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Hostile Takeover

(The IWO Logo appears on the screen. It explodes and the Hostile Takeover
logo appears... "Freak" by Silverchair begins to play as that logo fades...
We see various clips from various shows... Team Rocket capturing the IC Tag
Titles... Jason Nash becoming the TV Champion... Mad Max in a bloody mess
holding the Extreme Title... Hostile Youth with the world tag gold... Ken
War holding up the US Title... Jack in the Box defeating Satan to become the
North American Title... "Mr. Hardcore" Billy Larson and Summer... "The
Shocker" Mike Haven... JAX Stone... The Man... Xtreme... Capital
Punishment... Titan holding up the IWO World Title... The music fades to the
background... as it does Big Scott Weber begins to speak...)

BSW - Tonight on Hostile Takeover things are going to heat up. A week after
Broken Hearts, Broken Bones and we have a huge card here tonight. We have
three title matches and a huge tag team main event featuring the NWF going
up against the FWA. We've heard rumors that The Man will be here tonight and
he has a challnege to lay down... We've also heard that Inferno may not be
able to compete in his match with Chris Anthony... To get all the latest
news about tonight lets head to Greg Parker...

(The scene opens up to the back of the arena where we see Greg Parker
standing in front of some lockers. He has a microphone.)

Greg Parker - Thanks Scott... I've just been informed that Inferno is NOT
going to be able to compete here tonight, and that is under doctor's
orders... Also, High Flyer is really pissed with IWO officials and has
demanded some respect here tonight, just what will he get? Also, we've
learned that IWO officials are having some kind of problem with the World
Champion. As of air time, we don't even know if he is here tonight or if he
will work anymore shows here in the IWO!!! This is huge news and we will
keep you up to date on this late breaking story... Now, back to Big Scott
Weber with the introduction to tonight's big card!!!

Hostile Takeover

Match #1 - Dark Wolf vs. Deathrow
This match was set up due to the fact that Dark Wolf injured Deathrow this
past Sunday at Broken Hearts, Broken Bones... Dark Wolf's bark is worse than
his bite and since he hasn't said anything in a long time, Deathrow may just
be on his way to his easiest win in the IWO...

Match #2 - Xtreme vs. Shadow
Rumors are flying around that Xtreme has some kind of surprise for Shadow.
We will see what he has in store for him in this Extreme Style. Xtreme wants
Mad Max and this is a good step for him to get to Max.

Match #3 - The FWA (The 69 Kid & Melinko) vs. Texas Rangers
The winner of this match moves on to face Team Rocket for the IC Tag Gold.
Some rumors about Team Rocket are flying around in the back as well. Could
it be they are in some kind of trouble with the IWO officials?

Match #4 - Inferno vs. Chris Anthony
We've just heard that Inferno will not be able to be in this match. What
does this mean for next week's Hostile Takeover? Will the IWO officials have
something to say about Inferno's injure? And just what will Chris Anthony do?

Match #5 - Ken War vs. Jason Nash
This is a huge match for both men. Two champions one on one. The only one
with anything on the line is Ken War. He has everything to lose tonight. But
with the FWA and NWF in the house, I doubt this match will even get started
before we see a huge brawl...

Match #6 - "Mr. Hardcore" Billy Larson vs. "The Shocker" Mike Haven
These guys in less than a week have become stars in the eyes of IWO fans.
Haven made a huge impression in the Ladder Rumble at Broken by taking out
Larson's manager, Summer. Summer has caught the eye of many male IWO fans.
The loser of this match doesn't lose momentum, but the winner gains a lot.

Match #7 - Jack in the Box vs. Satan
A rematch from Broken Hearts, Broken Bones. This one looks to be huge with
the winner staying on top and the loser headed back down the ladder. Satan
is all alone in this match, with the help of the NWF, Jack in the Box can do
anything. Satan has his back against a wall, can he handle the JACK?

Match #8 - Zombie & Jeff Urso vs. Mad Max & Titan w/Meygon & Zombo
Late word is that Titan and the IWO Board have had some words the past few
days. Does this mean Titan will not show up tonight? And just what were
these words over? Will Mad Max be able to keep his mind on the match with
Angel at ringside... This is a huge card... Lets kick it off...

(Fireworks are going off inside the arena. The crowd is going crazy... The
camera zooms in on the announcers' table... We see BSW, JT, and Angel.)

BSW - Welcome to Hostile Takeover!!! We have a huge night for you IWO fans.
You will want to watch every minute of the show.

JT - You are just saying that because you want them to love me!!!

(The scene cuts to the back where we see The Vietnam Veteran coming into the

BSW: And there he is! The Vietnam Veteran is coming into the IWO Arena
amazingly after not even one week ago having his face mutilated by those

JT: To tell you the truth Scott, it was an improvement!!!

Angel: You jerk! Leo is a man of honor, I'm not surprised that Katie follows
him around..

JT: First Capital Punishment! Then Mad Max! NOW THE VETERAN!?? Lousy tramp..

(The camera shows The Vietnam Veteran along with Katie and Dr. Marla Roberts
walking into the arena on the big screen as the crowd begins to cheer for the
war hero. NO! Zombie and the NWF are right behind them with all sorts of



(Zombie has that shovel from BHBB and MNM with him. He taps VV on the
WITH THE SHOVEL!!! DOWN GOES THE VET! Jack in the Box picks up Dr. Roberts and
climbs up onto a large stereo!! THE JACK OFF THE STEREO ON DR. ROBERTS!!!! Ken


JT: Who-hoo!!! How could I ever dislike Zombie??

Angel: He is an evil, evil man JT!!! He just had his hoodlums attack two women
and now he's dismantling the poor Vietnam Veteran!!!

(The NWF leaves the two women laying there on the concrete. Zombie has DW grab
the Veteran and take him to the ring. The crowd has seen the entire thing on
the screen and is really booing.)

BSW: Those idiots!! I hate them!

JT: Aww Scott, don't get your damn panties in a wad! This Veteran thinks he's
tougher than Zombie, well he's about to learn the HARD way that he's not!

(Just before the NWF steps onto the ramp, "El Phantasmo and the Chicken Run
Blast-O-Rama" by White Zombie begins to play and the crowd starts booing
heavily and throwing stuff at the ramp. The NWF steps out onto the ramp, DW
lugging the heavy Vietnam Veteran while the rest of the NWF bring him into the
ring. Zombie yells for a mic)

Zombie: Well, well well..

(The crowd begins to boo louder than Zombie can talk. He stops and waits for a
few seconds)

Zombie: Are you sons of bitches done yet? Or do I have to come up there and
kick each and every single one of your asses?

JT: Watch out!! He'll do it!!

Zombie: We've got this loser, the Vietnam Veteran, down here before us. He
thinks he's the toughest man in wrestling? Sorry Veteran, but that moniker
belongs to me!

(Huge booing as the crowd starts chanting "We Want Zombo" )

Zombie: Go ahead and chant all you want, it doesn't bother me. We laid out the
two tramps in the back, and now we have this so called war hero. What I'm
gonna do now is challenge this piece of shit, the Vietnam Veteran!!


Zombie: That's right and you...Desperate Measures. "TOUGH MAN" Match.
The only rules are is that there are none, anything goes, falls count
anywhere, no holds barred. And the only way to win IS TO MAKE YOUR OPPONENT

Angel: Oh my God...Veteran and Zombie at Desperate Measures? TOUGH MAN I QUIT
MATCH?! This has become extremely volatile...

(Out of nowhere, "Until it Sleeps" by Metallica plays as the Future
Wrestling Alliance (FWA)
walks out to a mixed reaction, mostly cheers. Titan is standing at the ramp
with a mic)

Titan: Zombie, shut your big dead mouth. Noone wants to hear your incessant
ramblings anyway..

JT: This is getting good!!! And the Veteran is STILL unconcious!


BSW: Zombie has The Veteran on his back and his running through the stands!!

