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WARPED62 - 10/5/12 - Burlington, NC - Mid Atlantic Sportatorium
ARPED returns to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Burlington, NC for the first time since January of this year and things are really shaping up and progressing as we make our way closer to the next Supershow - Live From Death's Door. Due to some miscommunication by the Carnival Connection, they were unsuccesful in winning the Tag Team Titles from the Maple Leaf strike Force. However, seeing as how the way MLSF won the match wasn't the cleanest of ways, PKA has granted a rematch at Live From Death's Door. The question is - what will the stipulation for the match be? That will be decided in the WARPED62 main event when Andy LeBeau of Maple Leaf Strike Force takes on Mr. Rottentreats of Carnival Connection. Also, where is Ashley and who kidnapped the Canadian team's manager? And tension seems to be dividing the Carnival Connection following their last match. We hope to get some answers as we get closer to this show!

Alexander StarrZoe made his return at the last show, sending a message to William Wallace and repaying him for his attack on him 6 weeks prior. StarrZoe will be in action as he faces the brand new Evolution Champion Leon Stone in one on one action! What does Stone have to say regarding his Evolution Title win, and who will he defend the title against first?

The World Champion SwitchBlade will be in action as he takes on the newcomer Bushido, who's strong style win over Vic Vega impressed many people. SwitchBlade has promised to call out Taurus. Will Capone show up? Will Bushido be too much for the World Champ?

Plus, Blake Blomberg and Joseph O'Henry attepmt to have a match that was suddenly interrupted last week before it could even start by none other than SHEEP SHEEP! Will it actually happen this week?

And what's with The Phantom? Will he continue to haunt WARPED and Ryder/Jessica even more inparticular?

So many questions! So many exciting matches! What else will happen? Get your tickets and join us live if you can on October 5 in Burlington, NC!

Main Event: Winner Decides LFDD Match Stipulation
Andy LeBeau vs. Mr. Rottentreats

Singles Match
Alexander StarrZoe vs. Leon Stone

Singles Match
SwitchBlade vs. Bushido

Singles Match
Blake Blomberg vs. Joseph O'Henry

And coming soon......


WARPED62 - 10/5/12 - Burlington, NC - Mid Atlantic Sportatorium


You open the DVD of WARPED 62 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...




Two Weeks Ago - Carnival Connection
Mr. Rottentreats walks into the frame slumping, looking quite disappointed. His brother Douglas Fresh, is just a few short paces behind badgering him. When Douglas is in the frame Treats turns around.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I get it! Just shut the fuck up already, god damn!”

Douglas Fresh: “That wasn’t in the plan! We had them right where wanted them! The plan was for you know who to grab Ash.."

Into the frame walks the hooded figure dragging a battered Ashley by the hair. The hooded figure begins to speak while caressing Ashley‘s cheeks, it’s voice obviously being manipulated by a voice changer.

Figure: “Well, look what the cat dragged in..”

Douglas angrily storms out of the frame, as Treats follows after him.

Mr. Rottentreats(Off Camera): “Dougie! Come back man..”

Douglas Fresh(Off Camera): “Look, I want no part of this. The whole reason we set this up, was so that rag, Maple Leaf Strike Force parades around as a flag, WOULDN’T BE INVOLVED IN THE FUCKING MATCH!!!”

Back on camera it’s just the figure still caressing Ashley’s cheeks softly, with the pair of black leather gloves it’s wearing. Ashley begins to laugh at the fact that CCNX are no longer getting along. The figure jerks Ashley’s hair quickly.

Figure: “Shut it slut! They’ll work things out, and soon enough they’ll be WARPED Tag team champions!”

The figure points it’s masked face towards the camera.

Figure: “Maple Leaf! If you want her back, you’re gonna have to win her back. And from what I can tell..

Ashley begins to kick around trying to escape the figure’s grasp. The figure jerks Ashley up by the hair so she’s face to face with the figure.

Figure: “Like I was saying, you want her back, you have to win her back. Next show boys. It’s your chance. But none of this tag team tom foolery. Singles match! Oh and by the way.. If you think the Carnival Connection are the only team that’s having communication issues, think again. Isn’t that right honey?

Ashley: “Hugo.. Help me!”

Figure: “Hugo must be slinging her the dick piece as well, Andy. But I guess you two, like it sloppy!”

The figure drags Ashley out of frame by the hair.

A shot of the ringside crowd is shown as they are giving a standing ovation as WARPED 61 kicks off. A "WARPED! WARPED! WARPED!" chant breaks out from the fans.

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 62, wrestling fans! We are live at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Burlington, North Carolina for the first time since this past January and by the way.. that show was quite the turning point for WARPED. What will we see tonighT?! I'm Tony D and beside me is none other than Kris Red!"

Kris Red: "That's "Red Hot" Kris Red, Tony D! Let's make memories! We're gonna find out tonight what the stipulation is going to be for the Tag Team Title rematch at Live From Death's Door between the champs, Maple Leaf Strike Force, and the challengers the Carnival Connection - when Andy LeBeau takes on Mr. Rottentreats!"

Tony D: "That's right Kris! Not only that, but Alexander StarrZoe is back in action after a six week absense, recovering from a brutal attack by William Wallace. Starr will face the brand new Evolution Champion Leon Stone and those two definitely have plenty of history! Let's take you back to the WARPED Wrestling REACTION piece cut immediately after our last event two weeks ago from StarrZoe-"

Two Weeks Ago - Alexander StarrZoe
Alexander StarrZoë, the blood of William Wallace still stained upon his jeans, slowly walks down the hallway toward the camera, a cigarette in his mouth. He observes the camera for a moment and looks around the small corridor.

"God, it seems like just yesterday I was right here and then suddenly...BOOM! Six weeks of watching from my couch. Well, as everyone has probably seen by now, I'm back bitches! I'm back to taking names and kicking asses. If ANYONE on this roster wants to live to see next year, I suggest you stay the fuck out of my way. And if ANYONE has an issue with me taking back control of that ring, of my ring, then speak up now so I can do world the world a favor and decrease the population by 1. Either that or blow it out your ass. WARPED is second-rate without Starr, I've proven that once already. Don't make me make an example out of anyone else. I've got business with Wallace, I don't suggest anyone else get involved. Take a number if you want to lose your teeth."

Starr walks away puffing his smoke.

Two Weeks Ago - Leon Stone
Leon Stone walks up to the camera set by the exit as usual, Leon has changed into street clothes but the Evolution title is draped across his shoulder. While he figures out what he wants to say several people walk by patting him on the back and giving their congratulations. Leon smiles and runs his hands through his hair.

Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, I did it, I evolved.

He pauses for emphasis.

Leon: That match, it was the match of my life, I only hope I gave you fans the show you felt you deserved. There were times I wasn't sure I would kick out, and there were times I dint think Anton would kick out but we both managed to do it until finally I got the upper hand I finished it up. I said it was time for this title and I to evolve and this is the first step.

Leon thinks for a second.

Leon: As for as I'm concerned, the EON OF LEON, has begun.

