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WARPED64 LIVE FROM DEATH'S DOOR - 10/28/12 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
It's one of our biggest Supershows of the year - Live From Death's Door. WARPED debuts in Atlanta, Georgia for this huge event featuring all three titles on the line including a first time ever Buried Alive Match and so much more! Tickets to the Tabernacle are sold out but you can pre-order the DVD now for 20% off the regular price! Offer expires 10/27 at midnight.


Main Event: World Championship
SwitchBlade(c) vs. Taurus Capone

Buried Alive Match
Alexander StarrZoe vs. William Wallace

Tag Team Championship - Stipulation Unknown
Maple Leaf Strike Force(c) vs. Carnival Connection

FnX Rules Grudge Match
Cameron MacNichol vs. The Rough Ryder

Evolution Championship
Leon Stone(c) vs. Anton Chase


WARPED64 LIVE FROM DEATH'S DOOR - 10/28/12 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle


You open the DVD of WARPED 64 "Live From Death's Door" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Intro + Evolution Title Match - Leon Stone(c) vs. Anton Chase

A shot of the ringside crowd is shown as they are giving a standing ovation as WARPED 64 kicks off. A "This Is WARPED! This Is WARPED! This Is WARPED!" chant breaks out from the fans. Items like a WARPED-carved "W" jack-o-lantern is on the announce table.. There are fake cobwebs around the ring and on the barricades and stage.. fake spiders.. hanging ghosts and more to keep up the Halloween theme! The camera fades to ringside with our announce crew!

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 64 LIVE FROM DEATH'S DOOR! We're making our debut at the beautiful Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm Tony D and alongside me as always is Kris Red!"

Kris Red: "It might be cooling down outside Tony D but it's about to get RED HOT tonight! We've got a Phantom taking on a Rough Ryder.. Canadians and Clowns.. Starrs and Sheep, and SB's taking on TC's!"

Tony D: "That last part could've used more work, but you're exactly right.. I think. And it all kicks off RIGHT NOW with an Evolution Title Match."

Kris Red: "Don't you mean Stoners versus Chasers? HEH! AM I RIGHT TONY D!? COME ON GET FIRED UP ITS LFDD!!!"


Kris Red: "Aight, take it away Randy Long. Jeez, party pooper."

Randy Long: The following is the opening contest of this evening, scheduled for one fall and is for the WARPED Evolution Championship...

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: Introducing first, the challenger, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210lbs...ANTON CHASE!

Tony D: Anton Chase will challenge for the Evolution title here. against the man who beat him for the title a few weeks ago, Leon Stone.

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System.

Randy Long: His opponent, from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 230lbs, he is the WARPED Evolution Champion...LEON STONE!

Leon Stone walks into the ring dressed for his match, Evolution Title over his shoulder, a microphone in his hand. He stops half way and surveys the crowd.

Leon Stone: Atlanta, Georgia how the hell are you!

The crowd yells and cheers, he continues to the ring.

Leon Stone: Here I am at Live from Death’s door, in the only city in America burned to the ground by an act of war, the home of Coca Cola and Martin Luther King Jr, The city of Pecans, Peaches, and Peanuts. One more time Atlanta, How the hell are you!?

Another roar from the crowd.

Leon Stone: I’m no stranger to death, been at his door my entire life, seems fitting my title match is here, even more fitting my match is against longtime rival, Anton Chase. Some pretty damn good booking by the boss if you ask me.

Crowd chants Leon.

Leon Stone: You know I have an apology to make, I had no idea that I am so low on the totem pole. I didn’t know that everyone thought of me as trash and less than human, if I had known that from the start I wouldn’t have tainted this belt with my presence. If all of you feel like Anton would be a better champion and don’t deserve this title the please let me know and out of respect for all of you I will be more than happy to hand it over.

The crowd yells no.

Leon that’s what I was hoping for, but Anton disagrees, he hates me and insults my integrity, my manhood, and I cannot let him do that to me. Where is the respect? I would never talk to Switchblade or PKA like that. Where does Anton get the Idea that he can talk to me like that?

The crowd boos

Leon Stone: He thinks I didn’t earn my title, that I didn’t earn my spot here, Well very title, my win loss record, my paycheck from warped, they all disagree they all speak very loudly of exactly what I have earned and deserve In this company. I’m tired of Anton and everyone else going on and on about how I’m less than everyone else, that I don’t deserve what I have, I’ll tell you right now the people that have title around their waists are the only ones that have any right or room to say they are better than me, and Anton? You have no gold around your waist, but tonight I will shut you up once and for all, you and every single person that has a fucking doubt in their mind that I deserve anything I have. I earned this title, I earned my spot and warped, I EARNED THE LIFE I HAVE!

Leon smiles, runs his hands through his hair and takes his “Eon of Leon” shirt off.

Leon Stone: Anton says I’m not trying to be the good person I portray, that it is all just a mask, well Anton, go ask the students I took to the zoo, ask the orphanages in Dayton I give regular donations too, ask my Sister, ask any one you like and they will tell you that there has been a serious change inside me, I’m not taking this evolution this lightly, I want to be a good guy, you say I have no morals and I’m scum, that since I have been to jail I am the worst of the worst, I’ll tell you right now if you can look at the person I am today and the little teenage boy in jail and tell me that I’m the same person then Anton there is something seriously wrong with you. I have one goal tonight…

Leon climbs to the top turnbuckle. And raises his title to the crowd.

Leon Stone: Tonight live from Death’s door, I’m going to make you proud.


Leon Stone: Atlanta proud!


Leon Stone: America proud.


Leon Stone: Russia and my friend Ivan proud.


Leon Stone: I’m going to make the whole fucking world proud, because live from Death’s door, I will defeat Anton Chase, and I will defeat Death…

Leon starts to yell.


The fans pop! Anton Chase is shown at ringside sitting on a chair, unamused.

Tony D: Strong words from Leon Stone! He is making his first defence of the title here tonight. A title that he won after Switchblade vacated it.

Kris Red: That doesn't make it any less of an achievement Tony D.

Tony D: I never said it did. Anyway, we are just about ready to kick off Live from Deaths door, we have both Anton Chase and Leon Stone in the ring. The Evolution title is being held high by the referee it is on the line here. Can Leon Stone retain or will Anton Chase become a two time Evolution Champion?

Kris Red: This is a great way to kick off one of the biggest events of the Year Tony D

The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway. Chase going straight towards Stone as he wants to get a hold of the champion early. Leon though backs off ducking under the ropes and the referee makes Chase back off.

Tony D: I don't think Leon wants any part of Anton Chase here tonight.

Kris Red: Don't talk non-sense Tony D, Leon beat Mr. Chase to win the title in the first place.

Both men now circle the ring before meeting in the middle locking up. Chase coming out on top getting Stone in an arm bar before going behind into the hammerlock.

Tony D: You can see the pain on Stone's face as Chase has the hammerlock on.

Stone manages to counter, taking chase over with the snapmare and looking to apply the sleeper but Chase grabs Stone's arm as he attempts to lock in the sleeper and Chase goes to the arm bar once again. Leon trying desperately to break the hold, trying to rake the eyes of Chase to no avail. Stone rocks Chase with a right hand to the jaw. Chase continues to hold the arm of Stone as he tries to get the arm bar back on however Stone sends Chase into the ropes. Chase with the reversal, Stone comes back off the ropes and is sent to the mat with a big hip toss.

Tony D: Leon Stone struggling to get into this match in the early going, It has been pretty much Anton Chase who has been doing all the offensive work.

Kris Red: He is pacing himself Tony D, allowing Anton Chase to tire himself out.

Stone gets back to his feet, this time Chase takes him down with a deep arm drag and this time Stone retreats to the outside.

Tony D: Stone escaping the ring in an attempt to regain some composure you'd think.

Kris Red: Great strategy from the champion, this disrupts Anton's rhythm.

The Referee telling Stone to get back in the ring as he paces around outside. Anton Chase standing well back giving Stone plenty of Space to re-enter the ring cleanly. Stone Slowly gets up onto the apron and cautiously enters the ring. Chase still keeping well back standing in the opposite corner.

Tony D: Well here we go again, both me back in the ring.

Stone and Chase circle the ring, now looking for the lock up again...NO! Stone has other ideas and kicks Chase in the gut. Stone now with the side headlock on Anton Chase. Chase backs Stone into the ropes pushing him off to the other side and in the process breaking the hold. Stone comes back and Chase leap frogs, Stone coming back again and this time Chase drops him with a high drop kick.

Tony D: Oh! Anton Chase catching the Evolution Champion right on the chin with that Drop Kick, great athleticism.

Kris Red: Yeah, I've seen better, that wasn't too impressive.

Stone once again escapes to the outside to re-group. Chase however not waiting around as he hits the slingshot crossbody over the top rope down to the floor!

Tony D: That's one way to stop him going outside!

Chase wastes no time rolling Stone back into the ring after the slingshot crossbody. Chase quickly in after him. Chase now grabs Stone picking him up off the mat. But Stone rolls chase up into the small package.



Tony D: Anton Chase kicks out.

Kris Red: First near fall of the match goes to the champion! I wouldn't expect anything less.

Tony D: It was lucky, we all know it. Chase looks in shock

Chase gets back to his feet and charges towards Stone but Stone plants him with a Spinebuster! The champion keeping the pressure on, picking Chase right back up off the mat. Irish whip into the ropes, Leon hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and almost takes Anton Chase's head off with a high knee as the two meet in the middle of the ring.

