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J Cole’s “Workout” kicks in as the introducing to the newest UTA Webisode “Fitness UTA” hosted by Marie Van Claudio is playing along to Marie’s fitness. The song ends as it ends with Marie getting done and winking to the camera.

The scene starts with Marie Van Claudio wearing a red tank top and shorts with her hair in pigtails as the cameras roll.

Van Claudio: Hola Everyone and welcome to another edition of “Fitness UTA” here on I think everyone knows who I am as of now so there is no need for introduction.

She smirks a bit as she walks before keeping an eye on the camera.

Van Claudio: On the last edition, I got to interview Colton Thorpe and ask him how he worked out. Plenty of interesting stuff he said with him offering me to touch his abs.

Her smirk turns into a disgusted look.

Van Claudio: God knows what would’ve happened if I touched his abs. Anyways, let’s see who I run into this week for the show.

Marie walks around to lobby to see if anyone is around. She walks into a gym where some people are using the equipment. As looks, she spots Sean Jackson. UTA’s former World Champion and former member of Dynasty. Marie would then turn bright red as she faces the camera.

Van Claudio, while blushing:  Sean Jackson is here in the gym.

She bites her lip nervously, hoping that Sean wouldn’t see her like this. However as this is taking place, Mr. Ace In The Hole has on some sweatpants while purposely not wearing a shirt.  He is flexing his muscles while lifting and lowering the Ace in the hole briefcase.

Jackson:  Ah yes, feel the pain Blanca.  Feel the pain.  Now THIS is how you do a workout, work those arm muscles so I can bash him in the head again.

Marie tries her best not to laugh at the comment he just made considering that Marie had faced off against La Flama Blanca back in the Summer.

Van Claudio: I see we have the next future champion getting pumped up..

She waits for Sean to turn around while staring at the sight of his ass.

Jackson:  Or better yet, bash the skull of…

As he turns around, Sean notices Marie standing there, looking at him like a piece of meat.  If only he wasn’t married….

Jackson:  Why, it is Marie Van Claudio…

The last time he checked, his wife wasn’t anywhere around so….

Jackson:  What do you owe the pleasure?

He questions while smirking himself.

Van Claudio: Well, as you know, I have this new show out on the website where I ask about how you work out before matches and such.

She sexily smiles at him while twirling her hair.

Ahh yes, the twirling of the hair.  Mr. Ace In The Hole picks up on that almost immediately.  maybe it is because she remembers the swat on the ass several months ago.  He sets the briefcase down and nods.

Jackson:  I saw the one you had previous, too bad it was ruined with amatuer hour by Colton Thorpe.  But now you’ve come to the right place and who knows, maybe you will learn a thing or two…

Showing off, the former Dynasty member flexes his pecs alternately.  After all, what is good for Marie should be good for him as well.

Van Claudio: I see that, but I think everyone wants to know how do you work out before you matches?

Marie gets serious for a moment because she doesn’t want this to turn into “Spice TV”

Van Claudio: Like preparation, work out sessions, everything that the viewers want to know in order to get into shape.

In keeping up with Marie, Mr. Ace In The Hole senses the conversation turning serious and follows suit.  Probably one of the few times he has ever done so.

Jackson:  That’s simple Marie.  Now granted I know you would understand the concept, but the ham and eggers out there who couldn’t even walk to the kitchen without suffering a stroke, would know nothing about cardio.

Sean turns to his left and observes several people barely walking on the treadmills or going slow on the exercise bikes.

Jackson:  They know nothing about what it takes to go for ten minutes in a hotly contested match, or for thirty minutes to an hour in a championship match against the best UTA has to offer.

The former world champion uses his hands to fan them up and down in front of his abs and pecs, showing off his physique to the woman who was just moments ago, staring at his ass.

Jackson: All they know is that someone like me steps into the ring, and they too, think they can do so.  They live vicariously thru me, thinking it is easier than stepping out on the football field and throwing a football sixty yards down the field.  

The smirk comes back.

Jackson:  But in all actuality, they are clueless sheep, they are Ungratefuls and are non deserving of what it takes to stand at the top of UTA.  But you Marie…

He then walks a small circle around the blond bombshell.

Jackson:  You deserve to know everything it takes for me to get ready for just about anything.

Marie stands there, speechless before taking some time to think about what he just said.

Van Claudio: Damn, I have to say what you just said could be true. A lot of people tend to rush their exercise and think they are in shape.

Marie smirks a bit, obviously making a shot at her Victory opponent this week who normally rushes through her work outs to think she’s in shape.

Van Claudio: But tell me, how do you prepare for your matches?

Marie looks at him, still having the serious look on her face.

Van Claudio: After all, they do call you the “mental rapist”

Now she is catching his attention.  That was a nice play on words and he took it in stride.

Jackson:  Now that was good Marie, real good.  But to answer your question, point blank…

His eyes slightly narrow, if anything, he does take his workouts seriously.

Jackson: I prepare for all my matches in the same way I prepare for my opponents.  I leave nothing to chance because when it comes to performing, I want to be at the top of my game.  I take my cardio seriously because it ties into everything I do.  Even when on free weights, I perform each rep with emphasis on breathing and taking my time.  When I’m on the treadmills, it isn’t just about distance, but about speed.  When my opponents are sucking for air, trying desperately to get back into the match…

Sean flexes his biceps.

Jackson:  I just slip into another gear and well….

The former Dynasty member glances at the briefcase.

Jackson: My exploits speak for itself, and no one can argue that fact.  Not even the soon to be former champion La Flama Blanca.

Marie’s eyes open in amazement at what he just said and ending with the statement of La Flama Blanca.

Van Claudio: You know what? There’s something funny about that.

She keeps on eying him.

Van Claudio: I did the same thing that you basically did a couple of weeks ago when I had my title shot against that snake.

If she only knew what Sean truly thought about Eduardo Sanchez.

Jackson:  You got that right by calling him a snake.  But in all seriousness, he had better hold onto that championship as tightly as he can.  Because I can cash in anytime I want and anywhere I want.  I thought about doing it in Mexico City, but as I stated before, I don’t do anything quickly.  I like being able to enjoy the games I play with people, and who would know better than a woman that slow and easy…

He moves behind her, his nose mere inches from the back of her neck, his warm breath aimed directly along the side of her neck.

Jackson:  Always beats quick and easy.

Marie doesn’t know what to say as the cameramen thinks this is pretty awkward for them to be standing with someone that could sweep Marie off her feet. They tell her to wrap it up by motioning.

Van Claudio: So, is there anything else you want to say before wrapping it up?

Using his hand, he goes underneath her blond hair and caresses her neck ever so slightly.

Jackson:  Absolutely, just like working out Marie…

He then removes his hand, making sure to catch a bit of her hair between his fingers.

Jackson:  You ALWAYS leave them wanting more.

The Mental Rapist then steps from behind Marie Van Claudio, he then picks up the Ace in the hole briefcase and begins making his way towards the door.

Van Claudio: Well then….I guess that wraps up another edition of Fitness UTA.

Marie looks at Sean walk out the door as she seems to be smitten with him. “Workout” kicks in as we end from there.