Angel: Look at this! THE VET IS UP! HE LOOKS PISSED! HE DECKS ZOMBIE! He picks
Zombie up! NAPALM DROP!! Titan runs at The Vet! SAIGON STRANGLE!!! PURPLE

***commerical break***

(The replay of the brawl between Titan, The Vietnam Veteran, and Zombie is
being shown.)

BSW - I guess Titan is here after all. So is the NWF, the FWA, and The
Vietnam Veteran. I'm just glad all the mess is cleared from the ring.

JT - Yeah that was real fun to watch. All those guys beating the hell out of
each other. That's what the IWO is all about.

Angel- The IWO is just too unpredictab.....

("Firestarter" by Prodigy begins to play and the crowd goes nuts, Inferno
comes out with a pair of crutches. He has a brace around his right knee. He
also has a bandage on his forehead. He is wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans,
and the red inferno shirt with the new Inferno logo on it. He gets his way
down to the ring. And he manages to pull himself in the ring. He leans against
the ropes. He calls for a mic and one is handed to him)

JT- Hell yeah, it's my good buddy Inferno.

BSW- This is his first appearance since last Meltdown, and he didn't even
speak about Ken War, but he did tell Jack in the Box to watch out.

Inferno- Scotty, why don't you shut your fat mouth down there and let me

(The crowd cheers after he says that)

Angel- How polite.

Inferno- Ok. Now many are saying what do I have to say about Ken War. My
former good friend. Who turned on me at Broken Hearts, Broken Bones to join
the new NWF with Zombie. That's fine with me. But Ken War, I'll get my pay
back. Desperate Measures, 2 out of 3 falls. Let me read what we got here for
the first match.
No Rope Razorwire Cage Match:
No ropes, a razorwire hell in a cell cage, mystery boxes along the sides of
the ring where the ropes should be, the mystery boxes hold whatever weapons
the writer chooses, spike nails are in the center of the ring, the razorwire
cage is electrified, and you have to win by knock out. I like it, good idea
Kenny. Here's a little one I took from your past as well. It involves a little
bit of pyro though, of course. Can you expect any less from a man called
Inferno? Come on people. How about this for match #2?
Hells Dungeon Match:
Outsider the arena, a special ring is set up outside, there are electrified
razorwire for ropes, c4 explosives in the turnbuckles, the outside of the ring
is surrounded by blazing torches so no one can escape, every 3 minutes a
special pyrotechnics device spews fire down on certain sports of the ring.
Right before the torches outside there are 4 pits on each corner of the
outside, the first pit has water and a bunch of piranhas inside, the other is
filled with scorpions, another is filled with electrified florescent lights,
and the other is filled with rubbing alcohol (so if your cut bad and you fall
in, oh boy itll sting). Win by knockout. You like? I like! Kenny, you can go
ahead and come up with match 3, I don't give a flying (bleep). Ken War, not
only will I get my revenge at Desperate Measures, but I guarantee, that
tonight, I'm giving you a little taste of revenge. Promised. Jack in the Box,
I'm coming back for my north american title, and I will get it. Chris Anthony,
I dno't know if I'll be able to face you tonight. I am waiting to see if the
doctors will let me fight, I had a little mishap and my knee is broken. I'll
show you all how that happened right before that match. Ken War, watch your

(Inferno throws the mic out of the ring and he climbs his way out of the ring
and gets his crutches, he makes his way back to the back area)

BSW- Well! Look at that! So far we have 2 matches for the 2 out of 3 at
Desperate Measures between Inferno and Ken War.

Angel- And Inferno just promised that he will get Ken War back tonight!

JT- Inferno rules, that is all I have to say. Inferno is the man.

***commerical break***

Dark Wolf vs. Deathrow

BSW- Wow, welcome back to IWO Hostile Takeover! We just heard from Inferno
just a few moments ago. He has vowed revenge on Ken War tonight, and he has
somehow broken his right knee! What's this all about?

JT- Who knows, but I'm sure Inferno is gonna have a good night.

Angel- We have our first match coming up, one of the men who is joined with
Inferno's arch nemesis is fighting. That's right, Dark Wolf will take on

("Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'n' Roses plays and the crowd boos. Dark Wolf
walks out of the back. The crowd boos him like Hell. He slides in the ring and
holds his hands in the air.)

JT- You suck!

BSW- Heh heh.

Angel- That's original JT.

(Deathrow's music plays and he walks out carrying a steel chair, he slides in
the ring and nails Dark Wolf with it. The bell rings)

BSW- Deathrow starts this one off by delivering a chair shot to Dark Wolf. And
another! Deathrow throws the chair out of the ring and he delivers a DDT to
Dark Wolf. Dark Wolf smashes hard into the ground. Deathrow picks up Dark Wolf
and throws him to the ropes. When DW comes back Deathrow swings him around and
delivers a massive backbreaker. Deathrow climbs up top and he delivers a huge
frog splash! What a great move by the rookie! Deathrow puts Dark Wolf up top
and delivers a tornado ddt! Dark Wolf is getting totally demolished right
here! Deathrow picks up Dark Wolf and delivers a massive inverted piledriver!
Dark Wolf has got to have been injured by that one! Deathrow puts Dark Wolf up
top again! He has him up for a powerbomb and Deathrow jumps down! A jumping
jacknife from the top! What a move! Dark Wolf has just been crushed by that
manuever! Dark Wolf has pulled himself to his feet. He tries a kick on
Deathrow, Deathrow catches his foot. Dark Wolf goes for a sidewinder kick but
Deathrow moves and Dark Wolf flips around and is slammed to the ground.
Deathrow grabs Dark Wolf and has him set up for a tombstone. He climbs to the
top with him like that and then jumps! Slam! Oh wow! A tombstone from the top!
Deathrow flew all the way to the center of the ring with that tombstone on
Dark Wolf! Deathrow hasn't even had any pain inflicted on him hear tonight!

JT- This is amazing, he is killing his puny oldtimer.

Angel- Heh heh.

BSW- Deathrow grabs Dark Wolf and delivers a scorpion deathdrop type manuever!
Wow! Deathrow picks up Dark Wolf and delivers a levitating ddt! Oh my! A
massive DDT! Deathrow grabs Dark Wolf and launches him out of the ring and
Dark Wolf slams right through a table! Dark Wolf is being manhandled! Deathrow
slides out of the ring and grabs Dark Wolf by the head and slams his head
straight into the guardrail. Deathrow picks up Dark Wolf and gives him a
curtain call through the remains of the table. He grabs a cord and starts to
choke Dark Wolf with it. Dark Wolf is really fatigued. Dark Wolf hasn't even
scored an offensive, or defensive manuever here tonight! Dark Wolf is reaching
out for the ring bell. Deathrow catches him before its too late and pulls him
to the ground with the cord. Deathrow grabs the ring bell and slams it into
Dark Wolf's face. Deathrow picks up Dark Wolf and does a gorilla press slam
right into the guardrail! Dark Wolf is getting humiliated! Deathrow grabs Dark
Wolf by the legs and starts swinging him around. Deathrow lets go and Dark
Wolf flies headfirst into the guardrail! Oh my! Dark Wolf is cut open badly!
Deathrow grabs the steel ring steps, he lifts them high in the air and he
smashes them over the back of Dark Wolf! Deathrow pulls Dark Wolf over to the
ramp and DDT's him into it. Deathrow picks up Dark Wolf again and delivers
another piledriver right into the ramp!

JT- Ha ha ha ha!

(Angel giggles)

JT- Ooh sexy.

Angel- Shut up JT.

JT- She wants me.

