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WARPED61 - 9/23/12 - Charleston, WV - Charleston Civic Center


You open the DVD of WARPED 61 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...



A shot of the ringside crowd is shown as they are giving a standing ovation as WARPED 61 kicks off. A "WARPED! WARPED! WARPED!" chant breaks out from the fans.

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 61, wrestling fans! We are live at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia for the first time ever! I'm Tony D and beside me is none other than Kris Red!"

Kris Red: "That's "Red Hot" Kris Red, Tony D! Let's make memories! Tonight is set up to be a historic night as we will crown a new Evolution Champion and the Tag Team Titles are on the line in the main event!"

Tony D: "That's right Kris! And earlier this week the Reaction piece from the Maple Leaf Strike Force was released and it sounded like we might not get a tag title match tonight. We're still not sure what's planned! Let's take you to that Reaction now!"

Two Weeks Ago - Maple Leaf Strike Force
The team of MLSF come in to view of the camera Hugo holding ice to his head

HUGO: Joey Carnival Contection cheated and the should be stripped of their number contendership. As of right now we are on protest and will not be at WARPED 61 any question please call our manger Mr.Slade.

The MLSF walk out.

Back Live

Tony D: "We're still waiting on any sort of update from the management regarding this match but from the looks of things on Twitter this week, the Maple Leaf Strike Force are refusing to defend their titles tonight against the Carnival Connection."

Kris Red: "Quite frankly I think that makes them downright cowards and it's not a great way to start off being the first ever Tag Team Champions, but the Maple Leaf Strike Force have always been known to do things their way in order to get the job done. So we'll see what happens."

Tony D: "And as we said, the Evolution Championship will be decided tonight! P - .. hey, what the hell?"

Kris looks at Tnoy D who is looking off camera.

Kris Red: "What what??"

Tony D: "Oh nothing. Nothing.."

Kris Red: "What were you looking at and why do you seem spooked?"

Tony D: "I think someone is dressing up for Halloween a bit early. Let's move on!"

Kris Red: "Hmm.. let's."

Tony D: "PKA has decided that he's tired of William Wallace's crying and complaining, so he's put Wallace in the running for the title two weeks early! Originally he was scheduled to face the winner of Leon Stone versus Anton Chase, but tonight he'll be in the match in a Three way Elimination match. SwitchBlade officially relinquishes the Evolution Title tonight and we'll crown a new champ."

Kris Red: "Yeah and speaking of that match, one of the challengers, Leon Stone, had some words to say. Let's take you to the package."


Video Package: Backstage w/Leon Stone

Leon Stone stands in front of the concrete walls that make up the back stage area of Warped. Dressed in his ring, he smiles runs his hands through his hair and bows to the camera.

Leon: Ladies and Gentlemen, children and adults, tonight I will be in the match of my life, my first real shot to give you all a brand new Evolution Champion, I know I have rambled about how I have changed and I know you want me to show you that I have, that’s what I want to do, Anton and Wallace basically had the same thing to say. I don’t belong here, and they both are better than me.

Leon smirks.

Leon:You know maybe at one point they were, but where Anton is confused is he thinks he wants this more than me, he thinks I don’t have the heart or drive to do this. I have been told a lot of time that I just don’t have the talent to win a match but never has any one ever and imagined that any one wanted to win more than I did; it is crazy for Anton to think that somewhere in his head that he wants this more than I do. He doesn’t.

Leon brushes hair out of his eyes.

Leon:Wallace didn’t really have much to say, he rattled on about how good he is, and he is good, but a little self respect would be nice, does he not have any self-control. I don’t go around bragging about all the things I have done do I?

Sean Armstrong come rushing out of nowhere running right but into Leon putting the microphone into his face and begging for an interview, a comment on the match, anything.

Leon:Sean what in the hell do you think I am doing? Talking to myself?

Sean:I don’t know but I thought I would help!

Leon:Sean go away I’m in the middle of this right now. Go interview PKA or Carnival Connections.

He sulks away sadly.

Leon:As I was saying, Wallace and Anton, normally they would be the best they could be, delivering every ounce of talent had, and either I would walk out having learned something or I would have walked out a champion.

Chelsea come walking up and stands next to Leon, Damien Baine comes walking up on the other side.

Leon:There is a laundry list of things we want to do. Starting tonight, when I walk out of my match at Champion, this game will be huge and ill he trying so hard. Cheer for me, and break open those signs, I need em.

Leon walks away leaving the camera aimed at the wall.




Tony D: "Sounds like Leon Stone is ready and focused for a huge title shot tonight!"

Kris Red: "And it looks like Sean Armstrong needs to pay attention. Anyway.. Tony D, I'm ready for this first match!"

Tony D: "As am I! We're about to see the debut of two new talents to WARPED, Bushido and Vic Vega. Let's take it to the ring and Randy Long!


Singles Match: Bushido vs. Vic Vega

The camera shows Randy Long in the ring ready to announce!

Randy Long: “The opening contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first!

The lights go down in the arena as the Fighter’s Passion by The Immortals begins to play.

Randy Long: “From Brooklyn, New York! Weighing in at One-Hundred Seventy-Five pounds!

After a few seconds Bushido appears at the top of the stage, his face and head are hidden in a ninja cloth mask all we can see are his eyes.

Randy Long: “The Strooong Style Waaaarioor! BUUSHIIDOO!

Kris Red: “Strong Style eh? You know what that means Tony D, we’ve got ourselves a tough guy!”

Tony D: “He’s spent most of his career in Japan, Kris. That has to count for something doesn’t it?”

Bushido looks out at the crowd as he slowly makes his way down the ramp walking slowly. The fans in the crowd touch him as he passes by and ascends the ring steps. Upon reaching the apron he climbs to the second turnbuckle looking out at the crowd then jumps down in the middle of the ring . He begins a marital arts display as it ends he brings his hands together in a praying position.

Kris Red: “Bushido’s showing that Japanese influence early on, Tony D!”

He walks over to a corner and removes the cloth then begins stretching waiting for his Vic Vega.

"Sinister Kid" by the Black Keys rips through the air waves as the arena lights black out.

Randy Long: “And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Hartford, Connecticut!”

A simple strobe light engulfs the entryway from behind with red and white ambiance. The massive silhouette of Vic Vega emerges on the ramp with head held high.

Randy Long: “Weighing in at two-hundred seventy-eight pounds! “

Vega scans the crowd from atop the ramp for a few, long seconds before taking his time down the aisle.

Randy Long: “The Villian! Viiiiic VEEEGAA!!”

Vega flinches and insults nearby WARPED fans on his way to the ring with sincere disgust. Vic slowly ascends the ring steps to a chorus of jeers, climbing the turnbuckle once he hits the apron, and then peers off into the crowd wearing a scowl on his face.

Tony D: “This is going to be an interesting one, Kris. Bushido has been wowing crowds since two-thousand three. Vega is only five months into his pro wrestling career.”

Kris Red: “Experience doesn’t matter, look at Bushido, now look at Vega. He’s a behemoth, Tony D!”

The arena lights finally come to life as the Smooth Criminal drops down into the ring and removes his t-shirt as then stares down Bushido as the ref checks both men.

Kris Red: “This looks to be an intense one, check out the little guy, he’s hulking up in the corner, huffing and puffing away!”

Tony D: “Would it hurt you to show a little respect for the talent of WARPED?”

Kris Red: “My money’s on Vega! How’s that for respect, Tony D?!”

Vega and Bushido circle the ring a couple times. Vega attempts a tie up but Bushido quickly ducks under and counters with a stiff kick to right leg of Vega. Bushido follows up with another one to the left leg of Vega.

Tony D: “He’s attempting to chop him down early, Kris!”

Vega turns around as Bushido hits him with a round house kick to the chest. Vega shakes it off, just before being hit with another one, causing him to sway a bit. A third round house attempt by Bushido, but Vega catches it just before it hits him in the head. He uses Bushido’s leg to whip him into the ropes.