Leon steps back and walks away.

Back Live

The camera shows Tony D and Kris Red once again.

Tony D: "Clearly Alexander StarrZoe is back with a vengeance and we hope to hear from William Wallace later tonight regarding the attack! Leon Stone has his Evolution Championship but he also has a huge challenge in Starr tonight."

Kris Red: "That's right man.. time to step up to the plate. Speaking of stepping up.. remember last week when we tried to have Blake Blomberg and Joseph O'Henry wrestle a match when SHEEP SHEEP interrupted? Well, let's try again!"


Blake Blomberg vs. Joseph O'Henry

The next DVD scene fades in to show Blake Blomberg and Joseph O'Henry in the ring!

The bell rings, Blake and Joseph lock up in the middle of the ring. Blake gets the early advantage, twisting Joseph around and into a tiger suplex, he quickly goes for a pin. One… Two… Kick out!

Tony D: "Blake Blomberg hit a big move already but just a two count!"

Joseph jumps up surprised he was pinned already and rushes back towards Blomberg, They lock up again. Joseph gets the advantage this time locking Blomberg up in a bear hug squeezing the life out of him.

Tony D: "The submission is applied!"

As Blomberg struggles and fights trying to get free, he reverses it, grabbing the head of O’henry, and slipping his leg between his opponents feet he falls back into a Russian leg sweep, taking them both down.

Kris Red: "Blake The Snake slithered his way out of that hold! HAHA! You like that Tony D? Jeez what's going on here.."

Blomberg is the first up , standing over his opponent waiting for him to get up, finally he does, but Joseph rises right into a punch from Blake, O’Henry quickly responds with a left hook of his own, followed by another hook from Blomberg. They trade punches staggering back a little more after each punch finally the momentum builds up and Blake attacks, punch after punch, until finally O’Henry is backed into the corner. Blake whips into the ropes, as Joseph comes running back Blake leaps into a reverse tornado DDT, and quickly goes for the pin. One… Two… Thr… Kick out.

Kris Red: "Fast paced back to back moves and action packed nonsense in your face right now!!! WHAT!?"

Blake gets back up frustrated, grabs Joseph and locks him into a stump puller, tightening the hold as much as he can. He pulls more and more, but O’Henry doesn’t tap, finally Joseph forces his way to his feet, and falls back. Blake releases the hold and stands back up, frustrated.

Kris Red: "He is SOOOOOOOOOO Frustrated, Tony D!"

Tony D: "Cleary!"

The men lock up for a third time, but this time Joseph gets the advantage, taking Blake from the front, twisting him around lifting him up into a vertebreaker.

Kris Red: "Bah gawd here comes the vertebreaker!"

But Blomberg reverses slipping into another Tiger suplex.

Tony D: "Blake escaped!"

Kris Red: "The Snake slithered out agaiiine!"

Blomberg shows off his athleticism by slipping the move into a pin. One… Two…Three… The referee calls it, its over.

Kris Red: "I want SHEEP SHEEP to come out now please. It's ova.. thank goodness! Somebody edit this out of the DVD."

Fade out...


Two Weeks Ago - SwitchBlade
*The camera cuts to SwitchBlade who is in casual attire. He is sitting on a leather couch with the World Title on his shoulder. It looks like he's being recorded from inside his house.*

SwitchBlade "Hey guys, World Heavyweight Champion SwitchBlade here. First off I just want to apologize to the Warped fans for not being at Warped 61. Some personal family issues came up, and since I wasn't scheduled for a match anyway I figured it would be the best time to deal with those issues. But now everything is okay, and I will definitely be at Warped 62."

SwitchBlade takes the title off his shoulder and places it next to him.

SwitchBlade: "The real question, however, is if Taurus Capone will be at Warped 62. For the past few weeks we haven't heard a word from Capone. Not since the day I won the World Title due to his actions. I've been trying to speak with him, but it's like he vanished off the grid entirely. I don't know what he has planned, but if he does show up, i'll be ready for him."

SwitchBlade: "One last thing. I would like to congratulate the new Evolution Champion Leon Stone on his victory, and it is with deep regret that I wasn't able to be there to award him the title personally. Stone, I hope you give that title the same amount of honor and respect that I gave it. That's it for me, folks. For more updates and information about what i'm up to, check me out on Twitter at @SB_Warped_. Later.

*The camera fades out.*


Two Weeks Ago - SwitchBlade
Bushido can be seen walking towards the camera with a towel over his head he sits down looking in to the camera.

Bushido: I came in I did what I said I was going to do I stepped in the ring the same place where I perform my art. I proved why Warped wrestling is the premire independent promotion in the world today. Vic Vega you my friend learned to never ever under estimate me inside those ropes. I will always say its not the size of the fighter but the size of the fight he will bring and all you can do is be ready

He stands up walking away from the camera


“Show Me a God” by Tech N9ne hits, and the crowd instantly begins to boo. After a few moments, The Rough Ryder and Jessica Reyes make their way through the curtain, Ryder dressed in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather sleevless hoodie. He carries with him a black steel chair with the words “RYDE OR DIE” written on the seat. Ignoring the crowd, the pair walk down the ramp and climb into the ring. Ryder takes a microphone, sets up his chair in the middle of the ring, and sits down.

The Rough Ryder: I..

He is interrupted by the overture from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. The Phantom steps out from behind the curtain, wearing a plum colored suit that looks more in style with the 19th century, with a cape sweeping behind him, and a plain white mask covering half of his face. Pacing the stage, the Phantom pulls a microphone out from an inside pocket of his jacket.

The Phantom: Ryder, tsk tsk tsk. Patience is a virtue, you know. Right now, who I am is unimportant; all good things come to those who wait. For the time being, I’m here for only one reason, and you know what it is. Roll that footage.

On the video screen behind the Phantom, footage of Ryder’s attack on Cameron MacNichol at WARPED 59 plays. Ryder smirks widely.

The Phantom: You see, Ryder, Cameron is a friend of mine. And that attack was one of the most disgusting displays of poor sportsmanship I’ve ever seen.

Ryder smirks even more widely.

The Phantom: And while Cameron is recuperating, I’ll be his...

The Rough Ryder: Hey, I don’t give a shit what you’re going to be. Enough of this small talk. You want to defend Cameron? Come on down into this ring and let’s have it out! Right here, right now!

The Phantom: I’ve heard that you prefer to let your actions speak louder than words. And since you put it like that...

The Phantom tosses his microphone over his shoulder and begins walking down the ramp. As the crowd pops, he unhooks his cape and tosses it aside. The Phantom climbs into the ring, and Ryder attacks him with a flurry of right and left hands. The Phantom fights back with right hands of his own, and whips Ryder into the turnbuckle. The Phantom swoops in for a clothesline, but Ryder sidesteps him and the Phantom hits the turnbuckle sternum-first. Ryder grabs the Phantom and sets him up for a piledriver, but the Phantom counters with a backdrop. The Phantom picks Ryder up and whips him into the ropes. Ryder reverses it and takes the Phantom down with a powerslam. Kneeling down, Ryder tries to pull the Phantom’s mask off. The Phantom fights Ryder off and rolls out of the ring. As the Phantom of the Opera overture hits the speakers, the Phantom backs up the ramp, shaking his head and wagging his forefinger reproachfully at Ryder.


