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Chris Finn along with the commissioner came out to introduce a special edition of Wednesday Warfare, which would feature the best matches in the history of Wednesday Warfare, as voted on by fWo fans.


Ultra Violet (c) vs. Black Quicksilver

Ultra Violet (c)Black Quicksilver

The two competitors proved to match up quite evenly. The action went back and forth until the Black Quicksilver landed a standing side kick into Ultra Violet. As Ultra Violet recovered, the Flying Frenchie hit the ring to attack the Black Quicksilver and earn Ultra Violet a disqualification. Post-match Machina arrived to help the Black Quicksilver from the ring, who was enraged by the Frenchie's involvement which cost him the title shot.

Result: Black Quicksilver by DQ


Cactus Jon vs. Jim Dudley

Cactus JonJim Dudley

Cactus Jon and Jim Dudley at once went after each other, proving no love was lost between the two wrestlers. As neither man seemed to gain the advantage, Austin Davis arrived at ringside to watch. As Jim Dudley tossed Jon to the outside, Davis attacked Jon, drawing the anger of Dudley. All three men brawled on the outside, requiring security to seperate the three. As the three men were restrained, Travis arrived and announced that the three would fight in a chain match.

Result: No Contest


Austin Davis vs. Cactus Jon vs. Jim Dudley

Austin DavisCactus JonJim Dudley

In a first-ever chain match, all three men were chained together in the ring. What would follow would be a bloody, brutal battle. When a man is pinned, the third man loses by default. This led to several near-falls and saves by the third man. Jim Dudley finally landed a brutal attack on Cactus Jon who was being held on the outside by Hendrix. Dudley rolled up the unconcious Jon for the pin, only to be grabbed from behind by Davis, who rolled Dudley up in a small package for the victory. Davis was then attacked by Dudley, Jon and Hendrix, who were still chained to Davis and prevented escape.

Result: Austin Davis by Pinfall


fWo '98 Invatational Battle Royal

The battle royal saw many of the wrestlers teaming up to pitch the massive Total Eclipse from the ring. Following this, members of the Empire and Punsiher Squad eliminated each other, and brawled back to the dressing room. With only War, the Black Quicksilver, VL and the Chameleon in the ring, Judge Steel arrived and hit the Chameleon with a wrench, knocking the man from the ring. As War and VL brawled, the Black Quicksilver struck from behind and pitched both from the ring.

Result: Black Quicksilver


Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Scott Slugger

Flying Frenchie (c)Scott Slugger

The Frenchie was the aggressor for the match, staying on top of the Slugger with arial moves that kept the Slugger grounded. As the match progressed, the Slugger trapped the Flying Frenchie and worked on the arm of the champion. The Frenchie escaped out of the hold, and went for a side suplex, only to have his arm prevent the move. Slugger capitalized on the distracted Frenchie to roll him up in a small package for the pinfall victory. After the match, an angry Frenchie assaulted Slugger, forcing him to need medical attention to leave the ring.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall


Boston Strangler vs. Machina

Boston StranglerMachina

In his fWo debut, The Boston Stranger dominated Machina, who was dressed as "Machina Manhood". The Strangler finished Machina with a powerbomb and a cover, then piledrove Rudo to the canvas, who was dressed like porn star Jenna Jameson.

Result: Boston Strangler by Pinfall


Cactus Jack vs. VL Tha Murdera

The match roamed all around the arena, into the backstage area, and finally into the dressing room area. VL used Sid Snow as a weapon to attack Jack with, as Jack grabbed Shane Austin and begin hammering him into the wall. After Jack attacked VL with a large suitcase, Cactus Jon appeared on the scene and DDT'd him into a small television. VL covered him for the pin, as a massive brawl erupted backstage.

Result: VL Tha Murdera by Pinfall


Cactus Jon vs. Death

Cactus JonDeath

Cactus Jon came to the ring to accept the title from Scott Taylor, who was announced as the acting commisioner during Travis' abscene. As Taylor was about to give Jon the title, the lights went out, and Death along with Stevie Roberts came to the ring. Death faced Jon, who accepted a match with Death right then. As Jon and Death sqaured off, Taylor rang the bell, and announced that Death was the champion. Taylor then removed his shirt and announced that he was the manager for the Dark Riders, and the one responsible for the flames the week before. Death, Roberts, and Taylor then escaped through the crowd as an enraged Jon gave chase. The remaining five Dark Riders appeared on the entry ramp, and proceeded to burn down the giant fWo banners, announcing that once and for all... the fWo is dead.

Result: Death by outside decision


Boston Strangler vs. Flying Frenchie

Boston StranglerFlying Frenchie

In a tight match between the two champions, the Flying Frenchie had the advantage after delivering a stiff flying heel kick to the Internet Champion. Looking to finish him off with a splash from the top rope, the Falcon emerged from under the ring and tripped the Frenchie, causing him to fall from the corner. The Frenchie looked to have sprained his leg, and was unable to get into the ring by the ten count. The Strangler watched what had happened on the replay, and asked for a return match once the Frenchie had fully healed.

Result: Boston Strangler by Count Out


Special Announcement for No Turning Back IV

Special Announcement for No Turning Back IV

At the end of the show, the commissioner announced that he was watching the developments of the World Title situation, and would be assigning a special surprise guest referee for the match that would be able to "uphold law and order" inside the ring. Chris Finn speculated on who it would be... but the commissioner would not reveal until NTB4.