Tony D: “Unique version of an Irish whip by Vega.”

Kris Red: “Kick to the he… Vega ducks, nice try little man!”

Tony D: “But he didn’t duck that one, Kris! Spinning ENZUIGIRI!”

Bushido lands a clean Spinning Enzuigiri to the head of Vega that sends the big man through the ropes to the apron. Vega sits on the apron to shake the cob webs off. Bushido off the ropes with a John Woo drop kick that sends the big man into the guardrail. Bushido quickly ascends the turnbuckles as Vega pushes eager fans hands away from him and turns towards the ring.


Vega catches Bushido and drives him spine first into the ring post!

Kris Red: “Looks like Air Bushido, just hit some rough turbulence, Tony D!”

Vega gorilla presses Bushido and tosses him through the middle and top ropes. Bushido uses the middle rope to help him land on his feet as he grabs his lower back. Vega flexes to the crowd and signals that he’s stronger than Bushido.

Crowd: “FUCK YOU VEGA!” *5 claps* “FUCK YOU VEGA!” *5 claps*

The big man starts a shouting match with a ringside fan then turns toward the ring just in time for Bushido to fly right into him hitting a Spaceman Moonsault! The impact sends Vega back first into the guardrail, and drapes Bushido over the guardrail.

Crowd: “Bu-Shi-Do! Bu-Shi-Do!”



Tony D: “Bushido with a spaceman moonsault! And this crowd is loving it!”



Kris Red: “This is WARPED, Tony D! Not McDonald’s!”

Both men crawl towards the ring.



Vega and Bushido use the ring skirt and ring ropes to pull themselves into the ring, cutting off the count. Bushido quick with a lateral press as Vega attempts to regain his composure.

Tony D: “Lateral press by Bushido!”

Vega tosses Bushido off of him with ease before the ref gets to two.

Kris Red: “Air Bushido really soars, Tony D! He should have hooked one of those tree trunks that Vega calls legs!”

Vega slowly gets to his feet as Bushido runs at him, but Vega grabs the top rope and maintains his grip as he drops to the mat. Bushido goes over the top, but lands on his feet.

Tony D: “The big rookie, showing great ring awareness!”

Kris Red: “And that’s why my money’s on Vega, Tony D!”

Vega grabs at Bushido, but he’s met with a stiff kick to the head sending him stumbling back. Bushido spring boards in hitting a Koppu Kick!

Tony D: “Springboard KOPPU KICK!!”

Bushido quick with another lateral press attempt.


Vega kicks out before two again! Vega sits up to be met with a stiff kick to the chest, he shakes it off and gets to a knee. Bushido grabs his head and introduces Vega’s face to his shins multiple times!


The referee checks the placement of Bushido’s hand giving Vega enough time to hit a low blow!

Kris Red: “Vega must have lied on his resume, he‘s wrestling like a grizzled vet tonight!”

Vega applies a waist lock on Bushido as he rises to his feet and powers him over like a rag doll with a German suplex!

Kris Red: “Crisp clean, German suplex by my dude, Vic Vega! He maintains the grip for another one. Looks like Bushido is LOST IN THE SAUCE, Tony D!”

Tony D: “There was nothing clean about that what so ever, Kris!”

Vega hit’s a second German, followed by a third and bridging up for the pin attempt.



Kris Red: IT’S OV.. Come on ref, that was three!!”

Tony D: “He clearly kicked out, Kris.”

Vic Vega frustrated by the referees “slow count” begins to argue with him as he rises to his feet with Bushido still on the mat.

Kris Red: “Shut it, Tony D! Stay on him Vega, come on!”

Tony D: “Looks like he heard you, Kris. He’s blatantly choking Bushido!”





The ref makes Vega break the choke and Vega argues with him, pointing out that he has till five! Vega back on the attack brings Bushido to his feet and clubs him with forearms to the jaw driving him into the ropes. He Irish whips him to the other side. Vega meets Bushido with an attempted Mafia kick in the center, Bushido ducks and Vega hit’s the ropes. When the two meet again Bushido is turned inside out by a vicious charging forearm lariat!


Vega hooks the leg for the pin attempt. 2!

3.. KICKOUT! Vega pounds the mat and signals for a quicker count from the ref. Bushido slowly gets to a knee as Vega continues arguing with the referee. Vega gets back on the attack and locks in a Dragon Sleeper. He rains down vicious forearms to the chest and mid section of Bushido in the middle of the ring.

Crowd: “Bu-shi-do! Bu-shi-do!”

Vic Vega: “SHUT UP!”

The ref raises Bushido’s arm once, and it falls no sooner than the ref loosens his grip on his wrist.

Crowd: “Bu-shi-do! Bu-shi-do!”

Vic Vega: “SHUT UP, DAMN IT!”

The referee raises it once more, and it drops again.

Crowd: “Bu-shi-do! Bu-shi-do!”


The referee raises Bushido’s arm again.

Crowd: “Bu-shi-do! Bu-shi-do!”


Bushido’s arm begins to fall, but it stops mid way and Bushido begins to stomp the mat as the fans clap along.

Tony D: “This crowd in the Charleston Civic Center, are solidly behind Bushido, Kris!”

Kris Red: “Shut it, Tony D!”

Bushido displays his educated feet and flexibility by sending swift kicks to the face of Vic Vega, causing him to loosen his grip. Vega stumbles back into the corner trying to shake off the cobwebs, but can’t do it in time. And Bushido charges from the opposite corner and lands a Yakuza kick right to the face of the big man!

Tony D: “He’s following up the Yakuza kick with Machine gun chops!”

Kris Red: “Come on, ref! Where’s the five count?!”

Bushido runs back to the opposite corner and rebounds off the second turnbuckle and handsprings back towards Vega then nails a handspring roundhouse! Vega falls forward but Bushido doesn’t let him hit the mat and pushes him into the ropes. He quickly spring boards over and applies a Hanging Dragon Sleeper in the ropes!



Kris Red: “Come on ref! That’s blatant!”

Tony D: “Come off it, Kris”



Bushido releases the hold before five and Vega drops to the mat and writhes in pain. Bushido ascends the ropes and comes flying off the top feet first as he shrieks out a warriors cry and hit’s the double stomp!

Tony D: “Air Bushido takes flight.. ODE TO THE WARRIOR!!!”

Kris Red: “He’s hooking the leg for the pin, NO! COME ON VEGA KICK OUT!!!




The ref signals for the bell and raises Bushido’s hand in victory as Vega clutches his stomach on the mat.

Randy Long: “And your winner! Buuu-shiii-doooo!”

Fighter’s Passion by The Immortals begins to play as the fans are going absolutely insane for Bushido's win!

Tony D: "What an amazing win for Bushido! This guy has a lot of talent and a bright future here in WARPED, that's for sure!"

Bushido escapes the ring and slaps some hands of fans as he makes his way up the aisle.

Kris Red: "He reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it! Regardless, he reminds me of someone great!"

Tony D: "We're told that William Wallace is backstage and-"

Kris stands up from his seat and points!

Kris Red: "Oh my God did you see that!!!"

Tony D: "I see it! That's what I was talking about earlier. The half mask guy.."

Kris Red: "That's genius! He creeps me out though. Where'd he go?"

Tony D: "He did that earlier... I'm confused. Let's go backstage to William Wallace."



