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WARPED63 - 10/14/12 - Belle Vernon(Pittsburgh),PA - Rostraver Ice Gardens


You open the DVD of WARPED 63 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...



A shot of the ringside crowd is shown as they are giving a standing ovation as WARPED 63 kicks off. A "This Is WARPED! This Is WARPED! This Is WARPED!" chant breaks out from the fans.

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 63, wrestling fans! We are live at.. wait.. hold on.. I'm being told we've got something coming over the screen at the entrance. Hold on, Kris."

Kris Red: "This better be good."

The small screen at the top of the entrance ramp glows to life and the fans in the building begin to cheer. Alexander StarrZoë appears behind his desk, a stern and serious look on his face. The fans begin to chant his name; “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” Alex clears his throat and lights a cigarette, uncharacteristically serious, uninterested in the fanfare or excitement in the arena.

Starr: “For the last week, my phone has been ringing off the hook, my e-mail inbox has been full, my Twitter has been blowing up, hell, people have even been stopping me on the street, asking me the same question again and again; how am I going to respond to William Wallace’s challenge for Live at Death’s Door. Everyone wants to know what Alexander StarrZoë is going to say, what he’s going to do, will he accept the match? Well, I’m sorry to interrupt the event here tonight, I had no plans of being in the building as I knew I would have to prep for the next event, but I figured now is a better time than ever to let the world know my plans, so I’m going to keep this real fucking short and real fucking sweet. Wallace, are you that much of a pussy that you have to hide behind some gimmick match just to get into the ring with me? You want to make this a Buried Alive match so that you can at least make a paycheck while I’m whipping your ass? That’s fine. I don’t give a fuck about any stipulations, hell; I’d more than happily beat the shit out of you in the middle of the street if that’s what it took for me to get my hands on you. This isn’t about a main event match or a payday to me this is about me making an example out of you, this is about proving to the entire world that fucking with Alexander StarrZoë is the last thing any sane person would ever want to do. You took me out for six weeks Wallace, so to return the favor; I’m going to permanently end your career at Live From Death’s Door. I don’t care what type of match it is, because by the end of it, the results are still going to be the same; I’m taking home the win, and they’re going to have to cart your ass off to the hospital. You’ll be lucky to ever walk again let alone wrestle when I’m through. Doesn’t bother me if first they have to dig through six feet of dirt to get to you, just remember, that was your doing. See you soon William…I fucking look forward to it.”

Alex fades as the screen goes dark.

The camera switches back to Tony D and Kris Red.

Kris Red: "Okay so that was definitely good."

Tony D: "Of course! Alexander StarrZoe confirms that it will indeed be a Buried Alive Match at Live From Death's Door when he faces William Wallace. Oh man, that's a first for WARPED!"

Kris Red: "This show is already RED HOT, Tony D, and so am I! Let's make memories to last a lifetime."

Tony D: "And we shall. Tonight, Taurus Capone and SwitchBlade are forced to team together by the judgement of our General Manager, PKA, who's actions on Twitter and out in public as of late have been.. well.. questionable."

Kris Red: "Let me tell you, as a close personal friend of Peeks, the rumor sof him not being able to handle things as of late are completely false. I'm tired of seeing stupid rumors of drunken booking and ridiculousness like that. Stop it, people."

Tony D: "Well those are indeed the allegations as of late. In fact, just an hour ago he tweeted asking Mr. Rottentreats to go out and pre-game. What could he mean by that?"

Kris Red: "To talk about the show, I'm sure! Look, this show is not about PKA and what he does in his off time, it's about making memories! Speaking of Mr. Rottentreats, lets talk about how his selfish actions is going to lead to the end of the Carnival Connection. Let's talk about SwitchBlade and Taurus teaming up and Taurus being threatened by PKA to sue him if he no-shows this event after weeks and weeks of not being around. Let's talk Evolution Title number one contender match.."

Tony D: "Well, tonight we'll kick off with that Four Corner Survival match for the #1 contendership, but first let's take you back to a Reaction just last week from Bushido!"

Fade to..

One Week Ago - Bushido
Bushido is seen limping towards the camera as he gets closer we can see he is covered in sweat. He takes in a slow deep breathe as he slowly sits down he leans his head back for a few seconds. He then slowly sits up as he puts his head in his hands slowly wiping his face. He collects his thoughts and then stares in to the camera.

"First and Foremost Switchblade you are the fucking man I thank you for giving me the match of my life. I want you all to take a good look at what this business is all about we busted our asses. Warped Wrestling this is where it is at ladies and gentlemen. I am still going to keep working my way to the top and I promise you that some day soon I will be the world champion. I proved tonight that I am one of the best in the world. It is not the size of the fighter but the size of the fight he will bring and all you can do is be ready".

Bushido slowly stands up wincing in pain and he slowly lips off as the camera watches him.

One Week Ago - SwitchBlade
*SwitchBlade walks up to the camera. The world title is on his shoulder and sweat covers his face and chest. He wipes the sweat up and sucks in some air.*

SwitchBlade: I had a great match here tonight. Bushido, you've got a lot of talent, kid. Just keep on improving yourself and this title will one day be yours. But as long as it's around my waist, it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

SwitchBlade: Capone, you continue to disappoint me. You make a few cryptic tweets and you still don't show up. What the hell is Patrick paying you for anyway? You've had all of ONE match in Warped, and you think hiding in the shadows giving secret tweets is going to make you a big name? Think again, buddy. You want to be made? Face me in the ring. I'll make you And if I can't make you...then i'll break you.

*SwitchBlade pats his title and walks away*

Evolution Title #1 Contenders Four Corner Survival Match
Bushido vs. Blake Blomberg vs. Anton Chase vs. Damien Baine

The DVD switches to the next scene where we see Bushido, Blake Blomberg, Anton Chase and Damien Baine in the ring as it's time for the opening contest of the night for a shot at the Evolution Championship.

The bell sounds as it will be Damien Baine and Blake Blomberg kicking things off.

Tony D: "And there's the bell. Remember, in a Four Corner Survival match, it is to be two men wrestling at once. Tags are encouraged but not necessary, as lucha rules are in place, meaning if one man exits the ring, another man can enter and be legal."

Kris Red: "I think you explained that perfectly. Well done!"

They begin circling the ring, close to a tie up, and finally meet in the middle of the ring. They struggle for control, and Blomberg drops down and brings Baine to his feet and lifts him into the air then places him over the ropes onto the apron and punches him! Baine slaps Blomberg across the face and Blomberg backs off. Baine enters and shoves him, and Blomberg shoves him back. They lock up again, and Blomberg drops down and tries to take Baine down but Baine backs off.

Kris Red: "This is what I love! Faster! Faster!"

