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WARPED57 - 7/31/12 - Kansas City, MO - Drexel Hall (DEBUT)


WARPED Wrestling, after nearly 2 1/2 years, will finally introduce a third championship - the Tag Team Championship. After giving out an open invitation to teams in or out of WARPED, we've got our elite eight selected. While some teams were randomly paired by WARPED Booker, PKA, other teams were already established.

In the month of July, eight tag teams will compete in a Round-Robin style of series in an unprecidented number of events in a month for WARPED, and the team with the most points at the end of the series will be crowned the first ever WARPED Tag Team Champions. Here's the breakdown and details:

The Elite Duos
- 8 Teams of 2
- 15 Minute Time Limit on All Matches

- Elite Duos Point System-
Submission = 3 points
Pinfall = 2 points
Time Limit = 1 point
DQ/Countout= 0 points

DQ = -1 point
Submission = -0 points
Pinfall = -0 points
Countout = -0 points

- Elite Duos Prizes -
1st Place: Gold Cup & WARPED Tag Team Championship
2nd Place: Silver Cup
3rd Place: Bronze Cup

- Elite Duos Details -
There will be seven events, all featuring four Elite Duos matches per show. Every team will face each other at least one time. The team with the most points at the end of the series will be crowned the first ever WARPED Tag Team Champions. The tournament will run from July 1 - July 31. If there is a tie in points, then the tiebreaker match will take place at the first event in August.

In this Elite Duos series, it's all about the victory and pure wrestling skill. Submission and pinfall victories get you the most points(3 and 2, respectfully), while a time limit draw, signifying that neither team could defeat the other in the alloted 15 minutes, earns 1 point for each team. A DQ victory will not garner you any added points, but the team that gets DQ'd will be docked 1 point for unsportsmanlike conduct. No points will be docked if a team loses via pinfall, submission, or countout.

Elite Duos Standings:
Maple Leaf Strike Force - 11
SwitchBlade & Wallace - 10
The Filth & The Fury - 9
Carnival Connection - 9
MacNichol & Ryder - 8
Stone & Felon - 2
Drug Money Inc - 1
Untouchables - 0



Elite Duos Matches:
Carnival Connection vs. Maple Leaf Strike Force
Cameron & Ryder vs. Switchblade & Wallace
Untouchables vs. Drug Money Inc
Stone & Felon vs. Starr & Crowbar



WARPED57 - 7/31/12 - Kansas City, MO - Drexel Hall (DEBUT)


You open the DVD of WARPED 57 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


New Scene

REACTIONS - (Maple Leaf Strike Force) 2 Days Ago

The Maple Leaf Strike come walking out licking their wounds.

Hugo: Glad to see WARPED is filled sore,losers and cry babies. No matter still have not lost a match and now we sit on the top of the mountain by ourselves those belts are ours.

Andy: Yeah real easier to beat up people when you out number them you all should be ashamed. Carnival Connection you were the wrost jumping us from behind crowards Tuesday night we will have our revenge.

The Maple Leaf Strike Force walk away.


New Scene

REACTIONS - (SwitchBlade) 2 Days Ago

*SwitchBlade heads over to the camera and wipes the sweat off his face.*

SwitchBlade: "Leon, I feel bad for ya, kid. You got a crummy partner and that cost you the win tonight. Hopefully one day we can have a fair one on one match. As for the current points, Wallace and I are in second place. We stumbled a bit, but next week is where it all ends. If I can get in a submission victory, we might just win this whole thing. It won't be easy, but nothing worth having in life ever is. Ryder, Cameron, see you on Tuesday."

*SwitchBlade walks past the camera.*


New Scene

REACTIONS - (Carnival Connection) 2 Days Ago

Carnival Connection walk into the frame with their Entrance gear draped across their shoulders.

Mr. Rottentreats: Remember looking forward to nights like this as children Douglas?

Douglas Fresh: Hell yeah I do! We helped blow the roof off this joint! As for you Maple Leaf Strike Force, well..

Mr. Rottentreats playfully smacks Douglas Fresh in the back of the head.

Mr. Rottentreats: Now is neither the time, or the place.. Drug Money Inc. You surprised us tonight! Good job. But, there was no surprise with the submission victory!

Douglas Fresh: Tonight, Villiano you felt the wrath of the Carnival Crab mothafacko!

The Carnival Connection walk out of frame.


New Scene


The scene opens backstage in an office where we see WARPED Booker and Day to Day Operations Runner, PKA, in his black slacks and vest, blue undershirt on. He looks to be thinking about something, possibly stressed out, as he rubs his temple. When he notices the camera, he pops up. Austin Sanders steps into the view.

Austin Sanders: "PKA, sir, if I could get a second of your time?"

PKA nods.

Austin Sanders: "PKA, tonight is the final night of the Elite Duos tag team tournament. What are your thoughts?"

PKA: "You all ask the simplest questions, you know that? First of all, can I get you to go find the other two and talk to them about being my cup carriers?"

PKA points back at the desk where a large gold cup, medium sized silver cup, and a little bronze cup set on the desk.

Austin Sanders: "Absolutely!"

PKA: "Great. Austin, you have no idea how thrilled I am that this tournament is over. This has been one of the biggest pains in my ass since I missed that Corkscrew 630 back at WARPED 50... ... ... Austin, it's been a fucking fantastic tournament, though. And tonight, I can't wait to watch it."

Suddenly PKA's sexy executive assistant, Deja, walks up and hugs im around his waist, giving him a peck on the cheek. PKA doesn't fight it, but he seems uneasy about it. She chimes in at Austin.

Deja: "Also, Austin, you'll be happy to know that I did keep good on my promise. Taurus Capone is here. And he's got a lot on his mind. As do I..."

She winks and kisses PKA on the cheek again before heading out of the room. Austin looks back, confused, then to PKA. PKA shrugs his shoulders and Austin wonders how he can get out of this awkward situation. He gives the cut-throat sign and the camera shuts off.

New Scene

Elite Duos Match - Leon Stone & Midnight Felon vs. The Filth & The Fury

The scene fades to the building inside of the Drexel Hall where the WARPED Wrestling fans are rabid and excited! Randy Long, suit and all, stands in the ring ready to speak.

Randy Long: "WELCOME to the final night of the Elite Duos Tournament as WARPED 57 officially debuts here in Kansas City, Kansas at Drexel Hall for our Midwest Discovery Tour!!"

The fans pop! They hold up their signs, put their arms high, slap the chairs, etc, anything to get seen or heard by the WARPED Camera crew.

Randy Long: "Tonight, you'll see four huge Elite Duos tag team matches. And, at the end of the night, the team with the most points over the last month will be awarded the WARPED Tag Team Championships as well as the Gold Cup for the Elite Duos!"

The fans cheer again! "E-Lite Du-Os!" chants fill the arena.

Randy Long: “And let's not waste any time! The following bout is scheduled for one-fall and is an Elite Duos tournament match-up, making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 483lbs, the team of Alexander StarrZoë and Crowbar…The Filth and the Fury!”

"Welcome to a city that'll bring you to your knees" the public announce system booms as "Been to Hell" by Hollywood Undead plays. The lights dim in the small building and spotlights rotate. As the music continues to boom, Alexander StarrrZoe and Crowbar appear from behind the curtain. Starr and Crowbar stand at the top of the ramp and look at each other, meeting each other's gaze, confident and smiling. Starr motions Crowbar forward. The fans begin to chant "Crowbar! Crowbar! Crowbar!" Crowbar bows and motions towards Starr. The small arena erupts; "StarrZoe! StarrZoe! StarrZoe!" The two men make their way to the ring. Crowbar rolls under the third rope while Starr climbs onto the top turnbuckle, raising his fists into the air, welcomed into the ring by a chant of his name. Starr jumps off his perch and points towards his tag team partner; the building breaks out into a cheer; "Crowbar! Crowbar! Crowbar!”

Tony D: “StarrZoë and Crowbar seemed very confident earlier this week about their win against Stone and Felon.”

Kris Red: “He speaks from experience Tony. You only have to beat someone so many times before you can honestly claim you ‘have their number’. Starr has reached that point with Leon.”

Tony D: “But Leon Stone is still a fighter and in this business things can change on any given night.”

Randy Long: "And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 580 pounds, Leon Stone and Midnight Felon!"

"Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple hits the PA System. Walking down the ramp is Midnight Felon and his nephew Leon Stone. The music plays through the speakers and they walk into the ring. Felon looks to Leon and talks to him as if teaching something. Surprisingly Leon actually looks like his listening shaking nodding, pulling out a note pad and jots down notes on what he is being told.

The bell rings and Alexander StarrZoë and the Midnight Felon start off the match, circling around each other for a long and tense second before Felon charges at Starr, attempting a take down but Alex has the move timed out perfectly and evades the shorter but larger man, causing Felon to bounce off the ropes and rebound into a Spinning Heel Kick from the former World Champion. The once undefeated Starr pulls up the Tag Team Champion hopeful and whips him into the turnbuckle, charging after the bald man, crashing into him with a Flipping Lariat and landing on his feet. The crowd cheers StarrZoë’s athleticism, chanting his name; “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” Not taking his eyes off his opponent, Alexander climbs the second rope and leaps, connecting with a Springboard Dropkick to the face of Midnight Felon. Firmly in control of the match, Alexander eases back as the referee demands he give his opponent a chance to make it out of the corner. Breathing heavily and already a bit worn down, Midnight Felon knows he has to make a tag here. Grappling Starr, he tries to fight his way towards his own corner, hoping to take advantage of a double team move.”

