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WARPED58 "Return to Rahway" - 8/11/12 - Rahway, NJ - Rahway Rec Center
Experience the fall out of the Elite Duos Tournament as things resume back to normal! Which teams from Elite Duos will remain aligned? What will the Maple Leaf Strike Force have on their minds as the new Tag Team Champions? What's next in the Korrupt / Taurus saga? And will Anton Chase be able to recapture the Evolution Championship when he faces SwitchBlade? Plus, an announcement for THE SQUARIAN will be made! Get your tickets now at or the Rahway Rec Center. Here are the matches!

Main Event - Evolution Championship Match
SwitchBlade(c) vs. Anton Chase
After earning the shot all the way back at WARPED50, Anton Chase finally gets his shot at regaining the Evolution Title as SwitchBlade makes his first title defense!

Tag Team Grudge Match
Maple Leaf Strike Force vs. The Filth & The Fury
The first ever TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS are in action! This grudge match dates back to the attack MLSF made on Starr & Crowbar at WARPED 55 to give them the win, but no points, and a DQ to SwitchBlade & Wallace in the Elite Duos.

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Leon Stone w/Chelsea vs. Midnight Felon
After over a month of being berated by Midnight Felon, not to mention that Felon put his hands on Chelsea just last week, Leon Stone has had enough and will face his former tag team partner in a dangerous match with weapons surrounding the ring. There will be a single steel cage wall set up, plus polls with weapons hanging from them. The Executivie Assistant, Deja, proudly booked this match as WARPED makes a "Return to Rahway" and held the first COHOF match back in February.

Singles Match
Cade Wylie vs. Korrupt
In another match booked by Executive Assistant, Deja, it will be the World Champion Korrupt taking on newcomer Cade Wylie. Deja feels Wylie has had it too easy and has been begging for competition, so she's given him competition. Has Deja gone a bit far with this booking? Will Cade Wylie be able to handle the pressure? Is Korrupt's head where it needs to be for this match or is he focused on Taurus Capone?


WARPED58 "Return to Rahway" - 8/11/12 - Rahway, NJ - Rahway Rec Center


You open the DVD of WARPED 58 "Return to Rahway" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


New Scene

REACTIONS - (Maple Leaf Strike Force) 2 Weeks Ago

The Maple Leaf Strike Force come stumbling into view of the camera singing in a very off key the queen song ”We are the champions.”

Hugo+Andy+Ashley: We are the Champions of the WORLD!

All three open a bottle of champagne each and start spraying it all over the locker room Hugo looks at the camera.

Hugo: WE WON!!!!!! And everybody else sucks balls.

Andy: Just like Patrick said we are the Elite Duo and here is the proof.

Andy holds one of the tag belts.

Hugo: I am going to fill a hot tub will Maple syrup YEAH!

Andy and Ashley look at each other and shake their heads and walk of the locker room.

Hugo: What? It was always a dream of mine.

Hugo walks out after them.

New Scene

REACTIONS - (Deja) 2 Weeks Ago

The Executive Assistant, Deja, steps in front of the camera, looking as slutty professional as possible. She holds a clipboard and is chewing on a pen in her mouth. She takes the pen out and smiles.

Deja: "So, tonight, I took notes. And based on my notes... I've decided that I will make a match! Leon Stone, you have come a long way from a little boy to a full grown man to the Chris Brown of WARPED to the guy who just can't catch a break. I feel bad for you and your sissy. What Midnight Felon is doing is uncalled for. That's why I've booked you in a match against him at WARPED 58 in Rahway.. a Clockwork Orange.. uh"

She looks at her paper, squinting.

Deja: "Ah! Here it is. Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match! Yay! Also, Cade Wylie, you poor thing... you've had two matches where your opponents clearly didn't give a damn. I've noticed. I'm giving you the ultimate opportunity and challenge! Congratulations, you're facing Korrupt next! Yay! I love making matches."

She winks and skips away.

New Scene


We then go to a taped segment backstage in the office of PKA and Deja where PKA is on his phone.

PKA: "So if you get this, call back. Damnit.."

PKA ends the call as the lovely Deja walks up.

Deja: "Hey babe..."

PKA: "Please, enough with the 'babe' stuff.. you know I'm not comfortable with that right now."

She steps around the desk and behind him in the chair and starts rubbing his shoulders. He sighs and starts to loosen up.

Deja: "Look, I want us to get through these problems we're having."

PKA sits forward, irritated that she is bringing up their relationship woes. He stands up and looks at her in the face as she is taken aback.

PKA: "Let's deal with that when I am not up to HERE with a ton of problems. Have you gotten a call back from Korrupt?"

She shakes her head.

PKA: "Cade?"

Deja: "No.. not yet.."

PKA: "So our opening match is off... but what's even worse is that the World fucking Champion is a no show? I'm sick of him doing things on his terms. And then I gotta deal with fucking Taurus trying to do the same thing and YOU humor him and give him just what he wants!"

Deja: "Uh, no.. BABE.. if memory serves correctly, it you accepted his challenge. Not my problem. Korrupt's phone is dead I think.. it goes directly to voicemail. I couldn't tell you what's going on with him or Cade Wylie. And what about the Squarian announcement?"

PKA: "I tell ya what.. let me work on this stuff for now before we get to the Squarian.. And.. I'm going to deal with Cade later. I feel bad for him anyway cause his opponents lately have been shit.. but this no show is unacceptable. For Korrupt, he'd better fucking get here tonight because if he doesn't..."

PKA sighs.. He looks furious..

PKA: "If he doesn't show up.. he's stripped of the title. You call him now and leave him another message. Go. Now!"

Deja: "Are you sure that's a great idea? Stripping your World Champion of his title???"

PKA gives her a stern look. She nods and hurries off.. not wanting to piss off PKA any more.. though she probably wouldn't care one way or another with her attitude as of late.


New Scene

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match - Leon Stone vs. Midnight Felon

The camera pans around the ring, showing off the set up for the Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. There are weapons such as trashcan lids, chains, chairs, crutches and more tied to the ropes. On one side of the ring, a cage wall is constructed and in place. There are also four poles on each corner with a chain connecting from the top of each pole to the next, and kendo sticks and chairs hang from portions of the chain line. There's a table set up at ringside as well.

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match! The only way to win in this match is via pinfall or submission! Introducing first.. from Dayton, Ohio.. weighing in at 230 pounds - Leon Stone!"

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System. Leon Stone and his sister Chelsea Stone walk down the ramp, Leon is wearing a just a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts. Chelsea is wearing tight jeans and a tight low cut tank top, with her long brown hair in a loose pony tail. Leon slides into the ring and his sister walks to the apron jumping up and down a little just as ready for the match as her big brother is.

Leon Stands in the ring waiting staring at the ramp waiting for Midnight Felon.

Randy Long: "And from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 260 pounds - Midnight Felon!"

Perfect Strangers hits the arena speakers, and Felon slowly makes his entrance down the small ramp onto the arena floor, eye balling the ring as he aproaches. He climbs in the ring and gets right up in Leon Stone’s face smack talking.

Tony D: "And here we go with our first match of the night! Welcome to WARPED 58 ladies and gentlemen! I am Tony D alongside Kris Red and - The bell rings. Leon throws the first punch right to the side of his uncles head.

Kris Red: "Hold up here we go!!"

Felon doesn’t stagger nor does he retaliate. Leon throws another punch even harder this time but Felon doesn’t Stager. Leon throws punch after punch by the fifth punch Felon finally staggers back giving Leon a chance to hit him with a drop kick but Felon doesn’t fall to the mat.

Tony D: "A fury of not so successful punches from Leon Stone as he faces his former Elite Duos tag team partner, Midnight Felon!"

Kris Red: "These guys never were on the same page and I gotta wonder if Leon Stone is to blame..."