BSW- Uh huh, Deathrow is stomping on Dark Wolf outside. Come on! Dark Wolf is
being mutilated, usually NWF comes out to cheat for their members, but
apparently not for Dark Wolf. Dark Wolf is once again lifted up and Deathrow
throws him into the ringpole. That has to leave a mark! Deathrow throws Dark
Wolf back into the ring. Deathrow climbs up top and Dark Wolf is on his feet,
MISSILE DROPKICK! What a move by Deathrow! Deathrow is not going to let Dark
Wolf go without some memories of this one. Deathrow is stomping on the body of
Dark Wolf. Boot after boot in the face of Dark Wolf! A big elbow drop by
Deathrow! Deathrow grabs Dark Wolf and gives him an atomic drop! That has to
hurt! He picks him up again, PUMP HANDLE SLAM! What a move! Dark Wolf's body
has been rattled! Deathrow grabs Dark Wolf and gives him a death valley
driver! This is absolutely unbelievable! This is impossible! Dark Wolf is now
getting leg dropped over and over! He is bloodied and broken! Deathrow picks
up Dark Wolf and POWERBOMB! Dark Wolf is out of this! What's this, Deathrow
has grabbed Dark Wolf's pinky and has his fingers twisting Dark Wolf's pinky!

Winner by Pinky Lock- Deathrow

JT- Ha ha ha! Deathrow didn't even get hit once by Dark Wolf.

Angel- He he, unbelievable, pinky lock...hehe.

***commerical break***

Extreme STYLE
Xtreme vs. Shadow

BSW: Now we have Shadow and Xtreme going at it Extreme Style.

JT: Uh.... Scott, that sounded......... gross.

Angel: Shut up JT!

Annoucer: Now coming to the ring, with his cohorts Pep Westin, and
'Mr. Hardcore' Billy Larson, he is Shadow!

("Dragula" by Rob Zombie plays, and Shadow comes out with Larson and

Annoucer: And now introducing, he is a threat to the current Extreme
champion, Mad Max, he is....... Xtreme!

("Ruff Ryders Anthem" by DMX plays, and Xtreme walks to the ring with
a smile.)

BSW: Both men are in the ring. They're sizing each other up. Nothing
is happening here, they are just sitting there like two dolts.

JT: Come on, we want some action!

Angel: It looks like your going to get your action, because here comes
"The Shocker" Mike Haven.

BSW: "The Shocker" gets Larson locked up in a pump handle, SHOCK
TREATMENT!!! Larson is out of this! Summer is over to help her fallen
man, SHOCK TREATMENT ON SUMMER!!! Here comes Pep Westin, and he gets
the Shock Treatment!

Angel: And over the top rope goes Shadow. Oh no! Shock Treatment on
Shadow! What an amazing display by Mike Haven!

BSW: Xtreme climbing down the apron, offers his hand out to Haven.
Haven takes it in friendship. What is this?!?

JT: Xtreme puts Haven up in the firemen's carry, XTREME DRIVER ON TO
THE STEPS! I love this!

BSW: What is going on? Xtreme is helping Shadow to his feet.

Angel: I guess Xtreme is one of the crew now, we have to take a break. No...
What's going on???

::A camera comes on outside of a Hospital. The camera pans up, as it pans up,
you see that the place is of such immense height that the top is not visible
to the naked eye, nor to the lens of a video camera. Suddenly you hear coming
out of the hospital the sound of two unexplicably familiar voices. The camera
quickly jerks down and looks at the doors, but noone is there, so he turns and
pans the parking lot and see's "Phoenix" Phelen Kell and Ashton Cain standing
outside of their cars talking. The camera man waves them down, and they stay
there until he runs over to them.::

Camera Man: I'm here for the interview you requested. Your wives both said I
could find you here.

Ashton: Oh shit Phel, I forgot all about this.

Phelen: Yeah so did I. But we spent the money on the camera time, so lets take
advantage of it.

Ashton:...Yeah, I suppose you do have a valid point there. Okay, pal, jump in
my car, and we'll go somewhere more comfortable for an interview.

Phelen: And where would that be Ashton?

Ashton: Oh you'll see.

::THe camera temporarily shuts down, and comes back on, seemingly seconds
later, but in reality it is a half hour later. All three men are sitting in an
old time bar, or as this place is known by its Irish owners "The Pub". Kell
and Cain sit next to eachother and the camera man on the other side so he has
a view of both of them. Kell treats Cain and the camera man to a pitcher of

Ashton: (Cain takes a swig from the mug he pours some into.) Well...yet
another successful title defense by myself and my college to my right. Face
it, we told you we would do it, and we did it. Ashton Cain and Phelen Kell do
not lie.

Phelen: Damn right Ash, but theres one thing I want to bring up that we both
believe is very important, and that is Era of Our Kind. The two of you gave us
a true race for the titles. And in my mind, noone has ever come as close as
you did to taking our belts, as well as our careers. Your a great team, and
thanks to you, Ash and I have quite a few injuries to let heal. But then
again, we still came out with the titles around our waists, and to us, thats
all that matters inside of the squared circle. Era of Our Kind, good fight,
but no prize.

Ashton: While we're on that subject, there is something else I'd like to bring
to light, after the match with Era of Our Kind, the next day Kell and I went
to the doctors...actually we were kinda karted there right after the show, and
we found that, both of us, for lack of a better term... are real
fucked up. So, we're gonna have to take a week or two off. The doc's all say
we should take off for longer, but we aren't gonna stop training, because
that'll help keep us ready for our come back. We don't like to take time off,
but its necessary at the moment.

Phelen: Well, thats really all there is to it at the moment. And for those of
you who we promised title shots, you know who you are. You'll be first on the
list entitled to shots when we get back, and that is a Hostile Youth garun-
damn-tee! Now...finish off your beer and get goin camera dude, we've gotta
talk in private.

::The camera fades slowly out.::

***commerical break***

Winner gets IC Tag Title Shot later tonight
FWA (Melinko and The 69 Kid) vs Texas Rangers

BSW- Well now it is time to see who gets a chance for the IC tag titles. The
newly formed FWA have made a tag team out of the 69 kid and Melinko. And they
must face the determined Texas Rangers.

JT- Don't these people ever learn you can stop Team Rocket. I hope Team Rocket
will kick both of their asses!

Angel- I like Team Rocket but they said they are tired of the belts. I wonder
if they are really going to give them away later on tonight.

BSW- We will just have to wait until later on tonight to find out. Anyway here
comes one of the could be IC tag Champs Melinko and the 69 representing the

Announcer: Coming to the ring part of the FWA The 69 kid and Melinko!

( The 69 kid and Melinko walk out to the "Until it Sleeps" by Metallica and
pyrotechnics. A mixture of boos and cheers pour out from the crowd. They climb
into the ring and await their opponents)

Annoucer: Coming next to the ring Bill lasso and Chuck Stampede the Texas

( Billy Lasso and Chuck Stampede walk out to pyrotechnics and "Crazy train" by
Ozzy Osborne. The crowd cheers for them and the camera pans around the areana.
Some people have signs saying "Stuff is Bigger in Texas" and "We love
cowboys". The enter the ring to fireworks and explosions.)

BSW- It looks like Chuck and the 69 kid are starting things off. Chuck pushes
the kid down to the mat. The kid pops back up and pushes Chuck. Chuck just
laughs it off and punches Kid in the jaw and follows up with a swinging
neckbreaker. Chuck tags in Billy and they both bounce off the ropes and drop
double elbows on the 69 kid. Billy picks up the kid and body slams him to the
mat. Billy bounces off the ropes and goes for an elbow drop but Kid rolls out
of the way. The kid is up now and picking up Billy. He tosses Billy into the
ropes and slams his back into his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. 69 Kid
tags in Melinko! Melinko rushes in with a clothesline that Billy easily ducks.
Billy with a reverse DDT on Melinko. Billy is bouncing off the ropes and the
Kid elbows Billy in the back of the head.

Angel- That is cheating!

JT- If the ref doesn't see it ain't cheating. Do it again 69 give him one
for old JT! Beat his dirty cowboy a*s

Angel- Whatever lets get back to the match.

BSW- Melinko has been busy during our little chat about cheating. He has Billy
up on the top turnbuckle and a superplex by Melinko! Melinko tags in 69 Kid.
Kid picks up Billy and slams him to the mat. Kid drags Billy to a corner and
then runs to the oppostie one. And a 69 Kid is going for a ride with a Bronco
Buster on Billy Lasso!

JT- Ride him like a bull!

Angel- You mean a bucking bronco!

