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WARPED59 - 8/25/12 - Revere, MA - Wonderland Ballroom
Korrupt defends the World Title against Evolution Champion SwitchBlade, PKA and Taurus face off, there's a huge 4 Corner Survival match, a Tag Title #1 Contenders match and the debut of Joseph O'Henry.

Main Event - World Championship Match
Korrupt(c) vs. SwitchBlade
Korrupt makes his first title defense since winning the title at WARPED50 as he faces the Evolution Champion SwitchBlade.

Four Corners Survival Match
William Wallace vs. Anton Chase vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. The Rough Ryder
Four of WARPED Wrestling's biggest stars go at it in a fast-paced match where 2 men are legal in the ring at a time, and tags are not necessary. First pinfall or submission wins the match.

Tag Title #1 Contenders Match
Drug Money Inc vs. Carnival Connection
Two deserving tag teams face off to find out who will be the first challengers for Maple Leaf Strike Force's Tag Team gold!

Singles Match
Cade Wylie vs. Joseph O'Henry
Cade Wylie continues to look for a real challenge as he takes on the debuting Joseph O'Henry.

Grudge Match
PKA vs. Taurus Capone
PKA and Taurus have been bumping heads since Taurus arrived on scene in WARPED. Taurus has been toying with the World Champion Korrupt, and thinks he can run things, but PKA stood up to him. This led to PKA's girlfriend and Exec Assistant Deja using her 'powers' to convince PKA to face Taurus. This will be Taurus' first match in 4 years.



WARPED59 - 8/25/12 - Revere, MA - Wonderland Ballroom


You open the DVD of WARPED 59 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


New Scene

REACTIONS - (Caught on Video) 2 Weeks Ago

The cameras fade backstage after the show where we see Alexander StarrZoe hobbling with his gear bag over his shoulder and his street clothes on. His leg looks to still be giving him problems. He stops in front of the REACTIONS camera to give his thoughts on tonight's show... when suddenly William Wallace attacks him from behind! StarrZoe drops to the floor out of camera view. Wallace brings him up and delivers a right hand, dropping him. He then leans down and brings up the injured leg of Starr and starts kicking it. Starr screams out in pain and curses at Wallace as he beats on the hurt ligament. Wallace now releases it and looks into the camera. He smirks and walks off camera. He comes back with a chair in hand as Starr is getting up against the wall. Wallace then swings the chair and cracks it against Starr's leg and he drops down, screaming in pain. Wallace tosses the chair down and nods as referees and security rush down the hall to help out Starr. Wallace disappears as the REACTIONS camera catch Starr being helped. The show fades out.

New Scene

REACTIONS - (Taurus Capone) 2 Weeks Ago

Taurus Capone slowly swerves down the hallway on a custom built beach cruiser. No beach in sight. He stops in front of the camera and looks both ways before showing a slight grin.

Taurus Capone: "This "With An Iron Fist" shirt I'm wearing is available right now....Buy this...ASAP...But more importantly next episode, I return to in-ring competition after FOUR YEARS. WARPED 59 is set to be epic for that reason alone. Of course...I'll have plenty more surprises..Ha. "

Taurus nods at the camera and slowly continues to pedals the beach cruiser down the hallways as the scene fades.

New Scene

Opener - Singles Grudge Match - Taurus Capone vs. PKA

The show opens as the first scene fades in where we see the current booker and management of WARPED, PKA, in one corner. In the other, having his first match since 2008 in Headstrong Wrestling, is Taurus Capone.

Tony D: "Welcome to WARPED 59! We are live in the Wonderland Ballroom in Revere, Massachusetts, just fifteen minutes outside of Boston. What a night we have in store for you and it kicks off with a huge matchup!"

Kris Red: "The King versus the Ultraviolent Perfectionist! These guys have been pissy with each other on Twitter all week long and I think it's pretty personal."

Tony D: "Of course, as you see, it's Taurus Capone making his WARPED in-ring debut against PKA.. and Kris, we don't often see PKA wrestle, but when we do, it's high profile."

Kris Red: "And it's usually main event! PKA actually chose to make this match the opener for the show to make way for those who he felt deserved the spotlight more. Though, the King himself doesn't feel like it matters where he's booked.. he's calling WARPED 59 "TAURUS 59" and he is ready to go!"

The bell sounds!

Tony D: "And we're on!"

PKA and Taurus Capone lock up in the middle of the ring and Capone quickly goes behind PKA, locking in a reverse waist lock. PKA grabs an arm of Capone, escaping the grasp and goes behind with a reverse key lock. Capone brings his free arm around and over PKA, grabbing the wrist and twisting his arm. PKA pushes Capone, trying to break free, but Taurus sweeps his legs out from under him and spits down in his face!

Tony D: "Taurus Capone with a sign of total disrespect there, spitting in PKA's face."

PKA wipes the spit from his eyes and he flips onto his side and hits a modified drop toe hold on Capone, his face smacking against the mat. PKA rolls backward, getting to his feet, and Capone gets up as well and PKA spits in his face!

Kris Red: "PKA returns the favor! You can't do that to the King!"

Capone wipes the spit from his face and PKA kicks him in the gut and grabs his arm, twisting it up and delivering quick kicks to the midsection for added effect. PKA elevates the arm of Capone, applying more pain and he tries to do a total turn and twist it, but Capone grabs PKA's long hair and pulls it! The ref tells him to knock that off and PKA releases the arm as Capone releases the hair. He comes at Taurus but gets a knee to the gut. Taurus with an irish whip.. but PKA counters.. and Capone hits the ropes and comes back to a downed PKA.. he jumps over him and turns around as PKA gets to his feet and delivers a quick boxing punch! PKA drops to the mat and Capone shuffles his feet and hits another boxing punch, taking PKA down again. PKA back up.. Capone goes for another right hook but PKA ducks it and hits the ropes.. he bounces off and Capone leaps up and PKA runs under him, off the ropes and Capone leaps up again, and PKA goes under him. PKA puts on the breaks and goes for a spinning heel kick, but Capone ducks it and runs to the ropes. He bounces off and PKA leaps up, Capone going under him and off the ropes and into a hurricanrana from PKA, but Capone catches him and spins 180 degrees but suddenly PKA counters that and hits the RANA~!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness! Counter after counter!"

PKA pops up to his feet and pumps his fist as the fans are firmly behind him, and Capone slides out of the ring, grabbing the back of his head and looking up at PKA like he's surprised at that counter.

Kris Red: "The Iron Fist King is on the outside trying to buy himself some time but looks like he's going to be paying for it!"

PKA runs toward the ropes, flipping sideways and executing a Shooting star press before landing on Capone!

Kris Red: "Corkscrew Tope!"

The fans are on their feet cheering for PKA as he brings Taurus to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Capone shakes off the cobwebs as PKA gets onto the apron and grabs the top rope. He leaps onto the top and springs off.. PKA flips going for a neckbreaker but Capone ducks down and PKA crashes on the mat!

Tony D: "Taurus dodged that springboard blockbuster neckbreaker!!"

