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The UTA was live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX last night in front of a sold out and red hot crowd.

In the opening match, Esteban Awesome went over CBR. This was a very good match up between the two, show casing what they bring to the table and setting the bar high for the rest of the show.

Abdul bin Hussain was out next saying how he should not have to face Madman Szalinski at the iPPV as it is not his fault that Dr. EMO can not compete.

Madman came out and said how he wasn't the one who made the match, nor does it matter to him if the title is on the line, But he would be there and he would give it his all. Hussain said why not have a non title match tonight then so he can put him in the same hospital EMO is at and he won't have to worry about the match.

This set up the main event.

IM Hate defeated Johnny Legend in a singles match. Hate was still furious that Legend walked out on him at the last Wrestleshow.

Max Burke went over Roscoe Shame in a good match up.

Log Habben defeated Wülfric in a match after using brass knuckles when the referee was distracted.

Kevin Hawk attempted to have an Internet Championship contract signing between Yoshii and Frank Dylan James, but it turned into a brawl. The locker room cleared out to break the two apart.

Sean Jackson went over Lucius Jones.

In the main event, Abdul bin Hussain and Madman Szalinski gave a high impact, fast paced match. Hussain went for the Pray to Allah but missed. As he hit the mat, Madman locked on a submission hold. Hussain did not give up, but the match was called when he no longer was responsive. Szalinski celebrated with Ariel and Peach to end the show.