JT- I said a damn bull and I mean a damn bull !

Angel- I was just trying to help you out!

JT- Well I don't need any right now except for one thing. Do you like MOnica

Angel- That is just gross!

BSW- And back to the match! 69 kid just pulled off a gut wrench suplex on
Billy. The kid is climbing the turnbuckles and he goes for a frog splash.
1...2... and Chuck with the save. The ref is forcing Chuck out of the ring as
The kid pulls Billy up. Billy with a low blow while the refs back is turned.
The kid goes down and Billy tags in Chuck. Chuck picks up Kid and sends him to
the mat with a europeon uppercut. Now he is stomping on the chest of the 69
kid. Melinko is trying to get in the ring but the ref is holdinmg him back.
Chuck is dragging the Kid to the ropes and is choking him. The refs back is
still turned and Melinko is going crazy. The ref is finally turning around but
it is too late the damage is already done. Chuck with a powerbomb on the kid.
Chuck goes for a pin 1..2... and Melinko with a kick to the back of the head.
The ref is forcing Melinko out of the ring while the kid slowly gets up. Chuck
is getting up slowly as the kid crawls toward Melinko. The kid makes the tag
and is Chuck stands up he is leveled by a drop kick from Melinko.

JT- Well look who is walking from the back. The one and only Flame wearing a
lovely dress I might add.

Angel- I don't like her she acts like a slut.

JT- She is a nympho! There is a big difference! Hey Flame come over here baby!

Angel- Slut ... Nympho they are the samething in my book.

BSW- well for right now it looks like Flame is just watching the match. But
Melinko seems distracted as well. He is staring at Flame as Billy crawls over
for the tag. Billy makes the tag and Chuck levels Melinko with a boot to the
back. Chuck is now slamming Melinko's head into the mat. Chuck is dropped with
a drop kick from the 69 kid. Billy rushes into the ring with a clothesline
aimed at the kid but he misses. Double Power bomb on Billy lasso from the Kid
and Melinko. The ref is tring to get control as Melinko and the Kid do a
double suplex on Chuck. The kid rolls Billy to the outside and then climbs out
after him. Melinko has figure four locked on Chuck while the Kid has just sent
Billy into the steel steps. Chuck is screaming out in pain as he claws for the
ropes. Billy is getting his head slammed into the steps. Flame has just
grabbed a chair and is walking behind the 69 kid. Flame with a chair shot on
the kid! The Kid goes down and Flame drops the chair. Flame is pulling
something from between her legs.

JT- What is it please be a g-string.

Angel- No its a can of mace and she just sprayed it in the eyes of Melinko
while the ref was looking away.

BSW- And Melinko is going crazy! He released the hold is clawing at his eyes.
Flame is laughing as she walks off to the back. Chuck is slowly getting to his
fet as Melinko screams out. Chuck looks at Melinko and takes adavntage by
pulling him up. Melinko swings widly in all directions spinning himself
around. The ref looks confused. Chuck kicks Melinko in the gut and does a
powerbomb pin combo. 1...2... and Melinko kicks Chuck away and into Billy.
Billy Lasso comes in and picks up Melinko. And RODEO SHOW on Melinko! Pin by
Billy 1....2...3!

JT- Damn it those cowboys have won the match.

Angel- But with help from Flame and Team Rocket.

BSW- We will have to wait and see what will happen later on tonight.

***commerical break***

Winner gets North American Title Shot
Inferno w/Titan and Zombo vs. Chris Anthony

BSW- Next up, it's Inferno and Chris Anthony going at it for the IWO North
American title #1 contendor spot. Though Inferno is injured, he can only not
fight if he has doctor's permission. Inferno is the favorite in this, since he
has beaten Anthony in both of their matches against eachother.

JT- Come on Inferno. Let's do this.

Angel- I can't believe I'm voting for Inferno on this one.

("Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'n' Roses plays and the crowd boos Chris
Anthony as he walks out, he has a determined look on his face)

JT- Booo! Does anyone smell a wuss?

BSW- That is the stupidest insult I've ever heard you dumb(bleep)!

Angel- Calm down little doggies.

("Firestarter" by Prodigy plays and the crowd goes nuts. Titan and Zombo walk
out. Inferno comes out, still wearing his red Inferno t-shirt with the yellow
Inferno logo on it. He has some t-shirts slung over his shoulder too. He still
has his baggy blue jeans on, the brace around his knee, and he is still on his
crutches. He makes his way down to the ring side announcer table. He pulls off
1 Inferno t-shirt and gives to JT)

JT- Thanks buddy.

(He gives another Inferno t-shirt to Angel)

Angel- Awe, thanks.

Inferno- No problem.

(BSW looks impatient)

Inferno- Oh my man, you aren't getting a shirt, I don't like you one bit. Big
Stupid Wackoff is what BSW stands for, I tell you that.

(BSW mumbles something)

(Inferno gets in the ring and he pulls in his crutches, he has a mic. Titan
and Zombo are at ringside.)

Inferno- Anthony, I'm sorry to say, I can't fight you tonight, my knee is
broken, and the doctor's won't let me fight.

Anthony- Your full of shit!

Inferno- Oh am I? Let's roll that tape! This is how I was injured)

(The scene opens in an ice skating rink. Inferno is skating around doing a
bunch of figure skating moves to some classical music. The crowd is laughing a
bit. Apparently Inferno is playing a joke. All of a sudden a women skates out
on the ice with a crowbar in her hand. It's TONYA HARDING! Tonya Harding
skates over to Inferno and slams the crowbar into his right knee. Inferno
falls over and the tape ends, they show Inferno and Anthony in the ring,
Inferno is nodding his head)

Inferno- Due to that viscious attack of the world's first hardcore figure
skater, Tonya Harding, I won't be able to fight you tonight. You see?

BSW- Oh no! Anthony has bowled over Inferno and he is punching the life out of
Inferno! Titan and Zombo are in the ring. Titan grabs Anthony and slams him
into the ring post. Anthony is cracked open, but he's still conscious now.
Anthony is standing up, but he isnt' fighting Inferno.

(VP John walks out with a mic)

VP John- Since Inferno could not participate in this match up. Next week on
Hostile Takeover, Jack in the Box or Satanwill defend his title against
Inferno and Chris Anthony in a triple threat elimination match. That means,
once you get pinned your out and you leave the other 2 to fight for the title.
Inferno and I worked this out, and he wanted to change the match a bit. This
match will take place in an electrified razorwire hell in a cell. The ropes
will be lit on fire. And the only way you can win is by knockout. This is also
a NO DQ match!

(VP John leaves, the crowd is cheering for the match)

(Inferno and Titan and Zombo leave, Chris Anthony chases after them in the

JT- Next week, Inferno, Anthony, and Jack or Satan, North American title on
the line, go Inferno!

Angel- I favor Inferno on this match, is this shirt 100% cotton?

BSW- What a match it'll be.

***commerical break***

( The lights go out in the Arena and then on the IWOtron a message appears)

BSW- The lights are out here in the Arena...and a special message has been

Angel- it says " Desperate Measures will be taken"

JT- Hey the next PPV is Desperate Measures!

BSW- I speak for the entire people at home..and everyone hear...JT SHUT UP!

JT- what did i say!

( "Back in Black" by Ac/Dc begins to play)

BSW- the fans are up on there feet as ThE MaN makes his way to ring!

JT- What a performance at BHBB's...

Angel- Wow JT was impressed...that must mean something!

( ThE MaN gets in the ring and goes around to the turnbuckles raising his arms
in the air)

ThE MaN- I guess i have to get something off my chest before i get into the
good stuff.....before i came out here i was approached by no other then
President Jamie Kosey...he told me to let everyone know that theres a White
Ford Taurus Sedan...with the license plate Z O M B S U have your
lights on. Huh, no wait that cant be!