Taurus hits the ropes as PKA is getting to his feet and Taurus hits a Swinging Neckbreaker! He covers..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Capone with a twocount off of his own neckbreaker"

Capone brings PKA to his feet and paintbrushes him across the face, playing around with him. He goes for an irish whip but PKA reverses it and sends Taurus into the corner, back first. PKA charges in and Capone comes out of the corner and lifts PKA up, launching him over and PKA lands on the middle turnbuckle! He then leaps back with a second buckle crossbody and he lands on Capone, keeping on for the cover!



Kick out!

Tony D: "The agility of PKA is definitely on display tonight."

Kris Red: "But the King will conquer!"

Taurus gets to his feet and backs into the corner, catching his breath. PKA runs to the opposite corner and then charges in at Capone, going for the Torpedo-like dropkick, but Capone moves and PKA nearly breaks his neck on the landing!

Kris Red: "That looked awful!"

Tony D: "Taurus moved at the last possible second otherwise PKA might've reconfigured the shape of his head and that crown might not fit!"

Kris Red: "Tony D you're an idiot."

Taurus pulls PKA to his feet and puts him between his legs and lifts him up.. spinning 180 degrees and then powerbombs him to the mat!

Kris Red: "BallinBomb!"

Capone goes into the cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: "PKA able to slip out at two there, and there's no doubt that the BallinBomb could've just done more damage to the neck of PKA following that crash landing moments ago!"

Capone puts the boots to PKA as he tries to get to his feet. Taurus takes a second to boast to the fans as they cheer him.

Tony D: "Taurus Capone is without a doubt a fan favorite and these fans are showing him how much they love him!"

Kris Red: "We're not in Harlem but it doesn't matter because Taurus is King where ever he goes and the people will bow down to him!"

Tony D: "You have an infatuation with this guy that I will never understand."

Kris Red: "Tony D you will never be apart of the SuperBallin' Playaz Club if you keep that up!"

Tony D: "That stable hasn't been around in five? six? seven years?"

Taurus brings PKA to his feet and delivers a boxing punch.. PKA is out on his feet now. Taurus scoops PKA up and slams him to the mat! He drops to the mat and covers..


Kick out!

Tony D: "A scoop and a slam but not enough to put PKA away."

Kris Red: "King knows that, and King is in control!"

PKA starts up to his feet and delivers a right to the gut of Taurus, but Taurus clubs him over the back. PKA knees him in the gut and delivers a couple forearm shots. He runs to the ropes and just as he bounces off, Taurus baseball slides and clips the feet of PKA, tripping him up. The momentum sent Taurus to the ringside area. PKA grabs his face as it went directly into the mat.

Kris Red: "Taurus is so fast!"

Taurus climbs onto the apron and PKA gets to his feet, grabbing his nose where blood is dripping now. He charges Capone but Taurus goes through the ropes with a shoulderblock!

Tony D: "PKA might have a broken nose!"

Kris Red: "He's seeing red!"

Capone slips through the ropes and onto the second buckle as PKA staggers backward. Capone leaps off with a Hurricanrana but PKA counters into a Single Leg boston crab! Capone spins out of it and kicks PKA in the ass, sending him face-first into the middle buckle! PKA drops to one knee and Capone pulls him backward and grabs him by the head... Reverse DDT! Taurus with a cover..



PKA gets his foot on the bottom rope! The referee taps Taurus on the shoulder and tells him it's only a two count. PKA grabs at his nose as blood continues to pour from it and Capone turns him over and gets on top of him, delivering repeated right hands.

Tony D: "Taurus Capone is targetting the possibly broken nose of PKA now! Come on!"

Kris Red: "The King!"

The referee yells at Taurus to knock it off and starts a 5 count.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Taurus gets off of PKA at the last possible second and tells the referee to step back and that this is TAURUS 59 so he runs this shit! The referee tells him that HE is in charge of the match and Taurus looks pissed but PKA suddenly rolls him up in a schoolboy but Taurus rolls completely through and gets to his feet. Taurus swings at PKA and PKA ducks and hits a sitout jawbreaker! Taurus stumbles back into the ropes as PKA gets to his feet and delivers a forearm shot to the face of Capone!

Tony D: "PKA now making a comeback!"

PKA delivers another forearm shot to the face of Capone and he is staggering. PKA runs to the ropes, bounces off and leaps into a Wheelbarrow, Capone catching him, and where PKA would normally go for a Bulldog, Capone counters into a German Suplex, bridged!



Kick out!!

Tony D: "Amazing counter into a German Suplex and a kickout from PKA!"

Kris Red: "A counter fit for a King!"

Taurus Capone now stalks the bloodied and beaten PKA, who pushes himself up to his feet ever so slowly. Capone grabs him by the back of his pants and pulls him into a reverse waistlock and lifts him up, but PKA Counters into a victory roll!



Both men up.. Capone goes for a clothesline but PKA rolls under the arm and gets to his feet.. step up enziguri!

Tony D: "PKA with a counter out of desperation there with the step up enziguri and now both men are down!"

The referee begins a 10 count as the fans stomp the mat and clap to get these men back up! 1... 2.... 3..... 4....

Tony D: "These fans at the Wonderland Ballroom are cheering PKA and Taurus capone on now!"

Kris Red: "And as always that helps them gain energy! Crazy!"

They start pushing their way up... 5.... 6.... Both up! Taurus throws a right hand but PKA blocks into a forearm strike, and another, another, another, and another! PKA backs Taurus into the ropes.. Irish whip.. Taurus counters and PKA hits the ropes.. Taurus with a clothesline attempt but PKA ducks, hits the ropes and returns with a leaping forearm, taking Taurus down!

Kris Red: "I think I just got PKA nose blood on me! It's flying everywhere!"

PKA gets to his feet, and Taurus starts up. PKA pulls him in for a cross-armed brainbuster, but Taurus pushes him away. He charges at PKA and PKA brings his legs up around the neck of Taurus and pushes out of the corner, sending Taurus face-first into the turnbuckle. He turns around and leans up against the corner as PKA charges in with a torpedo-style dropkick in the corner! Capone stumbles out and drops to the mat and PKA makes a cover..




Tony D: "Only a twocount off that corner dropkick!!"

PKA pulls Taurus up to his feet and sets him up for the P-Krusher Implant DDT but Taurus grabs his wrist and spins out of it. He goes for a short arm clothesline but PKA ducks. Both turn back to each other and Capone takes him down with a clothesline, going down with him and getting in his face, yelling at him! He covers PKA after a bit of trash talk, but PKA immediately kicks out. Taurus smears the blood of PKA's all over his face, and PKA swings and kicks at Taurus, trying to get him away. Taurus gets up and wipes the blood of PKA on his chest and gives a sour face, probably realizing how disgusting that is. He pulls PKA up to his feet as the fans chant "P K A! P K A!" followed by dueling chants of "P K A!" and "Let's Go Taur-us!"

Tony D: "Both PKA and Taurus hearing it from the fans here in Revere!"

Taurus calls for the BallinBuster as he sets PKA up for the modified brainbuster. He lifts PKA up and PKA brings his knee down to the head of Taurus, and he's able to slip out to the side, landing on his feet. PKA runs to the ropes and leaps onto the second one and moonsaults off, connecting with Taurus and taking him down and into a cover!



Taurus gets a shoulder up and PKA immediately grabs it and twists it, causing Taurus to scream out in pain. PKA kicks him in the skull and pulls him up, setting him up for the P-Krusher and he lifts Taurus up but Taurus drives his knee to the ribs of PKA and he releases. PKA doubles down, and Taurus looks to be totally defenseless as he's struggling to get something going. PKA then gets back to his feet as Taurus pops up and hits a rapid big boot to the face!