Tony D: “Felon is trying to mount a comeback here in the early going, but thus far, StarrZoë is pulling out all the stops.”

After countless moments of Felon and Starr going back and forth, both men landing solid body blows and pepping in swift kicks, the fans cheer as Felon’s attempt at slamming Alex’s head into the turnbuckle is blocked by Starr. Alex pushes his opponent backwards and leaps to the third turnbuckle, executing a Flying Cross body and rolling into a pin. Leon makes the safe after two. Both legal men are now a bit dazed and weakened in the center of the ring. Both men crawl towards their respective corners, unfortunately for Alex, just as he reaches out to make the tag to his fresh partner in Crowbar, Leon Stone has already gotten the tag and is charging toward him like a gunshot. Stone pulls his opponent backwards by the ankle, depositing him in the center of the ring and looking out on the apron at Crowbar; “it’ll be your turn soon” Stone taunts. In a rage, Crowbar flies into the ring, but is restrained by the referee, who has his back toward the action in the ring. Stone has Starr into a Full Nelson lock which, while the referee is distracted, gives Midnight Felon the chance to come into the ring and land a few shots on the fan favorite Starr. The referee turns around in time only enough to see Starr on the ground, cradling his ribs and Leon posing for the fans, who are booing loudly.

Kris Red: “Leon needs to get his head on this match, this isn’t time to celebrate, he hasn’t won yet!”

“Let’s go Starr! Let’s go Starr! Let’s go Starr!” the arena cheers, trying to will the former Championship Wrestling Council North American Champion back into the match. Stone pulls Alex up by the air and plants him back on the ground with a Swinging DDT. Jumping to his feet, Leon again locks eyes with Crowbar; “too bad I’m not kicking your ass yet” Leon screams at Crowbar and begins to laughs, laying the boots to Starr. While still kicking his fallen opponent, Leon once again starts posing for the crowd. This however is a costly mistake for the relative newcomer and StarrZoë makes him pay dearly. Alex grabs Leon by the leg and pulls him down, quickly running against the ropes and rolling, executing a perfect Running Rolling Senton Splash, known “Philly’s Phinest Philyer”. With all the energy Starr can muster, he stumbles and crawls toward his corner, tagging in his partner. All the pent up frustration of the last few weeks is released as Mark “Crowbar” Austin flies across the ring, catching a dazed and swaying Leon Stone with a Spear that sends him flying and catching his partner, Felon, with a Spear as well, knocking him off the apron. “Now talk shit!” Crowbar screams, turning his attention back to Leon Stone.

Tony D: “Two Element Zeros from Crowbar, it looks like now it’s all on him to finish this match up.”

Crowbar wastes no time picking up his opponent and hooking up in a vertical stance, sending Leon down to the mat with a Suplex. Rebounding off the ropes, Crowbar drops an elbow, but at the last second, Stone moves, and the only man to ever hold the Evolution and World Title at the same time, collides with the mat. The referee begins the ten count but only reaches three before Crowbar is up and fighting again. Stalking his opponent, Crowbar waits for Leon to stand and begins a combination of right and left hands, landing all but one, which Leon dodges and counters, sending Crowbar to the mat with a stiff kick to the gut. On the outside of the ring Felon has begun to stir and has evil intentions in his eyes. Sliding into the ring, knowing that Crowbar has he back to him, Midnight Felon plans a sneak attack. In a blur however, StarrZoë has leapt into the ring and dashed passed Crowbar and Leon, and sends himself and Felon tumbling over the top rope, out of the ring and past the metal restraining gate at ringside and onto the concrete floor in the front row seats, surrounded by a group of fans with a Springboard Corkscrew Clothesline.

Tony D: “Holy God! I think StarrZoë might have knocked himself and Felon unconscious against that concrete with that clothesline. I think we need EMTs out here, all I can see is bodies and blood pooling on the floor.”

The referee is torn away from the action in the ring, going to check on the competitors outside, leaving the two legal men to brawl it out.

Leon grapples up with Crowbar and gets the better of the exchange, pushing his opponent stumbling backwards and drops Crowbar with a Dropkick. Pulling up the taller man, Leon again grapples his opponent and attempts to execute a Backbreaker, but is countered by Crowbar, who quickly leaps off his feet and grips Stone by the neck, ready to end the match with an KFO. At the last second however, Stone pushes his opponent against the ropes, kicks him in the gut, doubling over the former World Champion. Pushing Crowbar’s head between his legs, Leon lifts Crowbar onto his back preparing to put away the match, but Crowbar struggles off Stone’s back and lands on his feet, catching Stone with a superkick as he turns around. Crowbar, through messing around, lifts Leon into a standing Suplex, holding him in the air for an extended minute before dropping him on his head.

Kris Red: “Crowbar has just hit the Trapdoor, this match is over with here!”

Referee: “1…2…3!”

Randy Long: “Here are your winners…The Filth and the Fury!”

Tony D: “Wow! Starr and Crowbar have done it here. They’ve lasted through the entire tournament and lost only a single match. What a feat!”

Kris Red: "And with that win, they are tied for #1 with the Maple Leaf Strike Force!"

As Starr and Crowbar celebrate on the outside, Midnight Felon crawls over to Leon Stone and looks at him with disgust. Stone slowly starts to come to. Felon grabs his head and lifts it up and spits in his face and slaps him! Chelsea gets into the ring and pushes him off. Felon gets to his feet and grabs her by her hair and she screams!

Tony D: "Oh come on now!!"

Leon Stone then hits a low blow on Midnight Felon! He gets on top of him now on the mat and starts delivering repeated right hands!!! Chelsea cowers in the corner as Leon Stone is like a man posessed!

Tony D: "This has been boiling for weeks! Leon Stone and Midnight Felon haven't worked out since day one!"

Kris Red: "And Midnight Felon has continued to blame Leon Stone for their losses as well as Chelsea Stone!!"

Tony D: "You just don't put your hands on a lady! Leon Stone knows first hand."

The referee pulls Leon Stone off of Midnight Felon who retreats as soon as he has a chance. He points and says "this isn't over" as Leon Stone checks on his sister in the corner...

Match Time: 7:57

New Scene

Top 3

1. Maple Leaf Strike Force (11)
- The Filth & The Fury (11)
2. SwitchBlade & Wallace (10)
3. Carnival Connection (9)

New Scene

Elite Duos Match - The Untouchables vs. Drug Money Inc

Randy Long is ready to announce our second Elite Duos Match!

Randy Long: "The following contest is the second Elite Duos Match with a fifteen minute time limit! Already in the ring - The Untouchables!"


Randy Long: "And their opponents... weighing in at 340 pounds - Blake The Snake Blomberg and Villano VI - Drug Money Inc!"

"Snakeman's Dance" plays as Blake Blomberg and Villano VI step through the curtain. Blake waves to the crowd and slaps the fans hands, though he doesn't appear too happy to be there. His partner shows no emotion and ignores the crowd. They walk down to the ring and get ready to compete.

Tony D: "Drug Money Inc have had their fair share of ups and downs in this tournament, Kris, but the future is definitely bright for them."

Kris Red: "Yeah, let's face it, there's no chance they're winning the tournament with only 1 point right now, but they have continued to show up and put up a great fight, promo every week, and be apart of the company and tournament. That's more than I can say for The Untouchables who quite frankly.. oh nevermind.."

The bell sounds. Villano VI and Matt Bowen circle each other size each other up then Villano VI shoots in and gets a leg. With a inside step Villano VI takes Matt Bowen down to the matt. Villano VI throws himself into the ropes and then delivers a drop kick to the face for of the downed Matt Bowen. Bowen quickly rolls out of the ring out of the ring and rest on the guard rail as his partner Aaron Ward comes to his side and puts his arm on the shoulder of Bowen and comforts him.

Tony D:Looks like Aaron Ward is giving his partner some advice.

Kris Red:That is a little to close even if they are tag team partners, maybe partners of a different kind if you caught what I am saying Tony D.

Tony D:No I don’t what are you talking about?


Tony D: Oh.

While still in the ring Villano VI takes off running and launches himself up and over the top rope and crashing into both the Untouchables Knocking them to the floor. Villano VI stands and celebrates as the crowd goes wild. Villano VI grabs Matt Bowen by the hair and rolls him back into the ring and then follows him. On the outside Aaron is slow to get up and is holding his shoulder. Villano VI goes over and tags in Blake they both pick Matt Bowen AND Irish whip in to the ropes and then deliver a double drop kick to the face of Matt Bowen Villano VI exits the ring.

Tony D: That was an amazing double team move by Drug Money Inc.

Kris Red: The Untouchables might be the worst team to ever grace the wrestling ring. There, I said it. Also, Drug Money Inc have a bright future here. Future tag champs.