( Zombie Sux chants begin )

ThE MaN- Allright we have all had our fun for lets get down to
the business at hand! SUNDAYYY NIGHT! O what a screwed up mess that was...hell
it WAS free scorecard night in the IWO so hey im sure some of the
intellectuals...and you know who you are...still couldnt keep up with all the im going to run down some things...ONE...Zombie thought he
tricked everyone in the IWO...but we all know...that he was waiting back in
the back just hoping and praying that ThE MaN didnt get off the damn mat...and
well...since there are kids in the arena...i'll jus say...kick his whitey
tighty ASS!

BSW- I'll tell you..he has the fans hanging on his every word....

JT- This guy is hysterical!

ThE MaN- TWO...its been a long time since i got my ass
0-3..its been a long time since i won a match...and Zombie...i want to does it feel to win...i mean...admit it...i saw you taking the
steriods in the back..and that last table that didnt break...lets go to the
IWOtron and show everyone what your BHBB's afternoon consisted of!

( backstage at BHBBS we see Zombie with a table...)

Zombie- Hey ...i know as well as you do that im going to win tonight..

Camera Man- So why are u "fixing" this table...

Zombie (trying to hide the table) what table would that be! Hey get out of preparing for my match!


ThE MaN- Interesting, yet i can believe really Zombie im not mad at NOT happy with the fact that you are part of the NWF...and im
going to say know its this is what im asking ya....AT
DESPERATE MEASURES ' and an enclosed cage...the big baby...scoot your booty...tonight is the night you meet
ThE MaN....

Angel- O lord!

BSW- Looks like hes coming to do some commentary!

***commerical break***

(The scene opens up to what happened during the commerical break. High Flyer
came out and challenged The Man. The Man agreed and went to the back to get

ThE MaN vs. High Flyer

Angel- Our Next match up is an impromtu one...this wasnt originally sheduled
for Hostile Takeover BUT i guess these two will be going at it!

BSW- I must say, i have seen every single match that ThE MaN has been in so
far! He has been great, but his downfall seems to be that he just looked a
little rusty!

JT- Well it was this past Sunday that he wrestled Zombie, and i must say...he
looked very good in that match.

Angel- Lets go to the ring for introductions!

Announcer- The following contest is sheduled for ONE FALL! Coming to the ring

( Just then ThE MaN bursts out from the locker room....)

ThE MaN- Not to talk TOO much tonight, but hell thats what i seem to do best!
Right Titan! Everyone has been wondering whats with this enclosed cage up
above the ring! Bring it down guys!

BSW- Looks like ThE MaN has brought a little game plan along with him tonight!

ThE MaN- High Flyer, your going to experience what i like to call..the "ChAoS
FaCtoR" NEW move i have been working on! So get your ass down
here...because im supplying the Cage, and the beating! Mr. Announcer do your

Announcer- Coming to the ring next...his name is HIGH FLYER!

( High Flyer comes down to the ring...he looks at the cage very closly..he
goes over to the broadcast table)

JT- Sorry man, your on your own man!

( High Flyer walks slowly over to the cage door. ThE MaN is inside the cage
drooling with anticipation. He points to High Flyer and the cage closes
behind him)

Angel- Looks like this thing is underway!

( ThE MaN charges at High Flyer. High Flyer goes down and seems to be limping
as he gets up. ThE MaN goes to get something from under the ring)

BSW- What is he getting underneath there...


( ThE MaN grabs a mic and puts the ladder inside the ring!)

ThE MaN- Since i was "uninvited" to that LADDER match at the PPV...i
figured..what the hell...ladders are fun!

( ThE MaN sets up the ladder. High Flyer runs over to ThE MaN, but ThE MaN
blocks his punch and fires back with a lethal combination of his own! The MaN
climbs to the top of the ladder then like her forgot something he climbs down
and gets a pair of fence cutters from underneath the ring...All this time High
Flyer is trying to find ways, in fact anyway to get out of the enclosed
cage..ThE MaN hits High Flyer in the back with the Fence cutters and climbs
the ladder again!)

BSW- He seems to have planned this perfectly!

Angel- he is climbing to the tope of the cage..he is on top of the cage now!

JT- He has the mic with him still, i think he had it in his back pocket!

ThE MaN- Timeout folks. Now we all know that High Flyer is NO zombie so this
seems to be pretty damn easy. Come on B*tch get up here!

( ThE MaN cuts off more of the top of the cage. He drops the mic on the mat
and High Flyer picks it up!)

High Flyer- Damn it man...why me? I mean i just want to get out of this
thing, and...

( ThE MaN jumps from the top of the cage onto the mat. He kicks high flyer in
the in the abdomen area and then lifts him up for a powerbomb.)

Angel- I cant believe this, what is ThE MaN trying to prove by this?

BSW- Im not a rocket scientist but it might have to do with Zombie!

( ThE MaN pushes High Flyer up the ladder and then to the top of the
cage..High Flyer half out of it falls down on the top of the cage. ThE MaN
pulls the ladder up to the top of the cell with him and then starts to pummel
High Flyer with the ladder..)

JT- High Flyer is losing this one i think!

BSW- ThE MaN picking High Flyer off the cage...he is setting him up for
something here..he is signaling for this one to be over with!

Angel- He looks like hes going to....

BSW- Wait ThE Man just throws high flyer off the top of the cage...he hit the
Czech's Broadcast table!

JT- Hey the table didnt break!

( ThE MaN picks up a mic)

ThE MaN- geez, why dont these tables break? Wait i know!

( The Man looks down to see if high flyer is moving...he smiles then does an
Asai Moonsault off the top)

BSW- O my god...the carnage!...

Angel- That was like an 360 spin times 3...that was amazing!

JT- ThE MaN going for the pin...1.2....3!

Winner- THE MAN

***commerical break***

IC Tag Title Match
Team Rocket -c- vs Texas Rangers

BSW- Early Team Rocket's valet Flame helped Texas Rangers get a win over the
FWA. Now we get to see what will happen when these teams meet again.

JT- I can't wait for Team Rocket to kick their a*ses all over the ring.

( Billy Lasso and Chuck Stampede walk out to pyrotechnics and "Crazy train" by
Ozzy Osborne. The enter the ring to fireworks and explosions.)

Announcer- Coming to the rings now the challengers the Texas Rangers!

JT- They can't win after they got beat on by the FWA.

Announcer- Coming to the ring now the Intercontinental tag team champions...
Enrique and Juan.. Team rocket! Along with Flame.

( "Give me some more" by Busta Rhymes begins to play and Firworks go off
everywhere. The fans are cheering for Team Rocket but no one is coming out.
After all the fireworks have gone off and the music stops flame walks out by
herself with belts over he shoulder. She is holding a tazer behind her back.)

JT- Where is Team Rocket at?

BSW- I don't know but Flame is getting in the ring and she has a mic.

Flame- Billy hows it hanging? I hope its a little better then the last time we
meet. And Chuck did you happen to grow a brain cell or two? Anyway you want
the belts come and get them. Just walk right over here and get them.

BSW-Wow. They are just hadning them over. Flame is standing their as Billy
walks up to her and grabs on of the belts. wait no Flame has just tazered
Billy Lasso. Chuck has slapped the tazer out of her hand and grabs her throat.
He is picking her up high and looks ready to choke slam her. Enrique and Juan
are running to the ring from the crowd carrying bats. Juan smack Chuck in the
back of the head with it. Team Rocket is completely beating the rangers with
the bats. Juan has grabbed a mic.

Juan- You guys want these belts and we want a vaction. So here you go problem
solved. Take the belts because you know and the whole damn IWO knows we can
beat you any time of the day. So ref ring the bell and lets get this underway.

BSW- The ref rings the bell and Juan lays down. flame drags Billy arm over him
and counts the one two three. Well the Texas Rangers are the IC champs but
they never really won them. Juan stands up and the do the Blost off on Billy.
Flame kicks chuck in the crotch several times. Team Rocket is now walking to
the back of the arena I guess to catch a plane.

JT- What a jip! This match sucked I wanted to see team rocket kick their a*s

BSW- Oh well its time for a commercial.

(Monday Night Meltdown Logo)

Are you ready for the biggest Monday Night wrestling show on television?
Who cares about the WWF?
Who cares about the WCW?
Who gives you want YOU want?
The IWO...
Simply the Best...

