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WARPED60 - 9/9/12 - Chicago Ridge, IL - Frontier Park Fieldhouse


You open the DVD of WARPED 60 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...



A shot of the ringside crowd is shown as they are giving a standing ovation as WARPED 60 kicks off. A "WARPED! WARPED! WARPED!" chant breaks out from the fans.

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 60 wrestling fans! We are live from Chicago Ridge, Illinois at the Frontier Park Fieldhouse and alongside me is none other than Kris Red!"

Kris Red: "You damn right Tony D. Let's make memories! Before we get to our first match tonight, let's look at some Reactions from the WARPED stars.. including the NEW World Champion, SwitchBlade!"

Two Weeks Ago - SwitchBlade
*As the show comes it a conclusion, SwitchBlade walks through the curtain with the World and Evolution championships over his shoulders. But unlike his other title wins, he doesn't look very happy. He looks over at the camera.*

SwitchBlade: I did what I set out to do. I now hold two of the three titles in Warped, and for a second time I am your World Heavyweight Champion. doesn't feel like it. Not after what Taurus said. I still don't know what he did exactly, but if he tainted my match and screwed over Korrupt, then he and I are going to have a talk at Warped 60. But for now, I got some other business to take care of. Excuse me."

*SwitchBlade walks past the camera. The camera turns and watches SwitchBlade head towards the direction of PKA's office.*

Two Weeks Ago - Taurus
Taurus rides up on a different custom made beach cruiser from last week with "BEATS" headphones over his head and a brand new T-Shirt. "#EpicBoot. Let's Kick It."

Taurus: "Attention All.....My new T-Shirt is available everywhere RIGHT NOW...go make that happen. ASAP!...Now that I've ended Korrupt I wonder what's next for myself.....Hmmmmm...See you at TAURUS60."

Taurus smirks and swerves off..

Two Weeks Ago - William Wallace
Wallace walks up to the reactions cam after the show, a wry smile on his face.

Wallace: Once again a chalked up another mark in the win column, once again a am involved in another match where there has been little resistance. A have proved time and time again these talentless fucks are no match for me. With a bit of luck PKA will get his act together and give me a proper challenge next time around.

Wallace takes a cigarette from his jacket pocket and begins to walk away, before back tracking.

Wallace: Oh, almost forgot. Congratulations Switchblade on winning the World title. Not like you deserve it but still well done. Keep it warm for me, because a am comin for you an am takin what is rightfully mine! The Warped World Title.

Wallace walks away as he lights his cigarette and the scene fades.

Two Weeks Ago - Joseph O'Henry
Joseph O'Henry is seen walking towards the exit when he notices camera. Walking up, the Irish Rose stands there awkwardly reading the sign before shrugging his shoulders.

O'Henry: I guess my overall reaction to my first ever Warped is satisfaction. I'm satisifed with the ending to my match with Cade Wylie and Damien Baine. I'm satisifed to pin the man that disgraced the company with his actions at Warped 58. And I'm satisfied to win in the triple threat match against Damien. When I said threesome in my promo, the fans knew what I was talking 'bout. They knew I referenced my triple threat match. Threesome and triple threat could be switched in and out fluently. But do you know what cannot be swapped?

Joseph takes a step towards the camera, leaning forward with a grin on his face.

O'Henry: Win and loss. Joseph O'Henry won. Damien Baine lost. That cannot be swapped; at least not this week. No, it appears you want another shot at me, Damien and I respect that. I respect a man who wants to step in the ring and lose again. Its called courage to face a foe that's already beaten you once. But you can't swap courage for winning, either.

And with that, Joseph walks away from the camera, out into the Revere night.

Back Live

Tony D: "Well you saw SwitchBlade commenting on his win and from what we were told he'd have plenty to say tonight to Taurus Capone but it turns out that Capone and management have had some sort of conflict that has led to Capone NOT being here tonight. We're not sure what to say other than well, he is Taurus Capone and he's known for doing things on his terms and his time.. so there's that"

Kris Red: "Look, Tony D. He's KING! You do not tell the king what to do and when to do it. He tells you. So tonight he won't be wrestling in the main event and he won't be meeting SwitchBlade face to face but the fact of the matter is that he handed that win and title to SwitchBlade two weeks ago. Remember that? I do!"

Tony D: "Honestly I do not remember that exactly happening. I remember Taurus interfering where he shouldn't had. Nevertheless, he was scheduled for tonight's six man tag team match pitting the new world champion Switchblade with the Tag Title #1 contenders the Carnival Connection to take on William Wallace and the one half of the Tag Team Champs, but not it'll be both members of the Maple Leaf Strike Force. Interesting teams, to say the least."

Kris Red: "It'll be an explosive main event, Tony D! Now, let's get on with this crazy show of ours!"

To the ring..

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first - Joseph O'Henry!"

The drum intro of "A Warrior's Call" by Volbeat begins over the PA system, but it isn't before "Let's get to Rumble!" crosses over does Joseph O'Henry burst out from behind the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp, high fiving any fans he might have before rolling into the ring in time to scale the top rope, fist pumping to the "Fight" chant. After the chant concludes, Joseph drops back down to the mat, performing some pre-match stretches as he waits for his chance to answer The Warrior's Call

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. Damien Baine!"

Dressed in green gym shorts with a blue stripe down the side, Damien walks to the ring slapping hands, kissing babies, signing autographs, he is obviously a fan favorite when he gets in the ring he bounces up and down and raises his fist in the air for a scream from the audience.

Tony D: "The youngsters going at it now.. Damien Baine of course the new tag team partner of Leon Stone, doing it in singles action tonight against Joseph O'Henry who scored a victory over Baine and Cade Wylie two weeks ago."

Kris Red: "Hardly. He pinned Cade Wylie, not Damien Baine, so Damien wants him now in singles competition to prove he can win."

