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In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The scene opens to a dark hotel room. The lights are out and it’s clearly night time.  The only light that shines into the room is from the bright city down below. Just enough to make out the objects.

There is a king bed in the middle of the room as most hotels are laid out the same. On the edge of the bed sits a woman. It's hard to make out what she is wearing, but she is covered.

The woman is crying.

We hear her whimpering and sniffling, trying to calm herself. The woman appears to be on the phone. She holds it against her face. The camera zooms in and once the light from the screen illuminates her face, we can now tell it's Mary Jane.

Mary Jane: Please! Please! I need your help! I’m… I’m scared.

The person on the other side of the phone talks for a minute and she cries a little harder. She wipes at her nose with her arm, before wiping tears away with her hands.

Mary Jane: I know ok! I know I got myself into this situation… but I didn’t know he would be like this. This isn’t the Mikey I once knew. He’s...unpredictable.

She nods a bit, taking in the words of whomever she is talking to.

Mary Jane: He says he would do anything to hurt Will, I think he would hurt me too… No, I’m not kidding. No! No he hasn’t, but...I’m just scared Coleslaw! I know Will won’t talk to me, but I thought if maybe I could reach out to you, you could help me. You’ve always been a great friend Slaw.

There's a long pause between the two. Before Coleslaw Jenkins finally says something.  

Mary Jane stands up excited.

Mary Jane: Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH! You are a lifesaver! I’ll let Security know you are coming! I’ll see you Monday! Not a word of this to anyone! Especially not Will! If he knew you were coming here to help me, he might not forgive you…. ok… I will! Safe travels!

She hangs up the phone. She lets out a deep breathe and slumps her shoulders. She looks dejected.

Suddenly from the opposite corner of the room, a lamp comes alive. Sitting in the chair next to the lamp is Mikey Unlikely. He is smiling wide. He was there the whole time.

Unlikely: Well that sounded promising.

He looks over at her, she puts her hands on her face, and wipes away the tears and mucus.

Mary Jane: He bought it all!

She starts laughing, quickly followed by Mikey.

Unlikely: Coleslaw Jenkins…the time for revenge is now!

The scene fades.