Blake locks in a standing side head lock, but Matt is just a little too powerful and pushes him into the ropes. Matt drops to his stomach as Blake rebounds past him and hits the ropes on the other side Bowen gets to his feet and caught Blake with a big spinning spine buster. Bowen jumps to his feet and starts flexing to the crowd as Blake slowly gets to his feet and reaches up and grabs Matt and hits a reverse DDT. Aaron Ward rushes and starts punching Blake as Villano VI comes and delivers a solid dropkick to Aaron Ward sending him out of the ring. The ref gets Villano VI out of the ring but Blake tags the masked man back. Villano VI gets behind Bowen locking in a German suplex. Blake backs up and throws a super kick that connects to the chin of Matt Bowen and then Villano VI lifts Bowen up and hits a thunderous German suplex. Keeping the bridge in the ref drops for the count 1…….2……3! The ref calls for the bell and Villano VI and Blake celebrate in the ring.

Tony D: Kris the match is over.

Kris Red: Good.

Tony D:You have to say it.

Kris Red: IT’S OVA! There I said it.

Tony D:Good job Kris, good job.


Randy Long: Here are your winners, via pinfall, Drug Money Inc!

Match Time: 3:01

New Scene


The red outlined crown logo suddenly appears on the WARPED entrance monitor. A slow heartbeat can be heard throughout the arena sound system. The Television screen scrambles and blacks out. The lights in the arena shut off completely as low ominous strings of unknown music can be heard. A sample of a man seemly giving a speech to thousands begins.

”...And the prophecy read! That one day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes…That a boy would be born onto a family in the slums…this boy would go own to use the knowledge he gained…while fighting for survival in the streets…to become a great leader…and in time that boy would grow to become………KING! ”

Tony D: "Well...I was in a good mood but..."

Kris Red: " It's true! After weeks of being silent it seems Taurus Capone is back!"

As the TV's unscrambles the bass-line to "Like That" by T.I. drops and the live crowd goes insane. Bright white lights engulf the entrance as Taurus Capone shoots out onto the stage flashing his signature smile. He slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp with his signature swagger as his triumphant theme blast. His eyes are hidden behind his dark ray bans as he seemingly glares off into the crowd. The camera zooms in on his bright red "With An Iron Fist" crown logo shirt.

Tony D: "Well folks, as Deja promised last episode. We'll have to deal with Taurus Capone once again."

Kris Red: "Come on Tony! You can't hold a grudge against the man forever! These people love Taurus!"

Tony D: "Well...most people that have to work with him don't."

In a swift motion he rolls in under the bottom ring rope and jumps to his feet. Camera flashes fill the venue as Taurus hops the top turnbuckle with both arms raised mouthing to the crowd. He hopes down and pulls a custom made black and red microphone from his back pocket as the music fades. With a slight grin he begins to speak.

Taurus: ".....As promised by Deja I'm here tonight. Let me tell you guys...she really knows how to work her.......powers."

Kris Red: "Powers? Taurus is here AND on time tonight she must really work those....Powers."

Taurus smirks as he wipes he forehead.

Taurus: " ...Since the last time I was seen in a WARPED arena a lot has went down..."

Kris Red " ...The King is speaking Tony..."

Taurus: " The elite duo's tournament has been going down. Switchblade's level of talent & charisma continues to go down each week. Which causes dvd and tickets sales to go down also. The Sociopath's plastic surgeon's moral continues to go down. He's losing all hope as we speak."

Kris Red: "...Damn Tony. I thought botox fixed everything these days."

Taurus: "I however, made a couple more millions within the last month & became a year older. So things have been moving up for myself....I'm just recovering from my wild birthday party in Miami where I think somebody slipped something in my drink. As a result my manhood has been up for the last couple weeks but fortunately it also went down moments before I stepped through the curtain."

The crowd laugh as Taurus nods his head in approval.

Tony D: "...Talent could be wrestling right now."

Taurus: "But most importantly the time as the face of this organization is running down for Korrupt. You see, I've given him time to prove me wrong. For the last month Korrupt has done absolutely nothing. Korrupt says he'll be waiting and watching for me to show up. I'm here Kermit!...In allllll of my king of everything EVER glory! Come ring my neck Korrupt!"

Kris Red: " This might happen tonight!"

Taurus: " Korrupt fails to realize I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. Without me Korrupt has no purpose. He's a world champion that nobody pays money to see. The only time Korrupt is even acknowledged these days is when I'm involved. People weren't asking was the WARPED world champion going to be in the building tonight. No! The masses where waiting for MY ARRIVAL! Since I've been MIA in M.I.A Korrupt hasn't even had a match. Ha..I killed his type of get up years ago.....So From the front office to you guys that pay to see WARPED, NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE EMO GUY THAT PLAYS CRAZY ANYMORE!"

Kris Red: "Hmmmmmm..."

Taurus: "If we wanna get crazy I'm one of the best and I don't need black an white face paint or the jeepers creepers theme to prove it. Just by showing up and acknowledging that he exist does more for the world championship and this company than he ever could. Everyday he holds on to that world championship Joey Matthew's dollars fly right out the window. Korrupt has no value here and soon I'll be the one to take out the trash! .....He's not alone though..As a matter of fact more then half of these guys are trash!"

Tony D: "What is he talking about now!?"

Kris Red: "If you be quiet and let greatness speak maybe you'll find out!"

Taurus: "You see, when those guys in the back should be worrying about coming out here and entertaining you....they're in PKA's office complaining about my TV time! When those nobodies back there should be worried about how to make themselves relevant in your eyes...they're back there bitching about why I'm already on the top pedestal. They're worried about why I'm getting paid the most. They're worried about why my merchandise is selling more! Actually, this "With An Iron Fist" shirt is available right now. Don't move yet but during the next match make sure you go purchase that. You won't be missing anything. Trust me."

Tony D: "Taurus isn't making any friends here at all.."

Kris Red: "Has he ever.."

Taurus: "Instead of being glad somebody of my caliber stepped foot in WARPED they're becoming jealous. The thing they must understand is I was the face of Joey Matthew's company waaaay before WARPED, Korrupt, or any of them where thought of! I'm a smart investment that keeps the money coming. I never even lost the world championship! Plus I kick ass! ....Plus I'm King of all I survey!....I'm Taurus Capone and I RULE WITH AN IRON FIST AND NOOOOOOBOOODY IS GONNA....

"Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns begins to play....

Taurus lifts his shades and looks towards the entrance ramp with disgust. As he recognizes the music he rolls his eyes and leans against the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "Thank God.."

PKA heads to the ring closely followed by his executive assistant Deja.

Kris Red: " I wonder what he has to say.."

PKA climbs in the ring but before he has a chance to help Deja in Taurus is already sitting on the second rope guiding her by hand into the ring with a smile on his face. PKA lifts a suspicious eyebrow as Deja climbs through the ropes with Taurus's help. Taurus's eyes lock on Deja' she climbs through.

Kris Red: "Careful Taurus, remember what happened in Miami."

Tony D: "In any event...this just became more interesting..."

The music fades and Taurus immediately begins to speak.

Taurus: "Ya know...Usually I hate being interrupted and it also comes with consequences but since..

PKA quickly cuts Capone off.

PKA: "WELL Taurus let me interrupt you again and tell you to shut up and listen for once!"

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as the smile quickly wipes off Taurus's face.

PKA: "You see Taurus I'm not out here to argue. I'm also not out here to trade sarcastic remarks back and forth with you. I'm not going to negotiate anything with you either. Quite simply, I'm in charge here and I rule with an iron fist.."

Kris Red: "This is a huge announcement! WARPED now has TWO iron fist Tony D!"

Taurus smirks.

Tony D: "I only count one Kris. That's PKA."

PKA: " Taurus I hate to burst your bubble. We all know the past is great but this is WARPED. Not Headstrong. Joey Matthew doesn't run the day to day operation. I DO. So that mean there is no more referee attacks. No more "Doing whatever you want". No more games. No more false sense of entitlement! Your just like everyone else here Taurus..and that..

Taurus: "No PKA. Patrick. Sponge Bob...Or whatever your calling yourself these days with your cute little business suit on."

Tony D: "He needs to remember who's running the show."

Taurus: "See... That's where you're wrong. I'm nothing like those guys in the back. I'm major league! They're minor. I can buy this company. They depend on it! ...I'm a real man..."

Taurus cuts his eyes at Deja and bites his lip.

Taurus : "...and I'm sure you can appreciate one Miss.."

The crowd lets out an "ooooooooooooooh" as PKA's whole demeanor changes. Deja give Taurus "The Look".

Kris Red: " I suddenly don't like the look of this.."

PKA steps face to face with Taurus.

PKA: " Capone...I've already had enough of you. Enough of Your schedule. Enough of your interference in matches and your BS. Come to think of it Taurus I think it's time you start doing what everyone else who WORKS FOR THE COMPANY does. WRESTLE!"

Taurus gives a confused expression as the crowd ignite.

Tony D: "Exactly. I hope PKA finally makes him put his money where is mouth is!"

PKA: "So far Taurus you've been nothing but all talk and games and.."