Tony D: "Whoa!"

Blood goes flying into the first five rows after that quickfast big boot Taurus calls "Epic Fail"

Kris Red: "That came out of nowhere!!"

Taurus covers PKA, hooking both legs..




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Taurus Capone!"

Like That" - T.I plays over the PA System as the fans cheer. Taurus gets to his feet and the referee raises his arm in victory. He notices that his boot is leaving a bloody print on the mat and he looks at the bottom of his boot, making a sour face again, before climbing the turnbuckle and raising both arms in the air.

Tony D: "In his first match in over five years, Taurus Capone is victorious over PKA tonight!"

Kris Red: "The King is BACK!"

The referee is tending to PKA as Capone continues to showboat.. and this DVD scene fades out.

New Scene


We cut to the backstage area to the treatment room. PKA is sitting on the table as the medical team are patching him up. William Wallace comes walking in, a shadow is cast over the room and PKA takes a look up. He looks less than impressed that the Scotsman is standing in front of him.

PKA: William do we have to do this now?

Williamn Wallace: We don't have to, but we are goin to.

PKA rolls his eyes.

PKA: So how can I help you this time?

Williamn Wallace: First up, great match! A like how the new kid rearranged you face, it looks a bit like a pizza, an that nose, a have seen junkies noses hanging together better than that thing!

PKA: Look if you came here to poke fun at me just get it over with so a can get finished up here.

Williamn Wallace: Oh no, that was just for fun. The reason a am here is a want to know why the hell you think Switchblade deserves a title shot before me? What has he done that a haven't since he came back?

PKA remains silent for a moment. As he opens his mouth to speak Wallace interrupts him.

Williamn Wallace: Exactly NOTHIN! A deserve that title shot an that fact your too stupid to see that proves just how incompetent you are. Then there is also the fact a still have a rematch for the Evolution title to get. A keep thinkin "why are you tryin to hold me back?" an it came to me the other day, it is because you couldn't get the job done an end the streak of StarrZoe when you had the chance, you are jealous that am the one that got that glory.

PKA begins to shake his head, but once again Wallace cuts him off as he goes to speak.

Williamn Wallace: Whatever it is, it better stop. You are goin down a path you really don't want to be walkin, the longer you pull this crap the more pissed off a will get, an the more pissed off a get the more people that will get hurt. Look what a did to StarrZoe at WARPED 58. Probably the most popular guy on the roster, an he was left lyin in a heap, now people are begin to wonder if he will ever return. Do a have to do that to everyone in the back before you realise a am the only man to take this company forward? Because a will do it, an a will do it with a smile on ma face.

PKA still looking unimpressed as the medical team continue to poke around his nose finally gets to reply.

PKA: Don't come in here threatening me, a run this pla...

Wallace cuts PKA off AGAIN!

Williamn Wallace: Son, that isn't a threat, that is a guarantee.

Wallace turns to walk away before turning back.

Williamn Wallace: Oh, before a forget. Tell the new kid, Taurus, that if he wants a top spot, he has to earn it, you can't just walk in an demand to be at the top.

PKA: A bit like what you are doing?

Williamn Wallace: A have earned my place at the top, ma record speaks for itself, an tonight, my actions will be heard around the world. A will not be held responsible for what a do, this is all on your head.

Wallace shoves the camera out of the way and walks out. The camera hits the floor and we are left with static.

New Scene


(Keep in mind that this is a DVD, with segments taped minutes after each other but pieced together in special order, and many not shown to the live audience) ... This segment takes place minutes after the Wallace encounter with PKA.

A bloody and battered PKA is sitting in his underwear as the Carnival Connection enter his locker room. Douglas carries a roll of duct tape and Treats carrying a case of Faygo Cola.

Mr. Rottentreats: “HOLY FUCK! He got ya good didn’t he? Well, we don’t have any fucking frozen peas..”

Douglas Fresh: “But we’ve got the next best thing Ice Cold Faygo Cola!”

PKA rolls his eyes, then jumps up as the sound of Douglas grasping a length of duct tape from the roll startles him.

PKA: “And what exactly is the duct tape for?”

Douglas Fresh: “Silence is silver my friend, silence is silver!”

Mr. Rottentreats: “He’s just fuckin’ with ya, it’s a trick our pops taught us when we first broke in, and Dougie broke his nose.”

Douglas Fresh: “The good ‘ol Faygo Facemask, you might feel a little pressure but the coolness of the cans will reduce the swelling”

As Douglas approaches PKA with a face mask made of Faygo cans Treats taps him on the shoulder as he notices the end of “Snakeman’s Dance” through the crack in the door and they take off hoping to get to the curtain on time..

PKA then motions to Deja.

PKA: "Ugh.. here, take a pic."

He picks up a cigarette he had set aside and puts it in his mouth.. She takes a picture.


New Scene

REACTIONS - (Leon Stone & Damien Baine) 2 Weeks Ago

Leon Stone and Damien Baine walk up to the camera set up for their reactions. Leon looks beat up but not half as bad as his uncle did when he was done with him. Damien pats Leon on the back and says “it’s all yours buddy.”

Leon: That’s right, I did it, I walked into the ring and I did exactly what I said I was going to do, I walked into that ring and I ended my uncles career. It seems to be a pattern now, when someone fucks with Leon Stone, Leon Stone finishes it. Just like Kris Red, just like Anton Chase, and now Just like Midnight Felon. I’m changing and I think it’s for the better, I feel better about myself, when I look in the mirror I look who I see, and you know what it feels good.

Leon smiles big.

Leon: I and Damien made it clear what our intentions are, and any one that stands in my way can expect the same fate as, Felon, Red, and Chase. I’m not kidding anyone what Deja said two weeks ago is right, I have transformed myself a few times here in warped, from the boy to the man to the women beater to the guy that couldn’t get a break and now to the good guy. I invite you to the new era of Leon Stone, it does gonna last awhile.

Leon and Damien start to walk away but Damien stops.

Damien: One more thing, Follow me on twitter,@damienbaine. Thanks!

Both men exit

New Scene

Triple Threat Match - Cade Wylie vs. Damien Baine vs. Joseph O'Henry

The scene fades in as the Triple Threat match is about to start between Damien Baine, Joseph O'Henry, and Cade Wylie. The bell sounds.

Tony D: "We've got three newcomers to WARPED going at it tonight. For Damien Baine and Joseph O'Henry, this will be their first match in WARPED. For Joseph O'Henry, it's his first match ever and first time ever in the states."

Kris Red: "Of course we know that Damien Baine is new to WARPED by way of Leon Stone. Sounds like they might be a new tag team on the roster, which is great, but tonight Damien isn't in a tag match.. he's got to do it alone and in the ring with two opponents."

Tony D: "Cade Wylie might have his biggest challenge yet here in WARPED. He's had a bit of an issue with finding a good opponent, and tonight it looks like he's got what he wanted all along!"

The bell sounds. All three men exit their corners and try to decide who's going to make the first move.

Tony D: "And there's the bell!"