Kris Red: Did you see that Tony D! Leon Stone almost decapitated Anton Chase!

Chase crawling towards the ropes as he tries to get up. Stone proudly strolling around the ring. Stone now with a casual boot to the back of Anton Chase. Stone doesn't want to wait for Chase to get up on his own, he drags him up by his hair. Chase now been sent hard into the corner by Leon Stone!

Tony D: Leon Stone has a firm grasp at control in this match now, can Anton weather the storm?

Stone over to the corner but Chase fighting out. first with a punch to the ribs followed by a knife edge chop but Stone promptly ends the fight back with a knee to the gut! Stone with the snapemare taking Chase over and straight into the sleeper hold.

Tony D: We seen Stone try this earlier in the match, he manages to lock it in this time though.

Kris Red: Stone is in the driving seat it won't be long before he puts Anton Chase away once again.

Chase manages to battle back to his feet. Stone trying desperately to keep the sleeper locked in. Chase with elbows to the body of Stone. Chase had broken the hold. Chase is fighting back now with right hand after right hand. Stone looks to reply with a right of his own but Chase ducks it and now has the waist lock on Leon Stone, could be a German suplex coming up, but no Stone bends over and pulls the legs away from Anton Chase sending him to the mat.

Kris Red: NICE MOVE! Great counter there from our Evolution champion.

Tony D: It was indeed a very innovative counter.

Stone takes a second to recover , Chase kicks up almost immediately, as Stone turns around he is taken down with the hurricanrana! Stone is reeling on his feet, the roll up from Chase.



Tony D: Stone kicks out, just before the three, this match continues.

Kris Red: That means Leon Stone is still the champion!

Chase trying to get control back of this match as he sends Leon Stone into the ropes. Stone comes back and ducks the clothesline attempt from Chase, running straight through and off the other side. Stone comes back again...THROWING STONES!

Kris Red: YES! the Throwing Stones Spear.

Tony D: Leon Stone has just halved Anton Chase in Two!

Leon has a look around the crowd before calling for the end. He drags Chase back to his feet sets him up for the crucifix powerbomb...And nails the Mile Stone!

Tony D: There it is, the Mile Stone! This one is all but over now.

Leon hooks both legs in the pin.




Kris Red: Leon retains the title!

Randy Long: The winner of this match...AND STILL WARPED Evolution Champion...LEON STONE!!!

PreTape: PKA's Office Backstage

The scene fades backstage where we see PKA pacing back and forth. Austin Sanders comes in with a mic in hand.

Austin Sanders: "PKA, boss, sir, if I could ask you .. the Twittersphere has been blowing up with rumors of some sort of an issue. We hear that your girlfriend, Dej-

PKA: "EX.. ex girlfriend."

Austin Sanders: "Sorry. Your ex girlfriend, Deja, and Executive Assistant, has reportedly quit?"

PKA: "First of all it's not like we were ever official. I swear that whore was screwing around with me with half of the roster here.. But yeah she's gone. So what?"

Austin Sanders: "Sir, with all due respect, what's going on? You seem on edge lately. You're tweeting eradically. You're booking matches drunk, and - "

PKA slaps the microphone out of Austin Sander's hands and Sanders jumps back, shaking in his boots as PKA grunts and leaves the scene. Fade to black..


Grudge Match - Cameron MacNichol vs. The Rough Ryder

Randy Long: "The following contest is an FnX rules match scheduled for one fall!!"

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol steps through the curtain, with his sister Dyan trailing a step behind him. Ignoring the cascade of boos that shower down on him, Cameron walks down the ramp, focused on the ring in front of him.

Randy Long: "Introducing first - from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds and being accompanied by his sister Dyan - Cameron MacNichol!"

As Cameron reaches the ring, he helps Dyan up onto the apron, and they climb through the middle rope together. In the middle of the ring, Cameron raises his right arm and clenches his fist, as Dyan applauds her brother. As the music dies down, Cameron walks to the ropes and begins trash-talking fans in the front row. Tony D: "This is a feud that's been weeks and weeks, hell months in the making. Ryder turned his back on Cameron MacNichol after they lost in the Elite Duos tag team tournament with a brutal attack, and for weeks after, Ryder was taunted and stalked by some sort of Phantom.. and turns out it was Cameron all along."

"Show Me A God"hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly.

Randy Long: "And his opponent - from Portland, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds and being accompanied to the ring by Jessica Reyes - The Rough Ryder!"

After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoddie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact. Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor, meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to to Jessica as well.

Kris Red: "These two hate each other! And I thought that they were one of the favorites to win the Elite Duos all along. I guess it was never meant to be!"

Tony D: "And I'd say this might be one of the biggest feuds Cameron has had in his time at WARPED.. no titles at stake, just pride and revenge on his mind!"

The bell sounds! Collar and elbow tie up... and Cameron MacNichol immediately locks in a side headlock. He starts repeatedly punching Ryder in the top of his skull until Ryder pushes him off into the ropes. Cam bounces off and returns to a huge shoulder tackle from Ryder! Cameron grabs the back of his head as he brings himself back up to his feet and Ryder looks on with a grin on his face. He brings MacNichol up and goes for a right hand but Mac blocks it and slaps him across the face!

Tony D: "Whoa!"

Cameron backs up to the ropes.. Ryder aggressively charges and Cam sidesteps and sends Ryder through the ropes and down to the floor! He slides out and brings Ryder up and hurls him into the ringpost face-first.

Kris Red: "Cameron MacNichol, normally more of a technical wrestler, wanted an FnX match and boy is he taking advantage of the style!"

MacNichol brings Ryder toward the guardrail and slams his face off of it then dumps him over into the fans! Everyone starts backing up as Cameron hops over and Ryder delivers a right hand that rocks Cameron but doesn't take him off his feet. Ryder grabs a chair and folds it up but he wastes too much time as Cameron kicks him in the gut and causes him to drop it. A fan holds up a chair and shouts at Cameron MacNichol and he takes Ryder and hurls him head-first into the chair!!

Kris Red: "The fans love to get involved in the action Tony D!"

Tony D: "They certainly do love it but I'm sure The Rough Ryder didn't!"

The Rough Ryder gets to his feet and pushes his way past the fans as he goes toward the back wall. Cameron follows him and a fan hands him a chair and he hurls it at Ryder, taking him down! Cameron high fives the fan and heads toward Ryder. He brings him up and knees him in the gut then hurls him into the wall. Cameron grabs a chair and folds it up then drills Ryder OVER THE SKULL WITH IT and he goes down!

Tony D: "Oh come on put your hands up!!!"

Kris Red: "That is dangerous!"

Ryder isn't done with as he starts up to his feet and Cam nails him over the back with the chair! Ryder crawls away from him, trying to escape. Cameron brings him up to his feet and tells the fans to move and he then whips Ryder into the barricade and he flips over!! Ryder clutches his midsection as Cameron MacNichol soaks up the cheers from the fans! Jessica Reyes rushes over and helps her man up and it looks like he's busted open from a chairshot.

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder is really taking a beating early on in this match!"

Cameron MacNichol charges and leaps onto the barricade then jumps off it at Ryder but Ryder punches him in the face on the way down and Cameron crashes to the floor!

Kris Red: "That'll stop you in your tracks that's for sure!"

The Rough Ryder puts the boots to Cameron as he tries to get back to his feet. Ryder grabs him by the head and brings him to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Ryder reaches under the ring and pulls a ladder out and slides it into the ring. Ryder slides in and goes to pick up the ladder but Cameron grabs it and the two have a tug of war.

Kris Red: "Gimme that ladder!"

The Rough Ryder overpowers MacNichol and pushes the ladder into his ribs, causing him to drop down to the mat. Ryder now puts the ladder up against the corner and brings Cameron MacNichol to his feet.

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder has something in mind with that ladder now.."

Ryder goes for an irish whip but Cameron blocks it. He whips Ryder into the corner opposite the ladder and climbs up for the 10 punch. He starts drilling Ryder in the skull as the fans count along but suddenly Ryder grabs him and runs out of the corner, right toward the ladder! But luckily Cameron is able to sunset flip over and into a pin!


Kick out!

Tony D: "A close call there!"

Both men get to their feet and Cameron goes for a kick to the midsection but Ryder grabs the boot and Cameron brings his other boot up for an enziguri! Ryder staggers, and drops to one knee. Cameron now goes for an irish whip into the ladder but Ryder counters and sends Cameron toward it but he puts on the breaks! He turns around and Ryder charges but Cameron hip tosses him into the ladder and it bends up!

Kris Red: "The Rough Ryder brought the ladder into the match and he paid the price!!"

Cameron MacNichol goes into the cover..




Tony D: "Two count!"

MacNichol now gets on top of Ryder and repeatedly punches him away!! He finally stops and stands up, blood on his hand and he wipes it across his bare chest! The fans cheer!

Kris Red: "This is a different side of Cameron MacNichol tonight!"

MacNichol now slides out of the ring and looks under the ring apron for something. He pulls out a table! The fans cheer for TABLES! TABLES! TABLES! as he sets it up at ringside.

Tony D: "Cameron's setting up a table but he might be wasting time now as The Rough Ryder looks to be stirring in the ring."

Cameron gets it all set up as The Rough Ryder gets to his feet and comes toward the ropes to get outside but Cam hops up on the apron and drills him in the skull! He pulls him toward the corner and drills his face against the turnbuckle. He then climbs up and brings Ryder up with him..