With Leon on the mat from the drop kick Felon takes the chance to stomp down on Leon’s hand pinning him to the mat. Leon Struggles to get up but can’t. Chelsea gets in the ring and starts hitting Felon on the back, the slight distraction lets Leon get up, and before Felon can hit Chelsea Leon spears him to the ground.

Tony D: "Chelsea serving as a distraction for her brother's favor! Kris how could you say Leon is to blame for their issues? In every match, Midnight Felon was constantly berating Leon and Chelsea!"

Leon starts a ground and pound attack throwing punch after punch but Felon’s pure strengths allows him to stand up picking stone up and throwing him into the cage wall.

Kris Red: "Amazing power! That cage wall nearly fell over! Tony, I'm not sure. Leon has been known to be a dick in the past but I guess you're right.. Lately he's been changing it seems."

Leon falls to the mat only has the sense to roll out of the ring to shake the cob webs. Felon stays in the ring and Chelsea brings Leon a Chair and Trash can she found tied to the ropes.

Tony D: "The last time we had a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match, it was Leon who was the Guest Enforcer.. but tonight he's in the thick of things and feeling it!"

Chelsea extends her hands asking Leon to pick one Leon picks the trash can and slides back into the ring , Felon has his back turned so Leon quickly bends the trash can over Felons head, but he doesn’t fall so Leon smashes it against his head, then he throws it to Felon, Felon catches it and Leon drop kicks the trash can into the abdomen of his uncle.

Tony D: "Leon is making a comeback with the help of some weapons!"

Felon falls to the mat. Leon climbs the steel cage wall when he gets to the top he checks to make sure Felon is still on the mat he sees Felon is standing, he ponders for a second, but he dives off the wall, not being a real high flyer Leon just lets him self land feet first onto the head of his uncle.


Tony D: "Leon scaled the cage and he leaped off from the top of it. Amazing!"

Kris Red: "And incredibly risky. Who knows if that cage wall is going to stay up or not!"

They both lay on the mat groggy but Leon gets up first climbing out of the ring grabbing the table and setting up in the corner, then Leon drags his uncle into a stitting position leaning against the table. Leon then backs up towards the opposite corner and sprints towards his uncle trying for a drop kick but felon rolls out of the way allowing leon to go through the table alone. With Leon on the mat Felon stands him up and delivers his own barrage of punches finally settling for slapping his nephew across the face.

Tony D: "Midnight Felon taking it to his nephew now."

Chelsea starts to yell at him from the apron, annoyed he bends down picking up a large piece of the broken table and heaves it at her. Chelsea barely avoids it and gets down from the apron thoroughly scared.

Kris Red: "Oh come on!! You don't throw a broken piece of table at a woman!!"

Tony D: "You see now?!"

Felon then starts yelling at her telling her to hand him a ladder she ignored him at first but he picks up the other half of the table and this convinces her to push the ladder into the ring. Felon stands Leon up in the corner, Picks up the Ladder and slams it into the abdomen of his nephew, not once, not twice, but three times. Leon falls to his knees clutching his abdomen. Felon picks up his nephew and goes for his finisher “stroke of midnight” (belly to belly Tombstone piledriver) Leon’s head crashed into the mat. Felon covers.



Kick out!

Tony D: "Wow! What a close call!"

Felon looks at Leon amazed, Felon paces around the ring in a rage. Leon slowly gets to his feet. Motioning at his uncle to bring it on. Felon charges at Leon for a spear but he trips over the ladder and falls to his feet. Chelsea throws Leon a chair, with Felon laying on the ladder Leon hits Felons back four times with the chair. Felon lays on the ladder groggy. Leon grabs his uncles feel and turns him so his whole body lays on the ladder leon climbs the closest turnbuckle and dives off with a frog splash. Leon stands and raises both arms to the crowd.

The crowd responds with excited screams.

Leon unties one of the chains from the ropes. Wraps it around a baseball bat and and hits his both his uncles knees. Leon then exits the ring walks up to a fan and talks to the fan, then pointing at the fan like the fan had a great idea Leon runs to the ropes and grabs a kendo stick, smacking it against the back of Felon. Leon then grabs the ladder sets it up and climbs to the top taking his uncle with him at the top Leon picks Felon up and sets him up for the MILESTONE (crucifix powerbomb) Leon jumps off the ladder and out of the ring right to the lightly padded area felons head comes crashing to the padding. Leon is groggy as well but Chelsea helps him up.


Kris Red: "Somebody tweet the PO PO!!!"

Tony D: "What a move!! Here's the cover!"

Leon goes for a cover.




Tony D: "Kick out!"


Leon looks pissed but also glad he can beat his uncle some more. Leon drags his uncle over by the broadcasters, steals Kris Red’s chair and puts his uncles arm in it. Then Leon contiunually Stomps on the chair over and over again until a crack is heard to every one in ear shot. Leon has broken his uncles arm. Leon then Picks his uncle up and throws him into the steel steps. Leon then Finds another table under the ring Setting it up out side the ring Leon climbs on top of the broadcasting table picks him uncle up and performs another m MILESTONE through the table.

Kris Red: "AHhhh!!"

Leon Stone goes for the pin.




Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Leon Stone!"

But Leon doesn’t stop he grabs a close by chair and hits Felon with it over and over again and when the chair is beyond use Leon settles for his fist hitting his uncle with over and over uncle his own fists are bloody. Security and Referrees run out trying to break it up, but as soon as they get close to Leon they see the wild look in his eyes and decided its not worth their own bodies to save Midnight Felon. Soon though Leon’s friend Damien Baine runs down the ramp straight to his friend. At the sight of his friend Leon realizes what he is doing and falls to his back beside his uncle exhausted. Baine helps him up grabs two mics and they climb into the ring together Leon walks around the ring for a second while Damien stands dead still in the middle of the ring.

Leon: Damien I wanna thank you for pulling me off of the useless pile of blood and bones that used to be my uncle.

Damien: It’s what friends are for.

Leon: But we aren’t just friends any more now are we?


(Kris Red: "...uh, what?")

Damien: That is right we have our eyes on a certain piece of Warped gold.

Damien paces around the ring as he talks.

Damien: A rather new piece of gold. Two pieces of gold if you want to get technical.

Leon: No one wants to get technical. They want to know what the hell you’re talking about with you Minnesota accent.

Damien: Shut up I’m not proud of it either

The two friend laugh at the jokes.

Leon: Just tell them why you are here.

Damien: I’m here to become the newest member of the warped roster that’s why I’m here.

Leon: Thank god you are finally losing you little girl.

Damien: It hurts sometimes but what better way to get over it than smashing some heads right?

Leon gives him a high five.

Leon: Glad to have you back.

Leon walks to the turnbuckle and takes a seat at the top.

Leon: So why don’t you tell these people some of your credentials.

Damien: Fuck I don’t have any, I wrestled in SCCW for a few months but then I quit when my daughter was hit by that drunk driver. But I’ll tell you what, me and you are about to change that aren’t we Leon.

Leon: That’s for sure, you are gonna get your first title and I’m gonna get my second, right here in warped.

Damien: And why don’t you tell the fans what title that is?

Leon hops down from the turnbuckle walks to one of the ropes facing the crowd.

Leon: You guys want to know what title we are talking about.

The crowd screams YES!

Leon: Me and my buddy Damien are gonna take the tag team titles and make them America again.

Damien: No need to add Canada vs. America.

Damien and Leon look at each other.

Leon: You’re right I wouldn’t give a damn who had the title we would be gunning for them

Damien stops his pacing and stops putting his mic up to Leon’s face and pretending to be a reporter.

Damien: So Leon now that you have a partner that can keep up his end of the burden do you think you stand a chance at getting the titles.