Taurus "It's called foreplay Patrick, if I take Deja to the back right now she'll appreciate a little of that too before I..




Deja: "Wait!..."

Taurus and PKA both stop and face Deja as the crowd continue to buzz.

Kris Red: "I can't believe what I'm seeing right now!"

Tony D: " In my opinion Taurus is completely out of line."

Deja steps in the middle of the two men as she begins to speak while the crowd give her a mixed reaction.

Deja: "As executive assistant, on WARPED 56 I personally insured Taurus Capone would be here tonight. Since I've been doing my job so well I think I have an idea that can settle this once and for all."

Kris Red: "She's about to work those powers again.."

Deja: " Now I realize Taurus Capone has his sights set on the world champion Korrupt. I also know that Taurus issued an open challenge for a "warm up" match a few weeks ago. PKA you may or may not have that CWC Tag Title shot at WARPED 58.. so we can't risk double booking you that night, but..

Tony D: "Where is she going with this?"

Deja: "..So on WARPED 59 how about we set a one of one match between PKA and Taurus Capone!"

The crowd erupt once again as Deja looks around and nods in approval. Taurus smirks as PKA continues to look at him dead in his eyes.

Kris Red: "This is MAJOR Tony D! Taurus and PKA could go one on one! This would be the first time in history these great former world champions collide!"

Taurus "..I Love the way you use your head Deja.....How bout it Patrick? I'd love to drag you up and down this ring. And afterwards, Miss. Deja over here will see who the better man is. Then after that she'll see who the bigger man..

PKA: "ENOUGH!...."

PKA looks at Deja and then back at Taurus.


The crowd cheer as PKA music hits.

Tony D: "What a turn of events! We knew Taurus would be here tonight to address Korrupt but now at WARPED 59 he'll make his in-ring debut against PKA!"

Kris Red: "These two are going to rip each other to shreds! If PKA wins will Taurus respect him as an authority figure? What if Taurus wins? He'll run wild every week after! I love it!"

PKA exits the ring followed by Deja. As the head up the ramp Taurus laughs as he signals "Call Me" to Deja. PKA glares on as Deja continues to give Taurus "The Look" again.

Kris Red: " What else is going to happen here tonight!?"

New Scene

Top 3

1. Maple Leaf Strike Force (11)
- The Filth & The Fury (11)
2. SwitchBlade & Wallace (10)
3. Carnival Connection (9)

New Scene

Elite Duos Match - Cameron MacNichol & The Rough Ryder vs. SwitchBlade & William Wallace

Randy Long: "The following contest is an Elite Duos match scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit! Introducing the first team.. "

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland begins to play. A single sport light then appears to show William Wallace arriving at the entrance holding a Salitre . There is blue flashing lights filling the arena as Wallace makes his way to the ring still with the spot light on him, ignoring all the fans abuse.

Randy Long: "From Glasgow Scotland, weighing in at 254pounds, he is William Wallace!"

Wallace reaches the ring and walks around slowly climbing the steps as he demands Randy Long open the ropes for him. As Long sits on the second rope Wallace climbs into the ring taking the microphone from Long and sending him from the ring. The boos ring out as the music fades down and Wallace raises the microphone to his lips.

William Wallace: "Kansas City! Stand on your feet for the second time this weekend and get ready to sing Flower of Scotland with your Scottish hero!"

A massive Saltire unfurrols from the roof of the arena as the Bagpipes start up once again. The boos ring out almost drowning out Wallace as he begins to sing out of tune.

"Oh Flower of Scotland...
When will we see, your like again
That fought and died for -
"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven begins to play as SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers.

Wallace scowls.

Randy Long: "And his tag team partner - he is the Evolution Champion - SwitchBlaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Of course, he also has the Evolution Title over his shoulder. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers Wallace a handshake. Wallace ignores and SwitchBlade nods, expecting just as that, but not looking too bothered.

"Show Me A God" hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoodie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact.

Randy Long: "And their opponents - first, from Portland, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds - The Rough Ryder!!"

Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor; meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to Jessica as well. He then enters the ring, surveying the crowd once more before turning his attention to the entrance curtain, awaiting his partner.

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol steps through the curtain, with his sister Dyan trailing a step behind him. Ignoring the cascade of boos that shower down on him, Cameron walks down the ramp, focused on the ring in front of him.

Randy Long: "And from Detroit , Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds - Cameron MacNichol!"

As Cameron reaches the ring, he helps Dyan up onto the apron, and they climb through the middle rope together. In the middle of the ring, Cameron raises his right arm and clenches his fist, as Dyan applauds her brother. As the music dies down, Cameron walks to the ropes and begins trash-talking fans in the front row.

Tony D: "Four power players in WARPED Wrestling about to lock it up!"

The bell sounds as SwitchBlade and Cameron MacNichol look to start things off. The fans are excited and ready for this huge meeting between both teams. Cameron MacNichol and SwitchBlade get in each other's faces and Cam slaps SwitchBlade across the face!

Tony D: "Whoa! That was unexpected."

Kris Red: "I'd say"

SwitchBlade steps back and feels his cheek, and looks at MacNichol like he's out of his mine.

Tony D: "This doesn't look good.."

SwitchBlade comes charging at Cameron with a shoulder block knocking him off his feet. SwitchBlade then repeatedly stomps Cameron in the gut until Cameron rolls out of the ring for a breather holding his ribs.

Kris Red: "I don't know what Cameron MacNichol was thinking but clearly you don't slap SwitchBlade!"

SwitchBlade shouts down to Cameron "Come on you little wimp", Cameron holds his ribs while The Rough Ryder climbs into the ring, while SwitchBlade is looking at Cameron, Ryder taps SwitchBlade on the shoulder, SwitchBlade turns around. Ryder makes a run for it and The Dirty Mac quickly takes the advantage and jumps into the ring dropkick SwitchBlade in the upper back area.

Kris Red: "Brilliant team work! Absolutely superb."

Tony D: "It makes you wonder if that was the plan all along."

Cameron MacNichol takes the advantage quickly and takes down the Evolution Champion with clubs to the back, SwitchBlade gets back up, Cameron quickly climbs the turnbuckle and hits a flying clothesline. SwitchBlade catches him in mid-air in a fall-away slam position. SwitchBlade runs into the turnbuckle hanging Cameron upside down.

Tony D: "Tree of Wooooooooe"!

SwitchBlade stomps mudholes into his upside down chest and Cameron MacNichol is in a world of pain! The referee orders SwitchBlade out of the corner with a count of five and SwitchBlade backs up. He then charges in with a knee to the gut of Cameron MacNichol and his feet disconnect from the top buckle and he falls to the mat.

SwitchBlade tags in William Wallace. Wallace picks up the dazed Cameron and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle, Cameron bounces out of the corner and walks straight into a scoop slam by the powerhouse, Wallace. The Scotsman laughs as the crowd applauds. Ryder bangs on the turnbuckle while Dyan bangs on the canvas hoping to get Cameron's confidence up and help him out!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol could definitely use a tag to The Rough Ryder right about now."

Wallace taunts the crowd giving Cameron time to get to Ryder, Cameron tags in and the crowd pops as The Rough Ryder hits a clothesline to the back of Wallaces neck, Wallace falls forward against the ropes.

Kris Red: "Wallace took too much time and he paid the price!"

He turns around with an evil frown on his face, Wallace runs at Ryder only to get knocked down by a drop-toe-hold. Ryder quickly jumps on Wallace and locks in a Chicken Wing Crossface.

Tony D: "A submission from Ryder! This could get them three points!!"

Wallace struggles to get out of the hold.. he reaches for the ropes but is too far. He elbows Ryder in the gut repeatedly until he finally lets go. Ryder though doesn't waste any chances, he sets Wallace up for a Full Nelson Slam but unfortunantly for him it is reversed into a snap mare by Wallace and then a kick to the back of the head!

Kris Red: "Whoa!"

The Rough Ryder holds his head and rolls into his corner as the fans applaud Wallace's stiff kick! Ryder tags in Cameron MacNichol and they both are in the ring now and charge at Wallace who takes them both down with a clothesline at the same time! He then lifts Cameron MacNichol up in a Gorilla Press but The Rough Ryder kicks him in the gut and Cameron falls to his feet. SwitchBlade angrily gets in the ring chasing Ryder out of the ring. Ryder slides out and Cameron MaCNichol comes off the ropes with a SPEAR! SwitchBlade grabs his midsection and rolls out of the ring as William Wallace brings MacNichol to his feet and delivers a right hand to the face. Cameron though goes behind Wallace and locks his arms around Wallace's waist. He attempts a German Suplex but is having problems making it happen.

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol going for a German Suplex it looks here but William Wallace has the breaks pumped."

Kris Red: "Oh oh oh look out it's The Rough Ryder!"

Ryder runs into the ring, bounces against the ropes and superkicks Wallace in the face, at the same moment Cameron lifts up Wallace for a german suplex.

Tony D: "Side Swipe Superkick into a German and a bridge!! ONE! TWO! Kick out!!"

Kris Red: "Wow. True teamwork from Ryder and MacNichol there!"

