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The Destroyer came to the ring for his scheduled match, but before the Dude could come to the ring, Chris Universal came out for an unscheduled interview. An alarmed Chris Finn asked Universal why he was here, as he was not scheduled for any matches. Universal was all business as he reached for the microphone. Universal announced that he was taking the opportunity to ask Megan Dawn to come out and at least show that she still cares about him. Universal's old music began to play, but instead of Megan Dawn, Austin Davis ran down to the ring with a plastic bag hanging out of the back pocket of his jeans & a chair in hand, and began to punish Universal brutally. Davis attacked with chair shots to the head, piledrivers on the chair, and a Baad Ass Bottom Line DDT 3 times on the chair. Finally, Davis took the plastic bag out from his back pocket, and put it over Universal's head, before tying it and cutting off Universal's air supply. Davis then repeatedly kicked and stomped Universal before Megan Dawn finally came running out. Davis shoved her down as she tried to defend Universal, and then looked as though he was going to powerslam her. Before he could do this, Ultra Cool came to the ring weilding a chair and a large purple inflatable chair, and Austin Davis made his escape through the crowd as Ultra Cool looked onto to a badly injured Universal.


Destroyer vs. Mitch Wilson

Mitch Wilson

As Mitch Wilson's music began to play, Mitch Wilson came on the big screen and announced that this form of wrestling competetion was demeaning to his career as an athelete. Mitch Wilson refused to come to the ring to wrestle, and walked out of the arena. As Wilson left the backstage area he was confronted and attacked by the Flying Frenchie, who was paying him back for his earlier interview comments. Meanwhile, in the ring, Wynd and the other members of the bWo attacked a distracted Destroyer, demolishing him, and injuring his leg. Wynd then rolled him from the ring and challeged Briana to come to the ring right now.

Result: Destroyer by No Contest


Briana (c) vs. Wynd

As the bWo waited for the match to begin, Briana came out from the crowd, attacking Stone, Fathom, and Fyre with a steel chair she was carrying. Fyre and Fathom seemed to go down quickly to the brutal attack, but Stone shrugged it off and drove Briana into steel corner, and began kicking her midsection before rolling her into the ring. Despite this, Briana was able to make a small comeback and soon was on the offense after a tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker. As Briana powerslamed the larger Wynd, Stone entered the ring and began slamming Briana with a lead pipe. As the ref called the match, refs came to the ring to attend to the badly beaten Briana.

Result: Briana by DQ


Pestilence Interview

In a surprise move, ring attendents wheeled Pestilence out in a wheelchair. Pestilence adressed Death, and accused him of leaving the Dark Riders... the members of the team... the backbone of the team... behind in his mad obsession with Jim Dudley. Pestilence said that when he returned to the fWo in December he would have an all-new attitude, and work his way through all of the fWo stars to carry the World Heavyweight title belt. First, though, Pestilence asked the Black Quicksilver for a title match when he was ready to compete again, since he was technically never beaten for the title. He finished by wishing Stevie Roberts well, wherever he wound up.


Primetime vs. Billy James

Billy James came to the ring in a Lone Gunmen shirt, and addressed his former team mates. Billy James begged his former partners to accept him back into the Lone Gunmen fold. Machina then appeared on the entrance ramp and announced that there is only one way he would ever come back to the Lone Gunmen, and that was if he wrestled the match the Lone Gunmen way, in other words, to job. Primetime then came out along with the Primetime Players, and proceeded to demolish the poorly equiped James. Primetime finished him off with a new move, a Powerslam from the second rope. As Primetime celebrated, Fallen came out to attack Primetime with a crutch. Fallen was overwhelmed by the Primetime Players, but then Ground Zero came out to make the save. Meanwhile, Machina arrived to tell James that he didn't believe that he lost badly enough... and that he would have to have another match to prove he was Lone Gunmen material.

Result: Primetime by Submission


Chris Universal Interview

Chris Universal Interview

Backstage Chris Universal was being loaded into an ambulence, Ultra Cool leaving his side to go to the ring for their match. As Universal was loaded into the match, he vowed revenged, but was then attacked by Austin Davis once more, and the two had to be seperated by waiting hospital attendants. Davis was escorted into his dressing room, while Universal was obviously in critical condition, and would not be able to be present at No Turning Back III.