Joseph O'Henry takes the first punch, attacking Damien Baine. He then goes at Cade Wylie, delivering a right hand to him. Damien kicks Joseph in the gut, and Wylie then kicks Baine as well. Baine and Wylie lock up in the middle of the ring, and Wylie applies a side headlock. Baine quickly escapes and twists his arm, and irish whips him into the ropes.. Wylie bounces off and Baine hits a big dropkick! Wylie stumbles back and Joseph O'Henry pulls the ropes down and Wylie falls over the top rope!

Tony D: "Cade Wylie goes overboard!"

Damien Baine brings Joseph O'Henry to his feet and hits a snap suplex. He covers.. 1... kick out! He brings O'Henry to his feet and backs him into the ropes.. Irish whip.. O'Henry hits the ropes and Baine ducks down for a backdrop but it's countered into a neckbreaker! Joseph O'Henry makes the cover.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

O'Henry brings him up to his feet and delivers a right hand. He lifts him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, but Damien Baine slips out. He then hits a bulldog and makes a cover! 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "Back and forth action from Damien Baine and Joseph O'Henry!"

Kris Red: "And Cade Wylie looks to be slowly recovering from his fall at ringside."

Baine backs into the corner as O'Henry gets to his feet. He comes at him but O'Henry strikes him in the gut with a big right hand. He goes behind and applies a Full Nelson and lifts him up, slamming him down!

Tony D: "O'Henry calls that the Red Petal!"

He makes a cover... 1... 2... kick out! O'Henry now applies a sleeper hold on the mat, but from the apron we see Cade Wylie climbing onto the top buckle.

Kris Red: "Cade has something in mind!!"

Joseph O'Henry releases the hold as Cade Wylie then leaps off the top with a Frog Splash onto Damien Baine!

Kris Red: "O'Henry was smart there!"

Wylie clutches his gut as he pushes himself to his feet.. the momentum backs him into Joseph O'Henry who turns around and pulls Wylie between his legs. He hooks the arms and spins out, lifting him up and drops him with a Vertabreaker, dropping Wylie on the back of his head!

Tony D: "Oh my God what a dangerous move!"

Kris Red: "No kidding!!"

Joseph O'Henry makes the cover..... 1.... 2..... 3!! Damien Baine leaps and knocks O'Henry off of the cover!

Tony D: "Was it three?!"

The referee calls for the bell and Baine was too late!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Joseph O'Henry!"

"A Warrior's Call" by Volbeat plays as the fans applaud O'Henry's win. He stands up and has his arm raised in victory by the referee. Damien Baine looks bothered that he just barely didn't make the save. He extends his hand to O'Henry and O'Henry accepts it and the two shake. Damien Baine points to O'Henry then back to himself, saying 'you and me next time' and O'Henry nods his head.

Kris Red: "What a great show of respect between those two men. I'd love to see them one on one and given more time in the ring!"

Joseph shakes Damien's hand again as Damien heads out of the ring allowing O'Henry to celebrate as this DVD scene fades to black.


New Scene


Cameras open up in the office of the WARPED figurehead, PKA, sitting alone behind his desk, nursing his injured nose. Dried blood covers his face. He now actually is dressed.

PKA: "Korrupt.. Korrupt.. Korrupt.."

A heavy thud sounds from the other side of the door. The knob twists, flinging the door open, and brings in an unfamiliar face to the WARPED viewers.

PKA: And you are…

The bald man strolls in, admiring his surroundings, before shooting his counterpart a menacing grin. PKA raises a finger as he nods and smiles, playing along.

PKA: Oh, right. You must be the new guy we brought in. Vic is it?

Vic Vega: Vic Vega to be clear. I figured you'd want to see me, face to face, before my big win tonight.

PKA cocks an eyebrow.

PKA: Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt. The only problem is…

He glances at the lineup on his desk.

PKA: You’re not on the card tonight. In fact, I had no idea you were even coming. I’m pretty sure we don’t even have the locker space for you. How about you go talk to the press, say hello to the WARPED faithful, and we’ll get something set up for next week? That sound good? Okay. Have fun out there! Fuck, my nose hurts...

PKA’s condescending tone resonates loud and clear in Vega’s head. The Boss pretends to be completing some dire paperwork but after a few seconds, realizes Vic is still in the room and the look on his face is less than content.

Vic Vega: That’s funny, little man.

PKA: Did you just call me…

Vic Vega: I didn’t come here to jerk curtains and do some cliché, new guy bit. Vic Vega’s here to wrestle, Mr. Anthony. Tonight. You can make it happen or… you can watch it happen. That’s your call.

PKA sets his pen down and calmly folds his hands together. He smiles down at the desk, composing himself, before glaring up at the larger man in his office. His jaw clenches.

PKA: Vic, was it? Let me fill you in on a little tradition around here. The minute I say something… people listen up. 11 years this has been happening. I'm not some old ass boss who can't hold his own. I'm not some stupid diva who can't fight her battles. I'm a god damned wrestler with power. I guess I must not have been clear enough when I said ‘come back next week’ but what I really meant was get the fuck out of my sight. Otherwise, you’ll be spending the next two years wrestling garbage bags in the locker room as my fuckin’ cleaning lady!

Vega shakes his head, still holding a bit of a smile, and offers up his palms as a sign of compliance. On his way out, Vic turns back, points at PKA, but bites his tongue. Instead, he just kicks over a chair, slams the door into the wall, and finally storms out in a fit of rage.

PKA: That's effective. Off you go. Jesus fucking Christ... ugh!

PKA finally sits down.. The scene quickly cuts to ringside.

New Scene

Handicap Match - Tag Title #1 Contenders: Blake Blomberg vs. Carnival Connection

The scene fades in for the Tag Title #1 contenders match! The bell sounds as Blake Blomberg is doing it alone tonight. He steps out of the corner to tie up with Dougie Fresh.

Tony D: "We're told this is still a #1 contenders match for the Tag Team Titles, but it looks like Blomberg is alone tonight."

Kris Red: "I heard a rumor earlier of Villano VI's status, but I don't want to say.. who knows what's really going on."

The two wrestlers tie up, and Blomberg twists the arm of Dougie Fresh. Dougie screams out 'Ouch, yo! That shit hurts!' and Blake tells him to shut up. He twists the arm even more and goes behind with a key lock.. "Fuck, my arm!" screams out Dougie Fresh.

Tony D: "Douglas Fresh is very vocal tonight."

Dougie Fresh reaches up at the head of Blomberg and snapmares him to the mat, getting freed from the hold. "Man, ease up!" says Dougie as he shakes off his arm. Blake Blomberg gets up and goes for a clothesline but Dougie Fresh ducks it and then rakes his back! Dougie shakes his hands around as Blomberg drops to a knee, grabbing his back. The ref tells Dougie to knock that off! He ignores the ref and pulls Blake Blomberg up to his feet and hits a 1-armed powerslam! "How about them apples?!" says Dougie before hitting the ropes and coming back with an elbow drop, but Blake moves! "Ouch!" shouts Dougie.

Kris Red: "Did somebody spike his Faygo?"

Blomberg then charges the corner and knocks Mr. Rottentreats off of the apron and he crashes at ringside!

Tony D: "Blake Blomberg looks to be frustrated as Dougie Fresh is playing around.."