Ryder stomps the apron, pissed that Wallace kicked out. Cameron though wastes no time as William Wallace gets to his feet and MacNichol comes out of nowhere with a Clothesline From HELL~!

Kris Red: "LARIATOOO~!"

MacNichol covers... 1... 2.... SwitchBlade makes the save! Fed up of Ryder & MacNichol getting the close-calls, SwitchBlade whips Cameron into the turnbuckle.. he hits back first and Switchy charges but Cam gets his legs up over the shoulders of SwitchBlade, but he pulls him back and powerbombs him to the mat! The referee shouts at SwitchBlade telling him to leave, SwitchBlade does so but gets tagged back in by Wallace.

Tony D: "And there's the legal tag to SwitchBlade now. You can tell emotions are high tonight. Both of these teams need a victory tonight to ensure they rank and possibly win the tournament and the titles!"

Kris Red: "It's damn important!"

SwitchBlade picks The Dirty Mac up to his feet and he is out of it off that powerbomb moments ago. Switchy brings him up and Cameron delivers a thumb to the eye!!

Tony D: "Oh come on! He just blinded him!"

Kris Red: "That's what you gotta do!"

MacNichol staggers his way to his corner and makes a tag as SwitchBlade looks up, finally regaining his sight, and The Rough Ryder comes at him with a running knee lift, sending SwitchBlade flying back into the corner. Ryder backs up quickly to the opposite corner, then charges in at SwitchBlade with a running boot to the face!

Tony D: "Whiplash!! He just booted him right in the face!"

The Rough Ryder steps back, arms in the air, as the fans boo. Jessica Reyes applauds her man from ringside. Cameron points and tells him to stay on him! Ryder knows what he's doing though as he slowly makes his way back to SwitchBlade and holds him in the corner. He climbs up and readies his fist for the 10 punches, but SwitchBlade suddenly counters into an Inverted Atomic Drop!

Kris Red: "Balls first onto the kneeeee!"

Tony D: "Ryder wasted too much time!"

SwitchBlade shakes off the cobwebs and brings Ryder up. He whips him into the corner turnbuckle hard. SwitchBlade rushes him and smashes The Rough Ryder into the corner with a clothesline. SwitchBlade grabs him around the waist and lifts him up onto the top buckle then climbs up and raises one arm, as the crowd cheers.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade taking Ryder up top now for something dangerous."

SwitchBlade begins to get The Rough Ryder in position for a Superplex when all of a sudden Cameron MacNichol runs along the apron and steps up on the second ropes and gives SwitchBlade a hard punch to his face causing him to be dazed for a moment.

Kris Red: "The Dirty Mac with a dirty punch out of nowhere to the face of SwitchBlade and he's in a precarious position, Tony D."

Cameron enters the ring and clubs SwitchBlade in his back once more. The Rough Ryder begins to get out of SwitchBlade's grasp. Wallace will have none of this double team as he enters the ring and is quickly taken down by a dropkick from MacNichol. Wallace is quick to his feet though and goes for a big boot but Cameron ducks it, runs to the ropes and bounces off then comes back with a big Clothesline From Hell that takes Wallace off his feet!

Tony D: "The second Clothesline from Hell from Cameron MacNichol!"

Kris Red: "Ryder and MacNichol are in full control!"

Meanwhile The Rough Ryder has gotten himself free and SwitchBlade is starting to battle back with a struggle up top. MacNichol sees this and goes to help his partner by punching SwitchBlade in his back. Ryder holds onto SwitchBlade so he does not fall. Cameron then positions himself under SwitchBlade, putting his hands around SwitchBlade's waist as if to powerbomb him. Ryder then delivers a hard right hand to SwitchBlade and MacNichol powerbombs him to the mat!

Tony D: "Great doubleteam work there and a little payback for Cameron MacNichol with that powerbomb!"

The referee is yelling at Cameron to get to his corner now! Cameron backs up to his corner but the camera then shows The Rough Ryder up top with his back turned and suddenly he comes off with a Moonsault!!!

Kris ReD: "Holy hell what the !!"

Ryder nails the moonsault! The crowd pops big as they aren't used to seeing that move from Ryder, EVER!

Tony D: "A moonsault from the 6 foot 3, 254 pounder!"

Kris Red: "And a damn good one might I add!"

He goes into the cover.. 1......... 2......... 3~!!







Kick out!!

Tony D: "Wow! How did SwitchBlade kick out of all of that weight crashing down on him!"

Ryder brings SwitchBlade up and signals for it to be over as he sets him up for the double underhook, but Wallace enters the ring and clotheslines Ryder to the mat!

Tony D: "Looks like The Rough Ryder was going for the Dangerous Driver but William Wallace will have no part in that."

The referee yells at Wallace to get out of the ring and he shakes his head and walks right past him and is met by both Ryder & MacNichol. They both kick him in his gut and position him for a double suplex but he counters and suplexes the both of them simultaneously! The crowd cheers! He stands up as do they and he clotheslines both of them down to the mat. He pushes The Rough Ryder into a corner and begins to stomp him. He then puts his boot on The Rough Ryder's throat and chokes him as the referee orders him to stop.. MacNichol comes to help his partner by clubbing Wallace in his back. The referee tells them to follow orders!!! Wallace shoots back with a hard elbow to MacNichol's face and he steps backward to find SwitchBlade getting to his feet.. he quickly thinks to take him back off his feet so he runs his way but SwitchBlade ducks around and behind into a Release German Suplex!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is alive and the referee has lost all control of this match!"

The Rough Ryder starts to battle back on Wallace in the corner so Wallace lets up with the boot to his throat and whips him across the ring.. with SwitchBlade right there to catch him with a STO Takedown! SwitchBlade and Wallace both begin to stomp The Rough Ryder and MacNichol begins to get to his feet. He gets on the apron and slowly climbs the turnbuckle. SwitchBlade and Wallace lift up The Rough Ryder, unknowing of the other man climbing the turnbuckle. As they stand up they notice MacNichol up top and he leaps off with a Crossbody block and SwitchBlade/Wallace sidestep causing Cam to take out his own partner!

Tony D: "Another move we don't usually see from Cameron MacNichol there! They're taking risks not normally taken tonight!"

Kris Red: " But he failed!"

Cameron gets up and realizes what he did and he turns right into a Glasgow Kiss headbutt from Wallace! He spins around and SwitchBlade kicks him in the gut and plants him with a DDT! He then locks in the Crucifix Neck Crank!

Tony D: "Enter The Darkness!"

The Rough Ryder gets to his feet and William Wallace kicks him in his gut and hurls him through the ropes! Then Cameron starts to tap!!

Tony D: "He tapped! SwitchBlade and Wallace get three points!"

The bell sounds! The fans cheer!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners, scoring three more points with a final score of 13 and now taking the LEAD .. SwitchBlade and William Wallace!"

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays as the ref holds up both men's arms in victory. They pump fists and celebrate as the fans cheer them on. The Rough Ryder looks on from ringside with Jessica and he can't believe it. Dyan watches her brother recover in the ring from outside.

Tony D: "This puts SwitchBlade and William Wallace in the lead with thirteen points! We've got only one match left between the Carnival Connection and the Maple Leaf Strike Force tonight and as of now we know that Starr and Crowbar are at eleven points.. meaning if Carnival Connection win via submission, they can take the lead for second or tie with a pinfall.. but Maple Leaf Strike Force have a good shot at also tying for second with a pinfall or taking the lead with a submission win!"

Kris Red: "Who the hell knows how this is going to end up!!"

Match Time: 10:20

New Scene

Top 3

1. SwitchBlade & Wallace (13)
2. Maple Leaf Strike Force (11)
- The Filth & The Fury (11)
3. Carnival Connection (9)

New Scene

Locker Room

In The locker room The Maple Leaf Strike Force is getting ready for their match.

Andy:You ready for this Hugo.

Hugo: I have been ready for this for days. Hey remeber our agreement we win you sign with my guy as your manger.

Andy: Man I really have sit down and think about that and I dont think this the time.

Hugo smiles and turns towards Andy

Hugo: Now Andy we made a deal and right now only two retarded clowns stand in our way. You break this deal I will walk out.

Ashley walks in.

Ashley: You guys ready.

Hugo: I am I don't know about him.

Hugo walks Ashley looks at Andy.

Ashley: What is he talking about?

Andy: He was going on about signing with his guy. I just don't feel right with out talking it iver with Alex.

Ashley runs her hands over Andys chest and shoulders.

Ashley:Baby, look Alex left us And Hugo has been there for us. Now don't worry go out there And wins this with Hugo And show The WARPED you two are The best tag team here.

Ashley leans in And kisses Andy.

Andy:Ok, Ok lets so this, hey you where later getting back The room last night.

Ashley: I was working with Hugo working out my deal with his guy. Andy it's Time go kick ass.

Andy nods gets And walks out The locker room.

New Scene


Standing in front of a WARPED backdrop is a dapper looking Austin Sanders, with microphone in hand, he straightens his tie up and begins to speak into the microphone as The Carnival Connection walk into frame on either side of him wearing their color coordinated silver and black entrance gear.