Lock up again, Blomberg backs Baine into the corner but Baine pushes out, into the go behind and reverse waistlock. Blake Blomberg grabs the wrist of Baine and twists it and Baine drops face first to the mat. Float over into a side headlock on the mat, but Baine quickly rises to his feet, while Blake Blomberg keeps the side headlock locked in tight. Baine drives a forearm into the side of Blomberg and grabs his arm, twisting it. Baine pushes Blomberg into the corner and goes for a chop, but Blomberg ducks and both men trade places. Knife edge chop by Blake Blomberg, and another, and another!

Tony D: "Repeated chops to the chest! That's gotta sting!"

Irish whip by Blomberg into the opposing corner and he follows through, but Baine jumps onto the turnbuckle and pushes off, rolling over Blomberg. Damien Baine gets to his feet, Blake Blomberg puts on the breaks and turns around and right into an armdrag from Baine. Both men up again.. armdrag from Blake Blomberg! Both rise to their feet, Baine runs at Blake Blomberg, leapfrog, Baine turns around and Blomberg snapmares him to the mat and applies a chinlock. Damien Baine powers up and snapmares Blake Blomberg over and applies a chinlock! He then paintbrushes the back of his head and backs off. Blomberg gets up and looks displeased.

Tony D: "Well a very impressive back and forth contest between both of these men in the early stages of this match."

The fans applaud and cheer, showing their respect for that great back and forth wrestling.

Kris Red: "Brilliant wrestling. This is for a shot at the Evolution Title, Tony D! Let it all on the line!"

Both men tag out and Bushido and Anton Chase enter the ring.

Tony D: "Looks like they're going to let Bushido and Anton Chase have a shot at impressing the crowd now."

Anton Chase and Bushido confront each other and lock up in the middle of the ring. Chase grabs the arm of Bushido and twists it, but Bushido quickly counters and wrenches his opponent's arm now. Bushido kicks Chase in the gut and pulls on the arm, causing Anton Chase to drop to one knee. Chase tries pushing him off, but to no avail. Bushido twists the arm again, continuing the pressure, as Chase's face shows the pain he's in. Chase begins backing Bushido into the ropes, but Bushido pushes away and boots Chase in the gut and releases the arm, then applying a cravate to the head of Chase. He twists away at the neck now, and Chase tries to bring his feet around to trip up Bushido. Bushido snaps Chase over then kicks him in the back!

Tony D: "Ohhh man! Those kicks from Bushido are lethal!!"

Bushido then delivers another swift kick to the back! Chase bends his back and reaches back, grabbing it in pain. The fans applaud the strong style kicks. Bushido brings Chase to his feet and sends him across the ring with an irish whip and Bushido charges in with a roaring elbow, taking Chase down hard! Bushido drops into the cover..


Kick out!

Tony D: "First pinfall of the match there but only a one count for Bushido."

Kris Red: "Yeah and you saw Blake and Damien hesitate to get into the ring to break it up had it gone longer. It's one pinfall to a finish and that person gets the Evolution Title shot!"

Blake "The Snake" screams out for Bushido to tag him in. Bushido confronts him and tells him to wait his turn. He turns his back and Blomberg reaches in and slaps Bushido on the back. The ref signals that its a legal tag and Bushido doesn't look pleased. Blomberg starts into the ring and Bushido rolls forward with a kick to the face, sending Blomberg to the outside of the ring!

Tony D: "Bushido wasn't too happy to get tagged out there from Blake Blomberg. Oh man!"

Bushido now measures off Blomberg at ringside as he gets up. He readies himself for something big.. He hits the ropes and powerfully charges in the direction of Blomberg, perhaps for a dive of some sort, but Anton Chase cuts him off with a drop toe hold! Bushido goes face-first to the mat.

Kris Red: "Anton Chase with the interference!"

Chase then hits the ropes and baseball slide dropkicks the head of Bushido. He rolls under the bottom rope and Damien Baine takes this opportunity to get into the match! He turns Anton Chase around and delivers a right hand, rocking Chase but not taking him off his feet. Blake Blomberg then climbs up on the top turnbuckle and leaps off at both with a dual dropkick!

Tony D: "Blake Blomberg out of nowhere with the dropkick to both men!"

Bushido now enters the ring and charges Blomberg with a roaring front dropkick that sends him back into the corner! Bushido then takes a few steps back, stalking his prey, and he then charges to the fallen Blomberg in the corner and leaps up, hitting a stalling dropkick to the face! The fans cheer as Bushido gets up and looks around for competition, but Chase and Baine have made it out of the ring and to their corners by now. Bushido brings Blomberg out of the corner and sets him up for a suplex then snaps one off. He covers...


Kick out!

Bushido brings him back up and Blomberg slaps his hands away and delivers a jawbreaker. He kicks him in the gut and goes for an irish whip.. but Bushido counters and Blomberg hits the ropes but holds on. Bushido charges and Blomberg pulls up both feet, kicking him right in the face.

Tony D: "A series of counters from both men!"

Anton Chase now blind tags in and gets in the ring.. he shrugs his shoulders at Blomberg and as Bushido turns around, staggering,

Kris Red: "Looks like Anton wants back in."

Anton Chase lifts him up onto his shoulders in a Fireman Carry, but Bushido slips out and hits a Russian Leg sweep! Cover!



Blomberg breaks it up!


Tony D: "Blake Blomberg with the pin breakup. He didn't have any plans to get out of the match just yet but Anton Chase took that opportunity."

Kris Red: "Yeah but now he's paying for it."

The ref makes Blake get out onto the apron. Meanwhile, Chase gets to his feet and Bushido bounces off the ropes and hits a running forearm! Anton Chase drops to the mat and Bushido quickly scales the turnbuckles all the way to the top. Chase starts up to his feet and Bushido leaps off, but Chase leaps up and hits a dropkick!

Tony D:" What a counter"!

Anton Chase drops to one knee, trying to get his wits about him, as Bushido rolls around on the mat clutching his midsection. Chase looks back and tags in Damien Baine, giving him a shot. He immediately covers Bushido..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Smart move."

Baine brings Bushido to his feet and kicks him in the gut. He hits the ropes and returns with a swinging neckbreaker and goes into the cover again..



Kick out!

Damien Baine brings Bushido back up.. Snap Suplex! Cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Smart move by Damien Baine with the continuous pinfalls. Could you imagine if Baine won tonight? He'd be facing his tag team partner and friend Leon Stone for the title!"

Baine decides to tag out to Chase, who enters in with a look of confidence on his face while Bushido crawls to his feet, using the ropes as leverage. Chase approaches but Bushido fights back with quick left and right kicks to the shin and hips. Chase staggers back as Bushido takes a step back and charges, only to get a snap hurricanrana from Chase!

Kris Red: "Whoa look out!"

Tony D: "Rana out of nowhere!"