In the backstage area, William Wallace is pacing back and forth, preparing himself for the Three-Way Dance for the Evolution Championship. WARPED cameras have caught up with the former champion, who is soon to say a few words about his upcoming match. As Wallace clears his throat and prepares to speak, a noise is heard off camera, a muffled “SLAM!” as something crashes to the concrete floor. William’s eyes grow large in shock as he turns and meets the source of the noise; the former World Champion Alexander StarrZoë is seen sprinting down the hallway, charging toward the man that disabled him weeks ago. “Come on asshole! Let’s finish this!” Alex screams, rushing toward the one time Evolution Champion. StarrZoë

“GET UP PUSSY! GET UP SO I CAN BEAT YOU DOWN!” Starr screams, laying the boots to Wallace. StarrZoë steadies himself over top of Wallace and begins to throw right hands to his fallen opponent’s face, busting open his lip and bloodying his nose. Alexander sees his opportunity, meeting his gaze with a steel chair. Starr grabs up the weapon and raises it in the air, bringing it down, almost landing the chair against the back of Wallace, unfortunately, it connects only with the floor. At the last minute however, Wallace rolls away, struggling to his feet and dashing out the backdoor of the Civic Center, bloodied in the face. StarrZoë stares at the camera that was rolling to record Wallace’s words. He smiles, wiping William’s blood from his own hands and lights a cigarette.

Starr: “Left me ‘lyin in a heap’ did you, faggot? What the fuck are you even doing out here competing for the Evolution Title? Last time I was here, Switchy beat you literally bloody in a steel cage and took the strap from you. What makes you so sure you earned it? Fuck out of here! You took me out after WARPED 58, you told the world what you did. Congratulations you Scottish prick; you put me on the shelf; unfortunately for you, just like everything in your life, you just couldn’t do it right. See, if I were going to take someone out, they would never walk again hell they might not breath again. You though, you half-assed it and watched me walk away. That was a fucking mistake if I’ve ever seen one. You would have been better off with a shotgun, either to shoot me, because that’s the only way I’m staying down, or to shoot yourself, because that’s the only way you’d escape the ass kicking I’m going to give you. Even then, I would have pissed on your fucking grave.”

StarrZoë paces back and forth for a moment, shaking his head;

Starr: “Do you people believe this shit? Here’s this little nobody that showed up fresh and green as all hell on Warped’s doorstep and thinks he’s going to make a name by taking me down. Then he goes and tries to do what I did; bitching at Pat, challenging SwitchBlade, Jesus Christ William, you’re just another want to be Starr, huh kiddo? A long time ago, I thought you were going to be someone, but now I’m going to make sure you’re nothing more than another name on the long list of Starr’s victims. You bitched and complained for weeks now to Patrick about wanting an Evolution Title shot, well now you don’t have to worry anymore, dead men don’t need wrestling championships and I promise you, you’re as good as dead. Patrick, I think after this long year and a half of putting up with each other, I might owe you a favor, so I’m going to do you a solid and get rid of Wallace for you permanently. William, it’s almost prophetic that the next major event coming up is called ‘Live From Death’s Door’ because after you and I square off in this ring, your permanent residence is going to become a box six feet under. After I get done, you’re going to be wearing a black suit for a long fucking time. You think you can just step on Superman’s cape and get away with it? You tried to take out one of the most talented and respected people in this business, did you expect there to be no consequences? Very soon, you’re going to come to understand that Alexander StarrZoë is not to be fucked with and how easily I can bring your world crashing down around you. In the wrestling business, there are not Ten Commandments, only one; ‘Alexander StarrZoë is your God and thou shalt not spite him…or Starr is going to beat that ass!’ Soon William, you’ll understand why.”

StarrZoë throws up his hands and walks away. Fade out.


Kris Red: "Holy crap! Somebody tweet the po po! StarrZoe is back and he just f'd up Wallace!"

Tony D: "I'm shocked! What does this mean for the title match later tonight?!"

Kris Red: "Even more - what does this mean for StarrZoe when Wallace wakes up?! "


In The Ring

The house lights die down as the bass pulse of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Back My Bullets” hit’s the Charleston Civic Center PA system. The crowd quickly rises to their feet in anticipation of The Carnival Connection. Upon the sound of the first crash cymbal, the duo make their way from the back and meet in the center of the stage standing back to back with their arms crossed.

Both men place a hand to the brow of their masks as a strobe light flickers in time from behind. As “Gimme Back My Bullets” gets to the chorus they run down the aisle way as they slap hands with the enthusiastic WARPED audience. Upon reaching ringside they continue to slap hands and make a complete lap around the ring in opposite directions. After completing a full lap both look at each other and nod in agreement before sliding into the ring.

When the ring is lit up by the overhead lights, it reveals the masked brothers adorned in matching white and maroon WARPED hockey jerseys with their respective names across the back. Treats signals for a pair of microphones from the time keeper. Upon receiving them he sings along with the last verse the music

Mr. Rottentreats: “Been up and down, since I toined seventeen! I’ve been on top and then it seems I’ve lost my dream! But I’ve got it back, I’m feeling better everyday! Tell those lame canucks, betta get outta our way!! Gonna take those titles!!”

Treats motions that the titles are gonna be put on their waist.

Douglas Fresh: “And put em here where they belong! Ain’t foolin’ around cause we’ve done had our fun! Ain’t gonna see no more damage done! Gonna take! Gonna take those titles! Strap em round our waists where they belong!”

The electric crowd cheers for the Carnival Connection’s rendition. Treats brings the microphone to his lips again as he waits for the crowd to calm down a bit.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Yes, yes, ya’ll and ya don’t stop! What the hell is up Charleston?!”


Mr. Rottentreats: “You folks are too, too kind! Stop it!”

Treats places a hand on his hip before trying to continue.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Ya know..”

He mouths to his brother Douglas Fresh, “they won’t let me speak, brudda!”

Douglas Fresh: “Let me try this.. Charleston, we’ve got a few, rather unsavory words for the Maple Leaf Stale Farts! You know, Lebeau, Strange, and.. That venomous midget of a valet, Ashley!”

Crowd(chanting with standard 5 clap follow up): “SHE HAS HERPES! SHE HAS HERPES!”

Treats looks at Douglas, miming concern the best he can with his arms.

Douglas Fresh: “She didn’t catch the Herp a derp from me bro! Enough jokin’ round, ya see tonight, we’re in the Main Event against the Stale Farts!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “Sho ya right, brudda! Sho, ya right! Two on two, tag team action at it’s finest, cover your chitlin’s ears if you have any in attendance! Because it’s the WHOLE FUCKIN’ SIDESHOW locking horns with those dastardly cry babies the Maple Leaf Strike Force. And you best believe we’re gonna walk out of here tonight with those lovely gold belts wrapped and snapped around our waists!”

Douglas Fresh: “Now, they’ve been tweeting and talking trash, tonight’s the night, and oh what a night! Show us what you’ve got boys! You wanna talk about surprises? Well, whether we know what it is or not, the fact of the matter is this. We know you have something up those grubby little sleeves of yours. So technically, it’s not a surprise. “

Mr. Rottentreats: “I’ve got one thing to ask ya MLSF! Magnets.. How do they work?! We’re just dying to know!”

They hand their microphones back to the time keeper as their music hits. They exit the ring and make their way around ringside and up the ramp as they interact with the fans. After reaching the top of the ramp they signal for the titles, before walking to the back.


The scene fades to the backstage area where Jessica Reyes is walking down the hall. She walks into the locker room. Jessica gasps as the camera pans over to reveal a half-masked man standing next to Ryder. The man blinks and then speaks.

The Phantom: In sleep I sing to you, in dreams I come. That voice which calls to you and speaks your name. And do you dream again? For now you find the Phantom is there, inside your mind.

The Phantom moves closer to Ryder and gets right in his face.

The Phantom: I know what you've done. You're going to regret it, and I'm going to make you pay for it. Dearly.

With a sweep of his cape, the Phantom turns around walks off. Ryder and Jessica watch him leave, then look at each other, completely bewildered.

Back to Ringside

The camera cuts back to Tony D and Kris Red with their jaws dropped.

Kris Red: "That's the guy!"

Tony D: "That's him!"

Kris Red: "Who in the world was that? The Phantom?"

Tony D: "Apparently so! That's what he said! He's got the creepiest look to him.. half of a mask and a creepy voice.. I'm scared!"