Leon giggles a little at Damien but answers the questions.

Leon: I’ll tell you right now I know sooner or later those titles will be mine. If the Canadian fuck squad is too scared to give us a match soon then I’ll wait till they grow balls.

Damien stops posing and breaks down laughing.

Damien: Canadian Fuck Squad. Now that was funny my good friend.

Leon smiles

Leon: Well Damien do you have anything else to say?

Damien: Just that I hope I get a warm welcome into the Warped world, and that me and Leon are gonna get those titles because I’ve dedicated every match from here until I get those title to my little girl tiffany and I know if she has anything to say about it I’ll get the titles.

Leon: Shut up you're bringing every ones mood down.

Leon drops his mic and motions for Damien to leave the ring. Both them exit to the dressing room.

Winner: Leon Stone
Match Time: 4:30

New Scene


The scene fades back to the office of PKA where he's rubbing his temples, clearly still stressed out. The door swings open and in walks William Wallace.

William Wallace: What have a told you about no booking me...

PKA: What have I told you about knocking when you want to come into my office.

William Wallace: Don't give me that crap Pat, it's because of me you are still sittin behind that desk an a don't appreciate your lack of respect. A draw the crowds, the fans come to see me yet you think you can leave me on the side lines an everythin will be ok.

PKA: Wh...

Wallace cuts him off

William Wallace: Don't give me any excuses, just sit there an listen. A am sick of bein overlooked, in the last eight months a have done things that half the guys here can only dream of doin. A won the Evolution title, a became the greatest Evolution Champion of all time. A pinned the champion moments after he won the belt, to win the single biggest match of the year, a match that coincidently won you control of this company. And let's not forget how a put on match of the year with Switchblade at WARPED 50 a month ago, before walking out to the ring again that same night and ending the year long winnin streak of Alexander StarrZoe! You disrespect me by teaming me with Switchblade for the Elite Duos, you knew he had the Evolution title on his mind, you knew we don't like each other an you wanted to see us explode for your own entertainment. A could see the disappointment in your face when you announced us runners up in that tournament, and the best part about it was, we would have won the whole damn thing if it wasn't for the Maple Leaf gettin us disqualified. Sort i out Pat, or a will be force to take matter into my own hands, an then no one will be safe.

PKA goes to speak once more, but Wallace again cuts him off.

William Wallace: Shut it, sort it, or else!

Wallace storms out of the office slamming to door behind him as PKA sits at his desk looking a little confused.

New Scene

REACTIONS - (Carnival Connection) 2 Weeks Ago

Into the frame walks Mr. Rottentreats assisting his younger brother Douglas Fresh. Douglas, still holding the back of his head.


Mr. Rottentreats: Calm down Dougie!

Douglas Fresh: CALM DOWN?! You get busted with a Canadian flag, then, YOU CALM THE FUCK DOWN!! I’M BLEEDING OUT MY THE BACK OF MY DOME PIECE!!

Douglas Fresh slides his fingers up underneath the back of his mask then shows the blood to Mr. Rottentreats.

Mr. Rottentreats: Ashley Lovell! You evil conniving little slut!

Douglas wipes the blood off on his leg as Mr. Rottentreats continues.

Mr. Rottentreats: Three things! First! Thank you Ashley, really. You made the future look so bright, because you proved, to not only us The Carnival Connection, or the WARPED Lockerroom, but everyone in Drexel Hall, that we can indeed outwrestle those two Canadian cunt nuggets. Secondly, Douglas, remember, this is all according to plan.


Mr. Rottentreats: I know Dougie, just trust me. And third, we’ve got a surprise for you, all three of you. Who knows when?! If I told ya it wouldn’t be a surprise!

Douglas Fresh: And you best believe, Andy Lebeau, Hugo Strange.. The next time I get my hands on you, I’MA STRANGLE THE BOTH OF YA’S SON!!

New Scene

Tag Team Match - Maple Leaf Strike Force vs. The Filth & The Fury

Randy Long: "The following tag team contest is scheudled for one fall! Introducing first - they are the first ever WARPED Wrestling Tag Team Champions and the winners of Elite Duos 2012 - Andy LeBeua, Hugo Strange, Maple Leaf Strike Force!"

"We Are The Champions" by Queen starts to blast out of the PA system. As the lyrics start Andy LeBeau and Ashley step on to the stage area, with their brand new Tag Team Titles around their waists. Ashley starts waving a Canadian flag as the both go to the ring. The larger Hugo Strange steps out And slowly makes his way to the ring taunting the Fans and trying to pick fights with them. As Hugo reaches the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope and joins Andy and Ashley in their corner.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. Alexander StarrZoe and Crowbar - The Filth and The Fury!"

"Welcome to a city that'll bring you to your knees" the public announce system booms as "Been to Hell" by Hollywood Undead plays. The lights dim in the small building and spotlights rotate. As the music continues to boom, Alexander StarrrZoe and Crowbar appear from behind the curtain. Starr and Crowbar stand at the top of the ramp and look at each other, meeting each other's gaze, confident and smiling. Starr motions Crowbar forward. The fans begin to chant "Crowbar! Crowbar! Crowbar!" Crowbar bows and motions towards Starr. The small arena erupts; "StarrZoe! StarrZoe! StarrZoe!" The two men make their way to the ring. Crowbar rolls under the third rope while Starr climbs onto the top turnbuckle, raising his fists into the air, welcomed into the ring by a chant of his name. Starr jumps off his perch and points towards his tag team partner; the building breaks out into a cheer; "Crowbar! Crowbar! Crowbar!" Both performers thank the fans and begin to pull on the ropes, preparing for the match.

Tony D: "This is sure to be a huge match, Kris! Maple Leaf Strike Force, the first ever WARPED Tag Team Champions, taking on StarrZoe and Crowbar.. two men who aren't pleased at all to have come in 3rd place in Elite Duos."

Kris Red: "Not to mention that Maple Leaf Strike Force's attack on Starr and Crowbar a few weeks back in the tournament gave them the win, but didn't gain them any points! It's been heated lately on Twitter between the Strike Force and Starr.. I'm looking forward to this."

Alexander StarrZoe motions to Crowbar that he's going to take care of things. Crowbar steps through the ropes out on the apron as Hugo Strange steps up in the middle of the ring. Starr doesn't back down. In fact, he steps up and looks up at the bigger man. The referee calls for the bell. Hugo Strange puts his hand up in the air, asking for a test of strength.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange wants Alexander StarrZoe to latch on that hand and see who's stronger.. but I question whether Starr can even reach that high."

Starr looks up at the hand, then delivers a spinkick to the chest of Hugo Strange! He flips him off as Hugo stands his ground. Starr runs to the ropes, bounces off and returns with a shoulderblock, but Hugo Strange stands tall and flips off Starr! He knees him in the gut, applies the cravate, but Starr clips his feet and he plants Strange face-first to the mat!

Kris Red: "Those quick feet of Alexander StarrZoe on display there!"

Hugo pounds the mat and gets to his feet and immediately chops the chest of StarrZoe! He backs into the ropes, grabbing his chest. Strange with another slap to the chest and Starr fires back with kicks to the legs, trying to take the big man down. Strange goes for an Irish whip, but Starr holds onto the ropes and Strange releases and charges for a clothesline but Starr pulls the ropes down and Strange heads over the top rope and onto the apron! Starr gets up and then baseball slides into Strange, pushing him down to the floor.

Starr slides out and kicks Hugo Strange while he tries to get to his feet. Hugo crawls away and Starr follows and kicks him in the back. Strange drops down and Starr brings him up to his feet and sets him up against the ring post. He delivers a kick but Strange moves and Starr kicks the post and screams out!