The two men circle the ring and prepare to lock up... the fans are clapping and ready for this to start. Joseph O'Henry and Damien Baine go to lock up but Baine goes behind and locks in a reverse waistlock. O'Henry grabs the wrist and escapes the hold, twisting it, taking Baine down to a knee. He the ncartwheels out and spins the arm of O'Henry and goes behind with a keylock. O'Henry delivers back elbows to escape, and backs Baine into the ropes and delivers a forearm strike. Irish whip.. O'Henry hits the ropes and Baine goes for a clothesline.. O'Henry hits the ropes and goes for a spinkick but Baine ducks and both standoff. O'Henry charges.. Baine leaps over.. O'Henry hits the ropes and Baine drops down and O'Henry leaps over him.. Both men get to their feet and Baine charges but gets taken down with a powerslam!! Cover! 1.. kick out!

Damien Baine gets to his feet before O'Henry and kicks him in the skull! He runs to the ropes and returns with a dropkick to the face. He covers but O'Henry quickly kicks out.

Baine brings O'Henry up and whips him into the corner. He charges in and goes for a spear but O'Henry moves and Baine puts on the breaks, but not quick enough does he turn around because O'Henry grabs him in a Full Nelson and pulls him away from the corner. He lifts him up for the Full Nelson Slam but Damien Baine counters into an armdrag! Both men get to their feet and Baine goes for a superkick but O'Henry ducks and goes behind, applying the full nelson and then slamming him to the mat!

Tony D: "He finally hit the Full Nelson Slam!"

Joseph O'Henry covers.. 1... 2.. kick out! He stands up and puts the boots to Damien Baine as he reaches out for the ropes. O'Henry brings him up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He ducks down for a backbody drop but Damien stalls and hits a DDT! He covers... 1... 2.... kick out!!

Kris Red: "Impressive back and forth!!"

Damien Baine brings him to his feet and delivers a right hand, and another, and another, backing him into the corner. He climbs up for punches but Baine takes too much time and O'Henry powerbombs him to the mat and immediately locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab!

Tony D: "Joseph O'Henry has him in a Thorny Situation there!"

Kris Red: "This guy has the craziest names for moves.. but yeah submission locked in!!"

Damien Baine is able to get his free leg on the rope and the referee orders O'Henry to release the hold which he does immediately. He brings Damien Baine to his feet and lifts him on his shoulders into a firemans carry... but Baine wiggles out from behind and kicks O'Henry in the calf, causing him to go down to one knee. Baine hits the ropes and grabs at his head for a bulldog but O'Henry pushes him away and he lands on his ass! O'Henry now measures off Baine as he gets to his feet and sets him up for the Vertebreaker, but Baine grabs the two legs and sweeps them out, causing O'Henry to go face-first to the mat!

Tony D: "Joseph O'Henry was looking to finish it off with the vertabreaker but Damien Baine escaped just in time and in a great way!!"

Baine now brings him up to his feet by his hair and the ref tells him to watch it and he apologizes. He then sets him up for the Brainbuster to finish things here and he lifts him up in the air but O'Henry delivers a knee to the head and Baine releases him. O'Henry goes for a clothesline and Baine ducks and rolls him up in a schoolboy 1... 2.... kick out! Both men up to their feet and O'Henry goes behind into a schoolboy 1...2.... kick out!! Both men pop back up and go into a small package!! 1... 2... 3!!!

Kris Red: "Its ova!!"

Tony D: "Well, wait, yeah!"

Both men get to their feet with their arms in the air. Baine tells O'Henry to put his arms down because he won! O'Henry argues back that HE is the winner!

Tony D: "We have a bit of a predicament here!"

The referee then comes between both men and raises BOTH of their arms!

Kris Red: "What?!"

They both pull away and ask what is going on and the referee tells them both that their shoulders were both down!!

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a DRAW!"

The two opponents can't believe it. The ref raises both arms again. They look at each other in disbelief. Damien Baine looks frustrated but he extends his hand. O'Henry takes a moment to think about it... and shakes back. Baine shakes his head and leaves the ring as O'Henry stands in the ring, hands on his hips, not sure what to think of this.

Tony D: "Well tonight neither man was able to beat the other! They both went for their finishers and both countered and it ended with both shoulders on the mat. I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll see these two in a ring together."

The cameras cut to ringside where we see a man named Bushido, a new addition to the WARPED roster. Bushido is seen sitting in the front row as his focus has been on the in ring action the entire show as there is a break in the action Austin Sanders walks over as he does Bushido stands up as he does Austin holds out his hand both men shake hands as Austin brings the microphone to his mouth.

Sanders: Bushido first and foremost let me be the first one to welcome you to WARPED!!! But I have to ask why you are out here in the crowd and not in the back?

A smirk comes across Bushido’s face as he looks out around the crowd and then looks back at Sanders as he begins to speak his deep voice radiates throughout the arena.

Bushido: Austin let me first say thank you but there is no need for a welcome because sooner rather than later everyone in the back and everyone out here in this arena will know exactly who I am. Now on to your question why am I out here and not in the back well you see the answer to that is very simple. I am out here because this is the best seat in the house to scout everyone here because at the end of the day I am here to be the best. I am not here to make friends but everyone will respect me. I am looking forward to stepping in the ring and proving I am one of the best in the world and all I can say is be ready.

The crowd pops loudly as Austin smiles he walks away as Bushido sits back down as the show is set to resume.

Tony D: "That of course is apparently one of our newest signees, Bushido. I can't wait to see what he can do in the ring."

Kris Red: "No kidding, me neither! Peeks has told me a lot about the guy."

Tony D: "Well, let's get on to our next match!"

Randy Long: The following contest is a round one match in the Evolution Title Tournament and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - Anton Chaaase!

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: His opponent, from Portland, Maine, weighing 254 pounds - The Rough Ryder!

'Show Me A God' hits, and the fans instantly boo as Ryder and Reyes make their way to the ring, seemingly more-so in a hurry then usual. Ryder tosses his chair in and slides in, unfolding it and taking a seat.