Kris Red: "Oh man, what's this!?"

Cameron pulls him up between his legs perhaps for his Jumping piledriver or Jacknife Powerbomb!?! Ryder is able to escape though and punch Cameron in the face a couple times! Cameron nearly drops down through the table but Ryder holds onto him. He steps over the ropes and positions himself now for a powerbomb to Cameron.. He goes to lift him but Cameron holds onto the ropes!!

Kris Red: "These guys are in a dangerous spot now!"

But Ryder tries again and lifts him up and powerbombs him through the table!!! "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chants fill the Tabernacle!"

Tony D: "THAT WAS INSANE! Powerbomb off the top of the turnbuckle through the table at ringside!"

The Rough Ryder takes a deep breath and slowly steps down as Cameron's sister screams out nearby. Ryder slumps down and drops into a cover...



Kick out!!

Tony D: "I'm not quite sure how Cameron MaCNichol kicked out of that!!"

The fans chant "F n X! F n X! F n X!" as Ryder brings Cameron to his feet... or tries to.. but Cameron collapses. Ryder turns back and rolls into the ring. He grabs the ladder from the corner and lays it in the middle of the ring on its side. He then looks around the ring and spots his Ryde or Dye chair and slides out of the ring to grab that. He picks it up and slides it into the ring. Cameron MacNichol starts to stir now and Ryder brings him up to his feet and pushes him into the ring. He drapes his body over the ladder and picks up the chair... SMACK!

Tony D: "Chairshot to the back! And Cameron is sandwiched between that ladder and the steel chair!"

With Cameron's body still draped over the sideways ladder, Ryder climbs onto the second buckle and leaps off with a kneedrop to the face! Cameron drops to the mat completely and Ryder covers him..



Kick out!!

Tony D: "The resiliancy of Cameron MacNichol gives him the will to kick out!"

Kris Red: "Sure!"

Ryder brings the bent up ladder and sets it against the corner again. Cameron MacNichol pushes himself up to his feet and it looks like the kneedrop busted him open! He blocks a punch from The Rough Ryder and kicks him in the balls! Ryder drops to both knees and Cameron drills him with a DDT!

Tony D: "Where'd that come from?!"

Cameron now rolls out of the ring and spots one of the WARPED Jack-O-Lanterns on the announce table and rolls it into the ring.

Kris Red: "Hey, that's MINE!"

He then spots some rowdy fans in the front row, one of them wearing an Atlanta Falcons helmet. The guy then lets Cameron take it off of his head! Cameron slides into the ring and The Rough Ryder is up to his feet just in time for Cameron to swing the helmet at him and clock him over his head! He drops to both knees again and Cameron picks up the jack-o-lantern and backs up.. before HURLING it like an oversized baseball at the back of Ryder's skull! The carved pumpking EXPLODES and Ryder drops face-first to the mat!

Tony D: "In all of my years that's the first time I've seen a Jack-O-Lantern used as a weapon!!"

Kris Red: "Damnit! I carved that myself!"

Tony D: "Complete with the WARPED W and all, too, now it's all gone Kris!!"

Kris Red: "What a jerkface!"

Cameron rolls him over into a cover..



Kick out!

Cameron MaCNichol gets to his feet and pulls his elbow pad down on his right arm and swings it about.. backing away from Ryder and allowing him to get to his feet..

Kris Red: "Oh man the jerkface might be going for the Clothesline from Hell!!"

Tony D: "This could be it!"

Ryder slowly pushes himself up to his feet, pulling pumpkin shards from his hair on the way up... and Cameron charges! CLOTHESLINE! RYDER SIDESTEPS! Drop toe hold into the ladder!!

Kris Red: "Crash landing!"

Tony D: "Ryder with a great counter and Cameron took a nasty face bump into that ladder!"

The Rough Ryder barely is able to push himself up. His face a crimson mask, Ryder yells for MacNichol to get his ass up!! Ryder measures off for the Side Swipe Superkick as Cameron grabs the ropes and slowly slowly pulls himself up. The camera gets a close up and his nose is bleeding pretty badly in addition to the headcut from earlier. He turns around and Ryder hits the SIDE SWIPE SUPERKICK!

Kris Red: "Side Swipe Superkick!

Cameron gets caught right in the jaw and the momentum sends him back into the ropes and he immediately comes off with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!


Both men collapse and it just so happens that Cameron falls on top of The Rough Ryder and the referee counts!




The bell sounds!

Tony D: "What a finish!"

Kris Red: "It sure came out of nowhere!"

"NIB" by Black Sabbath hits.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Cameron MacNichol!"

Cameron isn't even moving as the referee taps him on the back telling him he's won. Cameron slowly rolls onto his back and wipes the blood from his eyes. Dyan MacNichol comes in and tends to her brother. She and the referee both take an arm and help him up as the fans applaud.

Tony D: "Cameron is bloodied, battered, beaten, but tonight he's the winner, and it looks like he's won the fans over once again."

Kris Red: "We saw a whole other side of Cameron MacNichol tonight and boy did it pay off in a big way with a huge win over The Rough Ryder, finally getting payback from weeks and weeks ago."

The referee holds up the arm of MacNichol and the fans cheer him on. The Rough Ryder has rolled to the floor outside the ring with Jessica and he looks to be completely dumbfounded by all of this as he tries to recover. Cameron continues to celebrate with as little movement as possible (as he's clearly in plenty of pain) as the scene fades out..


The intensity in the crowd can be felt all through out the building they are becoming restless as suddenly Fighter's Passion hits as they pop loudly as Bushido appears from behind the curtain. He is dressed in street clothes as he stands there for a few seconds looking out over the crowd. He starts making his way towards the ring as he holds out his hand the fans in the crowd slap it. He jumps up on the apron and he steps through the ropes grabbing a microphone. He walks to the middle of the ring as the crowd is anticipating what he has to say.

Bushido: "I have lost my two previous matches and because of that I am not booked here tonight and that is something I can handle. I have not shown myself to be what I know I am and that is one of the best in the world. I am using this as motivation to come back stronger and better then ever. I am going to be more intense and brutal then ever to show the world who Bushido is. I am ready to shoot to the top of WARPED. Always remember it is not the size of the fighter but the size of the fight he will bring and all you can do is."

He raises the microphone to the crowd as they scream out BE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He walks back over handing off the microphone as they begin to chant BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He steps out on to the apron jumping down he once again holds out his hand. The fans slap it as he walks back and disappears behind the curtain

Earlier Today

Earlier Today

High in the nosebleed balcony of The Tabernacle, Mr. Rottentreats is seen kicked back in a seat puffing on his e-cigarette. His younger, barrel chest brother is sitting a row behind him with his feet propped on the seats in front of him. Both quickly jump to their feet as Austin Sanders approaches. They exchange handshakes with the WARPED interviewer and all three take a seat. Austin Sanders doesn’t waste any time and begins the interview.

Austin Sanders: “Gentlemen, lets get straight to it. What’s the big surprise?”

Mr Rottentreats: “Do you see that ring down there, Sanders? Good. Tonight, it’s gonna be surrounded by a cage. Not just any ordinary sitting on the ring apron cage either, Sanders!

Austin Sanders: “So, it’s a cage match?”

Douglas Fresh: “Easy, Sanders, let him finish. Geesh.”

Mr Rottentreats: “As I was saying, before I was interrupted. The cage will be around the ring, at ringside pressed up against the guardrail. One more thing, as previously mentioned, bring your own weapons. In order to win, pin fall or force an opponent to submit.”

Austin Sanders: “Speaking of bringing your own weapons, have you had a chance to view the latest Maple Leaf Strike Force video?”

Mr Rottentreats: “Please Austin, don’t make me laugh! Art’s and crafts time is over ladies. If you think it’s as simple as gluing some glass to your wrist tape and putting a few thumbtacks on some sports equipment, think again. And if you think I’m going to take it easy on you, because you kissed my ass a little, you’re dead wrong.

Douglas Fresh: “This is where you got it wrong Maple Leaf, you both seem to think we’re just gonna stand there and let you make us bleed. If you want our blood on your bedazzled ring gear, you’re gonna have to earn it ladies. I hope you’re ready. Cause tonight Hugo, I really am gonna strangle you!”

Mr Rottentreats: “Time for lame jokes on all of our behalves to stop Maple Leaf. It’s time to put up or shut up. The mind games are over. Speaking of, just in case you’re trying to pull one over on me, The other members of Maple Leaf Strike Force, fired or not, are barred from The Tabernacle. Welcome to the Juggalo Funhouse fellas!”


Tag Team Championship - Juggalo Funhouse Match: Carnival Connection vs. Maple Leaf Strike Force(c)

The wah effect of the guitar of “Bad Side” by Twiztid hit’s the PA of The Tabernacle.


“At the end of the night, when the moon rises to illuminate what was hidden in shadows during the day.
A demon with white knuckle rage, anger, and anticipation, hatred, and segregation.
Murky waters are infected with the blood of the fallen.
You might wanna hang up the phone, incase heaven comes a callin’
Until then, we walk with the dead, here on the Bad Side”

Two females, obviously from a sideshow attraction, open up the curtain of the entrance way as the distorted bass line hits. Douglas Fresh wearing a new ring jacket, pushes a barbwire laden shopping cart out to the top of the entrance ramp.


As the chorus hits, Mr. Rottentreats, bag of treats slung across his left shoulder and waving a custom American hatchet man flag, with his right hand.