Bushido gets to his feet, grabbing the back of his head, shocked. Anton Chase backs him into the ropes and delivers repeated right hands. The ref starts a 5 count to get him out of the ropes!! Chase stops at 2 and reaches over to tag in Damien Baine. They talk something over and bring Bushido to the center of the ring and deliver a double snap suplex. They then both run to opposite ropes and return with simultaneous elbow drops to Bushido! Blaine then covers Bushido..


Chase pulls Baine off. He tells Damien to keep up the beating as he makes his way out on the apron. Blake Blomberg shouts out that he wants in this match, someone tag him! Baine ignores as he brings Bushido up and hits a Fisherman's suplex, bridged into a pin!



Blomberg breaks it up with a kick to Damien Baine! "TAG ME IN!" he shouts. Anton Chase now enters and spins Blomberg around, telling him to get out of the ring. The referee gets between both men and tells them both to get out! Blake Blomberg then delivers a hard right to Chase, then turns and delivers one to Damien Baine as he approached! Blomberg then kicks Chase in the gut and then hits the ropes and hits a headscissors takedown on Baine! Chase runs after Blomberg but gets a high back drop for his troubles! Chase rolls out of the ring to escape any more attack.

Tony D: "Looks like Blake Blomberg has had enough and is cleaning house!"

Damien Baine is up and walks right into a rolling body scissors cradle from Blomberg..



Kick out!

Blomberg keeps on him now as he brings him to his feet. Irish whip.. countered by Baine.. Blomberg gets sent hard into the corner and Anton Chase climbs up on the apron and tags in just before Blomberg staggers forward. Bushido delivers a big kick to the back of Baine's head, cutting him off from doing any more. Anton Chase springboards off the top rope and delivers a flying bulldog to Blake Blomberg! The fans pop! Chase gets to his feet and Bushido grabs him from behind, but Chase elbows out. He turns around and hits a belly to belly suplex! Chase gets to his feet and Blake Blomberg is getting to his feet. Blomberg with a kick, but Chase grabs the boot... but Blomberg then hits an enziguri!

Kris Red: "This action is too fast to call!!"

Blomberg goes for a cover but Anton Chase pulls him up to his feet. Chase lifts him up for a slam but Blomberg counters into a DDT! Blomberg with a cover...

Tony D:"Anton Chase has his feet on the bottom rope!"

Kris Red: "Wise move!"

Blake argues with the referee as to why he isn't counting and the ref shows him the foot! Blomberg, frustrated, pulls Anton Chase to his feet. Irish whip... Chase pumps the breaks and delivers a short-arm clothesline. Chase, with something else in mind now, runs to the ropes and Bushido pulls the ropes down, causing Chase to tumble over onto the floor! Bushido gets into the ring and stomps the mat, planning on a dive again perhaps. He hits the ropes and bounces off as Chase gets to his feet and Bushido leaps through the ropes with a suicide dive that takes out Chase!!

Tony D: "Impressive suicide dive from the strong style warrior!"

The fans erupt as Bushido pumps his fists in celebration. He then climbs the apron and scales the turnbuckle to the top. Blomberg cuts him off with an Uppercut, and climbs up!

Kris Red: "Uh oh, Blake Blomberg looks to capitalize now. They are in dangerous territory."

Bushido tries to battle back but Blomberg delivers repeated right hands. He goes for a superplex now and Bushido is attempting to fight back. Damien Baine now surfaces, as he clubs Blomberg in the back and goes underneath him, setting up for a powerbomb.

Tony D: "This is going to be sick!"

Baine now powerbombs Blomberg off the top while Blomberg superplexes Bushido!! The fans erupt in cheers as Bushido flops around the ring and Blomberg looks like he just got destroyed! Baine now climbs to the top as the fans get on their feet. Suddenly Anton Chase jumps on the apron and clips the legs of Baine, causing him to get crotched up top and flip forward, down onto the mat. Chase enters the ring and pulls Baine to his feet, placing his head between his legs and setting up for the Chaos Theory! Chase pulls him up and hooks the arms with his legs and then leaps forward, dropping Baine on his face! Chase rolls over, shoulders on the mat..




Kris Red: "Its ova!"

The referee calls for the bell and "Faint" By Linkin Park hits. Anton Chase gets to his feet and the referee holds his arm high!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and Evolution Title number one contender - Anton Chaaaase!"

Chase climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans as they cheer! The three other men are still laid out in the ring as Chase hops down and surveys the area. He signals that the belt will be around his waist soon enough.

Tony D: "Well it's set! Anton Chase will challenge Leon Stone for the Evolution Championship at Live From Death's Door!!"

Kris Red: "What a match!"

Chase slips out of the ring and heads up the aisle, slapping hands of fans along the way, as the scene fades out.


The scene fades backstage. SwitchBlade walks over to PKA’s office and knocks on his door violently. After a few seconds the door opens and PKA sticks his head out.

PKA: Who the hell is-oh…hey.

SwitchBlade: Hey.

PKA: Can I help you, champ?

SwitchBlade: I have something I need to say to you.

PKA: I think you’ve said more than enough on Twitter.

SwitchBlade: No. This is different. Just listen.

PKA pauses.

SwitchBlade: Whatever Capone is telling you, whatever amount of snake oil he’s trying to sell; it’s not from the heart. He said it himself. He’s a business man. He doesn’t care about the wrestling. He doesn’t care about the fans. He cares about himself. He cares about money. I know guys like him. I’ve seen them come and go. Don’t give in to him. Don’t…let him plague this company we’ve both worked so hard to establish as the best. The man is scum. And for all the shit I give you, I know you’re better than that. Don’t let him get inside your head.

PKA doesn’t say anything. Knowing that’s his cue, SwitchBlade turns and walks away from the door. PKA watches SwitchBlade leave before closing his office door.

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Reactions Video: The End of Carnival Connection?


One Week Ago - Sir Douglas Fresh
“Sir” Douglas Fresh angrily walks into the frame, with his Ribera Steakhouse jacket over his left shoulder hooked to his left index finger. His matching red shirt reads in bold white letters. “I Broke Mr. Rottentreats Arm”. He looks dead into the camera, before speaking.

“Oh naïve big brother of mine! There’s no use in you being able to choose the stipulation for the match at Live From Death’s Door. At WARPED Sixty Three, I’m ending this tag team, and this brotherhood! There will be no Carnival Connection to face the Maple Leaf Strike Force at Live From Death’s door in Atlanta! Because, I’ma strangle ya son! And when I finish strangling you, I'm gonna do my own thing! Who knows, maybe I'll do what you weren't ever able to do. Actually capture singles gold here in WARPED!”

Fresh storms out of the frame.


One Week Ago - Mr. Rottentreats
Mr. Rottentreats enters the frame in his tattered suit pants, scuffed dress shoes and covered in perspiration. He quickly turns toward the WARPED Reaction camera.