Tony D: We are just about ready to get underway here in this Evolution Title tournament, this one between Anton Chase and The Rough Ryder.

Kris Red: Both will feel they have something to prove after their loss at WARPED 59

Tony D: Without question. Anton Chase is a former Evolution Champion, but The Rough Ryder is still looking for his first championship here at WARPED. Let's see what Ryder has to say.

Still seated, Ryder speaks.

The Rough Ryder: Alright... I'm not going to waste anybodies time here tonight, especially not mine. I've been asked to the point of sickness, why did I do what I did to Cameron MacNichol. I mean, he's my partner right? My friend?

Wrong. I told Cameron from the beginning. I. AM. NOT. HIS. FRIEND. Period. I was teaming with him, because he was the easy option. He's a good wrestler, and he's not -as- annoying as the others around this place. I wanted to win the titles, and we didn't. All of you know me well enough to know I don't except failure. So why did I do to Cameron what I did? Because HE was the failure. Every single week he was drinking or worried about his little valet. His head was never in the game, and I'm still not holding gold. Un. Acceptable. Period.

Anton Chase slides into the ring and The Rough Ryder takes the chair and folds it up, sliding it to Jessica at ringside.

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder of old seems to be coming back.. He was none too pleased with his partner Cameron MacNichol it seems. "

Kris Red: "Well he hit him in the damned head with that chair against a ringpost! YA THINK?!?!?"

The bell sounds and the match gets under way. Chase and Ryder start of slow, circling the ring, sizing each other up. Ryder makes the first move with the collar and elbow tie up. Both men push back and forward for position before they break away and circle the ring once more.

Tony D: A cautious start from both these guys.

The Rough Ryder sticks his hand in the air looking to take Chase on with a test of strength. Both men move towards the center of the ring, Chase raises his arm to lock up with Ryder but The Rough Ryder kicks him in the gut.

Kris Red: Anton Chase falling for the oldest trick in the book!

The Rough Ryder takes control of the match clubbing Chase on the back of the head as he his bent over from the kick to the gut. Irish whip into the corner sends Chase into the turnbuckle with unbelievable force only for The Rough Ryder to follow in him an plan a high knee right on his jaw. The Rough Ryder plays to the crowd as Anton Chase falls to the mat, his head resting on the bottom turnbuckle.

Tony D: The Rough Ryder wasting no time in asserting his authority in this match.

Kris Red: What a high knee that was! I am surprised Anton's head is still attached.

Ryder gets back to business and looking to keep the pressure on Anton Chase as he is still down in the corner. Ryder stomping away on the limp body and chase falls to the outside. Ryder again plays up to the crowd taunting them and Anton Chase.

Tony D: Well Anton Chase has to play this one smart, he has some time to recover.

The Rough Ryder attempts to go out to the floor after Chase, but the referee holds him back before going out to check on Chase himself. Chase looking groggy slowly gets back up with the help of the referee. The Rough Ryder now comes out to ringside and clotheslines Chase back to the floor.

Kris Red: The Rough Ryder getting in the face of the referee, he doesn't care about authority.

Tony D: He should concentrate more on the match.

The referee telling Ryder to take the match back into the ring, but Ryder flips him off before going back to work on Anton Chase, dragging chase back to his feet and planting a knee to the ribs. Ryder now sending Chase head first into the guard rail, but Chase blocks before sending Ryder head first into the guard rail. The crowd erupt in support of Anton Chase.

Tony D: The crowd getting behind Anton Chase now, it is clear they want him to win.

Chase rolls a dazed Rough Ryder back into the ring. Chase climbs to the apron as Ryder staggers back to his feet and Anton Chase gets back into the ring with the Springboard Dropkick taking The Rough Ryder to the mat.

Tony D: Great Dropkick from Chase taking the Rough Ryder down once again!

Chase hits the ropes and again sends Ryder bouncing off the mat with a flying back elbow. Rough Ryder is reeling as Chase comes from behind and plants him with the inverted DDT. Chase into the pin.



Kris Red: The Rough Ryder gets a shoulder up

Tony D: That was much better from Anton Chase, a good combination and got a near fall.

Kris Red: But can he keep this up?

Tony D: Time will tell.

Anton Chase holding back as the Rough Ryder gets back to his feet. Again Chase stalks him from behind, he puts on the waist lock before sending the Rough Ryder over his head in the German suplex.

Tony D: The arms are still locked round the waist of the Rough Ryder from Anton Chase, is he looking for it again?

Chase keeps his arms locked around the waist of the Rough Ryder as he drags him back up landing another German suplex. Keeping the hands locked once more Chase looks for the third this time releasing the Rough Ryder in mid air sending him crashing down on his neck.


Tony D: Triple German suplex from Anton Chase, unbelievable.

The Rough Ryder is down in the middle of the ring, Chase runs towards the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault on Ryder. Chase into the cover again.

Tony D: Great technique from Anton Chase with that moonsault as he now hooks the leg in the cover.




Kris Red: Another near fall from Anton Chase.

Tony D: He is getting closer and closer as his momentum builds.

Anton Chase looks around wondering what he hast to do to keep the Rough Ryder down. Ryder slowly getting back to his feet, Chase hits the ropes comes back and the Rough Ryder out of nowhere plants Anton Chase with a big spine buster. Both men are down now.

Kris Red: Where did Ryder pull that from?

Tony D: Great impact on that spinebuster from Ryder.

Kris Red: I will be surprised if Anton's spine is still in one piece.

Both men struggling back to their feet Chase sends Rough Ryder into the ropes, Ryder comes back and stakes Anton Chase down with a Lou Thez press!

Tony D: The Rough Ryder is alive in this match once again punching away at the head of Anton Chase.

Ryder finally gets off and Chase is reeling as he gets to his feet. He isn't vertical for long as Ryder almost takes his head off again, this time with a massive clothesline! Ryder not satisfied with that drags Chase back to his feet and is setting him up between his legs...POWERBOMB! Ryder into the cover.