Austin Sanders: Tonight ladies and gentlemen, I’m joined by The Carnival Connection. Tonight they square off against The Maple Leaf Fight Squad in the final round of the Elite Duos tournament. Gentlemen, what are your thoughts?

Mr. Rottentreats: When’s the last time you saw me be a gentleman Austin?

Austin Sanders: Well, you did help an old lady acro..

Mr. Rottentreats: Ah, tut tut tut. Anyhoot, Maple Leaf Strike Force! You wanna know where the clowns are? We’re right here in KC MO, WOOOOOAAAH!! And as soon as we’re finished with this interview, the clowns shall be sent in, to kick your asses from pillar to post, and tear you limb from limb!

Austin Sanders: You two must really want those titles!

Mr. Rottentreats: Fuckin’ right we do Mr. Sanders. Enough of the idle chitter chatter, you want respect from us, you’re gonna have to take it! You say we’re good but have a chance to be great, Hugo? Trust me we’re great! And had Patrick not dilly dallied around to begin with, the Elite Duos Tournament would have had one less team up and leave. And sure, maybe The Filth And The Fury, Switchblade and Wallace, or Cameron and Ryder would have one upped us. MAYBE! And there’s an error in your research. It wasn’t my back, and it wasn’t some bullshit Heath Shuler injury. And yeah, I had a problem with prescription medication.

Douglas Fresh: But just like he conquered those demons, tonight, we’re conquering you two whiny, annoying, disrespectful, cunt nuggets.

Mr. Rottentreats: We can continue to talk till we’re blue in the face about how we’re going to pick you apart. But what it boils down to, is what goes on between those ropes. I hope you’re as healed as you possibly can get boys. Cause tonight, you’re in for the fight of your life.

Austin Sanders: Well there you have it, some mighty strong words from the Carnival Connection.

The Carnival Connection walk out of the frame as their music hits, Douglas Fresh quickly jumps back into frame.

Douglas Fresh: Maple Leaf Strike Force, I’ma strangle the both of yas!

New Scene

Elite Duos Match - Carnival Connection vs. Maple Leaf Strike Force

Randy Long stands in the middle of the ring ready to announce...

Randy Long: "It is now time for our main event of the evening! It is the final Elite Duos Match and as always, it has a fifteen minute time limit!"

The entrance way fills with smoke as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Gimme Back My Bullets blares on the PA. Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh walk cockily to the ring jaw jacking with the fans.

Randy Long: "Making their way to the ring at a combined way of 400 cannabis & protein shakes, from the Carnival Grounds! The Carnival Connection! "

Douglas rolls underneath the bottom rope and quickly kips up and swings his towel in the air as Treats climbs to the top rope and removes his hooded vest. Treats jumps down and removes his tear away pants revealing his trunks as Douglas does the same and they await their opponents.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. being accompanied to the ring by Miss Maple Leaf Ashley Lovell, they are Andy LeBeau and Hugo Strange - The Maple Leaf Strike Force!"

Beastie Boys ”Looking down the barrel of gun” starts to blast out of the PA system. As the lyrics start Andy LeBeau and Ashley step on to the stage area. Ashley starts waving a Canadian flag as the both go to the ring. The larger Hugo Strange steps out And slowly makes his way to the ring taunting the Fans and trying to pick fights with them. As Hugo reaches the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope and joins Andy and Ashley in their corner.

Tony D: "Here it is, Kris! The final match in the Elite Duos tournament. Maple Leaf Strike Force sit tied in second place with StarrZoe and Crowbar at 11 points. SwitchBlade & Wallace are in 1st with 13 points. Carnival Connection are down with 9 points and there's still a chance that they can get in the Top 3 tonight."

Kris Red: "Something tells me that this is going to be hard hitting, fast paced, and an all out great wrestling match. This is for all the gold."

Andy LeBeau and Hugo Strange talk things over in their corner while Sir Douglas Fresh and Mr. Rottentreats do the same in theirs. Suddenly Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh attack them from behind. Strange is pushed through the ropes and Carnival Connection begin the double team stomps on Andy LeBeau. The bell sounds.

Kris Red: "Ding ding! It's on!"

Tony D: "Carnival Connection have come from no points, entering in the tournament at night four and skyrocketted to the near top with submission victories! Maple Leaf Strike Force are undefeated with pins and submissions throughout and are currently in third place! This match means everything!"

Mr. Rottentreats and Douglas Fresh lift Andy LeBeau up and double irish whip him into the ropes. He comes back and they connect arms to take him down with a double Japanese Armdrag. They both back up and come back with two leg drops. They pick him up and execute a double vertical suplex and Mr. Rottentreats exits the ring onto his corner as Douglas Fresh covers Andy LeBeau 1..2... kick out.

Tony D: "The Carnival Connection are starting things off fast!"

Douglas Fresh picks him up and nees him in his gut. He then delivers a belly to back suplex. He gets over LeBeau and turns him onto his stomach.

Kris Red: "They want to win this match, even though they know now that they can't win the tournament and the titles. Since day 1 it wasn't about winning but stopping awful teams from winning, in their words at least."

Douglas locks in a camel clutch and pulls back hard. He spots Hugo Strange who gets on the apron now, in his corner, and he cheers on his partner.

Tony D: "And it's no secret that the Carnival Connection has had issues with the Maple Leaf Strike Force over the last couple of months."

Sir Douglas Fresh pulls back hard on the head of LeBeau as Strange cheers on his partner.

Tony D: "Hugo Strange might want to think about getting in there to break this hold. It's doing a lot of damage to Andy LeBeau!"

Kris Red: "And a submission win for the Carnival Connection could put them in second place along with Starr and Crowbar!"

The referee asks Andy LeBeau if he wants to quit and he shakes his head NO! LeBeau starts to power his way up as Dougie Fresh can't believe it. Hugo Strange slaps the turnbuckle, getting his partner some support! LeBeau rises and Fresh has now managed to stay on him but with a sleeper hold instead. LeBeau drops to a knee, reaching out for his partner. He gets back to his feet and elbows Douglas Fresh in the gut once, twice, three times, and finally Fresh releases. LeBeau hits the ropes and Douglas Fresh hits a Hip Toss but LeBeau flips out onto his feet! He then dropkicks the knee of Douglas Fresh and he goes to one knee. LeBeau hits the ropes and returns with a lightning fast dropkick to the face!

Tony D: "Andy LeBeau is so fast!!"

He covers.. 1.. Fresh powers out!

Kris Red: "And Douglas Fresh isn't going down for more than a one count it looks like!"

Andy LeBeau gets up.. Douglas Fresh up.. he runs at LeBeau and LeBeau hits an armdrag into an armbar! He holds it on as Mr. Rottentreats comes in and LeBeau releases the hold. Treats backs up as Hugo Strange starts to enter the ring to stop him.. and the ref tells Treats to back it up, which he does. LeBeau gets up and taunts Mr. Rottentreats, calling him a pussy, and the ref gets in between. Treats starts back into the ring and the ref gets in Mr. Rottentreats's face telling him to get out of the ring or risk Disqualification! While this is happening Douglas Fresh drops down and low blows Andy LeBeau which takes him down to his knees.

Tony D: "Low blow from Douglas Fresh!"

Kris Red: "Well they never said that they were above fighting dirty.. ya gotta do what you gotta do sometime."

Hugo Strange rushes into the ring and starts to attack Douglas Fresh when the ref gets in his face and keeps him back. Fresh smiles through his mask and he and Mr. Rottentreats put the boots to Andy LeBeau in the corner. Treats gets out and Fresh covers as the ref is finished with Hugo.. he slides into the cover.. 1.. 2... kick out!

Tony D: "These are usually the tactics we see from the Maple Leaf Strike Force and it seems that they might've met their match in the slimeball department."

Douglas Fresh gets to his feet and spits at the larger Hugo Strange. He is pissed and gets into the ring but Mr. Rottentreats springboards off the top rope and leaps at him, but Strange catches him!

Kris Red: "Ho - ly crap!"

Strange lifts him up with ease and tosses him down with a military press slam. Douglas Fresh gets in his face and Strange punches him with a hard right hand that sends him flying back! The ref orders Strange to get out of the ring and he walks on past him, grabs Andy LeBeau's left hand, and drags him to their corner. Strange gets on the apron and tags himself in then gets back in the ring!!

Kris Red: "I guess that's what ya gotta do!"

Douglas Fresh gets to his feet and throws a punch but Strange blocks it and headbutts him down! Strange then flexes to the crowd but gets some boos in return though. Strange taunts for a second before dropping and elbow to Fresh's sternum. Hugo lifts Fresh to his feet and throws him to the ropes and then jumps into the air with flying shoulderblock. Hugo again lifts him to his feet but Sir Douglas Fresh stops the arsenal with quick punches to the gut. Fresh whips Strange to the ropes and back body drops him into the air. Hugo gets back to his feet and Dougie Fresh takes him down with a clothesline. Fresh lifts him to his feet and kicks him in the gut. Fresh then goes for the One-Arm Slam but Hugo Strange counters it. Irish whip.. Fresh blocks it and then applies a Sleeper Hold!