Kris Red: "Don't be scared, Tony D. It looks like he's got his sights set on Ryder... I wonder if that's any relation to the letter he got at WARPED60? I bet it is!"

The cameras then shift to the entrance ramp where it's time for the next match.

Singles Match: Joseph O'Henry vs. Blake Blomberg

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first - from San Diego, California, weighing in at 165 pounds - Blake "The Snake" Blomberg!"

"Snakeman's Dance" by GG Allin hits and Blake Blomberg makes his way down the aisle to the cheers of fans.

Randy Long: "And his opponent. from Bellfast, Ireland, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the Irish Rose - Joseph O'Henry!"

The drum intro of "A Warrior's Call" by Volbeat begins over the PA system, but it isn't before "Let's get to Rumble!" crosses over does Joseph O'Henry burst out from behind the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp, high fiving any fans he might have before rolling into the ring in time to scale the top rope, fist pumping to the "Fight" chant. After the chant concludes, Joseph drops back down to the mat, performing some pre-match stretches as he waits for his chance to answer The Warrior's Call.

Tony D: "Well here we go as we try to reset after what we just saw with the Phantom.. a singles match with newcomer Joseph O'Henry and Blake Blomberg. Wow. This show has been so crazy.. Starr returning and beating down Wallace.. a creepy Phantom guy fluttering around.."

Kris Red: "Don't forget Sean Armstrong is senile.."

Tony D: "That too!"

Kris Red: "Carnival Connection.."

Tony D: "Right! Can this show get any crazier?!"

As if on cue... The Farmers whistle sounds and the sound of a farmer shouting is heard before Old McDonald Had a Farm begins to play and SHEEP SHEEP emerges from the back. Making his way to the ring while tagging fans and stopping to take pictures with them.

Tony D: "Oh dear God, it's SHEEP SHEEP!"

Kris Red: "Look at his giant cartoon sized sheep head!"

SHEEP SHEEP marches down the aisle as Joseph O'Henry and Blake Blomberg look on in confusion, as does the referee. SHEEP SHEEP grabs the top rope and pulls himself up onto the apron... and then steps over the top rope. He looks at both men in the ring and waves at them both with his big fake smile on his face.

Tony D: "SHEEP SHEEP has come to spread cheer!"

SHEEP SHEEP steps closer to both men, offering a hug. They cautiously step forward, smiles on their faces as if this guy is out of his mind.

Kris Red: "Uh, I'm not sure these two have met SHEEP SHEEP.."

SHEEP SHEEP then grabs both men by the head and headbutts both at the same time and then slams their heads together! They drop to the mat!

Tony D: "And here we go.."

Joseph O'Henry gets to his feet. SHEEP SHEEP delivers a big BOOT and he goes down! "BAHHH!" he shouts! Blomberg then gets up and BAHHHH BOOT connects again! "BAHHH!" he shouts as he beats his chest.

Tony D: "This is.. this.. this is.."

Kris Red: "THIS IS SHEEP SHEEP! BEWARE! He's so good they named him twice!"

Keep in mind that all of this is happening while OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM is still going on in the background. O'Henry gets up and SHEEP SHEEP connects with a huge back hand chop!

Tony D: "Lamb Chop!"

O'Henry rolls out of the ring and Blomberg gets to his feet and throws a right hand at SHEEP SHEEP but gets a big LAMB CHOP for his efforts! He stumbles back into the ropes and SHEEP SHEEP clotheslines him over the top rope!

Kris Red: "Wow! "The Baaaahd Man" is really cleaning house!!"

SHEEP SHEEP lets out a giant "BAHHH" as OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM EE IIY EE IYY OHHHH starts over. The fans laugh as SHEEP SHEEP stomps around the ring. O'Henry and Blomberg are both laid out on opposite sides of the ring as SHEEP SHEEP makes his way to the back.

Tony D: "So, I guess we're not going to see O'Henry and Blomberg wrestle tonight. Maybe next time."


Tony D: "Well, uh. Let's take you to a REACTION piece from the World and Evolution Champion, SwitchBlade, from two weeks ago."

Two Weeks Ago - SwitchBlade
*SwitchBlade goes over to the camera, a satisfied look on his face.*

SwitchBlade: Looks like my training did those clowns some good after all. Well, at least until the end. But other than that they were flawless, and they've shown that they're ready to face Maple Leaf for the Tag Titles. I wish them all the best. As for Wallace, we'll meet again. Could be as soon as Warped 61 if he wins the Evolution Championship.

SwitchBlade: But Taurus, my focus is on you now. You've been avoiding me, and Warped, ever since you screwed Korrupt over. It's time to stop hiding and come out of your shell. Warped 61. You and me. In the ring. Let's settle things once and for all!

*He walks away from the camera.*

The scene fades to ringside with Tony D and Kris Red.

Tony D: "Strong words from SwitchBlade, who's reign as Evolution Champion officially ends tonight. Speaking of him and Taurus, we haven't heard from Taurus for nearly three weeks now. The last anyone heard from him was when there were apparent issues and he backed out of the Six Man Tag main event at WARPED60. I'd really like to know what's going on!"

Kris Red: "As would I. And I haven't seen SwitchBlade here at all tonight. I wonder if he's off looking for Taurus himself. I'd love to see those two in a ring together."

Tony D: "Well we might have to wait a while for that! But what we don't have to wait for is crowning a new Evolution Champion! Let's go to the ring and Randy Long."

Singles Match for the Evolution Championship: Leon Stone w/Chelsea vs. Anton Chase

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is to crown a brand new Evolution Champion! Introducing first.. from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Tony D: "Here he is, a former Evolution Champion in his own right.. Anton Chase has been trying to regain that title since he lost it in July 2011."

Kris Red: "Anton said earlier this week that he had the heart, passion and drive to win this title match tonight. On the other hand, he didn't even know why SwitchBlade was dropping the Evolution Title. So, there you go."

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by his sister Chelsea.. He weighs in at 230 pounds and hails from Dayton, Ohio - Leon Stone!"

Leon Stone and his sister Chelsea Stone walk down the ramp, Leon is wearing a just a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts. Chelsea is wearing tight jeans and a tight low cut tank top, with her long brown hair in a loose pony tail.

Kris Red: "There's a lot of history between these three here.. as Anton and Chelsea were allegedly emotionally linked earlier this year all the while Leon Stone and Anton Chase were in the process of a hated feud."

Leon slides into the ring and his sister walks to the apron jumping up and down a little just as ready for the match as her big brother is.

Tony D: "Don't forget that in their last one on one meeting, it was Stone who beat Anton Chase with a Milestone off of a ladder through a table."

Kris Red: "Leon's been training all week and he convinced his sister to come and join him for support tonight. He's talked about how the Evolution Title needs to evolve and can only do so with a person holding it who has never done so before.."

The referee holds the Evolution Title in the air toward the hard camera and then shows it to both competitors.

Tony D: "There's the vacated belt that formerly belonged to SwitchBlade, but now that he's the World Champ, he's gladly handed that title over to be decided between two hungry stars in WARPED."

Kris Red: "Yeah well formerly it was to be three.. but William Wallace is apparently being treated for injuries sustained from StarrZoe!"

The ref hands the belt off to Randy Long at ringside and calls for the bell and it sounds! Chelsea shouts out support for her brother and he turns and smiles at her. Anton Chase takes the opportunity to rush Leon and nail him in the back of the neck! Stone drops to the mat and Chase puts the boots to him repeatedly. Stone rolls out of the ring and Chase follows out and delivers repeated right hands, backing Stone in the barricade.

Tony D: "Anton Chase immediately attacking Leon Stone and taking him to the outside!"

Kris Red: "Chase showing that he wants this championship back around his waist badly! And I think it's a tad bit personal for them too, Tony D."