Blomberg goes after Dougie Fresh and kicks him in the skull as he goes to get up. Blomberg locks in a crooked head scissors lock and the ref checks on Dougie to see if he wants to tap out. Mr. Rottentreats now slides into the ring and kicks Blomberg in the head! Blomberg gets up as the ref pushes Treats away and back to his corner. Treats looks frustrated and wants to fight Blomberg for what he did earlier but he adheres to the referee's orders as to not get DQ'd. Blomberg steps back and into Dougie Fresh who shouts "LOOK UP!" and points up. Blake looks up and Dougie slaps him across the face! Blomberg furiously swings but Dougie Fresh ducks under and hits the ropes, bouncing back and stopping before he reaches Blomberg. Blake is confused and Dougie stomps on his feet and delivers an uppercut! Douglas Fresh tags in Mr. Rottentreats and he then sweeps the legs out from under him and begins doing a GIANT SWING!!!!

Kris Red: "Around and around and around he goes! Where he stops nobody gives a crap!"

Douglas Fresh shouts out "Whoooooooooooa! Whoooooooooooa" as he spins and spins until Mr. Rottentreats bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face of Blomberg! Douglas Fresh then loses his balance and falls through the ropes down to the floor as Mr. Rottentreats grabs his head, shaking his head back and forth with his jaw drops. The fans laugh as he turns around and sees Blake Blomberg getting to his feet. Treats kicks him in the gut and puts him between his legs.. then lifts him up in a Crucifix position.. the fans get on their feet as they know what's next.. he flips him over into a DDT!

Tony D: "It's all business with Mr. Rottentreats! Juggalo Driver 2!"

Kris Red: "That's gotta be it!"

He goes into the cover...




The bell sounds and Gimme Back My Bullets by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners and the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship - the Carnival Connection!"

Mr. Rottentreats rolls out of the ring and helps up his partner and the two celebrate! Blake Blomberg is out in the middle of the ring.

Tony D: "This handicap match was unfair to Blake Blomberg tonight. We hope to have more information on his partner on as it develops.. But congratulations goes to the Carnival Connection I suppose, number 1 contenders."

Kris Red: "They'll be meeting the Maple Leaf Strike Force soon!"

Carnival Connection make their way to the back as the referee helps Blake Blomberg from the ring.

Tony D: "We're not even sure if the Maple Leaf Strike Force are here tonight. We know that Hugo Strange might still be in Brazil as he represents WARPED in the CWC Golden Dreams. And - "

Looking down the barrel of a gun starts to blast though the pa system as Andy LeBeau and Ashley make their way to the ring.

Kris Red: "Speak of the devil!"

Once inside the ring Andy asks for the mic.

Andy:Well I guess what they say about the people here is true.

Ashley:And what is that Andy?

Andy:They are All pigs!

Boos rain down.

Andy:As I look out in the crowd All I see is fat ugly Americans that want to be us. Now as you idoits have noticed Hugo is not here. He is in Brazil and since I know none of you know where that is I will tell you it is in South America.

Andy:Now Hugo is representing WARPED in the CWC Golden Dreams show. Now show him some respect with some cheers you low life scum feeders.

Andy looks out to the crowd and is met with more boos and some trash.

Andy:I now know why people like New York better.

More boos.

Andy:It has more class, better looking women, smells nicer and the Yankees are and the Giants beat you losers Pat twice in the superbowl you guys are like the Carnival Connection of citys...........LOSERS!

Trash boos rain into the ring.

Andy: Now on to buisness Mr.PKA we.don't care who you name as 1# contenders if they dont meet our standards then we will not face them. We just proved are selves to All you idoits that we are ELITE and will not take a step backwards just to give trash a chance.

Andy walks around tge ring dodging trash.

Andy: We have beaten your heros and idols we have even beaten the clowns of WARPED there is nobody here to even give us a good match. Leon Stone just because you found yourself a new boyfriend who apparently can't keep a job or a car on the road you think you can hang with us. Shit please there is a better chance of Daimens daughter getting a date to prom then you two fags beating us.

Andy:Mr. PKA we like you but understand this when it comes to tag team Wrestling we call the shots here.

Andy drops the mics and he and Ashley leave the ring.

New Scene

4 Corner Survival - William Wallace vs. Anton Chase vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. The Rough Ryder

The scene fades in as we see the 4 men in the ring!

Tony D: "Four Corner Survival time! The very unhappy William Wallace faces the man who barely didn't win the Evolution Title at "Return to Rahway" Anton Chase, and two men who were tag team partners in Elite Duos, Cameron MacNichol and The Rough Ryder!"

The bell sounds in the Four Corner Survival as William Wallace and The Rough Ryder are set to start the match, with Cameron MacNichol and Anton Chase on the apron. William Wallace and The Rough Ryder lock up in the center of the ring and are struggling back and forth for control. Both men use their power to counter and recounter in the quest for leverage, shifting weight and shuffling their feet. Finally, Wallace wins the contest of control and applies a side headlock. It only takes a second for Rough Ryder to easily counter, pushing Wallace off and into far ropes. William rebounds and is forced to leap over the prone body of Rough Ryder who had dropped down to the mat in an attempt to trip up Wallace. William hits the ropes one more time and turns to find Ryder standing tall in the center of the ring ready to deliver a shoulder block. The two men collide shoulder-to-shoulder and neither man goes down.

Each man nods to the other and they turn to hit opposite ropes in an effort to build momentum for another shoulder block showdown. As each man turns he finds that he’s been hit by the one of the two competitors who were supposed to remain on the ring apron until tagged, Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol. Rough Ryder is matched up with Chase and William is staring down Cameron MacNichol and Chase and MacNichol are both attempting to ambush their respective opponents with clotheslines. Rough Ryder and William Wallace both duck the clothesline and set into action teaching their opponents a lesson. Wallace kicks Cameron in the spin and jerks him into an inverted facelock as Rough Ryder waits for Chase to turn and then plants a kick in his gut and applies an abdominal stretch!

Tony D: “This doesn’t look good for Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol!”

Kris Red: “I can’t watch!”

The Rough Ryder releases and places Chase between his legs. He hoists Chase up for what looks like a powerbomb and then, almost as if they planned it, William and Rough Ryder execute their moves in stereo. Wallace drops Cameron with a 1/2 nelson as The Rough Ryder brings Anton Chase down with a powerbomb!

Tony D: "In stereo!"

Kris Red: "These two monsters are destroying Chase and Cam! Make it stop! Why can't Leon Stone be the one taking the punishment! SWAGGIE!!!"

Tony D: "...yea"

The Rough Ryder and William Wallace both rise to their feet and glance at one another, then to their devastated opponents. Each man nods to the other and then turns and pushes the limp body of their respective opponents out of the ring. William plays to the fans who boo him in return. He scowls at them and then he and The Rough Ryder once again begin to circle ready to pick back up where they left off before they were so rudely interrupted. The two men lock up once more but this time its Rough Ryder who takes the advantage; pulling William into a side headlock. Wallace knows just what to do and counters by lifting Rough Ryder up for a belly-to-back suplex. Unfortunately, for William at least, Rough Ryder elbows his way out before Wallace could ge thim all the way up. Wallace steps away, grabbing his face, and Ryder grabs him from behind with a schoolboy!

Tony D: “Roll up!”




Kris Red: “Kick out!”

