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Victory draft review
This draft was done with both the present and long term in mind. While Victory is lighter on star power, they have more of a chance to develop new stars. There are a few main eventers in the fold but this draft focused more on acquiring talent to fit in right now and develop over the long haul. The future looks brighter for Victory than Wrestleshow. There will be some growing pains as we see who the next generation of stars will be, but it's going to be fun to watch.
Best pick: Team Danger
Biggest head scratcher: Amy Harrison
Could surprise: Scott Stevens
Eric Dane: What a difference a few months can make. From the unemployment line to winning one of the biggest matches of the year. Dane's showing at the Chamber match is hopefully a taste of what's to come. Dane figures to be a prominent name on Victory for the foreseeable future. Can and will Dane deliver on the lofty expectations he's managed to create for himself over the last few months? A championship is not unrealistic at this point. A-
Team Danger:  UTA World Tag Team Champions. Their win at the Ring King PPV established them as the team to beat in the promotion.  The fans and momentum are clearly in their corner. Only drawback here is a weak tag team division and no real challengers on the horizon for them to worry about.  Their biggest cHallenge could be complacency.  A+
Cayle Murray:  There is talent, there is potential with this talent.  Everyone is waiting for that breakthrough moment or that signature win. Nobody will wait forever and neither should he. Everyone is hoping he shows up big in his feud with Colton Thorpe. If he does, it could be his springboard. If he doesn't, this pick is going to look like a waste for him to go this high.  C+
Colton Thorpe: A talent on the rise, if his development continues at the pace it's currently on, this could turn out to be the best pick of the draft period. Thorpe figures to be a viable player in the UTA for a long time. Feud with Murray could be a springboard to bigger things or derail him. He can't let it become a distraction. It's not a reach to expect a championship within the next calander year. B+
Bobby Dean: UTA's resident big man is a solid value. The problem is that Dean is a comedy act or in commercials and doesn't seem to mind, which is a shame. He could be so much more if he got serious about his career and took a shot at the top. He is more than capable of pulling it off. B -
Will Haynes:  An established main eventer with a proven track record of headlining shows. One of the most popular performers in the UTA at the moment.  Would grade him higher but recent injuries are a concern. How will it affect him when he returns to finally face Mikey Unlikely? Will is capable of being the face of Victory if not the company. B
Abdul bin Hussain: UTA Wildfire champion has firmly re established himself as a force to be reckoned with. A former UTA Champion, he cannot be happy with the supposedly cursed Wildfire title. The question remains if there is more potential for this character or has he hit the ceiling? A -
Lisil Jackson: High flyer from Jamacia is working his way up the ladder and continues to impress. Strong showings are helping his stock but needs a breakthrough moment and soon. There is a question about possible limitations for how far Jackson can go, but only he can answer that. Good value pick hereB -
Ron Hall: Hall of Famer is coming off his biggest win since returning in December. Comeback has not gone as well as some had hopes for. A solid contributor, but as is a decent mid to late round pick. If he gets serious and re commits could turn into a steal for Victory. A solid feud with someone not named Wingate would help his grade a lot.   C
Lew Smith: Remember how close he was to the brief case at Ring King? That has described his career perfectly to this point. He is that close to breaking out from the pack yet it's always just been out of his reach. If he can seize an opportunity, he will turn out to be a great pick for Victory. Right now, he is a good pick with a chance to get better. B-
B.R. Ellis: Has yet to debut on UTA TV. Has worked at house shows. Jury is out on this late round pick.  Incomplete 
Mikey Unlikely: The taste of Hollywood has breed sadism in Mikey. This is a solid pick for Victory as all the tools are there for Unlikely to become a bonafide main event player. The drawback is that if this mean streak is only a bi product of his pending feud with Will Haynes, Unlikely could find himself floundering in the mid card once it's over. B-
SkyMont: Has yet to debut on UTA TV. Has worked at house shows. Jury is out on this late round pick.  Incomplete 
Marie Van Claudio: Up and down with this athlete. Seems to play to the level of her opponent. Her all world showing vs LFB for the World Title show that this could be an untapped main eventer but will the consistency develop? C
Amy Harrison: Questions about heart, dedication and commitment to UTA abound. Not much has happened since her win over Ron Hall a few months ago. There is some potential with this pick but many feel this could end up being a wasted pickD