“First, my younger brother Douglas, shows up. Apparently, I’ve got a match with him at WARPED sixty three.. Big whoop. I’m gonna kick his ass, just like I did Andy Lebeau tonight, here in Burlington. One, two, three, in the center of the ring. Easier than I anticipated really. For someone who claims to be Elite, he sure can’t be Elite on his own. So that brings me to this.. Live From Death’s Door.. It’s gonna be The Carnival Connection! Yes, the Carnival Connection, because I’m going to beat Dougie’s ass, as usual. Carny Connect, versus The Maple Leaf Strike Force.. The be all end all, for the WARPED Tag Team Titles. And I promise you, this time, there WILL BE BLOOD!”

Treats exit’s the frame and quickly ducks his head back in.

“The bag of Treats makes it’s return just up the road from the Masquerade, a few exits before my favorite House of Ribs, and Chinese food joint in Hotlanta. Two minutes from the CNN center, in what used to be a church, but is now an incredible venue in it’s own right. The Tabernacle! I know what you’re thinking, bag of treats on a pole match! Nay! If you want to find out, you’ll just have to bring your happy ass down to the Tabernacle, on the twenty-eighth! The canucks aren’t the only ones, capable of.. Surprises! Speaking of surprises.. Andy! If you want your neden pie back, she's gonna have to fight for herself, and earn her own freedom at WARPED Sixty three!


Grudge "Match" - Ashley Lovell vs. The Female Abductor

The DVD fades to the next scene, back to the ringside area. The slow groove of “She Rides” by Danzig hit the PA as the lights on the entrance way flash with the beat. A figure steps out onto the top of the entrance way with a black hoody up over it’s head. The figure creeps towards the ring interacting with the fans.

Randy Long: Coming to the ring at this time, from Parts Unknown! The Abductor!”

The Abductor slides in under the bottom rope and slithers towards the middle of the ring. Once in the center The Abductor unzips it’s hoody, tosses the hood back, revealing long flowing brunette hair protruding out of the top of a mask. The Abductor leans back placing it’s hands on the mat, allowing the hoody to slide down it’s arms.

Kris Red: “Tits! The Abductor has tits!”

Tony D: “You act like you’ve never seen a pair of breasts in WARPED, Kris!”

Kris Red: “It’s just so unexpected, Tony D! She has a deep voice, for a chick!”

Tony D sighs, meanwhile in the ring the Abductor now stands in the ring back towards a corner psyching herself up for the match. As “Leader Of Men” by Nickleback begins to play on the PA.

Tony D: “This is wrong on so many levels, does Ashley Lovell even know how to wrestle?”

Kris Red: “Who knows? Who cares? She’s getting her just desserts!”

Mr. Rottentreats walks out onto the entrance way with Ashley Lovell over his shoulder and signals with his free hand to cut the music off. He carries Ashley Lovell to the ring, rolls her under the bottom rope, and unties her hands from behind her back. She quickly tries to escape but the Abductor grabs her up by the hair as the ref rings the bell. The Abductor slings her across the ring by the hair, and she lands hard face first into the mat.

Tony D: “I can’t believe PKA is allowing this to happen, Kris!”

Kris Red: “You’ve got to be kidding me, Tony D! Have you seen him lately?”

The Abductor is quick on the attack ass she lifts up Ashley Lovell and drapes her upside down on the top rope in the tree of woe. The Abductor unleashes a series of stiff kicks to the knee of Ashley Lovell as the ref begins the five count.



The Abductor begins to scrape the bottom of her boot across Ashley’s knee, then rebounds of the ropes on the opposite side of the ring.



The referee gets in between The Abductor, as she argues with him that she “has till five!” While she’s arguing with the ref, Ashley manages to free herself and roll out of the ring. She attempts to escape over the guardrail, but her speed is hindered by her knee. Treats grabs Ashley from behind, but she turns and slaps him, and tries to run. The Abductor puts a quick stop to it, now on the outside, connects with a drop toe hold. Ashley hit’s the ring steps face first. The referee trades words with Treats as The Abductor slings Ashley into the ring. She goes for a pin attempt, but interrupts the count at two. The Abductor signals to the crowd that she isn’t done.

Tony D: “This isn‘t right, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Ashley should have thought of the consequences before getting involved in the Maple Leaf Strike Force’s matches, Tony D! Not that I condone this, or anything.”

The Abductor allows Ashley to rise to her feet, and we see that her nose is swollen and oozing a bit of blood. The Abductor taunts the crowd a moment before Treats signals that Ashley is making a break for it. The Abductor quickly grabs her by the hair, then Irish whips her into the ropes, and rebounds off the same ropes. Ashley stops dead in the center looking for her, but is hit by a vicious chop block to her injured knee. The Abductor pulls Ashley by the leg to the ropes and props her leg upon the bottom rope. The Abductor quickly springs off the middle and drops full force down on to Ashley’s knee. The Abductor trades words with a fan at ringside and Ashley manages a quick roll up. Before the referee begins his count, The Abductor kicks out with force, then gets to her feet. She immediately begins to lay the boots to Ashley’s knee, as Ashley writhes in pain. Treats jumps to the apron and begins to trade words with the referee. The Abductor blows a kiss to the camera, and applies the stretch muffler on Ashley while keeping an eye on the referee..

Kris Red: “Look at that, Tony D, Canadian Deathlock! Obviously, a shot at Hugo Strange!”

Tony D: “The ref needs to pay attention the match, Ashley Lovell, is tapping!”

The Abductor releases the hold just before the ref turns around and begins laying the boots to Ashley’s knee as she tries to block every shot, unsuccessfully. The Abductor pulls Ashley towards a turnbuckle and exit’s the ring as Treats hops up on the ring apron again to trade words with the referee. As Treats is distracting the referee, The Abductor pulls Ashley to the ring post and slams the side of her knee into the ring post and applies a figure four around it. The Abductor hears the five count of the referee and releases the hold. The referee quickly exit’s the ring and points to the back telling Treats to leave ringside!

Tony D: “It’s about time the referee sends Treats to the back!”

Ashley now out on the apron holding her knee and writhing in pain, is pulled up by the hair by The Abductor from inside the ring. The Abductor signals that it’s over before applying a front facelock on Ashley and reaching over the rope and grabbing a hand full of Ashley’s jeans.

Tony D: “Hugo Strange! What is he doing out here?”

Kris Red: “Ruining a perfectly good suplex, Tony D!”

The Abductor lifts up Ashley for a vertical suplex from the apron to the inside of the ring. Just as she begins to fall back with Ashley, Hugo pulls the Abductor’s legs out from under her, Ashley falls on top of her. The referee drops to the mat to count as Hugo Holds down The Abductors legs, so she can’t kick out!