Wallace kicks free of the pin and rolls to his feet where he finds Ryder standing just a few feet away using his thumb and forefinger to demonstrate just how close the ref’s hand nearly came to hitting the mat. William smiles and acknowledges the near fall before motioning for Rough Ryder that he wants another lock up. The moment Rough Ryder and William touch Wallace jerks Rough Ryder down and rolls him up with a small package!

Tony D: “Small package!”




Kris Red: “Kick out!”

Rough Ryder breaks free of the pin attempt and rolls to his feet. This time it’s his turn to look on as William demonstrates just how close he was to getting that pinfall. Rough Ryder chuckles a bit and nods as the two men are both quite amused at their tandem close calls.

Tony D: “We’ve got two well matched wrestlers here, this looks to be interesting.”

Kris Red: “We’ve also got two unconscious wrestlers here and they’re pretty much done for the night.”

Again the two competitors lock up in the center of the ring and this time Rough Ryder pulls William into an arm wringer before Wallace can even react. Wallace tries to escape, but Ryder pulls him in with a short-arm clothesline! Wallace goes down and Ryder smirks, raising his arms in the air.

He brings Wallace right back up and slaps on a front face lock. Rough Ryder signals for something but that hesitation is all William needs to regain his senses and drive Ryder back into the nearest turnbuckle, sandwiching him and breaking the face lock. Wallace immediately pops up and starts to drive relentless knees into Rough Ryder’s midsection before finally whipping him across the ring and into the far corner. Ryder slams into the turnbuckle chest first with enough force to stun him and send him staggering backward. Wallace is right there to take advantage as he rushes in, grabs him around the waist, and hits a Scottish(german)Suplex! He bridges, keeping the shoulders down..

Kris Red: “Pin!”




Tony D: “Shoulder up!”

Rough Ryder just escapes the pinfall leaving an undeterred William Wallace to jerk him up looking for more offense. William turns Ryder around setting him up for the Vertical Suplex.. but Ryder pushes him away.

Tony D: "Wallace perhaps going for The Sinister Urge but Ryder said no way!"

Wallace comes at Ryder and kicks him, but Ryder catches his leg and pushes it down, then goes for a clothesline, but Wallace ducks. They both turn back to each other and Wallace goes for a Big Boot but Ryder ducks and goes behind and runs to the ropes. He bounces off and Wallace spins back around in time for Ryder to hit the running knee lift! Wallace goes to the mat and Ryder drops down into the cover..

Tony D: "Here's the cover!"




Tony D: “Wallace just gets the shoulder up!”

Both men take a moment to catch their breath before slowly climbing to their feet to continue this contest. Just as each man gets up they look to one another and point and somehow they each read the other’s non-verbal signal and duck. As they duck Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol come over their back attempting clotheslines and thanks to the well timed ducks Chase and MacNichol both miss. They don’t miss one another however as they trod forward and slam chest-to-chest in the center of the ring. The men bounce off one another and find themselves in a bit of trouble as Cameron is sent into the corner by Ryder and Anton Chase is knocked in the gut and snatched into a front face lock by William Wallace. Wallace brings Chase up to his feet in a vertical suplex position and turns it into a powerslam!

Tony D: "The Sinister Urge!"

The Rough Ryder now has Cameron MacNichol up against the turnbuckle and he charges in with the Whiplash!!

Kris Red: "William Wallace and The Rough Ryder are absolutely dominating this Four Corner Survival Match! In our 9 years of calling these matches, has this ever happened?!"

Tony D: "I honestly can't remember! I don't think so!"

William Wallace and The Rough Ryder have once again pushed the lifeless bodies of their opponents to the apron and each man is circle again as they look to continue this match. Rough Ryder moves forward and throws a left that connects with William’s jaw but Wallace quickly throws a return right that finds the same mark on Rough Ryder. The two men stand in the center of the ring trading punches as the fan noise grows louder and louder until finally Rough Ryder takes the advantage! The Rough Ryder lands a right and then blocks William’s next punch driving a knee into his gut and doubling his opponent over. Wallace rolls toward the ropes and under them but Ryder stops him, pulling him up. He brings him through the middle and top rope, wrapping his arm around his head, and then drops him with the DDT!

Tony D: "A second rope DDT from The Rough Ryder!! This could be it if he goes for the pin."

Kris Red: "It can't end! Cameron and Anton haven't done enough damage yet!"

Tony D: "Oh my!"

Instead of going for a pin, Ryder elects to back up, waiting for Wallace to get to his feet so he can hit the Side Swipe Superkick. Cameron MacNichol reaches in and grabs the boot of Ryder, and he kicks at him but Cameron steps back! Anton Chase now slides into the ring and rolls up Ryder...

Tony D: "Look out!"



Cameron MacNichol slides in and pushes Anton Chase off of Ryder! Chase gets in his face and MacNichol delivers a hard right hand that spins Chase around and he locks in the Cobra Clutch!

Kris Red: "Stranglehold!!"

The Rough Ryder comes toward Anton Chase and Chase brings his feet up and kicks off of Ryder, dropping him to the mat and flipping over Cameron, escaping the hold! The fans pop at that amazing move. Anton Chase hops onto the second buckle and MacNichol turns around, Chase kicks him in the face and brings him in for a Tornado DDT as he pushes off and nails it!

Kris Red: "Amazing Tornado DDT from Anton Chase!"

Meanwhile, The Rough Ryder gets to his feet and Wallace is up.. and he hits a SPEAR! He goes for the cover...


Anton Chase pulls him off! Chase pulls Wallace to his feet and brings him between his legs, setting up for the Chaos Theory, but Wallace is able to backdrop him over the top rope and down to the floor!

Tony D: "That's not a very good landing for Chase!"

Wallace talks trash to Anton Chase, keeping an eye on the downed opponent. From behind, Ryder is setting up for the Side Swipe Superkick on Wallace, and Wallace turns around and BAMMMMMM Cameron MacNichol hits a Clothesline from Hell on Ryder!!

Tony D: "Cameron just saved Wallace from the Side Swipe!"

Kris Red: "But look out!"

Wallace isn't about to give him a handshake and a thank you card, as he drills MacNichol with a huuuuuuuuuge headbutt, and pulls him between his legs, lifts him up and drops him with a sitout powerbomb!

Tony D: "The Freedom Drop! Shoulders down!!"




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - William Wallaaace!"

Flower of Scotland plays as the crowd gives off a mixed reaction. The referee holds the arm of Wallace up but he pulls away and exits the ring, not looking too happy. He gives Anton Chase another couple of kicks for good measure as he heads up the aisle.

Tony D: "William Wallace apparently isn't one for celebrations tonight. Where could he be going?!"

In the ring, the referee checks on Cameron, who seems to be in a lot of pain after that powerbomb. Cameron slowly gets onto all fours, pushing himself up off of the mat, grabbing his lower back. He drops down to a knee, and sighs. He rolls onto his back and out of the ring, under the rope and down to the ringside area where he uses the apron to hold himself up. He steps around the ring and grabs the ring post, guiding himself around the corner, when suddenly The Rough Ryder drives his RYDE OR DYE chair into his lower back! The fans boo as Ryder looks down at the fallen Cameron MacNichol, as he leans up against the corner post.

Tony D: "What the hell is going on!?"

Kris Red: "Apparently their partnership in the Elite Duos meant nothing to The Rough Ryder!"