Tony D: Can the Rough Ryder complete the turn around?



Tony D: NO! Chase manages to kick out before the three.

Chase gets back to his feet but is met with Ryder and the front face lock, Ryder planting Anton Chase with the DDT!

Kris Red: The Rough Ryder has this one in the bag Tony D

Tony D: I wouldn't be counting out Anton Chase yet, this crowd are still behind him.

The Rough Ryder looking to put an end to this match as he prepared for the Side Swipe superkick in the corner as he is waiting for Anton Chase to get to his feet.

Tony D: This one could be over soon Kris, Ryder with the Side Swipe...NO! Chase ducked it.

Anton Chase ducks out of the way and avoids the connection. Rough Ryder turns and is met by the foot of Anton Chase to his chin. Chase replying with a superkick of his own.

Tony D: Anton Chase has these fans on their feet, he is signalling for the Chaos Theory.

Kris Red: This doesn't look good for the Rough Ryder.

Anton Chase gets Ryder between his legs, sets him up for the Chaos Theory and sends him crashing to the mat.


Cover from Anton Chase.




Tony D: Anton Chase has done it, he has gotten the victory here.

Kris Red: A big win over The Rough Ryder, and Chase progresses in the Evolution Title tournament.

Randy Long: The winner of this match - Anton Chase!

Anton Chase celebrates with fans at the end of the match as the Rough Ryder quietly leaves the ring looking very disappointed.


We cut backstage to William Wallace's locker room. He is lacing his boots and preparing for his match later tonight. PKA comes walking into the room as Wallace slowly glances up with a little smirk on his face.

William Wallace: Don't you knock?

Wallace says sarcastically as an unimpressed PKA begins to speak.

PKA: So you think I'm racist do you? Those a pretty big accusations to be throwing around Wallace...

William Wallace: It isn't an accusation son, the evidence is there for all to see. Guys like me an the Maple Leaf boys we are bein held back while you are pushin the useless, talentless, waste of space bastards that come walkin through the door an the only connection a could find was they are all American. A have had a year that movie makers couldn't even dream up yet a still am waitin on a title shot. Guys like Anton Chase an Cameron MacNichol on the other hand struggle to fight sleep yet they have had title shots for both the Evolution and the World title. A don't know how many more times a can say this stuff Pat, but a pinned Korrupt back in March moments after he won the title, no title shot for me though. A successfully defended the Evolution title more often and longer than anyone else in the company, yet a lost it almost two months ago an am still waitin for ma rematch, these aren't accusations Pat, these are cold hard facts, accept it an start treatin us foreigners with a bit of respect.

Wallace stands up as PKA walks towards him, they stand toe to toe as PKA begins to talk softly.

PKA: I've been fucked around far enough in my career to know exactly what you're going through. But hey, keep crying and complaining and see if it makes your problems go away any faster. Oh, and another thing. The racist card? Yeah, real nice. You're barkin' up the wrong four leafed clover, Willie. And I will not be told how to do my job, and will not be told who deserves a shot at what, especially not off some cheap drunk Scotsman. You will get a title shot when and IF I decide you deserve one.

Wallace smirks

William Wallace: If a deserve one? Son a have deserved that shot for months, am no playin games, a am goin to make sure you can't over look me anymore. Remember what happened to StarrZoe, that aint nothin compared to what is comin. You brought this on yourself, an now you will have to live with the consequences.

Wallace walks away shoulder barging PKA out the way as he walks past. PKA looks on in disgust as Wallace leaves the room.

PKA: I am sick and tired of all of this..

We fade back to the ringside area.

Randy Long: "The following contest is an Evolution Title contenders match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.. from Dayton, Ohio, Leon Stone!!"

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System. Leon Stone and his sister Chelsea Stone walk down the ramp, Leon is wearing a just a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts. Chelsea is wearing tight jeans and a tight low cut tank top, with her long brown hair in a loose pony tail. Leon slides into the ring and his sister walks to the apron jumping up and down a little just as ready for the match as her big brother is.

Randy Long: "And already in the ring, from San Diego California, Blake The Snake Blomberg!"

Blake Blomberg slides into the ring and raises his arms to a mixed reaction from the fans.

Kris Red: "These two talented youths of WARPED are about to do battle with the winner going on to WARPED 61 to face Anton Chase for a shot at the Evolution Championship!"

The bell sounds as they immediately lock up. Blomberg applies an arm wringer and Stone tries to escape. He swings at Blomberg but he steps back and pulls on the arm. Stone backs into the ropes and uses them to help flip forward. He kicks Blomberg in the gut and sends him through the ropes to the floor!

Tony D: "Leon Stone just tossed out Blake Blomberg like he's going out of style!"

Leon Stone grabs the top rope, teasing to leap over onto Blomberg, but Blomberg reaches in and trips him up, pulling him out of the ring and delivering a right hand. Blake then grabs him by the head and slams his head off the apron. He hops onto the apron and leaps off with a flying headscissors!

Kris Red: "I love the high flying moves!"

Blomberg pops up to an applause from the crowd in Chicago. He picks up Stone and pushes him into the ring and slides in. Stone gets to his feet and Blomberg boots him in the gut. He delivers an uppercut and Stone drops to the mat. Blomberg nods in approval as Stone starts crawling toward the corner, but Blake stops him. He lifts him to his feet, scoops and slams him to the mat. Blomberg puts his arms in the air, playing to the crowd momentarily, before leaping up and dropping a knee on the face of Stone!

Tony D: "A little showboating from Blake The Snake there before dropping that knee!"

Blake covers.. 1.. 2... kick out!

Kris Red: "Of course Blake Blomberg formerly of Drug Money Inc with Villano VI.. who unfortunately passed away not too long ago. We wish his family all the best."

Tony D: "Definitely a weird situation with his passing with not too many details available, but nonetheless, we wish everyone involved the best. Blake Blomberg looks to now continue on and keep fighting as a singles competitor.."