Randy Long: “And your winner, Ashley Lovell!”

Hugo quickly pulls Ashley out of the ring and carries her up the ramp, as the Abductor argues with the referee.

Video: Earlier today

Backstage at the Rostraver Ice Garden, the Phantom walks through a hallway, dressed in his plum colored suit, with his black cape flowing behind him. As he rounds a corner, he is blindsided from behind by the Rough Ryder. Ryder throws him against a wall, and delivers furious shots to the Phantom’s kidneys. The Phantom stumbles down the hallway, trying to escape; Ryder follows him, pummeling his back. The Phantom struggles to his feet, and gets in a few shots of his own. After a low blow, the Phantom knocks Ryder to the floor. Jessica Reyes appears from offscreen and pulls the Phantom’s mask up. The Phantom covers his face before anyone can see who it is, and takes off down the hallway.

The Phantom: Damn you, you little prying Pandora! You little demon, did you see what you wanted to see? Curse you, you little lying Delilah! You little viper, now you cannot ever be free!

Fade out.


Backstage, The Rough Ryder and Jessica Reyes enter their locker room, but stop short when they see a message painted on the wall reading “You will never be free”, and an effigy of Ryder hanging from a nearby lamp.

The Rough Ryder: What the hell is this?

Ryder and Jessica move into the room carefully, and as they approach the lamp, the effigy spontaneously bursts into flames.

The Rough Ryder: God damn it, I’ve had enough of this bullshit!

Ryder storms out of the room in a huff.

Grudge Match - Mr. Rottentreats vs. Sir Douglas Fresh

The next scene fades in to the ringside area. The entrance way lights begin to flash as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s version of Flight of The Bumblebee blasts through the PA system. The spotlight shines on the entranceway revealing “Sir” Douglas Fresh posing in his bright yellow Ribera Steakhouse Jacket and black tear away pants.

Randy Long: Making his way to the ring at this time, from the Carnival Grounds, weighing in at two-hundred, thirty three pounds. “Sir” Douglas FRESH!

Douglas Fresh pulls the towel out from his collar and swings it above his masked head before jogging down the aisle.

Once he reaches the ring, he rolls under the bottom rope and kips up quickly and tosses his towel into the crowd.

Kris Red: “Can you believe it, Tony D?!”

Tony D: “Believe what, Kris?”

Kris Red: “Finally! An end to the tag team known as Carnival Connection! It’s just sad that my boys Maple Leaf Strike Force, couldn’t do it themselves!”

Tony D: “You know, that’s only going to happen if Douglas Fresh manages to get a win over his older brother Mr. Rottentreats right?”

He removes his jacket and yanks off his tear away pants revealing plain black wrestling trunks pulled high above his belly button. And tube socks high above the tops of his wrestling boots.

Kris Red: “But look at him, Tony D! He’s pumped, and raring to go!”

Fresh goes to his corner and does hindu squats and pushups as he awaits his tag team partner and older brother Mr. Rottentreats.

The lights fade as the sounds of “Bad Rep” by Dark Lotus overtakes the PA. At the top of the entrance way a red strobe light begins to flicker as a cloud of fog drifts into the aisle way..

“Everybody love me, NO! Mom and daddy love me, NO! All my neighbors love me, nope! Someone gotta love me, NO! Everybody love me, NO! Mom and daddy love me, NO! Anybody that has heard of me, I know they love me.”

A silhouette suddenly appears in front of the strobe light. As Monoxide Child’s verse kicks in, the silhouette steps out into a dimly lit spotlight that reveals Mr. Rottentreats on the ramp. A chubby man in a suit follows him out from behind the curtain and pats him on the back.

Tony D: “Is that, who I think it is, Kris?”

Kris Red: “Somebody tweet the popo, Dylan Daniels has escaped from the Looney bin!”

Tony D: “What is he doing here?”

Kris Red: “Must I reiterate, that you need to get with the times, Tony D?”

Tony D: “That doesn’t answer my question, Kris!”

Randy Long: Entering the ring at this time, hailing from The Carnival Grounds weighing in at ninety-three thousand grams of Chronic! “The Clown Prince of The Cravate” the “Wicked Clown of WARPED”. Accompanied to the ring by Dylan Daniels, MIIIIIISSSTTTEEEERRR ROTTENTREEEAAATS!

Dylan Daniels follows Mr. Rottentreats to the ring shooing away the hands of the WARPED fans as they try and touch Treats. After reaching ringside Daniels makes his way up the ring steps and wipes his dress shoes on the apron whilst talking trash to Douglas Fresh.

Kris Red: “Glad to see and hear, he has maintained the vocabulary of a drunken sailor, aren’t you Tony D?”

Tony D: “Dylan isn’t even supposed to be here, this is not in my notes!”

Kris Red: “Notes, smotes, Tony D! We’ve got two legends in our midst, Mr. Rottentreats and “Misery’s Highlight Reel” Dylan Daniels! Remember that time in Headstr..

Tony D: “During his first or second run, Kris?”

Dylan sits on the middle rope and places his shoulder underneath the top rope opening them up for Treats as he walks onto the ring apron. While the referee checks Douglas Fresh for foreign objects Treats removes his tear away pants and hooded vest, revealing his all black ring attire.

Tony D: “There’s the bell! And this match is underway, and they‘re already in the center of the ring standing nose to nose, talking trash!”

Kris Red: “I’ve been waiting for this ever since Douglas began tagging alo, er with his older brother!”

Treats attempts to shove his younger brother, Fresh to no avail. Fresh taunts his older sibling until Treats swings full force! Dougie ducks and shoves his older, yet smaller brother back causing him to roll out of the ring. Dylan Daniels helps treats to his feet and speaks words of encouragement in his ear, before Treats pulls himself upon the apron. Douglas charges, but Treats springboards up and over Fresh and lands on his feet. Fresh rebounds off the ropes, Treats ducks a lariat attempt.


Kris Red: “LARIANOOOO~~!”

Tony D: “Treats is criss crossing the ring with his younger brother now!”

Treats and Fresh crisscross the ring as the fans wait in anticipation. After five times, the Treats stops in the center and yells at his younger brother.

Mr. Rottentreats: “LOOK UP!”

Douglas Fresh: “NO!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “FINE!”

Treats cocks back his cast left arm and feints a punch, instead of punching he pokes Douglas in the chest. Douglas hit’s the mat hard as Treats shakes the “pain” out of his left index finger, before dropping down and hooking a leg.


Tony D: “You’ve got to be kidding me, Kris!”


Kris Red: “It’s OVA!!


Treats jumps up as Dylan Daniels enters the ring, and both men help Douglas to his feet and they all embrace!

Tony D: “You have got to be kidding me! What sham!