Randy Long: “The following contest is a one fall to a finish, Juggalo Funhouse match. It is for the WARPED Tag Team Titles! Making their way to the ring first, the challengers!

Kris Red: “Why aren’t you in the cage, Randy Long?! Ya big wuss!”

Tony D: “Really, Kris? Come on! The Carnival Connection seem prepared, they’ve loaded down that shopping cart with a plethora of objects, Kris!”

Kris Red: “And they even pimped it out with barbwire, Tony D! I have a feeling this night is about to get even bloodier! It’s a good thing they’re wearing work gloves, Tony D.”

Douglas Fresh, now inside the cage pushes his barbwire shopping cart around the ring. He slides into the ring just as Mr. Rottentreats springboards himself over the top rope.

Randy Long: ““Sir” Doouuuglas Fresh and Miiiiistteeerrr Rottentreeeats! They are THE CAAARNIVAL CONECTIIOOOON!”

Treats grabs the flag off the corner and waves it around as Douglas kips up to his side. Before they get a chance to remove their ring jackets, “Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun” by the Beastie Boys hit’s the PA.

Randy Long: “Making their way to the ring at this time, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! The first Elite Duo of WARPED and WARPED Tag Team champions, Hugo Strange, and Ashley Lovell, The Maple Leeaaf Striike Foorce!”

Kris Red: “The champs are here! Hugo Strange is looking to carve some clowns here tonight with his glass covered fists. And Ashley Lovell is hoping to do the same with her thumbtack covered protective gear!”

The entrance way is illuminated by a spotlight as Ashley Lovell and Hugo Strange run out placing their titles on the announce table. MLSF sprint into the cage and slide into the ring.

Kris Red: “Maple Leaf Strike Force are wasting no time at all to get this match started, Tony D!”

Carnival Connection remove their ring jackets and toss them onto the Canadian duos heads blinding them a moment. Treats tosses Ashley Lovell out to ringside through the middle and top ropes. Hugo Strange finally rises to his feet still blinded by the ring jacket he’s now tangled in. Treats delivers a hard right forearm, Fresh follows up with a right jab. Treats with a jab, and another by Fresh. Strange finally manages to free himself from the ring jacket and throws a hard right punch at Treats.

Tony D: “Here comes the blood, Kris!”

Kris Red: “No! Treats blocked it with the hard cast on his left hand!”

Strange swings at Treats again, but Fresh takes the opening and applies a single-wing choke. Treats takes advantage of this and kicks Strange in the gut, forcing him to the ground. Fresh wraps his legs around Strange and applies pressure. Treats stomps Strange’s gut.

Tony D: “We could see new WARPED Tag Team champions, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Not like this, this isn’t fa.. There’s Ashley, Tony D! It ain’t OVA, yet!”

Ashley Lovell comes off the top with a fist drop to the forehead of Fresh. Upon impact, Fresh releases the hold. He pushes Hugo off of him and writhes in pain as he plucks thumbtacks out of his mask and forehead.

Tony D: “She could have blinded him, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Sometimes you’ve gotta do, what ya gotta do, Tony D! This is for the WARPED Tag Team titles! It would be a pity if Maple Leaf Strike Force, lost those titles to a couple of clowns!”

Treats grabs Ashley by the Hair as she’s getting up. She swings a wild elbow and catches the side of Treats face. He releases his grip and she spins around trying to land a thigh kick, but Treats backs away and ducks under the bottom rope just in time. Fresh brings Hugo to his feet, but Hugo forearms Fresh with his glass covered tape causing Fresh to stagger back. Fresh falls into a seated position in the corner as Hugo begins to psyche Ashley Lovell up in the opposite corner. Strange points at her thumbtack covered shin guards and then to Fresh’s bloody and slightly shredded mask.

Kris Red: “Come on Ashley, do it! Put some more thumbtacks into his face!!”

Tony D: “She could end his career, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Well, this is what they wanted! And there she.. OOOO!”

Tony D: “Mr. Rottentreats with the unorthodox save, Kris!”

Kris Red: “He cheated! He tripped Ashley with a kendo stick!”

Hugo Strange lands a baseball slide to the chest of Mr. Rottentreats sending him back first into the cage. Strange stands up on the ring apron, measures Treats, and runs down the apron full force attempting to hit Treats with a forearm full of glass. Treats ducks and Strange puts the brakes on before hitting the cage. As Strange turns around Treats is shoving the barbwire shopping cart full speed into the gut of Strange.

Kris Red: “Mr. Rottentreats is a maniac, Tony D! I can’t believe PKA is allowing this to happen!”


Tony D: “Well this crowd is loving it!”

Kris Red: “Of course they would! Look at all the clowns in the audience, Tony D!”

In the ring Fresh is pulling himself up by the ropes at the same time Ashley Lovell is rising to her feet after being tripped. He staggers towards Ashley, she lands a hard thigh kick with a thumbtack covered shin guard. Douglas falls to a knee as Ashley gains some momentum off the ropes. Upon her return she’s struck in the gut with a hard shot from the kendo stick.

Kris Red: “Damn it, FRESH! I wanted to see the Shining Stabbing Wizard!”

Douglas allows Ashley to double over onto his knee before smacking her on the ass a few times with the kendo stick.


Kris Red: “Such a vulgar crowd on hand tonight, Tony D!”

Tony D: “Would you quit whining, Kris?”

On the outside Treats is setting up a table as Strange gets himself free of the barbwire. Douglas whips Ashley into the corner closest to the table. He follows up with a body avalanche nearly crushing Ashley. Fresh steps out on the ring apron, then climbs up to the second turn buckle. He turns Ashley around and yanks her up. He attempts to cross her arms and lift her, but she fights it. Ashley lands a hard left, leaving some thumbtacks in Douglas’ mask. He manages to hang onto the rope as he falls to the ring apron. Ashley swings lands a kick to the ribs of Douglas Fresh. Fresh drops to a knee on the apron and begins to pick thumbtacks out of his skin before rolling back in. Treats is up on the apron and stops Ashley from jumping off the top rope. Treats and Ashley are on opposite sides of the turnbuckle on the ropes battling it out. Treats grabs Ashley’s head and bites her. .

Kris Red: “Come on, he’s biting a lady, Tony D!”

Tony D: “A lady of the night maybe, this isn’t going to end well!”

Kris Red: “Tony D, I hope it’s Mr. Rottentreats, that catches the bad end of this deal! That heathen deserves it!”


Treats finally releases the bite, cocks his head back and spits blood into the air. The same blood that slowly oozes down Ashley Lovell’s face. Ashley goes into a rage and lands a hard thumbtack elbow causing Treats to stumble to the apron. Loosely grasping onto the top rope as he faces the crowd blood seeping through his mask Treats barely dangles over the table at ringside. Ashley jumps off the top rope and lands a leg drop sending both of them through the table.


Kris Red: “Forget tweeting the Po Po, Tony D! Someone tweet the mortician, he’s got a new customer!”

Tony D: “And Hugo Strange is laying the boots to Douglas Fresh in the ring!”

Hugo picks up Fresh and whips him into the ropes, Hugo attempts to drive his glass covered fist into Fresh’s face on his return. Fresh ducks and returns with a flying front kick to the chest of Hugo Strange sending him to the outside. Fresh feigns a suicide dive, causing Strange to duck.

Douglas Fresh: “Two for flinching bitch boy!”

Fresh springboards onto the apron then takes his boot to the face of Strange sending him back first into the cage. Fresh jumps down and forearms strange a couple of times before retrieving a a barbwire baseball bat from the shopping cart. Fresh takes a batting stance and swings the bat around. He hauls off but Strange moves and the bat is stuck in the mesh of the cage. Fresh slides into the ring, Strange jerks the bat out of the cage and slides in after him. Strange raises the bat high above his head and charges at Fresh. Fresh kicks him in the gut, Strange drops the bat. Fresh then slides out of the ring with the bat in hand. Strange attempts a baseball slide, but Fresh lifts the ring skirt trapping Strange. Fresh winds up and swings hitting Strange dead in the gut two times before Strange crumples to the floor and rolls out from under the ring skirt. Fresh lifts up Strange and props him up against the cage. He scrapes the bat across Strange’s face slowly, as Strange yells out in agony. Fresh begins to shove the barbwire bat into forehead of Strange causing his head to bounce off the steel mesh.

Tony D: “I thought I’d never see this, Kris! Something has flipped that maniacal switch in the brain of Douglas Fresh, he’s shredding Hugo Strange’s face!”

Kris Red: “There’s no need for this!”

Fresh tosses the bat aside and throws the bloodied Hugo Strange into the ring. Fresh ascends the top rope, in a rare moment. He perches himself upon the top rope, before taking flight. He comes crashing down as Hugo Strange has rolled out of the way. Hugo manages to get and arm over Fresh’s chest.



Kris Red: “He got lucky, Tony D! His big brother can’t save him now!”

Tony D: “Strange is wearing a Crimson Mask, and both men are writhing in pain. I highly doubt either of them are feeling too lucky right now, Kris.”


Tony D: “It sounds like this crowd is solidly behind Douglas Fresh, and the Carnival Connection, Kris.”

Kris Red: “It sounds like both you and these fans need to shut up, Tony D!”

Hugo and Stranger are both on their knees in the center of the ring.

Strange tosses a forearm.

Crowd: BOOO!

Fresh sways back to avoid the glass covered forearm and nails an over hand chop to the chest of Hugo Strange.


