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Show opened with a recap of the events of the past three weeks, involving the resurgance of the Dark Riders, the betrayal of Scott Taylor, and the superstars under suspicion as traitors. It is mentioned that Travis's condition is unknown, and that Scott Taylor is still technically the acting president. Old fWo superstar Melissa Smalls arrives to assist with commentary.


Cactus Jon vs. Flying Frenchie

Cactus JonFlying Frenchie

As both wrestlers squared off in the center of the ring, the full assemblage of the Dark Riders came to the ring to cheer on the Flying Frenchie. As Cactus Jon delivered a DDT and attempted a pinfall, the Dark Riders hit the ring earning Jon the DQ victory, but not the belt. The Frenchie then shoved Death and demanded an answer for why they interfered in his match, and the Dark Riders proceeded to beat him down, stringing him up above the ring. VL Tha Murdera and Queen Bee Kristen then ran to the ring with bats to aid the Frenchie, and chased the Dark Riders off... but Famine escaped with the Hardcore title.

Result: Cactus Jon by DQ


Chris Universal vs. Hiroshima

Chris Universal

Universal dominated the match, finally making the larger Hiroshima submit in a figure four leglock. Hiroshima left the ring, and the fWo in the aftermath of the match. Universal along with Dawn then bragged that this was the second wrestler forced to retire at the hands of Universal.

Result: Chris Universal by Submission


Mob Rules Announcement

Mob Rules Announcement

It was announced that it would be a team-style event for Mob Rules, and that the teams would be slowly announced in the coming weeks, staring with two teams tonight. Scott Taylor arrived to great boos, and announced that he would reveal two teams tonight. The two teams introduced were the teams of Supreme Dark, featuring Death, War, Famine and Pestilence and Servants of the Dark featuring Stevie Roberts, Brawler, Billy James and newest Dark Rider member the Great Waru, who arrived to ringside to announce his allengance to the Dark Riders. Scott Taylor then announced that the returned demon Stevie Roberts would face Jim Dudley later in the night, and if Dudley loses he must retire from the fWo... but if he won he would get a title shot at Death. An angry Dudley comes out to complain, but Taylor announces his decision is final, given that he is the acting president. Taylor then tells the crowd that even if Dudley is disqualified he must retire... and that the Dark Riders would make certain he would compete his last tonight.


Lone Gunmen vs. Ultra Cool

Lone GunmenUltra Cool

In a match to determine a tag team title shot, both teams went nearly twenty minutes before the Heaven's Demons arrived to watch the action. As Ultra Violet and Scotty Cool set up Rudo Insano for a spiked piledriver, the Heaven's Demons hit the ring and attacked both teams, earning the no-contest decision. The Dark Riders arrived on the ramp to watch the action, but were attacked from behind by an angry Boston Strangler wearing a fWo t-shirt and wielding a large sledgehammer.

Result: No Contest


Jim Dudley vs. Stevie Roberts

Jim Dudley

Roberts came to the ring with all of the Dark Riders, and it was shown that Taylor had security hold off Ice, the Strangler, Ultra Cool, Cactus Jon and other fWo stars would wanted to aid Dudley. As the bell rang, Roberts unexpectedly laid down in the ring and allowed Dudley to quickly pin him. Roberts then stood and tore off his Dark Riders shirt, revealing an fWo shirt beneath. The angry Dark Riders hit the ring as Roberts and Dudley escaped into the rafters with the aid of Brandi, who lowered a harness to the ring. Taylor angrily ran to the ring and announced that the decision be reversed and Dudley be fired from the fWo. At that point comissioner Travis arrived on the entrance ramp, and announced that the only person being fired from the fWo was Scott Taylor, and that not only would Dudley get a title shot at the next Paranoid show, but that it would be a sealed cage match to ensure that no Dark Rider interference take place. The show ended with the Dark Riders enraged but helpless as Scott Taylor broke into sobbing in the center of the ring.

Result: Jim Dudley by Pinfall