Warped Reporter Austin Sanders is standing backstage.

Austin Sanders: Hello Warped fans, Austin Sanders here. I’m standing backstage and hopefully I can get you folks a quick word from Warped World Heavyweight Champion SwitchBlade before his match against the newcomer Bushido.

SwitchBlade walks past Sanders, the title around his waist. Sanders walks over to him.

Austin Sanders: Excuse me, SwitchBlade. Could we have a quick word?

SwitchBlade stops and turns his attention to the camera before looking at Sanders.

SwitchBlade: What’s there for me to say?

Austin Sanders: Well, some folks are wondering how you feel about Capone’s sudden return to Warped. And after the things he said about you, are you still planning to call him out?

SwitchBlade: Sanders, I’ve been trying to call that prima donna out from the moment I won the World Title. And since then, Capone vanished. He didn't say a word or make an appearance to explain his actions. Now he finally shows up out of the blue, and you expect me to run to him for answers? I don’t have time for his nonsense. Right now, I have a match against a young talent who's actually worth my attention, and that’s all I’m concerned about. Capone can talk until he’s blue in the face, but until he can find the guts to meet me in the ring…I’ve got nothing more to say to him.

SwitchBlade walks past Sanders and heads to the ring.

Austin Sanders: Well there you have it, folks. SwitchBlade is focused on his match tonight, and nothing else. Back to you guys.

Bushido vs. SwitchBlade

The scene fades to the ring area for our next match.

Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first!

The lights go down in the arena as the Fighter’s Passion by The Immortals begins to play.

Randy Long: From Brooklyn, New York! Weighing in at One-Hundred Seventy-Five pounds!

After a few seconds Bushido appears at the top of the stage, his face and head are hidden in a ninja cloth mask all we can see are his eyes.

Randy Long: The Strooong Style Waaaarioor! BUSHIDO!

Bushido looks out at the crowd as he slowly makes his way down the ramp walking slowly. The fans in the crowd touch him as he passes by and ascends the ring steps. Upon reaching the apron he climbs to the second turnbuckle looking out at the crowd then jumps down in the middle of the ring . He begins a martial arts display as it ends he brings his hands together in a praying position.

Kris Red: Bushido won on his debut last week Tony D, but he will have a bigger test here against the champion.

Tony D: With no disrespect there is a big jump from Vic Vega to Switchblade, it will be interesting to see how Bushido gets on as this match progresses.

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven begins to play as SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a Switchblade pendant on it.

Randy Long: Introducing his opponent from Boston, Massachusettes, weighing in at one hundred ninety-two pounds, he is the WARPED World Champion...SWITCHBLADE!

Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers his Bushido a handshake before starting the match. Switchblade hands his belt to the ring attendant as we prepare for the match to start.

Tony D: We are about to get under way here, the world champion Switchblade taking on the new comer Bushido. Right on queue there is the bell and we are under way.

Bushido is quick out the blocks looking to make an impression on the champion. He charges for Switchblade as the referee signals for the bell, hammering away with right hands. Switchblade fights back though, both men exchanging stiff punches. Switchblade manages to back Bushido into the ropes. Irish whip from the Champion, Bushido comes back and ducks the clothesline before hitting the ropes again, he comes back a second time and takes Switchblade down with a flying forearm!

Tony D: Bushido out to prove his worth here tonight, a bright start from the young man.

Bushido looks to keep the pressure on as Switchblade quickly gets back to his feet. Bushido with the standing drop kick, Switchblade again back to his feet quickly, Bushido charges towards the world champion and this time rolls him up.

Kris Red: Bushido looking for the quick win!



Tony D: No Switchblade kicks out.

Kris Red: With autority Tony D, it sent Bushido through the ropes and to the outside.

The referee checks on Bushido on the outside giving Swithcblade time to regroup in the ring. The referee gets back in as Bushido gets up on the outside, Switchblade steps back from the ropes inviting Bushido back in.

Tony D: Switchblade wants to win this one clean and in the ring, some good sportsmanship there as he allows Bushido back into the riing.

Kris Red: Sportsmanship will only get you so far Tony D.

Bushido gets back into the ring with caution, as he gets back to his feet Switchblade locks up with him, into the side headlock now as Bushido tries to battle out before it is locked in, to no avail though. Bushido now attempting to back off into the ropes, this time with more success sending Switchblade off to the opposite side. Switchblade hits the ropes and comes back as Bushido charges towards him, Switchblade takes him down though with the inverted bulldog.

Tony D: High impact move there from the champion as he looks to take control now.

Switchblade is up and is stalking behind Bushido. Bushido taking his time getting back to his feet holding the back of his head and neck. Switchblade grabs him in the waist lock, sets himself before planting Bushido on his neck with a releasing German Suplex.

Tony D: Perfectly executed there from Switchblade.

Kris Red: He seen the weakness as Bushido was holding the back of his head and neck, so decided to land him on that exact spot with a great releasing German Suplex.

Once more Bushido slowly gets back to his feet, this time Switchblade sends him off into the ropes, Bushido comes back and connects with a boot to the face of Switchblade who telegraphed the intention for a back body drop.

Kris Red: Rookie mistake there from Switchblade, surprised with that considering the level of experience he has.

Bushido now with a clothesline to the staggered Switchblade knocking him backwards into the ropes, Bushido now with the Irish whip, Switchblade comes back as Bushido misses the clothesline, Switchblade comes back once more and this time plants Bushido with the spinning neck breaker.

Tony D: He may have had a small lapse in concentration a moment ago, but that was pure tactical wrestling there from Switchblade, once again going back to work on the neck of Bushido,

Bushido stays down and now Switchblade is looking for the win, going for a submission with the camel clutch.

Tony D: This is very smart work, Switchblade has already softened up the the neck, the exact area the camel clutch hold puts pressure on.

Kris Red: Switchblade seems to be out to hurt Bushido today.

Bushido somehow manages to struggle across and get a foot on the ropes forcing Switchblade to break the hold. The referee is holding Switchblade back allowing Bushido a little time to recover. Bushido crawling over into the corner using the ropes to help him up to his feet. The referee goes over to check on him before allowing the match to continue. Switchblade into the corner looking for the splash but some quick thinking from Bushido who moves out of the way sending Switchblade face first crashing into the steel ring post. Switchblade is dazed as Bushido makes it back up charging into the corner after Switchblade and almost takes his jaw off with the yakuza kick.

Tony D: Incredible Yakuza kick there from Bushido!

Switchblade falls face first out of the corner as Bushido head to the top rope.

Kris Red: Bushido going for some high risk.

Tony D: Could be time for the Ode to the Warrior.

