Posted by Rumor Man Stan

UTA Talent suffers setback.

Word out of the UTA Training Facility is that Will "the THRILL" Haynes has suffered a setback in his physical therapy. A setback that will see his in ring debuted delayed. 

Haynes was said to be working some basic moves under the instruction of Road Agent, Dr. Emo. Emo was supposed to report back to UTA brass with an indication on when they could expect Haynes to return to in ring form. That meeting apparently never took place and Emo left to attend to matters considering Wrestleshow #44 down in Mexico. 

Haynes was motivated by finally seeing Proving Grounds Episode 5 and catching Mikey Unlikely's comments towards him before Mikey's impromptu match with Billy the Kid. Haynes is now left with the troubling news that his in ring debut could be delayed even longer. Who knows what that means to Mikey Unlikely's promise to hurt someone close to Haynes each week the THRILLmaker remains on the shelf?