Tony D: "Douglas Fresh is taking control again!"

Kris Red: "Lookin' to make the big bad Hugo Strange pass out now."

But Hugo Strange has enough left in him to grab Douglas Fresh's head and hurl him over onto the mat. Strange puts the boots to him and then runs to the ropes.. Fresh slips onto his stomach and Hugo leaps over.. off the ropes.. Fresh gets to his feet and hits a Leg Lariat~!

Tony D: "Douglas Fresh takes dowon Hugo Strange with an impressive leg lariat!"

He covers... 1... 2.... kick out! Fresh lifts Strange up and throws him into the Carnival Connection's corner. Treats and Fresh begin double-teaming Hugo in the corner. This bring in LeBeau and he runs across the ring but Fresh and Treats are ready. Both men turn around and kick LeBeau in the gut. Douglas lifts LeBeau for a powerbomb as Treats mounts the turnbuckle. Treats launches off and dropkicks LeBeau and the force drops LeBeau into a powerbomb by Fresh. The fans let out some cheers for the double move as Treats goes back to his corner.

Kris Red: "Very impressive move from the Carnival Connection!"

Tony D: "And these fans in Kansas City agree!"

As the fans continue to cheer, Douglas Fresh tags in his partner but grabs the legs of Hugo Strange and begins the big swing! Around and around he goes! Mr. Rottentreats hits the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face of Strange as he spins around!

Tony D: "When It Stops Nobody Knows!"

Kris Red: "Looks like it just stopped!!"

Treats covers.... 1... 2.... LeBeau breaks it up! He tells the ref to get some damn order here with all of these double teams!! The ref tells him to back it up and he gets to his corner. Treats brings Hugo Strange to his feet and applies a cravate on the head and locks in a side headlock. Hugo Strange powers out of it but Treats kicks him in his chin's and then comes around front and kicks him in the gut, hands up as if in a MMA Shoot Fight. He then delivers a hard kick to the ribs of Hugo Strange and he starts to stagger. Treats applies a cravate and attempts the Cravate Buster, but Hugo Strange is too heavy! He knees Treats in the gut and whips him to the ropes and on the rebound hits a big backdrop! He goes to tag in his partner but Treats grabs his boot! Strange looks back and hurls his free boot right into the face of Treats and he releases.

Tony D: "That's definitely one way to get somebody to let go of you! Kick em in the face!!"

The crowd 'oooh's at the huge kick and Strange tags in LeBeau! Andy LeBeau picks Rottentreats up then snap mares him to the mat. He kicks him in his back! He brings Mr. Rottentreats up with him and now in a side headlock. Mr. Rottentreats grabs his arm and goes behind him with it wrenched. Mr. Rottentreats then puts LeBeau in a side headlock but LeBeau jabs him twice in his gut then pushes him into the ropes. Mr. Rottentreats runs back and takes LeBeau down with a shoulderblock. He bounces off the ropes and LeBeau gets on his stomach. Treats jumps over him and bounces off the opposite ropes. He comes back and LeBeau leap frogs, sending Mr. Rottentreats under him, off the opposite ropes..LeBeau falls backwards to the mat and bends himself backwards, Mr. Rottentreats flips over him onto the mat.. both men get up.. LeBeau goes for a clothesline but Mr. Rottentreats counters but LeBeau gets away behind him...LeBeau runs and grabs Mr. Rottentreats from behind and htis a Half Nelson Suplex!!

Tony D: "Half Nelson!"

Andy LeBeau makes the cover! 1... 2....

Tony D: "Thre - no ! Kick out!"

Kris Red: "What an exchange!"

LeBeau gets to his feet and brings Treats to a sitting position then delivers a stiff kick to the back of his head. He drops down and makes the cover again 1..2.. kick out.

Tony D: "Those kicks look painful!"

Andy LeBeau picks Treats up and looks at him as he wobbles around, trying to keep standing. LeBeau now leads him to his corner and tags in Hugo Strange. Both men are in now. Hugo whips Mr. Rottentreats into the ropes and on the rebound Hugo lifts him up in a spinning spine buster.. Andy jumps off the second rope and hits a rolling heel kick to the face!

Tony D: "Northern Glory!"

They go for the cover but Douglas Fresh comes in and breaks it up immediately! Fresh backs to his corner after saving his partner as LeBeau gets out on the apron and Strange tags him back in. LeBeau and Strange trade spots now as LeBeau grabs onto Mr. Rottentreats.

Tony D: "And here comes LeBeau back on the assault."

As Treats is holding onto the ropes, LeBeau sees this as an opportuntity to take him out. He runs tot he far ropes, bounces off and charges at Mr. Rottentreats.. but Treats brings his hands down and looks to launch LeBeau up and over but LeBeau lands on his shoulders and connects with a hurricanrana!!

Tony D: "Whoa! What a counter!"

Andy LeBeau quickly gets up and picks Mr. Rottentreats to his feet. He drops him with a backbreaker and holds him there.. Hugo Strange runs and boots Mr. Rottentreats in the side of his face and the crowd boos. Douglas Fresh comes in to help out but LeBeua hits a drop toe hold followed by an elbow drop from Strange! They both stand up, confident. Strange picks Fresh up and LeBeau picks Mr. Rottentreats up. They each irish whip the opponents into the ropes and on the rebound Strange hits a big boot on Fresh while LeBeau hits a great dropkick on Treats, sending him to the outside.

Tony D: "The Maple Leaf Strike Force have definitely taken control!"

Andy LeBeau now measures off Treats on the outside and charges toward the ropes, flying through with a suicide dive!

Hugo Strange now brings Douglas Fresh to his feet and sets him up for a powerbomb. He brings him up but Fresh starts to fight back and the two head toward the ropes, allowing Fresh to hurricanrana him over the top rope and both men go crashing down!

Tony D: "Look out!"

Kris Red: "All four men are down at ringside. The referee is now going to begin his 10 count.. and they gotta make it back in the ring to break it up."

1... LeBeau slowly is the first one up. He helps his partner up as well and they begin discussing strategy. 2... LeBeau and Strange slide into the ring and continue discussing what's next.

Tony D: "The Carnival Connection look to be slowly recovering at ringside now and looks like Andy LeBeau has something in mind."

LeBeau slides out of the ring and picks up Mr. Rottentreats. He rolls him into the ring and covers him 1....2... kick out.

Kris Red: "I'm not sure what took them so long to figure out that a pinfall would be best, but at least they went for it."

Andy LeBeau grabs his legs and twists them locking in a sharpshooter!

Kris Red: "Three points! Three points!"

Mr. Rottentreats struggles to get out of the hold. The referee asks him if he wants to give up and he shouts NO WAY!

Tony D: "Andy LeBeau with a Sharpshooter locked in! Will Mr. Rottentreats tap out?!"

By now Douglas Fresh has recovered and he's in his corner, which is also where Strange resides (in his own). Mr. Rottentreats reaches out and grabs the ropes and LeBeau is forced to break the hold. LeBeau gets to his feet first and Mr. Rottentreats is still on the mat. He picks Treats up and snaps him over his shoulder then locks in a version of the triangle choke hold. Mr. Rottentreats screams out!

Tony D: "Andy LeBeau definitely looking for those three points!"

Kris Red: "He needs 'em! A pinfall ties them with first place! That'd mean this tournament isn't over!"

Mr. Rottentreats struggles but finds that struggling only makes it worse! He bangs the mat with his legs showing the pain he's going through and he then screams out. He says no when the referee asks him if he wants to give up. LeBeau holds it on and Mr. Rottentreats begins to shake from side to side and he rolls to the ropes with his feet. LeBeau breaks the hold and gets to his feet. He picks Treats up and connects with a snap suplex into the cover 1...2... kick out. He covers again 1....2.... kick out. LeBeau gets to his feet picking Treats up with him. He locks in an abdominal stretch in the ring. Treats reaches out for the ropes but can't get to them.. Fresh yells at Treats to come on and get free! Treats puts all his weight on LeBeau and they fall back, giving Mr. Rottentreats enough room to reach the ropes with his feet. LeBeau breaks the hold. He gets up and tags in Hugo Strange. Strange picks Treats up and connects with a back breaker. He then hooks a leg 1..2..kick out.

Tony D: "Mr. Rottentreats desperately needs to make a tag."

Kris Red: "And now he's in there with the big brawler from Calgary! He's gotta get free."

Tony D: "But Treats might not have it in him!"

Hugo Strange picks him up and delivers a forearm shot then whips him across the ring into the ropes. Mr. Rottentreats jumps onto the second rope and leaps back towards Strange and lands on his shoulders, spinning with a headscissors takedown!

Tony D: "Maybe I was wrong.. he looks as though he's got a second wind!"

Mr. Rottentreats picks Strange up and whips him into the corner. He then charges and jumps, splashing him in the corner. Strange stumbles forward and Mr. Rottentreats applies a cravate and hits a Swinging Cravate Facebuster!! Cover.. 1.. 2... kick out!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness! That might be the opening he needs!"

Both men lie on the mat. The referee begins a 10 count...1....2.....3.....

Tony D: "Both men desperately crawling to their corners to make a tag.. who will make it first?!"