Bushido comes off the top rope looking for the double foot stomp he calls Ode to the Warrior...but Switchblade manages to roll out of the way, Bushido had the awareness to pull out and roll through, avoiding too much damage.

Kris Red: That risk certainly didn't pay off for Bushido, lucky for him he managed to roll through and avoid hurting himslef.

Switchblade gets back to his feet and comes back at Bushido but the champion is taken down with with a big roundhouse kick to the face. Bushido into the cover...



Tony D: Switchblade kicks out once more, but another near fall from the impressive Bushido.

Switchblade working back to his feet now, Bushido is there as he makes it to his feet looking to capitalise on his momentum. Bushido hooking Switchblade up for a suplex, Bushido hanging him in the air.

Tony D: Bushido looking for his stalling Brainbuster here...

Switchblade manages to wriggle out, Bushido turns around and is met by a kick to the gut by Switchblade who follows up with the implant DDT!


Tony D: Switchblade looking to put this one to bed once more,



Tony D: NO! Bushido kicked out.

Kris Red: I don't think Switchblade can quite believe that.

Switchblade sits up looking shocked, he takes a look over to Bushido, he sees his opportunity and now looks for the Crucifix Neck Crank.

Tony D: There it is Enter the Darkness!

Kris Red: This one should be over now.

The referee signals for the bell as Bushido taps.

Randy Long: Ladies and Gentleman, your winner by way of a submission, the WARPED World Champion...SWITCHBALDE!!!

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven begins to play through the arena as Swiitchblade is handed his title and has his hand raised by the referee beofr making a quick exit.

Tony D: Another win from Switchblade, but a very impressive performance from the new boy Bushido.

Kris Red: He has a very bright future here in this company.



Backstage we see Deja in her sexy business suit with her large breasts popping out. She's on the cell phone and she looks concerned.

Deja: "Oh, good. Bout time you pick up. ... What do you mean? Don't tell me to shut up. ... ... ... EXCUSE ME? ... Are you drunk??? ... You ARE! ... Don't bullshit me. I can- ... ... No. I can tell. You're slurring your w-.. hello? HELLO? PATRICK! God damnit."

She takes the phone down and tosses it into her purse. She notices the camera and charges toward it.

Deja: "Leave me ALONE!"

She pushes the camera man away and the scene fades.


“Flight Of The Bumblebee” overtakes the PA system of the Burlington Sportatorium. “Sir” Douglas Fresh steps through the curtain.

Tony D: “Douglas Fresh isn’t scheduled to be here tonight is he, Kris?”

Kris Red: “No, Tony D, but if you actually paid attention to Twitter, you would know, he said he’d be here! Best be getting’ with the times man!”

Fresh impatiently storms to the ring in his red Ribera steakhouse jacket, zubas, and matching fanny pack. He ascends the ring apron and steps through the middle and top ropes. Fresh jerks the microphone away from Randy Long and begins to speak.

Douglas Fresh: “I just received word, and lets just say. Mr. Rottentreats, oh so, loving big brother of mine! If you win, we remain a tag team here in WARPED, if not.. Well after I beat your ass, we go our separate ways! At WARPED63, I’M COMING FOR YOU, NINJA!”

Fresh shoves the microphone into Randy Long’s chest and exit’s the ring.

Tony D: “I’m guessing he was granted the match against his brother, Mr. Rottentreats. If Douglas Fresh wins, what will that mean for the Tag Team Title match at Live From Deaths Door?”

Kris Red: “One less clown, Tony D! I’m just glad he’s not as long winded as his brother!

Alexander StarrZoe vs. Leon Stone

Randy Long: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

There’s a long pause. The crowd is building up their cheers in high anticipation. Then the houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and receives a huge applause of the fans. Long is muffled by the reaction as he announces StarrZoe.

Randy Long: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 237 pounds…ALEXANDER STARRZOE!

Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!"

Tony D: The fans are going crazy!

Kris Red: I can barely hear myself think, Tony D!

Tony D: These fans have missed StarrZoe, and I’m willing to bet StarrZoe has missed them just as much if not more.

Kris Red: Well I know one person who didn’t miss StarrZoe, and that’s William Wallace! You think he’ll try to get involved in this match?

Tony D: Hopefully PKA won’t let that happen.

Before Long can introduce Starr’s opponent, Starr requests the microphone amongst the chaos of the fan’s screams and cheers for the returning superstar. Starr smiles and laughs as the crowd cheers his name, soaking it all in and enjoying the spotlight. StarrZoë brings the mic to his mouth and tries to speak, but is drowned out by the audience’s cheering. Starr smiles and shakes his head. Waiting a moment later, Alex raises a single hand in the air and silences the building.

Starr “Damn it feels good to be home! How the hell are you Burlington? Couldn’t be happier right now than to be standing in this Civic Center in a WARPED ring! Six weeks was six weeks too fucking long to be gone from this place! Everyone saw what happened when Wallace took me out and sure as shit, I know the world witnessed as I took him out. Where is the poor bastard tonight? Probably at home licking his wounds and regretting his decision to attack me! I heard right before I came out here though; he was back at it on Twitter. Told me he would meet me at Life From Death’s Door. Don’t worry you stupid bastard, unlike you, I’m man enough to fight someone face to face, I’ll make damn sure not to miss it; I want nothing more than to beat the fuck out of you!”

The crowd cheers StarrZoë on, applauding his plans for the future.

Starr “But that’s still some time away. Tonight is a different story. Tonight is Starr’s first match back and PKA has picked my victim. Earlier this week, Pat told me he gave Leon this fight because Stone impressed him, that’s a bold face lie. Leon did something to piss off Patrick enough that he’s throwing Leon Stone to the wolves. I don’t know what it was and I don’t care, my job isn’t to pry into business, it’s to beat the shit out of people and tonight, I’m doing that. Stone might have gone to the zoo and touched little kids on the back of the school bus while feeding some high school girl who couldn’t give a fuck less about him and who was asking herself the entire time; ‘who the hell is this guy? Why am I interviewing the homeless man who lives in the trashcan across the street’, but that didn’t prepare him for this match. I’ve been at home training for six weeks and getting back to my ass-kicking self and I’m more than 100% now. Leon thinks that while I was gone, the food chain around here changed because he won some meaningless title. The only thing that changed was that the top of the food chain was out for a month. Why the fuck should I care if Leon is the Evolution Champion? I came into this promotion and won the World Title within five months, I skipped the Evolution Title, that’s how little I care about it. You’ve been here more than five months and JUST managed to win the undercard title and that’s because I took the only real competitor out of the match. So Leon, take all your self-righteous talk of ‘evolving’ and your delusions of grandeur and shove them up your ass. Just come out here and take this beating like a man.”

StarrZoë drops the microphone and waits for his opponent.

Randy Long: And his opponent…

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System. Evolution Champion Leon Stone and his sister Chelsea Stone walk down the ramp, Leon is wearing a just a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts. Chelsea is wearing tight jeans and a tight low cut tank top, with her long brown hair in a loose pony tail.