Dylan Daniels jerks the microphone out of Randy Long’s grasp and sends him back down the ring steps before he can step through the ropes. He taps it a couple of times before speaking.

Dylan Daniels: “And your winner? Mistah Rottentreats, correction, your winners, and soon to be WARPED Tag Team champions, The Carnival Connection!“

Dylan hands the microphone over to Douglas Fresh before stepping between him and Mr. Rottentreats and raising their arms in victory.

Douglas Fresh: “Well, well, well! Looks as though the wool has been pulled over the Sheep, Sheep’s eyes! You WARPED fans, and Maple Leaf Strike Force are the most gullible bunch of morons, on the face of this earth. Any words for these morons bro?”

Fresh holds the mic in front of Treats.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Nah, you’ve got this one covered, brudda!”

Treats pushes the mic back to his younger brother.


Nickleback’s of “Leeader Of Men” interrupts Douglas Fresh, and Ashley Lovell limps her way to ringside and pulls herself upon the ring apron.

Douglas Fresh: “Haven’t you had enough? Or are you out here to give ‘ol Dougie, another tuggy, sugar tits?”

Ashley Lovell motions for Fresh to come over to her, he hesitantly walks towards her. She grasps his mask and pulls him into a passionate lip lock. As Daniels and Treats watch, Maple Leaf Strike Force jump the barricade on the three remaining sides of the ring.

Kris Red: “Look, Tony D! The Maple Leaf Strike Force are creeping out of the crowd, like maple syrup out of the tap!”

Tony D: “Leonard Limoux introduces the Canadian flag to back of Dylan Daniels head!!”

Kris Red: “Looks like Dylan Daniels, just got a taste of some, maple leaf misery, Tony D!”

Hugo Strange drives a steel chair into the skull of Mr. Rottentreats as he turns around, sending him to the mat with ease. Ashley slaps and pushes Fresh away from her. Fresh turns into Hugo who hits him in the gut with the lip of the chair. He tosses the chair flat in the middle of the ring as Andy ascends the ropes. Hugo lifts Douglas Fresh up for a sidewalk slam and positions himself above the chair. He drops Fresh down onto the chair as Andy Lebeau connects with a vicious double stomp onto Fresh.

Kris Red: “Someone, Tweet the Mounties! They just planted the Canadian flag into the chest of Douglas Fresh, Tony D!”

Tony D: “Treats seems to be bleeding through his mask as well, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Look at Ashley! She’s enjoying every minute of this from the apron!”

Hugo rolls Fresh off of the chair, then he and Leonard lift up Treats as Andy retrieves the chair. And rebounds off the ring ropes and cracks Treats in the head. Hugo Strange picks up Treats as Andy Lebeau ascends the ropes again. This time however, he hesitates as Ashley is planted face first with a DDT into the steel beam of the ring apron by the masked female that abducted her. The masked female takes off through the crowd, and Andy drops to the apron to chase after her but Hugo drops Treats and stops Andy, motioning for him to take care of business. Hugo takes off leaving Andy with a befuddled look on his face. Meanwhile, in the ring, Leonard Limoux rips Mr. Rottentreats, now bloody mask open. As he begins to lay into Treats forehead with hard rights, the lights go out!

Kris Red: “You would think by now, we would have sufficient funds to keep this from happening, Tony D!”

Tony D: “Do I hear the laughter of clowns?”

Kris Red: “Impossible, those clowns have been laid out, cold in the ring!”

When the lights come back on, two tall thickly built men in rubber wicked clown masks are helping the battered Carnival Connection and Dylan Daniels to their feet. One clown hands the Canadian flag to Dylan Daniels, and he blows his nose into it before passing onto the brothers and they do the same. They pull Leonard Limoux and Andy Lebeau to the center of the ring, and prop them up against each other. Mr. Rottentreats rubs the flag on his crotch area and drapes it across the two Canadian men’s now bloody heads then picks the microphone up off the mat. He begins to speak slowly as he attempts to regain his composure after dropping to his knees.

Mr. Rottentreats: “STRANGE!! …Do you see this?! …I know you really don’t have any pride in your country, at least not like these two unfortunate souls buried underneath this disgraceful flag! And I highly doubt, you’ll attempt a save. So, since you’re so eager to make things a little f’n xtreme. …How’s about I announce the stipulation for our Tag Team battle for your WARPED Tag Titles at Live From Death’s Door, right here, right now?!”

The WARPED fans in attendance let out huge pop as Mr. Rottentreats rises to his feet.

Mr. Rottenreats: “On second thought, since you love surprises, you’ll find out when the WARPED faithful does, at The Tabernacle, in Atlanta!

Treats lays a boot to the remaining members of Maple Leaf Strike Force, causing them to topple over and he spikes the microphone down into the flag. Carnival Connection along with Dylan Daniels, and the guys in rubber clown masks exit the ring.


“Show Me a God” by Tech N9ne hits, and the crowd instantly begins to boo. After a few moments, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain, Ryder dressed in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather sleevless hoodie. He carries with him a black steel chair with the words “RYDE OR DIE” written on the seat. Ignoring the crowd,he walks down the ramp, noticable by her absence is Jessica Reyes. Ryder takes a microphone, sets up his chair in the middle of the ring, and sits down.

The Rough Ryder: For nearly a month now, I’ve been coming out here and doing what I do best. Commanding attention, captivating crowds, and being the absolute GREATEST to ever lace up a pair of boots. I am a PROFESSIONAL... WRESTLER. I’m not some side show freak. I’m not a fucking cheap pop. I’m not a ‘performer’. Which is why I find it a slap in the face that this ignoramus in a mask is running around and targeting ME just because I beat the ever living hell out of that useless NOBODY Cameron MacNichol. Truth is, I did WARPED a favor by killing that little disease. Cameron was a plague, Cameron was what was wrong with WARPED. All talk, but just could NOT back up what he said. Looks like this little ‘Phantom’ is much like his fallen idol, because every time I get close to the bastard he takes off and disappears quicker than a fat girls panties when she’s close to getting laid.

Kris Red: Classy as always, Mr. Ryder!

The Rough Ryder: Now enough is enough, because I’m not playing Clue anymore. This isn’t an episode of Matlock, this isn’t the fucking theatre, I’m not going to play guess who anymore. Fact is, ‘Phantom’, I don’t give a shit who you are, or who you claim to be. All I care about, is kicking the ever living hell out of you like I did Cameron MacNichol. Then the two of you can share a hospital room, you can feed him his liquid meals through a straw since I destroyed his jaw, and you two can live happily ever after. So if you have ANY spine at all Phantom, get your sissy ass out here RIGHT NOW.

After a few moments, the overture from "The Phantom of the Opera" hits, and the Phantom appears, dressed in his plum-colored suit, his black cape flowing behind him. As the crowd cheers loudly, the Phantom stops at the top of the ramp. He pulls a microphone out from the pocket of his jacket, and as the cheers subside, raises the microphone to his mouth.