The referee starts a 10 count... (1...) Chase delivers a knife edge chop to the chest of Stone, and he asks him if that's all he's got!! (2...) Chase goes for another chop but Stone blocks it and delivers a right hand! Chase returns with a kick to the gut, though. (3...) He grabs the head of Stone and leads him toward the ring but Leon Stone fights out.. however Chase delivers a quick knee to the gut and slams his head off of the barricade! (4...)

Kris Red: "They're coming over near us now.. Tony are you hiding under the table?!"

Tony D: "Shut up! I'm clearly not."

Anton Chase slides into the ring and stops the count, then rolls back out. Anton Chase then turns right into a right hand from Leon Stone! (1...) Stone delivers another right and chase staggers backward. Stone comes at him but Chase knees him in the gut and shoves him into the barricade back-first! (2...) Anton brings Leon Stone away from the barricade and rolls him into the ring. Before following, Chase spots Chelsea and gives her a look of disgust. Chase slides in and Stone stops him with a baseball slide to the face!

Kris Red: "Anton took too long getting back into the ring there."

Stone pulls Chase away from the ropes and covers..1.. kick out! He brings him to his feet. Irish whip.. countered by Anton Chase.. Leon Stone hits the ropes and the two meet with a shoulderblock from Stone, taking Chase down! Stone hits the ropes and Chase pops up and goes for a tilt a whirl but its countered into a headscissors! Chase gets to his feet and charges Stone with a clothesline but Stone ducks it and quickly turns around to leap up and hit a dropkick just as Chase turns around! Chase drops to the mat and Stone covers.. 1... 2.. kick out!

Kris Red: "Quickmoves from Leon Stone there!"

Tony D: "Nearfall there for Leon Stone."

Stone brings Chase to his feet and delivers repeated right hands, backing him into the corner. He delivers a knife edge chop and Chase is reeling in the corner. Stone walks away from the corner, taunting to the crowd. They cheer him on as he turns back and charges at Anton Chase who drops down and backdrops Stone over the top rope! Stone lands on the apron and Chase delivers a back elbow, but Stone blocks it and punches him in the face! Chase stumbles back as Stone climbs the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "Leon Stone going to the high rent district now.. What's he got in mind?"

He leaps off the top with a flying crossbody but Chase rolls forward, escaping impact, and Stone lands chest-first on the mat!

Kris Red: "Crash and burn!"

Leon Stone pushes up, clutching his rib area, as Anton Chase measures him off. Stone turns around and Chase brings him up on his shoulders and up over into a double knee gutbuster! He covers.. 1.. 2... kick out!

Tony D: "Impressive impactful move from Anton Chase but just a two count."

Chase now mounts Stone and starts drilling him right right hands. The ref warns him to stop it and he lets up. He brings Stone to his feet and delivers a hard right hand, followed by another, stagging Stone.. and one more takes him down to his feet. Chase now stalks him. He grabs both hands and steps on the hair of Stone, pulling his arms up and stretching out the hair!!

Kris Red: "Oh come on!"

Tony D: "Leon Stone's probably regretting growing his hair out! That has to hurt."

The referee starts a 5 count 1.. 2.. 3.. Chase lets up. He brings Stone to his feet and backs him into the corner as Chelsea claps for her brother. Chase shakes his head at her and grabs Stone's arm.. Irish whip to the opposite corner.. He looks back at Chelsea and tells her to watch this. He runs at Stone but he gets a boot up and nails Chase right in the face! Chase doubles over, clutching his face, and Stone runs and leaps into a Sunset flip pin..1... 2.. kick out!

Tony D: "Two count off the sunset flip from Leon Stone."

Both men get up and Chase drills him in the face with a double axe handle!

Kris Red: "Look at the quickness and aggressiveness from Chase!"

He drops into a cover, pushing the face of Stone in.. 1... 2... kick out! Chase sits up and holds up three fingers to the ref, but he holds up two. Chase shakes his head and brings Stone up. Stone fires away right a slap to the face and Chase returns with one of his own. Stone backs into the corner and Chase kicks him repeatedly in the midsection. He sets him up top and climbs up with him. Stone delivers a right hand but Chase fires back with one of his own. He leaps up for a Hurricanrana but Leon Stone holds on and doesn't go down! He lifts him up in a powerbomb predicament and suddenly Chase punches him in the face and gets his feet down onto the top rope.

Tony D: "These two men are in a dangerous position here up top.. especially Anton Chase as he could lose his footing if not careful."

Kris Red: "Anton is familiar with going high risk. He knows what he's doing!"

Chase pulls Stone up for a Superplex, hooks the arm, and pulls him down to the mat with the Superplex!!

Tony D: "Both men to the very top and both men crash down with a super duper plex!!"

Kris Red: "That clearly took more out of Leon Stone but Anton Chase is feeling it too."

Chase crawls a few inches and drapes his arm over Leon Stone.... 1..... 2........ 3!!

Tony D: "Is it?!"

Kick out!!

Kris Red: "Whoa! So close!!"

Anton Chase wastes no time as he gets out onto the apron and holds onto the top rope. He leaps onto the top rope and springboards off with an elbow drop that connects with the body of Leon Stone! He covers! 1.... 2.... 3!


A kick out at two once again!

Tony D: "Half a second away from getting that Evolution Championship back was Anton Chase!"

Anton Chase gets to his feet and puts the boots to Leon Stone, trying to keep him down as Stone tries to fight to his feet. He grabs the bottom rope and Chase continues the assault while the referee pushes him away! Chase cools down, not wanting to get disqualified. Leon Stone pulls himself up in the corner and Anton Chase heads toward him, but Stone delivers a right hand! He goes for a Russian Legsweep but Chase elbows him in the head to escape. Chase then runs to the ropes and springs off the middle rope into a back elbow but Stone ducks! Chase crashes on the mat and Stone hit sthe ropes and returns with a knee to the face! He covers.. 1... 2.... kick out!

Kris Red: "Boy what a straightforward KNEE to the mushmouth of Anton Chase there."

Tony D: "And just a two count for Leon Stone who has to get some momentum going now."

Leon Stone pushes himself up to his feet.. clearly not entirely with it as he's trying to mount a come back. Anton Chase starts to get up..

Kris Red: "Man I don't know how that knee didn't knock Anton Chase out."

Leon runs to the ropes and charges at Anton who charges as well and both men meet with a clothesline that takes both men down!!

Tony D: "Double clothesline and neither man got the best of that one!"

The referee starts a 10 count for both men being down. 1... 2... 3...

Kris Red: "And so if both men are counted out... we still have no Evolution Champion! Get up somebody!"

4... 5... 6... both men start getting to their feet.. 7... both men rise! Anton Chase throws a right hand but its block by Leon Stone! Leon delivers a right hand of his own! Chase battles back with a right hand but it gets blocked again by Stone and Stone returns with another right hand! And another! And another! Chase drops to the mat and pops back up only to get a European Uppercut that sends him back down!

Tony D: "Leon Stone with a huge Euro Uppercut there and he's back in this!"

Leon Stone plays to the crowd and they cheer him on! Anton Chase crawls to the ropes but Stone follows and stops him, grabbing him around the neck in a DDT position but he swings Chase's legs up and over the middle rope!

Tony D: "Uh oh, this doesn't look good for Anton Chase!"

Stone pauses and smiles before dropping Chase with a DDT!

Kris Red: "And he spiked 'em with that DDT off the middle rope! Ouch!"

Stone covers... 1..... 2...... 3!

Tony D: "Did he get him!?"?

The referee shakes his head nooo!! Two count only!

Kris Red: "Oh my God I swore I saw three!!!"

Tony D: "I think everyone did, Kris! But the ref says no!! Leon was just a split second away from winning the gold for the first time. Man, he spiked him on the head. I'm not sure how Anton was able to survive that."

Leon calls out "MileStone!" and the fans cheer as he sets Anton Chase up for the Crucifix Powerbomb. He brings him up and into the crucifix position but Chase slides out. Chase then grabs the ref at the shirt and begs him to do something! The referee is confused as Leon grabs him from behind but Chase then brings his leg up with a low blow!!