As Strange clutches his chest, both men rise to a knee. Before Strange can swing wildly, Fresh hits him with a hard forearm forcing him down to both knees again.


Fresh is up to both feet now. He grabs Strange and head butts him.


Fresh staggers back a bit, Strange falls back to his ass. Strange shakes it off and gets back to a knee as Fresh rebounds off the ropes. Strange ducks a boot and hits Fresh in the gut upon his return as he attempts a lariat. Fresh drops to the mat writhing in pain as Strange attempts a pin.




Kris Red: “Come on, Strange! Ya almost had the clown!”

Tony D: “He’s grinding that glass covered wrist tape of his into the gut of Douglas Fresh!”

Kris Red: “That’s what I like to see!”


Kris Red: “There goes the crowd with that vulgarity again! Shut up!”

Dougie slowly stops writhing from the pain, as the adrenaline courses through is veins. He reaches up and applies the claw.


Kris Red: “That’s just wrong, Tony D!”

Strange quits grinding the glass covered tape into Fresh’s midsection as Fresh gets to a seated position, maintaining grip. He gets to a knee then rises to his feet. With his adrenaline pumping he muscles up Hugo for a body slam. He drops down on top of him for the pin attempt.

Tony D: “He out muscled Hugo Strange!”


Kris Red: “After he cheated, by grabbing his sack!”


Ashley Lovell is upon the ring apron, Fresh doesn’t see her as he bounces off the ropes. She nails him with an elbow to the back of the head. He falls face first on the mat mat. Hugo rolls Fresh over and pins him. With his feet on the ropes.



3... Mr. Rottentreats pulls the referee out of the ring stopping the count!

Tony D: “Mr. Rottentreats has recovered!”

Kris Red: “He put his hands on an official, this match should be over, Tony D!”

Treats apologizes to the referee for touching him. The referee slides back into the ring, and Treat slides a table into the ring behind him. Hugo quickly grabs it and sets it up in the center of the ring, while Ashley attempts to drag the deadweight of Fresh toward a corner. Treats retrieves his bag of Treats from the shopping cart.

He slides into the ring behind Strange as he sets up the table, then gets on all fours directly behind him. Douglas back body drops Ashley over top rope and charges at Strange, leaping over the table and landing a hard lariat, and causing him to trip over Treats. Neither Juggalo realizes Ashley hung onto the top rope.

Tony D: “A little high low action from, the Carnival Connection tonight!”

Kris Red: “What the hell is Treats doing with that extension cord?!”

Treats rises to his feet slowly as he retrieves an extension cord from the bag. Ashley from behind with a kick to the lower half of Treats. Treats grabs her foot and holds onto it, as he, steps over her leg, and turns around. Ashley has a shocked look on her face. He reaches into his pants.

Kris Red: “No one wants to see that!”

Tony D: “He’s wearing a cup!”

Treats tosses the cup to the side and wraps a length of extension chord around Ashley’s neck and slings her across the ring. She rolls out of the ring holding her neck. Douglas wraps some of the same extension cord around Strange’s neck and drags him to a corner. Strange fights back, and sits Douglas up on the turnbuckle. He swings Fresh’s legs across the ropes to the other side before ascending to the middle turnbuckle. Fresh counters with a head butt sending him to the mat, he lands on his feet and jumps right back up. Douglas head butts him again this time, he yanks on the extension cord and uses all his strength to choke Strange.

Tony D: “Douglas Fresh is Strangling the life out of Hugo Strange!”

Kris Red: “What the hell is Treats climbing to the top of the cage, it‘s not escape rules!!”

Tony D: “Douglas is biting Strange and forcing him onto the table!”

Kris Red: “They need muzzles Tony D!”

Tony D: “AIR TREATS!!”

Mr. Rottentreats comes crashing down with a splash onto Hugo Strange from the top of the cage. Fresh slides to the outside and attempts to toss Ashley into the barbwire shopping cart but she reverses sending Fresh back first into the barbwire. 1..


Ashley slides into ring, but not in time to break the count!


Randy Long: “Here are your winners, aaand new WARPED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh! The Carnival Connection!”

Kris Red: “Maple Leaf Strike Force were robbed by a couple of clowns, Tony D!”

Ashley drops to her knees and can't believe it! She shouts "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as the fans go wild for the Carnival Connection's win! Treats looks at her and shouts "YYYYYYYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSS!" as the referee hands him over a Tag Team Title. Douglas Fresh slowly is able to make his way into the ring as Ashley stands up and he taps her on the shoulder and goes "BOO!" and she shrieks before he grabs her by the head and hurls her through the ropes! She crashes at ringside as the ref hands him his title. The clowns celebrate in the ring as the fans go wild!


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Buried Alive Match - William Wallace vs. Alexander StarrZoe

The camera cuts to the ring. Shortly afterwards the camera cuts to the side of the stage where a giant mound of dirt has been placed along with a six foot deep hole and a tombstone with the show’s name and the names William Wallace and Alexander StarrZoe etched in. Shovels are placed all around the mound and a large tractor can be seen further away.

Randy Long: The following contest is a buried alive match! The first person to bury his opponent alive will be declared the winner.

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as “Flower of Scotland” Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. In his arms he holds his custom made tombstone for Starr!

Randy Long: First making his way to the ring, from Glasgow, Scotland and weighing in at 254 pounds…WILLIAM WALLACE!

Wallace smirks as he puts the tombstone down next to the grave. It reads:
“Here lies, the Overrated, Alexander StarrZoe
11/22/1983 – 10/28/2012

He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse at the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope. He gets up and stands at the center of the ring waiting for StarrZoe.

Randy Long: And his opponent…

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Alex suddenly runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Randy Long: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-

Before Long can finish, StarrZoe tackles Wallace down and the two start slugging it out in the middle of the ring as the fans pop loud for it. The ref calls for the bell and it sounds.

Tony D: And here we go! Introductions not needed!

Kris Red: Those two are beating the snot out of each other!

Tony D: After all that’s been said and done between these two, I’m not surprised one bit. This isn’t a wrestling match. This is a fight!

StarrZoe and Wallace continue punching each other until they roll out of the ring. StarrZoe catches Wallace with a right hand that knocks him back a bit allowing StarrZoe to ram his back into the barricade. StarrZoe grabs Wallace by the back of the head and smacks him up against the barricade once again. He then takes Wallace and whips him shoulder first into the ring steps. StarrZoe steps over Wallace and grabs him by the hair. Wallace quickly jabs a thumb into StarrZoe’s eye, blinding him momentarily. Wallace drives a knee into StarrZoe’s gut, then tosses him shoulder first into the barricade. Wallace looks under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He raises it over his head and swings at StarrZoe, but Starr avoids it in time and Wallace hits nothing but steel. Starr hops up on the apron, turns around and leaps off hitting Wallace with a spin kick to the chair that smacks against his head. Wallace falls on his back and StarrZoe grabs the chair, raising it over his head as the fans cheer him on.

Kris Red: Wallace is in a bad spot, Tony D! He’s gotta get out of there!

Tony D: You’re right about that, Kris. StarrZoe is going to make sure Wallace feels the way he felt when Wallace attacked him months back.

Kris Red: Nah, Tony D. He’s going to make him feel worse than that.

StarrZoe takes the chair and rams the edge into Wallace’s chest knocking the wind out of him. StarrZoe continues to drives the chair down on Wallace half a dozen more times before finally dropping the chair and screaming. He grabs Wallace by the hair and drags him away from the ring. The two head up the ramp, their destination only a few feet away. Wallace is able to catch StarrZoe with an elbow to the stomach to stun him momentarily before knocking him back with a headbutt. Wallace then spears StarrZoe into the barricade before lifting him up into a bear hug submission.

Tony D: Now this won’t give Wallace the win, but it is an effective way to exhaust StarrZoe which will make it much harder for him to climb out of that grave should he fall in.

Kris Red: Very true. His breathing is going to be labored and in a match like this you can’t afford to be wasting time catching your breath.

After awhile StarrZoe finds the strength to drive an elbow into the side of Wallace’s head forcing him to release the hold. Starr kicks Wallace in the gut, grabs him and suplexes him onto the ramp. Starr takes a moment to collect himself before dropping a leg across Wallace’s neck. Starr then rolls Wallace over and applies a modified dragon sleeper submission. Wallace screams with each tug, but he has nowhere to go and no ropes to grab. The referee warns Starr about keeping the hold in too long, but his rulings don’t apply to a match like this. Eventually Starr gets bored and lets go of Wallace. He picks him up and drags him off the ramp. The two head towards the dirt mound. Starr drives a knee into Wallace, then gets behind him and goes for a german suplex, but Wallace blocks the throw and hip tosses StarrZoe down. Starr gets up only to receive a high impact clothesline from Wallace.

Tony D: And just like that the tide changes once again.

Kris Red: These two won’t stop until one of them stops moving.

Tony D: I think you’re right, Kris. And it looks like Wallace is reaching for the shovels!

Wallace walks over to a shovel and picks it up. However, instead of shoveling dirt, Wallace raises the shovel and smacks it across Starr’s back. Starr grabs his back and tries to crawl away. Wallace can’t help but laugh as he smacks Starr in the back once more. Wallace then takes the edge of the shovel’s head and drives it into Starr’s recently injured leg.

Tony D: OOH! Wallace now working on Starr’s leg much like how he put Starr away before.

Kris Red: He knows that leg, specifically the knee, are weak points, Tony D. And Wallace is the kind of guy who will capitalize on every flaw.