Blomberg brings Stone to his feet as the Chicago crowd starts chanting for Stone.

Tony D: "The fans here in Chicago Ridge starting to get behind Leon Stone.."

And it helps as he starts delivering right hands to the midsection on his way up. Right hand, right hand.. Blomberg backs up, staggering. Stone runs to the ropes, bounces off and returns to a Tilt-a-whirl slam from Blake Blomberg!! He covers.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

Tony D: "only a two count for Blomberg after that Tilt a whirl slam that'll definitely slow Stone down some more."

Kris Red: "Leon Stone needs to get control over this match because if he doesn't he might be missing out on a huge opportunity to become Evolution Champion."

The fans continue to cheer for Stone but Blomberg applies an Inverted Facelock Surfboard!

Tony D: "Submission applied there and it might .. wait!"

Stone escapes and pins the shoulders of Blomberg to the mat.. 1.. kick out! Blomberg immediately gets to his feet and kicks Stone to his feet and hits a Russian Legsweep!

Kris Red: "Leon came out of nowhere with that quick escape but he paid for it."

Blake Blomberg brings Stone to his feet and backs him into the corner. He delivers a knife edge chop to the chest, followed by another and one more. He applies the cravate and snapmares him down to the mat. Stone is in a seated position and Blomberg delivers a huge kick to his back! Stone goes down to the mat but that kick seems to have given him some sort of spurt of life as he slams the mat with his fists and gets to his feet and slaps Blomberg across the face!! Huge pop from the crowd!

Tony D: "Whoa! It's as if Blake Blomberg just woke up a sleeping giant!"

Stone now delivers hard kicks to the chest of Blomberg, backing him into the ropes. Stone chops him across the chest, then kicks him in the chest, and chops, and kicks, and chops, as the referee tells him to get him out of the ropes!! Leon Stone steps back to go along with the ref's orders as the fans are going crazy for him! He turns his back for just a second and Blomberg grabs his hair and pulls him down to the mat!

Tony D: "Blake Blomberg was going to have no more of that!"

Some boos come from the crowd as Blake Blomberg clutches his chest.

Kris Red: "That's some great tenacity shown by Blake Blomberg to take the brunt of all of those kicks and chops only to come back and take back control of things."

Blomberg brings Stone to his feet and backs him into the ropes.. Irish whip.. Stone hits the ropes and comes back as Blomberg goes for a tilt a whirl but Stone counters into a headscissors!!

Tony D: "Stone with a headscissors counter!"

Blomberg gets to his feet and stumbles back into the corner.. Stone charges and hits a roaring knee to the midsection causing Blomberg to double over. Stone puts him up to a seated position, runs to the ropes and dropkicks him in the face! He makes a cover.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

Tony D: "Just a two count before Blomberg gets a shoulder off the canvas."

The fans continue to cheer as Blomberg is crawling to the corner. Stone follows him and brings him up, putting his back against the corner. He delivers a kick to the gut then tells the crowd to shhh... and he chops the chest of Blomberg! "WOOOOOO!" goes the crowd! Stone smirks, then chops him across the chest again! Blomberg drops to one knee, but Stone brings him up. Irish whip... Blomberg counters.. Stone gets sent into the corner but he headstands up and over Blomberg as he runs under neath. Stone charges as Blomberg turns around and Blomberg gets an elbow up, nailing Stone. He stumbles back but Blomberg grabs his head from behind and pulls him to the corner as he hops onto the second buckle. He leaps off for a Reverse Tornado DDT but Stone counters into a STUNNER!

Tony D: "An amazing counter from Leon Stone!!"

Blomberg stumbles back into the ropes and bounces off and right into Leon Stone who goes for a SPEAR but Blomberg sidesteps and Stone goes into the corner post shoulder-first! Blomberg pulls him out of the corner and hooks both arms from behind.. TIGER SUPLEX! Stone flips out and lands on his feet!

Kris Red: "Whoa how did he escape!"

Stone now comes up from behind with a reverse waistlock, but Blomberg elbows out of it. He then kicks him in the midsection and climbs the turnbuckle!

Tony D: "Blake going up top now.."

But Leon Stone hits the ropes and Blomberg gets crotched up top! Stone then pulls him down onto his shoulders for a Crucifix position and pulls him away from the corner... Cruciifix Powerbomb!

Tony D: "The MileStone!!"

Kris Red: "That's gotta be it!"

He covers.. 1... 2... 3!

Tony D: "Stone wins!"

The bell sounds and Leon Stone is your winner! The referee comes up to him and holds his arm in the air as Chelsea joins Leon in the ring with a celebration. "Seize The Day" plays as the fans cheer.

Tony D: "Leon Stone wins it tonight and will go on to WARPED 61 to face an old rival, Anton Chase, for a shot at the Evolution Championship!!"

The cameras fade backstage where we see The Rough Ryder and Jessica Reyes packing things up in the locker room. Jessica notices a letter and opens it.. She looks concerned as she reads it. Ryder asks her what she has and she shows it to him...

Ryder: "Who sent this?"

Jessica: "It's marked anonymous.."

Ryder: "It says "I know what you've done, you're going to regret/pay for it.".. what the hell is this?"

She shrugs, looking concerned. Ryder also looks bothered by whatever else is in the letter. Fade out...

Two Weeks Ago - Andy LeBeau of the Maple Leaf Strike Force
Andy LeBeau and Ashley Lovell walk up to the camera.

Andy: Carnival Contection Just because you beat ajunkie like Bloomberg you think you have a claim to our titles. We busted our ass to get this and if you think we are just going to step into the ring that we ruled and I hate to steal another persons line, but we ruled that ring ”WITH AN IRON FIST!” Think again you two shit stains think again.