Randy Long: "From Dayton, Ohio and weighing in at 230 pounds, he is the Warped Evolution Champion…LEON STONE!

Leon slides into the ring and his sister walks to the apron jumping up and down a little just as ready for the match as her big brother is.

Tony D: Leon Stone, who at Warped 61 finally won the Evolution Championship, now must face arguably one of the best wrestlers in Warped today, Alexander StarrZoe.

Kris Red: Well let’s not forget that StarrZoe is just coming back from injuries that occurred when Wallace assaulted him six weeks ago. Not only is he going to have some ring rust, but those injuries are always going to be lingering. I doubt StarrZoe is at 100 percent.

Tony D: That’s True, Kris. This could be a great opportunity for Stone to make an even bigger name for himself than he already has.

Stone takes off his title and hands it to Chelsea for safe keeping. She steps off the apron and he lifts the title above his head with one hand, and brings the microphone to his mouth with the other one.

Leon: Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to you new Evolution Champion!

Yells and screams from the crowd.

Leon: For the third time in a row I walked into this ring, told you what I was going to do and I did it, First I beat Kris Red, then I beat Anton Chase, and then I beat Anton Chase again for the Evolution Championship! I don't know what you think but I feel like I'm on a roll!

The crowd goes wild!

Leon: I'm sure you are asking yourselves, 'what is he going to do now that he is champion?'

The crowd yells 'What!'

Leon: Ill tell you what im going to do, im going to make this title even more famous than it already is! It's time to evolve!

The crowd yells 'Evolve!'

Leon: I was once told to me by Alexander Starrzoe, in not so simple terms, that I would be nothing, I would go through my wrestling career as a nobody!

Crowd yells What!

Leon: Now you tell me, am I a nobody?

Crowd yells No!

Leon: Is this title not proof enough that I have made something of myself? That I proved Alexander Starrzoe wrong? Alex now wants to back peddle and say that I owe it to him for what I have become, with out him I wouldn't be the Champion. Now let me ask you a question, how can I owe my career to some one that said I would never have a career?

Leon smiles and runs his hand through his hair rearranging the title on his shoulder.

Leon: As far as I am concerned with Starrzoe; I did this, I built this, I put the work in, and I'm reaping the rewards here and now, if I owe my career to any one, its each and every one of you fans, supporting me, giving me a chance, cheering me on! You the warped universe are the ones that should get the credit for this!

The crowd goes wild as Leon lifts his belt!

Leon: one thing Alex is right about, I have never beaten him, but I have never been the Evolution Champion either, I have never been as popular as I am now, I have never been so clear minded, and I damn sure haven't ever had the out look on life that I do now.

The crowd chants, Leon, Leon, Leon!

Leon: “Ill tell you right now, this match you are about to witness is going to bring down the house, Starr is in a run for his money, the momentum is in my favor, and if you ask PKA the reason Im in this match is because I impressed him enough to make it so, I don't plan on ruining that impression. Come the end of this match, I plan on making Alexander Starrzoe's record, 25 and 4, The eon of Leon is about to begin, and I'm taking you all along for the ride!”

The crowd continues to chant as Leon returns the mic to ring side and waits for the match to begin.

Tony D: "Some strong and empowering words from Leon Stone!"

Kris Red: "The Eon of Leon! Bam!"

StarrZoe and Stone stare each other down. The ref calls for the match and the match starts.

Tony D: And here we go!

StarrZoe and Stone circle one another and grapple. StarrZoe with a side headlock. Stone runs back into the ropes and shoves StarrZoe across the ring. On the rebound Stone leapfrogs over StarrZoe. StarrZoe runs back and Stone goes for a hip toss but StarrZoe counters with a hip toss of his own. Stone gets to his feet and cautiously walks around his opponent. StarrZoe gestures him to bring it and the two grapple once more. This time it’s Stone with a side headlock. StarrZoe runs into the ropes and shoves Stone off. Instead of rebounding, Stone grabs the rope and maintains his spot. StarrZoe runs towards him for a clothesline attempt, but Stone ducks down and back body drops StarrZoe to the apron. StarrZoe lands on his feet, waits for Stone to turn around, and catches him with a high kick to the head. Stone stumbles back allowing StarrZoe to springboard off the ropes and catch Stone with a flying clothesline. StarrZoe gets to his feet and pumps the crowd up. Stone rolls out of the ring to regroup.

Tony D: What was that you were saying about ring rust?

Kris Red: I stand corrected, Tony D. It’s like he never left at all!

Tony D: StarrZoe with a dominating start against the Evolution Champ. Can Stone make a comeback?

Stone walks over to his sister and the two discuss something with each other. StarrZoe walks over to the ropes and yells at Stone to get back in the ring. The ref is counting out Stone.

Ref: 1…2…3…4…5…

Stone says something to Chelsea and Chelsea nods in agreement. Stone climbs back up on the apron and gets in the ring. Stone and StarrZoe circle each other one again.

Tony D: What do you think that was about?

Kris Red: I’m not sure. Maybe Chelsea was giving Stone some tips.

Tony D: I’m not sure what kind of advice Chelsea could give that would be useful against StarrZoe.

Stone and StarrZoe grapple again. Once more StarrZoe has a side headlock on Stone. He wrenches the neck a bit before sending Stone into the ropes. On the rebound Stone ducks a clothesline attempt by StarrZoe, runs the ropes again and catches StarrZoe with a dropkick to the recently injured leg. StarrZoe falls to the mat and grabs his leg. Right away Stone gets up, grabs StarrZoe’s leg and kicks it over and over again. He pulls StarrZoe towards the center of the ring and drops a few elbows across the knee.

Tony D: And Stone goes right after the leg.

Kris Red: It’s a smart move, Tony D. That leg is StarrZoe’s weakest point right now, and Stone’s going to do whatever it takes to take that leg out and have full control over his opponent.

Stone drags StarrZoe by the leg towards a turnbuckle. He exits the ring, pulls StarrZoe’s leg towards the turnbuckle post and slams it against the metal. StarrZoe grabs his leg and rolls away, but Stone is quickl to slide back in and grab the leg once more. This time Stone takes the leg over to the bottom rope. He sets it on top, then hops up and stomps his foot down on the leg once, twice, three times. After dragging StarrZoe once again, Stone takes the leg and snaps it back over StarrZoe’s head. He then applies a single leg crab submission. StarrZoe looks like he’s in a ton of pain, and the urge to tap is more tempting than it ever has before. The ref asks StarrZoe if he wants to quit, but the former champ bites his bottom lip and shakes his head. He starts crawling over to the ropes, dragging 230 pounds with him. Stone punches the leg a couple times while still applying the hold, but it’s not enough as StarrZoe slowly crawls his way over to the bottom rope and grabs it. The fans cheer as the ref counts out Stone.

Ref: 1,2,3,4-

Stone releases the hold. StarrZoe grabs his leg and tries to get the feeling back into it by slapping the side a few times. Stone stops him with a kick to the head. He picks up StarrZoe and shoves him into the corner. Stone with a few chops across the chest. He then lifts up StarrZoe’s leg, wraps it around the middle rope and pulls the foot back. The ref immediately counts Stone out for a rope break.