Jackhammer vs. Shane Austin

Shane Austin

Jackhammer stayed in the ring after the run-in with the Primetime players, and was watched in his match by Wolf Fang of Ground Zero and Fallen. Shane Austin came to the ring and began threatening Jackhammer, to which Jackhammer bashed his head with a gutair. Jackhammer then proceeded to attack with lefts and rights, finally knocking Austin out cold. Jackhammer placed one foot on the chest of Austin, and won by TKO.

Result: Jackhammer by TKO


Fallen vs. Flying Frenchie

FallenFlying Frenchie

As the match began, Ground Zero stayed on hand to watch Fallen wrestle. The Flying Frenchie came out and began to mock Fallen's sad attitude, asking if he just needed a good prostitute to get him smiling again. Frenchie then mentioned that he thought Melissa or one of the new bWo chicks might help him out. Frenchie then went on to say that Fallen was a bump in the road to him getting another title. Fallen responded with a diving plancha to the outside. Fallen then beat the Frenchie on the outside, and rolled him back into the ring. As Fallen climbed in, a returning Primetime smacked Fallen in the back of the head with a chair. As Fallen fell into the ring, the Frenchie took the opportunity to stand the unconcious Fallen up, and began to pretend that he was taking a beating from him. Fallen then was knocked out using a inverted jawbreaker from the Frenchie, who covered Fallen for the pin. Mitch Wilson then ran to the ring to attack the Frenchie, who ran through the crowd.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall


Ultra Cool vs. Jim Dudley & Scott Slugger

Ultra CoolJim Dudley & Scott SluggerJim Dudley & Scott Slugger

The match moved back and forth between both popular teams, but Ultra Cool seemed distracted, as Scotty Cool kept leaving the ring to look under it for giant M&M people. Dudley used this to his advantage to attack Cool as he climbed back into the ring, and was able to score a pinfall with the help of Slugger, as both of them set Cool up into a double splash from the top rope. As Ultra Violet looked in at his partner, the Lone Gunmen came to the ring to attack, but were held back by officals. Scotty Cool looked badly weakened, and in poor shape to face Austin Davis later in the night.

Result: Punisher Squad by Pinfall


Apocolyptica Interview

Apocolyptica came to the ring to face Stevie Roberts, but was again informed that he had offically terminated his fWo contract. Apocolyptica demanded a match, and asked the fWo crowd who had the guts to face her. As Apocolyptica taunted the crowd and the fWo, a strange theme began to play, and smoke filled the arena...


Apocolyptica vs. Hunter


The Hunter emerged from the smoke, and challenged Apocolyptica to a match right then. Apocolyptica responded by tossing the microphone on the floor and running out after the newcomer. The two brawled on the outside, before the Hunter used several body blows to take Apocolyptica off her feet. The Hunter then set up a table on the outside, and picked up Apocolyptica in a crucifix. He then powerdrove her through the table, shattering it. The ref then called the match a no contest, as the Hunter announced to the crowd that she was the first of many victims... and asked simply "Who's Next".

Result: No contest


Austin Davis vs. Scotty Cool

Austin Davis

Scott Cool limped to the ring, and faced his challenge, with Ultra Violet and Violet standing nervously on the outside. A grinning Austin Davis made his way to the ring, announcing that this was going to be a piece of cake, and that two pieces of garbage would be going out on stretchers tonight... three if he could get his hands on Dawn again. Davis dominated the obviously weakened Cool, but just as Davis applied a sharpshooter on Cool, a commotion signalled that Chris Universal was emerging at the ring entrance. Universal was held back by officals and hospital attendants, but this distracted Davis. Davis was quickly rolled up in a small package, and pinned. An enraged Austin Davis began to beat on Scotty Cool, who was helpless to defend himself as Ultra Violet had become distracted by a fan with a ball of yarn. Jim Dudley and Scott Slugger came out to make the save, ending with Jim Dudley landing a DDD on Austin Davis as the cameras went off the air...

Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall