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Famine vs. Brawler

The two members of the Dark Riders squared off against each other as the show opened. The Brawler fought a surprisingly stiff match, with a reliance on chops and hard punches. Famine began to get the upper hand after a number of illegal choke-holds, only to have the match ended when an angry War hit the ring. War looked very different without his Dark Rider gear, and after attacking Famine announced that both he and the Brawler were forming a new tag team.

Result: Famine by DQ


Shocker vs. Judge Steel

A tired and worn Judge Steel wrestled a technical match against the number one contender for the Hardcore title, the Shocker. The Judge put up a valiant fight, but was defeated after Markus Cairn came out of the crowd and attacked Judge Steel with a chair. A helpless Judge Steel was then rolled into the ring and pinned. After the match, Markus Cairn attacked the Shocker before leaving the area. Matt Loco was dispatched to get a word with the radically different attitude of Markus Cairn, but was attacked himself before Cairn drove away.

Result: Shocker by Pinfall


Chris Kidman Jr. vs. Scott Slugger

Scott Slugger

A determined Scott Slugger dominated the match against an eratic Chris Kidman, who wrestled in a strange style that seemed to be fueled by rage more than technical ability. The Ripper came to ringside to watch Kidman, which distracted him and gave Slugger the easy pinfall victory.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall


Primetime vs. Wolf Fang


The Shocker accompined Primetime to the ring, still smarting from the earlier attack. Primetime was on the defensive for most of the match, and during one instance had Primetime covered, only to have the ref distracted by the Shocker on the outside. Wolf Fang then attacked the Shocker, knocking him from the ring apron... but this allowed Primetime to quickly roll up Wolf Fang for the pinfall victory. An angry Wolf Fang then dove onto Primetime and the Shocker, knocking both to the ground before security arrived to break up the altercation.

Result: Primetime by Pinfall


Flying Frenchie vs. Black Quicksilver

Flying FrenchieBlack Quicksilver

The Frenchie arrived to the ring accomplied by security guards to protect him from an attack by the Falcon, which was threatened earlier in the night. The Black Quicksilver and Flying Frenchie put out a back and forth match, using high flying spots and various technical submission holds. After several quick reversals in a pinning combination, the Black Quicksilver was able to pull out the pinfall victory. The Flying Frenchie seemed not to mind the loss, telling Chris Finn that it would be easier and smarter to simply face the winner of the tournament rather than fight 6 matches to get there. As he was talking to Finn, a security guard removed his helmet, revealing himself to be the Falcon, and chased the Frenchie through the arena.

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall


Austin Davis Interview

Austin Davis comes to the ring for an interview. Finn attempts to ask Davis about his tag match on Friday, but Davis grabs the microphone and shoves Finn out of the ring. He asks who has the balls in the relationship between Megan Dawn & Chris Universal. Davis says "Whoever has the balls, well, then you're the one I want out here right now". Davis continues to talk trash about Universal, saying if he had the guts he would come out here right now and fight him man to man. He then states, "Come on out, Chris. If you defeat me, I'll do what you claimed this past Summer, and I'll retire and never step foot in the ring again. I give you my word. This time around, you can brag about retiring me all you want, and I won't do nothing about it". Finally, Megan Dawn makes her way out, and Davis says "I knew you had balls, let's just see how big they are. Step in the damn ring..." Dawn eventually does, and Davis trash talks her as well. Finally, Chris Universal comes down through the crowd behind Davis, and rolls up Davis from behind. Dawn goes down to the mat to make the count, but Davis kicks out. Both men jump to their feet and Davis hits the DDT out of nowhere, knocking Universal down. He then slides outside the ring and grabs a chair, and proceeds to choke Universal out with it. Dawn tries to stop him, but Davis eventually pushes her to the mat. Davis drops the chair and yells at Dawn, telling her to get up. Dawn doesn't, and Davis turns around to see Universal with the chair, and Davis makes a hasty exit, as Universal grabs the mic and says "Austin Davis, you've taken this too damn far. One of these days, we're going to get in this ring, and the People's Sellout is going to make your life a living hell, and retire your bald ass for good!" After the match Universal and Dawn left in seperate directions, and it still remains to be seen whether or not Universal & Megan Dawn have gotten back together...


Machina vs. Ultra Violet

MachinaUltra Violet

In a rematch from the previous week at Paranoid, Ultra Violet and Machina wrestled an uneven matchup, with both members stopping for frequent breaks to sip drinks of lemonade, which Rudo brought to ringside on a small cart. Machina finally won the match by pointing at the sky behind Ultra Violet, and yelling, "Look! A giant whale!". As Ultra Violet turned, Machina quickly covered him for the pinfall victory. Rather than confront Machina, Ultra Violet quickly fled the scene to avoid being squashed by a falling sea mammal.

Result: Machina by Pinfall