Hugo Strange immediately goes to work on the leg, delivering boots to it. He brings Starr to his feet and puts him up against the apron and slaps him across the chest! Starr grabs his chest and Hugo rolls him into the ring and follows in. He enters and grabs the leg and kicks the back of his knee! Crowbar shouts out encouragement for Starr as Hugo Strange puts the boots to StarrZoe.

Tony D: "Crowbar looking on with some concern now as Hugo Strange has gone to work on the leg of Alexander StarrZoe there."

Kris Red: "If I was Crowbar I'd get in there and break this up before Starr can't walk."

Hugo brings Starr to his feet and delivers another big slap to the chest, backing him into the corner. He tags in Andy LeBeau and the two trade places. LeBeua kicks Starr's leg repeatedly and Starr fights back with a right hand. Hugo Strange grabs at him but Starr delivers a back elbow, knocking him off the apron. He then goes after LeBeau but gets clipped with a low dropkick to the leg!

Tony D: "StarrZoe was mounting a comeback but the numbers game caught up to him!"

Andy LeBeau brings him to his feet and puts him in the corner... knife edge chop to the chest! Starr grabs his chest in pain and LeBeau then delivers a knee to the midsection. LeBeau with an irish whip...... Starr holds onto the top rope... LeBeau tries again but Starr holds on tight. LeBeau then delivers a quick kick to the bad leg! LeBeau now easily irish whips him out of the corner, but Starr counters and sends LeBeau into the corner instead! He runs at him but his leg causes him problems and he loses his footing. He pushes himself up and goes at LeBeau but LeBeau quickly kicks him in that bad leg again and Starr drops to a knee. LeBeau grabs Starr but gets a jawbreaker for his troubles followed by a big roundhouse kick to the head and LeBeau drops in the corner!

Tony D: "What a kick from Starr!"

Starr now delivers repeated stomps with his good leg to the body of LeBeau. He drives his foot into the face of him and the referee insists he back away! Starr brings LeBeau to his feet and applies the cravate... snapmare.. kick to the back! LeBeau grabs at his back as Starr delivers a snap legdrop and covers.. 1.. 2... kick out! Starr brings LeBeau to his feet and leads him to the corner and tags in Crowbar.

Tony D: "Starr makes the much needed tag out to Crowbar!"

Kris Red: "Here he comes.. the reverse Kofi Kingston, except he's Australian and not Jamaican. It's Crowbar!"

Crowbar comes in and puts the boots to LeBeau as he starts his way up.. Crowbar with a right hand, followed by another, backing him into the corner. He grabs the arm of LeBeau and twists it, delivering a shoulderblock. He twists the arm again and goes for an Irish whip, but LeBeau counters and sends Crowbar into the ropes.. LeBeau goes for a Leg Lariat but Crowbar ducks under and LeBeau gets up.. KFO~! No! LeBeau pushes him away and toward the corner where Hugo Strange hits a huge right hand! Crowbar stumbles back into LeBeau who hits a Half Nelson Suplex!

Tony D: "And Crowbar gets folded up like an acordian off that Half Nelson Suplex!!"

Kris Red: "Looks like the momentum worked in his favor as he's out of the ring now."

Crowbar slid under the bottom rope as he looks to recover at ringside, grabbing his neck. Andy LeBeau then charges and goes through the middle and top rope with a suicide dive, taking down Crowbar!

Kris Red: "Air Andy look out!"

StarrZoe slaps the turnbuckle, trying to get the crowd fired up as they start a slow into fast claps in support of Crowbar. Andy LeBeau brings Crowbar to his feet now, shouting out "Shut up, American scum!" as he rolls Crowbar into the ring. He slides in as Crowbar gets to his feet. LeBeau backs Crowbar into the corner and tags in Hugo Strange who enters in as LeBeua exits. Strange with a huge slap to the chest!! The fans boo as the Maple Leaf Strike Force are in full control.

Kris Red: "The bigger man, Hugo Strange, by the way, will be in CWC Golden Dreams next week! We wish him the best of luck, but right now, it doesn't look like he needs any luck against Crowbar who seems to be in plenty of pain."

Tony D: "It's truly been all Maple Leaf Strike Force in this match, as the Tag Team Champions are looking stronger than ever."

Strange with another huge slap to the chest of Crowbar and he is reeling! Strange with an irish whip.. but puts on the breaks and sends him back into the same corner as the opposite corner would've been where Starr stands! Hugo Strange confidently walks towards Starr, taunting him, and Starr wants at him badly. Strange then turns back and charges at Crowbar, but Crowbar gets a boot up and cracks him right in the face!

Tony D: "Big boot from Crowbar!"

Hugo Strange stumbles back and Crowbar delivers a right hand, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Hugo Strange counters.. Crowbar into the ropes and off them.. Hugo with a big boot! Crowbar does a 180 spin and Hugo lifts him up and drops him with a Backbreaker!

Kris Red: "Backbreaker!"

Tony D: "Into the cover!"

1... 2...

Tony D: "Two and no! A kick out!"

Kris Red: "Hugo immediately now looks to be goign for that Stretch Muffler!!!"

Hugo Strange indeed transitions from the pin to the Stretch Muffler, stretching out the leg and the body of Crowbar! The referee immediately slides into position to see if Crowbar wants to tap out!

Kris Red: "The Canadian Deathlock!!"

Tony D: "He's beaten so many men with this hold!"

Crowbar reaches out for the ropes as Hugo Strange now clasps his hands together for more pressure but Crowbar crawls and crawls and reaches the ropes!

Tony D: "Wow! That was so close!"

Crowbar pushes himself up to his feet as Hugo Strange applies a reverse waistlock. Crowbar elbows him in the head and tries to escape.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange will not let go!"

Finally, Crowbar relentlessly delivers repeated elbows until finally Hugo can't take it anymore! Crowbar then leaps and tags in StarrZoe! The fans pop as Starr quickly gets into the ring and Hugo Strange goes for a right hand but Starr ducks and then spins and kicks him in the head with a roundhouse kick! Hugo goes down and Starr hits the ropes, bounces off and returns with the jumping rolling senton!

Tony D: "StarrZoe with the P3!!"

He goes into the cover... 1.. 2... kick out! Starr brings Hugo Strange to his feet and Strange kicks him in the gut. Starr delivers a chop to the chest, followed by a kick to the ribs. Irish whip .. Strange counters and sends Starr into the corner. Strange follows up with a running boot to the face and nails Starr! He then steps back and puts up his finger, calling for one more! Strange then charges in and Starr boots him in the face! Hugo Strange retaliates with a kick to the gut! He goes for an irish whip but Starr holds onto the rope. Hugo pulls again but Starr holds on tight! Hugo then kicks the top rope, snapping it against the arm of Starr. Irish whip.. Starr counters and charges behind Strange.. Strange hits the corner back-first and Starr drills him with a foot wash to the face!

Kris Red: "Hugo Strange getting a little of his own medicine there!"

Hugo Strange staggers out of the corner, woozy and out of it. Starr then runs to the ropes and leaps onto the second one, then springs back into a Moonsault onto Strange, taking him down! And into the cover! 1... 2..... kick out!!

Tony D: "What a maneuver from Starr but just a two count!!"

Alexander StarrZoe gets to his feet and measures Strange off as he slowly gets to his feet. The fans cheer Starr on as he's back in control. Hugo gets up and Starr drills him with a right hand, then another, as Hugo continues to get up. He throws a right hand but Hugo blocks it and pulls him in with an armtrap.. but Starr headbutts him in the head and then backs into the ropes and returns with a clothesline but Strange ducks and goes for a belly to back suplex but Starr lands on his feet.. though he grabs at his leg from earlier. He immediately kicks Strange in the back of the legs, taking him down to one knee. He then drills him in the chest with a kick, and Strange says bring it on! Starr delivers another kick to the chest and Strange flips him off but Starr then kicks him in the back of the head!! Hugo Strange drops forward but puts his hands out, keeping himself partially up. As he pushes himself up off of the mat, Starr hits the ropes and returns with a double dropkick to the face! He then brings Hugo Strange up as the fans are firmly behind Starr. He wraps his arms around the back of Strange in a reverse waistlock and hits a High-angle German Suplex!