Ryder swings the chair against the head of Cameron, sandwiching his head between a chair and the steel ring post!!

Kris Red: "Somebody tweet the po po!!! God damn!!"

Tony D: "WHAT has gotten into The Rough Ryder?!"

Ryder is joined by Jessica as the two make their way up the aisle.. the fans booing. Cameron is on the floor, bleeding from the side of his face, and referees rush down to tend to him.

New Scene

REACTIONS - (SwitchBlade) 2 Weeks Ago

SwitchBlade appears backstage, the Evolution Title on his shoulder. He stands in front of the camera and wipes away some blood still on his forehead.

SwitchBlade: "Well like that one hit wonder from the 90s used to say, I get knocked down, but I get up again. Tonight, I showed the Warped fans why i'm the Evolution Champion. Chase, you put up a good fight, and it could have gone either way. Tonight was not your night, but keep it up and your time will come."

SwitchBlade wipes sweat off his nose.

SwitchBlade: "And Korrupt, looks like you and I go at it one more time. I got your 'message' loud and clear. Make all the parody videos you want because it won't matter two weeks from now. At Warped 59, i'm going to beat you, and i'm going to become the Evolution AND World Champion. It's time to make history again."

SwitchBlade taps his title and walks away.

New Scene

World Title Match? SwitchBlade vs. Korrupt(c)

The scene fades in as we see SwitchBlade making his entrance. PKA stands in the ring, a microphone in his hand, dried up blood on his face. SwitchBlade's music dies down as PKA speaks.

PKA: "I.."

He stops, feeling the pain in his nose.

PKA: "First off, I shouldn't be out here. I should be at the emergency room getting my little problem fixed."

He pauses, taking a second to catch his breath and work through the pain from his fractured nose.

PKA: "Korrupt is the main reason I'm here tonight. I wanted to see if he'd show up. Turns out.. he's nowhere to be found. So it looks like he's screwed you all out of a main event title match. With that, I've got no other choice but to strip Korrupt of the World Title."

"Sinister Kid" by the Black Keys rips through the air waves as the arena lights black out. A simple strobe light engulfs the entryway from behind with red and white ambiance. The massive silhouette of a man emerges on the ramp with head held high. His music dies down and the lights come up, revealing Vic Vega, who confronted PKA earlier.

Vic Vega: "PKA, this is fate. I told you earlier that I was here to wrestle, and I deserve this spot. Give these fans what they want - me - and a title match. SwitchBlade, put your Evolution Title on the line. Korrupt is nowhere to be f-"

Suddenly "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to blare through the arena and Korrupt comes storming out from behind the curtain in street clothes, and the World Title hanging from his hand. He pushes past Vic Vega, who doens't look too pleased that his opportunity just went away. Korrupt quickly makes his way down to the ring, taking off his shirt and sliding into the ring.

PKA: "Nice timing. Ring the bell!"

The bell sounds and PKA cautiously makes his way through the ropes and out of the ring. The camera shows Vic Vega looking frustrated on the stage, but he turns his back and heads backstage.

Tony D: "Looks like we're going to have our World Title match after all!!"

Kris Red: "Korrupt has been constantly late and this time was about to be it for him! He's still in his jeans and sneakers, Tony D!"

Korrupt and SwitchBlade tie up in the middle of the ring, jockeying for control. SwitchBlade takes Korrupt down with an armdrag, and Korrupt looks shocked. He gets up and the two tie up again, and SwitchBlade immediately takes Korrupt back down with an armdrag! The hometown crowd cheers for SwitchBlade as Korrupt slaps the mat and gets to his feet. They tie up again and Korrupt is able to snap on a side headlock, and a huge smile graces his face. SwitchBlade then turns it into a quick snap back suplex, dropping Korrupt on his back! Korrupt slaps the mat again, as SwitchBlade gets to his feet, a look of confidence on his face.

Tony D: "Korrupt doesn't look to be on his game tonight."

Kris Red: "I don't imagine so. He literally just got here it looks like so he's not had any time to stretch or get dressed or anything!!"

They circle the ring, and Korrupt tells SwitchBlade to bring it on. They lock up again, and SwitchBlade goes behind with a reverse waistlock. Korrupt grabs the arms, trying to break free. He does, and goes behind SwitchBlade with his own reverse waistlock. He lifts SwitchBlade up and slams him down chest-first onto the mat. Korrupt floats over into a front facelock, and SwitchBlade grabs his wrist and is able to spin out and escape, applying an arm submission on the mat. Korrupt fights his way up, while SwitchBlade keeps ahold of the arm. Korrupt reaches up and snapmares him over, and locks in a chin lock. SwitchBlade fights up to his feet and elbows Korrupt in the head and snapmares him over to the mat and kicks him in his back! Korrupt spreads his arms out, reaching out for the ropes but he's in the middle of the ring and SwitchBlade brings him to his feet. Irish whip.. Korrupt bounces off and SwitchBlade with an armdrag.. Korrupt back up and he drills a huge forearm into the face of SwitchBlade and bounces off the ropes, charging as fast as possible yet again SwitchBlade hits an armdrag! Korrupt pounds the mat over and over and over again in frustration.

Tony D: "Korrupt can't seem to catch a break here!"

The fans cheer "SWITCHBLADE! SWITCHBLADE!" at the top of their lungs. He smiles as his hometown fans are purely behind him."

SwitchBlade, with a smile on his face, extends his hand to Korrupt. The World Champ confronts him and without hesitation he extends his hand and slaps SwitchBlade's hand away!

Tony D: "I doubt SwitchBlade really thought Korrupt would accept that!"

SwitchBlade now slaps Korrupt across the face and sweeps his legs out from under him and goes for a Texas Cloverleaf but Korrupt spins out. He gets to his feet and knees SwitchBlade in the gut. He hits a Snap Suplex and immediately floats over into the cover.. 1.. kick out! Korrupt covers again.. 1.. kick out!

Kris Red: "If at first you don't succeed... try try again."

Korrupt brings SwitchBlade to his feet and goes to Irish Whip him, but SwitchBlade once again counters and sends him into the corner. SwitchBlade follows through but Korrupt delivers a quick knife edge chop! SwitchBlade swings with his own and chops the bare chest of Korrupt! Korrupt then fires back with one of his own, and knees SwitchBlade in the gut. He hops onto the second buckle and jumps off with a European Uppercut, taking SwitchBlade down to the mat. Korrupt covers... 1... kick out!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade continues to kick out at one!"

The fans are firmly behind SwitchBlade, continuing to chant his name. Korrupt brings him to his feet and snarls at the fans, telling them to shut up! He delivers a European Uppercut to SwitchBlade, backing him into the corner. He delivers a knife edge chop, and a boot to the midsection. He steps back and measures him off, then delivers a double chop to the throat!! The referee tells him to not do that and get him out of the ropes! Korrupt ignores the ref and puts the boots to SwitchBlade until he drops to the mat. Korrupt kicks SwitchBlade in the face and holds his boot there. He then charges to the ropes and comes back with a running facewash! He runs back to the ropes again and back with a running cannonball!!

Kris Red: "Sweet Release!"

Korrupt turns SwitchBlade over and puts him face-down on the bottom turnbuckle. Korrupt leaps up and curb stomps him!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness!! Korrupt is going to kill him!"