Ref: 1,2,3,4-

Stone releases and watches as StarrZoe falls to the mat once again. Stone pulls StarrZoe up, drags him over to the center of the ring and connects with a DDT. He rolls StarrZoe over and covers him.

Ref: 1…2…

StarrZoe kicks out. Stone picks StarrZoe and hits him with an inverted headlock backbreaker. Instead of going for the pin Stone grabs StarrZoe’s legs and goes for a Texas cloverleaf, but StarrZoe manages to kick Stone in the face with his good leg. This gives StarrZoe enough time to roll over to the ropes and lift himself up. Stone charges towards him and StarrZoe lowers the top rope causing Stone to fall out of the ring. StarrZoe takes the time to recuperate. He stands up and limps around as he tries to get mobility back in his leg.

Tony D: StarrZoe gets some much needed time, but has the damage already been done to that leg?

Kris Red: The way he’s limping right now, it might just be a matter of time until Stone locks him back in a submission and makes him tap.

Tony D: And speaking of Stone, he’s climbing up to the top rope, and I don’t think StarrZoe sees him!

Stone gets on the apron and climbs to the top. He waits for StarrZoe to turn around and jumps off for a double axe handle, but StarrZoe catches him with a dropkick to the chest which only further weakens StarrZoe’s leg as he clings to it while Stone is down on the mat. The fans are chanting for StarrZoe as both men eventually get to their feet. StarrZoe turns to face Stone and throws a right hand to the face. Stone returns it with a right hand of his own. StarrZoe and Stone start trading punches back and forth, back and forth, until StarrZoe starts gaining the upper hand. He punches Stone into the nearest turnbuckle, lifts him up on the top rope, and climbs up with him. He lands a few more punches to Stone, and Stone retaliates with a headbutt. StarrZoe almost falls off, but he grabs the ropes in time. Stone with a second, a third, and a fourth headbutt that finally knocks StarrZoe to the mat. Stone sets himself up, leaps off and drives a fist off the top into StarrZoe’s face. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1…2…th-

Kick out! Stone looks at the ref who assures him that it was a two count. Irritated, Stone walks across the ring and squats down. He waits for StarrZoe to get up. When he does, Stone runs forward looking for a spear, but StarrZoe dodges the spear and shoves Stone shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. Stone stumbles back into StarrZoe who grabs him, lifts him up over his shoulders and connects with the TKO. He covers Stone.

Ref: 1…2…

Stone kicks out. StarrZoe gets up and limps over to the turnbuckle. He jumps up to the middle rope and waits for Stone to get up. As soon as he gets to his feet, StarrZoe moonsaults off the turnbuckle. Stone manages to catch him, spin him 90 degrees and drop him with a tombstone piledriver! He hooks the legs!

Ref: 1…2…3-

StarrZoe barely kicks out in time. Stone smacks the mat and lets out a frustrated yell.

Tony D: WOW! StarrZoe was milliseconds away from losing the match. How the heck does he do that?

Kris Red: I have no idea, Tony D. He somehow always find a way to dig deep and keep himself alive in the match. And Stone’s starting to lose his cool!

Tony D: The Evolution Champ is indeed looking hot headed. He really thought that was the end of the match.

Chelsea climbs up on the apron and gives some reassurance to Stone. Stone mutters something to her as StarrZoe lies motionless on the mat. The ref orders Chelsea off the apron. Stone gives him a glare for yelling at his sister, but Chelsea maintains order and hops back down. Stone goes over to StarrZoe and picks him up.

Leon Stone: It’s OVER!

Stone sets StarrZoe between his legs. He lifts him up and looks for the crucifix powerbomb, but StarrZoe manages to slide down Stone’s back, turn around and apply a full nelson to Stone. Stone tries to get to the ropes, but StarrZoe quickly transitions it into a powerdriver! StarrZoe nearly collapses as he reaches for the turnbuckle. He slowly climbs up to the top, leaps off and hits a 450 Shooting Star Splash!

Tony D: The Rising Starr! He hits it!

He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1…2…3!

The bell sounds as StarrZoe releases Stone and flips to his back. “Who Shot Ya” starts playing as the fans cheer for the winner!

Randy Long: Here is your winner…ALEXANDER…STARRZOE!!

Tony D: What a match! And what a return for StarrZoe! He hasn’t lost it at all.

Kris Red: But you can’t forget about Stone, Tony D. That kid was dominating over StarrZoe for the longest time, and he nearly had him on more than one occasion. Yet somehow StarrZoe found it in himself to get a win over the Evolution champ.

Tony D: And thankfully there was no sign of Wallace.

Kris Red: Well the show is still going on, Tony D. Anything can happen.

Tony D: Right you are, partner. We still have our big time main event coming up.

As StarrZoe gets up, the referee raises his arm up. Stone rolls out of the ring and Chelsea is there to console him along with the Evolution Championship. Stone grabs the title and looks back at StarrZoe. StarrZoe gives him a cocky grin and gestures a belt around his waist. Stone clutches his title tightly as he and Chelsea head to the back. StarrZoe climbs up on a turnbuckle and gets the fans to cheer for him some more.


We cut to a video, the camera is panning round a dark untidy motel room until it gets to a man sitting in the chair next to a dull lamp. The man looks like William Wallace, however his hair and his beard are shorter than normal. He sighs and begins to address the WARPED fans.

Wallace: Sons of WARPED...a am William Wallace. A come to you tonight to address what happened at WARPED 61...Almost two weeks ago a was attacked by Alexander StarrZoe, that attack cost me my chance at regainin my Evolution title. Instead the match was won by Leon Stone, the Evolution title has sunk to a new low after all the hard work a put in getting it to be a respected title, we are back to square one. The belt is more meaningless now in the hands of Leon Stone than it ever was when Sean Edmunds held the thing, so congratulations Leon, and well done PKA you have fucked up once again!

Wallace: But to the matter at hand. StarrZoe. The guy clearly has some sort of problem with me, sure a attacked him a while back, put him on the shelf for a bit, however that wasn't personal, that was business. A had to send a message to Pat and to the whole WARPED locker room, Starr was just my symbolic gesture, he has took this personally. Not to worry though Starr you will get a chance for redemption especially after PKA booked the match for Live From Deaths Door. Convenient that because you want to put me six foot under. A have spoke to the doctors, they say a should be recovered enough to face you so a say we make this interesting.

Wallace has a little smile appear on his face.

Wallace: Fuck the pinfalls, fuck the submissions, fuck stopping the match because one of us can't stand up...Fuck the Rules! A am goin to give you the chance to live your dream of burying me in a six foot hole. I propose that at Live From Death's Door, it be William Wallace against Alexander a Buried Alive match!

Wallace burst into a fit of laughter for a few moments before the camera cuts to static...