Tony D: "Oh come on!! Low blow!"

Kris Red: "The ref is oblivious!"

Anton lets the ref go and pats him on the back, telling him it'll be okay. The referee is clearly confused and Leon Stone is on the mat grabbing his balls. The ref goes to Stone asking what the problem is and Stone grabs the ref's shirt, pulling himself up.. trying to explain.. Anton Chase measures him off.. counting the seconds until he can hit the Superkick.. and Leon Stone turns around and ducks as Chase nails the Superkick TO THE REFEREE on accident!

Tony D: "Oh no!! The Anton Chase Superkick took out the refereee!!"

Leon Stone now pulls Anton Chase in between his legs and lifts him up in a Crucifix position...

Kris Red: "Leon going for the MileStone! It's what he put Chase away with at WARPED50!!"

Anton Chase is able to slip out of the way yet again! Stone turns around and Chase nails the SUPERKICK! He pulls him between his legs and puts his arms out, setting up for the Chaos Theory!

Tony D: "Superkick on the money!! Chase is setting him up now!"

Anton Chase pulls him up and goes for the Chaos Theory aka Styles Clash but Leon Stone starts kicking him in the head with one of his feet and Chase drops him down.

Kris Red: "Leon escaped!"

Chase staggers back and Stone hits the ropes and returns with a SPEAR!

Tony D: "Throwing Stones!! The spear connects!!"

The crowd goes wild as Leon now brings Chase up, his body limp and motionless. Stone brings him up in a crucifix and brings him down to the mat with the Crucifix Bomb!

Tony D: "MileStone!!"

Kris Red: "It's gotta be ova!"

Leon covers Anton but the referee is still out!!! The crowd counts along 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... until Leon finally gets off of Anton and walks over to the ref. He shakes him to wake him up.

Kris Red: "That would've been it!! Damnit!"

Anton Chase slowly gets to his feet.. Leon Stone shakes the ref and he starts to come to. Stone turns around and Chase kicks him in the gut and places him between his legs.. He lifts him up and drops him forward on his face!

Tony D: "Chaos Theory!!"

Chase rolls him over, Stone's shoulders on the mat. Anton Chase shouts at the referee to hurry his ass up!!! The referee realizes what's going on and slowwwwwwwwly counts........... 1................ 2................ KICKOUT!!

Tony D: "Whoa!! He kicked out!!!"

Kris Red: "Had the ref been in position and able to count when he hit the move, it would've been it for sure I imagine!"

Anton Chase can't believe it. The referee pushes himself up to his feet and Anton Chase gets in his face saying that he needs to learn how to do his job!! Leon Stone then grabs him and rolls him up in a schoolboy and the ref drops down to count 1..... 2.... 3!!!

Tony D: "Hey wait!!"

The ref signals for the bell!

Kris Red: "New Evolution Champion!! New Evolution Champion!! Leon Stone did it!"

The fans pop! Chelsea lets out a scream for her brother! "Seize The Day" hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the newwwwwwwww Evolution Champion - Leon Stoooone!"

Anton Chase sits on the mat, hands on his head, jaw dropped. He can't believe what just happened! The referee retrieves the title and hands it over to Leon Stone. He clutches it close to his chest and drops to both knees, holding the title as tightly as possible. Chelsea enters the ring and pats her brother on the back. Leon gets to his feet and hugs his sister! The fans continue to cheer.

Tony D: "Leon Stone has been in WARPED for a year and has finally achieved championship gold! Add his name to the great list of past Evolution Champions such as Grundy, Crowbar, Sean Edmunds, SwitchBlade, William Wallace and of course Anton Chase, plus more!"

Kris Red: "PKA! The Midnighter! Okay well, PKA! Leon Stone is the new Evolution Champion! Leon Stone has evolved!"

Stone holds the title up in the air. Suddenly, Anton Chase grabs it, trying to pull it out of his hands, but Stone holds on to it. Stone asks him what he thinks he's doing.. and Chase says this belongs to him! He pulls.. Stone holds on.

Tony D: "Anton Chase wants the title.. but sadly, he didn't win the match, so it's not his!"

Kris Red: "Good luck telling him that. We have a tug of war going on now."

Stone pulls back.. Chase holds on. Chase pulls.. Stone keeps ahold.. and Stone pulls, and Chase loses his grip, and Stone accidentally clocks his sister and she goes down!!

Tony D: "Oh no!"

Leon immediately drops down to check on her, and then fire is in his eyes as he looks at Anton Chase and goes after him, but Chase slides out of the ring and runs up the aisle. He turns his back as he reaches the top and laughs as Leon Stone checks on his sister...a look of rage on his face.

Kris Red: "Did Anton Chase do that on purpose you think?!"

Tony D: "Who knows, but he definitely is satisfied with his work there. That's just horrible. Chelsea was an innocent bystander and got hit.. I'm not sure if she got hit with the title, or maybe an elbow shot from Leon, but either way, she looks hurt."

Chelsea sits up with help from Leon. She grabs her cheek and she doesn't look too happy. She says that she can't believe what that jerk did and Leon nods in agreement as the scene fades.


Main Event Tag Team Championship Match: Maple Leaf Strike Force(c) vs. Carnival Connection

Kris Red and Tony D are shown at ringside.

Tony D: "And here we go! Main event time for the tag team titles!"

Randy Long is in the ring ready to announce.

Randy Long: "The following contest is the main event of the evening and it is for the World Tag Team Championship!"

The entrance way fills with smoke as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Gimme Back My Bullets blares on the PA. Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh walk cockily to the ring jaw jacking with the fans.

Randy Long: "Making their way to the ring at a combined way of 400 cannabis & protein shakes, from the Carnival Grounds! The Carnival Connection! "

Douglas rolls underneath the bottom rope and quickly kips up and swings his towel in the air as Treats climbs to the top rope and removes his hooded vest. Treats jumps down and removes his tear away pants revealing his trunks as Douglas does the same and they await their opponents.

Randy Long: "And their opponents..." Beastie Boys ”Looking down the barrel of gun” starts to blast out of the PA system. Suddenly out comes Mr. Slade and NOT the Maple Leaf Strike Force! He makes his way down to the ring with a purpose and steps in. He takes the microphone away from Randy Long.

Mr. Slade: "On behalf of my clients I must tell you that what they've been saying all week is fact. They will NOT be defending their Tag Team Titles tonight against Carnival Connection."

The fans boo! Carnival Connection aren't pleased either as they stand in the corner.

Mr. Slade: "In fact, they won't step foot here until they have the proper security and protection. There will not be another incident like there was last week!"

Mr. Rottentreats steps forward and starts to tell Mr. Slade that he better get them out here now or Mr. Slade will have to take the beating that the Maple Leaf Strike Force deserves!

Mr. Slade: "Gentlem.. g-g-gentlemen! I advise you to step away! St--- step away!"

He starts backing away as both men approach him, ready to take care of business, when suddenly the Maple Leaf Strike Force hop the barricade and slide into the ring! A huge fight breaks out between all four men now!

Tony D: "Was this a set up all along!"

Kris Red: "I sure hope so for Mr. Slade's sake!"

Carnival Connection are getting the better of MLSF! Douglas Fresh has Hugo Strange in one corner and Mr. Rottentreats has Andy LeBeau in another, both pounding away!

Tony D: "Has this match even started?!"

Kris Red: "I don't think so!"

The referee is trying to get some order when suddenly the lights go out.

Tony D: "Oh great. I bet it's The Phantom again!"

The crowd chants "Turn the Lights On!" *clap clap clap-clap-clap* "Turn the Lights On!" *clap clap clap-clap-clap* ...

Kris Red: "Tony D get out from under the table!!"

Tony D: "I'm not I swear!"

The lights come back on and standing tall in the ring is Lenard Limoux!

Kris Red: "Lenard Limoux!! We haven't seen him in two months!!"

