles and made ammends by sharing the candy while Ultra Violet was tended to. Luckily, Ultra Violet did not seem the worse for wear, as he only fell on his head.

Result: Ground Zero by Count Out


Battle Bowl Introduction

Cactus Jack comes to the ring to announce and kick off the Battle Bowl, and the first two competetors. Receiving a huge ovation from the crowd, Cactus Jack calls out the man who drew number one in the Battle Bowl... Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet does not come to the ring however, but instead Austin Davis runs to the ring with a large bag as the two quickly begin to brawl inside the ring. Cactus Jack gets the upper hand, and goes for a running clothesline to send both men over the top rope. Davis ducks however, and Jack goes over the ropes himself, getting tangled by the neck in the top rope, suspended over the floor. Seeing this, Austin Davis quickly exits the ring and grabs his bag, untying it to reveal a large snake. Davis held the snake in the air and laughed at Cactus Jack and the crowd, cockily walking toward Jack and mocking the crowd. Davis punches and pummels Jack, who is helpless and choking in the ropes, and then grabs the snake by the head and attempts to shove the head of the snake into the gasping mouth of Cactus Jack. As Davis nearly has the snake inside his mouth, fWo security hits the area, and are quickly downed by DDT's from the fWo champion Austin Davis. Cactus Jack has meanwhile freed himself, but while gasping for air becomes an easy target, and Austin Davis kicks Jack, and delivers the DDD on the helpless man. Austin Davis then grabs the snake once more, and it begins to coil around the neck of Cactus Jack, who is helpless before the onslaught. Finally, a large series of refs and security make it to the area and seperate Davis from Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack is put onto a gurney, but as he is being wheeled up the entry ramp Davis attacks again, battering the medical attendants and finally straping Jack onto the gurney even harder, and shoving him off the entrance ramp and sends him crashing to the floor below. Police then arrive, and handcuff Davis and haul him away as medical personel look concerned about the battered and badly damaged Mick Foley.


Ultra Violet, Flying Frenchie, Jackhammer, Cactus Jon, Wolf Fang, Brawler, Fathom, War, Hunter, Black Quicksilver, Ice, Speed Demon, Apocolyptica, Mitch Wilson, Markus Cairn, Rudo, Showstopper, Primetime, Shocker, Scotty Cool, New Ninja, Boston Strangler,

As the fWo security attempted to restore order to the area, Chris Finn along with the commissioner Travis went over the rules for the over-the-top timed Battle Royal. Chris Finn introduced once again the wrestler who drew number one, Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet came to the ring excitedly, and quickly scrambled to get into the ring. Once inside the ring, Ultra Violet looked about him and started jumping up and down, declairing himself the winner. Ultra Violet excitedly screamed "I'm the only one in the ring, therefore I've won!" Ultra Violet then took the Battle Bowl trophy, and began to leave the ringside area. Officals explained to Ultra Violet once again how the Battle Bowl rules worked, and a confused and hurt looking Ultra Violet returned to the ring.

Next came the Flying Frenchie, who had drawn number two. The Frenchie at once went after Ultra Violet, and for two minutes the match closely resembled their cruiserweight title match of old. With both wrestlers using quick aerial moves, neither gained the advantage. Jackhammer came out next, and quickly chokeslamed both the Frenchie and Ultra Violet. As Jackhammer went for a double clothesline, the Frenchie and Ultra Violet went for a double suplex, and pitched the member of Ground Zero to the ground. Ultra Violet and the Frenchie resumed their fight, as Billy James came out to the ring. As James climbed into the ring, Machina appeared on the screen and simply pointed to the dressing room. Dropping his head, Billy James elimiated himself by jumping over the top rope and returned to the backstage area.

Cactus Jon came out next, and the Frenchie's attacks centered on the Hardcore champion as Ultra Violet found a problem with his boot, and sat down to correct it. Wolf Fang then entered the ring, and began stomping at the head of Ultra Violet, who looked confused as to why his shoe tying had been distrubed. The Brawler was number seven, but as quickly as he entered the ring, a quick chop by Cactus Jon and a missle drop kick by the Frenchie sent him outside once more. Meanwhile, Wolf Fang had Ultra Violet on the top rope and began bouncing him up and down on it in an attempt to dislodge the tag champion. Wolf Fang was distracted however, when Fathom came to the ring, wearing only her light blue shimmering bikini. Wolf Fang reached into his tights and pulled out a twenty dollar bill, and then chased Fathom around the ring shouting "take it off!" A surprised Fathom ran into the ropes, and sprung backwards into Ultra Violet, knocking him from the ring.

War came to the ring next, dressed in his old costume from when he was a member of the Dark Riders. Seeing this, Cactus Jon grew enraged, and quickly clotheslined him from the ring, and right on top of the Hunter, who had come to the ring as number ten. As the Hunter dislodged himself from War, Apocolyptica came out of the crowd and hit the Hunter with a sledgehammer, who was knocked out and unable to get into the ring. Next came the Black Quicksilver, who dove into the ring and began attacking everyone with the Stump, nailing the Flying Frenchie last, and sending him from the ring. As the Black Quicksilver looked on at the Frenchie, who yelled at him from the outside, Wolf Fang collided into him after a toss into the ropes by Fathom, and was sent from the ring as well. On the outside, the Black Quicksilver and the Frenchie traded blows.