Andy: In honesty with are the ELITE we are the top of the food chain and you two clowns are at the bottom. We call the shots here, we run the show here we where the only team to go unbeaten. So I ask you Carnival Contection what makes you even think you can even step in the same ring as us shat makes you think you even belong at the top. We beat you, we left you bloodly and broken in that ring hell we almost killed fat ass Douggie.

Andy steps back from the camera.

Andy: Look there is not a single team that can hold a candle to us and with that NO TEAM IN WARPED HAS EARNED A SHOT AT OUR TITLES!

Andy and Ashley walk away.

Two Weeks Ago - The Carnival Connection
The Carnival Connection come into the frame gym bags draped over their shoulders, with Faygo in hand. They toast, then sip.

Douglas Fresh: No surprise, number one contenders, we knew we’d dominate, yada yada ya know what, my hearts not really in this. I’m a little distraught.

Mr. Rottentreats: Why? Because we literally just went out there and made clowns of ourselves?

Douglas Fresh: Nah, that was fun. I’m in mourning.

Mr. Rottentreats: Muthafucka, don’t tell me you’re in mourning over Villiano, hell Blomberg isn’t even in Mourning over him.

Douglas Fresh: Nah, we have to wait for these damn Faygos to get cold again.

Douglas holds up the several Faygo cans held together with duct tape.

Douglas Fresh: Well that, and PKA’s nose will never be the same again! Moment of silence for the nose!

They bow their heads for about 10 seconds.

Mr. Rottentreats: And everyone thought I was the crazy one… And now we’re right back where this whole mess started. And I bet you anything, those cowards do everything in the book to avoid defending those titles for as long as they can.

Douglas Fresh: I’m sure they wouldn’t, after all they’re “elite”. And they seem to think they can outwrestle us.

Mr. Rottentreats: That’ll never happen, and since their precious whatever the fuck that whores name is, likes to get involved. Next time I’ve got a surprise for her anorexic ass.


We then fade back live to the ring where all six men are in the ring for the main event.

Tony D: "Well we just saw Reactions from two sides of this main event.. Carnival Connection look to gain the Tag Team Championships around their waist soon while the Maple Leaf Strike Force are striving to keep them as long as possible!"

Kris Red: "Honestly I can't wait for the first defense of those titles! So much build up happened for them and I want this division to go places. The sad thing is is that it seems to be breaking down faster than it came together! The Rough Ryder nearly killed his partner. StarrZoe hasn't been seen for weeks ever since Wallace beat him down, and Crowbar isn't around either. SwitchBlade and Wallace went their seperate ways. The Untouchables.. well, they were never really here now were they? Leon Stone and Damien Baine are having their own issues in singles action and quite frankly I am considering entering the division with you because right now there seems to not be a lot of competition!!"

Tony D: "Oh calm down Kris! First of all I don't even know how to wrestle and second of all the last time you were in the ring you got beat by Leon Stone so I'd second guess that."

Kris Red: "Look look.. the bell is sounding."

The Bell sounds.. DING DING DING.

Kris Red: "See!"

Tony D: "Right you are. Six man tag team match time in the main event of the show.. looks like Hugo Strange and Douglas Fresh will start this match off.. "


Both men approach one another, with Strange looking at him up and down and shaking his head, showing no respect.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange is such a beast! Look at him!"

Kris Red: "Yeah something tells me the fun and games from Dougie Fresh won't work this time."

They lock up.. they struggle for control over each other.. and Hugo Strange shoves Fresh down to the mat. Fresh gets up and Strange takes him down with an arm drag again and locks in an arm bar. Fresh powers up and stomps on the foot of Strange and he points and laughs. Hugo Strange looks furious at this and swings but Fresh ducks and then takes the big man down with an armdrag and locks in an armbar!

Kris Red: "Okay, impressive counter and all, but you don't want to piss off that giant roid monster."

Tony D: "That's alleged.."

Hugo Strange then wastes no time and powers his way up and he immediately backs Fresh into the ropes and hip tosses him to the mat! Fresh grabs his back as he gets up and Hugo irish whips Fresh into the ropes. He comes back with a low dropkick to the knee, taking Hugo down! He covers.. 1... kick out!!! Douglas Fresh picks Strange up who slaps his arms away and delivers a few right hands then whips Fresh into the ropes...Fresh bounces off and Strange takes him down with a powerslam. He decides to not go for the cover but instead chokes Fresh with his forearm! The referee begins a 5-count "1...2...3....4....5"

Tony D: "One half of the first ever Tag Team Champions, Hugo Strange, is showing his aggression tonight!"

SwitchBlade puts his hand out, shouting out for a tag.

Kris Red: "By the way how odd is it to see Mr. Rottentreats and SwitchBlade on a team? The last time they were in the ring together was here in this building and they were on opposite ends of the ring!"

Strange picks Fresh up and whips him into the ropes, Fresh holds onto them. Strange runs and Fresh gets his boots up but Hugo grabs them and pulls him away from the ropes, dropping him onto the mat! Hugo flexes his muscles before stopping Douglas Fresh from making a tag. He puts Fresh on the second rope and begins choking him with the rope. Mr. Rottentreats and SwitchBlade shout at the referee to stop Hugo!! The referee begins a 5-count "1.... 2.... 3 .... 4.... 5...." Strange stops the choking...

Tony D: "He's got to be careful that he doesn't get his team disqualified there!"

He secures Fresh on the ropes and runs back to the opposite ropes. He bounces off and jumps onto Fresh's back! Fresh shoots back then into the center of the ring. Strange is very confident now. He looks for approval from his teammates which he gets in claps. Strange smiles. He picks Fresh up and Fresh delivers a few shots to his gut. Strange stops this with a swift knee to the face of Fresh. He picks him up and bodyslams Fresh to the mat. Strange then locks in a headlock on Fresh. This lasts for about 20 seconds and the referee asks Fresh if he wants to give up.. he says no. For about 20 more seconds the hold is locked on..

Tony D: "Douglas Fresh looks to be fading by the second!"

Kris Red: "Hugo Strange has his big ass hands locked!"

