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The UTA was live from the Bill Cody Arena in Amarillo, TX last night in front of a sold out and red hot crowd.

The show kicked off with Roscoe Shame falling to Log Habben after Habben hit him with a pair of brass knuckles when the referee was distracted.

IM Hate defeated Sianzo in the second match with a Hate Crime.

Sean Jackson defeated Frank Dylan James in a No Disqualification match after Yoshii interfered, distracting James before hitting a huge Yoshii Bomb allowing Jackson the win. FDJ chased Yoshii after he came to.

Johnny Legend made his in ring return, losing to Lucius Jones.

Madman Szalinski defeated Max Burke in a really good match.

Dr. EMO came out and told Abdul bin Hussain he didn't want to wait for the iPPV. Hussain came out and accepted the challenge setting up the main event for the night.

Wülfric defeated Yoshii due to count out after Frank Dylan James came out distracting the big man.

In the main event, both men were back and forward. Abdul bin Hussain went for a Pray to Allah, but Dr. EMO moved and followed with an Uber Kick. As the referee hit two, the bell sounded and the time keeper announced that the time limit had been met for Hussain to retain.