Wallace drives the shovel deep into the knee and StarrZoe pulls away, clutching the knee and trying to get back up. Wallace answers by clipping the back of the leg with the shovel. Wallace picks Starr up and DDTs him on the floor. The fans boo Wallace who grins and looks down at Starr like he was a lamb to slaughter. Wallace grabs Starr and picks him up, dragging him towards the dirt mouth. He shoves Starr into the dirt, then takes another nearby shovel and drives the handle up against Starr’s throat, choking him out. Starr fights back by jamming his thumbs into Wallace’s eyes.

Tony D: What’s good for the goose, right Kris?

Kris Red: Why are you talking about geese? We have a fight going on here!

Starr grabs Wallace and shoves his head into the dirt, rubbing it into his face and eyes.


Starr then grabs the dropped shovel and smacks Wallace in the back with it once, twice, three times. Wallace retreats by heading up the dirt mound. Starr follows after him, shovel at the ready. Once they get to the top Starr raises the shovel over his head and goes to swing, but Wallace manages to kick the bad leg and Starr falls to one knee. Wallace gets back up and boots Starr in the head. Wallace wipes the dirt and sweat from his eyes before picking Starr up. He drags Starr closer to the grave. Starr sees what’s about to happen and drives an elbow into Wallace before he can do anything about it. Starr wraps his arms around Wallace and delivers an overhead belly to belly suplex. Wallace nearly falls off the dirt mound, but manages to hang on by grabbing another shovel. Wallace gets up and lifts the shovel off the ground. Starr grabs the shovel used earlier and holds it up. Starr and Wallace point at each other with the shovels and then proceed to swing them at each other like swords.


Tony D: They’re using those shovels like swords! This is getting nuts!

Kris Red: And I love it!

Starr and Wallace press their shovels against one another and keep shoving until the handles of both shovels break in half. Starr responds to this by grabbing the shovel head and smacking Wallace with it. Wallace responds by falling inches away from the grave! Starr kicks Wallace into the grave.

Kris Red: Wallace is in the grave!

Tony D: It’s not over yet, Kris. Starr now has to completely cover Wallace in dirt in order to win.

Starr grabs an unbroken shovel and grabs some dirt. He goes to throw it in, but Wallace suddenly stands upright and starts climbing out of the hole. Starr goes for a kick to the head, but Wallace sees the leg coming, grabs it, and pulls Starr into the grave with him!

Tony D: And now they’re both in the grave!

Kris Red: They’re literally fighting to the death!

Tony D: You –do- know that literally means, right?

Kris Red: ….hey, look! Low blow!

Wallace hits a low blow on Starr and he grabs his groin.

Kris Red: That's dirty! but not as dirty as the grave they're wrestling in.. AM I RIGHT? .. Heh.. No. Ok.

Wallace now tries to climb out but Starr grabs his legs and tries to pull him back in. Wallace reaches and claws his way further out but Starr pulls him back. Wallace then reaches out and grabs his custom made tombstone!!

Tony D: Hey that's the tombstone that Wallace had made for Starr!!

Wallace then rolls on his back and LETS Starr pull him down into the grave, but uses the momentum to bring the tombstone over the skull of Starr!!!

Kris Red: Oh my god!

Starr COLLAPSES, and Wallace drops the tombstone, thrilled, a smile on his face. He hops up out of the tombstone and immediately starts shoveling dirt into the grave, covering Starr.

Tony D: Is this happening?!

Wallace continues to shovel as fast as he can.

Kris Red: This IS real life! I feel DIZZAY and I bet Starr does too!

Shovel shovel... as the fans chant "Let's go Starr!"

Tony D: Kris, now is not the time to be combining two internet sensation kids who were high off of drugs!

Wallace now drops on his knees and just starts PUSHING the dirt on top of Starr until he covers him enough and the ref calls for the bell!!!

Tony D: I can't believe it! Wallace beat Starr for the second time! He BURIED STARR ALIVE!

Randy Long: Here is your winner - William WALLACE!

The fans boo as Wallace digs his hands through the dirt and lets it run through his fingers. He laughs as he gets to his feet and makes the referee immediately put his arm in the air. "The Flower of Scotland" plays as Wallace proudly puts both arms high in the air!

Kris Red: This is absolutely huge! Wallace is the first man to ever beat StarrZoe in singles action here at WARPED and not only that.. he's now done it TWICE IN A ROW!

Tony D: The Year of Wallace continues tonight at Live From Death's Door! Wow.

Wallace smirks as he looks down at the grave where Starr is still left, before heading toward the entrance and disappearing behind the curtain.


Extreme Ways (Bournes Ultimatum) by Moby hits the arena speakers as blue lights start flashing in time to the music. As the vocals kick in

Tony D: "Holy crap, it's CROWBAR! We haven't seen him in three months!"

Crowbar steps out onto the stage, dressed in a Black suit, black tie and blue shirt. The crowd cheers loudly as Crowbar starts to make his way down the ramp with a smile on his face, looking out at everyone, nodding. He walks down to the ring and walks around it, asking for a mic. He heads up the steps and looks around a bit before raising the mic to his mouth, the music fading off.

Crowbar: "I'm baaaaack!"

The crowd cheer again.

Crowbar: "First I'd like to apologise for my absence and being rather quiet on Twitter, the Tag Team loss kinda hit hard, but I'm back in a WARPED ring now so fuck all that."

Crowbar scratches his chin a bit in thought before continuing.

Crowbar: "Alright, now all you loyal WARPED Twitter followers would know two things, first, PKA and myself got absolutely slaughtered and passed out on the floor one night, the second would be after that happened, there were confusing remarks stemming from that night. I'm here to set the record straight and explain. Essentially, the General Manager role PKA had? He signed that over to me, while drunk, as a birthday present."

..Kris Red: "What did he just say?"

Crowbar: "I didn't recall this and neither did he, until lawyers got involved and various other things happened to back that guess what WARPED lockerroom? I'm your new boss, at least for the next month, and believe me....I have some ideas in mind, like..."

"Whoa, whoa, WHOA!"

PKA's voice is heard as he emerges from the curtain. He speaks into the microphone with a sense of urgency and concern as he makes his way toward the ring.

PKA: "You've GOT to be kidding me. Didn't we meet this afternoon about this very subject? I think you've perhaps.. stepped over the line."

PKA walks up the steps and enters the ring. He steps up to Crowbar and pats him on the shoulder, a smile on his face.

PKA: "Come on Crwobeezy.. buddy.. dawg.. homie.. this.. this isn't the place for any of this nonsense. These people know I'd never do a thing like that.."

Crowbar: "Yeah, but man you kinda need to check this out, the lawyers gave me this just before the show..."

Crowbar points to the screen and a video rolls of Crowbar and PKA having a drunken conversation, some, but not all the audio his heard"

Crowbar: "maaaaan......are the fuck are you again?"

Lawyer 1: "Your legal counsel"

Crowbar: "Fuck you I don't need fuckin counselling. asshole....what are we doing again?"


PKA puts his index finger over his pursed lips. He sways ever so slightly, looking inebriated.

PKA: "Just shh.. here. Its you birthda' present you fuckerrrrrrrrrrrr. You're getting control for a month, Happy Birthday! Woo!"

PKA nearly loses his footing, but grabs onto a chair to steady himself.

Crowbar: "Birthday pres....fuck we won't remember this in the morning"

Lawyer 2: "I would advise...."

PKA: "Shut the fuck up and sign it all of you! I have more partying to doooooowhoa whoa ohhh... go!"

The video ends after the papers have been signed and Crowbar looks at PKA

Crowbar: "Man, it's all there and legal, you know I've got the respect for you is legal which puts me in booking and the rest for the next month man....but hey, at least you get a break, right?"

Crowbar nods at PKA in a positive manner, PKA however doesn't look as impressed.

PKA: "Wait.. So.."

PKA looks back at the screen, now covered in only a WARPED logo, and back to Crowbar. The fans start a "You Fucked Up! You Fucked Up! You Fucked Up!" chant. PKA's jaw drops. He paces back and forth in front of Crowbar, scratching his head. He steps in front of Crowbar.

PKA: "You're joking, right?"

Crowbar: "Unfortunately not, I'm runnin' the show as per papers signed, and while I'll go out of my way to make the Maple Leaf Strike Forces lives a living hell for twitter comments, I am going to do something that has been a long time coming, and believe me man, it pains me to do this, but you're a friend so as of right now, you're off the active roster until deemed fit enough to return."

PKA goes to start yelling but gets cut off.

Crowbar: "Before you start, because I know how displeased you are right now, you're going to be even more displeased with this..."

Crowbar walks over to the ropes, climbs out and stands on the apron.

Crowbar: "PKA, you're going to Alcoholics Anonymous for your drinking problem. The fine print states that if you are unfit to return after the alotted period, you don't come back to this job."

Crowbar jumps down to the floor as Extreme Ways kicks in. He hands the mic off to Randy Long and heads towards the back, leaving PKA glaring at him in the ring, rage burning in his eyes before he drops his head and shakes it. PKA looks out at the fans, a look of disappointment on his face as he shakes his head and heads out of the ring and up the aisle. "YOU FUCKED UP! YOU FUCKED UP!" chants start up again as PKA walks with his head hung low toward the back.

Tony D: "I can't believe this! PKA is forced to go to AA? CROWBAR is in charge of WARPED for the next month?!"

Kris Red: "I swear I didn't expect this to happen.. Peeks has been on sort of a bender lately but dude, what the hell just happened.."