Tony D: "Ever since the Elite Duos when he got injured!! Hey.. look.. both members of the Carnival Connection are out on the mat! What happened!?"

Hugo covers Douglas.. Andy covers Treats.. Mr. Slade slides in and counts... 1... 2... 3! All three men then quickly exit the ring. Mr. Slade hands them their Tag Team gold and their hold it high as the fans boo.

Tony D: "Wait, what just happened???"

Suddenly "Ricochet" by Shiny Toy Guns hits and the crowd pops as PKA comes out in his purple shirt and black vest and black slacks and he has a huge shit eating grin on his face. He starts hysterically laughing as MLSF look on with a lot of confusion. The music dies down and PKA laughs into the microphone.


"He's on Drugs! He's on Drugs!" chants the West Virginia crowd.

PKA: "Oh no no.. hahaha... hooooooooooo noo! I'm not the one on drugs.. Maple Leaf Strike Forceahhhhh... youuuu are the ones who are the drug takers!"

Kris Red: "Has PKA lost his mind? Shit."

MLSF look confused. PKA still has a huge quirky smile on his face.

PKA: "Yeah so I know I've been busy with whining complainers and no showing jerkoffs and a broken nose... but I know damn good and well that we haven't hired a new referee. We don't have the budget for it. And the last time I checked, Mr. Slade isn't even on our payroll. So by God we're bouts to have us a gosh darn match don'tcha know... so get your asses back in that ring and that referee will ring the bell and then bing bang boom, I'm gonna go home! Ooh yeah DIG IT!"

PKA does the Macho Man finger spin in the air and then tosses the microphone at Mr. Slade who slams it to the ground. He screams out YOU CAN'T DO THAT!! and PKA turns his back and chalks up the deuces as he goes through the curtains.

Tony D: "PKA just ruled with an iron fist!"

Kris Red: "Hey! You can't say that! That's a Taurus thing! Only I say that when Taurus is around!"

Tony D: "Nevertheless, he doesn't come out often but when he does he makes an impact. Looks like the Maple Leaf Strike Force is ..forced to defend their gold still! And it looks like the Carnival Connection is coming to."

Kris Red: "Sure, but look at Lenard Limoux! He's jacked!"

Andy LeBeau and Hugo Strange make their way into the ring. As Carnival Connection try to regain their composure following the beating, Maple Leaf looks at their challengers with all the confidence in the world.

Tony D: Maple Leaf is ALWAYS short-cutting their way to an easy win! They need to be taught a serious lesson in treating others with respect!

Kris Red: Don’t get on your high horse, Tony D. Maple Leaf is only doing what they need to do in order to remain the first, and only, Tag Team Champions in Warped wrestling history. They do what it takes to win. They’re elite, and that’s something you can’t understand.

Tony D: The only thing those two are “elite” at is poor sportsmanship.

Treats and Fresh stand up at their corner of the ring and make sure they’re okay to compete. When they give the referee the thumbs up, the ref signals for the bell to officially start the match.

Tony D: Finally!

Hugo Strange and Douglas Fresh start off for their teams. They circle around each other. Fresh starts clapping his hands and shouts:

Fresh: USA! USA! USA! USA!

The fans chant along with him. This irritates both Hugo and Andy who wave off the crowd and yell at them to stop chanting!

Kris Red: Now what good does that do?

Tony D: It pissed off the champs, Kris. That’s something I think Carnival Connection really enjoys doing.

Kris Red: Yeah, but is it going to give them tag gold? I don’t think so!

Hugo raises an arm up and invites Douglas to grab onto his hand for a test of strength.

Tony D: Now this should be interesting.

Kris Red: Douglas is no small fry, but Hugo is a big big man. I’m not sure if he should go muscle for muscle with him.

Contrary to what Kris thinks, Douglas raises his arm up and grabs Hugo’s hand. Strange raises his other arm and Fresh does the same. The two hands clasp and suddenly they push into one another trying to bring each other down. Rottentreats and Andy cheer for their respective partners along with the fans. After about thirty seconds Fresh starts to feel his body giving out and Hugo elevates his arms up over Fresh’s. Fresh gets down on one knee while Hugo grins and pushes him down even further. “Let’s Go Fresh” chants build up, and it breathes a second wind into Fresh. Fresh lifts himself off his knee and pushes upward. Hugo looks shocked by this, but maintains his grip. Eventually Fresh is back on even ground, and he looks like he could take Strange down if he lasted long enough. Unfortunately for Fresh, Strange won’t let himself get caught like that so he drives his knee into Fresh’s gut incapacitating him.

Kris Red: And down goes Fresh! Smart thinking by Hugo.

Tony D: That was more like a desperate move for someone about to lose the test of strength.

Kris Red: These guys are thinking three steps ahead of their opponents every time, Tony D. That’s how they became the Tag Team Champions after all.

The fans boo Strange as he shoves Fresh into the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Strong grabs Fresh and shoves him into his corner. Tag to Andy. Andy gets in the ring and kicks Fresh into the corner. The ref pulls him back after taking too long and Andy and the ref have a bit of an argument. This give Strange enough time to wrap an arm around Fresh and choke him out from the apron. After a few seconds Strange let go just in time for Andy to turn his attention back to Fresh. He grabs Fresh, pulls him out of the turnbuckle and hits a vertical suplex. He then runs the ropes and hits a diving knee to the face. He covers. ..1…2…..

Fresh kicks out. As Andy picks up Fresh he slaps him upside the head before grabbing him from behind and hitting a back suplex. Andy mocks Rottentreats as he kicks Fresh in the head a couple times. Treats tries to get into the ring, but the ref stops him from doing so. This allows Strong to sneak into the ring and pick up Fresh along with Andy. Andy and Hugo deliver a double suplex. The ref turns and, seeing Hugo in the ring, forces him back on the apron. He does so since the deed has already been done and Andy covers Fresh for a count. ..1…2…

Fresh kicks out again. Andy sits Fresh up and drives his knees into his back a few times. He then runs the ropes and connects with a rolling neck snap. Andy laughs and tags Hugo back in. He and Hugo grabs Fresh. Andy holds Fresh’s arms back while Hugo lands a few punches to the gut. He then goes off the ropes for a running clothesline, but Fresh is able to slip out of Andy’s hands and Hugo catches Andy with the clothesline instead. Before he can even react, Fresh turns to Strange and dropkicks him down. Fresh crawls over to Rottentreats. Hugo gets back up and tries to stop him, but Fresh is able to make the tag in time.

Tony D: Tag to Treats! And now business is picking up!

Kris Red: Hugo can handle hi-

Rottentreats springboards off the apron and catches Hugo with a flying clothesline. Treats lands on his feet, sees Andy getting back up, and delivers an atomic drop that sends him flying out of the ring. Rottentreats waits for Andy to get up. When he does he leaps over the top and dives down onto him. The fans go crazy for it. Hugo gets up and, seeing Treats on the outside, runs the ropes and suicide dives onto both him and Andy. All three men are down leaving a recovered Fresh to run across the apron and climb up the turnbuckle nearest them. All three men get up at the same time. Fresh jumps off and cross body blocks both Andy and Hugo at the same time. The fans start chanting.


Everyone is down, and the referee is resisting the urge to count them out during a title match. Hugo and Treats are the first two to get up. They trade punches with each other until Treats gains the upper hand and smacks Hugo’s head against the apron. He rolls him into the ring and goes after him. Ashley Lovell, who had been watching at ringside, suddenly jumps up on the apron and yells at the referee. The ref asks her to get off the ring, but she keeps arguing with him about it. Rottentreats grabs Hugo and Hugo delivers a low blow that isn’t seen by the referee. Meanwhile, Andy is up and, noticing Hugo in the ring, he walks over to the timekeeper position and grabs something from a nearby cooler. It’s a bottle of beer! He holds up the beer and pops the cap. The camera picks up that it’s labeled Molson Canadian.