Monday Night...

***commerical break***

US Title Match
Ken War -c- vs. Jason Nash w/The FWA

BSW- It's for Ken War to defend his US title against Jason Nash!

JT- And Jason Nash has the whole FWA at ringside, heh heh.

Angel- That isn't fair, I don't like NWF, but it isn't fair.

("War Machine by KISS plays and Ken War walks out with the United States Title
wrapped around his waist. He gets in the ring, the crowd is booing him like


Angel- Settle down JT. Jesus Christ.

BSW- Ha ha, she told you.

Angel- You be quiet mister.

JT- If I don't settle down, will you spank me?

(Angel sighs)

("Superthug" by Noreaga plays and Jason Nash walks out with Titan, Zombo,
Melinko, 69 Kid, Mr. Tall Guy and Mr. Tall Guy, Nash gets in the ring. He has
the TV Title around his waist. The crowd is laughing at the size of his
ringside army)

JT- Inferno must be in the back resting his injured knee.

BSW- Must be.

Angel- Has to be.

(The bell rings)

BSW- This one is underway! Wait here comes Zombie! He runs down and
clotheslines Zombo! Oh no! Zombie and Titan are going at it! Big brawl! Zombie
and Titan are fighting their way up the ramp! Titan and Zombie are punching
eachother, they are in the back area. We can't see them. Here comes Jack in
the Box and Dark Wolf! Jack in the Box nails Jason Nash and pulls him out of
the ring. NWF and FWA are brawling on the ramp! Titan and Zombie are fighting
in the back area. Ken War is standing at the ropes wathcing the brawl, and
Inferno is no where to be found! Jason Nash, Tall Guy, Mad Max, Melinko, and
69 Kid are teaming up on Jack in the Box. Dark Wolf is getting pulverized by
Zombo. Jack in the Box is being destroyed! Dark Wolf is almost dead! Zomboplex
on Dark Wolf! Wait what's this?!?!?!?


(Inferno is wearing his red shirt with the yellow Inferno logo on the center,
he has his blue baggy jeans, no crutches no knee brace, and he has a steel
chair in hand)

Angel- A miracle, heh heh.

BSW- He was faking it JT! Inferno is standing in the center of the ring and
War doesn't even notice! The crowd is going nuts. Inferno stomps a foot down
and War's face turns flush. He turns around CHAIRSHOT TO THE FACE! INFERNO
NWF! FWA has left the area! INFERNO GOT HIS REVENGE!


Angel- What a payback for Inferno! He stopped War cold in his tracks!

(The ref calls for the bell and it rings)

Ring Announcer- This match is a no contest!


BSW- We'll be right back folks! AMAZING!

***commerical break***

Table Match
"Mr. Hardcore" Billy Larson w/Summer vs. "The Shocker" Mike Haven

BSW - These guys just entered the IWO last Sunday at Broken Hearts, Broken
Bones and they have already made it up this high in the card. A lot of people
like these two and this feud has exploded in just one week's time.

JT - All I care about is seeing Summer out here. I know she is putting herself
in danger being out here the same time Haven is, but who knows. Maybe she'll
see me as a REAL man and come sit on her new daddy's lap!!!

Angel - You are such a pig. I mean, all you care about is looking at this
woman when she comes out here. You won't even pay attention to the match. I
don't even see why the IWO hired you.

JT - They hired me because I'm the best damn announcer in IWO history!!!

BSW - Well, I don't want to get in a debate over who is better, lets just get
this match started...

(The ring announcer is in the ring with his microphone. The same microphone he
held last night while making sweet...)

Ring Announcer - This match is a TABLE MATCH, the rules are simple, so you
should all listen to understand the rules!!! The first man to put his opponent
through a table wins. If someone FALLS through a table, the match is not over.
The man must be DRIVEN through the table to lose... Now...

("Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana begins to play... The crowd gets to its
feet. "The Shocker" Mike Haven makes his way out. He points to the entrance
way and out comes two masked guys. They have two tables. One table has
Billy Larson on it, the other has Summer on it. They are carrying them to the

JT - OH NO!!! Haven plans on putting the love of my life through a table!!!
HOW DARE HIM!!! Oh, I'm sorry.. I feel like Mad Max now...

Angel - What!?!

JT - Loving someone that doesn't love you back... HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Angel - You PIECE OF TRASH!!!

JT - You've been watching too much RAW Angel.

(Angel smacks JT.)

JT - Like I said, you've been watching too much RAW...

BSW - Stop promoting that DAMNED TV SHOW THAT SUCKS!!! Everyone knows the IWO
is the number one wrestling organization in the World Today...

JT - Only because we have SUMMER!!! WOO!!! I feel the heat already!!!

("Nobody Loves Me" by Limp Bizkit begins to play. Out walks "Mr. Hardcore"
Billy Larson. Summer isn't with him. The crowd starts chanting "Summer".
Larson points to the entrance way and out walks Summer. She is wearing a
skimpy little outfit. The guys in the crowd get up and start yelling. Summer
waves to the crowd.)


BSW - Well...uh... what can I say? I'm lost for words.. Angel, you have to
admit that she is hot.

Angel - Hot my ass. Just look to your left Scotty, this is what's not and that
is whats not.

JT - That's really funny...

(Larson starts pointing at the masked men and telling them to leave.
Haven is smiling and shaking his head. Larson is asking for a microphone.)

(The ring announcer hands him that sweet little microphone everyone has grown
to adore.)

Billy Larson - Why the hell did you bring back up? As you can see, Pep Westin
and Shadow aren't with me... You aren't man enough to
face me one on one...

(Haven points to Summer.)

Billy Larson - HER!?! Look at her, does she look like she is capable of doing
anything to hurt you???

(Have points to his crotch.)

Billy Larson - HAHAHAHA!!! Just because she kicked your manhood on Tuesday
Night doesn't mean anything. Tell you what, you send back one of your goons
and the other can stay out here. I don't care who you keep out here...

(Haven and the masked men start talking with each other. Haven now wants the

Mike Haven - I guess you are right Larson. I owe you a fair match. So, here's
what I'll do. I'll send these two guys to the back IF...

(Haven pulls out some handcuffs.)

Mike Haven - IF... You handcuff your little slut somewhere so she can't
interfer in our match...

(Larson talks with Summer. He nods his head in agreement. The masked guys
get out of the ring and head to the back. Haven throws Larson the handcuffs
and he handcuffs her to the ring. Haven backs off as Larson enters the ring.)

(The bell sounds)

They start jawing with each other. They get nose to nose. Larson shoves Haven
back, Haven then shoves Larson back. They start swining. Down goes Haven,
is on top pounding away on the face of Mike Haven. Haven is trying to cover
up. Larson stops, he pulls Haven up. He throws him into the ropes, he tries
a clothesline, Haven ducks it, Haven bounces off the other ropes and heads
back catching Larson with a body press. Haven gets up but so does Larson.
Haven shakes his head and slides out of the ring. He goes over to where Summer
is handcuffed to the ring. He smiles at her and blows her a kiss. Larson gets
out of the ring and heads over to Haven. Haven starts running, Larson is after
him. He is chasing him around the ring. Just as Haven makes it back around,
Summer sticks her foot out and trips Haven sending him face first to the floor.

JT - YEAH!!! See, she can take care of herself. Take those handcuffs off so
we can use them later!!!

Angel - You are such a pig JT. I can't believe you, no, wait, yes I can
believe you.

BSW - Once again Summer turns things around. She gave her man the advantage
like she has so many times. We have to take a break... back after this...

***commerical break***

(Back to Larson vs. Haven)

Larson grabs a chair, he goes over to Haven. He nails him in the back with
the chair. The crowd is loving it. He nails him again. He drops the chair
and picks Haven up. He slides him into the ring. He sets up one of the tables
that Haven brough. It has Summer's name on it. Larson picks Haven up and places
him on that table. Larson is pointing to the top rope... The crowd gets up
on its feet. Summer is cheering Larson on. Larson is to the top... He jumps...
NO!!! Haven moves!!! Larson goes crashing through the table...

