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The show opened with Chris Finn inside the ring to make the final announcements about teams for Mob Rules. First announced was the teams of God's Gift, Jackhammer, and Wolf Fang and the team of the "Primetime Players" featuring Primetime, Shocker, and the Showstopper. At this point the comissioner arrives to inform Finn that both teams must select a forth partner to be eligable for the event. More specifics were then given about the Mob Rules event. There will be three elimination style matches, with the survivors coming together to determine on final winner in another elimination match. The forth match will be a War Games style match, and it will be between the teams of Supreme Dark and the fWo Honor Gaurd. As Travis left the ringside area, Scott Taylor attacked weilding a metal bat. Security arrived to break up the conflict.


Heavens Demons vs. NXS


NXS arrived to the ring one member short, as Markus Cairn was nowhere to be found. Judge Steel announced that he would have to forfeit the match, but the Heaven's Demons came to the ring anyway, and both attacked Judge Steel, who was carted out on a stretcher. During this, Brandi came to the ring and insisted that there was politics going on in the fWo having to do with Dudley, but was drug off by fWo security before she could say more. Markus Cairn was still nowhere to be found, although security mentioned that he was inside the arena.

Result: Heaven's Demons by Default


Boston Strangler vs. War

Boston Strangler

Before the match, Melissa Smalls left the commentating booth to go to the backstage area to get a word with new champion Jim Dudley. War entered alone, and put up a good fight against the Internet champion. At one point War had the Stranger in an abdominal stretch, and attempted to covert the move into a bow and arrow submission hold, only to have the Strangler break free and exectute a standing jawbreaker. The Strangler then quickly put War in his finishing submission hold, and War tapped out. After the match the Dark Riders hit the ring, along with the strange masked individual who appeared at Paranoid III. On closer inspection, the masked rider appeared to be female.

Result: Boston Strangler by Submission


Ultra Cool vs. Waru & Billy James

Ultra Cool

In a short match made clean by Stevie Roberts and Chris Universal standing at the entrance ramp, Ultra Cool used quick tag manuvers to outsmart and beat the team of Waru and James. Waru and James seemed to have problems with making their styles work together as a team, and argued inside the ring. Ultra Cool won the match after delivering a double-team splash onto the downed Billy James for the Scotty Cool pinfall. After the match the Brawler came out to berate his partners for Mob Rules.

Result: Ultra Cool by Pinfall


Mob Rules Announcements

Mob Rules Announcements

Chris Finn arrived to give out the final two teams to compete at Mob Rules, and those would be the team of the Hardcore Militia, which included the Flying Frenchie, VL Tha Murdera, and the Heaven's Demons against The Fatal Ones, including Briana, Queen Bee Kristen, and the Lone Gunmen. The Lone Gunmen then came to the ring to announce that not only had they found two lunatics to team with, but two incredible babes as well. This brought Briana down, who came to the ring for her arm wrestling contest.


Briana vs. Queen Bee Kristen

In their continuing efforts to clear things up with their team, Briana and Queen Bee had scheduled an arm wrestling contest. However, Queen Bee did not come to the ring when called, and Briana was left standing in the ring alone. James Armstrong speculated that perhaps Queen Bee and Markus Cairn had run off to get married.

Result: No Contest


Flying Frenchie vs. Death

Flying FrenchieDeath

The Flying Frenchie was accompied to the ring by the remaining members of the Hardcore Militia, while Death came to the ring with the full Dark Riders roster, including the strange masked wrestler. The two wrestled a quick match, with the Flying Frenchie attempting to avoid the power moves of Death, and match his power attacks with quick high-flying moves. Eventually Death caught the Frenchie and delivered a powerbomb, which brought the Hardcore Militia to the ring apron. The Dark Riders then attacked on the outside, and the Fatal Ones came out as well to join in the ruckus. With nobody watching, Death tore off the padding on the ring post, and drove the Frenchie's face into it. Seeing this, Jim Dudley, Cactus Jon, Ice and the Boston Strangler came to the ring to attack Death. With four teams battling each other on the outside, the Frenchie surprised Death with a quick roll up and the pin. As the Frenchie celebrated, the Falcon came in from the crowd and landed a solid shot on the back of Frenchie's head with a steel chair.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall


Mob Rules Announcement

As the chaos from the last match was cleaned up, Scott Taylor along with Death came to the ring and demanded the commissioner of the fWo to get in the ring. Travis came to the ring along with Chris Finn and Jim Dudley. Taylor challenged Travis to turn the War Games main event at Mob Rules into a 10-man event, with Taylor and Travis filling out the fifth slot on both teams. Travis argued that as the commissioner he couldn't accept such a match, prompting Taylor to spit in his face. Enraged, Travis attacked Taylor as Dudley went after Death. As security pulled them apart, Travis told Taylor that he was on... and he would see him at Mob Rules.