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J Cole’s “Workout” kicks in as the introducing to the newest UTA Webisode “Fitness UTA” hosted by Marie Van Claudio is playing along to Marie’s fitness. The song ends as it ends with Marie getting done and winking to the camera.


The scene starts with Marie Van Claudio walking in a sports bra and lulu pants as she turns to the cameras.


Van Claudio: Hello everyone or should I say in Portuguese “Olá a todos”. I am UTA Superstar, Marie Van Claudio and I am here hosting my first ever show on called “Fitness UTA”


Marie stops as she is seen near a door.


Van Claudio: This show is going to contain me interviewing some of the UTA stars and how they work out for their matches and how they get in mind. As some of you may know, I happen to do yoga which keeps me in shape as well as doing weight lifting and cardio before my matches.


Marie peaks in the door.


Van Claudio: And since we are in Brazil as it’s the first stop for the Victory roster since the draft, I am going to see how my peers work out for their matches. So let’s see who's behind this door.


Walking through the doorway, she scans through the many people working out. In the near distance off to her right, a particularly douchy hairstyle catches her attention, and immediately she realizes the man to be Colton Thorpe. Wearing nothing but a pair of athletic shorts and runners, Colt is in the middle of a set of chin ups. He doesn't hear or notice Marie as she approaches him with her camera crew.


Van Claudio, in a low voice: It’s Colton Thorpe. He defeated me in his first match a couple of weeks ago…..


Marie stops behind Colt, and folds her arms while standing there quietly. He drops down from the chin up rack, crouching down, hands on his knees while he catches a breather. Grabbing  the water bottle on the ground beside him, he takes a quick swig. Turning around, he is slightly startled by Marie and her crew.


Thorpe: What the hell is this?


Marie looks at him as she keeps her eyes on his face.


Van Claudio: Colton, don’t be worried. You happen to be on the first edition of my new show called “Fitness UTA”.


She nods at him.


Van Claudio: And Since you were working out, I thought you would be the first one to be on this show. Does that bother you or anything like that?


Thorpe: I don't think it'll bother me as much as it will you. I mean, when we're all said and done you might end up completely scrapping the footage you’ve shot.


Colt grabs the towel hanging on the end of the chin up bar, and wipes the sweat off his face.


Thorpe: But sure, why not. Lets do it.


Marie cracks her neck.


Van Claudio: OK then.


She keeps her eyes on him


Van Claudio:  A lot of the people want to know, how do you prepare for a match?


Thorpe: Mental preparation. When my opponent is announced, I study, study, study. It is way more important than any amount of physical preparation, in my opinion.


Van Claudio: So you study for the mind, I suppose.


Marie raises her eyebrow and keeps her eyes on Colton.


Thorpe: If you can get in your opponent's mind, you've already won the battle. Studying their mannerisms and nuisances will do more for you than any amount of bench reps will.


Marie flips her blonde hair as she keeps her eyes on him.


Van Claudio: I have to say, I am pretty impressed with what do before hand and get your opponents in your mind. I’m sure you did your research on me a couple of weeks ago when we faced off the first time?


A shit eating grin spreads across Colt's face. He pats on his right elbow, while simultaneously winking at Marie.


Thorpe: You mean when I drove this baby right here into your teeth for the three count? Certainly did, Marie.


Marie looks at him with a pissed off look on her face.


Van Claudio: You could say that, but don’t forget, I did slap you around a couple of times in the match. I am sure your….jewels….were feeling sore after I kicked them a couple of times.


She winks back with sarcasm before putting her hair behind her ear.


Van Claudio: But moving forward to the next question, how do you keep in shape?


Thorpe: By avoiding the nonsense and sticking to the basics. I find too many people focus on unnecessary things that are nothing more than a waste of time. For example, stretching. You don’t need it.


Marie looks slightly confused and almost offended by the comment.


Thorpe: I mean, does a Cheetah stretch before it pounces it’s prey? Nope.


Van Claudio: So what you are saying is, you are kind of the old school person that uses the cardiovascular, weight lifting, and so forth?


Thorpe: I don’t use weights too often, to be honest. I’m more of a push up, chin up, sit up guy. Running is a big thing for me too. Caveman training, if you will.


She shrugs a bit.


Van Claudio: I respect everything you can do to keep yourself in shape.


Marie keeps an eye on him.


Van Claudio: And to finally wrap this up, do you have any advice, tips, or suggestions to anyone that wants to get in shape?


Thorpe: Yeah, don’t be a pussy and just do it.


Colt begins to turn to go back to the chin up rack, but quickly turns back with an ‘oh yeah!’ expression on his face.


Thorpe: Oh, Oh! And the key to washboard abs is vomiting.


Van Claudio: Vomiting?


Thorpe: Yes, vomiting. You see, I have been an alcohol connoisseur since I was fifteen, and from all those early morning spewing sessions, I’ve developed rock hard abs that will rival anyones on this roster. Seriously, you want to feel them?

Marie looks at him and shakes her head “no” as Colt is pointing at his sixpack.


Van Claudio: Thanks for the offer, but no thank you.


Colt shrugs off Marie’s rejection before he turns around, and reaches up for the chin up bar.


Van Claudio: Well Colt, I thank you for your time in doing this as this wraps up episode one of “Fitness UTA”

“Workout” kicks in again as we see Colt do his chin ups as the show ends