Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Former superstar, Yoshii, is reportedly sending feelers to the company to be apart of International Affair in Tokyo this November.

The former UTA Champion famously walked away from the company after losing the title to Perfection last year. He was known to only work matches during his time in the promotion which rubbed a lot of talent the wrong way who, rightfully, felt they put more work in than the champion.

His alignment with another former superstar that has been publicly outspoken against the company, placed the former superstar on the Do Not Call list by management.

At one time the feeling was that Yoshii would be a first year choice for the Hall of Fame, however, even that is now an afterthought due to his actions once leaving the promotion.

When I reached out to ask management if the bridges could be mended in time for Yoshii to be apart of the Tokyo show, I was told that more than likely not.

Please take all rumors of Yoshii having any future with UTA as that.. just rumors.