Treats and SwitchBlade begin to get the crowd to get behind Fresh. This helps him gain enough energy to begin to rise up to his feet. Fresh begins standing up and Strange keeps the headlock on. Fresh delivers a few elbow shots to the gut of Strange then takes him down with a dropkick! Douglas Fresh gets to his feet... as does Hugo, and he doesn't look happy! Douglas delivers a chop to the chest and Hugo flexes, growling almost! Douglas shrieks and pokes him in the eyes and says 'NO!' and Hugo is temporarily blinded!! The fans laugh as Douglas Fresh next then tries to scoop him up with one arm but isn't having much luck.. Fresh delivers a few kicks to Strange's gut and irish whips him into the ropes... Strange comes back and Fresh lifts him up with both arms this time and slams him to the mat!

Tony D: "The one armed slam didn't do it this time but two arms does!"

Douglsa Fresh begins to make his way to his corner but LeBeau rushes into the ring and grabs him by his mask and pulls it, making Fresh drop down back first onto the mat. The referee makes LeBeau get out of the ring.. meanwhile Fresh gets up, holding the back of his head.

Kris Red: "Andy LeBeau made sure that Douglas Fresh didn't get the tag there.. hey, by any means necessary, right?!"

Hugo Strange grabs the masked funnyman and whips him into the ropes.. Fresh comes back with a clothesline! Strange up, Fresh clotheslines him again! Fresh bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Strange down once more.

Tony D: "Looks like Sir Douglas Fresh is on a roll now!"

Andy LeBeau doesn't look pleased as he is in the corner! Fresh picks Hugo up and whips him into the corner. He puts Strange up onto the top buckle and climbs up. Strange delivers a few right hands to Fresh which causes him to get onto the mat again.. Strange then jumps off the second buckle with a shoulder tackle that takes his opponent down and both men are out on the mat!

Kris Red: "That's one hell of a shoulder tackle!"

Tony D: "No kidding! Both men are in dire need of a tag now!"

Strange and Fresh then begin to crawl to their corners slowly. The crowd is on their feet to see who will make the first tag! Fresh tags in Treats and Strange tags in LeBeau! Both men rush the ring and Treats takes LeBeau down with a spinning wheel kick! William Wallace rushes into the ring and SwitchBlade does as well.. he jumps OVER Hugo Strange who is on the mat and clotheslines William down!

Kris Red: "Hugo Strange get out of the damn way! It's SwitchBlade!"

William gets to his feet, and SwitchBlade clotheslines him over the top!

Tony D: "The new World Champ is cleaning house!"

Treats picks Hugo Strange up and SwitchBlade picks up LeBeau. They both irish whip their opponents into the ropes and on the rebound both connect with hip tosses! Strange gets to his feet and SwitchBlade and Mr. Rottentreats work together again this time to double clothesline him over the top!!! The fans go wild! SwitchBlade gets out of the ring to the referee's orders. Treats and LeBeau remain in the ring.. Treats picks LeBeau up and takes him down with a backslide pin 1...2... kick out. Treats picks LeBeau up and LeBeau attempts to body slam Treats but Treats rolls into a sunset flip 1...2... kick out! LeBeau and Treats get up, Treats jumps onto his shoulders and executes a hurricanrana.. Treats goes into the cover 1...2... kick out. Treats picks LeBeau up and locks in a side headlock. LeBeau pushes him into the ropes.. Treats bounces off and LeBeau connects with a monkey flip! Treats gets to his feet, LeBeau with a few kicks to his side and then whips him into the corner. LeBeau charges but Treats gets the boots up that connect with the face of LeBeau. Treats grabs him from behind and attempts a reverse DDT but LeBeau spins out of it and suplexes Treats to the mat!

Kris Red: "This action is all so fast!!"

Andy LeBeau then locks in a camel clutch on Mr. Rottentreats... but he begins to stand though, with LeBeau up. He then sends him back first into the corner! Rottentreats rushes LeBeau, but gets caught with an elbow smash. LeBeau hurries behind Treats for a german suplex, and flips him up, but Treats lands on his feet! LeBeau turns around and Treats applies a cravate and starts swinging and swinging around and around and then drops him on his face!!

Tony D: "Cravate Countdown!!!"

Treats covers 1....2... LeBeau kicks out!!

Kris Red: "Jesus that was insane!"

Treats lifts LeBeau up and whips him into the ropes.. on the rebound Treats with a kick to LeBeau's gut and lifts him up as if for an Alabamaslam but LeBeau wiggles free into a sunset flip pin 1.... 2.... kick out! Treats rolls back, and dropkicks LeBeau in his face. He covers 1...2... kick out. Treats up..LeBeau slowly begins to rise. Treats runs at the ropes and jumps onto the second, springboard moonsault connects! 1..... 2.... kick out!

Kris Red: "What a perfect springboard moonsault by Mr. Rottentreats.. but he couldn't put LeBeau away."

Treats picks LeBeau up and LeBeau drops him down with a jawbreaker. He then jumps and tags in William Wallace who rushes in and takes Treats down with a huge headbutt! He covers him 1...2.... kick out. William then locks in a boston crab! He pulls back on the legs of Treats bending his back. Wallace stands up and the move resembles more of the Walls of Jericho now as he continues to keep the submission locked on.

Tony D: "He's clearly stealing the move of Douglas Fresh there!!"

Kris Red: "Or paying tribute to him!!"

Douglas screams out for Wallace to let that move go you imposter!

Kris Red: "Okay well maybe he doesn't like that."

The referee asks Treats if he wants to give up and he says no. William pulls back harder now and Treats struggles to get to the ropes. He slowly crawls, getting ever so closer... finally he reaches them, but the Scotsman pulls him to the center of the ring and looks to be locking in an STF but he cravates the head of Treats!

Tony D: "Hangman Clutch!!"

Kris Red: "Again, looks like he's paying tribute to uh.. Mr. Rottentreats."