Main Event - Winner Decides LFDD Stipulation
Andy LeBeau vs. Mr. Rottentreats

The scene fades to Randy Long in the ring!

Randy Long: "The following contest is our main event of the evening and it is to determine the Tag Team Title match stipulation at Live From Death's Door! Introducing first.. from the Carnival Grounds.. weighing in at 93,000 grams of chronic... Mr. Rottentreats!"

The lights fade as the sounds of “Bad Rep” by Dark Lotus over take the PA. At the top of the entrance way a red strobe light begins to flicker.

“Everybody love me, NO! Mom and daddy love me, NO! All my neighbors love me, nope! Someone gotta love me, NO! Everybody love me, NO! Mom and daddy love me, NO! Anybody that has heard of me, I know they love me.”

A silhouette suddenly appears in front of the strobe light. As Monoxide Child’s verse kicks in, the silhouette steps out into a dimly lit spotlight that reveals Mr. Rottentreats in a custom suit.

Kris Red: “Well I be damned, Tony D! Look who decided to join the rest of the roster by finally choosing some entrance music. And he’s wearing a suit, how cute!”

Tony D: “Ignore Kris, ladies and gentleman. I have it on good authority, that Joey Matthew, himself has granted Mr. Rottentreats, this time.”

The spotlight follows him to the ring as he slowly ascends the ring steps, then wipes his dress shoes on the ring apron, before stepping through the middle and top rope. Randy Long, with no hesitation hands him the microphone. The spotlight is overthrown by the bright lights above the ring, Mr. Rottentreats brings the microphone to his masked face as he signals to have his music cut off.”

Mr. Rottentreats: “They say, when a tiger roars.. It can be heard from two miles away.”

Kris Red: “Is he calling himself a tiger, Tony D?”

The sound of Kris Red’s voice can be heard clearly over the silence of the crowd. Treats turns toward the announce table before motioning for Kris Red to shut up.

Mr. Rottentreats: “As I was saying.. With this mic in my hand, I’ll be heard all around the world. I’m not out here to stir up controversy. I’m not out here to cut some cute ass wrestling promo. I’m out here, because something has recently been brought to my attention.”

He takes a few steps towards a turn buckle and hops up on the top buckle, taking a seat.

Mr. Rottentreats: “As you, the WARPED faithful know, I was recently in a MMA tournament.”

Treats sighs as he shakes his head.

Mr. Rottentreats: And as you know, my first opponent bailed, claiming passport issues.. Bitch moves, if you ask me. My second opponent, as you all know, was introduced to the bottom of my foot. I won knockout of the night, yada, yada, yada. That brings me to my latest opponent. Whom, by the way, doesn’t slightly deserve to be mentioned by name. Hell, he doesn’t really deserve to be mentioned. Now, some of you, that are MMA fans, may cry, “sore loser”.

Treats spins around on the turnbuckle to face the crowd on the hard camera side.

Mr. Rottentreats: “However, something suspicious has been brought to my attention. Two simple words, that are so powerful, that will cause Body Count Fighting, to lose any, and all credibility. That is, if them giving out free passes for the finals, to their own fighters, didn’t do that. What are those two words? Loaded Gloves!”

Treats places his head between his hands whilst still grasping the microphone and a long sigh can be heard, before he continues.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Personally, I wouldn’t had brought it up. I’m a man, I can roll with the punches so to speak. However, the man, that is the reason for be me being in the spotlight that I’m in today, brought it to my attention. He felt that I had been wronged. As did several other of my colleagues, not just here in WARPED, but around the wrestling world. And quite frankly, they’re correct. So, oh mysterious owner, or owners of BCF, I hope you’re paying attention!”

Treats spins back around and hops down off the turnbuckle and begins to pace around the ring.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Your fighters, and even your promotions team, loves to puff out their bird chests, and claim, realness. You like to say, and this is the reason I entered the tournament in the first place.. But you like to say, pro wrestling is merely nothing more than play fighting..”

Treats hands the mic back to Randy long as he removes his sports coat, tie, and button up shirt. He motions for the hand cam operator to zoom in on his left shoulder.

Mr. Rottentreats: “You see this scar? You aren’t subjected to surgery, from play fighting! You see this scar tissue?!”

Treats raises the bottom of his mask up to his nose to show a thick layer of scar tissue and Randy Long hands the microphone back to him.

Mr. Rottentreats: “You don’t get this shit, from play fighting! I should have known not to make mention of my amateur wrestling credentials. Why? Because as soon as I did, the so called, real fighting company, started scheming. They were scared! Scared of what? That this play fighting clown, would sweep through their so-called, real fighters! After all, once the herd of bitch made pro wrestlers, was thinned, you had me. One of the realest god damned professional wrestlers, to grace the squared circle. Now, I’m not saying this to take away from anyone in the back, or anyone else that I’ve shared a locker room with. Just ask SwitchBlade, we were both brought into the business, the old fashioned way. There wasn’t some money mark, taking our cash and giving us three weeks of training. Men like us, we weren’t trained by someone, that was trained by someone else, that claimed to be trained by some legend. There wasn’t some stupid ass reality contest. It was blood, sweat, and tears. The point of all this long winded mic time of mine is this. BCF, you’re not going to last long. You’re tossing away money like you’re in charge of confetti at a tickertape parade. And as of now, you have about as much integrity and credibility, as that bitch made pretty boy that loaded his gloves. I’m not even going to start on that dumb ass official.”

Treats pulls his mask back down over his chin and continues.

Mr. Rottentreats: “And before you even attempt to whip up some lame excuses for your play fighting pretty boy. I get it, you can’t have a pro wrestler bringing that plastic gold plated trophy back to the states, to a pro wrestling promotion. In which case, you shouldn’t have an open tournament, if you’re in fear of a pro wrestler winning it. I apologize to the WARPED audience for taking up so much of your time. I do however promise, tonight, you’ll be entertained, and you’ll get your money’s worth, it won’t be guys hugging in the middle of the ring for half a round. Or as they say in MMA, clinching. There won’t be any humping on the mat, or as they say in MMA, transition attempts. I promise, we won’t bore you to death, with that bullshit. Enjoy the show.”

Tony D: “Powerful words from WARPED’s on Mr. Rottentreats, Kris.”

Kris Red: “Strong words indeed, Tony D. Real strong words. And I have to say, I agree with every damn bit of it. Some friends and I were watching the fight he spoke of. And we thought we saw something fall of that other guys glove as he had his hand raised."

Tony D: “Thankfully, Joey Matthew allotted time for this tonight.”

Kris Red: "THE Joey Matthew?"

Tony D: "That's the word on the street. Joey Matthew allotted time for this.. well for lack of a better term.. shoot. Let's get back to Randy Long, though, as we've got a main event."

Randy Long: "Introducing his opponent.. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 212 pounds - Andy LeBeau!"

Leader of men starts blasting though the PA system as Andy LeBeau makes his way out all alone. The fans boo as he makes his way down the aisle.

