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Jim Dudley and the other members of the Punisher Squad made their way to the ring to discuss the events for the big career vs. title match at Apocolypse Now. Dudley commented that it is tragic that it has to come to this... but the fWo must be rid of Death, at any cost, and he will make sure that the other members of the Punisher Squad help get the job done.


New Ninja vs. Fear

The New Ninja continued his winning streak and way back to the top of the fWo by defeating Fear in a quick match. Fear was limping badly and held his neck through the match after the problems with Apocolyptica a few weeks earlier. The New Ninja yelled at Fear that he should stay out of the ring until he learns how to wrestle. Humiliated, Fear returned to the locker room area. The New Ninja then went on to say that he has a strong winning streak... and had better start seeing title shots.

Result: New Ninja by Submission


Briana vs. Apocolyptica


Briana and the Dark Rider... her former partner... wrestled a tight match. From the balcony, VL watched on, but her motivations were uncertain for doing so. Apocolyptica had Briana in several pinning combinations, but could not manage to get the three count. Frustrated, Apocolyptica attempted to attack Briana with a chair, but was restrained by an unknown woman from the crowd wearing a black "bWo" shirt. As Apocolyptica turned to confront the woman, Briana nailed her from behind, rolled her back into the ring and pinned her. Briana then went to thank the woman for keeping the match fair, but the unknown woman spit into Briana's face, and left the area.

Result: Briana by Pinfall


Great Waru vs. Rage


In a very even match, Waru came to the ring in his old outfit, and to his old music, perhaps signalling an end to his involvement with the Dark Riders. Rage and Waru traded several near-falls, with Rage finally hitting a 450 splash from the top rope to win the match. After the match had concluded, the Ripper came to the ring to wrestle, but Rage along with Kidman and the Dark Angel convinced him to return to the dressing room area.

Result: Rage by Pinfall


Austin Davis vs. Stevie Roberts

Austin Davis

The two former champions went head to head in the ring... but Stevie Roberts seemed tired and not involved in the match. Roberts appeared to be concentrating on other matters, and fell quickly to the angry and powerful attack of Austin Davis. Davis caused Roberts to submit, and Roberts then left through the crowd in search of something. Austin Davis grabbed the microphone from Matt Panzer, and addressed Chris Universal in the backstage area. Davis asked again if Universal had the balls to face him in the ring.

Result: Austin Davis by Submission


Heaven's Demons (c) vs. vs. Lone Gunmen vs.

Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen came to the ring dressed like the "Legion of Doom", and riding small tricycles. The Heaven's Demons came out from the back seperately, but both looked determined and functioned well in the ring as a unit. The Heaven's Demons demolished the Lone Gunmen, but before they could put a weakened Machina away, the Ripper once again came to ringside, causing the Dark Angel to leave the ringside area to persuade him to return to the back. A distracted Darkness was then rolled up by Machina and pinned. Darkness was enraged at this turn of events, and began to choke Machina in the center of the ring after laying out Rudo with an uppercut. The Boston Strangler then came to the ring in preperation for his next match and confronted Darkness, who let go of Machina and stared at the Strangler before leaving the ring.

Result: Lone Gunmen by Pinfall


Boston Strangler vs. Flying Frenchie

Boston StranglerFlying Frenchie

In a tight match between the two champions, the Flying Frenchie had the advantage after delivering a stiff flying heel kick to the Internet Champion. Looking to finish him off with a splash from the top rope, the Falcon emerged from under the ring and tripped the Frenchie, causing him to fall from the corner. The Frenchie looked to have sprained his leg, and was unable to get into the ring by the ten count. The Strangler watched what had happened on the replay, and asked for a return match once the Frenchie had fully healed.

Result: Boston Strangler by Count Out


Chris Universal Interview

Chris Universal Interview

Chris Universal comes out to the ring with microphone in one hand and a purple bag in the other. Chris Universal says, "Austin Davis, I have two words for ya: I accept... your tag team challenge, and I've already picked my partner, baldy. And I'm going to introduce him right here, right now, in front of the world... that man is my good purple haired friend - Ultra Violet!" A few moments go by without Ultra-Violet coming out to the ring so Universal attempts to get him to come out by introducing him again. A few more moments go by, and still Ultra Violet does not appear. Universal tells the crowd, "Don't anybody move, I'll be right back". Universal began to walk to the back when what appeared to be Ultra-Violet started to walk to the ring. Universal made his way back up into the ring, and when he turned around, Ultra-Violet lying down, seemingly knocked out cold on the ground near the ringpost. "Looks like he ran into the ringpost again..." said Universal. Universal then climbed out onto the ring apron and looked down, noticing Ultra-Violet's hair was gone, and he was bald. Universal quickly realized it was not Ultra-Violet, but Austin Davis! Universal quickly dropped the microphone and ran back into the ring, before exiting out of the ring and up into the crowd. Davis picked up the microphone that Universal dropped and came into the ring with the wig colored like UV's hair - "Not only am I a bad ass, but as you can see, I'm a smart ass. And Universal, just like the partner you have selected - as well as Scott Slugger - you're a dumbass. Anyways, I had a feeling you were going to choose Ultra-Dumbass as your partner, and no, before anyone asks, my original hair color was NOT purple. So, since you're going to choose Ultra-Violet as your partner, and he's truly the only man who has ever cleanly pinned you in the ring, well... then I'm going to choose the man who has ever truly cleanly pinned me in the middle of this ring. And that man happens to be the tag team partner of Ultra-Violet... that's right, Scotty Cool. So Scotty, the ball is in your court now... either accept the invitation and be my tag team partner, or I promise you... if I ever get through with Universal, I'll make your life a living hell. It's up to you... you can either do things the easy way, or you can do it the hard way. It'll either be "Scotty Cool & Austin Davis, the greatest tag team never to be an official tag team", or it'll be "Scotty Cool vs. Austin Davis - the bloodbath that may never end", I guaranfuckingtee you. Trust me". With that, Davis dropped the microphone and left the ring.