SwitchBlade now rushes into the ring and sends his boot straight into the face of Wallace which gets him off of Treats. SwitchBlade gets on the apron again as the referee gets on him for that run-in. Wallace gets to his feet and gets in SwitchBlade's face. William goes to punch SwitchBlade but its blocked and SwitchBlade delivers a right hand to Wallace! Treats with a school boy now!!!!

Tony D: "Just a two count!! So close!"

Mr. Rottentreats gets to his feet as does William Wallace. They exchange rights and lefts and Wallace locks Treats in a side headlock. Treats delivers a few punches to his ribs and pushes him into the ropes. Wallace bounces off, Treats ducks down onto the mat, Wallace jumps over him, off the ropes, Treats takes him down with an armdrag! Wallace up, rushes Treats, Treats ducks a clothesline attempt from him.. Treats whips William into the corner. He runs and vaults over him onto the second turnbuckle. Wallace then clubs him in the back and sets him up for the Sitout Powerbomb!

Tony D: "Uh oh Wallace has him where he wants him!!"

Suddenly though Mr. Rottentreats counters into a Rana!! The crowd goes wild! LeBeau rushes into the ring and charges after Treats knocking him out of the ring. Hugo Strange gets in as does SwitchBlade and Fresh! Strange and Fresh begin exchanging blows, as do LeBeau and SwitchBlade. Meanwhile, William gets to his feet and sees Treats on the outside. He slides out and Mr. Rottentreats slowly gets to his feet.. Wallace charges in with a spear, driving him back-first into the guardrail and it bends up, nearly taking out people in the front row!

Tony D: "What a spear!!"

Kris Red: "Yeah look out!"

William Wallace brings Treats to his feet and he can barely stand. He toys with him, slapping him across the face. He leads him to the announce table and slams his head off of it! Meanwhile in the ring, SwitchBlade and Douglas Fresh both irish whip their opponents, Andy LeBeau and Hugo Strange, into the ropes towards the men at ringside. They both grab onto the ropes. SwitchBlade and Fresh charge for a clothesline apeice.. Fresh clotheslines Strange over and he goes over as well.. LeBeau ducks and delivers a few right hands to SwitchBlade. He then attempts to irish whip him but SwitchBlade spins around countering and sends LeBeau into the corner. SwitchBlade lifts LeBeau up and climbs up with him. He hooks his arm as if for a superplex. Andy begins punching him and SwitchBlade loses his footin and steps down to the mat. LeBeau then wraps his legs around SwitchBlade's head and rana's over the top rope and sends SwitchBlade into Strange, Wallace, Treats, and Fresh on the outside!!

Tony D: "Look out!!"

Kris Red: "Somebody tweet the po po!!! Switchy just got broken on top of those guys!"

All five men attempt to get up while LeBeau positions himself onto the apron. All five men slowly get to their feet as LeBeau looks down at them. He gets in the middle between each post, holding onto the top rope. All five men get up and LeBeau jumps onto the second rope and does an Asai moonsault onto the five men!!

Kris Red: "What a maneuver from Andy LeBeau!!"

The fans pop upon impact!! One man who didn't get nailed as much is William Wallace. He slowly gets to his feet and he picks Mr. Rottentreats up. He slowly brings him up and rolls him into the ring. William gets under the ropes and crawls in. Treats slowly gets up as does Wallace. The Scotsman kicks him in his gut and whips him into the turnbuckle corner. Treats comes forward slowly and Willie kicks him in his gut. He goes for the powerbomb but Treats counters and pushes William away. From behind though, Andy LeBeau attacks Treats. He and William Wallace both irish whip Treats into the corner. William Wallace measures off Mr. Rottentreats. Wallace begins running and Treats pulsl himself up with the corner ropes and kicks Wallace in the face.. He takes a step back and down to one knee. Treats then leaps onto William's shoulders, pushes off of them, over Wallace and onto LeBeau's shoulders nailing a hurricanrana!!

Tony D: "Amazing!"

William Wallace gets up and turns around, seeing that Mr. Rottentreats has just taken down LeBeau, and he charges at Treats and nails him with a big clothesline, taking him down. He grabs Treats' leg and pulls him away from his corner, and then tags in Hugo Strange. Wallace and Strange talk things over as they bring him up.. They seem to be not agreeing on something and taking a bit too much time but they finally bring Treats up and back him into the ropes.. Irish whip.. Treats bounces off the ropes and Strange ducks down while Wallace looks to be going for something else.. Wallace turns toward Strange wondering what's going on and Treats leaps with a Crossbody, taking out Wallace and going over the body of Strange!

Tony D: "A little miscomunication there!"

Strange turns around and Treats goes for a Cravate Cutter but Andy LeBeau slides into the ring and knees him in the gut! The two start some sort of double team but SwitchBlade and Douglas Fresh rush into the ring! William Wallace stops SwitchBlade while Douglas Fresh attacks Andy LeBeau from behind! Fresh with a clothesline to LeBeau, and both go over board! SwitchBlade and Wallace spill to the outside. With the referee distracted by that chaos, we see Ashley Lovell toss the flag to Hugo but Treats intercepts and then cracks Hugo over the head with it! He tosses the flag out as Ashley screams out!! Treats covers Hugo Strange as the referee turns around and counts 1... 2... 3!!! The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - Switchblade and the Carnival Connection!!"

Gimme Back My Bullets by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays as Mr. Rottentreats stands tall in the ring!

Tony D: "Tonight, it looks like the Maple Leaf Strike Force got a bit of their own medicine with that stick shot to the face!!"

Kris Red: "Well it definitely backfired and we know that the Carnival Connection are not against taking a shortcut to a victory so it's all fair game!!"

SwitchBlade and Douglas Fresh join Mr. Rottentreats in the ring for celebration - SwitchBlade with his World Title and the Carnival Connection motioning to MLSF that the tag titles are coming to them soon enough!! The show fades out...