Tony D: "WOW! Alexander StarrZoe just took the big man off his feet!"

Kris Red: "After a combination of kicks!!"

Tony D: "And StarrZoe into the cover!!! One! Two!"

Kris Red: "This is it!!"

Tony D: "Kick out at two and two/thirds!"

Kris Red: "Two count only!! Awesome display of offense from Alexander StarrZoe!"

Tony D: "Not to mention an awesome display of willpower from Hugo Strange. How in the hell did he kick out after that fury of kicks and the German Supelx?!"

Hugo Strange is out on the mat as Alexander StarrZoe gets to his feet and attempts to pick him up, but Strange is motionless. Starr looks back at Crowbar who shrugs his shoulders. The referee slides down to check on Hugo as Starr grabs him by the head and pulls him up.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange looks to be in a bad place right now."

Starr brings the lifeless body of Hugo Strange to his feet as Andy LeBeau calls out for him to tag!! Starr brings him up and suddenly Hugo Strange hits a Full Nelson Slam!!

Kris Red: "Full Nelson Slam! He was playing possum!"

Hugo Strange screams out and brings Starr to his feet, then lifts him up in a reverse firemans carry.

Tony D: "He calls this the Moose Killer! Burning Hammer upc-"

Suddenly Starr slips out from behind and lifts Hugo Strange onto his shoulders in a fireman carry, but his leg gives out and he goes down to one knee!

Tony D: "Oh! StarrZoe's leg isn't 100%! He couldn't keep him up!"

Hugo Strange immediately strikes, kicking the leg and grabbing it, pulling it over the back of his neck and locking in the Stretch Muffler again!

Tony D: "Canadian Deathlock!"

Kris Red: "This is bad news for StarrZoe and he - oh wait!! Cross Armbreaker!!!"

Starr grabbed the arm of Strange and spun out and now has a cross armbreaker locked in!! Hugo rolls from side to side, trying to escape, but Starr has him down!

Tony D: "Beautiful transition into the cross armbreaker and he's got him where he wants him!"

Hugo Strange then rolls to the side again and is able to roll Starr through and grab the leg again, locking in the Stretch Muffler once more!!

Kris Red: "He might've not had it locked in all the way!"

StarrZoe is able to find his footing though, and get up on one foot.. hopping.. and he goes for an Enziguri but Hugo Strange ducks it and Starr lands on the mat! Hugo goes for a German Suplex, but Starr elbows out. He then delivers a big kick to the midsection of Hugo Strange, followed by a belly to belly slam!

Kris Red: "Both men need to tag out!!"

Starr instead climbs the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "StarrZoe isn't tagging out.. looks like he's setting up for the 450 Splash!"

Kris Red: "But it's taking him forever to get up there cause of the leg problem!"

Starr finally gets up to the top but Andy LeBeau comes running along the apron and kicks Starr in the skull and he gets crotched on the top.

Tony D: "Oh my goodness! That's not good!"

Crowbar hops off from the apron and charges over, pulling Andy LeBeau off and his face smacks against the apron. Crowbar and LeBeau brawl at ringside.

Kris Red: "This has broken down!"

With Alexander StarrZoe's limp body hunched over on the top buckle, Hugo Strange comes forward and pulls him off, spinning him on his shoulders into a reverse firemans carry... and he then drops him on his head with the Burning Hammer!

Tony D: "The Moose Killer!!"

Hugo isn't done there as he grabs the injured leg of Alexander StarrZoe and hooks it around his neck with the Stretch Muffler again!! Starr is too hurt to fight back after the Reverse Death Valley Driver! He has no choice but to tap out!!

Kris Red: "Holy hell! It's ova!"

The bell sounds and Hugo Strange continues to stretch the leg out of StarrZoe, now dropping down onto the mat and continuing the pressure. The referee tries to pull him off and finally Hugo releases as Starr then grabs at his leg in pain. Andy LeBeau and Ashley Lovell get into the ring with the Tag Team Championship gold as "We Are The Champions" by Queen hits the PA System. Ashley hands the title to Hugo Strange as the trio stand tall in the ring.

Randy Long: "Here are your winners - the WARPED Wrestling Tag Team Champions - Maple Leaf Strike Force!"

The fans boo as the referee then goes to tend to StarrZoe, who has rolled himself out of the ring. Crowbar makes his way over to help out his partner.

Tony D: "Can you believe what we just witnessed?! The Maple Leaf Strike Force was victorious and Hugo Strange just made Alexander StarrZoe tap out!"

Kris Red: "Well he had no other choice! Crowbar wasn't there to save him, and from what I hear, he's not been around much at all lately."

Tony D: "Oh come on Kris, he was clearly preoccupied with Andy LeBeau at ringside."

Kris Red: "Was he that preoccupied? He sure looks fine moments after the bell sounded!"

Tony D: "That aside, we don't really know. All we know is that the Tag Team Champions continue their dominance!"

The referee on one side, Crowbar on the other, help Starr get to his feet and hobble to the back. He looks to be in tore up shape.

Queens “We are the Champions” continues to blast though the PA system as The Maple Leaf Strike Force gather in the ring. All three of them hug and Then Ashley calls for a mic.

Ashley:In honor of your new tag team champions and new icons of wrestling we ask that you all raise and honor the Canadian National Anthem.

The Canadian National Anthem starts to play as all three members of MLSF place their hands on the chest over their hearts and mouths the words. The boos from the crowd gets louder and louder till they finally drown at the anthem as it is playing. Hugo takes the mic.

Hugo:Hello New Jersey!

The crowd boos Hugo smiles and waves and slings his tag team title over his shoulder.

Hugo:Here we are in the great state of New Jersey……..Really I cannot say that I mean really we are in New fucking Jersey. When I got off the plane I was like what is that smell and everybody said “oh don’t worry about that it’s just the way New Jersey smells.” Really you people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Louder Boos.

Hugo:Plus have you people heard what you said like you all sound like idiots and when did having orange skin and stupid hair become cool. Anyways we are to celebrate the winning of our titles I would have liked to have done this at a different place maybe some place with more class and style like New York, but hey I will take the easy, drugged out crackwhore of a sister that is New Jersey.

Now trash starts to fly in the ring.

Hugo:I guess you don’t like honesty moving on tonight we celebrate the fact we beat all the other wanna be tag teams in WARPED to become WARPED Wrestling’s first ever Tag Team champions. We beat the drug money incs, we beat the Untouchables, and we beat The Filth and the Fury and The Carnival Connection. You could say we have done it all and plan on doing more. So we ask all you, and I use this loosely fans of great wrestling to raise a glass and salute us with the respect we deserve and know that that it is more your honor that we are here than ours.

All three members clap and Andy steps up takes the mic.

Andy:Well said Hugo I know right now the value of New Jersey has just gone up by ten points the moment we got here. I look out all these face and I just want to be sick I mean look at that woman over there it actually looks like she ate her kids. Christ lady does Sea World know you got out and please stop eating the nachos.

More trash and boos start to be thrown at the ring and fans are starting to push at the guard rails.

Andy:Stay back you animals! You could not handle the class that is in this ring and your feeble little heads would explode. You people give all Italian people reason to commit suicide I have never in my life seen some many wanna be wop Guido’s in my life. We The Maple Leaf Strike Force have brought class and good hygene back to New Jersey. What I am saying god fucking god you animals stink like THE CARNIVAL CONNECTION!