BSW - The match IS NOT over FANS!!! The rules are you have to DRIVE your
opponent through the table. NOBODY drove Larson through that table, therefore
the match isn't over. I just wanted to clear that up.

JT - Yeah, some people are just stupid enough to think that Haven won. How
can Haven win? He doesn't have SUMMER by his side...

Angel - If you keep this up I'm going to barf.

Haven is trying to get up, so is Larson. Summer is yelling at Larson, telling
him to get up. Haven rolls to the floor. He gets up and looks around. He goes
over and grabs a chair. Larson is now up. Haven walks around to Summer. He
threatens her with the chair. Larson is yelling at Haven. Larson gets out
of the ring and gets in front of Summer. Haven swings the chair at Larson,
Larson sticks his hands up and catces the chair. Haven is trying to push
Larson back. Larson kicks Haven in the stomach causing Haven to drop the chair.
Larson grabs the chair and swings it at Haven. Haven manages to dodge it.
Larson slams the chair into the ring announcers' table.

BSW - HEY!!!

Haven grabs Summer and gives her a kiss. Larson turns around and sees this.
He swings the chair, HAVEN MOVES!!! OH MY GOD!!! LARSON NAILS SUMMER!!!
Summer falls limp with just her arm up still handcuffed to the ring. Haven
starts laughing. Larson drops the chair and goes to Summer. Larson is yelling
for medical help. Haven is behind Larson... LOWBLOW!!! Haven grabs the
chair... SMACK!!! Right against Larson's head... Haven rolls Larson into the
ring. Haven gets into the ring... He sets up one of the tables. He picks
Larson up... SHOCK TREATMENT THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The bell sounds...

Winner - "The Shocker" Mike Haven

JT - NO!!! This isn't right!!! Haven shouldn't win this. He caught Larson
off guard!!! This isn't fair!!!

BSW - I totally agree. Larson's mind left this match when he accidently
hit Summer with that chair.

(Haven pulls the key to the handcuffs out from his trunks. He slides out
of the ring and unlocks the handcuffs. He picks Summer up and heads for
the back... Pep Westin and Shadow come out of nowhere and confront Haven.
Haven drops Summer and jumps the guardrail... Westin and Shadow stay with
Summer as Haven runs off laughing. Larson is slowly getting up.)

Angel - The woman got in the way again. Billy Larson had this match in
control until Summer got caught in the middle of it. That is the only
weak link I see in Larson.

JT - How can you call her a weak link?!? Just look at how beautiful she

(A medical crew has made it out to look over Summer. Larson is up and now
is looking over Summer. He is yelling out Haven's name...)

BSW - This isn't over... We've just been handed a note that next week, right
here on Hostile Takeover, we will see Larson and Haven go at it one on one
and guess what... We've seen this kind of match before... Summer will be locked
in a little cage and it will be lifted above the ring!!!

JT - WHY!?! What has she done??? This is stupid!!!

Angel - It had to be done. Now the best man will win...

BSW - Not only will Summer be high above the ring, but it will also be
an Extreme STYLE match!!!

JT - WOW!!! These two in an Extreme Style match? I can only imagine what will
go down next week.

(The paramedics are loading Summer onto a stretcher. Larson is holding her
hand. Her eyes are open and she is talking. She has a huge bruise on her
forehead from the chair shot. Larson keeps saying over and over again that
he is sorry. They take Summer to the back...)

BSW - It looks like she will have a headache for a few days... We will
be back after this...

***commerical break***

North American Title Match
Finish Him Off Match
Jack in the Box -c- vs. Satan

BSW: And now, one of the matches we have been waiting all night for.

JT: OH YEAH! The ten finisher NA title match, there is going to be

Angel: If you haven't put your children to sleep yet, now is the time
to do it.


BSW: Yes JT, there will be blood. Now stop acting like a vampyre.

JT: Angel..... I vant to suck your blood.

Angel: Shut up JT!

Annoucer: Now introducing, he is the devil himself, the prince of
darkness, the epitome of evil, he is.................... SATAN!

["Stairway to Heaven" plays, and the devil makes his way out.]

BSW: Now that's a game face.

Annoucer: And now inroducing, the North American Champion, not to
mention an all around great guy, Jack In The Box!

["Enter Sandman"'s opening riff pumps over the P.A. system, and JinB
screams down the entrance ramp.]

BSW: Neither man is wasting time, Satan hooks JinB's leg,
ZOMBIEPLEX!!! Right off the bat, we got a finisher! Satan picks up the
woozy Jack, and plants him back down with a Kamikaze Kick!

JT: Hey! Is that legal, JR is somewhat incapicitated at the moment!

Angel: I don't think it really matters.

BSW: JinB rolls to the floor, and shakes the pain off. Satan up on the
top rope...... flying cross body on to JinB! Satan is not letting up
at all. He picks Jack up again, and whips him into the guardrail. DDT
by Satan with Jack's head being planted into the ground! Satan is
dragging JinB to the concession area now.

--Concession Area--

Angel: Oh No! Satan Death Penalties JinB through a table!

BSW: What a move by Satan! He has Jack up on another table, THE DROP!
Poor Jack In The Box is being torn apart. The finisher count is up to
two again, by Satan has JinB up on that table again. WOLF BITE!!!
That's three now, and it looks like Jack has been put away. Satan has
him up, Deathwish! Satan puts him up again, another Deathwish. And
another, and another!!! The total is seven, and Satan is going for
number eight, with his fifth Deathwish. What is this, JinB is sliding
down, Crucifix by Jack! Not that he can pin Satan, but what a
reversal! Oh no! Satan takes a nearby object, and smashes it over
Jack's head. That puts Jack out even more. I can't believe he found
the energy to reverse that Deathwish. Satan is picking Jack up once
again, where is he taking him this time?


BSW: Our cameras have finally caught up with the duo, we can't be sure
what has happened while they were out of our sights. Jack In The Box
is choking Satan with an electric wire. Satan throws him off, and
nails JinB with a Milenk-o-Flow on to a stop sign he must have ripped
down. Now they're headed across a street, cars curving every which way
to avoid the two. Satan is taking them to a....... Mcdonald's?


BSW: They're both inside Micky D's now, and Satan is carrying Jack
along in the purple heart.

Angel: I don't think he has it applied quite correctly.

BSW: It doesn't matter, because Jack is obviously in some pain. Satan
lets go of the hold, MYSTERY DEATH DRVIVER!!! The count is up to three
again, three consecutive finishers by Satan. He picks up the nearly
dead Jack, and sets him up on a table..... Shock Treatment through the
table! JinB has been busted wide open! Satan picks him up again,
Xtreme Driver on to the floor! That's five finshers by Satan, and he's
taking Jack out to the the playland.


BSW: Kids are scattering everywhere, as Satan sets Jack up on a statue
F***ING STONE!!! I think I heard Jack's spine crack on that one! Satan
is continuing the punishment, he has JinB up once again, Titan X-press
off another one of the tables! BACKDRAFT ON TO A SLIDE! The total is
up to eight, and Satan is taking JinB up to the top of this slide.
Satan with a Deathwish up at the top, that puts Jack's fate in ringer.
We could be looking at a new NA champion. Satan is turning Jack upside
down, it couldn't be! Satan is going to end this with a Jack off the
top of this 16 foot slide! WAIT!!! Jack is fighting it, Jack is
reversing it! JACK OFF THE TOP OF THE SLIDE!!! JinB is in control of
this one, as he places Satan up on a fence, JACK! He puts Satan up on
one of those tables, JACK! JinB places Satan on the Ronald statue,
JACK! JACK off the other side of the fence! JinB is taking Satan back
up on top of the fence, and now he's taking him to the roof of the
JinB now, as he takes Satan up to the top of a Dodge Neon, JACK! Jinb
takes Satan over to the highway again, Jack off a stranded vehicle!
JinB takes Satan up to the top of the toe truck that is attending to
the stranded vehicle. JACK!!! JACK OFF THE CRANE!!! JinB is taking
Satan up to the top of the light pole, rung by rung. JACK OFF THE TOP

Angel: I kinda looks like.... like......