Korrupt pulls SwitchBlade by his legs, taking him away from the corner. He rolls SwitchBlade on his back and Korrupt stands over SwitchBlade, slapping him across the face, telling him to get with it!

Tony D: "It's crazy how fast this match has suddenly changed momentum in favor of Korrupt!"

Kris Red: "He turned on his sinister side and now he's in the driver's seat."

Korrupt pulls SwitchBlade to his feet and he's barely able to stand. Korrupt says "come on, old man!" Korrupt delivers a European Uppercut and SwitchBlade stumbles back into the ropes, grabbing the top rope to keep himself up. The fans are going wild with "SWITCHBLADE!" chants. Korrupt comes at SwitchBlade and whips him across the ring and SwitchBlade returns to get a running big boot to the jaw! Korrupt laughs as the fans continue to cheer but SwitchBlade is down on the mat. He raises his arms in the air and the entire building boos him. He smirks and brings SwitchBlade up, grabbing a handful of hair on the way up. The referee starts a 5 count to make Korrupt stop that. Korrupt pulls SwitchBlade in for a vertical suplex. SwitchBlade drops to a knee, trying to escape. Korrupt clubs the back of SwitchBlade and sends him into the corner. He runs at him and SwitchBlade gets an elbow up! Korrupt stumbles back, and SwitchBlade comes at him with a clothesline but Korrupt ducks it. He then kicks SwitchBlade in the gut and makes his way to the apron..

Tony D: "What's Korrupt got in mind?!"

Kris Red: "Let's see!"

Korrupt slingshots over for a DDT but SwitchBlade grabs the top rope and doesn't take the move!

Kris Red: "Slingshot DDT and a failure!"

The fans cheer!!! Korrupt slides under the ropes and SwitchBlade grabs him and pulls him up. Korrupt then pulls his neck over the top rope and hops to the floor! The fans boo as Korrupt smirks. He slithers back into the ring and makes a cover... 1... 2.... SwitchBlade counters into the Crucifix Neck Crank!!!!!!!

Tony D: "Whoa whoa whoa!!"

Korrupt is able to slip out of it before SwitchBlade can completely lock it in. He backs up and goes to punt SwitchBlade but SwitchBlade moves and rolls Korrupt up in a schoolboy!! 1....2.... kick out! Both men get to their feet, Korrupt a little faster, and he kicks SwitchBlade in the gut and crosses his arms and hits a Straightjacket Lungblower!! He covers.... 1... 2.... kickout!!!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is taking a beating!!"


Kris Red: "The Wonderland Ballroom is on their feet and cheering at the top of their lungs for SwitchBlade!!"

Korrupt slaps the mat, and struggles to his feet. He heads to the corner. Korrupt slowly climbs the top turnbuckle as the fans chant "LET'S GO SWITCHBLADE!"

Tony D: "Korrupt making a slow climb to the top!"

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade has to get up! Korrupt could end it! It could be OVA if not!!"

Korrupt peers into the crowd as they continue to go ballistic. Without a moments notice he dives down and CONNECTS WITH A 450 SPLASH!!


Korrupt folds over holding his rib cage in agony as Switchblade continues to lay motionless on the mat.


The referee begins a ten count.



Kris Red: "This can't end like this Tony! "


The audience blow the roof off as they chant for the unconscious SwitchBlade to make his recovery.


Tony D: "This would be a shame but I think both of the superstars have given their all tonight!"


Korrupt slowly drags himself to the ring ropes facing the announcers.


Kris Red: "It looks like Korrupt might get to his feet first!"

Korrupt slowly begins to pull himself up by the ring ropes and the audience boos loudly. SwitchBlade slowly begins to stir. The ref turns around with his back to Korrupt to check on Switchblade. He grabs onto the ref to pull himself back to his feet.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is beginning to....WAIT A MINUTE! KRIS LOOK!"

The crowd erupts as Taurus Capone hops the guardrail and swiftly grabs the heavyweight championship from ringside in the process.


Taurus steps onto the ring apron as Korrupt makes it to his feet. These adversaries are face to face!! Korrupt looks dazed, disgusted and confused as Taurus smiles in his face. He slowly raises the world championship above his head as Korrupt struggles to hold himself up.

Taurus Capone: "..The End.."

Korrupt manages flick Capone off seconds before Taurus smashes the world championship into Korrupt's skull! The ref & Switchblade see nothing as Taurus quickly hops off the ropes and slouches down at ringside.

Tony D: "OH MY GOD!!"

Korrupt stumbles backwards as Switchblade comes to his senses and pushes the referee aside. Korrupt turns around.....Implant DDT! He then holds on the move with the Guillotine Choke!


Tony D: "And he's got Korrupt's own finisher locked in!!"

Korrupt isn't moving at all. The referee raises his arm and it drops. He raises it again and it drops. He raises his arm a third time and it drops! The ref calls for the bell and this one is over!

Tony D: "He's done it!"

Kris Red: "It's OVA!"

The bell sounds and "Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays! The fans erupt in cheers!!!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the NEWWWWWWWWWWW WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion - SwitchBlaaaaaaaaade!"

The referee looks around for the World Title. Taurus appears in the ring, and SwitchBlade readies himself for a fight. The referee looks confused. Taurus holds the title over his shoulder. He looks at the title, then at SwitchBlade. The music dies down......

Tony D: "This is intense, Kris!"

Kris Red: "These two have had their own little bit of tension in the last few weeks online and via promos... but this is the first time they've met face to face.. and what a way to do it.."

Taurus smirks as he takes the title off of his shoulders and looks down at it in both hands. He looks up at SwitchBlade and underhand tosses it his way. SwitchBlade catches the belt and Taurus slowly applauds as he backs into the corner. SwitchBlade looks dumbfounded as he puts the title over his shoulder. The referee raises his arm in the air! SwitchBlade takes the title off of his shoulder and holds it in the air with his free hand! Taurus puts one leg over the middle rope, then slips through it, getting out on the apron. SwitchBlade keeps his eyes on him. Taurus hops down and SwitchBlade continues his celebration. Taurus then slides into the ring and snatches the title out of his hand, and SwitchBlade turns around as Taurus is ready to hit him with the title! ... They have a stand off for a moment, and SwitchBlade is ready for a fight... til Taurus steps back. He holds the title up in one hand and tells SwitchBlade 'Because of me, this is yours, but not for long' as he tosses the belt on the mat. He turns his back and exits the ring as SwitchBlade looks on, confused and wondering what really went down tonight. He cautiously watches Taurus walk up the aisle as he picks up the title. SwitchBlade's music hits yet again as he climbs the turnbuckle and celebrates with his championship and hometown fans. Taurus backs up the aisle, heading through the curtain. Korrupt is seen at ringside stirring, sitting down and shaking back and forth like an insane asylum resident.

Tony D: "Well, despite the tainted win for SwitchBlade, of which he has no clue about right now, the fact of the matter is that SwitchBlade is now a two time WARPED World Champion and also the Evolution Champion!!"

Kris Red: "What a historic night, and to win the title in front of his hometown!"

Tony D: "Thanks for purchasing this WARPED 59 DVD, fans! We'll see you next time!"

SwitchBlade slips out of the ring and slaps the hands of his fans all around ringside as the show fades out.