Kris Red: "The fans here in KC are on their feet!"

6....... 7....... Treats crawls to his corner as does Strange. Both men's tag team partner try to help them out chanting them on. 8........ Mr. Rottentreats makes the tag and Fresh rushes in the ring.

Tony D: "Treats makes the tag!"

Andy LeBeau rushes in as well since his partner is still down and he goes for a clothesline on Fresh but he ducks and they both face each other soon there after in which Fresh leaps up with a dropkick on LeBeau! Strange gets up and Fresh nails him with a dropkick as well! LeBeau runs at Fresh and jumps but Fresh grabs him and slams him with a one arm bodyslam!

Kris Red: "Pop!"

LeBeau holds his back as Fresh celebrates and the crowd cheers! Strange gets up and attacks Fresh from behind sending him to the mat and the fans don't like that at all. Strange picks him up and spins around into a huge double hammer fist to the face!!

Tony D: "Vortex Hammer!! Sir Douglas Fresh just got taken down!"

Andy LeBeau by now has made it to the corner and is on the apron... Strange slowly crawls to make the tag and he does! LeBeau rushes into the ring as Fresh begins to get up.. kneeling on one leg, Fresh watches as LeBeau rushes at him and takes him down with a shining Wizard~!

Kris Red: "Shining WIZARRRRRRR~!!!"

Mr. Rottentreats is up on the top buckle and LeBeau turns around.. he jumps off onto LeBeau's shoulders but LeBeau catches him and executes a sitdown powerbomb! LeBeau gets up and Fresh attacks him from behind. He hooks his arms for a Cradled belly to back brain buster and lifts him up but LeBeau flips out and Fresh turns around into the Codebreaker!! LeBeau brings him down on both knees!

Tony D: "Greetings from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!"

Andy LeBeau into the cover~! 1..... 2.... 3!!!!!

Kris Red: "ITS OVA!"

Tony D: "No it isn't!!!"

The referee waves his arms furiously saying that the match isn't over! He kicked out JUST IN TIME!!

Tony D: "Wow that was SO CLOSE!"

Kris Red: "I just can't bellieve it!! He kicked out!!"

LeBeau can't believe it either as he stomps the mat in frustration. He measures off Fresh as he gets to his feet and turns around.. LeBeau leaps up for another Codebreaker but Fresh grabs the legs of LeBeua and attempts to lock in the Carnival Crab!

Tony D: "The Carnival Crab!!"

Fresh fights and fights to turn him over onto his stomach and he is able to!! The fans go wild as Douglas Fresh applies the knee to the back and LeBeau screams out in pain!

Kris Red: "Andy's gotta reach the ropes!"

LeBeau reaches out trying to get to the ropes but he can't! He has no choice but to tap out!!!

Tony D: "He tapped!"

But the referee didn't see it! Ashley Lovell slid into the ring with a steel chair in hand and the referee is containing her! Hugo Strange enters the ring with the Canadian Flag and CRACKS it over the skull of Douglas Fresh and he goes down!

Kris Red: "Holy crap!"

The referee gets Ashley out of the ring as Mr. Rottentreats comes in to rescue his partner and Hugo Strange lifts him up onto his shoulders for the Burning Hammer and brings him down but Treats counters into an Armdrag! Both men get to their feet and Andy LeBeau spins Treats around and hits the Codebreaker on him! Strange now gets out on the apron and Andy LeBeau is down and out on the mat, barely able to move. He reaches up and tags in his partner and Hugo Strange enters, bringing the lifeless body of Douglas Fresh to his feet.

Kris Red: "I seriously think Douglas Fresh got knocked out from that flag stick."

Hugo Strange brings him to his feet and lifts him on his shoulders for the Burning Hammer, then stops..

Tony D: "What's he.. what's he doing?"

Hugo then continues with the move and drops him on his skull!

Tony D: "The Moose Killer!"

And immediately he locks in the Stretch Muffler!!

Kris Red: "Oh my God!"

Tony D: "The Canadian Deathlock is on!!"

Kris Red: "Douglas isn't even moving! My god he's dead!"

The referee checks on Douglas Fresh and raises his arm.. it drops.. He raises it again.. it drops.. the fans are going wild cheering for Fresh and the ref raises it a third time... it drops!

Tony D: "He's out!"

The ref calls for the bell.

Kris Red: "And it's OVA!"

The bell sounds as the fans booo!! Beastie Boys ”Looking down the barrel of gun” plays as the Maple Leaf Strike Force have done it!

Randy Long: "Here are your winners via submission, and THE Elite Duos and first ever WARPED Tag Team Champions... the Maple Leaf Strike Forrrrce!"

Andy LeBeau is helped up by Hugo Strange as Ashley Lovell enters the ring as well. They stand tall in the ring amongst the carnage.

Match Time: 14:49

Tony D: "This is just incredible! The match nearly reached it's time limit!"

Kris Red: "There they are, Maple Leaf Strike Force, the winners of the Elite Duos and the first ever WARPED Tag Team Champions!"

The crowd chants "That Was AWESOME!"

Suddenly we see WARPED's Booker, PKA, along with his Executive Assistant, Deja behind him, walking down the aisle, two shiny Tag Team Titles over his shoulders. Behind him are Austin Sanders, Sean Armstrong, and Kelly Calloway, carrying the Gold, Silver, and Bronze cups, in that order.

Tony D: "And here comes the bossman, PKA, along with the Tag Team Championships, plus the Gold, Silver, and Bronze cups for the first, second, and third place."

PKA enters the ring, Deja and the rest after him. The music dies down as the ring has cleared with only the Maple Leaf Strike Force. At ringside, watching, are the Carnival Connection. Deja holds a microphone up to PKA's mouth as he speaks.

PKA: "You know I have been watching the matches from the back and I've got to first say what an amazing group of tag teams we have here in WARPED. I've also seen some of the..underhanded tactics.. taken by a few teams."

PKA eyeballs Hugo Strange.

PKA: "Despite all of that, I'm not some stuck up suit and tie wearing boss who doesn't realize that sometimes you got to kick ass in any way necessary, and I admire that. Maple Leaf Strike Force did just that, and the standings show that you have taken the lead and first place with 14 mega points. Congratulations, YOU are the Elite Duo, and YOU are the first ever WARPED Wrestling Tag Team Champions."

PKA hands the championship belts over to the Maple Leaf Strike Force. They gladly take them and smile. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction, but some applause just to be respectful to the tournament and titles.

PKA: "I want to now call out the third place team, winning the bronze cup.. please welcome the Filth and the Fury.. Alexander StarrZoe and Crowbar."

The fans turn to the curtain where Starr and Crowbar step out from the back. The fans pop big for this fan favorite team as they make their way down to the ramp, not looking too excited.

PKA: "And welcome the runners up, getting the silver cup.. two guys who wanted to kill me for teaming them together, but hell, they nearly won this entire fucking tournament. William Wallace and the Evolution Champion, Switchblade."

The fans pop big once again as the two men make their way out from behind the curtain. They head down the ring, not looking as bitter as Starr and Crowbar, but still let down as you could imagine.

PKA: "Gentlemen, step into the ring please. Everyone, give these two teams a round of applause."

The fans indeed clap and cheer for the four men as they stand in the ring. They are both awarded their cups. Starr takes the bronze and hands it to Crowbar. The camera pans to Wallace holding the silver cup high in the air, SwitchBlade smiling with his title over his shoulder. Starr shoots a deathly look toward them, and SwitchBlade smiles his way.

Tony D: "StarrZoe and Crowbar do NOT look happy at all."

Kris Red: "And look at SwitchBlade and Wallace rubbing it in."

SwitchBlade & William Wallace hold their heads high, taunting the 3rd place team. PKA then takes the gold cup from Austin Sanders and Maple Leaf Strike Force step up. He hands the gold to them and now, the team with the belts around their waists, both hold the gold cup high in the air.

PKA: "Ladies and gentlemen, your Elite Duos Cup 2012 winners - the Maple Leaf Strike Force!"

The fans boo and hiss now as the team proudly raise the gold in the air, both with a hand on it. PKA hands the mic over to Ashley Lovell who holds it up between the team.

Hugo Strange: "This is The greatest night of WARPED because for once WARPED has champions it can be proud of. See We showed the drive and the hunger for these belts. But not to worry we will be open to all challngers just as soon as you prove yourselves to us. So from All of us from Maple Leaf Strike Force The first WARPED tag team champions fuck you All. We're out."

The crowd boos as the trio heads through the ropes, not even staying in the ring to celebrate. Confetti starts to pour from the ceiling but they could care less. They raise the gold cup high together as walk toward the curtain, turning their backs on everyone.

Tony D: "What a show of disrespect from the Maple Leaf Strike Force! This is sickening!"

Kris Red: "They don't give a damn about a celebration! They got what they wanted and they're heading out."

In the ring, it seems Starr/Crowbar and SwitchBlade/Wallace are now having words. PKA, the ref, Sanders and Armstrong get inbetween them. Confetti continues to pour as the cameras pan to the entrance where the Maple Leaf Strike Force head through, not even stopping to turn around and pose. The show fades...