With only three wrestlers in the ring, Wolf Fang, Fathom, and Cactus Jon, Wolf Fang and Jon traded blows, as Fathom snuck up behind the Hardcore champion and kicked him in the groin. She then attacked Wolf Fang in the same fashon, until Ice made his way to the ring as number twelve. Ice picked Fathom up in a chokehold, and tossed her from the ring and into the second row of the crowd. Ice and Cactus Jon traded hard blows, with Ice finally picking up Jon in a backbreaker hold. The Speed Demon then came to the ring and admonished Ice for hurting a fellow wrestler. Wolf Fang came from behind and decked the Speed Demon with a blow to the head. The Speed Demon picked himself up and grew insane with rage, launching himself into Wolf Fang and then Ice, the later of which he knocked from the ring as Jon toppled into the ropes and managed to climb back in. The Speed Demon then leapt from the ring and began attacking fans at ringside before being drug away by security and Ice, who pummled the enraged racer for revenge. Apocolypitca entered the ring and attacked Wolf Fang, and the two traded hard chops as Cactus Jon recovered. Mitch Wilson came to the ring at the fifteen man mark, and put the weakened Cactus Jon into a submission hold in an attempt to wear the man down before tossing him from the ring. While these four wrestlers went at it, Markus Cairn came to the ring and joined Apocolyptica in attacking Wolf Fang. Wolf Fang rallyed back, and drove Apocolyptica into the ropes, but she was saved by Cairn, who gave Wolf Fang a quick series of suplexes into the ring. Rudo Insano came to the ring and sat in the corner watching the action and not doing anything. As the ShowStopper entered the ring, he used the distraction of Cairn to deliver a quick DDT and push him up against the ropes. Scotty Cool then entered the ring, and at once picked up Rudo and pitched him over the top rope. Meanwhile, Cairn and the Shocker traded blows inside the ring, but Primetime quietly entered at number twenty and crept up behind the two, pitching both from the ring with a quick scoop.

Primetime then went after Cactus Jon, and he and Mitch Wilson attempted to send the hardcore champion out of the ring. Cactus Jon held onto the ropes, and yanked at Mitch Wilson's tights, sending the man to the floor. Cactus Jon then turned on Primetime, and began delivering quick blows to the face of Primetime. The Shocker then entered the ring, and at once leapt at Primetime. The Shocker proceeded to choke out Primetime in the corner of the ring, as Apocolyptica again traded blows with Wolf Fang, and Cactus Jon went after Scotty Cool. As Cactus Jon had Scotty Cool in the air, the New Ninja arrived in the ring and delivered a drop kick to the champion, sending he and Scotty Cool to the ring floor. As the crowd looked on stunned by two heavy favorites being eliminated by the Ninja, Apocolyptica ducked a lariat attempt and knocked Wolf Fang from the ring.

Meanwhile, the Boston Strangler came to the ring as number twenty three, and at once began trading blows with the freshest man in the ring, the New Ninja. The New Ninja fought back, but the Strangler quickly locked on the crossface chicken wing in the center of the ring, and began to damage the back of the Ninja. Apocolyptica then arrived on the scene and began kicking at the face of the Strangler, forcing him to break the hold. Primetime meanwhile had rallyed back, and tossed his former partner the Shocker from the ring. Machina then came to the ring, but paced around on the outside rather than fighting anyone. Primetime went after Apocolyptica, who was tired having been in the ring longer than anyone else. Primetime sent Apocolyptica into the ropes, but she ducked under and hit a flying body press that sent Primetime stumbling to the outside. The Strangler then caught Apocolyptica with a heavy right hand, and tossed her from the ring as well. Oracle then came to the ring with the Prophet, but the refs informed the Prophet that he could not enter the ring. As Oracle and the Prophet argued the point, Darkness came to ringside and began attacking both men, and all three brawled off into the crowd. After being gone from the ringside area for over a minute, the refs declaired the Oracle out of the match.

Scott Slugger came to the ring as number twenty six, and attacked the Strangler, as the New Ninja went after Machina by dragging him hair-first into the ring. The New Ninja proceeded to maul Machina as Stone came to the ring. Stone was stopped before she could get into the ring by a delivery man who presented her with a large batch of flowers. Stone entered the ring and swung the flowers at the head of the Ninja from behind and delivered a DDT, then went after Machina herself. The Ninja recovered and again brawled with Stone as Machina hid in the corner of the ring to avoid being seen and attacked. During this the ref called for Darkness to come to the ring, but on the monitors it was shown that Darkness, Oracle and the Prophet had brawled off into the backstage area, and were attacking each other in the fWo offical's parking lot. Scott Slugger and the Boston Strangler continued to trade blows as Sid Snow came to the ring, and demanded an fWo Women's Title Shot at the next House Show or he was going to sue the sexist pigs of the fWo booking commitee. Seeing this the New Ninja and Stone teamed up to pick him up and hurl him from the ring before going back to their brawl. Wynd came to the ring as the last wrestler in the Battle Royal at number 30.

Wynd and Stone began to beat down the Ninja, but the Ninja ducked under a double clothesline attempt and pitched Wynd from the ring, who had become distracted by a vedor selling t-shirts at ringside. Wynd stood on the outside of the ring looking at a poster of Ultra Violet and chewing her thumb, totally engrossed in the visage of the tag team champion.

Inside the ring Stone caught the New Ninja in a jawbreaker, and delivered a move before drop kicking him to the outside. Stone then went for Machina, who again hid from behind the Strangler and Scott Slugger. Scott Slugger was punched by Stone as she tried to grab Machina, and Scott Slugger flipped her to the outside, but got caught in the top rope in the process. The Strangler then tried to get Scott Slugger over the top rope himself, but lost his footing and fell over the Slugger, grabbing onto the member of the Punisher Squad in an attempt to save himself. The two broke free of the rope, and Machina was left alone in the ring. A surprised Machina then looked up into the fWo big screen where it announced himself the winner. Machina took all this in and began to pat himself on the back, telling everyone in the arena that he had single handedly beaten every fWo superstar in the ring, and forever forward would be known as "King Machina".

Result: Machina