Andy adjust the belt that is on his shoulder as more trash and Boos rain down on them.. The lights go out in the Rahway Rec center.

Kris Red: "The lights are out! Oh no! Undertaker!"

when they come back on Maple Leaf Strike Force stands in the ring looking confused as the Insane Clown Posse “Faygo Break“ plays on the PA. On each side of the ring is someone in a clown suit and a rubber clown mask holding two buckets. The clowns each place a bucket on the ground and turn toward the crowd aiming their buckets.

Faygo Break: “Faygo, Faygo, Faygo! Who wants Faygo?(I Do!) Faygo, Faygo, Faygo! Who wants Faygo?(I Do!). One, two, three, four, SPLASH!

A Mix of red and white confetti and streamers cover the first few rows of the crowd as Maple Leaf Strike Force collectively breathe a sigh of relief. The clowns turn their attention toward the ring as they pick up the other buckets.

Faygo Break: Are you ready for some Faygo?! GET SOME FAYGO, GET SOME FAYGO, GET SOME FAYGO!!

Suddenly Maple Leaf Strike Force are standing the middle of the ring soaked with Faygo Cola. The ring crew rushes down the aisle to clean the mess as the clowns exit through the crowd. Maple Leaf Strike Force stand in the ring looking pissed.

Tony D: “For a second there I thought we were going to see the Carnival Connection!”

Kris Red: “You must’ve not gotten the text from ‘ol Rottentreats. They’re and I quote, “In Illinois, enjoying the Ill Noise, at the Gathering, whilst they recharge their batteries. Fret not, MLSF” Treats is a lazy texter.. “We’ll see you at WARPED59!”

........Fade out.


Winner: Maple Leaf Strike Force
Match Time: 12:03

New Scene


Korrupt finally shows his face, dragging the Warped World Heavyweight Championship around with him, his head low. Korrupt's been AWOL for the past couple of weeks and no one's heard or seen from him. Korrupt walks and looks up and glares into the face of PKA who has a stern glare in his eye. Korrupt looks at him, then lowers his head and looks around slightly.

PKA: "Nothing? You're just going to stand there?"

PKA gives Korrupt a chance to speak. Nothing.

PKA: "Ya know, I'm in the type of mood where I just don't give a damn anymore. I took this job cause this company was going in the shitter with Joey. I'm a fucking wrestler. I don't need this shit. But I'm here to do my job. Where have you been? Like I feel as if you're taking the perks of being a champion, annnd you're not working for them. Do you understand my position Korrupt...? I'm not just a wrestler on the roster who's helping out for the time being anymore.. I'm running this show...which means that I can't have our champion, coming and going as he pleases.."

Korrupt looks at him for a moment and rubs the top of his head slowly, not saying a word.

PKA: "Right now, the most reasonable action is to strip you of the World Championship and be done with all of this bullshit surrounding you. Not showing up for matches, let alone, not answering calls?! You may think you're above any of the RULES around here Korrupt, but you aren't! Give me your belt, get out of this building and never come back..."

Korrupt's glare becomes almost dark as PKA shrugs his shoulders with a sigh.

PKA: "...Is what I want to say to you? Lucky for you someone got in my ear and decided--lord knows why--to ALLOW you to keep the belt. So ya know what, you're gonna keep it, polish it up, talk to it, do whatever you WANT to do with it. Because as far as I'm the next might just be GONE. Why? Because you're going to be facing a dear friend that you haven't talked to in awhile.."

Korrupt snarls at PKA who smirks and scoffs looking him up and down.

PKA: "IYou'll be defending your belt...against the guy who beat you for it last year, live in his hometown - SWITCHBLADE!"

Korrupt starts to breathe heavily and gets in PKA's face, looking him up and down. Korrupt claws at his face roughly, and his nostrils flare up. Slowly his eyes look down at PKA's suit, he adjusts the tie, and brushes the shoulders off. He gets close in PKA's face, and look at him with a sick smile.

Korrupt: " all on your hands...and when I destroy that piece of shit...? I'm going to work my way towards Taurus...and once I get rid of your token mocha latte...?"

Korrupt bears his sharp teeth.

Korrupt: "I'm going to get RID of I should have done a looooong, long, time ago."

Korrupt licks his lips and chuckles and raises his eyebrows at PKA.

Korrupt: "...Nice suit, I didn't think they made dwarf. Have a nice night, PAT."

Korrupt pats PKA on the shoulder walks off, a scowl appears on his face, and he runs up and kicks a trash can over and claws at the back of his head, dragging the World Championship behind him. The body language shows that Korrupt knows what he's gotten himself into, and his anger was building. PKA looks on with an unfazed glare, letting out a heavy sigh as the camera fades away from the scene.

New Scene

The Exorcism of Korrupt

The theme from the exorcist plays as a taxi cab pulls up to curb under the foggy night sky. Inside the driver looks to the priest in the back seat through his rear-view mirror.

The priest stares back for a couple moments before rolling his eyes and letting out a regretful sigh.

Priest: "Fine...This is a taxi cab. I do have a confession. Look....It was the craziest alter boy house party of '76.."

Cab Drive: "Get out.."

The priest throws up his hands and opens the door. He gets out and the driver quickly speeds off. With suitcase in hand the priest stands in at the entryway of the home and looks on for a moment. The globe shaped street light flickers during the all too familiar scene. The scene cuts to inside the home where "Cleaning out my closet" by Eminem plays loudly. The camera pans around a room filled with wall posters. Limp Bizkit, Marlyn Manson, Marlyn Monroe, & surprisingly an out of place Al Sharpton poster are just some pasted around the room. Sitting on the bed rocking back and forth biting the nail of his index figure is Korrupt. ...Actually, It's Taurus Capone in Korrupt's face paint and attire. He beings to laugh hysterically but quickly stops and speaks in a faint whisper, gripping his hair as if he's on the verge of ripping it out.

Korrupt/Taurus: "*Whispers* ...I'm so beautiful.....Look at my FACE.....HAHAHAHA-__.......I'm like...the theme from Dawson's creek beautiful........"

Korrupt randomly breaks into song.

Korrupt/Taurus: "? I don't want to wait..for our lives to be ovvveer....doo doo doo ooh ooh ?.."

As he begins to laugh hysterically again an older black women in an apron reluctantly opens the door. She shakes her head in disappointment as "Korrupt" beings twitching and talking to himself.

Old Black Women: "Kenneth...what are you doing?......Nevermind.....It's going to be okay....HE'S here to fix you my child..."

Korrupt beings to hiss before answering the old woman.


Mother: *O_o* "..What!?"

Korrupt/Taurus: "DON'T YOU LIKE MY MAKE-UP MOTHER!? ....I'm ...Posh Spice..."

Mother: *O_o* "????...Wha..No...You're not Victoria Beckham...whatever that means...YOU'RE MY SON KENNETH!"

Korrupt/Taurus: "You never appreciated me mother...that's why I'm emo. That's why I wear all black now if you haven't noticed. Look at my boots...It's YOUR fault I dress like Avril Lavigne."

Mother: "..I raised you the best I could! I love you.."

Korrupt/Taurus: " Tell me I'm pretty.."

Mother: "......"

Korrupt/Taurus: "..SAY IT!"

"I believe I can help..."

Behind Korrupt's mother stands the priest. She turns around and beings to cry on his shoulder as Korrupt rambles on.

Mother: "OH....Thank God you're here Father Berrin...."

Father Berrin: "Jesus you have a tight grip women.....I haven't been held in so long.."

Mother: "..He's getting worse Father Berrin....I don't know what else to do.."

Korrupt/Taurus: "...I bet Christian Bale understands me.."

Mother: *Sobbing* "...and He won't stop referencing pop culture."