The Phantom: Ask and you shall receiver, Ryder. I’m out here, just like you asked - or more accurately, demanded. So whatever you want to say to me, you can say it to my face, right now.

Ryder scoffs, and stands up from his chair. He looks around at the crowd than points at the stage.

The Rough Ryder: Do you see this? Do you all see this COWARD, this YELLOW ‘superstar’ that you cheer for? I ask for a face to face, and he stands at the top of the rampway. You’ve got a lot of nerve kid, coming out here and calling me out, saying that I’ve wronged you, or WARPED, or any of these people. All I did, was crush the microscopic career of a PUNK who wasn’t going to amount to SQUAT. I did this company-, no this INDUSTRY a favor. It’s because of people like you, and people like Cameron that makes this industry a fucking joke. You want to be a symbol? Do you think you intimidate me? If you had the balls to come down here right now, I’d smack that God damn mask off of your face so quickly... In fact, look I know you don’t have the balls to come down here tonight, so I’ll do you one better. If you care about what I did so much, if you think I’m supposed to be ‘punished’, then why don’t you meet me at Live at Death’s Door. You have two choices, you either man up and meet me one on one in this ring, or you tuck your sorry excuse for a ‘manhood’ between your legs, and run off like the bitch you are!

Tony D: Damn, I haven’t seen Ryder this fired up for some time!

Kris Red: He’s definitely in rare form tonight! Hopefully the kiddies cover their ears!

The Phantom: As I said last week, I know you let your actions speak louder than words, and you’ll find that I’m no different. But why wait for Death’s Door? Why not give the fans a little preview?

The fans begin to cheer as the Phantom tosses his microphone to the floor, and begins walking down the ramp. The Phantom reaches the end of the ramp and prepares to climb up onto the ring apron, just as Jessica Reyes silently appears behind him. Reaching up over the Phantom’s head, Jessica pulls the Phantom’s mask off, and the crowd explodes.


Ryder stares at Cameron like he’s hallucinating.

Cameron MacNichol: What’s the matter, Ryder? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Or a phantom...

Cameron knocks Jessica to the ground.


Cameron MacNichol: No, you rejuvenated it!

Cam drops the mic and slides into the ring. Ryder goes for a clothesline, but Cameron ducks it. Ryder turns around, right into a spear by MacNichol! Cameron rains down right hands to the skull of Ryder, before letting up and getting to his feet.


Ryder gets to his feet, but runs right into a boot to the gut. Cameron grabs Ryder’s arm and spins him around, looking for the Stranglehold! The fans cheer, but Ryder is able to hit him with a stiff elbow to the jaw! Cameron stumbles backwards, and Ryder rolls under the bottom rope, into the waiting arms of Jessica. The pair retreats up the rampway, Ryder holding his gut.

Tony: Look who’s running away now!!! Looks like Ryder is playing the coward this week!


Cameron just smiles and waves, yelling “SEE YOU AT LIVE AT DEATH’S DOOR!” As Ryder and Jessica disappear behind the curtain, Cameron continues to soak in the crowd's cheers, as Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" hits the PA system.



Backstage, World Champion SwitchBlade is heading to the ring. Warped reporter Austin Sanders is able to catch up with him.

Austin Sanders: Mr. SwitchBlade, if I may.

SwitchBlade turns to him.

SwitchBlade: Not now, Sanders. I’m not in the mood.

Austin Sanders: Really quick, I just wanted to know if-

SwitchBlade suddenly grabs Sanders by the cuff of his shirt and pulls him close to his face.

SwitchBlade: WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?

Sanders, wide eyed and terrified, doesn’t say anything. SwitchBlade lets him go and, realizing what he just did, straightens Sander’s suit a bit.

SwitchBlade: …sorry, man. Just…I can’t do this right now. I just can’t.

SwitchBlade takes a deep breath and walks away.

Austin Sanders: W-well, uh…back to you guys.

Fade out..

Main Event Tag Team Match
SwitchBlade & Taurus Capone vs Maple Leaf Strike Force

Fade back to the ring where Randy Long stands ready to introduce the main event.

Tony D: "Boy, SwitchBlade is having a rough night it seems.. let's go to the ring and Randy Long."

Long is shown with a mic up to his lips.

Randy Long: The following contest is you tag team main event...

Beastie Boys ”Looking down the barrel of gun” starts to blast out of the PA system. As the lyrics start Andy LeBeau and Ashley step on to the stage area. Ashley starts waving a Canadian flag as the both go to the ring. The larger Hugo Strange steps out And slowly makes his way to the ring taunting the Fans and trying to pick fights with them. As Hugo reaches the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope and joins Andy and Ashley in their corner.

Randy Long: Introducing first, in the ring, they are the WARPED Wrestling Tag Team champions, Andy LeBeau, Hugo Strange...THE MAPLE LEAF STRIKE FORCE!

Tony D: The Maple Leaf Strike Force, they have dominated the tag division in WARPED since the introduction of the tag team titles a few months ago, they are the tag team champions but tonight they face a challenge when they take on the World champion, and his partner for this evening Taurus Capone

Kris Red: Andy has went the distance with Switchblade before during the first match of the Elite Duos, but that was with different partners for each man.

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven begins to play through the arena...

Randy Long: Their opponents, introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192pounds, he is the WARPED Wrestling World Champion...SWITCHBLADE!

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a Switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside.

Kris Red: Switchbade has referred to this as a glorified handicapped match, well we are about to find out if he was right.

Tony D: Taurus has gone quiet as of late Kris, but I don't think he will pass up the chance to prove he deserves to be here.

Randy Long: And his partner, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 230pounds...TAURUS CAPONE!

The Television screen scrambles and blacks out. The lights in the arena shut off completely as low ominous strings of unknown music can be heard. A sample of a man seemly giving a speech to thousands begins.

”...And the prophecy read! That one day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes…That a boy would be born onto a family in the slums…this boy would go own to use the knowledge he gained…while fighting for survival in the streets…to become a great leader…and in time that boy would grow to become………KING! ”

As the TV unscrambles the bass-line to "Like That" by T.I. drops and the live crowd goes insane. Bright white lights engulf the entrance but there is no sign of Taurus.

Tony D: Switchblade could be right, Taurus seems to have missed his queue.

The music cuts and the lights come back up as Switchblade stands looking towards the entrance questioning where his partner is. Andy Le Beau takes advantage of the situation and comes from behind attaching Switchblade with a forearm to the back of the head as the referee calls for the bell.

Tony D: Well it looks this is under way and as predicted by the champion, it will be a handicapped match.

Kris Red: I can't believe he hasn't shown, but I'm sure there's a good reason!