JT: Hamburger.

Angel: *puking noise*

BSW: JinB with the cover, 1

JT: 2

Angel: *puking noise*

BSW: 3! This one is all over, and Satan needs to get to the ER stat!

JT: You've been watching Chicago Hope to much lately, haven't we Mr.

***commerical break***

Hostile Takeover
Mad Max and Titan w/Zombo and Meygon vs. Zombie and "The Extremist" Jeff Urso

BSW - This is our main event here on Hostile Takeover. It was supposed
to be Titan going one on one with either Zombie or Urso but Urso and Zombie
decided to join forces. Thus this match was made here tonight.

JT - This is a weird match. Who would have ever though that we'd be seeing
Titan and Mad Max team up? Three weeks ago on Hostile Takeover they were
beating each other up. The same goes for Inferno and now they are all together
what a difference a pay-per-view makes!!!

Angel - I don't want to be out here for this match. Don't even joke
about JT. Mad Max has gone way too far.

BSW - What do you think you did when you had Capital Punishment tie Mad
Max up to a door and tried to cut off his, well, male sex organ!?!

Angel - I told him the other night that he went too damn far, that's
what he gets. Capital Punishment is there for me. I owe him a lot.

JT - Luckily Titan and Zombo made the save on Mad Max before he was CHOPPED
off so to speak. I'm glad we didn't have to see that.

BSW - Enough talk, lets head up to the ring announcer for the opening of

(The ring announcer is in the ring with his microphone. A microphone that
has brought our ring announcer so much pleasure over his months here in the
IWO. This has to be the loudest microphone I've ever heard.)

Ring Announcer - This match is the Hostile Takeover MAIN EVENT!!! It is a
tag team match, scheduled for one fall... It pits the NWF against the FWA,
two bitter rivals here in the IWO...

(The scene cuts to the back where Zombie and Titan are brawling. From out of
nowhere appears The Vietnam Veteran. He nails Zombie in the back with a shovel.
Zombie goes down. Titan runs off as The Vietnam Veteran starts stomping
on Zombie.)

BSW - What the hell is going on here???

(Jeff Urso has made his way out. He is in the ring looking around wondering
where his partner is. Just then "Ode" by Creed begins to play... The ring
announcer has already left the ring so no introduction is given. Out walks
Titan, Meygon, Zombo, and Mad Max. Mad Max is wearing an "I Love Angel
Titan is wearing a "I'm with FAT ASS T-shrt" the arrow is pointing toward
Zombo. They hit the ring. Jeff Urso charges at them. The ref has no choice
but to call for the bell.)

(bell sounds)

Urso swings hits both men with a double clothesline!!! They go down!!! The
crowd is behind Urso. They are getting up, another double clothesline!!! They
go back down!!! Urso pulls Titan up, he throws him over the top rope. He turns
around and goes after Mad Max. He picks him up, DDT!!!

JT - I'm amazed at Jeff. He has stayed in this thing this far and he is
having to fight two of the IWO's top stars by himself.

Angel - He is a fighter JT. That is what this is all about. Titan and Mad Max
are in for a rude awakening.

(The scene cuts to the back where The Vietnam Veteran and Zombie are still
brawling. Zombie throws the Vet into a wall. The Vet goes down hard. Zombie
picks up a wooden box and drops it on The Veteran's head. Zombie then stomps
the box breaking it.)

BSW - This is total mayhem!!!

Back in the ring, Urso has Mad Max up... NO!!! Titan from behind!!! He grabs
him and spins him around.. URSO WITH A LOWBLOW!!! Titan down to his knees...
Mad Max grabs Urso from behind... He has a sleeper hold on him. Urso charges
backward into the corner!!! Mad Max releases the hold. Urso turns around
and starts punching away on Mad Max. Meygon is now up on the apron. Urso
goes over and grabs her. She slaps him in the face, he gets pissed. Titan
with a forearm to the back of Urso. Urso turns around and gets the big boot
to the face. Urso goes down... Titan picks Urso up... POWERBOMB!!! Urso
is out.

Angel - This isn't fair. How the hell is Urso supposed to fight off three
people like this!?!

JT - Three people?

Angel - I guess Meygon isn't a full person considering she is a... HEY!!!

JT - HAHAHA!!! Almost had you...


JT - Then leave!!!

Titan jerks Urso back up... He gives the signal for the TITAN X-Press...
He looks over and sees Mad Max... He motions for Mad Max to go up top!?!
Mad Max looks happy. He grabs Urso and places him on the top rope!!! He
climbs up there... MAD MAX X-PRESS!?! Mad Max makes the cover on Urso...1

Winners - Mad Max & Titan

BSW - We have to take a break!!! We WILL be back!!!

***commerical break***

BSW - Welcome back to HT!!!

Titan slides out of the ring. He goes over to the announcers' table.
He grabs Angel...



Titan jerks her up. He pushes her into the ring. Titan grabs the microphone.

Titan - Here ya go Max. You beat Urso, this is your reward!!!

Mad Max gets up and looks at Angel. She looks scared to death. He is
walking towards her licking his lips.


Capital Punishment comes swinging in on a rope. He swings down and grabs Angel.
He swings back up to the rafters. He looks down and flips off Mad Max. Mad
Max is pissed off.

Titan - DAMN IT!!! Max, calm down.. You'll get his ass!!! I promise you that...

Mad Max calms down a little. Just then Capital Punishment comes swinging back
down. This time he lets go of the rope in the ring. He starts pounding away
on Mad Max.

(In the back... Zombie has laid the Vietnam Veteran out on the hood of a car.
Zombie spits on him and heads back into the arena.)

Mad Max and Capital Punishment have brawled out into the crowd.

Titan, Meygon, and Zombo are all in the ring talking. Titan has a microphone.

Titan - I guess all hell always breaks loose on Hostile Takeover... Well, let
me take this time to comment about...

("The Blue Chipper" Scott Morris comes walking out the entrance way. He has
a microphone.)

Scott Morris - You know Titan. I've watched you all night long and I'm getting
sick and tired of you. You put yourself all over the show just because you
think you are something special. Well what about me? What about the number
one contender?

Titan - Who the hell do you think you are? Raven? What about me... crying...
You know you don't deserve to be in the same ring as me at Desperate Measures,
so why the hell are you even out here!!!

Scott Morris - I'm out here because I want your ass right now!!! We don't have
to wait for the damn Pay-Per-View!!!

(The crowd cheers)

Titan - You want me, all you have to do is get your ass in this ring!!!

(Scott Morris runs to the ring. As he slides in Titan starts stomping on
him. Zombo and Meygon join in.)

BSW - Look at this. This is 3 on 1. When Titan is out here he always has
back up. Nobody ever has a fair chance against him. No wonder he is the damn
world champion.

JT - Don't talk about him that way. He is just smarter than the average

(Titan jerks Scott Morris up... He slings him into the ropes, Morris grabs
the ropes and goes to the floor. He is yelling at Titan to get Meygon and
Zombo out of the ring. Just then from the back runs Zombie. He is headed for
the ring. Titan, Meygon, and Zombo head out of the ring. Morris catches
up with Titan and they start brawling again. Zombie is in the ring... THE

BSW - What the hell is going on here? Just as Zombie got into the ring the
lights in the arena went out...


(The hell in a cell cage is lighted up and is slowly moving downward toward
the ring. The cage is now over the ring... The lights come back on and The
Man and Zombie are the only two guys in the ring!!!)

BSW - Where did The Man come from!?!

(Titan and Morris have brawled to the back.)

JT - This is crazy.

BSW - FANS!!! We are out of time!!! We have to go!!! We will see you at Monday
Night Meltdown!!!

(The scene fades with The Man and Zombie face to face in the ring.)

Internet Wrestling Organization
TNM's 1998 e-fed of the Year

Simply the best....