Korrupt/Taurus: "...Batman..."

Father Berrin clutches Korrupt's mother tightly and exhales loudly.

Mother: *Sobbing* "I can't live like this...It's so hard Father Berrin.."

Father Berrin: "Oh you bet your sweet ass it is....."

Korrupt/Taurus: *Whispers* "....My heart is Kim Kardashian boyfriends black....? Jeepers Creepers...Where's you get those peepers....Kim where'd you get those thighs...?"

Father Berrin: "Jesus. It's worse then I imagined.."

Mother: *Crying hysterically* "...Maybe...Maybe this was a mistake!"

The priest begins to shake some sense into Korrupt's mother.

Father Berrin: "No! We must face facts! I understand it must be difficult being a strong African American women of catholic faith raising your white emo son who references pop culture and is the worst world champion in the history of sports & entertainment but you MUST NOT GIVE UP!"

The priest turns to Korrupt who is still twitching and rocking back and forth.

Father Berrin: "Leave me with the child...."

Korrupt's mother hesitates a bit before shaking her head before fleeing the room. The priest locks the door behind her. He turns to Korrupt once more and slowly begins to step closer.

Father Berrin: "Korrupt...I am here to help you.."

"Korrupt" glares at the priest with a devilish grin.

Father Berrin: "Demon inside this poor soul...state your name...I COMMAND YOU!"

Korrupt/Taurus: "Fine. SwitchBlade's here with us...would you like to leave a message?"

Father Berrin: "Hell no. You suck but that guy is just TRASH!...I hope Taurus retires his ass at WARPED 60!"

Korrupt/Taurus: "So do you want me to hashtag any of that or.."

Father Berrin: "Enough!"

Korrupt shrugs and randomly blows a bubble of bubble gum.

Father Berrin: "You've had gum this entire time?.....Gimme a piece.."

Korrupt/Taurus: "..That wasn't gum.."

Father Berrin: "...What. ..Nevermind . Look, I'm getting to the bottom of this. I know the truth. The truth is you're scared. You know Taurus Capone is better then you. You know, without a shadow of a doubt that nobody likes you and that Taurus rules with an iron fist. It's only a matter of time before he beats your ass up and down Warped wrestling and flushes you down the drain like the emo little piece of crap you are."

Korrupt begins screaming to the top of his lungs in a demonic howl.

Father Berrin: "...What are you doing. Stop that."

The priest begins to throw holy water on him.


Korrupt continues to howl as the priest picks up a 40 oz malt liquor and beings dousing Korrupt more.


The entire room begins to shake violently. Posters begin to fall from the wall as for whatever reason many midgets begin to run from all corners of the room giggling among doing many other midget things.

Father Berrin: "MIDGETS! OH HELL NAWH! I'M OUT..."

The priest heads for the exit as Korrupt's mother pops her head in the doorway.

Mother: " Is everything ok in.."

Father Berrin: "Come on bitch we've gotta make moves!.."

The priest and the old women quickly flea the scene followed by a stampede of giggling small people. The scene fades to black.

The live audience in the arena can now be heard.

Moments later the scene fades back in with Taurus Capone and Kelly Calloway standing backstage looking utterly shocked. After a couple moments Kelly turns to Taurus who just shrugs it off. They both continue to stair off into the distance once again.

Kelly Calloway: "Wow...that was so odd."

Taurus slowly nods his head as he puts his arm around Kelly.

Taurus Capone: "...Yes. This is a very odd world Kelly..and I rule it with an iron fist."

Taurus gives Kelly Calloway and awkward hug and sighs before walking off camera. Kelly is left looking very lost and confused.

Kris Red: "Well Tony D.."

Tony D: ".........No comment."

New Scene

REACTIONS - (SwitchBlade) 2 Weeks Ago

*SwitchBlade walks out past the curtain looking tired and a tad bit annoyed. He doesn't have the silver cup, but does have the Evolution Championship over his shoulder. He looks over at the camera.*

SwitchBlade: "Well, I can't say i'm happy about what just happened. But I have to give credit where credit is due. Maple Leaf Strike Force proved everyone wrong and became the Tag Team champions. They may have cheated to win, and yes they have an attitude problem, but they still got the job done at the end of the night and that's what matters. But my dream of holding all three championships has not died! I will one day win those tag titles. But for now, it's time I put more focus on another title."

*SwitchBlade taps the Evolution Championship*

SwitchBlade: It's time to remind Warped that i'm the Evolution Champion for a reason.

*SwitchBlade goes to leave, but remembers something stops himself.*

SwitchBlade: "Oh...and if you're wondering about the silver cup, I gave it to Wallace. He can use it as a chalice for his drinks if he wants. Don't get me wrong, silver is fine. But it certainty doesn't beat gold."

*He turns and leaves.*

New Scene

Main Event: Evolution Championship Singles Match - SwitchBlade(c) vs. Anton Chase

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WARPED Wrestling Evolution Championship!! Introducing first - the challenger. From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - Anton Chaaaase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: "And his opponent. From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds - he is the WARPED Wrestling Evolution Champion - SwitchBlaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers Chase a handshake before starting the match, and Chase gladly accepts and shakes the hand.

Tony D: "A great show of respect from these top tier athletes in WARPED Wrestling. This is our main event! Anton Chase gets his long awaited title shot against SwitchBlade in his first title defense tonight to close out WARPED58."

Kris Red: "Anton Chase is a former Evolution Champion and wants it back badly! He's been in a bit of a weird spot since the Third Anniversary Show and this could be his big break tonight to get back on track as a main event player."

The bell sounds.

Anton Chase and SwitchBlade both come to the center of the ring and lock up in a tie-up but right away SwitchBlade takes it and grabs the head of Anton Chase for a headlock. He squeezes tightly as Anton does not wait as he backs up the ropes and throws SwitchBlade off of him and up the ropes. SwitchBlade comes back and shoulder blocks him down and then runs up the opposite side of the ropes this time and comes back at Chase who is already up and leap frogs over SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade comes back and is then hip tossed down by Anton.

Tony D: "Anton Chase with a quick hip toss!"

Kris Red: "He's fast!"

SwitchBlade grabs his back as he gets to his feet. He backs off for a second into his corner to think that last exchange over. Both wrestlers come back to the center of the ring as they begin to play a game of mercy grabbing each others hands and squeezing hard on them. SwitchBlade boots Anton in the mid section though as Anton lets go of it. SwitchBlade then begins the assault with right hands to Anton's face and head area. Chase now is leaning up on the ropes as SwitchBlade delivers a knife edge chop! The fans WOOOO Ric Flair style after that one, and the next chop! The referee tells SwitchBlade to back up from the ropes! Anton Chase pushes SwitchBlade and he retaliates with a kick to the gut. SwitchBlade tries for an irish whip but Anton Chase holds onto the ropes and kicks SwitchBlade in the gut. He then gets out on the apron and SwitchBlade comes at him but Chase grabs his head and pulls his neck over the top rope!

Kris Red: "Ooh that could break his windpipe!"

Chase hops down on the floor as the ref looks through the ropes and tells him to stay off the ropes! SwitchBlade, holding his throat, goes right on the assault, sliding out of the ring after his challenger. Chase throws a right hand on SwitchBlade, causing him to stumble back against the apron, but SwitchBlade fires back with a right hand of his own.

Kris Red: "You don't wanna piss off SwitchBlade! He's the real deal!"

Tony D: "You can't count out Anton Chase, though!"

SwitchBlade then picks him up and drops him sternum first into the barricade. SwitchBlade picks Anton up and rolls him into the ring. He crawls inside of the ring himself and goes over to cover Chase.

Tony D: "Into the cover! One.. Two.. and a kick out from Anton Chase."