With Switchblde grounded Andy continues the assault by stomping away on the back and neck of the champion. The referee gets in between pulling Andy away after Switchblade gets the the ropes.

Tony D: A no mercy approach here from the ruthless Andy LeBeau as he looks to keep Switchblade grounded.

Kris Red: The referee should but out and let them fight!

Switchblade using the ropes gets back to his feet, LeBeau shoves the referee to one side and goes right for his abandoned opponent. LeBeau with right hands backing Switchblade into the corner. The Champion now resting against the turnbuckle. Knife edge chop from LeBeau, a second, and one more!

Kris Red: Those chops sounded SICK Tony D!

Tony D: Those have got to hurt, no way of cushioning that kind of blow.

Andy with the Irish whip from one side to the other sending Switchblade into the corner where Hugo Strange is standing waiting for a tag. LeBeau charges toward the corner and cracks Switchblade in the jaw with a fierce spinning heel kick. A tag to Hugo Strange as the Maple Leaf Strike Force do a bit of double teaming on the champion.

Kris Red: This can't be a good sign for Switchblade, the Maple Leaf Strike Force are in control of this match, and Switchblade doesn't have a partner.

Tony D: This one could get a whole lot worse before it gets any better for Switchblade.

The MLSF hook Swithcblade up, looking for a tandem vertical suplex...which connects. LeBeau makes his way back to the apron as Strange goes for the cover.



Tony D: A kickout at two from the champion, maybe showing a little more guts than brains.

Kris Red: He is the champion Tony D, he wouldn't go down easily.

Strange picks Swtchblade up after the pinfall attempt, sending him into the ropes. Switchblade comes back and Strange misses with the clothesline, Switchblade hits the other side, coming back again and finally gets a way into the match after taking Strange down with a running bulldog!

Tony D: Switchblade against the odds is fighting back here!

Switchblade takes his time getting back to his feet, taking a little extra time to recover, Strange also gets to his feet looking a little dazed. Strange looking to regain control of the match for the Maple Leaf Strike Force but Switchblade ducks the right hand before planting the atomic drop on Strange. Strange stays on his feet however but only managed to stagger into the boot of Switchblade to his midsection. Switchblade with Strange between his legs, shouting some abuse at Andy LeBeau on the apron before dropping Strange on his neck with a cradle piledriver!

Tony D: My God! Switchblade could have just broke Strange's neck! Swithcblade into the cover.



Tony D: Andy LeBeau in to make the save before the three.

Kris Red: Look who decided to join us Tony D. The King is back!!!

Taurus Capone appears from the entrance way and begins to slowly make his way to the ring. Strange is out, he hasn't moved since being dropped on his head. Switchblade Kicks him over to his corner and is taunting Andy LeBeau to get into the ring.

Kris Red: Switchblade is wanting Andy LeBeau, that is what the fans want they are on their feet for this.

Andy LeBeau reluctantly tags in as Strange is still lying out cold. LeBeau circling cautiously before tying up with Switchblade. Taurus is now on the apron looking very relaxed. LeBeau backs Switchblade onto the ropes. Taurus with a blind tag, but is taking his time entering the ring. LeBeau tries the Irish whip on Switchblade who reverses, prompting Taurus into the ring. The referee tells Switchblade to get out onto the apron, meanwhile Taurus hits the Epic Fail on Andy LeBeau.

Tony D: EPIC FAIL! The boot to the face of Andy LeBeau. Taurus into the cover.




Kris Red: Taurus has stolen this win here!

Switchblade looks pissed having competed in this match on his own until the last three seconds.

Randy Long: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners the team of Warped World Champion Switchblade and Taurus Capone!

"Like That" by T.I. hits as the fans are in shock that Taurus just swooped in to pick up the win!

Tony D: "What a shocking development. Taurus Capone was absent for much of the match and suddenly he shows up to take the win. Wow."

Kris Red: "You watch your tone, Tony D! I'm sure he had a good reason."

SwitchBlade tumbles to the mat as the music comes to an abrupt stop. Fans quickly erupt into a mix reaction as Taurus Capone stands over SwitchBlade holding the WARPED Heavyweight title.

Tony D: "That damned Taurus Capone just attacked the world champion from behind! For ONCE I'd like to see him be straight forward about something!"

Kris Red: "Hold it Tony..Switchblade has been asking for it for weeks now. I guess he's finally getting his answer."

Taurus falls to his knees as he looks around the arena emotionless. The crowd continues to go into a frenzy. The booing outweighing the cheers. Taurus drops down and rolls out onto ringside and grabs his personal customized microphone. He slowly slithers back into the ring with his eyes locked on Switchblade the whole time. Switchblade holds the back of his head in pain as Taurus slowly crawls towards him. A smirk comes across Capone's face before he begins to speak.

Tony D: "Get him out of the ring. The main event has ended! The shows over!"

Taurus Capone: "....You're wrong about a lot. But see, you where right about one thing. I care about Taurus Capone, and Taurus Capone only..."

Tony D: " He finally admits it."

Taurus Capone: "I'm here to cash see Switchblade the higher ups of WARPED WRESTLING pay me good money to show up and place the world in my palm. If I show up or not everyone clings on to my every word. Just the idea of my presence keeps the people coming. ..Just like it did you. You see I've been holding out for an even bigger payday...which I received and during my absence you became the same as any one of the fans..."

Taurus sits up as Switchblade begins to move a little bit more.

Taurus Capone: " Just like the anticipation kills them, it destroyed you. You tried to tell yourself I wasn't important when in reality your every moment here has revolved around the fact that I wasn't around. How do you expect nobody else to buy into the hype when you couldn't even resist?"

Taurus Capone: "... I have a certain aura which is undeniable Switchblade. Everything I do and say means MONEY! I'm marketing's dream. I'm not scared of losing the masses. When there is no competition on my level as the total package they have no choice but to accept it and love it."

Tony D: "..I was wondering when old Taurus Capone was going to finally show his face."

Kris Red: "Who has proved him wrong Tony?"

Switchblade begins to try to pull himself up. Taurus maneuvers out of his eye sight.

Taurus Capone: " Your days are numbered old man. In a matter of time I'll be the sole face of this organization and you will be an afterthought..."

Taurus smirks as he drops his mic to the mat. His theme music begins as he rolls out the ring. Switchblade continues to pull himself up as Taurus heads up the ramp. The audience reactions become more and more unclear as Taurus yells "WITH AN IRON FIST!" while continuing up the ramp.

Kris Red: "Surprising words from Taurus Capone. What's going to happen next!?"

Tony D: "I'm not surprised at all. He's self centered and has always have been in the years we've known him. I hope SwitchBlade finally teaches that man a lesson at Live From Death's Door!" The scene fades to the WARPED logo...

Thanks to Treats and Wallace for writing matches on this show!