Kris Red: "Conspicuous by her absense is that sexy ass Ashley Lovell.. who we saw at the start of the show in the Reaction piece that apparently we can assume that Treats knows about... or is involved with..."

Andy LeBeau charges toward the ring, and slides in. Mr. Rottentreats meets him and the two start throwing punches as the bell sounds!

Tony D: "Andy LeBeau wasting no time there making it to the ring as he's looking for revenge and he wants Ashley back!!"

He grabs Treats from behind and delivers a German Suplex, rolling it into a headlock which Treats quickly fights out of. They stand apart, staring each other down for the moment at a distance.

Tony D: "Andy LeBeau took him down quickly and Treats looks a bit flustered by that."

They forcefully tie up in the middle. It's a fairly even contest as they go back n forth to get the advantage. Andy LeBeau easily twists this into a headlock. Treats breaks out of it with a few elbows to the gut before launching himself off of the ropes. LeBeau jumps over him, and as he comes back flawlessely leads Treats into a hip toss, and a sleeper hold

Kris Red: "Andy LeBeau grounding Mr. Rottentreats yet again."

Mr. Rottentreats gets to his feet quickly. From where he's stood, he quickly jumps and kicks his legs back, connecting with LeBeau's stomach and breaking the hold while he lands on mat. He sweeps himself back to his feet in time to catch LeBeau with a dropkick to the face on the rebound from the ropes. LeBeau gets up, holding his nose, and looks up just long enough to catch a baseball slide to the face from Treats

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats is tipping the scale back in his favor here!"

The slide sends LeBeau outside the ring. Treats follows suit, grabbing him by the shoulders and slamming his head into the crowd barrier.

Kris Red: "Treats said earlier this week that it was going to be a brawl and there's some of that brawling!"

A short fist fight breaks out between the two, leading to Treats smashing LeBeau's face into the crowd barrier again. LeBeau staggers a little, and is Irish whipped into the steps. The ref is up to four on the countout.

Kris Red: "Oooooh! Hard steps to the back! That's gonna leave you stiff in the mornin', and I'm not just talkin' bout what Treats may or may not allegedly be doing with Ashley!"

Tony D: "Moving right along."

Treats quickly darts to the top of the turnbuckle overlooking the stairs, watching LeBeau slowly get to his knees. The count is on five.

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats is readying LeBeau here, waiting for the perfect moment for a high-risk move..."

As LeBeau gets to his feet, he quickly rolls out of the way as Treats comes crashing down, going for a leg drop but landing akwardly, and thus injuring himself. LeBeau gets to his feet and rolls Treats back into the ring, thankfully at the "seven count". Treats gets to his feet first, limping slighlty after his akward landing, and goes for a clothesline on LeBeau, who counters into a DDT. Treats is down, and LeBeau is leaning against the ropes for support. He gets back to his feet, and goes for a cover. The ref drops and counts.



Treats kicks out.

Tony D: "That's not quite enough to keep Mr. Rottentreats down!"

Kris Red: "Treats can take a lot of punishment and it will take a lot to keep him down."

Andy LeBeau drags Mr Rottentreats to his feet, giving him a few boots to the gut for good measure, and sending him into the corner. He mounts tthe turnbuckle, and gets four punches off before being shoved off roughly by Treats. Treats hops onto the top of the turnbuckle quickly, and goes for a flying elbow, connecting!

Tony D: "Where'd that come from?!"

Kris Red: "From the top rope. Are you not watching the match!! Get under the table! The Phantom is lurking I'm sure. Ohh wait, pin!! Pin!"

The ref slides in for the pin count as Treats flops ontop of LeBeau.



LeBeau kicks out, shoving Treats off of him LeBeau, luckly, is close to the ropes, and drags himself back to his feet quickly, and getting Treats in a Sleeper hold while he's vulnerable. The ref slides down to a yelling Treats, constantly asking him if he wants to tap out. Treats shakes violently, LeBeau relishing the moment. Slowly, Treats slides towards the ropes and is very close to touching them but Andy pulls him back to the center of the ring!

Tony D: "Mr Rottentreats is gonna pass out or tap out if he doesn't escape this!"

Kris Red: "Whoever wins this match gets to pick the stip for Live From Death's Door so Andy LeBeau is counting on Treats passing out now!"

Another few moments pass, and the fans chant "ROTTENTREATS! ROTTENTREATS!" and he slowly starts inching his feet closer and closer to the ropes. LeBeau shakes his head no no and Treats decides to power up off of the mat instead.. and he is up just enough to drop LeBeau into a STUNNER!

Tony D: "Jawbreaker from Treats! He's out of the move!"

The fans cheer! Treats slowly gets to his feet and Andy LeBeau tries to stop him from doing anything.. He stomps at him as Treats tries to power up. Treats goes for a kick, but his foot is grabbed by LeBeau. Treats hops once, twice, and lands an Enziguri. The two land back on the mat, as the ref starts counting. 1... 2... 3...

Tony D: "Both men down now! This is anyone's ballgame!"


Kris Red: "Somebody get up!"

8... 9... And Treats is back on his feet!

Tony D: "Rottentreats to his feet first, with LeBeau not far behind."

Treats pleads for LeBeau to get up. LeBeau slowly climbs to his feet, staggers, and backs right into Mr. Rottentreats who hooks him and lands a Cradled belly to back brain buster/cradle back drop driver!

Kris Red: "Fall Apart Driver!"

Treats covers...




Kick out!!

Tony D: "Just a two count!"

Treats grabs him by the head in a cravate and leads the limp body of Andy LeBeau up. He attempts a Cravate Cutter, but LeBeau pushes him chest-first into the corner! LeBeau charges and Treats, with eyes in the back of his head, slings over the ropes onto the apron and LeBeua puts on the breaks, but Treats levels him with an elbow shot! He then slams his head off of the top buckle and starts climbing the turnbuckle. He pulls LeBeau up with him and underhooks both arms..

Tony D: "Wait a second.. what does he have in mind!"

Kris Red: "It couldn't be!"

Treats shouts out "FAYGO PLUNGE!" then leaps off with LeBeau with a super Pedigree to the mat!!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness!"

Kris Red: "Somebody tweet the PO PO!!!!"

The fans erupt out of their seats as Treats hurries into the cover....





The ref calls for the bell and Treats' music hits!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Mr. Rottentreeeeeeeeats!"

Mr. Rottentreats gets to his feet and the ref raises his arm! The fans cheer!

Tony D: "What a win for Mr. Rottentreats and for the Carnival Connection! They now get to choose the match stipulation at the next Supershow on October 28th!!"

Kris Red: "What a night!! The Phantom finally spoke out... SwitchBlade continued to search for Taurus but then had a great match with up and comer Bushido! Leon Stone held his own against Alexander StarrZoe in a great match and William Wallace wants a buried alive match, and now this!!"

Tony D: "We're just three weeks away from our biggest event of the Fall - LIVE FROM DEATH'S DOOR! We'll see you in two weeks, fans! Thanks for ordering this official WARPED Wrestling DVD release!"

The scene fades to the WARPED logo...