SwitchBlade now picks him up and whips him into the corner. Right away he runs at him but Chase boots him in the face. SwitchBlade backs off but comes right back running at him in the corner again and once more Anton Chase stops it as he leaps up and turns it into a sunset flip pin. 1..2..kickout by SwitchBlade!

Kris Red: "Anton Chase is so athletic! You gotta stay on him Switchy!"

Both men get back up quickly and go at each other as SwitchBlade clotheslines him down. SwitchBlade then gets up and picks Anton up with him. He starts twisting his neck for a neckbreaker but Chase pushes him off. Chase then runs at SwitchBlade when he turns around towards him and hits a spinning heel kick. SwitchBlade drops to the mat! Chase then hops over the top rope onto the apron and then immediately slingshots himself over with a Senton! He covers... 1...2...kickout once again by SwitchBlade.

Tony D: "Just a two count off that slingshot senton splash from Anton Chase!"

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade needs to slow Chase down!"

Anton Chase now picks SwitchBlade back up and body slams him down. He goes to the 2nd buckle and then comes down looking for a leg drop but SwitchBlade moves out of the way. Both men are now on the mat as the referee counts. 1.....2.....3.....

Tony D: "Both men down on the mat now! They must get up before the 10 count is reached."

Kris Red: "Chase better make sure SwitchBlade gets up at least. He can't win the Evolution Title if SwitchBlade gets counted out."

4.....5.....both men begin to get up and the fans cheer!

Tony D: "That didn't take long!"

They both exchange right hands to each other. Chase takes control as he blocks a few of SwitchBlade's and continues to throw his own that connect. Anton then is kneed in the gut area by SwitchBlade. Chase goes down on one knee as SwitchBlade then runs up the ropes and comes back hitting a swinging neckbreaker!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade takes control with the swinging neckbreaker! He covers! One! Two! Thr - Kick out!"

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade staying on Chase now.."

SwitchBlade now picks Chase up and whips him up the ropes. Anton comes back and jumps over top of a ducking SwitchBlade as he goes for a sunset flip pin cover but SwitchBlade grabs Chase and instead lifts him up to his standing position as well. SwitchBlade brings Chase in for an Implant DDT but Chase grabs the wrist and spins out. He goes for a right hand but SwitchBlade ducks it and grabs his head from behind and hits a Reverse DDT! SwitchBlade covers.. 1... 2.... kick out!

SwitchBlade brings Chase to his feet and kicks him in the gut. He hits the ropes and goes for a Running STO but Chase blocks it mid-move and elbows SwitchBlade in the side of the head. Chase runs to the ropes, springs off the second and leaps at SwitchBlade with a flying attack but SwitchBlade counters into a huge STO Takedown!! The fans let out an "OOH!" upon impact!

Tony D: "What a counter from SwitchBlade!!"

Kris Red: "I tell ya that's gonna hurt the back of Chase's neck bigtime! Whiplash, baby!"

SwitchBlade goes into cover...... 1... 2... Chase kicks out! But SwitchBlade then grabs his legs and immediately! He looks to lock in a Figure four but as SwitchBlade turns away, Chase kicks him in the butt and he goes face-first into the middle turnbuckle. SwitchBlade pushes himself back up as Chase rises... Chase goes for a right hand but SwitchBlade blocks it and kicks him in the gut. He goes for a Discus Clothesline but Chase ducks and kicks him in the gut. He puts him between his legs...

Tony D: "Anton Chase going for the Chaos Theory!!"

Kris Red: "But no luck!"

SwitchBlade flips him over his body and get's out of it. SwitchBlade stands tall waiting for Anton to get up. He goes for the discus clothesline again but Anton once more ducks and pushes him away as SwitchBlade goes crashing into the referee and manages to knock him down and out.

Kris Red: "Ref bump! Oh noes!"

Tony D: "The referee goes down!"

SwitchBlade turns around and is booted in the mid section as Anton goes for the Chaos Theory once more. He has it all locked on and is ready to connect but SwitchBlade trips Chase up, making him drop to the side. Chase then looks to lock in the Crucifix Neck Crank!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade trying to lock in Enter The Darkness but Anton Chase isn't staying still enough!"

Chase wiggles free and gets to his feet.

Tony D: "This is just back and forth as both men look to finish it off!"

He brings SwitchBlade up and then boots him in the mid section, trying for a Chaos Theory again.. he lifts him up...

Kris Red: "Chaos Theory!"

Chase hits his finishing maneuver!! He rolls SwitchBlade over and has his shoulders to the mat but the referee is down!

Tony D: "The referee is still down on the mat and he isn't here to make the count! Chase might be the new Evolution Champion now!"

The fans count "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE!" and Chase lets go of SwitchBlade. He crawls over to the referee and shakes him to.. and Chase tells him to come count!! The ref rolls over onto his stomach as Chase crawls back to the body of SwitchBlade and as he drapes over him, SwitchBlade hooks his arms and pulls him over into the Crucific Neck Crank!!!

Tony D: "Enter The Darkness! Enter The Darkness!!"

Chase reaches out for the ropes but he can't as he's in the middle of the ring and he has no choice but to tap out!! The referee, still hurting on the mat, sees this, and calls for the bell!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL Evolution Champion - SwitchBlaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade gets to his feet and the referee uses the ropes to pull himself up as he's still loopy from the bump earlier. He goes to Randy Long and grabs the Evolution Title then hand s it over to SwitchBlade. He raises the title high with one hand as the ref holds his other hand high in the air as his theme song hits.

Tony D: "This was a back and forth match between two great talents and I'll be quite honest, I don't remember a time where it seemed like either man was getting the better of the other. It was very evenly matched."

Kris Red: "No doubt about that, Tony D. And I'd love to see another match between these two men where the referee didn't get taken out, because who knows what could've happened otherwise."

Anton Chase gets to his feet as SwitchBlade turns back around to see him. Chase extends his hand to SwitchBlade and SwitchBlade looks down at it and up at Chase... and accepts of course! The fans cheer as Chase holds SwitchBlade's arm in the air.

Tony D: "What a great show of respect between both men."

Anton Chase makes his way out of the ring and heads up the aisle as SwitchBlade climbs the turnbuckle, putting his title in the air!

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade successfully defended the Evolution Title and in two weeks he gets a shot at the World Championship! The Evolution Title is truly a stepping stone to the next level and SwitchBlade is going to try and win that title for the second time!"

SwitchBlade steps down and BAM! He gets clocked in the face with a World Title crack to the face by Korrupt!

Tony D: "Korrupt!!"

Korrupt stands over SwitchBlade as he is laid out in the middle of the ring now, Evolution Title at his side, blood trickling from his forehead.

Kris Red: "Korrupt just sent a message to SwitchBlade!"

Korrupt holds the World Title high in the air as he stands over SwitchBlade. The fans boo him as the scene comes to an end.


Winner: SwitchBlade
Match Time: 9:12

New Scene


The cameras fade backstage after the show where we see Alexander StarrZoe hobbling with his gear bag over his shoulder and his street clothes on. His leg looks to still be giving him problems. He stops in front of the REACTIONS camera to give his thoughts on tonight's show... when suddenly William Wallace attacks him from behind! StarrZoe drops to the floor out of camera view. Wallace brings him up and delivers a right hand, dropping him. He then leans down and brings up the injured leg of Starr and starts kicking it. Starr screams out in pain and curses at Wallace as he beats on the hurt ligament. Wallace now releases it and looks into the camera. He smirks and walks off camera. He comes back with a chair in hand as Starr is getting up against the wall. Wallace then swings the chair and cracks it against Starr's leg and he drops down, screaming in pain. Wallace tosses the chair down and nods as referees and security rush down the hall to help out Starr. Wallace disappears as the REACTIONS camera catch Starr being helped. The show fades out.