Tony D: "I'm interested to know where this takes us as we have our next show on November 17th, and the next night we have one with Pro Wrestling FRONTIER out of the UK here with us. From what I hear, THAT night has been booked, but does that mean that Crowbar is booking the 17th show? Oh my.. Well, let's regroup and get ready for our main event, NEXT!"





Backstage, Taurus Capone intensely struts down the hallway while boxing the air. Behind him is an entourage of men dressed in all black attire. Capone takes out of his iPhone earbuds and stops the leader of the group directly behind him. He stairs briefly before speaking calmly.

Taurus Capone: "'....NOBODY......NOBODY is allowed at MY ringside during MY match..."

The man nods as Taurus shakes his head, not satisfied.

Taurus Capone: " If the president of this company himself steps foot at ringside you give him the beating of a life time....NOBODY. I WILL be the next WORLD CHAMPION.."

Taurus glares at the leader of the team behind him for a moment before turning around and continuing his boxing combo filled strut to the entrance ramp.

Tony D: " I can't help but notice Taurus has been a little paranoid latley.."

World Championship Match - Taurus Capone vs. SwitchBlade(c)

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WARPED Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIIIIIP!"

"The End Has Come..."

The lights in the arena shut off completely. The crowd begin to chatter as they wonder what’s going on. The Low ominous strings of unknown music can be heard. A sample of a man seemly giving a speech to thousands begins.

”And the prophecy read! That one day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes…That a boy would be born onto a family in the slums…this boy would go own to use the knowledge he gained…while fighting for survival in the streets…to become a great leader…and in time that boy would grow to become………KING! ”

An explosion of white lights fill the entrance way. “King” By T.I. Begins.

The “1970’s Blaxploitation” era music begins to blast throughout the arena as several men begin to pour from the entrance in all black attire pumping their fist in the air. They look like a Black Panther movement in effect as they form lines on both sides of the entrance ramp. Both lines turn to face each other as the bass of the track finally drops and Taurus Capone appears at the entrance. The "Crown” logo appears in a line down the ramp as Taurus begins his strut to ringside.

Randy Long: "Introducing the challenger - from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 230 pounds - he is Taurus.. Capone!"

All three of his crown and iron fist chains sway from side to side as he walks. The camera zooms in and pans up his black "#WithAnIronFist” shirt to eye level where his black Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses block the camera from seeing his eyes. A golden crown with platinum stones sits on top of his head. The “Movement” members stand stone face as Taurus moves through them.

Tony D “Bold statement by Taurus Capone here tonight as he prepares for this epic main event!”

Taurus rolls in the ring removing the crown and the t-shirt while receiving a heavy mixed reaction. He stands on one of the turnbuckles and removes all of his chains before he removes his glasses and hops down. Taurus seems focused as the lights in the arena come back on. He sits in the corner and begins talking to himself, jumping in place as the music fades.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.."

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven hits and the fans pop!

Randy Long: "From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds - he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion! SWITCHBLAAAAAAAAADE!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans. He looks down at his hand as if for the pre-match handshake that he's used to, but he shakes his head no.

Tony D: "There will be no pre-match handshake this time. SwitchBlade, from what I've gathered, has no respect whatsoever for Taurus Capone."

Kris Red: "He really should rethink his morals, Tony D. So what! Taurus is a big time player in WARPED just like SwitchBlade but you know what? TAURUS IS KING! SwitchBlade needs to not worry about shaking his hand, but kissing his FEET!"

Tony D: "You've got this weird obsession with Taurus that's dated back to Headstrong 8 years ago. Can you not see that Taurus has weasled his way into the title picture? What has he done to deserve this?! He cost Korrupt the World Title, handed it to SwitchBlade, he beat PKA and stole the win in his tag match with SwitchBlade as his partner then attacked him afterward! He's a slime ball!"

Kris Red: "Tony D, you're biased and I will not have that at this commentary table!"

Tony D: "I.. oh forget it.."

The referee calls for the bell as the house lights come up and the fans start off a slow clap into fast clap for the competitors.

Tony D: "Main event time tonight at WARPED 64, Live From Death's Door, making our debut here in Atlanta!"

The WARPED World Champion SwitchBlade and the challenger Taurus Capone come towards the middle of the ring. Both men have a few words before SwitchBlade cannot take anymore of the comments from Capone mouth as he begins to throw punches to his head area.

Tony D: "And here we go! This is happening!"

Capone leans on the ropes as SwitchBlade goes to chop him in the chest and does a few times. The champ decides to whip him across and up the ropes but when Taurus returns SwitchBlade goes for a back body drop on Capone but Capone puts on the breaks and kicks SwitchBlade right in the face! SwitchBlade springs up quickly from the kick to his face as Capone then runs at him from the side and snaps off a swinging neckbreaker!

Tony D: "Here's the cover!



Kickout by the World champion!"

Kris Red: "Quick cover by Taurus there, tryin' to get it in soon!"

SwitchBlade crawls over to the corner where Capone begins to stomp down on him in the mid section and abdomen area. Capone lifts him up and whips him to the other corner diagonally across from where they stand. Right away without hesitation Taurus runs at SwitchBlade and goes for a clothesline of some sort but instead the champion back elbows him in the jaw area. SwitchBlade comes out of the corner and drills Taurus with a clothesline, taking him down.

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade nearly took his head off with that lariat!"

Capone is back up and SwitchBlade hits another one. Capone up again.. and a third clothesline knocking the challenger down.

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade is on fire!"

Tony D: "He's definitely fired up! He has to stay on Taurus!"

SwitchBlade picks Taurus up and lifts him up for a slam but Taurus slips out behind. He goes for a belly to back suplex on SwitchBlade, but the champ elbows out. SwitchBlade kicks Taurus in the gut and brings him between his legs, looking for a piledriver perhaps, but Taurus backdrops him!

Kris Red: "Great counter!"

Tony D: "Taurus Capone looks to be a little slow to his feet though."

Capone crawls over to the corner and then slowly helps himself up. He stands tall and walks over to the WARPED World Champion SwitchBlade looking to get some payback in the match but instead the reigning champion throws a few right hands to the mid section of Capone who gets the wind taken out of him. SwitchBlade tries to build up to where Capone stands tall but instead Taurus knee's him in the gut and it sends him back down.

Tony D: "Capone now on the offensive zone of things here."

Taurus picks the champ up and whips him to the ropes. SwitchBlade comes back and is looked to be hip tossed over but he reverses it and hits one on Capone instead.

Tony D: "Beautiful hip toss!"

SwitchBlade begins to recover as he stands tall after dropping down to one knee. He grabs a hold of TC and connects with a snap suplex. He quickly covers.



Capone get's his right shoulder up.

Tony D: "Neither man has seemed to be able to get a longterm run of control going in this match. It's been pretty evenly matched I'd say."

Kris Red: "It's evenly matched because Taurus is letting it be! He is KING! He will call the shots when the time is right!"

SwitchBlade picks the challenger up and whips him into the corner. He runs at him and hits a clothesline and holds onto Taurus and then comes running with a headlock on him out of the corner as he lands him face first into the mat for a bulldog.

Tony D: "Nice combination of moves there from the champ!"

Switchy is back on his feet and the fans here in Atlanta cheer him on! He picks Capone up again. He takes him and puts him in a backbreaker position and crashes his back and ribs area on his knee as Taurus screams out in pain. Once more the champ goes for a cover over the challenger.

Kris Red: "You gonna break his back!!"

Tony D: "Well it IS called a backbreaker.. wait here's the cover..!"



Tony D: "And no! Kick out at two and a half!"

SwitchBlade now picks him back up and whips him up the ropes, not wasting any time. Capone staggers forward and SwitchBlade charges into a Running STO takedown!!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade took him down with AUTHORITY! Here's a cover!



Kickout by Capone!"

SwitchBlade brings Capone to his feet and sends him into the ropes, but Capone grabs ahold of the rope so he doesn't bounce off. SwitchBlade charges in and clotheslines Capone over the top rope, sending both men down!

Tony D: "Well I guess you might as well sacrifice yourself to get the job done!"

Capone's side hits the apron as he falls down, and he drops to the floor, screaming in agony. SwitchBlade gets to his feet as the excited fans cheer him on. He looks down at Taurus who is clutching his side.

Kris Red: "Looks like Taurus took a nasty bump there. That's not good!"

The "movement" members of Capone's all stand firmly, keeping an eye on things. Capone is using the ring steps as something to help himself to his feet while SwitchBlade has something in mind. He walks in the opposite direction to the corner of the ring..

Tony D: "What's going on here?"

SwitchBlade kneels down, watching Capone as he pulls himself up with the steps.

Kris Red: "Oh no.."

Tony D: "He couldn't?"

SwitchBlade charges in.. but Capone moves and SwitchBlade spears the hell out of the ring steps!! They go flying, the top slamming into the barricade and pushing it back!

Kris Red: "Holy shit!"

Tony D: "SwitchBlade looked to do some serious damage to Taurus there with those steps but he ended up hurting himself more!!"

Capone is down on one knee, panting, looking on at SwitchBlade, who is out on the mat. Capone grins, realizing that this is his opportunity to take control. He pushes himself up and asks if his 4 friends around ringside saw that. They nod their heads in approval, as Taurus now grabs SwitchBlade and rolls his limp body into the ring. The camera zooms in on SwitchBlade's forehead and blood is gushing out.