Kris Red: Looks like the champ is taking a refreshing break.

Tony D: Somehow I doubt that, partner.

Sure enough, Andy tosses the cool beverage over to Hugo. Hugo catches it, takes a big swig, and spits it in Rottentreat’s face blinding his eyes. Hugo laughs and tosses the beer bottle out of the ring. Ashley decides that she’s had enough arguing and get off the apron. Hugo grabs Treats, sets him between his legs and delivers a piledriver. He makes a pin while Andy and Fresh get on the apron. ..1…2…

Treats kicks out. Hugo goes to grab Treats again, but shortly thereafter, the lights go out again.

Tony D: NOW what?!

Kris Red: Maybe they’re going to try the same tactic a second time.

There’s a loud scream and the lights come back on. Carnival Connection and Maple Leaf watch as Ashley Lovell is being carried to the back by a hooded man.

Tony D: What the hell…

Kris Red: She’s being kidnapped!

Hugo and Andy exit the ring to try and save her, but Fresh keeps both of them at bay by catching Andy with a clothesline from the apron and Hugo with a jawbreaker onto the top rope.

Kris Red: What-come on! Andy’s sister just got kidnapped by someone, and Fresh stops them?!

Tony D: The match is still happening, Kris. They want to win those Tag Titles.

Kris Red: Even at the expense of Ashley possibly being in danger?! That’s just wrong, Tony D.

Tony D: Wasn’t it you who said to do ‘whatever it takes to win’ earlier?

Kris Red: I didn’t mean it like this!

Hugo turns around and walks into a double underhook facebuster from Treats! Treats rolls Hugo over and covers him. ..1…2…

Andy kicks Treats in the back to break the count. He looks to the backstage area wanting to help Ashley, but due to the match still taking place he sticks around and gets back on the apron. Treats picks Hugo up and tags in Fresh. Treats and Fresh whip Hugo into the ropes and deliver a double back elbow followed by a leg drop/standing moonsault combination. Fresh covers Hugo. ..1…2…

Hugo kicks out again. Fresh picks Hugo up and headbutts him a couple times. He then lifts the big man up, and with an impressive feat of strength nails him with a brainbuster. He makes another cover. ..1…2…

Once again the big man kicks out. Fresh waits for Hugo to get up. When he does, Fresh extends his hand out and grabs Hugo’s face for the dreaded claw submission. Strange grabs Fresh’s arm and tries to pull it off, but Fresh has it locked in tight. Hugo drops to one knee, then two. Fresh maintains the hold as the fans cheer him on. Then, in a sudden burst he wraps his arms around Fresh, hoists him up and slams him to the mat.

Tony D: That Hugo is a beast in that ring. It’s hard to put him down.

Kris Red: With his strength, and Andy’s quickness and agility, it’s no wonder why Maple Leaf is one of, if not THE, most successful tag team in the industry right now.

Hugo tags in Andy. He then grabs Fresh from behind and lifts him up over his shoulders. It looks like a torture rack submission, but Strange positions himself close to the turnbuckle and holds his opponent there. Andy then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, jumps off and double foot stomps on Fresh. Right as he lands on his feet, Hugo slams Fresh face first on the mat. The crowd groans from the sheer brutality of the move.

Tony D: My God, what the hell do you call that move?!

Kris Red: They call that one Canadian Destruction, Tony D. They told me they were going to use that move.

Tony D: Oh, so now you’re hanging with these guys?

Kris Red: Hell yeah! We party ALL night, you know?

Tony D: I don’t –want- to know.

Andy pulls Fresh to the center of the ring and covers him. ..1…2…

But Treats manages to get in the ring and break the count in time. The ref orders him back on the apron while Andy focuses on Fresh. He picks Fresh up and drops him with a DDT. He picks him up again and drags him over to the nearest turnbuckle. Andy yells at Hugo to walk over to him. Hugo walks across the apron and Andy tags him in. Andy and Hugo lift Fresh up and place him on the top turnbuckle. They climb up and it looks like they’re going for a double superplex.


Kris Red: If they hit this, it’s over! I guarantee it!


Tony D: We could be seeing a successful retaining of the titles by Maple Leaf-wait a minute!


Fresh wakes up and punches Andy back. He then headbutts Hugo and Hugo falls off landing with his legs between the top rope. While Strange has his voice raised an octave or two, Fresh headbutts Andy and sets him between his legs. He shouts:




Following that, he lifts Andy up and hits the Freedom Drop off the top rope! The crowd goes nuts for it!

Tony D: GOOD LORD! Douglas Fresh just hit Andy with William Wallace’s finisher!

Kris Red: How disrespectful! That little punk deserves to get his teeth kicked in for that!

Tony D: To be fair Kris, Wallace stole one of Carnival Connection’s moves during the six man tag match at Warped 60. What’s good for the goose…

Kris Red: Who’s talking about geese?! This is a wrestling match, not a duck show!

Tony D: It may not be a duck show, but these fans are goin’ quackers for Carnival Connection right now!

Kris Red: I can’t believe you just said that.

Andy and Fresh are down as the referee looks over them. Hugo makes his way back to his corner and Treats is begging for a tag. Soon the two start to wake up. Andy crawls to Hugo and Fresh crawls to Treats. Seconds later the hot tags are made! Treats enters! Hugo enters! Treats runs and knocks down Hugo with a clothesline. He gets up and receives yet another clothesline! Andy gets up and runs towards Treats but Treats sees him coming and catches him with a hip toss followed by a swinging neckbreaker. During the excitement, Fresh bumps into the ref and the ref falls on his ass. Ignoring it, He waits for Hugo to get up and hits a spinning forearm to the head. Tag to Fresh! Fresh enters the ring, ducks under a clothesline from Hugo, runs the ropes and delivers a boot to the face.


Tony D: A powerful boot by Fresh, and the Tag Champs are in trouble!

Treats exits the ring and notices the flag that Ashley was holding before she got taken away. He grabs the flag. Treats then throws the flag into the ring towards Fresh. Fresh reacts quickly and grabs the flag. He gives Treats a confused look.

Fresh: We don’t need this!

As he holds the stick up, the ref gets up and notices both the flag in Fresh’s hand and Hugo laid out on the mat. The ref goes over to Fresh and points at the flag. Fresh shakes his head.

Fresh: NO NO NO! I didn’t use this!

The ref won’t have any of it. He waves his arms and calls for the bell.

Tony D: Wait a minute…NO! Not like this!

Kris Red: YES! Exactly like this!

The ref gives Randy Long his verdict and Long announces it.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this contest as a result of a disqualification...and STILL Warped Tag Team Champions…Andy Lebeau and Hugo Strange…THE MAPLE LEAF STRIKE FORCE!

The Maple Leaf’s theme song plays as they start to recover. Once the ref hands them back their tag titles, their eyes light up and they celebrate by hugging each other and raises their own arms up.

Tony D: I don’t believe this! Fresh never even used that weapon.

Kris Red: But he was caught with it, Tony D! And that’s just as bad in my eyes!

Fresh, still not believing what just happened, continues to argue with the ref. He then turns to Treats. Treats has the eyes of a kid who just broke his mom’s vase. He tries to apologize, but Fresh won’t have any of it. He drops the flag and exits the ring. He gives Treats a dirty look and walks away. Treats follows him to the back trying to explain his actions. Andy notices their flag on the ground, picks it up, and waves it as they hold up their titles.

Tony D: One mistake from Treats, and Maple Leaf continues their reign as Tag Team Champions.

Kris Red: Correction, Tony D. They’re continuing their reign as THE most elite tag team in professional wrestling.

Tony D: But there’s still the matter of Ashley. What happened to her?

Kris Red: Shit, I nearly forgot.

Tony D: Well hopefully she’s okay. But folks, that’s all the time we have left tonight. Thank you for your support and buying this DVD release! We'll have more for you next time! Goodnight!

The show fades to the WARPED logo...