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade is busted open badly, Tony D.. Oh, gross.."

Taurus points to his head as he looks out at the crowd and they boo him. He shakes his head and rolls into the ring.

Tony D: "Taurus should've made the cover a long time ago. Get in there!"

Capone crawls onto SwitchBlade, and covers..



Kick out!

SwitchBlade gets his shoulder up as the crowd cheers him on.

Kris Red: "The champ is still breathing and fighting Tony but look at his face! He's definitely SEEING RED!"

Tony D: "I still say that Taurus wasted far too much time getting into that pin! SwitchBlade is resiliant and it's going to take a lot more to beat him. He has GOT to take this seriously!!"

Kris Red: "Oh stop preaching, Tony D! He is in the main event for the World Title in his third match here. Do you honestly think he HAS to take ANYTHING seriously?"

Taurus Capone and SwitchBlade slowly rise up, both in a lot of pain right now. They begin to exchange right hands, SwitchBlade taking breaks to grab his head, Capone taking breaks to clutch his midsection, though all the while duking it out. With every punch from SwitchBlade, the fans chant "YAY!", and for every punch from Taurus, they chant "BOO!" .. SwitchBlade takes control and begins to throw quicker and more right hands to the head of Capone, prompting numerous "YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!'s from the crowd as Taurus is reeling.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade mounting a comeback!!"

SwitchBlade forces Taurus back into the ropes with the punches. SwitchBlade measures off and goes for a knife edge chop but Capone ducks under and applies the reverse waistlock. SwitchBlade elbows out of it easily, but when he turns around, Capone rakes him in the eyes and then spits in his face! The referee tells him to knock that off! SwitchBlade drops to a knee, trying to wipe the spit off and regain his vision.

Tony D: "Oh come on! That's dirty!"

Capone argues with the ref and tells him that he is KING and will do whatever he wants! The fans let Taurus know that they aren't happy with what he just did! Taurus pulls SwitchBlade up and looks for some sort fo a vertical suplex as he brings him into the front facelock and hooks the arm..

Kris Red: "Ooh, BallinBuster time!"

Capone brings SwitchBlade into the air but immediately the champ counters with a knee to the skull and Taurus releases, putting SwitchBlade down. Capone staggers back, grabbing his skull, and SwitchBlade applies a reverse waistlock and snaps off a release German Suplex!

Tony D: "Release German!"

SwitchBlade crawls into the cover!




SwitchBlade wastes no time as he pulls Taurus away from the ropes and looks to lock in the Crucifix Neck Cranke but Taurus scrambles to get out of it as he rolls backward and then kicks at SwitchBlade's skull but SwitchBlade ducks and trips up the legs of Capone and floats over into a Crossface!! Capone rolls sideways but his shoulders are then down!


Taurus kicks out but it goes right back into the Crossface from Switchblade! Taurus moves his legs closer and closer to the ropes.

Tony D: "The technical prowess of SwitchBlade is on display here as he's got the Crossface locked in!!"

Kris Red: "Taurus needs to get to the ropes!"

And indeed Taurus does reach the bottom rope with one of his boots and SwitchBlade breaks the hold. He pulls Taurus to his feet and kicks him in the gut. He brings him between his legs but Taurus then trips him up and flips over into a bridged pin..



SwitchBlade powers up and the two then flip around and SwitchBlade turns him into a backslide pin..



Taurus kicks out and gets up quickly, bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the skull! Taurus into the cover..



Kick out!

Taurus grabs at his ribs as he brings SwitchBlade up to his feet. He knees him in the gut once, twice, three times, then applies the front facelock and hooks the arm.. He lifts him up and drops him on his skull with the BallinBuster!

Kris Red: "BallinBustahhhhhhh~!"

Taurus into the cover..




Tony D: "That was out of nowhere and a fast flury of offense from the challenger!"

Taurus slams the mat with his hand and gets to his feet, grabbing at his side as SwitchBlade slowly gets to his feet. Capone stalks him, and then decides he's done waiting and pulls SwitchBlade in for a powerbomb. He lifts him up!

Tony D: "DDT!! SwitchBlade with a DDT counter!"

Kris Red: "What the HAYELL!"

SwitchBlade goes for the cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: "What a match!"

SwitchBlade looks down at Capone and say's he's finished. He picks Capone up and sets him up for an Implant DDT to set up for the Crucifix Neck Crank, but Capone grabs the wrist of SwitchBlade and spins out of it and kicks him in the gut, before hitting the ropes and returning to a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE from the champ BUT WAIT Taurus ducks.. 180 spin.. BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!

Tony D: "EPIC FAIL!"

Kris Red: "That's what he beat PKA with!!"

Taurus into the cover!




Tony D: "DID HE GET HIM?!?!"

Kris Red: "TWO COUNT!! He kicked out just in time!!"

Taurus Capone cannot believe it and the fans breathe a sigh of relief in the Tabernacle. Capone puts his hands on his head and his jaw is dropped.

Tony D: "That big boot to the face came out of nowhere and you're right, it's what won the match for Taurus against PKA months ago."

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade.. WOW how did he kick out!"

Taurus gets to his feet and grabs the referee by his collar. He looks to nearly be in tears all the while threatening the referee that he didn't do his job! Taurus lets him go and cups his face with the palms of his head. He drops his hands to his side and sighs as he turns around and right into a kick to the gut and an IMPLANT DDT!

Tony D: "Whoa SwitchBlade with the Implant DDT! That sets up for the.. well.."

What'd normally set up for the finishing submission of SwitchBlade's now didn't go so well as Taurus was close enough to the ropes and rolled under them.

Kris Red: "I'm not even sure that Taurus meant to roll toward the ropes. Coulda been the momentum! But nevertheless, its great for him. It'll buy him some time."

SwitchBlade reaches through the ropes to grab Taurus but Taurus rolls out of the ring to safety. SwitchBlade shakes his head and says 'this is ridiculous' as he follows out. He pulls Taurus to his feet and tries to push him back into the ring and the 4 'movement' members start moving toward SwitchBlade and Capone. The referee turns his attention to them and Taurus brings his foot back and low blows SwitchBlade. They suddenly stop moving toward him...

Tony D: "Oh come on!!"

The referee didn't see the low blow apparently and he now questions what happened as he slides out of the ring and Taurus quickly grabs a chair to take away from the questioning. The referee tells Taurus that this isn't NO DQ and tries to take the chair from him.

Tony D: "Taurus had better be careful or he will get disqualified!"

Taurus holds onto it and tosses it into the ring. He then brings SwitchBlade up and pushes him in. The referee slides in and grabs the chair, turning back to Taurus and telling him there's no chance he's using this.

Kris Red: "Oh come on! Let him use the chair!"

The ref heads the opposite direction to put it away as Taurus grabs the World Title.

Tony D: "Wait a sec, Taurus just grabbed the World Championship off our table.."

SwitchBlade grabs the middle rope and Taurus swings the title at his skull from the ringside area!!

Kris Red: "What!"

SwitchBlade drops to the mat and the referee turns around as Taurus was able to drop the title just in time and slide into the ring.

Tony D: "Oh come on!!"

Taurus brings SwitchBlade's lifeless body up by his head. Taurus spits in his face and sets up for the BallinBuster.. He lifts him up and drops him on his head!

Tony D: "That's just sick.. "

Taurus grins and points to his head as the fans boo and Taurus hooks both legs of SwitchBlade. The ref counts..




Tony D: "Enough.."

The ref calls for the bell and it sounds! The fans boo as "Like That" by TI hits the PA System.

Kris Red: "Let me say this slowly.. it's OVA! Not just the match.. but the reign of BOREDOM! Tony D! Bow down! The KING has just dethroned the CHAMPEEN!"

Taurus gets to his feet and the referee hands the title over to him. Taurus holds it high as the ref holds his arm up as well. Taurus drops down to his knees and clutches the title. He tilts his head as he examines the belt and rolls out of the ring with it. He grabs Tony D..

Tony D: "Hey what the?"

Taurus uses the sleeve of Tony D's shirt to wipe the blood off of the title. He pats Tony D on the shoulder and pushes him back into his seat as Taurus holds the title high in the air!

Tony D: "That's disgusting.."

Kris Red: "Tony D! Don't sound so down in the dumps! This is Live From Death's Door! This is a new era! WARPED is about to be bigger than EVER!"

Taurus parades around the ring with the title in the air in one hand, a peace sign on the other, and his head bowed, a smile on his face. His 4 'movement' members stand firmly as he goes past them. He continues his walk around the ring, ignoring the fans as they flip him off and others while they try to pat him on the back or take a swing. He makes his way back around to the aisle and stops. He looks back at SwitchBlade, who's in the ring recovering and has realized his loss. The 4 movement members make their way toward the champ and follow him. Taurus blows a kiss to SwitchBlade and gives him the peace sign before raising the title back into the air and turning his back, heading up the aisle.

Tony D: "Fans, what a show it's been tonight. We've crowned a new World Champion and new Tag Team Champions tonight. William Wallace has once again defeated Alexander StarrZoe. And there you have it.. Taurus Capone.. NEW World champion. Goodnight from Atlanta, Georgia, WARPED64, this is Live From Death's Door."

The scene quickly fades to the WARPED logo.. and the DVD heads back to the main screen.

Match Credit:
Evo Title Match: Wallace
Cameron vs. Ryder: Joey
Starr vs Wallace: SwitchBlade
SwitchBlade vs. Taurus: Joey